Today in History, English
Today in History, English

29461March 16Birth1961 – Todd McFarlane, Canadian author, illustrator, and businessman, founded McFarlane Toys
29462March 16Birth1961 – Michiru Ōshima, Japanese composer and producer
29463March 16Birth1963 – Jimmy DeGrasso, American drummer (Megadeth, Black Star Riders, F5, Y&T, and Suicidal Tendencies)
29464March 16Birth1963 – Jerome Flynn, English actor and singer
29465March 16Birth1963 – Kevin Smith, New Zealand actor and singer (d. 2002)
29466March 16Birth1964 – Henry O. Godwinn, American wrestler
29467March 16Birth1964 – Patty Griffin, American singer-songwriter (Band of Joy)
29468March 16Birth1964 – Pascal Richard, Swiss cyclist
29469March 16Birth1964 – Gore Verbinski, American director, producer, and screenwriter
29470March 16Birth1965 – Steve Armstrong, American wrestler
29471March 16Birth1965 – Mark Carney, Canadian-English economist and banker
29472March 16Birth1965 – Richard Daniel Roman, English-Spanish songwriter and producer
29473March 16Birth1965 – Belén Rueda, Spanish actress and singer
29474March 16Birth1966 – H.P. Baxxter, German singer-songwriter (Scooter and Celebrate the Nun)
29475March 16Birth1967 – Tracy Bonham, American singer and violinist
29476March 16Birth1967 – John Darnielle, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Mountain Goats, The Extra Lens, and The Bloody Hawaiians)
29477March 16Birth1967 – Lauren Graham, American actress and producer
29478March 16Birth1968 – Ananya Khare, Indian actress
29479March 16Birth1968 – Trevor Wilson, American basketball player and police officer
29480March 16Birth1969 – Judah Friedlander, American comedian and actor
29481March 16Birth1969 – Evangelos Koronios, Greek basketball player and coach
29482March 16Birth1970 – Joakim Berg, Swedish singer-songwriter and guitarist (Kent)
29483March 16Birth1970 – Paul Oscar, Icelandic singer-songwriter
29484March 16Birth1970 – Reynolds Wolf, American meteorologist and journalist
29485March 16Birth1971 – Alan Tudyk, American actor
29486March 16Birth1972 – Veiko Õunpuu, Estonian director and screenwriter
29487March 16Birth1972 – Velibor Radović, Serbian basketball player and coach
29488March 16Birth1972 – Ismaïl Sghyr, Moroccan-French runner
29489March 16Birth1973 – Tim Kang, American actor
29490March 16Birth1973 – Ahmet Kutsi Karadoğan, Turkish singer-songwriter

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