Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

3091Highest pinfall in tenpin bowling in 24 hours by a pairRobert Hendricks , Hector Navedo30537 total numberUnited States, El Paso12 January 2014The highest pinfall in tenpin bowling in 24 hours by a pair is 30,537, achieved by Robert Hendricks and Hector Navedo at Fiesta Lanes, El Paso, Texas, USA, on 12 January 2014.
3092Fastest speed reached in a wing suitShinichi Ito363 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, Yolo CountyThe fastest speed reached in a wing suit is 363 km/h (225.6 mph) and was achieved by Shinichi Ito (Japan) over Yolo County, California, USA, on 28 May 2011. Mr Ito was equipped with full HALO (High Altitude, Low Opening) equipment, 'Gamine Colorado 300' GPS, 'Altitrack' Skydiving computer and 'Vampire 3' wing suit manufactured by Phoenix Fly Inc.The jump started from an altitude of 9,753.6 m (32,000 ft).
3093First movie theatreSalon Indien at the Grand CafefirstFrance, Paris,,Salon Indien, Grand Cafe01 January 1895Often hailed as the ‘founding fathers of modern film’, the Lumiere Brothers, Louis and Auguste, can take credit for the first commercial exhibition of a projected motion picture to a paying public in 1895, in the world's first movie theatre - the Salon Indien, at the Grand Cafe on Paris' Boulevard des Capucines. The 20-minute program included ten short films with twenty showings a day.
3094Fastest marathon in scout uniformDavid Smith3/44/33 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Luton,Luton Marathon18 November 2012The fastest marathon in scout uniform is 3 hr 44 min 33 sec and was achieved by David Smith (UK) at the Luton Marathon in Luton, Bedfordshire, UK, on 18 November 2012.Not only did David run this marathon in a full scout uniform, he also did it wearing flip flops on his feet, setting a second Guinness World Records title for the 'Fastest marathon wearing flip flops'.
3095Heaviest machine moved using a brain control interfaceThe Gadget Show56.2 tonne(s) (metric ton)United Kingdom, The Slough, Studley,,AG CRANES Ltd17 March 2011The heaviest machine moved using a brain control interface weighs 56.2 tonnes (61.95 tons), as demonstrated on the set of The Gadget Show, Studley (UK) on 17 March 2011.The 56.2 tonnes (61.95 tons) cranes were controlled using brainwave sensors manufacured by NeuroSky, with a control box designed by Loughborough University Design School. The four presenters of The Gadget Show had to move the cranes using their brain waves in order to pick up and transport a 2 tonne car with an electromagnet (supplied by Eclipse Magnetics Ltd).
3096Worst kleptocrat of modern timesPresident Suharto15000000000 - 35000000000 US dollar(s)Indonesia, 01 January 1998President Suharto, President of Indonesia from 1967 until 1998 when his regime was overthrown, was the world’s biggest kleptocrat, that is a person who thieves from his government. Transparency International, in a 2004 report, estimated that he had stolen US$15-35 billion. In 2006, doctors testified Suharto had been brain damaged by a series of strokes and that he was not fit to face prosecution. He thus escaped justice and died in 2008.
3097Longest ceasefire without a peace treatyNorth Korea, South KoreaKorea (North)01 January 2011The Korean War between communist North Korea, backed by China and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), and South Korea, supported by the USA and the United Nations, started with the invasion of South Korea on 25 June 1950. After the bitter fighting over three years ended, a ceasefire was agreed on 27 July 1953. Continuing difficulties in the relationship between the two parts of the Korean peninsular have precluded the signing of a peace treaty between the two states. Hence they are still technically at war 57 years later.
3098Most side surfs on a slackline in one minuteAndy LewisChina, Jingbo Lake,,Diaoshuilou Waterfall28 August 2011The most side surfs on a slackline in one minute is 143 and was achieved by Andrew Lewis (USA) at the Diaoshuilou Waterfall of Jingbo lake, Mudanjiang City, China, on 28 August 2011.
3099First deceased jockey to win a raceFrank HayesfirstUnited States, New York01 February 1923In February 1923, Jockey Frank Hayes (USA) suffered a fatal heart attack while riding his horse Sweet Kiss in a race at Belmont Park in New York City, USA. Despite his sudden death, Hayes somehow remained in the saddle long enough for the 20–1 long shot to jump the final fence and cross the finish line in first place, making him the only jockey to ride to victory after his own death.
3100Most glasses broken during a mind control stage illusionWalter Rolfo and Piero UstignaniItaly, Saint-Vincent15 April 2011The most glasses broken using a mind control stage illusion is 66 and was achieved by Walter Rolfo and Piero Ustignani (both Italy) during the Masters of Magic convention at the Casino de la Vallée in Saint Vincent, Italy, on 15 April 2011.A table with 140 standard wine glasses on top was used for the magic trick and 66 glasses broke as a result of the illusion.
3101Most rotations in a 180-degree balance position in one minuteKshipra Shirish JoshiIndia, Mumbai21 March 2011The most rotations in a 180 degree balance position in one minute are 18 and were achieved by Kshipra Shirish Joshi (India) on the set of Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega in Mumbai, India, on 21 March 2011. Kshipra is a gymnast and competed in the commonwealth games for India.
3102Most knives thrown alternatively to both sides of a human target in 1 minuteDavid AdamovichItaly, Milan,,the set of Lo Show Dei Record25 March 2011The most knives thrown alternatively to both sides of a human target is 63 and was achieved by David Adamovich aka Throwdini (USA) on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy on 25 March 2011.
3103Largest illegal release of classified documentsWikileaks, Query01 October 2010In October 2010, a international website launched in 2006 called WikiLeaks, which aims to publish items of private, secret and other classified media from anonymous sources, published approximately 400,000 documents relating to the Iraq War. The US Pentagon called it the largest leak of classified documents in history. In November 2010, a further batch of 220 items from a potential total of 251,287 leaked, confidential, diplomatic cables was released, and more are to follow according to the WikiLeaks publisher, Julian Assange.The frank and detailed nature of the comments in the diplomatic cables has caused embarrassment in official circles around the world. A US army corporal is currently held and allegedly under investigation regarding the historic leak of diplomatic and military information.Wikileaks’ editor-in-chief and spokesperson, Julian Assange, was voted the 2010 Readers’ Choice Person of the Year in Time magazine. At the time of going to press, he was living in the UK, appealing against extradition to Sweden, where he faces questioning about alleged assaults.
3104Most consecutive maul juggling catchesAaron Gregg39 timesUnited States, 08 April 2011The most maul juggling catches is 39 and was achieved by Aaron Gregg (Canada) on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 8 April 2011.The mauls weighed 4.5 kg and were 2 m long.
3105First watchNuremberg EggfirstGermany, 01 January 1509The invention of a portable time-keeping device c. 1509 is attributed to Peter Henlein (Germany), designer of the “Nuremberg Egg” – a small, drum-shaped clock (with only an hour hand) that could be carried. References to a “pocket clock” have since been discovered that predate this invention by 40 years, but Henlein is credited with being the first person to manufacture such devices and introduce the concept of regular time-keeping – an essential tool for the “modern” world.
3106Longest distance sailed non-stop by any vesselParry EndeavourAustralia, Fremantle,Western Australia13 March 1988The longest distance sailed non-stop by any vessel is 71,023 nautical miles (131,535 km 81,732 miles), a feat achieved by Australian Jon Sanders between 25 May 1986 and 13 March 1988. Starting and finishing in Fremantle, Western Australia, Jon made a record three consecutive non-stop solo circumnavigations of the globe – one west and two east – and was at sea for a total of 657 days on his 13.9-m (44-ft) sloop Parry Endeavour.
3107First three-dimensional trading card gameRedakaifirstUSA, New York01 February 2011Canadian games company Spin Master took TCGs to the next level when they unveiled the world’s first 3D trading card game, Redakai, at the American International Toy Fair in New York, USA, in February 2011. The game, which focuses on a group of teens searching for a mystical energy called Kairu, includes hologram cards that animate characters’ attacks, as well as transparent cards that can be overlayed with others to create a variety of effects.
3108Smallest code-breaking supercomputerSupercomputer built by Pico Computing400 US dollar(s)United States, Seattle01 January 2011Pico Computing, based in Seattle, USA, build the world’s smallest and cheapest code-breaking supercomputer. Used in the field by military and government agencies, their $400 mini supercomputer uses a revamped version of a difficult-to-program silicon chip that is decades old and yet arrayed in such a way as to make it more powerful and efficient than anything found within much larger and vastly more expensive supercomputers.
3109Longest time to crack a code301 YearsUnited Kingdom01 January 1854The Vigenère Cipher, which uses a polyalphabetic system of encryption, was so effective that it took over 300 years before a method could be found to crack it. The Cipher was named for French cryptographer Blaise de Vigenère but was actually invented by the Italian cryptographer Giovan Battista Bellaso in 1553. The code was finally cracked by British mathematician and computer pioneer Charles Babbage in 1854.
3110Most people running 100 metres in a 1 hour relay (outdoor)Lebanon & Watertown High Schools252 peopleUnited States, Lebanon,,Lebanon High School sports track19 April 2012The most people running 100 metres in a 1 hour relay is 252 and was achieved by the Lebanon High School and Watertown High School (both USA) in Lebanon, Tennessee, USA, on 19 April 2012.
3111Oldest analogue computerAntikythera MechanismGreeceThe 2,000-year-old Antikythera Mechanism was discovered in 1900–01 in a shipwreck close to the Greek island of Antikythera. It is a collection of bronze gears encrusted with sea accretions, built with a mechanical complexity that has not been demonstrated in any other object prior to the 14th century. It is regarded as the oldest analog computer and is believed to have been able to predict eclipses.
3112First use of steganographyMessage concealed by HistiaeusGreece01 January 0500Dating back to the 5th century BC, steganography is one of the oldest methods of concealing secret information. According to the classical author Herodotus, it was first used by the tyrant Histiaeus, who shaved the head of a servant before tattooing a message on the poor man’s scalp. When the hair had grown back, the servant was sent to deliver his message - a warning of impending attack by the presumably slow-moving Persian army - which was revealed when the servant’s head was once more shaved.Histiaeus was the tyrant of the ancient Greek city of Miletus (modern-day Anatolia, Turkey).
3113Most consecutive haircuts by a team in one weekGreat ClipsUnited States, SpringfieldThe most haircuts in one week by a team is 1,600 and was achieved by Great Clips at North Bechtle Square in Springfield, Ohio, USA, from 14 to 20 May 2011Ten stylists performed the haircuts throughout the week, only haircuts that cut at least 2 cm from the head counted towards the record. The daily break down is as follows, Sat 274, Sun 197, Mon 221, Tue 243, Wed 209, Thu 231 and Fri 225 haircuts. The ten stylists who attempted this record were Lisa Nettleingham, Nicole Riffle, Amanda Puckett, Megan Phillips, Kellie Williams, Crystal Thompson, Jaqua Jones, Kim Hubbard, Missy Blacker and Cori Young. All the witnesses were volunteers from a local church - Medway United Methodist Church.
3114Longest career as a radio producerOswaldo Enrique Yepes PeñaVenezuela, Caracas11 October 2012The longest career as a radio producer is 55 years and was achieved by Oswaldo Enrique Yepes Peña (Venezuela) who began his career on Hit Parade de Venezuela in 1957 and has continued to work on the same show until 11 Oct 2012. Hit Parade de Venezuela celebrated its 55th year of transmission in 24 August 2012.Mr Yepes Peña has worked as a producer and director of several different radio stations throughout his 55 year career and has subsequently been cited as one of the pioneers of Venezuelan radio.
3115Largest parade of off-road motorcyclesBananalamaBrazil, Corupá07 July 2013The largest parade of off-road motorcycles consisted of 3,312 motorcycles and was achieved at the Bananalama event held in Corupá, Santa Catarina, Brazil, on 7 July 2013.The distance covered was 2.74 miles (4.41 km). Overall, 4,281 motorcycles and ATVs registered for the event, but ATVs were discounted and had a separate 30 min head start.
3116Most hunger relief meals packaged in one hour (team)Numana, Inc , The Bobby Bones Show, TEEMHaitiUnited States, Nashville,,Nashville Municipal Auditorium, an indoor sports and concert arena.28 September 2013The most hunger relief meals packaged in one hour by a team is 530,064 and was achieved by the Bobby Bones Show, TEEMHaiti, and Numana, Inc (all USA) at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on 28 September 2013.Teams of volunteers packaged meals of rice, soy, dried pinto beans and a vitamin/mineral substance. Each meal bag, contained 54 meals, and each bag was accompanied by three other bags into a box, stacked on 37 pallets and sent to the Maison Des Enfants De Dieu orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
3117Fastest time to run a marathon and ultra marathon on each continentZiyad Tariq Rahimyear(s), day(s), hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Qatar, 08 March 2014The fastest time to run a marathon and ultra marathon on each continent is 1 year, 9 days, 22 hours, 20 minutes and 40 seconds and was achieved by Ziyad Tariq Rahim (Pakistan), from 26 February 2013 to 8 March 2014.
3118Longest marathon video jockey / club vjAnthony ƈGreenDollars' Chidiac25/23/22 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Lebanon, Broumana18 December 2011The longest marathon performing as a video jockey in a public venue lasted 25 hours 23 minutes 22 seconds and was achieved by Anthony '2GreenDollars' Chidiac (Australia) at the Cheyenne Pub, Broumana, Lebanon, on 17 December 2011.Anthony's act uses our laptops, a backup PC, a two-deck Pioneer CD-J system, and Serato Video-SL for which allows him to manipulate music videos using a set of conventional vinyl turntables by scratching records.
3119Most contributions to a greetings scrollFabian RojasMexico, Estadio Azteca08 January 2012The most contributions to a greetings scroll is 71,542 and was achieved by Fabian Rojas (Colombia), president of Megaglobal Ltd. at El nacimiento más grande del mundo, at the Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico on 8 January 2012.All the contributions were 'buenos deseos' (good wishes) a tradition for the New Year that visitors to El nacimiento más grande del mundo wrote onto long reels of fabric. The fabric was then joined together and coupled with a giant Felices Fiestas (Happy Holidays) image to form one large image. In total there were 31 reels of fabric divided into 620 blocks for counting purposes and each block was counted individually by a public notary before being double-checked by the Guinness World Records adjudicator.
3120Largest solar oven cooking classKeshav Srushti3639 participantsIndia, Mumbai04 January 2014The largest solar oven cooking class consisted of 3,639 participants, achieved by Keshav Srushti (India) in Mumbai, India on 04 January 2014. Students of the Suryakumbha solar oven cooking class first built solar ovens, then made a meal of vegetable masala noodles.

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