Today in History, English
Today in History, English

27781March 12Birth1971 – Dragutin Topić, Serbian high jumper
27782March 12Birth1972 – Hector Luis Bustamante, Colombian-American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
27783March 12Birth1972 – James Maritato, American wrestler
27784March 12Birth1974 – Matt Barela, American wrestler and actor
27785March 12Birth1974 – Chris Carr, American basketball player and coach
27786March 12Birth1974 – Steve Price, Australia rugby player
27787March 12Birth1975 – Kéllé Bryan, English singer-songwriter and actress (Eternal)
27788March 12Birth1975 – Egidijus Juška, Lithuanian footballer
27789March 12Birth1975 – Annabel Port, English radio host
27790March 12Birth1976 – Zhao Wei, Chinese actress, singer, and director
27791March 12Birth1977 – Ramiro Corrales, American soccer player
27792March 12Birth1978 – Casey Mears, American race car driver
27793March 12Birth1978 – Neal Obermeyer, American cartoonist
27794March 12Birth1978 – Claudio Sanchez, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Coheed and Cambria, Fire Deuce, and The Prize Fighter Inferno)
27795March 12Birth1978 – Arina Tanemura, Japanese author and illustrator
27796March 12Birth1979 – Rhys Coiro, Italian-American actor
27797March 12Birth1979 – Pete Doherty, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Libertines and Babyshambles)
27798March 12Birth1979 – Jamie Dwyer, Australian field hockey player and coach
27799March 12Birth1979 – Nidia Guenard, American wrestler and manager
27800March 12Birth1979 – Shaun Rogers, American football player
27801March 12Birth1979 – Edwin Villafuerte, Ecuadorian footballer
27802March 12Birth1980 – Ruth Hunt, Welsh activist and academic
27803March 12Birth1980 – John-Paul Lavoisier, American actor
27804March 12Birth1980 – Jens Mouris, Dutch cyclist
27805March 12Birth1980 – Douglas Murray, Swedish ice hockey player
27806March 12Birth1981 – Kenta Kobayashi, Japanese wrestler and kick-boxer
27807March 12Birth1981 – Maurizio Lauro, Italian footballer
27808March 12Birth1981 – Sid Lucero, Filipino actor
27809March 12Birth1981 – Kristjan Makke, Estonian basketball player
27810March 12Birth1981 – Chiwa Saitō, Japanese voice actress

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