Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

3001Fastest hot water bottle burst (male)Shaun JonesItaly, Milan,,On the set of Lo Show Dei Record31 March 2011The fastest time to blow-up a standard hot water bottle until it bursts is 6.52 sec and was achieved by Shaun Jones (UK) on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 31 March 2011.
3002Fastest ferretWarholUnited Kingdom, Northumberland11 July 1999On 11 July 1999 at the North England Ferret Racing Championships held in Blythe, Northumberland,UK, an albino ferret named 'Warhol', owned by Jacqui Adams (UK), ran the 10 m (32 ft 9 in) tube race in 12.59 sec thus beating 150 other ferret competitors.Warhol weighed 2.72 kg (6 lb) at the time of the race.
3003Most log slices sawn in three minutes by by chain sawVesa KurkiFinland, Helsinki08 October 2000Vesa Kurki (Finland) chain sawed 15 slices each 5 cm (1.9 in) from a log with a in three minutes on the set of Guinness World Records, at Studio Werne, Helsinki, Finland on 8 October 2000.The log measured 35cm (13.7in) in diameter and each slice sawn had to measure 5cm (1.9 in), with a maximum overlap of 5 mm (0.19in) either side.
3004Oldest person to complete a marathon on each continent (female)Margaret Hagarty81/101 year(s), day(s)USA, 04 July 2004The most body piercings in one session is 3,900 in 7 hours and 46 minutes achieved by Tyson Turk and Chris Elliot (both USA) at the Tyson Turk Body Mod Studio, Irving, Texas, USA, on 09 July 2011.Margaret Hagerty (USA) is the oldest person to have completed a marathon on each of the seven continents. Her attempt started on 5 November 1995 aged 72 years 225 days and finished on 4 July 2004 aged 81 years 101 days.She began running at age 66 and has since completed 73 marathons, including one on each continent as listed below:Athens Peace Marathon, November 5, 1995, Europe, Time: 6:02Mt. Everest Challenge Marathon, November 9, 1996, Asia, Time: 10:41World Association Veteran Athletes, July 27, 1997, Africa, Time: 5:51:15The Last Marathon, February 13, 1999, Antarctica, Time: 7:47:26Sao Paulo Marathon, May 23, 1999, South America, Time: 6:16:03Marine Corps Marathon, October 26, 2003, North America, Time: 7:04:36Gold Coast Airport Marathon, July 4, 2004, Australia, Time: 7:49:37
3005Longest nose on a living personMehmet OzyurekItaly, Rome18 March 2010The Longest nose on a living person measures 8.8 cm (3.46 in)long from the bridge to the tip and belongs to Mehmet Ozyurek(Turkey). It was measured on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome,Italy, on 18 March 2010.
3006Fastest run backwards 200 mTimothy Bud Badyna32.78 second(s)United States, Santa Clarita17 January 2001Timothy Bud Badyna (USA) ran the 200 m backwards in a time of 32.78 sec on 17 January 2001 at Santa Clarita, California, USA for Guinness World Records: Primetime.
3007Largest amount of corn harvested by a single combine harvester in eight hoursJames C. (Jay) Justice IIIUnited States, Beckley14 January 2001James C. (Jay) Justice III (USA) harvested 19,196.59 bushels of corn using a Caterpillar 485 Lexion Combine at Catfish Bay Farm, Beckley, West Virginia, USA on 14 September 2001.
3008Longest career as a television director of the same programmeJulio Sanchez Padilla1970/7/5 year(s), month(s), day(s)Uruguay, Montevideo25 April 1969The weekly sports show Estadio Uno, produced by SIFAR S.A, Uruguay and currently broadcast on Channel 5 of Sistema Nacional de Televisión, has been directed continuously by Julio Sánchez Padilla (Uruguay) since it was first aired on 5 July 1970.
3009Longest journey by busUnknown87367 kilometre(s)United Kingdom, 03 December 1989Between 6 November 1988 and 3 December 1989 Hughie Thompson, John Weston and Richard Steel (all UK) covered 87,367 km (54,289 miles) through 18 countries in the World Bus, a red London Routemaster double-decker bus.The route was London, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Milan, Istanbul, Dubai, Lahore, Bombay, Singapore, Perth, Sydney, Rio, Santiago, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Liverpool, London.
3010Largest virusMegavirus chilensis (MGVC)440 nanometre(s)Chile, 01 April 2010First isolated from a water sample collected off the Chilean coast in April 2010, Megavirus chilensis (or MGVC) has the largest capsid (protein shell) of any known virus, measuring 440 nm in diameter. This virus's total diameter is approximately 700 nm, making it larger than some bacteria, and big enough to be seen not only with an electron microscope but also with a normal light microscope. Moreover, its genome (genetic complement) is a linear, double-stranded molecule of DNA consisting of 1,259,197 base pairs, which is the largest genome so far deciphered from any virus.
3011Longest cat whiskersKaija Kyllönen19 centimetre(s)Finland, Iisvesi22 December 2005The record for the longest whisker on a cat measured 19 cm (7.5 in) and belongs to Missi, a Maine coon who lives with her owner, Kaija Kyllönen. The whiskers were measured in Iisvesi, Finland on 22 December 2005.Missi’s full name is” Fullmoon’s Miss American Pie”. She was born on the 30th of December in 2001.
3012First successful test of a high-powered microwave weaponUnknownUnited States, Joint Command and Control Warfare Center of San Antonio,Texas01 April 1999The earliest recorded successful testing on of a high-powered microwave (HPM) weapon on electronic equipment occurred in April 1999 under the observation of the Joint Command and Control Warfare Center of San Antonio, Texas, USA. HPMs discharge a powerful energy pulse that destroys any electronics within its 300-m (984-ft) range, the aim being maximum disruption to any military or civilian power and electrical systems.The 'e-bomb' is still under development, as some of the unintended side-effects include the distruption of hospital equipment, pace-makers and any aircrafts flying in the region of the pulse. The 2 billion watts of electrical power that is released in the flash is equal to the amount of energy that the Hoover Dam creates in a day.
3013First motorcycleUnknown1885 year(s)Germany, Bad Cannstatt01 January 1900The earliest internal combustion-engined motorized bicycle was a wooden-framed machine built at Bad Cannstatt, Germany between October-November 1885 by Gottlieb Daimler (1834-1900) and first ridden by Wilhelm Maybach (1846-1929). It had a top speed of 19 km/h (12 mph) and developed 0.37 kW (0.5 hp) from its single-cylinder 264cc four-stroke engine at 700 rpm. Known as the `Einspur', it was lost in a fire in 1903.
3014Largest crew of a canoeAries Punnamada Urukku Chundan143 peopleIndia, AlleppeyThe `Snake Boat' Aries Punnamada Urukku Chundan, measuring 43.7 m (143 ft 4 in) long from Alleppey, Kerala, India, had a crew of 143 which included 118 rowers, 2 rhythm men, 5 helmsmen and 18 singers and was rowed in public in Kerala, India, on 1 May 2008.Unusually the Snake Boat is constructed from steel, the common material is wood. The boat measures 43.7 m (143 ft 4 in) long, 0.71 m (2 ft 4 in) deep and weighs 8 tonnes. The boat took around 4 months to be built.
3015Most remote object visible by the naked eyeThe Andromeda Galaxy (M31)The remotest heavenly body visible with the naked eye is the Andromeda Galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda (mag. 3.47), known as Messier 31. It is a spiral galaxy at a distance from the Earth of about 2.5 million light years, and our Galaxy is moving away from it. Under good conditions for observations, Messier 33, the spiral galaxy in Triangulum (mag. 5.79), can occasionally be glimpsed by the naked eye at a distance of 2,530,000 light years.
3016Tallest snowmanRobin Zinchuk37.21 metre(s)United States, Bethel, Maine26 February 2008Residents of Bethel, Maine, USA, and surrounding towns, built a snow woman measuring 37.21 m (122 ft 1 in) tall, over a period of one month, completing her on 26 February 2008.
3017Sack race - fastest 10kmAshrita Furman1/22/2 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, Montauk23 April 2001The record for the fastest 10 km sack race is 1 hr 22 min 2 sec and was set by Ashrita Furman (USA) in Montauk, New York, USA on 23 August 2001.
3018Farthest distance travelled by a human voiceSilbo speakersSpainThe normal intelligible outdoor range of the male human voice in still air is 180 m (590 ft 6.6 in). The silbo, the whistled language of the Spanish-speaking inhabitants of the Canary Island of La Gomera, is intelligible under ideal conditions at 8 km (5 miles). There is a recorded case, under optimal acoustic conditions, of the human voice being detectable at a distance of 17 km (10.5 miles) across still water at night.
3019First heart transplant operationLouis WashkanskyfirstSouth Africa, Cape Town03 December 1967The first successful heart transplant operation was performed by Prof.Christiaan Neethling Barnard (South Africa, 1922 - 2001) and a team of 30 physicians on Louis Washkansky (South Africa), at the Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa ,between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. on 3 December 1967. The donor was Denise Ann Darvall (South Africa), aged 25. Washkansky survived for 18 days with the new heart.
3020Highest hyperacuityDr Dennis M. LeviUnited States, College of Optometry, University of Houston.01 April 1984The human eye is capable of judging relative position with remarkable accuracy, reaching limits of between 3 and 5 seconds of arc. In April 1984, Dr Dennis M. Levi (USA) of the College of Optometry, University of Houston, Texas, USA, repeatedly identified the relative position of a thin bright green line within 0.85 seconds of arc. This is equivalent to a displacement of some 6 mm (0.25 in) at a distance of 1.6 km (1 mile).
3021Most letters to an editor - one paper (lifetime)Pooran Chandra PandeIndia, Ramnagar (Nainital)04 February 2006The most letters to an editor of a single newspaper is 456 sent by Pooran Chandra Pande (India) and published in the Dainik Jagran newspaper, India, between 3 June 2000 - 4 February 2006.He believes he has done 470 but could only prove 456.
3022Highest insurance valuation for a paintingLeonardo Da Vinci100000000 US dollar(s)France, Louvre,Paris14 December 1962The highest known insurance valuation for a painting is $100million (£53.55 million) assessed for the move of The Mona Lisa (La Gioconda) by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519, Italy) from the Louvre in Paris, France, to Washington, DC, USA and then New York City, New York, USA for a special exhibition 14 December 1962 to 12 Mar 1963. However, insurance was not concluded because the cost of the highest security precautions was less than that of the premiums.It was painted c. 1503-07 and measures 77x53cm 30 3/8 x 20 7/8 in. It is believed to portray either Mona (short for Madonna) Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco del Giocondo of Florence, or Constanza d'Avalos, coincidentally nicknamed La Gioconda, mistress of Giuliano de' Medici. King Francis I of France bought the painting for his bathroom in 1517 for 4000 gold florins, or 13.94kg 37.35 lb troy of gold. The equivalent today (May 1996) would be 𧴴,424.
3023Heaviest (largest) bellTsar Kolokol25 November 1735The Tsar Kolokol, cast by Russian brothers I. F. and M. I. Motorin on 25 November 1735 in Moscow, weighs 202 tonnes and measures 6.6 m (22 ft) in diameter, 6.14 m (20 ft) high and 60 cm (24 in) at its thickest point. The bell was cracked in a fire in 1737 and a fragment, weighing about 11.5 tonnes, was broken off. The bell has stood, unrung, on a platform in the Kremlin in Moscow since 1836 with the broken section alongside.
3024Song sung in the most languages by one artist/groupKesiraju SrinivasIndia, Hyderabad02 December 2009The song sung in the most languages by one individual is 'Golden Dreams of Gandhiji' by Dr. Kesiraju Srinivas, a.k.a. Ghazal Srinivas (India), who recorded the track in 125 different languages and released it as a double CD album entitled 'The Path of Mahatma Gandhi' on 2 December 2009.The languages include Amharic, Bengali, Croatian, Danish, Esperanto, Fijian, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Kashmiri, Lengmai, Malay, Nepali, Oromifa, Polish, Russian, Sanskrit, Tagalog, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Wolof and Zulu. The only letters of the alphabet not covered are: Q, X and Y, so if Dr. Srinivas recorded the song in Qashqa, Xhosa and Yiddish he would have a full house.
3025Most distant extrasolar planetOGLE-2005-BLG-390LbNot Applicable01 January 2006OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb is situated at a distance of 21,500 ± 3,300 light years away from Earth, near the centre of the Milky Way. This planet orbits a star located in the constellation of Scorpius at a distance that would put it somewhere in the region between Mars and Jupiter in our own solar system. Astronomers speculate that beside being the most distant extrasolar planet, this is also the most distant Earth-like planet yet found.
3026Highest altitude nuclear explosionUnknownNot Applicable, South Atlantic,Cape Town06 September 1958A 1.7 kiloton nuclear weapon was detonated 749 km. (466 miles) above the Earth's surface on September 6, 1958, as part of the United States' secret Operation Argus test series. The 98.9 kg (218 pound) W-25 warhead was launched by a modified three-stage Lockheed X-17A missile from the warship USS Norton Sound, located in the South Atlantic 1,770 km. (1,100 miles) southwest of Cape Town, South Africa.Operation Argus was a secret program of atmospheric nuclear explosions motivated by a theory of Lawrence Radiation Laboratory physicist Nicholas Christofilos. He believed that nuclear explosions in space would create belts of trapped radiation equivalent to artificial Van Allen belts. These belts would have a military use because they would destroy enemy satellites and disrupt communication systems. There were three Argus detonations, at altitudes of 160 km. (100 miles) and 292 km. (182 miles) as well as the record-breaking shot to 749 km. (466 miles). The experiment worked as planned and may have inadvertantly hastened the demise of several early satellites.
3027Largest unmanned submarineLSV-2 CutthroatUnited States01 January 2001The US Navy LSV-2 Cutthroat is the largest unmanned submarine in existence. It is 33.83 m (111 ft) long, 3.05 m (10 ft) wide, and weighs 205 tonnes (451,950 lb). The experimental craft is a 1:4 (25%) scale model of the Navy's Virginia class attack submarine, which is currently under development. The unarmed Cutthroat is powered by a 2,250 kW (3,000 hp) electric motor, and acts as a platform to test stealth technologies being developed for the Virginia class ships.By comparison, the 3-man Alvin submersible, which was used to discover the wreck of the Titanic, weighs 17 tonnes and is only 7 m (23.3 ft) long.The LSV-2 operates on Lake Pend Oreille at the Acoustic Research Detachement in Bayview, Idaho, the Navy's stealth technology laboratory. It was named after a native Idaho trout by students at a local elementary school. It was built by Newport News Shipbuilding and General Dynamics Electric Boat, and launched in 2001.
3028First stealth shipUS Navy Sea ShadowUnited StatesThe earliest known ship incorporating stealth technology is the US Navy Sea Shadow, which was completed in the mid-1980's but only revealed to the public in 1993. The bizarre-looking twin-hulled ship is 49.98 m (164 ft) long, 20.72 m (68 ft) across and has a full load displacement of 569 tonnes (1.25 million lb). It was built by Lockheed Martin, has a crew of 10 and a top speed of 18.52 km/h (11.5 mph).
3029Fastest time to cross 21 oil drums on a trials motorcycleJake WhitakerChina, Beijing,,Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center16 December 2011The fastest time to cross 21 oil drums on a trials motorcycle is 10.933 seconds and was achieved by Jake Whitaker (New Zealand), in Beijing, China, on 16 December 2011.It was an outdoor attempt for the TV show CCTV-Guinness World Records Special.
3030Oldest volunteerViolet RobbinsAustralia, SYDNEYViolet Robbins (Australia, b. 28 February 1902) is a volunteer at the Prince of Wales Hospital, in Randwick, Sydney Australia, aged 107 years 11 months 25 days, as of 22 February 2010.Violet has been an active volunteer since the 1960's in various organisations in Australia.

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