Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

3271Wakeboard - longest ramp jump (female)Sandrine BeslotFrance, Argeles-Gazost07 July 2005The record for the longest ramp jump on a wakeboard is 13 m (42.2 ft) and was set by Sandrine Beslot (France) on the set of L’Été De Tous Les Records in Argeles Gazost, France on 7 July 2005.
3272Longest surviving quadruple heart bypass patientmichael spano32/18 year(s), month(s), day(s)United States, seekonk16 October 2008The longest surviving quadruple heart bypass patient is Michael A. Spano (USA, b. 10 December 1925) who underwent surgery on 28 September 1976 at St. Luke’s hospital in New York, USA and remains in good heath as of 16 October 2008, 32 years 18 days later.
3273Largest jumpen / jumpstyle danceChristopher Kalkbrenner1067 peopleGermany, Bielefeld13 September 2009The largest jumpstyle dance involved 1,067 participants, in an event organised by Christopher Kalkbrenner (Germany) in Stadtring, Bielefeld, Germany, on 13 September 2009. Participants managed to dance continuously for a total of 13 minutes.
3274Most steel cans collected in one monthCollect-a-CanSouth Africa, Johannesburg31 October 2010The most steel cans collected in one month is 2,656,284, weighing 82,929 kg (182,827 lb 2 oz) and was achieved by Collect-a-Can (South Africa) in South Africa, between 1-31 October 2010.Collect-a-Can first attempted this record in 2007, and has broken their own records twice since. Collections occurred at schools across the country for the month of October to promote the recylcing of cans in South Africa.
3275Fastest time to toss 20 beer kegsJuha Rasanen7/10 minute(s), second(s)Spain, Madrid09 February 2008The fastest time to toss 20 beer kegs over a 5 m (16 ft 4 in) high bar is 7 minutes 10 seconds and was achieved by Juha Rasanen (Finland) on the set of ‘Lo show dei record’, in Madrid, Spain, on 9 February 2008.This record is part of the GWR Italian show 2008 which was recorded in Spain.
3276Oldest person to enter the UK Singles chart (female)Shirley BasseyUnited Kingdom07 July 2007Welsh vocalist Shirley Bassey (UK, b. 8 January 1937) is the oldest solo female artist to reach the UK chart with a newly recorded song. She reached the Top 10 on 7 July 2007 with ‘Get The Party Started’ aged 70 years 180 days. Her first hit came in February 1957, and her 50-year chart span is a record for a female performer.
3277Most populous bird’s nestPhiletairus sociusNative to southwestern Africa’s dry grasslands, the sociable weaver (Philetairus socius) builds an immense communal nest that can be up to 8 m (26 ft) long and 2 m (6 ft 6 in) high. Resembling a giant haystack that hangs from a tree or telegraph pole, it contains up to 300 individual nests. Each of these nests in turn houses a pair of weavers and their brood. Not surprisingly, these enormous communal nests can get so heavy that the tree on which they are built sometimes collapses under the weight!
3278Fastest speed riding a minibob/zipflbobFrederik Eiter157.34 kilometre(s) per hourAustria, Pitztal11 April 2009The record for the fastest speed riding a zipflbob is 157.34 km/h (97.77 mph) and was achieved by Frederik Eiter (Austria) in Pitztal, Austria, on 11 April 2009.The event took place at the Pitztal Glacier at the Brunnenkogel Slope. They used a device called "Permanent Speed Check SPEEDY" sourced from the company Alge Timing. The equipment was operated by members of the "Race Centre Pitztal" who is official partner for events such as German national ski races, Austrian Championships and Junior Races Europa.
3279Fastest time to complete a marathon on each continent and the North Pole (female)Fiona OakesAntarctica, Union Glacier20 November 2013The fastest time to complete a marathon on each continent and the North Pole (female) is 225 days 18 hours and was achieved by Fiona Oakes (UK) from 8 April to 20 November 2013.
3280Most inverts on a sit-down hydrofoil in one hourGeno YauchlerUnited States, Winter Haven, FL20 October 2010The most inverts on a sit-down hydrofoil in one hour is 826 and was achieved by Geno Yauchler (USA) on Lake Eloise in Winter Haven, Florida, USA, on 20 October 2009.He made 25 passes back and forth across the lake.
3281First speedcabling competitionUnknownfirstUSA, Los Angeles,California01 January 2008The world's first speedcabling competition was held in Los Angeles, California, USA, in January 2008. The aim of this new "sport", invented by IT developer Steven Schkolne (USA), is to untangle a mass of cables and wires in the fastest time and in such a way that the wires can still carry a network signal. The winner of the final ­ in which contestants were required to unknot 12 ethernet cords up to 7.5 m (25 ft) long the hold them above their heads ­ was web designer Matthew Howell (USA).In order to tangle wires in a random and fair way, Schklone knots the wires in a figure of 8 then places them in a tumbledrier.
3282First videogame to use both Euphoria and DDM technologyStar Wars: Force Unleashedfirst, 01 January 20082008’s Star Wars: Force Unleashed is the first game to use both of the ground-breaking Euphoria and Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) technologies. Euphoria is a behavioural simulation engine that ensures the game’s characters move and act in lifelike ways, while DMM is a physics engine that adds an incredible level of realism to a game, including the way that materials break and how grass sways in the wind, for example.
3283First parallel universe in a massive multiplayer online role player game (MMORPG)EverQuest llThe earliest parallel universe in an MMORPG is EverQuest ll, which is not a sequel to EverQuest which was launched in 1999. Instead, it is a parallel universe set in the same world of Norrath, but 500 years into the future in the Age of Destiny. The original EverQuest is still running online and still releasing new expansions. The 14th expansion, Secrets of Faydwer, was due for release in November 2007.
3284First Player v Monster play zone in a MMORPGThe EttenmoorsfirstThe Ettenmoors is a region around the same size as The Shire, where gamers can take part in monster play – a concept unique to Lord of the Rings Online. Monster play enables gamers to take part in Player vs Monster Player battles as either their normal character, or as one of the monsters. The monsters players can choose from include Orcs, Wargs and Uruks.Guinness World Records Gamers' Edition 2009.
3285Most expensive home flight simulator cockpitMatthew Sheil300000 US dollar(s), 01 January 2007The most expensive home flight simulator cockpit belongs to Australian trucking tycoon Matthew Sheil who has spent the last eight years constructing a flight simulator cockpit based round the 747-400. The project to date has cost $300,000 dollars (£132,000) and features 12 computers controlling motion, audio and the flight simulator game itself. The motion is provided by a hydraulic system fitted to the cockpit, and visuals are provided by a projector for the front view and two LCD monitors for the side views.
3286Youngest person to circumnavigate by aircraft, soloMatthew Guthmilleryear(s), day(s)United States, Aberdeen14 July 2014The youngest person to fly solo around the world is Matthew Guthmiller (USA, b. 29 November 1994), who flew a 1981 Beech A36 Bonanza from 31 May to 14 July 2014, completing the circumnavigation in El Cajon, California, USA, aged 19 years 7 months 15 days.
3287Most terrorist threats issued against a game publisher by one individualTakao IkeJapan16 January 2009From October 2008 to January 16 2009 of this year, Japanese video game publisher Hudson Soft received a total of 11 letters from Takao Ike (Japan), in which he threatened to send letter bombs and demanded 80 trillion yen in cash. In a signed affidavit, the suspect stated, "I did it because I posted my demands concerning the games, but the games didn't improve."
3288Most recent tribal "first contact"UnknownParaguay, Chaco01 March 2004There are around 100 known but uncontacted tribes in the world, and the most recent to make contact was a sub-group of the Ayoreo-Totobiegosode peoples of the Chaco, a forest stretching from Paraguay to Bolivia and Argentina. In March 2004, a group of 17 Indians - five men, seven women and five children - were forced from the Paraguay forest after cattle ranchers forcibly colonized their territory and occupied their waterholes.The most recently discovered tribe yet to be contacted is a group of at least 21 Peruvian Indians spotted by aircraft on the shores of the Las Piedras river in Peru's south-eastern Amazon. First contact is a risky affair, as a tribe's lack of immunity to outsider's diseases can devastate a population when the Murunahua Indians in south-eastern Peru were contacted for the first time, for example, more than half of them died.
3289Most candles extinguished with a pigtail (platted ponytail) in one minuteAnuradha I MandalIndia, Mumbai11 February 2011The most candles extinguished with a pigtail (platted ponytail) in one minute is 26 and was achieved by Anuradha I Mandal (India), on the set of Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega in Mumbai, India, on 11 February 2011.Anuradha is also known as "Rimpi".
3290First jet wing flight across the English ChannelYves RossyfirstUK, English Channel16 September 2008On 26 September 2008 Yves Rossy, a Swiss pilot and inventor, known as Jet Man or Fusionman, became the first person to fly across the English Channel using a jet powered fixed wing strapped to his back. He took 9 minutes 7 seconds and attained a speed of 186 mph. The jet wing weighed about 55kg and four kerosene burning jet turbines are attached for propulsion.
3291Largest cargo aircraft formation from a single baseC-17 Globemaster IIINot Applicable, Charleston Air Force Base,South Caroline21 December 2006Twenty C-17 Globemaster IIIs from Charleston Air Force Base, South Caroline, USA, took part in a large formation exercise on 21 December 2006 to demonstrate the strategic airdrop capability of the US Air Force. The aircraft were assigned from the 437th and 315th Airlift Wings thus making it the largest formation of cargo aircraft from a single base.
3292First person to win $100,000 on a television game showBarbara Phillips150000 US dollar(s)USATelevision networks in the USA were required to cap game-show winnings after a series of scandals in the 1950s, but NBC limited their contestants' earnings by capping the number of games that could be played by a champion. On the 1980s version of Sale of the Century (USA), contestant Barbara Phillips (USA) retired with winnings of over $150,000.
3293Most people blowing the vuvuzela simultaneouslyVodacom12511 peopleSouth Africa, Port Elizabeth,,Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium23 July 2009The record for the most vuvuzelas blown simultaneously was achieved by 12,511 spectators at the Vodacom Challenge soccer match at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on 23 July 2009.The event was organised as part of the Vodacom Challenge football tournament before a match between the Orlando Pirates and the Kaizer Chiefs at the new (built for WC 2010) Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. 300 volunteers were used as marshalls to do the counting and the Kaizer Chiefs won the game on penalties after it finished 1-1 at full time (no extra time).
3294Highest energy particles in a particle acceleratorLarge Hadron ColliderSwitzerland, Geneva01 January 2008The proton beams of the Large Hadron Collider are capable of being accelerated by magnets up to within around a millionth of a percent of the speed of light. This means each proton will have around 7 TeV of energy (7 tera electron volts), equivalent to the energy used by 7 flying mosquitoes. Combined, all the protons in the active beams have the energy equivalent to 900 cars travelling at 100 kph.
3295Highest manmade RPMUniversity of St AndrewsUnited Kingdom28 August 2013On 28 August 2013, scientists at the University of St Andrews (UK) published results of their research, which created the fastest rotating manmade object to date. The team created a tiny sphere of calcium just 4 micrometres across, around 10 times narrower than a human hair. Suspending the sphere with laser light inside a vacuum, they made the sphere spin by altering the polarity of the light. The calcium sphere reached 600 million revolutions per minute (RPM) before it disintegrated.
3296Most netball goals scored in one hour (team)North County Leisure711 total numberUnited Kingdom, Whitehaven26 February 2012The most netball goals scored in one hour by a team was 711 and was achieved by the members of North Country Leisure (UK) at the Whitehaven Sports Centre in Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK, on 26 February 2012.
3297Most behind-the-back flying disc (frisbee) catches in one minuteTim Habenicht, Daniel HabenichtUnited States, College StationThe most behind-the-back flying disc catches in one minute is 24 and was achieved by Tim Habenicht and Daniel Habenicht (both USA) in College Station, Texas, USA on 6 May 2012.Daniel was assigned as thrower and Tim as the catcher.
3298First fly-on-the-wall reality TV seriesAn American FamilyfirstUSA, 01 January 1971The 12-part An American Family (USA, PBS, filmed 1971 aired 1973) is considered to be the first TV show to feature a prolonged fly-on-the-wall look at real people. Over 10 million viewers would tune in each week to watch as the "stars" - the Louds, a typical nuvlear family from Santa Barbara, alifornia, USA - went about their everyday lives. Viewing figures peaked when mother Ann asked father Bill for a divorce.
3299Longest duration on a revolving climbing wallStefano Ghisolfi8/15 minute(s), second(s)Italy, Rome25 February 2010The longest duration climbing a revolving wall is 8 minutes 15 seconds and was achieved by Stefano Ghisolfi (Italy) on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 25 February 2010. The record was part of the Italian TV show "Lo Show dei Record". On the program Stefano beat the previous record holder Drew Haigh (UK) who was looking to defend his title on the same show.
3300Largest crab cakeHandy International IncorporatedUnited States, Maryland01 September 2012The largest crab cake is 136.08 kg (300 lb) and was created by Handy International Incorporated (USA) in Timonium, Maryland, USA, on 1 September 2012.The crab cake used fresh Maryland blue crab meat.

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