Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

271Most coins balanced - pyramidAleksandr BendikovBelarus, Mogilev15 November 1995On 15 November 1995, Aleksandr Bendikov of Mogilev, Belarus stacked a pyramid of 880 coins on the edge of a coin free-standing vertically on the base of another coin which was on a table.
272Most skips consecutively on a tightropeJuan Pedro Carrillo1323 timesUnited States, Boston26 April 2004Juan Pedro Carrillo (USA) achieved the most consecutive turns skipping with a rope on a high-wire with 1,323 at the Big Apple Circus Big Top, Bayside Expo Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 26 April 2004.The tightrope was 8.2 m (27 ft) high.
273Longest distance Morris danced - teamShakespeares RevengeUnited Kingdom, Norwich21 April 2002A team of six Morris dancers from Shakespeare's Revenge Morris (UK) danced from Madder Market, Norwich to South Walsham, Norfolk, UK, in a choreographed routine, covering a distance of 42.0628 km (26.1 miles) in a time of 8 hr 4 min on 21 April 2002.
274Fastest mile balancing a milk bottle on the headAshrita Furman7/47 minute(s), second(s)Indonesia, Yogyakarta12 February 2004The record for the fastest time to run a mile while balancing a full milk bottle on the head is 7 min 47 sec and was set by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Borobudur Archaelogical Park, Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 12 February 2004.
275Smallest motorcycleTom WibergSweden, Hökerum01 January 2003Tom Wiberg (Sweden) built a motorcycle with a front wheel diameter of 16 mm (0.62 in) and a rear wheel diameter of 22 mm (0.86 in), and rode it for more than 10 m (32.8 ft) in Hökerum, Sweden in 2003. The micro machine has a wheelbase of 80 mm (3.14 in), a seat height of 65 mm (2.55 in), weighs 1.1 kg (2.4 lb) and is powered to a top speed of 2 km/h (1.24 mph) by its 0.22 kW (0.3 hp) engine.
276Highest bungee jump from a buildingAJ HackettChina, Macau17 December 2006The highest bungee jump from a building is 199 m (652 ft 10 in) and was achieved by A.J. Hackett (New Zealand) who leaped off a platform at 233 m (764 ft 5 in) on the Macau Tower, Macau, China, on 17 December 2006.The key point here, is that the distance between the ground and AJ was 34 m (111 ft 6 in). This, naturally, is a lot different to people who claim to have bungeed off the highest building, but have used a short bungee cord, so only fall a few metres.
277Farthest distance to wheelbarrow a car in a minutePaolo CapponiChina, Beijing18 December 2010The farthest distance to wheelbarrow a car in a minute was 55.75 m (182 ft 10.8 in) and was achieved by Paolo Capponi (Italy) on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 18 December 2010.
278Fastest marathon dressed as a cartoon character (female)Larissa Tichon3/28/26 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Australia, Sydney19 September 2010The fastest marathon dressed as a cartoon character (female) was 3 hr 28 min 26 sec by Larissa Tichon (Australia) dressed as SpongeBob SquarePants in the Blackmores Sydney Marathon on 19 September 2010.
279First habitable sand hotelMark AndersonfirstUnited Kingdom, Weymouth beach01 January 2008Holidaymakers in Weymouth beach in Dorset, UK, can spend the night in a hotel made entirely of sand. A total of 600 hours were needed to build the open-air 15 m? (50 ft?) hotel. A family room with a double and single bed, and a sea view, can be rented for ?10 (US$21) a night. The hotel was the brainchild of sculptor Mark Anderson (UK), who was commissioned by the website
280Fastest time to blow a stamp one mileChristian Schäfer1/57/38 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Germany, Netphen18 November 2010The fastest time to blow a stamp 1 mile is 1 hr 57 min 38 sec, and was achieved by Christian Schäfer (Germany) at Gymnasium Netphen in Netphen, Germany on 18 November 2010.
281Most archery hits of a revolving target in one minute using a mirrorAnthony KellyAustralia, Armidale18 December 2013The most archery hits of a revolving target in one minute using a mirror is 5 and was achieved by Anthony Kelly (Australia) in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, on 18 December 2013.For this record, Anthony had to fire at a single target set on a rotating wheel. However, he could only aim by looking into a mirror. Had he looked directly at the target, the attempt would have been disqualified.Anthony attempted this record previously on Indian TV in 2011 on the set of 'Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega'. After only managing one hit of the target that time, Anthony built the required wheel and target in his hometown of Armisdale, and this time around managed to break the record with five hits.
282Fastest marathon dressed as a vegetable (female)
283Most cucumbers sliced from a person's mouth with a sword in one minuteAshrita FurmanUnited States, Jamaica09 October 2013The most cucumbers cut from a person's mouth with a sword is 27 and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Sri Chinmoy Centre, New York, New York, USA, on 9 October 2013.
284Longest view of a total solar eclipse from onboard a commercial aircraftEric Brown, Glenn Schneider, Skytraders Australia9/23 minute(s), second(s)Not Applicable, 11 July 2010On 11 July 2010 EFLIGHT-2010, a chartered Airbus A319-115 LR/ACJ, remained within the umbral shadow of a total solar eclipse for 9 minutes and 23 seconds. The flight was organised by Eric Brown and astronomer Glenn Schneider (both USA) and executed by Skytraders Australia. It carried 36 passengers and 7 crew members to view totality over the Pacific Ocean some 1,500 miles east of Tahiti, at an altitude of 39,000 feet.
285Most people weaving a Brigid's crossSolas Bhride357 peopleIreland, Kildare town ,St. Brigid's Parish Church21 September 2013The most people weaving a Brigid's cross is 357 and was achieved by Solas Bhride (Ireland) at St. Brigid's Parish Church in Kildare Town, Ireland, on 21 September 2013.
286Largest libation ritualAysen Nikolaev, Maria Khristoforova and Antonida KoryakinaRussia, Yakutsk,,Us Khatyng place28 June 2014The largest libation ritual involved 11,136 people and was achieved at an event organised by Aysen Nikolaev, Maria Khristoforova and Antonida Koryakina (all Russia), in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia, on 28 June 2014The attempt was organized during the Sakha national ethno-cultural festival Ysyakh. All participants used a choron (a special wooden vessel for kumys). Kumys is fermented mare's milk.
287Highest capacity commercial fiber optic link (single pair)Turk Telecom ASTurkey, istanbul,,Between Ankara and Instanbul11 June 2013The highest capacity fibre optic cable providing a commercial service has a capacity of 8 Tbit/s, and is operated by Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş between the cities of Istanbul and Ankara. The capacity was verified on 11 June 2013.
288Longest time spent surfing a wave (female)Ashleigh Shaddix2/18/24 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, Ocala21 October 2013The longest time surfing a wave by a female is 2 hr 18 min 24 sec by Ashleigh Shaddix (USA) at Lake Weir, Ocklawaha, Florida, USA, on 21 October 2013.The wave was man-made by a boat.
289Fastest 100 m in a pumpkinDmitri Galitzine2/0.3 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Porchester,,Trafalgar WharfThe fastest 100 m paddled in a pumpkin is 2 min 0.3 sec and was achieved by Dmitri Galitzine (UK) at Trafalgar Wharf, Porchester, Hampshire, UK, on 23 May 2013.In accordance with the guidelines Galitzine used a standard, commercially available kayak paddle. The pumpkin used weighed 272.16 kg (600 lb).
290Tallest actress in a leading role
291Fastest relay 100 miles by a team of 10ECU Cross-Country AlumniUnited States, Ada31 December 2009The fastest time to complete 100 miles by a team of ten in relay is 8 hr 19 min 53 sec by members of the ECU Cross-Country Alumni (USA) at Ada High School Track, Ada, Oklahoma, USA on 31 December 2009.The ten members were Jason Bewley, Matt Aguero, Joel Dutton, Mitch Haun, Chris McCormick, Kacey Miller, Josh Stewart, John Sutrick, Jack Tracy and Cody Weaver.
292Most powerful ion engine used in spaceDeep Space 1 (DS1)firstUnited States, 24 October 1998NASA's Deep Space 1 spacecraft, launched on 24 October 1998, was propelled to its target, Comet Borrelly, by a revolutionary type of engine. A beam of ionized xenon atoms were expelled from the engine at 35km/s (21 miles/s), providing a thrust of 0.09 Newtons (0.02 lbs), equivalent to the force exerted by a sheet of paper resting on the palm of a hand. The ion engine was ten times more efficient than a chemical rocket and was fired for 16,265 hours during the mission.NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the USA
293Fastest mile on a space hopperAshrita Furman13 minute(s), second(s)United States, Jamaica, New York19 August 2010The record for the fastest time to travel a mile on a spacehopper is 13 minutes flat and was set by Ashrita Furman (USA)Flushing Meadows Corona Park, New York, United States on 19 August2010.
294First use of cutscenes to tell a story in a videogameNintendo, Donkey KongfirstNot Applicable, Kyoto01 July 1981The first example of a complete story, with beginning and end, told within a video game is the original Donkey Kong arcade game. It was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto in Kyoto, Japan, and released by Nintendo in July 1981. It is also the first example of the use of cutscenes to tell a story in a game: for example, an introductory animation shows Jumpman/Mario’s girlfriend being abducted by Donkey Kong. GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: First use of cutscenes to tell a story in a video game.
295Fastest car dismantleTapio Heino, Aaro-Pekka Nousiainen, Sampo Vuolteenaho, Ahmed Abdirizag, Janne Spanow, Panu Natunen, Mikael Gorski, Juha Määttä, Sami RissanenFinland, Espoo28 November 2001A team from Espoon Ammattioppilaitos (a Finnish technical school) consisting of Tapio Heino, Aaro-Pekka Nousiainen, Sampo Vuolteenaho, Ahmed Abdirizag, Janne Spanow, Panu Natunen, Mikael Gorski, Juha Määttä, and Sami Rissanen, dismantled a five-door family saloon car in 35 minutes on 28 November 2001.The car was essentially a 'rolling shell' with all parts removed except for the bodywork, chassis and axles. In accordance with the rules, the entire vehicle had to be broken up into pieces small enough to pass through one of the tyres of the car.
296Largest mohiniyattam danceArt of Living Foundation1200 participantsIndia, Cochin28 November 2006The most people performing a mohiniyattam dance was 1,200 as part of the Silver Jubilee celebration of the Art of Living Foundation at the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium in Cochin, Kerala, India on 28 November 2006.
297Longest sustained note on a wind or brass instrumentPhilip Palmer1/13.38 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Wolverhampton27 November 2006The longest sustained note on a wind or brass instrument is 1 min 13.38 sec on a clarinet by Philip Palmer (UK) at Coppice Performing Arts School, Wolverhampton, UK, on 27 November 2006.His first attempt was measured at 1.16 but there was a blip in volume around the minute mark, so his second attempt was decreed the successful one.
298Tallest unicycle skippingChaz Marquette2.79 metre(s)United States, Venice Beach17 August 2003Chaz Marquette (USA) successfully jumped over a skipping rope whist balancing on a unicycle measuring 2.79 m (9ft 2 in) tall at Venice Beach, California, USA on 17 August 2003.
299Farthest distance blowing a Malteser with a strawAshrita Furman14.07 centimetre(s)United States, Jamaica, New York29 November 2010The farthest distance blowing a Malteser with a straw is 14.07 m (46 ft 1 in) achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) in the gymansium of the Jamaica YMCA, New York, USA, 29 November 2010.The straw measured 20 cm (8 in).
300First player to take a hat-trick with the first three balls of a One-Day International innings (maleChaminda VaasSouth Africa, Pietermaritzburg15 February 2003The best bowling start to a match was made in a World Cup game by Chaminda Vaas (b. Warnakulasuriya Patabendige Ushantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas, 27 January 1974) playing for Sri Lanka against Canada at Pietermaritzburg, South Africa on 15 February 2003. He took a hat trick with the first three balls of the game and then claimed a fourth victim in his opening over before finishing with six for 25. Sri Lanka went to win the match by ten wickets.

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