Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

3541Powerball Won by 84-year-old, Woman gives birth while marathon training, and Top Gear wants to mow fastAs we mentioned a couple weeks ago, a massive Powerball lottery jackpot sent millions of dreamers to purchase tickes for a $590 million (£377.6 million) jackpot in the U.S. Finally, that jackpot has a a claimant: Gloria C. MacKenzie, an 84-year-old widow from Zephyrhills, Florida. Perhaps the most amazing part of the story is that a kind stranger let MacKenzie go ahead of her to buy the winning ticket at their local grocery story. The win is the largest undivided first-prize payout in lottery history, which MacKenzie has chosen to take in a lump sum of $370 million (£236.9 million). Another American woman received a small jackpot of her own this week, as Trish Staine gave birth to a daughter after experiencing severe back pain while training for a half marathon -- all the while having no idea she was even pregnant. The baby was born five weeks early and all indications are that mom and child - named "Mira," short for "miracle" - will be just fine. Considering the circumstances of the birth, we could see mom Trish giving a go at the fastest half-marathon pushing a stroller/pram with baby Mira in it someday. That record is 1 hr 30 min 51 sec by Nancy Schubring (below) at the Mike May Races Half Marathon in Vassar, Michigan, USA, on 15 September 2001.While on the subject of women doing incredible things, Dorothy Custer shows no sign of slowing down at 102 years old. To celebrate her birthday, Custer went BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, USA. Incidentally, that's the same spot where the previous documented record holder for oldest BASE jumper leaped. If Custer's information can be verified, she would officially claim this record all to herself. Here's a local news report of Custer living on the edge. And Top Gear has commissioned Honda to test the limits, too. The magazine has asked the auto producer to work on constructing a lawnmower that can travel up to speeds of 130 mph (210 km/h). If it meets the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS standards and guidelines, this mower could smash the existing official record for fastest lawnmower held by the UK's Project Runningblade at 87.83 mph (141.35 km/h).Of course, the NBA Finals start tonight in a series featuring up to eight potential future basketball hall of famers. Check out our preview of the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs matchup here.Lastly, we here at GWR would like to honor all those who served in the D-Day Invasion at Normandy, 69 years ago today. The greatest invasion in military history, the Allied land, air and sea operation saw 38 convoys of 745 ships moved in the first three days, supported by 4,066 landing craft carrying 185,000 men and 20,000 vehicles, and 347 minesweepers. The air assault comprised 18,000 paratroopers from 1,087 aircraft. The 42 available divisions had air support from 13,175 aircraft and within a month, 1.1 million troops had been landed.
3542Fiji Airways feels the love as five couples set highest altitude wedding on an aircraft recordPassengers on a Fiji Airways flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Nadi, Fiji, were treated to an unusual but heart-warming spectacle as their aircraft climbed to cruising altitude on August 7. Parading down one aisle and back up the other were five brides and five grooms, all dressed for their weddings and all about to seal the deal at 41,000 feet.Once altitude was reached, the pilot handed an aircraft printout to Chris Sheedy, Guinness World Records adjudicator for Australia/NZ/South Pacific. Marriage celebrant Helena Dixon was given the nod and the ceremony, which would be the world’s highest altitude wedding on an aircraft, began.Perhaps unsurprisingly there was a great deal of emotion as the couples realised, despite the unusual situation, the seriousness and joy of what it was they were doing. Tears flowed freely as vows and rings were exchanged in the newly-designed, luxurious business class cabin of the Fiji Airways A330 aircraft. Once the ceremony was over, glasses of Champagne were handed around as newlyweds, friends and families celebrated.The pilots, under the watchful eye of Captain Warwick Daw, Fiji Airways’ Manager Line Operations, had kept the flight at an even altitude throughout the event, as a second printout from the aircraft systems proved. They had also flown south over the New Zealand land mass, then doubled back to ensure the plane was always above New Zealand during the ceremony - a legal requirement for the marriages to be recognised under New Zealand law.The event had been organised by Fiji Airways, formerly known as Air Pacific, to mark their new brand launch. What better way than organising an on-board wedding as the flagship A330 aircraft flew to Fiji, an enormously popular marriage and honeymoon destination in itself.“This was a unique idea to get five couples married on board, in our bid to raise awareness of the new airline branding and of Fiji as a wedding and honeymoon destination,” says Fiji Airways Acting Chief Executive, Aubrey Swift. “With our new brand identity and service based around an authentic Fijian experience, a couple’s Fijian wedding really can start the moment they set foot on board. We’re delighted that we were able to set a new Guinness World Record. We kept this as a surprise for our five couples and it was great to see their reaction when they found out they were part of this world record.”“This was a flawless event,” Chris Sheedy from Guinness World Records says. “Congratulates to Fiji Airways for pulling off a difficult and technically challenging record attempt successfully whilst still preserving the very intimate and personal nature of the weddings. And of course, congratulations also to the newlywed record holders - Shannon and Chris Michl, Chelsea and Joe Williams, Philomena and Arron Wilson, Brent and Amber McArthur, and Liahn and Wade Herewini. Your married lives have begun on a record-breaking high.”video
3543Records Fall at Virgin London Marathon 2013An incredible 23 new Guinness World Records titles were achieved at yesterday’s Virgin London Marathon.Ex-Royal Marine, Roscoe Nash, knocked an hour off the existing Guinness World Records title for the Fastest marathon carrying an 80lb pack, finishing in 5hr 58min 58secs. In the 40lb category ex-paratrooper, Mike Ellicock, broke the Guinness World Records title for the Fastest marathon carrying a 40lb pack in 3hr 25m 21sec. The 37-year-old, from Lewes, East Sussex, raised more than £20,000 for the Parachute Regiment Charity in the process. 45-years-old David Ross, who holds a number of marathon records, achieved a new Guinness World Records title yesterday for the Fastest marathon dressed in a wetsuit (3hrs 25mins). While football-mad Alan Simeoni broke the Guinness World Records title for the Fastest marathon dribbling a football. The 34 year-old from London completed the course in 5hrs 10mins 46 secs.Of all the fantastic fancy dress outfits in competition, special mention must go to Bruce Moore who in full gorilla dress (including plastic mask) completed the 26.2mile course in 3hrs 31mins 36secs achieving the Guinness World Records title for the Fastest marathon dressed in full body animal costume, and 27-year-old Londoner Lucie Barney who ran a time of 4hrs 40mins 56secs in spectacular dress for the Fastest marathon dressed as a shoe.Finally, one of the quirkiest Guinness World Records titles attempted yesterday, Susie Hewer broke her own record for the Longest scarf knitted whilst running a marathon. Completing the marathon in a time of 5hrs 5mins 23secs, the 55-year-old managed to knit a scarf over 2 meters in length (2.05m). Susie’s ran in support of Alzheimer's Research UK and in memory of her late mother who suffered from vascular dementia. Susie summed up the general mood of the day: “We’ve all got our own reasons for running, but the most important thing is that we all come together and show our unity, especially in light of the recent events in Boston.”Guinness World Records official adjudicators witnessed attempts by over 70 runners, in 35 different record categories. Below is the full list of world records set at this year's event.Film character costume (male)David Stone (as Jack Sparrow)02:42:15Nurse's uniform (male)Michael Harris02:48:24SailorStephen Richardson02:52:32Suit (male) - business suitJoe Elliot02:58:03LifeguardCarl Smith03:00:01School uniform (male)Sam Hull03:02:53School uniform (female)Sophie Wood03:14:34AstronautSubhashis Basu03:19:37Insect (female)Laura Bartlett (as a bee)03:24:10WetsuitDavid Ross03:25:00Carrying a 40lb packMike Ellicock03:25:21Martial arts suit (female)Victoria Carter03:30:14Full Body Animal CostumeBruce Moore03:31.4Military DressOlivier Hamar (as Napoleon)03:47:14Nurse's uniform (female)Emma Blair03:48:34Internal Organ (male)Alan Blair (as a heart)03:48:34Doctor (female)Fiona Smith Jenkinson03:59:15Mascot (female)Wendy Shaw (as Alfie, Guide Dogs mascot)04:02:56Internal Organ (female)Katherine Stephens (as a brain)04:28:36ShoeLucie Barney04:40:56Dribbling a footballAlan Simeoni05:10:46Carrying an 80lb packRoscoe Nash05:58:58Longest scarf knitted whilst running a marathonSusie Hewer2.05m (time of 5:54:23)
3544Largest finger clicking ensemble record snapped in Spain - videoThere was a composer and an ensemble, but it was finger clicking which sealed a Guinness World Records record title for employees at an automotive company in Spain earlier this month.Workers and their families from SRG Global Liria snapped their way to the title of the largest finger snapping (clicking) ensemble with 1,221 people taking part.Conducted by Rodrigo García Navarro who has directed orchestras in both Spain and Germany, the attempt saw participants perform to the Johann Straus piece "Radetzky March".videoRodrigo warmed up the ensemble with some rehearsals and encouraged them to alternate finger clicking between one and two hands.Young and old took part in what was to be a successful attempt, which formed part of a family fun day to recognise workers and their efforts at the factory.
3545Meet Asako Kanda - owner of the world’s largest collection of Hello Kitty memorabilia - videoAsako Kanda from Japan has the world's largest Hello Kitty collection - having amassed an incredible 4,519 different Hello Kitty items (as of 14 August 2011).Her house is filled with a huge range of products relating to the white bobtail cat whose full name is Kitty White, including a frying pan, an electric fan and even a Hello Kitty toilet seat!Asako's record and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition - is out now worldwide from all good retailers.Find out more about the book and its incredible augmented reality feature, and where you can buy a copy of Guinness World Records 2013 here:
3546Little Woman, Big City: A Week in New York With Jyoti AmgeTo celebrate the launch of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2014 book, Jyoti Amge – the world’s shortest woman – visited New York City this month. Our Mike Janela documented the entire trip for the video you can view at the bottom of this post. Here, Mike shares some of his thoughts from the assignment.Stay in New York City long enough and you grow a little jaded.Amazing sights like Times Square and the view from a Midtown rooftop are very easy to take for granted when you immerse yourself in them on a daily or weekly basis.And I hate to admit it, but after living here for 4 years, I easily forget just how impressive the Empire State Building stands or how expansive Central Park sits.So when shortest woman in the world Jyoti Amge visited the GWR offices to help launch our new book, the chance to follow her around for a week and document her Big Apple trip gave me the kind of jolt usually reserved for when the Knicks hit a game-winner at the Garden.First of all, the girl is a bona fide celebrity from the moment she walks out her front door. When you stand only 24.7 inches (62.8 cm) tall at age 19, people notice you everywhere you go. And – having never (at least not yet) had the chance to roll through Manhattan in the posse of Brad Pitt or entourage of Justin Bieber – I have to admit it was pretty cool being part of Jyoti’s inner circle as residents and tourists alike snapped pictures endlessly and clamored to meet our little superstar.Then, of course, there were the actual activities.I found it hard to believe myself but, in four years living here and having grown up just a half hour away, I had never been to the Statue of Liberty. For Jyoti and her family, it was the place they most wanted to go. I felt a little sheepish to think that I have this world-renowned landmark right in my backyard and I’d never taken the chance to see it up close. I now have Jyoti to thank for that!But the most incredible and eye-opening part of the week was this starlet’s personality. For anyone who’s ever spent even a day in this great city, you know we New Yorkers can be – shall we say – a bit churlish. But dropping Jyoti onto the streets of Manhattan was like shooting a multi-colored firework into the midnight sky.Every photo request, she smiled. Every handshake, she accepted. Even every person talking to her like she was a toddler, even though she’s a completely normal and grown woman, she took in stride!By the time her week in New York wrapped up, Jyoti had appeared on five national television shows, given dozens of newspaper and magazine interviews, and even had her name splashed in lights across Times Square – all accompanied by that megawatt smile.By the time she departed, this littlest of ladies left town standing as tall as any of our skyscrapers. As you’ll see at the end of the video below, Jyoti grew to love New York. Following her around for a week, you can tell New York loved her too.videoThe Guinness World Records 2014 book edition is on sale now at all major retailers. Find a full list here. Three iBooks are also available now at the iTunes store: "Awesome Animals," (free download), "Colossal Constructions," and "Incredible People."
3547Stig Severinsen sets world record double with pair of daring freedives beneath the iceA superhuman display of freediving in an icy lake in Greenland has earned Danish daredevil Stig Åvall Severinsen a pair of new world records.Not content with setting a new world record for ‘Longest breath hold swim under ice (fins and diving suit)’, the four-time World Champion freediver took things one step further by stripping to just a pair of swimming trunks and setting a new benchmark for Longest swim under ice - breath held.The record attempts both took place in April on Qorlortoq Lake (Lake 40) in Ammasslik Island, Sermersoq Municipality, East Greenland at a temperature of just 1 degree.For the first record, Stig managed to swim 152.4 m (500 ft) without the use of breathing equipment whilst wearing a wetsuit and fins.Taking things up a notch, Stig decided to ditch the wetsuit and fins the following day, and managed to swim an incredible 76.2 m (250 ft) while under ice of a depth between between 80 and 100 cm.Defying nature with his stunts, Stig has help contribute to a whole new world of scientific research by allowing scientists to test and evaluate what happens to his body under extreme physical and mental stress during his extreme swimming feats.His phenomenal lung capacity can reach an impressive 14 litres - the average capacity is just 5 to 6 - which he attributes to a rigorous training routine he has developed called Breatheology after confirmation of his records, Stig said ”Breaking limits is what moves us forward. If we never dare to get out of our comfort zone mankind will not grow!“Working on these new Guinness World Records has been a huge challenge for me - both mentally and physically - but I hope people will be inspired to go out into the world and do great things that are meaningful to them.”Commenting on Stig’s incredible achievements, Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief, Guinness World Records said: “Stig has more than proved himself worthy of a Guinness World Records certificate. Some of our record achievements are easy to attempt but not necessarily easy to beat, and some attempts – like these - are difficult to attempt AND difficult to beat.“For Stig, it has always been about pushing the limits of what a human body can do, and his record-breaking success is testament to his technique, attitude and physicality.”Stig’s ambitious world-record achievements are documented in a two-part series, The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe, which premieres on Discovery Channel in Denmark on October 20th, 22:00, and on Quest in the UK on 30 th October, 22:00. Click the player below to watch a
3548Roar of the Crowd: Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, Sacramento Kings make for noisy two monthsWhen it comes to sports fans, every team in every league in the world can probably make some claim as to why its supporters are the greatest.At Guinness World Records, though, a subjective qualifier like “greatness” does not a record make. But looking for the loudest fans in sports? Now that is something record-worthy.Over the last 2 months, a number of American sports teams both professional and amateur have taken their cracks at fan-noise records in a competitive renaissance for the category. Here's a round-up of all the action.First, September saw the Seattle Seahawks break the record for loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium (above), showcasing the notoriously noisy acoustics of CenturyLink Field and vocal fans to register a high reading of 136.6 dbA. They took the spot away from Turkish soccer team Galatasaray, who last set the record in 2011.Less than one month later, the traditionally raucous Kansas City Chiefs fans of Arrowhead Stadium knocked the Seahawks off their decibel perch, claiming the new record at 137.5 dbA.The Clemson Tigers then tried to take the record to the college ranks, but fell short both on the field and the record books in a loss to conference rival Florida State.And now the NBA’s Sacramento Kings have knocked off the nearly 5-year-old record for loudest crowd roar at an indoor sports stadium. In their Nov. 15 game against the Detroit Pistons, Sacramento fans registered a peak reading of 126 dbA.videoThe common thread for all these attempts?Fan engagement.Seattle’s effort was spearheaded by leading fan group Volume 12. Kansas City took the reins with its marketing department, after sentiment from one of its own local fan groups called for a shot at the record."Congratulations to our incredible fans at Arrowhead," Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt told the team's web site after breaking the record. "Not only were they loud, but they knew when to be loud and helped propel their Chiefs to victory."The Clemson athletics department, meanwhile, took the record attempt as an opportunity to further enhance its place in the national spotlight for a game that was covered in primetime by ABC between the Nos. 3 and 5 teams in the country.And Sacramento – which faced the threat of losing its Kings franchise to another city in relocation last offseason – gave its fans a chance to show with this attempt that they are still some of the loudest and most supportive in sports, doing so during a nationally televised game.videoCoverage of each of the records has run the gamut from local and regional publications to being featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times,, ProFootballTalk, and the sports crowd roar records go from here and who might ascend to the throne next is anybody’s guess.But for as long as players on the field have tried to find out who’s best, the fans in the seats have done the same. Now, they’ve found at least one way to measure it.
3549Challengers Highlights - are you the next Jenga master?Hi there world record fans, welcome to the latest installment in this regular series, looking at the latest happenings on our Challengers website. Challengers is our free and fast online record-breaking platform, where anyone can make a world record attempt at home, and share their video of it with the world, potentially even earning themselves an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate! Find out more about Challengers, and learn how to use the site here. Now, what's happened on Challengers in the past 4 weeks? Let's take a look... New records awarded Over 25 world records have been awarded on Challengers in the last month, for attempts ranging from the most spoons balanced on the face to the most dominoes stacked in 30 seconds. Here are a few of the highlights:Most circles around the waist with a basketball in 30 seconds: Corey Rich shows us all how it's done with a score of 66, set on sunny Laguna beach, California, USA!videoGreatest margin of victory, Madden NFL '11: Gamer Anthony Smith takes the Steelers to a flawless 160-0 victory over the Browns - but how long will his record stand for?videoHighest Score on "Rock n' Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain)", Just Dance 4: Also in the world of video games, Tristen Geren (who we'll see again in a second) shows off his best moves to this track by Skrillex on the popular Wii dance game.videoUser of the monthEach month, we'll take a look at one of our record-holding Challengers users, finding out what records they hold, and why they like to break world records on the site. This week it is Tristen Geren of the USA, who currently holds five world records!Here's what Tristen has to say about his time on Challengers so far: " I really love Challengers. I feel like we're a family! A really, dysfunctional competitive family! Challengers has given me an outlet to do what I love, and that is to compete. I'm really into the video game challenges on the site, and have world records for several of them.My favorite record is "The Fastest Completion of Teamwork Temple on Wii Party". I love it because I broke this record this one with my brother, and it meant a lot to us, that we are both named on one certificate.I will soon be improving on my record "Highest score on Rock n' Roll Will Take You To The Mountain on Just Dance 4"." (see video above) New challenges addedWe regularly add new world records to Challengers, to ensure there is always something fresh and exciting for you to make an attempt at - and often this is the result of a user suggestion. Recently-added challenges include: Fastest time to peel and eat an orange blindfolded (team of two)You'll need a trusted friend and a hunger for citrus fruit to take on this new pairs challenge! Most coins balanced upright in one minuteWe've had coin stacking, now see how many of them you can balance on their edges in just a minute. Jenga - Fastest extra 10 levelsWe're looking to find a new Jenga master with this record -could it be you?
3550Star Trek at the box office, Yahoo Brings in Tumblr, and ABBA keeps selling - the News in World Records“Star Trek: Into Darkness” opened in the U.S. this weekend, earning an estimated $84.1 million (£55.2 million) for its extended, four-day opening run. While still good enough for first place at the domestic box office, the pull landed short of expectations, and even fell short of its predecessor when comparing just three-day weekend hauls.We mentioned how “Iron Man 3” made a close run at a number of opening-weekend records earlier in the month. But now, if not Tony Stark or Capt. Kirk, it may be up to no less than Superman himself if anyone wants to topple the Avengers’ year-old records this summer.Yahoo announced over the weekend that it plans on purchasing social media blogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion (£723 million), already sparking a backlash lamenting such a “cool” site getting swallowed up in the more mainstream fold of Yahoo.The acquisition certainly seems like something Yahoo is trying to do to get back some of the caché it held earlier in the Internet age. At various points throughout the early 2000s, the company held records for being the largest e-mail service provider, most popular online gaming portal, and highest ad revenue generated by a website.A Florida man is poised to come into a nice chunk of change after a winning Powerball ticket was identified in the large jackpot we told you about last week. When the mystery millionaire comes forward – and, come on, who wouldn’t? – he or she will lay claim to the l argest first-prize single payout in a lottery.Nice way to spend that money? Traveling the world, of course. But you don’t need hundreds of millions to travel exotically with no financial concerns. You can just enter a prestigious online contest. National Geographic is looking to crown a champion in its 25th annual Traveler Photo Contest. The organization recently released some initial entries, and the competition for a 10-day Galapagos Islands expedition looks stiff. Once there, the winner might be able to create an online photo album to challenge the largest online photo album of animals, which requires at least 100,000 snaps.And, for our UK readers, did any of you go CD shopping over the weekend? If you bought ABBA’s “Gold: Greatest Hits,” you helped push the singing Swedes past The Beatles for second among best selling albums of all-time in the UK. Atop the list is record-holder Queen’s “Greatest Hits.” Until then, ABBA fans can console themselves with a trip to a place where everybody has a chance to be a Dancing Queen.
3551Steady! Watch Canadian stuntman break UTV wheelie distance recordPractice and perfect balance resulted in Roger LeBlanc's record-breaking UTV wheelie, achieved on a Honda 700 Pioneer UTV, whilst carrying four fearless passengers - Jeff Gallant, Gilles Dupuis, Paul Arsenault and Martin Phinney.
3552Soccer season, Henrik Lundqvist highlight May Sports BlogWhat record has Henrik Lundqvist broken this month?Everybody footloose.This month in the sports blog, we've got a huge serving of soccer, as the European club season came to an end. Plus, the NHL playoffs continue, and a few other tidbits from around the sports world.Let's get to it!EUROPEAN TOURGood thing the EU maintains open borders, because we are about to tour the continent for some end-of-season soccer records. Luis Suarez couldn't quite continue his torrid start to the season across the finish, but he still finished tied for the most goals scored in a Premier League season (38-game edition) with 31. It matches Alan Shearer's 1995-96 for Blackburn and Cristiano Ronaldo's 2007-08 for Manchester United.videoSpeaking of Liverpool, the Reds also saw the most away goals scored in a Prem League season (48) and defender Martin Škrtel break the record for most own goals in a season with four.We previewed the Champions League final for you and, with it's stunning, late 4-1 victory, Real Madrid added one more trophy to its already record-breaking haull, Ronaldo tacked on another goal to his record high for a single season, and Carlo Ancelotti cemented his managing legacy.Rapid fire! Bayern Munich's 29 wins equals its own record for most in a Bundesliga season, which the club achieved just last year. ...Juventus, meanwhile, secured the most points (102) and most wins (33) ever in a Serie A season. ...In another dominant domestic run, PSG nailed the most points in a Ligue 1 season with 89 while winning a second straight title. ...And in a stellar year for Europe's brand-name clubs, Ajax won a fourth straight crown, the most consecutive Eredivisie titles, tying HVV (1899-1903) and PSV (1985-89, 2004-2008)SO LONG, FAREWELLvideoA pair of sports titans hung up the spikes this month, as Ryan Giggs walked off the soccer pitch and Jonny Wilkinson called it a rugby career. Make sure to catch our retirement salutes to the Manchester United legend and England union icon, who together combined for 28 world records between their careers.AROUND THE WORLDSome amazing stuff happened elsewhere in sports this month, including the dominance of New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist in the Stanley Cup playoffs. With a Game 7 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round, Lundqvist now owns the record for most consecutive Game 7 victories by a goalie with five. Yeah, he's pretty good.videoHis play has helped the Rangers tie a great team record as well. The Blueshirts have also this season matched the record for most consecutive Stanley Cup playoff home wins when facing elimination with seven. Do not back the Rangers into a corner if that corner is Madison Square Garden. As the finals start this week, we'll see if New York can add to its record tally against the Los Angeles Kings.The NBA also finds itself mid-postseason, with the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs ready to do it all over again (man, we hope) in a rematch of last year's final. In a bit of a quirky record for a quirky player, San Antonio's Manu Ginobili has broken the record this year for the most career points in the playoffs by a left-handed player, a number that will keep growing after he moved past the record of 2,673 last round. The man he surpassed? That would be 11-time champion Bill Russell. Not bad competition.And lastly, help support small business! This month Guinness World Records certified Whites Sports Shop as the oldest sports shop in operation.videoThe Warrington, UK, shop first opened in March 1901 under John Ernest White and has sold sportswear uninterrupted across six generations. They must be doing something right!And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
3553World Cup Rewind: José Batista clocks up the fastest ever sending offThe 2014 World Cup in Brazil is almost upon us. To get you in the mood for this summer’s tournament, in the week leading up to kick-off, we’ll be taking a look back at the stories behind some of the most significant world records set on the beautiful game’s biggest stage.Today: Uruguay's José Batista and the fastest expulsion from a FIFA World Cup matchSo far during this series of features we’ve taken a look back at some of the most celebrated achievements at previous World Cups. However today’s installment looks back at an altogether less glorious moment in footballing history.Going into the 1986 World Cup, Uruguayan defender José Batista had been lauded as nothing less than a hero, having scored a crucial goal in a 2–1 home triumph over Chile which had help ensure his country’s qualification for the tournament in Mexico.Uruguay had been tipped as something of an outside bet by some experts ahead of the 86 World Cup, but had been drawn in what was dubbed the tournaments ‘group of death’ alongside an imperious Denmark, eventual finalists West Germany, and Scotland, who were led by Sir Alex Ferguson in the wake of Jock Stein’s tragic death.The South Americans nevertheless left their mark during Group A’s early encounters, with Uruguay coming under fierce criticism for their overly physical approach during their opening game, a 0-0 draw against the Germans.Their next match would see them hammered 6-1 by the Michael Laudrup-led Danes, leaving them in need of a result in their final group match against the similarly placed Scots in order to secure qualification to the next round.While it wouldn’t be entirely accurate to say Uruguay came out fighting for their showdown with Scotland at the Estadio Neza stadium, the game’s infamous first minute showed the tournament’s bad boys had no intention of toning down their aggression.After just 56 seconds, Jose Batista launched into scything, high-studded lunge on opposing midfielder Gordon Strachan. Calling a stretcher for the clearly injured Strachan, French referee Joel Quiniou showed no hesitation in brandishing a red card for the cynical challenge, ensuring Batista’s notoriety along with his place in Guinness World Records history for receiving the fastest dismissal in World Cup history.videoStrachan was able to play on, but was unable to assert his influence on the game, which descended into an ill-tempered affair with the Scottish incensed by continued bad challenges and the time wasting tactics deployed by the Uruguayans.Despite having a one-man advantage for nearly the whole match, the game ended 0-0 and Scotland were eliminated.Uruguay were fined £9,000 by FIFA following the match for their behaviour in the game along with their earlier antics against West Germany, with a warning that a repeat would lead to their expulsion from the tournament.They were eventually knocked out in the second round to the tournament’s eventual winners Argentina in a 1-0 defeat once again littered with ill-tempered moments and nasty challenges.Earlier articles: World Cup Rewind: Ronaldo sets all-time goals world record World Cup Rewind: Just Fontaine still owns the most goals in a single tournament World Cup Rewind: America goes crazy for soccer in 1994 World Cup Rewind: Hakan Şükür scores the tournament’s fastest ever goalFor the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook,Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
3554World Cup Rewind: Andres Iniesta plays the hero with last-ditch goal at South Africa 2010The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is almost upon us. To get you in the mood for this summer’s tournament, in the week leading up to kick-off, we’ll be taking a look back at the stories behind some of the most significant world records set on the beautiful game’s biggest stage.Today: Andres Iniesta saves Spain with the latest match-winning goal in a FIFA World Cup finalOne of the most famous quotes in sports reads as such:“For when the One Great Scorer comes to mark against your name, he writes not that you won or lost, but how you played the game.”Um, don’t tell that to 2010 World Cup champion Spain.As part of our weeklong preview for this month’s World Cup in Brazil, we’ve already looked at a number of records from the tournament’s history, including the fastest sending off in a World Cup match yesterday.But today we travel to the other end of the spectrum.The last World Cup saw La Furia Roja crowned as champions, the nation’s first time lifting the trophy. It completed the exorcism of decades’ worth of underachievement that began with the Spanish conquest of Euro 2008.videoTo get its fingers around the prize, Spain relied on midfielder Andres Iniesta’s record-breaking heroics. His goal in the 116 th minute against the Netherlands is the latest match-winning goal in a FIFA World Cup final.As if the theatrics of a title-winning goal in overtime weren't already enough, it marked the only score of the game. Spain walked away from the steel cage match of a final as 1-0 victors.Iniesta’s goal reads as historic poetry, but belies the Spanish strategy in that tournament of turning every game into a rock fight.The now-famous tiki-taka­ style manifested itself in a swashbuckling debut at Euro 2008 (see: 8 goals in the opening round and a 3-0 evisceration of Russia in the semifinals). But in South Africa, Spain used the possession-heavy style to put opponents through the meat grinder.videoThe miniscule eight total goals scored in their seven matches played are the fewest goals ever scored in a World Cup by the winning squad. The three total goalscorers (David Villa, Carlos Puyol, and Iniesta) is also the all-time low for a title winner.And considering Spain allowed a record-low two goals all tournament (one of which came in its opening match), anyone who remembers watching the competition outside the Iberian remembers the conflicting feeling of marveling so much at a team you received no enjoyment from watching.Iniesta’s fateful right foot put it all to bed.videoWith the clock ticking both literally and figuratively on its chances to not tempt penalties against the Dutch, Spain saw its diminutive midfield piston etch his nation’s name in history.Spain certainly did not play the game in a way many of us may have enjoyed in 2010. But ask Andres Iniesta and Co. how they feel about having to settle for whether they won or lost.Earlier articles: World Cup Rewind: Ronaldo sets all-time goals world record World Cup Rewind: Just Fontaine still owns the most goals in a single tournament World Cup Rewind: America goes crazy for soccer in 1994 World Cup Rewind: Hakan Şükür scores the tournament’s fastest ever goalWorld Cup Rewind: Jose Batista clocks up the fastest ever sending offAnd for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
3555Kansas City Chiefs fans reclaim record for loudest crowd roar at sports stadiumThey’ve done it again.Continuing a back-and-forth battle that’s spanned more than a year, the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs have reclaimed the official title for loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium, doing so in front of a national TV audience on Monday Night Football this week.En route to a 41-14 thumping of the favored New England Patriots, Chiefs fans made enough noise to register a 142.2 dbA reading at Arrowhead Stadium, bringing the unofficial crown of sports’ loudest fans back to KC.We did it.— Kansas City Chiefs (@KCChiefs) September 30, 2014The record-breaking sound burst occurred with 8 seconds left in the first quarter, after the Chiefs defense stuffed Patriots running back Shane Vereen for no gain on a second down rush. Kansas City would end the quarter with a 7-0 lead.Check out our take on the budding crowd roar battle from when it began last year.This marks the second time in the last year the Chiefs have broken this record. It continues a tug-o-war with the defending Super Bowl champion and two-time crowd roar record-holding Seattle[&ampampamplta href="//" target="_blank"&ampampampgtView the story "Kansas City Chiefs loudest crowd roar" on Storify&ampampamplt/a&ampampampgt]After fans of Turkish soccer club Galatasaray held the record at 131.76 dbA from March 2011, the Seahawks took the title on Sept. 15 of last year with a reading of 136.6 dbA. That came on a third-quarter goalline stand in an eventual win over the division rival San Francisco 49ers.The Chiefs would break that number in a win over the Oakland Raiders 28 days later, registering 137.5 dbA.Seattle would then barely reclaim the mark on Dec. 2 with a 137.6 dbA in a 34-7 rout of the New Orleans Saints.Kansas City has more breathing room now thanks to Monday’s boisterous fans, taking this record above 140 dbA for the first time ever.The gauntlet has now been thrown for “the 12 th Man” in Seattle or any other fan base – from the NFL or not – to try and take down the Chiefs.Some have even started wondering which fan bases from other sports might be best suited to enter the fray of this unique budding rivalry.An NFL team set the Guinness record for loudest crowd tonight. If a proper football (soccer) club were to top it, who would it be?— ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) September 30, 2014One thing we can say with some certainty if anyone else can break this record is that the fans will likely be cheering for a winner. The history of the record started off seeing the first three teams to successfully measure the roar – Ireland rugby union in 1998, the NFL’s Denver Broncos in 2000, and Galatasaray in 2011 – all lose their games.But in the Seahawks-Chiefs quadrilogy, the home team is a perfect 4-0, with an average margin of victory of 23.25 points. These fans have proven that bringing the noise means bringing the wins.The 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition of the Guinness World Records book is out now! Find out all about it and see record holders like the longest tongue at for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
3556This month in Challengers: the only place to find Call of Duty and no-hand muffin eatingHappy March Madness! It's Annie again, your Community Manager at Guinness World Records: Challengers. Hope everyone is ready for the latest news from the world of instant record breaking!For those of you who don’t know of March Madness in the United States, it’s a month of 68 colleges and universities competing in a large basketball tournament that will end with one team recognized as national champion. No matter if you win or lose at this tournament, all teams have earned bragging rights for just being a part of the great community of players competing. Similarly, we see a great community of “players” here at Challengers. And, we hope all of our competitors will earn their own bragging rights and share their achievements to bring new talent to the table.We would love to see new Cinderellas added to the community, especially now in the spirit of March Madness. Have a look at some recent records below and see how many achievements you can accomplish before the month is over! And don’t worry if you don’t earn a March Madness record there's always Amazing April -)NEW RECORDSMost dice stacked on the back of the hand using chopsticks in 30 secondsA new record category addition to Challengers. Let’s see how king of the site Silvio Sabba stacks up in this one:videoFastest time to eat a muffin (no hands)How fast will your snack go? Make sure to eat all the crumbs in this yummy record:videoFastest time to capture the flag on Call of Duty: Black Ops II (blindfolded, team of 2)This is Call of Duty literally as it's never been seen. This record takes speed, teamwork, and amazing listening skills. Are you able to rank high enough on this leaderboard to beat the Geren brothers’ record:videoCLASSIC CHALLENGESThese are a few of the records on Challengers that we noticed have neither been attempted nor broken in quite a long time. We hope to showcase some of these challenges to encourage new and old Challengers to step up to the plate and attempt to break these longstanding marks!Most pencils stacked in 1 minuteNobody has broken this record according to the rules yet. Watch below, though, as this competitor used crayons to show off their amazing stacking skills. Hopefully, we can have a new record holder soon for this challenge to hit the 15-pencil mark:videoMost KOs on Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)A record last approved a year ago! This record is for you if you are a Smasher. And new Smashers are welcome! I know I can see more KO’s out there from you avid gamers.Most sticky notes stuck on the face in one minuteIn this case, sticking to the rules literally wins you a Guinness World Record title. Check out this attempt and stick it yourself!videoThat’s it for now - hopefully I'll start seeing some of you directly on Challengers in the next month.For those of you who are not familiar with Challengers, it is our free and fast online record-breaking platform, where anyone can make a world record attempt at home, and share their video of it with the world, potentially even earning themselves an official Guinness World Records certificate.Learn how to use the site here, and see you next month!For the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
3557From Super Bowl and X Games to Cristiano and Kershaw, January sports recap has it allJanuary was such an incredible month for sports records, that I'm not even wasting any time with a prolonged intro. Here's what you need to know from an amazing month in record-breaking:ROAD TO THE SUPER BOWLIt's almost undoubtedly the biggest annual, single-match sporting event in the world. The Super Bowl. It happened Sunday, as the Seattle Seahawks put a 43-8 destruction on the Denver Broncos. We took a look at some potential records set right when the game started, but there were also plenty of superlatives during the contest itself.Seattle opened the scoring with a safety just 12 seconds into the game. It was the fastest score in Super Bowl history.Even in a losing effort, Peyton Manning still puts up stats. One day after winning his record fifth MVP award, he broke the record for most completions in a Super Bowl, with 34. Wideout Demaryius Thomas was Manning's favorite target, breaking a record of his own with the most receptions in a Super Bowl (13).It was the Seahawks' first-ever Super Bowl win and congratulations to the city of Seattle for its first major sports title since 1979. On the other side, though, Denver lost in the Super Bowl for the fifth time, the most such defeats by an NFL team.A great time to be a Seahawks fan but the entire road to the Lombardi Trophy was paved with record intentions. It started in the Wild Card round, as the Indianapolis Colts and Kansas City Chiefs amassed the most combined yards in an NFL playoff game with 1,049. ...When Tom Brady and Peyton Manning met in the AFC title game, it broke the record for most combined NFL wins by two quarterbacks facing each other with 343 -- breaking the record set at 331 when Brady and Manning met earlier in the regular season. ...Meanwhile, in a losing effort in the NFC title game, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick nailed his second career 100-yard rushing game in the postseason. It's already the most career 100-yard postseason rushing performances by a quarterback.FOOTBALL OF A DIFFERENT KINDIt wasn't just the NFL playoffs headlining January, though. In what the rest of the world calls football, Cristiano Ronaldo won the FIFA Ballon d'Or, his third career triumph. However, he was outshined by his FIFA Women's World Player of the Year counterpart Nadine Angerer. At age 35, the German goalkeeper became the oldest player (man or woman) to win a world player of the year award (either from FIFA or the former Ballon d'Or). ...Luis Suarez continues his galaxy-conquering scoring pace for Liverpool. With 23 goals in just 19 matches, Suarez is on pace to shatter the Premier League record for most goals in a season, sitting at 34. Keep an eye on that. ...In what's been a season for goals, Manchester City became the fastest team in Premier League history to reach 100 goals in all competitions, needing just 34 matches to do so.SAYING GOODBYEThe sports world lost a pair of behemoth characters and men of wildly interesting lives in January. Boxing icon Jose Sulaiman died Jan. 16 after prolonged illness. Deemed by some the " father of boxing," Sulaiman was certified by Guinness World Records (above) as being the longest-serving president of a global sports organization in 2010 for his work leading the World Boxing Council since 1975. He was 82.And Sir Chris Chataway - an integral personality in both the sports world and the early shaping of Guinness World Records - died on Jan. 19. Read our obituary here for the story of a man who truly lived life to the fullest. Chataway also passed at age 82.AROUND THE WORLDvideoNobody can stop Kyle Korver! The Atlanta marksman has gone 115 consecutive games hitting at least one 3-pointer, an NBA record. ...But for quick-strike capability, Chandler Parsons had Korver beat. The Houston sharpshooter drained 10 trifectas in the second half against the Memphis Grizzlies on Jan. 24, the most 3-pointers in an NBA half. You can watch them all of them above. ...January was a good month to be a world-class starting pitcher. First, the Los Angeles Dodgers gave their ace Clayton Kershaw the largest-ever contract for a pitcher, $215 million over 7 years. Then, the Yankees spent a total of $175 million on Masahiro Tanaka, which broke spending records in its own right. Get that paper. ...And in a nice warmup for the Winter Olympics, the X Games gave us plenty of action. Headlining the way was a story of young and old(er) at the women's snowboard superpipe. In winning the event, 30-year-old icon Kelly Clark became the most decorated female X Games athlete on 12 career medals. In finishing second to Clark, 13-year-old phenom Chloe Kim became the youngest-ever X Games medalist with her silver.And we're just getting started!The Sochi Olympics begin this week, so we'll have plenty of coverage of that. Plus, as always, check out our video of the best sports records broken by fans just like you this month.videoSee you next time!
3558GWR Recognizes Mother's Day With the Oldest Female Competitive Bodybuilder and Oldest Living Yoga TeacherProving that age is nothing but a number, two remarkable women have been recognized by Guinness World Records for their amazing feats.77-year-old Edith Wilma Connor from Denver, Colorado is the Oldest Female Competitive Bodybuilder, while 93-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch from White Plains, NY is the Oldest Living Yoga Teacher. Great-grandmother Edith Wilma Connor started pursuing fitness in her late sixties.Along with her husband, she ran a data entry company where the ten-hour days stuck stagnant at her desk began to severely deplete her of energy.Edith then decided to begin a gym routine along with her eldest son, in which she described the euphoric feeling of bodybuilding as her "salvation". She entered her first competition on her 65th birthday when she won first place at the Grand Masters in Las Vegas. The win motivated her to pursue a career as a certified personal trainer with emphasis on training the mature body. Edith works out a minimum of three times per week and does not strictly "diet" but prefers to follow nutritional guidelines that she's developed over time for her body.Her advice to other mature women interested in weight training: "Start with setting reasonable goals and educating yourself on what foods cause an increase in body fat. Remove the word 'diet' from your vocabulary." While her husband of 57 years passed last year, he lived long enough to see Edith pursue her Guinness World Records title.Weight training now runs in her family. As the mother of three sons, grandmother of seven, and great-grandmother of six, Edith has encouraged the entire brood live a health conscious life. On the other end of the spectrum, the new Oldest Living Yoga Instructor, Tao Porchon-Lynch has 400 students she considers her own children. Her interest in yoga stems from her childhood. At eight years old, she observed a group of young boys practicing yoga on the beach in her hometown of Pondicherry (a French colony on India on the Bay of Bengal)."As a child with a zest for physical activity, I wanted to do the amazing things that they were doing with their bodies," she explains. Initially working as a cabaret dancer in London during the war, she became a model in Paris after winning the contest for the 'best legs in Europe.'Lever Brothers eventually sponsored her travel to the US. In 1950, she worked at MGM as a starlet and later pursued an acting career, followed by script-writing and documentary producing. At age 73, she embraced her passion for yoga, making it her primary career after the death of her husband, Bill Lynch.She currently teaches yoga classes four days a week at the JCC midWestchester in New York where she briefs her students on everything from vinyasanas to meditation exercises to vegetarianism. Her other hobbies include ballroom dancing, writing (both yoga articles and her autobiography) and leading wine travel tours in Southern New York. Commenting on her unique talent, Tao says: "I believe that we can always reach just a little bit further. I'm inspired to bring yoga into others' lives along with helping people unearth new talents".
3559Likes & Marriage: Mark Zuckerberg sets Facebook world record with wedding announcementMark Zuckerberg's Facebook post announcing his marriage has received 1,045,272 likes, setting the record for most likes on a Facebook item.The founder of the hugely popular social network wed his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan in a small, surprise ceremony on Saturday.As the CEO and founder of Facebook, it seemed appropriate that Mark used the site to announce their marriage to the public.More than 14 million subscribers subscribe to Mark's Facebook page, which is used to post both personal updates as well as Facebook-related news.Zuckerburg previously held the world record for youngest billionaire, a title now held by his former roommate and Facebook co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz, who is eight days younger than Mark.The previous record for most likes on a Facebook item was 670,713, on the official page for Hip-Hop star Lil Wayne.
3560Higgs boson discovery: The top ten Large Hadron Collider world recordsScientists working on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have today announced the discovery of a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson.The elusive particle (often referred to as the 'God particle') has been the subject of a 45-year hunt to explain how all matter throughout the Universe - from the smallest atom to the largest star - has mass.Higgs boson-hunting experiments being undertaken at the LHC have seen a level of certainty in their data worthy of being considered a "discovery" however, more work will be needed to be certain that what they've detected is a Higgs.The announcement was made during a press conference at CERN, home of the LHC in Geneva, and was met with loud applause and cheering.Among those in the audience for the press conference was retired British physicist Peter Higgs, 83, who in the 1960s first hypothesised the existence of the sub-atomic particle which bears his name.To mark the scientific breakthrough, here are our top ten Large Hadron Collider-related world records.1. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is thelargest machineever built. It was constructed by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) between 1998 and 2008 at an approximated cost of 4.6 billion Swiss francs (£2.9 billion $4.4 billion). It consists of a 27-km-long (approx. 17-mile) circular tunnel under the ground on the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland.2. It's also the largest particle accelerator, able to smash together two opposing beams of protons at extremely high energies in order to witness the results of their collisions.3. Able to accelerate the two beams at nearly the speed of light, the LHC has been acknowledged by Guinness World Records as the mo st powerful particle accelerator, requiring 120 MW of power and 91 tonnes (200,620 lb) of liquid helium to operate.4. Proton beams in the Large Hadron Collider are capable of being accelerated by magnets up to within around a millionth of a percent of the speed of light. This means each proton will have around 7 TeV of energy (7 tera electron volts), equivalent to the energy used by seven flying mosquitoes. Combined, this sets a record forhighest energy particles in a particle accelerator, with all the protons in the active beams having the energy equivalent of 900 cars travelling at 100 km/h (62 mph).5. The 9,300 magnets inside the circumference of the Large Hadron Collider are designed to be refrigerated for operational use. A total of 10,080 tonnes of liquid nitrogen are needed to cool them down to just -193.2 C, before they are filled with nearly 60 tonnes of liquid helium, which cools them further to just -271.3 C, making the LHC the world'slargest fridge.6. Keeping on the super-sized household appliance theme, kind of, the LHC is also the world'slongest vacuum, The beams of particles that travel around the accelerator ring at the Large Hadron Collider must operate in a vacuum in order to avoid collisions with gas molecules. In total, the LHC contains a vacuum some 54 km long (approx. 33 miles) and is rated as a UHV or Ultra High Vacuum, with 10 times less gas pressure than the almost-vacuum at the surface of the Moon.7. The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) is one of the general purpose detectors in the LHC. Built around a huge solenoid magnet, the whole detector is 21 m long (68 ft), 15 m (49 ft) wide and 15 m (49 ft) high, and weighs 12,500 tonnes. As well as trying to to discover the Higgs boson, its other job is to observe other aspects of high energy physics including the possibility of extra dimensions. Containing more iron than the Eiffel Tower, its included in the Guinness World Records database as theheaviest particle accelerator detector.8. Meanwhile, the Barrel Toroid is thelargest superconducting magnet. Consisting of eight magnet coils in an array 25 m long (82 ft) and 5 m wide (16 ft), it weighs 100 tonnes. Part of the Atlas Detector, it was first tested in 2006 at an operating temperature of -269 C and is designed to use a 4-Tesla magnetic field to bend the paths of particles produced in the collisions in the Large Hadron Collider.9. One of the first breakthroughs made by the LHC came in November 2010, when CERN researchers announced they had successfully performed the f irst trapping of antihydrogen,having contained 38 atoms of the exotic substance for around a tenth of a second.Antihydrogen, which consists of an antiproton and antielectron or positron, is the antimatter 'opposite' of a hydrogen atom.10. In March 2011, particle physicists announced that they had (seemingly) observed neutrinos travelling from CERN, through the Earth, to the OPERA detector in Gran Sasso, Italy, and arriving earlier than anticipated. Their initial results showed that the particles had travelled from one end to the other 60.7 billionths of a second faster than the speed of light. Further experiments followed which seemed to confirm the findings. Had the results been accepted, it would mean that the speed of light in a vacuum - 299,792,458 m/s - was no longer thefastest speedpossible in the universe. However, it was later discovered there had been a faulty connection between a fibre optic cable and a GPS receiver during the experiment, meaning Albert Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity was right all along.
3561U.S. Election: Our Top Ten presidential world recordsIt's Election Day in the United States, so with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney reaching the closing stages of their quest for the presidency, here are our top ten White House related world records.1. First president to be given a Secret Service code nameFormer US President Harry S Truman, who served from 1945 until 1953, was the first president to be given a Secret Service code name - "General". Improvements in telecommunications technology, and the newly present danger that potentially threatening forces might be listening in, required that all presidents, senior staff and their families be issued with code names from this point onwards in an effort to confuse anyone who might be listening in illicitly.To this end, John F Kennedy went by the code name "Lancer", Dwight D Eisenhower was known as "Providence", and the former actor Ronald Reagan was known as "Rawhide". Vice-president Al Gore once claimed to be so boring that his Secret Service code name was "Al Gore".2. Most dogs resident in The White House during a presidencyPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt kept a total of 11 dogs at the White House during his 12 years and one month in residence between 4 March 1933 and 12 April 1945. In addition to his famous Scottish Terrier Fala, Roosevelt also shared his home with two red setters,a bullmastiff, a retriever, a bulldog, a Llewellin Setter, a terrier, aGreat Dane, a sheepdog and a German Shepherd dog.3. Most handshakes by a head of statePresident Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) set a record for a head of state by shaking hands with 8,513 people at an official function at a New Year's Day White House presentation in Washington DC, USA on 1 January 1907. 4. Youngest elected as US presidentJohn F. Kennedy, Democratic victor in the 1960 US presidential election, was at age 43, the youngest man ever to win the Amercian presidency. He was also the youngest to die in office. Winning by a narrow margin in the popular vote, Kennedy also became the first Roman Catholic President.5. Largest presidential entourageThe official visit to China by former US President Bill (William Jefferson)Clinton (1993-2001) in June 1998 saw an entourage of 1,200 people.They included 200 secret service agents, 150 military personnel, 30 senior delegates, 375 reporters, four White House TV crews, 150 support staff and 70 senior aides and advisers.Four passenger planes including Air Force One were used and several large military transports flew in ten armoured limousines, two communication vans, a mobile presidential hospital and the bullet-proof presidential lectern. An additional 350 cars were rented in Shanghai. In comparison, when Richard Nixon made his historic visit to China in 1972 he was accompanied by just 300 people.6. First first lady to win elected officeAs wife of US President Clinton, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, was First Lady of the USA from 1993 to 2001. In an election in 2000, she was the first, First Lady to run for elected office and served as a senator for New York State from 3 January 2001 until 21 January 2009.7. First use of video game music in an election campaignMusic from Medal of Honor: European Assault was used in a TV campaign to support Republican John McCain's bid to become US president in June 2008. The piece of music, called "Casualties of War", was used without the consent of composer Christopher Lennertz, who also contributed music for 2003's Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.8. First African-American president of the USABarack Hussein Obama II was inaugurated as the 44 th president of the USA on 20 January 2009, following a record-breaking campaign.In the September before election, Obama raised a monthly record of $150 million (£82.5 million), taking his fundraising total to over $605 million (£332.9 million) -also a record.Much of this went on advertising-an unprecedented $250 million (£137.5 million) was spent on TV ads in just five months.Over 136 million voters turned out on election day - the most since 1960 - and more than 2 million descended on the Capitol in Washington, DC for his inauguration.9. Safest Presidential LimousineNicknamed "Cadillac One" or The Beast", the presidential limousine build for Obama is an extended Cadillac DTS built by General Motors.The exact technical specifications are confidential for security reasons, but defence technology includes:Kevlar reinforced run-flat tyres that are shred-and puncture-proof 20 cm feet (8 inches) armour-plated doors with bullet-proof windows and 12.7 cm thick (5 inches) bomb-proof reinforced steel plate chassis.The cabin area is believed to be sealed against chemical attacks and contains a coded communication suite. The mobile fortress is unlikely to manage more than 12.8 km (8 miles) to the gallon.10. First president with regular email accessAmong the first few announcements made when Barack Obama took office in January 2009 was the news that the president, an avid emailer, would use email to stay in touch with senior staff and personal friends during his presidency.However the title for the first US President to use email in office goes to President Bill Clinton (USA), who sent one e-mail as a test and another, with the help of his staff, to astronaut John Glenn while the astronaut was in orbit on the Space Shuttle.
3562Video: How tiny dog Cupcake fetched a world record and helped her owner overcome tragedyMeet Cupcake, a female long-haired chihuahua, who holds the record for the world's smallest service dog, measuring just 15.87 (6.25 in) in height.In the inspiring video below, Cupcake's owner Angela Bain (Moorestown, New Jersey, USA), explains how her record-breaking dog helped her on the road to recovery after being hit by a string of personal tragedies, including the abduction of her son and the amputation of her left arm.videoCupcake's record and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition which is out now worldwide from all good retailers.Find out more about the book and its incredible augmented reality feature, and where you can buy a copy at
3563Help set a new world record for the largest tournament of Pong at GEEK 2012 festivalHow many GEEKs does it take to set a world record ?GEEK 2012 is calling on all gamers to help set a new world record.On Sunday 19th Feb, in front of Gaz Deaves, Gaming Editor of Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer's Edition, gamers at the GEEK 2012 videogame festival in Margate, UK, will attempt to set a new record for the Largest Tournament of Pong - the oldest commercial video game.To set the record they need 256 gamers to participate. Come along and join in the fun!GEEK 2012 is the biggest retro gaming event in the UK. For more information visit:
3564Record breaking swimmer Liam Tancock eyes Rio Olympics gloryGreat Britain swimmer Liam Tancock says he is hoping to make it third time lucky in his bid for an elusive Olympic medal by competing at the Rio Games in 2016.The three-time world champion and massive Guinness World Records fan competed at his second Olympics in London this month when he finished fifth in the 100m backstroke and fourth in the 4x100m medley relay.The 27-year-old from Exeter says that while he was happy with his performance, he remains determined to represent Team GB one more time and finally clinch a place on the podium at an Olympic Games.'My plan is very much to go on to Rio,' Tancock told 'I'm aiming to rest up for a month, have a holiday and see family and friends, then begin preparations for the World Championships next year, but my ultimate aim is to go on to Brazil in four years time."Liam began swimming for fun at the age of five and started his swimming competitively at the age of eight at Exeter City Swimming Club in Devon and continued at Loughborough University where he studied sports science.He began competing at senior level in 2005 and currently holds the world record for the fastest long course 50 metres backstroke (male), with a time of 24.04 seconds registered during the final at the 2009 World Championships in Rome, Italy, beating a world's best time he had earlier set in the semi-finals.Liam admits that one of his proudest moments of his career so far has been making it into the Guinness World Records book, having been a regular reader as a child."Me and brother Ryan got the book pretty much every year," he revealed. "We always used to say we'd be in it and I always hoped I would make through swimming, but if it would have meant growing my fingernails long, or eating three cream crackers in the world's fastest time, I would have done it!"He added: "The year I first appeared in the book I remember picking up a copy in a shop and racing through the pages to see my record and a picture of me - it really was a special moment.""I picked up a copy for my parents as they always used to get a copy for me, but what was really nice was when my brother handed me a copy that his wife had bought him for Christmas and asked me to sign it!"Despite missing out on a medal, Liam says he was blown away by his experience at London 2012."The support we received from the stands and from the wider public watching on TV and giving us backing on the likes of Twitter and Facebook was phenomenal."I'm so proud to say I wore the Team GB colours and represented by country at a home Olympics - not many people can say that in their lifetime".Watch Liam's record-breaking swim at the 2009 World Championships
3565Backwards Day: Celebrate it today with these world records in reverse!If you hadn't heard, January 31st each year has been designated as "Backwards Day", an occasion to celebrate an inverse perspective. This could be anything from walking and talking backwards, to wearing clothes inside out, or even eating your meals starting with dessert! Here are a selection of weird and wonderful world record achievements that have been set by doing things the wrong way round: There's a whole community of retrograde runners, men and women who're constantly looking over their shoulders for what's ahead of them. Fastest of them all is Ferdie Ato Adoboe, who ran a backwards 100m in just 13.6 seconds - not a lot slower than Usain Bolt! Over greater distances other reversed runners excel, with D. Joseph James managing one mile in 6 minutes 2.35 seconds, and Xu Zhenjun earning a title over the marathon distance (26.2 miles), with a time of 3 hours 43 minutes 39 seconds:Moses Lanham walks backwards in an entirely different way to these athletes - no turning of the head is necessary, as he holds the record for the largest external foot rotation! Moses is able to move each of his feet round to an angle of 120 degrees, and also holds a record for the fastest time to walk 20 metres with the feet facing backwards - 19.59 seconds.Looking for something a little faster? Dave Coates reached a speed of 244.1 km/h (151.7 mph) on a motorcycle sitting with his back to the handlebars, while fellow petrolhead Darren Manning drove a Caterham 7 Fireblade kit car at 165.08 km/h (102.58 mph) in reverse. Of course, the car will then need to be parked - so call upon Ronny Wechselberger, who managed the tightest parallel parking in reverse, squeezing into a space just 35 cm longer than the car: videoThere's no need for an engine to set a speed record, though - the very appropriately-named Anders Backe took to the slopes, clocking a speed of 128.7 kmh (79.97 mph) while skiing backwards down the Vikersund Skiflying slope in Norway: videoFrom the icy slopes, we move on to the world of words: The fastest time to spell 50 of them backwards is 1 minute 22.53 seconds by Shishir Hathwar of India, while Michele Santelia in Italy has typed out over 71 entire books completely in reverse - a total of 771,911 words, or 21,255,432 characters. To finish on, we have just one word for you all: saippuakivikauppias. At 19 letters long and reading the same backwards as forwards, this Finnish word for a dealer of lye (caustic soda) is the world's longest palindromic word. !yad sdrawkcab yojnE
3566Video: Watch ‘Bachelor' Sean Lowe and Lesley Murphy set record for longest on-screen kissPic: Cassie Lambert ScalettarU.S. dating reality show The Bachelor made TV history this week, when contestants Sean Lowe and Lesley Murphy broke the record for the longest on-screen kiss.The couple managed to pucker up for three minutes and 22 seconds, breaking the previous record by a hot seven seconds.The ABC show revolves around a single bachelor and his quest for the woman of his dreams, as a pool of romantic interests compete for his affections.The steamy make-out took place during a date for the couple at the Guinness World Records Museum on Hollywood Boulevard.Viewers will have to keep tuning in to the show to see if the record-breaking kiss proves enough for Lesley to win Sean's
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