Today in History, English
Today in History, English

28507March 14Birth1946 – Wes Unseld, American basketball player, coach, and manager
28508March 14Birth1947 – Pam Ayres, English comedian, actor, and poet
28509March 14Birth1947 – Roy Budd, English pianist and composer (d. 1993)
28510March 14Birth1947 – William J. Jefferson, American lawyer and politician
28511March 14Birth1947 – Jona Lewie, English singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs and Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts)
28512March 14Birth1947 – Peter Skellern, English singer-songwriter and pianist (Oasis)
28513March 14Birth1948 – Tom Coburn, American physician and politician
28514March 14Birth1948 – Billy Crystal, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
28515March 14Birth1948 – Theo Jansen, Dutch sculptor
28516March 14Birth1949 – Helle Meri, Estonian actress, 2nd First Lady of Estonia
28517March 14Birth1950 – Rick Dees, American actor and radio host
28518March 14Birth1951 – Jerry Greenfield, American businessman, co-founded Ben & Jerry's
28519March 14Birth1953 – Nick Keir, Scottish singer-songwriter (The McCalmans) (d. 2013)
28520March 14Birth1954 – Jann Browne, American singer (Asleep at the Wheel)
28521March 14Birth1954 – Ian Diamond, English statistician and academic
28522March 14Birth1954 – Gheorghe Megelea, Romanian-Canadian javelin thrower
28523March 14Birth1955 – Helen Atkinson-Wood, English actress
28524March 14Birth1955 – Jonathan Kaufer, American director and screenwriter (d. 2013)
28525March 14Birth1956 – Colin Ayre, English footballer
28526March 14Birth1956 – Johnny Dusbaba, Dutch footballer
28527March 14Birth1956 – Toine Manders, Dutch lawyer and politician
28528March 14Birth1956 – Sean Mathias, Welsh actor, director, and screenwriter
28529March 14Birth1956 – Tessa Sanderson, Jamaican-English javelin thrower and heptathlete
28530March 14Birth1956 – Butch Wynegar, American baseball player and coach
28501March 14Birth1945 – Jasper Carrott, English comedian, actor, and game show host
28502March 14Birth1945 – Michael Martin Murphey, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
28503March 14Birth1945 – Walter Parazaider, American saxophonist (Chicago)
28504March 14Birth1945 – Herman van Veen, Dutch singer-songwriter and actor
28505March 14Birth1945 – Nicholas Wall, English lawyer and judge
28506March 14Birth1946 – Steve Kanaly, American actor and director

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