Today in History, English
Today in History, English

28981March 15Birth1961 – Terry Cummings, American basketball player and singer
28982March 15Birth1961 – Craig Ludwig, American ice hockey player and coach
28983March 15Birth1962 – Jimmy Baio, American actor
28984March 15Birth1962 – Terence Trent D'Arby, American singer-songwriter
28985March 15Birth1963 – Bret Michaels, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (Poison)
28986March 15Birth1964 – Rockwell, American singer-songwriter
28987March 15Birth1964 – Davide Pinato, Italian footballer
28988March 15Birth1965 – Sunetra Gupta, Indian epidemiologist, author, and academic
28989March 15Birth1965 – Svetlana Medvedeva, Russian economist, First Lady of Russia
28990March 15Birth1967 – Naoko Takeuchi, Japanese illustrator
28991March 15Birth1968 – Kahimi Karie, Japanese singer
28992March 15Birth1968 – Mark McGrath, American singer-songwriter and television host (Sugar Ray and The Wondergirls)
28993March 15Birth1968 – Terje Riis-Johansen, Norwegian politician, Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy
28994March 15Birth1968 – Sabrina Salerno, Italian singer, actress, and producer
28995March 15Birth1968 – Jon Schaffer, American guitarist (Iced Earth and Demons and Wizards)
28996March 15Birth1969 – Rona Ambrose, Canadian journalist and politician, 8th Canadian Minister of Health
28997March 15Birth1969 – Gianluca Festa, Italian footballer and coach
28998March 15Birth1969 – Timo Kotipelto, Finnish singer-songwriter (Stratovarius, Kotipelto, and Cain's Offering)
28999March 15Birth1969 – Elvir Laković Laka, Bosnian singer-songwriter
29000March 15Birth1969 – Apollo Papathanasio, Swedish singer-songwriter and guitarist (Firewind, Spiritual Beggars, Evil Masquerade, and Gardenian)
29001March 15Birth1969 – Kim Raver, American actress
29002March 15Birth1969 – Yutaka Take, Japanese jockey
29003March 15Birth1970 – Derek Parra, American speed skater and coach
29004March 15Birth1971 – Penny Lancaster, English model and photographer
29005March 15Birth1971 – Joanne Wise, English long jumper
29006March 15Birth1972 – Mark Hoppus, American singer-songwriter, bass player, and producer (Blink-182, +44, and City (Comma) State)
29007March 15Birth1972 – Ben Hunt-Davis, English rower
29008March 15Birth1972 – Darren Dunstan, Canadian stage and voice actor, and voice director
29009March 15Birth1972 – Holger Stromberg, German chef
29010March 15Birth1972 – Mike Tomlin, American football player and coach

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