Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

3211First bionic arm fitted on an individual (female)Claudia MitchellfirstUnited States, Chicago14 September 2006The first female to be fitted with a bionic arm is Claudia Mitchell of Ellicott City, Maryland, USA, who had lost her left arm at the shoulder following a motorcycle accident. Her bionic arm was designed by medics and engineers of the the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, USA, and allows Ms Mitchell to control parts of the limb by thought. Ms Mitchell revealed her arm at a press conference in Chicago, USA on 14 September 2006.
3212First android avatarGeminoid HI-1firstJapanGeminoid HI-1 is a humanoid doppelgänger built by Hiroshi Ishiguro (Japan) is the first true android avatar. Its innards are covered with a silicone mould of Ishiguro himself, and it can be used as his avatar – that is, using motion-capture and voice-relay systems, Ishiguro can have his robot double duplicate his movements remotely, allowing him to teach a class without needing to be there in person. Pressurized air is used to give Geminoid micro-movements such as blinking and fidgeting, and the chest even moves up and down as he "breathes".
3213Fastest mile fireman's carrySteven Jacobs11/29.14 minute(s), second(s)Belgium, Burcht14 April 2012The fastest mile covered while carrying another person on one's shoulders is 11 min 29.14 sec by Steven Jacobs (Belgium) at the Atletic Stadion in Burcht, Antwerp, Belgium, on 14 April 2012.Both Jacob and the participant he was carrying, weighed 82.5 kg.
3214Largest Bhangra danceArt of Living FoundationIndia, Ludhiana11 November 2010The largest bhangra dance included 2,100 participants and was achieved by The Art of Living Foundation (India) at the Punjab Agricultural University Campus, Ludhiana, India, on 11 November 2010.More than 25,000 spectators attended the event including local media and politicians.
3215First novel of graphic style shortlisted for a national book awardGene Luen YangUnited States01 January 2006In 2006, American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang (USA) was named as a finalist in America's prestigious National Book Award in the category of Young People's Literature. This was the first time in the award's 57 years that a graphic novel had been nominated. Although it failed to win, American Born Chinese went on to be the best-selling graphic novel of the year on title: First graphic novel shortlisted for a national award.
3216Largest pie, cheeseEducational Group AKMIGreece, ThessalonikiThe largest cheese pie weighed 862 kg (1,900 lbs 6 oz) and was made by the students of Educational Group AKMI in Thessalonica, Greece, on 10 May 2009.Ingredients:Flour: 300 kg (661 lbs 6 oz)Water: 150 kg (331 lbs)Sault: 7.5 kg (16 lbs 8 oz)Oil: 54 kg (119 lbs 0.8 oz)Vinegar: 2 litres (70.39 fl oz)Margarine: 60 kg (132 lbs 4.5 oz)Cheese: 150 kg (331 lbs)Milk: 140 kg (309 lbs)Semolina: 20 kg (44 lbs 1.4 oz)Eggs: 180
3217Largest collection of banknotesAnil BohoraIndia, Nashik13 January 2009The largest collection of banknotes belongs to Anil Bohora (India), with a total of 10,025 different banknotes, as of 13 January 2009.
3218Fastest speed on hydro-jet powered kayakShaun Baker40 kilometre(s) per hourUnited Kingdom, Eton06 September 2007The fastest speed in a hydro-jet powered kayak is 40 km/h (24.85 mph) and was achieved by Shaun Baker (UK) at Eton College Rowing Lake, Berkshire, UK on 6 September 2006.
3219Most body skips in one minuteBrittany Boffo68 timesSpain, Madrid09 February 2008Brittany Boffo (Australia) was able to 'skip' with her arms (stepping through her arms and bringing them up and over her head) a total of 68 times in a minute on the set of ‘Lo show dei record’, in Madrid, Spain, on 9 February 2008.
3220Largest parade of Harley Davidson motorcyclesHarley Davidson Club HellasGreece, Patras,Rio-Andirio BridgeThe Largest Parade of Harley Davidson Motorcycles consisted of 2,404 motorcycles and was achieved by Roberto Macdonald, The RRiders, and the Harley Davidson Club Hellas (Greece), in Patras, Greece, on 22 May 2010.The distance covered by the parade was 4.5 km (2.8 miles)
3221Largest aircraft, propeller-drivenAntonov An-22Russia01 January 1965With a wing span of 64.4 m (211 ft) and a maximum takeoff weight of 250 tonnes (550,000 lb), the Russian Antonov An-22 (NATO codename Cock) is the largest propeller-driven aircraft ever to enter production. Still in service with the Russian military, the An-22 is powered by four 11,030 kW (14,791 hp) contra-rotating turboprop engines and has a cruising speed of 680 km/h (422 mph).First flew in 1965.
3222Fastest speed for a towed skateboardSteffen Eliassen150 kilometre(s) per hourNorway, Rakkestad,,Rudskogen Motorpark24 August 2012The fastest speed for a towed skateboard is 150 kph (93.2 mph) and was achieved by Steffen Eliassen (Norway) at Rudskogen Motorpark, Norway, on 24 August 2012.
3223Largest bikini paradeHuludao Municipal Government1085 participantsChina, Huludao19 August 2012The largest bikini parade was achieved by 1,085 participants at an event organized by Huludao Municipal Government (China) in Huludao City, Liaoning, China, on 19 August 2012.2nd Bikini related record for Huludao, which was held during their annual weekly swimwear festival that promotes business in the area, as well as tourism. One in five sales of swimwear is from a product made in Huludao.The largest bikini bikini parade attempt covered a distance of 1.8km, with participant in the age range of 6 – 60. These volunteers were from 12 local representative groups from businesses, government and associations.
3224Most swing dance flips in a minuteLourd Vijay39 timesIndia, Mumbai21 March 2011The most swing dance flips in a minute are 39 and were achieved by Lourd Vijay (India) on the set of Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega in Mumbai, India, on 21 March 2011. Lourd had three dance partners during the attempt.
3225Longest marathon playing a board gameSam Hennemann, Brett Carow61/2 hour(s)United States, New York09 June 2012The longest marathon playing a board game is 61 hours and 2 minutes, achieved by Brett Carow and Sam Hennemann (both USA), in New York, New York, USA, on 7-9 June 2012.They played Strat-O-Matic Baseball. During the attempt 116 games were played. They began at 9 am on 7 June 2012 and ended at 10.02 pm on 9 June 2012.
3226Tennis racket and ball control - durationPalmer Campbell4/8/16 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, Nashville16 January 2012The longest tennis racket and ball control duration is 4 hours 8 minutes and 16 seconds, achieved by Palmer Campbell (USA) at Belle Meade Tennis Courts in Nashville, Tennessee, USA on 16 January 2012.
3227Largest raindropsPeter V. HobbsBrazil13 July 2004The largest raindrops ever directly recorded measure a minimum of 8.6 mm (0.338 in) across. They have been detected on two occasions September 1995 (Brazil) and July 1999 (Marshall Islands). The raindrops were imaged while falling by a laser instrument on board a research aircraft in studies by Professor Peter V. Hobbs and Arthur Rango (both USA), University of Washington (USA). Their results were published in Geophysical Research Letters on 13/07/2004.
3228Largest collection of teddy bearsJackie MileyUnited States, Hill City31 December 2012The largest collection of teddy bears belongs to Jackie Miley (USA) and consists of 8,026 teddy bears as of 31 December 2012, in Hill City, South Dakota, USA.
3229Fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a team of twoWilliam Ferrand and David AshfordUnited Kingdom, London27 August 2008The record for the fastest time to pop 100 balloons was 12.25 seconds achieved by David Ashford and Charles Ferrand (both UK) in Bishop's Park, Fulham, London, UK, on 27 August 2008.
3230Most participants in an orienteering event (multi venue)Swiss Orienteering Association207979 peopleSwitzerland, On 23 May 2003 a total of 207,979 pupils from 1,381 schools across Switzerland took part in a simultaneous orienteering event organised by the Swiss Orienteering Association.
3231Most swords swallowed simultaneously by sword swallowersSword Swallowers Association InternationalUnited States, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania02 September 2005A total of 9 members of the Sword Swallowers Association International (all from USA, 8 men and one woman) simultaneously swallowed a total of 52 swords between them at the 2005 Sideshow Gathering and Sword Swallowers Convention, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA on 2 September 2005.
3232Largest collection of masksGerold Weschenmoser5600 itemsGermany, Starzach Bierlingen03 March 2013Gerold Weschenmoser (Germany) has 5,600 different masks, as of 3 March 2013, which he has collected since 1957.
3233Highest darts score in one hour by a men's teamCork Darts OrganisationIreland, Cork20 March 2010The highest darts score in one hour by a men's team was 35,087 achieved by the Cork Darts Organisation (Ireland) at the St. Vincent's GAA Club in Cork, Ireland, on 20 March 2010. The team members who participated were Martin Cotter, Damian O'Driscoll, Steven Coveney, John O'Shea, Craig Sproat, Jason Kavanaugh, Kevin McDonnell, and James Corcoran (all Ireland).
3234Longest time standing on handle barsIvan Do-DucItaly, Milan,,On the set of Lo Show Dei Record14 April 2011The longest time standing on the handlebars of a bicycle is 1 min 39.49 sec and was achieved by Ivan Do-Duc (France) on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 14 April 2011Ivan Do-Duc is an artistic cycler and circus performer who worked for Cirque Du Soleil. During the attempt he moved the bicycle in circles within an area of 10 by 10 m.
3235Most expensive cocktailJoel Heffernan12500 US dollar(s)Australia, Melbourne07 February 2013The most expensive cocktail was sold for £8,583 ($12,970) and was made by Joel Heffernan (Australia), at Club 23, Melbourne, Australia, on 7 February 2013. The cocktail made by Joel Heffernan, called 'the Winston', contained 60ml of Croizet's 1858 'Cuvee Leonie' cognac. This cognac is also the Guinness World Records title holder of the most expensive cognac sold at auction.
3236Fastest time to hula hoop 10 km (male)Ashrita Furman1/25/9 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, New York12 June 2006The fastest time to hula hoop 10 km was 1 hr 25 min and 9 secand was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) at Hechsler Park,Huntington, New York, USA, on 12 June 2006.
3237Most strings of noodle threadedLi EnhaiItaly, Rome01 April 2010The most strings of noodle threaded using a needle is 45 and was achieved by Li Enhai (China) on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 1 April 2010. The record was part of the Italian TV series "Lo Show dei Record".
3238First shot using 'dolly zoom'VertigofirstUnited States, 01 January 1958Also known as a contra-, vertigo-, Hitchcock- or trombone-zoom, a dolly zoom involves moving (dollying) a movie camera towards the subject while zooming out, or vice versa as the focal length changes, the background appears to fall away while the subject retains its relative size in the frame. This dizzying shot was designed by Irmin Roberts (USA) for Alfred Hitchcock's (UK) Vertigo (USA, 1958) and has since been used countless times, most notably and effectively in Jaws (USA, 1975) and Goodfellas (USA, 1990).
3239Fastest time for a dog to weave 12 polesChampion Mach Blazer1.87 second(s)United States, Los Angeles24 October 2005The fastest time for a dog to weave between 12 poles is 1.87 sec by Champion Mach Blazer owned by Elaine Havens (USA) on the set of Animal Planet's Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals in Los Angeles, California, USA on 24 September 2005.
3240Most fatal incidents in one day survived by a dogDoshaUnited States, Clearlake15 April 2003The hardiest dog is Dosha, of mixed-breed, who, on 15 April 2003 at the age of 10 months old, slipped out of her owner's home in Clearlake, California, USA, only to be run over by a car, then shot in the head by police officers (wanting to put her out of pain), and then sealed in a bag and placed in the freezer at an animal centre she was discovered, two hours later by staff - alive and sitting upright!

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