Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

3811Largest mudflow from a volcanoOsceola Mudflow3000000000 cubic metre(s)United States, Mount RainerThe largest volcanic mudflow was the Osceola Mudflow, which occurred some 5,600 years ago and began on top of Mount Rainier in the US Cascade Mountain range. The result of a volcanic eruption, it consisted of a debris flow of around 3 km³ (105,944 ft³) that hurtled down the mountain at around 90 kph (56 mph). By the time it had reached the Puget Sound, more than 100 km (62 miles)away, the mudflow still had a thickness of around 30 m (98 ft). After it had subsided it had created 460 km² (177 miles²) of new land on the coast.
3812Most catches taken in an ICC World Cup career (female)Jan BrittanNot ApplicableJan Brittan (England) played in 36 women's Cricket World Cup matches, taking a record 19 catches.(NB: record printed before, not new, see Attempt ID 77706).
3813Oldest person to have a total hip replacementJohn RandallUnited Kingdom, Wakefield, West Yorkshire15 November 2011The oldest person to have a total hip replacement was John Randall (UK, b. 16 July 1909) who had a revision left total hip replacement at the age of 102 years, 3 months and 30 days. The operation was performed by Mr Ajit Shetty, Mr Ashad Lateef and Dr Patrick O'Connor at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, UK on 15 November 2011.
3814Largest diaboloWang YueqiuChina, Beijing20 September 2007The largest diabolo measured 1.3 m (4 ft 3 in) in diameter and was manufactured by Wang Yueqiu (China) and displayed on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 20 September 2007.Wang Yueqiu spun the diabolo on the show to demonstrate its working order.
3815First videogame with a racing simulatorChequered FlagfirstNot Applicable, 01 January 1984Psion’s 1984 Chequered Flag game is technically the first racing simulator, although it lacked opponents.GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008.
3816Water slide riding, distance in 24 hours (team)Galaxy Erding1357.22 kilometre(s)Germany, Erding12 November 2009The farthest distance covered on a water slide in 24 hours by a team is 843.33 mi (1357.22 km), achieved by Daniel Gildner, Falco Tegtmeier, Kai Falk, Manuel Wasserzier, Marius Toborek, Rudolf Hofmann, Marc Fugger, Andrej Sonnenberg, Stefan Kleinöder, Thomas Renner, (all Germany) at Galaxy Erding in Erding, Germany on 11 and 12 November 2009 in celebration of Guinness World Records Day.
3817Most powerful quantum computerIBMUnited States, San Jose20 December 2001Whereas normal computers use a string of zeroes and ones (bytes) to represent data, experimental quantum computers use qubits, which can be a zero, one, or simultaneously both. On 20 December 2001, IBM's Almaden Research Center, San Jose, California, USA, announced that they had used a 7-qubit quantum computer to calculate the factors of the number 15. They used a billion billion molecules that have seven nuclear spins for the calculation.Consisting of the nucleii of five atoms of fluorine and two of carbon, these molecules are able to to interact with each other as qubits.
3818Longest journey pushing a soapbox cartNICRO Race Against Crime and Time 2001South Africa, Cape Town06 October 2001Thirty pupils from the Laerskool Laeveld school in Nelspruit, South Africa, pushed an unpowered soapbox cart a distance of 2,061 km (1,280 miles ) between Komatipoort and Cape Town, South Africa, from 17 September to 6 October 2001, in the NICRO Race Against Crime and Time.NICRO is an anti-crime initiative
3819Largest collection of clocksJack SchoffUnited States, North Berwick08 February 2010The largest collection of clocks belongs to Jack Schoff (USA), who has amassed 1,509 different working clocks as of 8 February 2010, which he has been collecting since 2003.All of the clocks are displayed at his house. His collection includes mantle clocks, grandfather clocks, school house clocks, cuckoo clocks, pendulum clocks, to name a few.
3820Longest time spinning a GWR book on fingerAndrew Wirth40/8 minute(s), second(s)United States, Waltham07 August 2011The longest time spinning a Guinness World Records book on the finger is 40 minutes and 8 seconds and was achieved by Andrew Wirth (USA) at The Skellig Restaurant, in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, on 7 August 2011.
3821Fastest half marathon three leggedNick Benbow, Alastair Benbow1/37/53 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London02 March 2003The record for the fastest time to complete a half marathon race three legged is held by Alastair and Nick Benbow (UK) who ran the London Half Marathon in 1 hr 37 min 53 sec on 2 March 2003.The pair wore a pair of three legged trousers and were also tied at the wrist. The race was timed using a timing chip.
3822Greatest distance travelled with a pool cue balanced on chinAshrita Furman1668 metre(s)United States, Jamaica06 July 2008The greatest distance travelled with a pool cue on the chin is1,668 m (5,472 ft 9 in) set by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the JoeAustin Playground in Jamaica, New York, USA, on 6 July 2008.
3823Most concerts performed in 24 hoursHelge ToftNorway, Haugesund22 June 2012The most concerts performed in 24 hours is 65 and was achieved by Helge Toft with his musicians Jens Rimau, Paul Inge Vikingstad and Anders Bjelland (all Norway) at venues in and around the city of Haugesund, Norway, from 21-22 June 2012.
3824Most clay shooting targets broken in 12 hours (team)David BillingsbyUnited Kingdom, Dartford27 March 2005The most clay pigeon targets shot in 12 hours by a team of five in the Down The Line discipline is 4,602 by Bob Barrett, David Billingsby, Matt Kendall, Ken Newman and Bernard Walshe (all UK) at Kent Gun Club, Dartford, Kent, UK, on 27 March 2005.The five shooters recorded a total score for the discipline of 13,498.
3825Rhythmic gymnastics, baton throwing rotationsDelphine Ledoux28 timesFrance, La Tranche Sur Mer28 July 2004The record for the most times in one minute a rhythmic gymnast can throw a baton in the air, flip and catch the baton in one minute is 28 and was set by Delphine Ledoux (France) on the set of L’Été de Tous Les Records in La Tranche Sur Mer, France on 28 July 2004.
3826Largest cupcake / fairy cakeGeorgetown Cupcake (USA)United States, Georgetown02 November 2011The largest cupcake weighs 1,176.6 kg (2,594 lb) and was achieved by Georgetown Cupcake (USA) at Georgetown Cupcake's national shipping headquarters in Sterling, Virginia, USA, on 2 November 2011.Georgetown cupcake is Washington DC's first gourmet cupcake bakery and its owners are also subject of a docu-drama television series, 'DC cupcakes' on the TLC network. The attempt was aired during a one hour 'DC cupcake' episode that aired on 16th January on the TLC network. The oven and pan were custom made for this attempt and the pan was unassembled easily inorder to prove that the cupcake was fully cooked and free standing with no support structures in place. The cupcake was 56 inches in diameter and 36 inches tall. The pan itself weighed 305.9 kg.
3827Most powerful trebuchet (with projectile of 1 kg or less)Alkrington Gnome ThrowersUnited Kingdom, Kelmscott02 October 2004The largest trebuchet, with a projectile of 1 kg (2 lb 3 oz) or less, threw a 275 g (9.7 oz) garden gnome over a distance of 11.63 m (38 ft) and created a power output of 3.19 kgm (23 lb.ft). The trebuchet was built by the Alkrington Gnome Throwers and fired in the grounds of The Plough, Kelmscott, Gloucestershire, UK on 2 October 2004.
3828Most loop the loop yo-yo tricks in one hourEddy McDonald8437 timesCanada, Cavendish14 July 1990The record for the most loop the loop yo yo tricks performed in one hour is 8,437 and was set by 'Fast' Eddy McDonald (Canada) in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada on 14 July 1990.
3829Greatest distance travelled with cue balanced on a fingerAshrita Furman14.4 kilometre(s)Puerto Rico, San Juan19 February 2010The farthest distance traveled with a pool cue balanced on the finger is 14.4 km (8.95 mi) and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Parque Barbosa Track in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on 19 February 2010.Mr. Furman completed 32 laps and dropped the cue after completing 208.25 m (683 ft 3 in) on the 33rd lap.
3830Sandbag carrying - fastest 120 mPeyo MendiboureFrance, Argeles-Gazost06 July 2005The record for the fastest time to complete a 120 m course carrying a sandbag weighing 80 kg on their back is 29.84 sec and was set by Peyo Mendiboure (France) on the set of L'Ete De Tous Les Records, Argeles-Gazost, France on 6th July 2005.Marco Friagatti in attendance.
3831First bioluminescent flowerChia Tet FattfirstSingapore, Singapore’s National Institute of Education’s National Science Academic Group01 December 1999In December 1999, Professor Chia Tet Fatt from Singapore’s National Institute of Education’s National Science Academic Group succeeded in producing the world’s first successful bioluminescent flowers, using a white-petalled strain of Dendrobium orchid known as the Dendrobium White Fairy #5. Utilising particle bombardment, he transferred biologically active DNA containing the luciferase gene from fireflies into the orchid tissues, and then propagated them, eventually yielding stable, transgenic orchids retaining the firefly gene. These bioluminescent orchids emit a greenish-white light not just from the petals but also from the roots, stem, and leaves, which is a constant light visible to the human eye, lasting up to 5 hours at a time, and ranging in intensity from 5000 to 30,000 photons per second, depending upon which region of the plant is emitting it.
3832Farthest distance travelled in 24 hours on a 50cc scooterMark BrownAustralia, South Morang24 August 2005The farthest distance travelled on a 50 cc scooter in 24 hours is 928 km (576.6 miles) by Mark 'Brownie' Brown (Australia) on a 2stroke Yamaha Aerox at the Grand Prix Training Centre, South Morang, Victoria, Australia on from 23 - 24 August 2005.
3833Fish with most eyesspookfishNot ApplicableThe fish with most eyes is the six-eyed spookfish (Bathylychnops exilis), which inhabits depths of 91–910 m (300–3,000 ft) in the northeastern Pacific, and was only discovered by science in 1958. A slender 45-cm (17-in) long pike-like species, it not only has a pair of large, principal eyes, but also has a second, smaller pair, known as secondary globes, positioned within the lower half of its principal eyes and pointing downwards. Each of these globes possesses its own lens and retina, and may help to increase the spookfish’s sensitivity to light in its shadowy surroundings. Moreover, located behind the secondary globes is a third pair of eyes, which lack retinas, but divert incoming light into the fish’s large principal eyes.
3834Farthest distance travelled on a skateboard in 24 hours (male)Andrew AndrasUnited States, Miami,,Homestead-Miami Speedway08 January 2013The farthest distance travelled on a skateboard in 24 hours is 431.32 km (261.8 miles) and was achieved by Andrew Andras (USA) at the Homestead-Miami Speedway, Homestead, Florida, USA, on 7th-8th January 2013.
3835Largest clothes pegKarl Josef BillerGermany, Regensburg09 September 2012The largest clothes peg measured 3.5 m (11 ft 5 in) long, 65 cm (2 ft 1 in) high and 44 cm (1 ft 5 in) deep. It was created by Karl Josef Biller (Germany) and was presented and measured in Regensburg, Germany, on 9 September 2012.The peg was made out of wood. The peg was opened and closed in front of the witnesses.
3836Climbing Machine - Greatest height in 24 hours, team of 12Marc RoseUnited Kingdom, Bracknell16 November 2007The greatest height climbed on a 'VersaClimber' machine in 24 hours by a team of 12 is 70,299.82 m (230,642ft) set by fitness instructors and members of the Bodyworks Gym in Bracknell, Berkshire, UK, on 16 November 2007.
3837Largest dreamcatcherFreeview TV, House PR and Sketchevents3/9.65 metre(s)United Kingdom, London18 July 2012The largest dreamcatcher measures 3 m (9 ft 10 in) diameter and 9.65 m (31 ft 7 in) in circumference and was created by Freeview TV, House PR and Sketchevents (all UK) It was presented and measured in London, UK, on 18 July 2012.
3838Most rolls consecutively by an aircraftKingsley JustAustralia, Coburg01 March 2014The most consecutive rolls by an aircraft is 987 and was achieved by Kingsley Just (Australia) at the Lethbridge Aerodrome in Lethbridge, Victoria, Australia, on 1 March 2014.Pitts Special biplane was used for the attempt.
3839Fastest relay 4 x 100 m backwardsGene Allen, Sebastian Krauser, Stefan Siegert, Roland Wegner62.55 minute(s), second(s)Germany, Neustadt a. d. Waldnaab11 August 2007The fastest time to complete a 4 x 100 m (328 ft) relay backwards is 62.55 sec. The team members were Gene Allen, Sebastian Krauser, Stefan Siegert and Roland Wegner (all Germany). The record was set at Neustadt a. d. Waldnaab in Germany, on 11 August 2007.
3840Most yo-yo eli hops in 30 secondsHiroyuki SuzukiJapan, Nagoya19 December 2009The most yo-yo eli hops completed in 30 seconds is 71 and was achieved by Hiroyuki Suzuki (Japan) on the set of Shiawase no Kiiroi Koinu in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, on 19 December 2009.Hiroyuki broke his own record. A 'Eli Hop' is performed by landing a trapeze and tossing the yo-yo upward and letting the hands come together and touch and then separate them and catch the yo-yo again in a trapeze with the hands touching after each hop.

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