Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

3841Most people sufi whirlingTaiwan Cancer Friends New Life Association755 peopleChinese Taipei, Taipei20 November 2011The most people Sufi whirling simultaneously is 755 and was achieved by Taiwan Cancer Friends New Life Association (Taiwan) at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan, on 20 November 2011.
3842First polygonal 3D in a videogameDrivers EyesfirstNot ApplicableThe arcade game Drivers Eyes (1987) was the first to feature polygonal 3D environments. GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: First use of polygonal 3D.
3843Treadmill, Distance run in 24 hours - mixed teamForest SchoolUnited Kingdom, London05 July 2012The greatest distance run on a treadmill in 24 hours by a mixed team is 437.7 km (271.97 miles) by the members of Forest School (UK) at the Forest School in London, UK, on 4 July to 5 July 2012.The participants included Noel Thatcher, John Macnamara, Edward Watson, Claire Risk, Ben Adams, Wayne Bishop, Mark Clark, Ian Baldwin, Emma Ramsay, Eric Palmer, John "Jack" Skerritt and Tom Arnold.Gold medal winning Paralympian Noel Thatcher was part of this successful record attempt. Each participant ran for one minute at above 18 km/h (18.2 and 18.5 km/h).
3844Largest three legged race - most pairs (single venue)The Isle of Man649 peopleIsle of Man, DouglasThe largest three-legged race is 649 pairs and was achieved by The Isle of Man in Douglas, Isle of Man, on 6 May 2013.The national emblem of the Isle of Man is the Triskelion of three legs. The attempt was organised by Douglas Development Partnership and Barclays Bank.
3845Most backwards flips in one minute with headLiu He CongChina, Henan Province22 November 2006The most backwards flips in one minute is 46 and was achieved by Liu He Cong (China) at the Shao Lin Tagou Martial Arts School in Dengfeng, Henan Province, China, on 22 November 2006.
3846Longest headed goal scored in a competitive football (soccer) matchJone SamuelsenNorway, Skien,Grenland,Skagerak Arena, Skien, Norway. Home of ODD Grenland Football Club.25 September 2011The longest headed goal scored in a competitive football (soccer) match was 58.13 m (190 ft 8.58 in), achieved by Jone Samuelsen (Norway), playing for ODD Grenland vs Tromsø Idrettslag on 25 September 2011.This goal was scored in the final minutes of a Tippeligaen League game (Norway's top division) when the score was 2-1 to ODD Grenland. A corner was given to Tromsø who put everyone forward, including their goalkeeper, in an attempt to equalise and keep their title hopes alive. However a long clearance upfield saw Tromsø's defender head the ball in attempt to get the ball back in ODD Grenland's half. However, his clearance was met by Jone Samuelsen's head, directing the ball into an empty net, with the hapless keeper running back to his goal in vain.
3847Largest collection of footballsFernando FugliniArgentinaRoberto. A. Fuglini (Argentina) has 861 different soccer balls that he has collected since 1995.Roberto began collecting soccer balls in 1965 when he opened Dalemas, a soccer ball museum. In 1995, Dalemas was destroyed by a fire and all the balls were lost. Since 1995, he has rebuilt some of his collection.
3848Most points in a decathlon (female)Austra Skujyte8358 point(s)United States, Columbia15 April 20058,358 points Austra Skujyte (Lithuania) Columbia, Missouri, USA 14-15 April 2005NOTE: spelling is Austra, not Austa
3849Fastest 10-obstacle canine agility course (team of four dogs)Thorsten Tiemann, Karin Hellriegel, Claus Ehrlich, Petra Ehrlich57.26 minute(s), second(s)Germany, Rust,,Europa Park12 July 2012The fastest time for a team of four dogs to complete a 10-obstacle agility course in relay is 57.26 seconds, set by Karin Hellriegel (Eddy), Claus Ehrlich (Lynn), Petra Ehrlich (Lili), Thorsten Tiemann (Spin) (all Germany) on the set of Guinness World Records – Wir Holen Den Rekord Nach Deutschland, in Europa Park, Rust, Germany, on 12 July 2012.The hurdles used were 30 cm high.
3850Most nails hammered into a block of wood in one minuteWilli MaierAustria, Vienna Recordia26 September 2010The most nails hammered into a block of wood in one minute is 24 and was achieved by Willi Maier (Austria) at the Vienna Recordia event in Vienna, Austria, on 26 September 2010.Willi used 15.24 cm (6 in) nails. Vienna Recordia event 2010.
3851Most bioluminescent octopusred deepwaterUnited States, eastern USA01 January 1997Unlike squids, which include many bioluminescent species, the only significantly bioluminescent species of octopus is a red deepwater species from the eastern USA called Stauroteuthis syrtensis. Its bioluminescent ability remained unknown to science until 1997, when Edith Widder (USA) of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution in Fort Pierce, Florida, USA studied a live specimen captured in the Gulf of Maine when dark, the specimen presented a row of sucker-like structures running the length of each of its tentacles glowing blue-green and emitting most light at 470 nanometres (a wavelength that travels well under water). Researchers now believe that these structures are suckers that are no longer used by the octopus as grasping organs like those of other octopuses, but have instead evolved into light-emitting photo-lures, which can flash on and off, attracting prey near enough to be seized by its tentacles.
3852Most Dakar Rally wins by a manufacturerMitsubishi12 timesJapan, 01 January 2007The most wins of the Dakar rally car category is 12 by Mitsubishi (Japan) between 1985 and 2007.
3853Largest candy dispenserGary Doss2.4 metre(s)United States, Burlingame, California13 January 2007The largest candy dispenser measured 2.4 m (7ft 10 in) in height and was made by Gary Doss (USA) in Burlingame, California, USA. It was measured on 13 January 2007.The candy dispenser is made from plastic and dispenses sweets when you tip the head back of the snowman figure.
3854Greatest distance on a human powered vehicle in 24 hoursGreg KolodziejzykUnited States, Eureka, California18 July 2006The greatest distance on a human-powered vehicle in 24 hours is 1,041.24 km (647 m) and was achieved by Greg Kolodziejzyk (Canada) at Redwood Acres Raceway in Eureka, Alberta, Canada, on 18 July 2006.
3855Fastest cycle across Canada by a relay teamTeam H2V8/8/14 day(s), hour(s), minute(s)Canada, Vancouver,Vancouver English Bay22 September 2007The fastest cycle across Canada by a relay team of five is 8 days 8 hr 14 min, and was achieved by the Team H2V (Canada) cycling from Halifax (Nova Scotia) to Vancouver (British Columbia) from 14 to 22 September 2007.The members of the team are: Matt Young (ride captain), Kyle Bagnano, Willie Cormack, Richard Alm and Keith Nicoll. They cycled to raise money to cure Juvenil Diabetes Type 1. The team raised almos one million Canadian dollars. The average speed of the attempt was 40 Km/hr.
3856First platform videogame in true 3DJumping FlashfirstNot Applicable, 01 January 1995Jumping Flash, a 1995 PlayStation launch game, was the first platformer in true 3D. The 1996 game Crash Bandicoot had beautiful 3D graphics and some simple 3D gameplay elements, but mostly worked like a 2D game.It was the same year’s Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 that created the 3D platformer we know today, with its varied gameplay, free camera and emphasis on item collection.GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: First platformer in true 3D.
3857First use of forensic gait analysis evidence in courtHaydn KellyfirstUnited Kingdom, 12 July 2000The first time that forensic gait analysis (the analysis of a person's style of walking as a method of identification) has been admissible as evidence in criminal law occurred in the case of R- v - Saunders at The Old Bailey Central Criminal Court, London, UK on 12 July 2000. Consultant Podiatrist Haydn Kelly (UK) was able to identify jewellery thief John Saunders (UK) as the person attempting to rob a shop, from earlier police surveillance footage. Despite Saunders wearing two pairs of trousers, a mask and gloves, Mr Kelly was able to confirm that less than five per cent of the British population had walking mechanics similar to the suspected thief - evidence that helped end Saunder's lucrative criminal career.John Saunders had led a series of robberies across Surrey, UK, and stolen goods worth £750,000 (then $1.13 million).
3858Newest species of treeTahina palm treeMadagascar01 January 2006Discovered accidentally by a picnicking family in a remote hilly wooded area of northwestern Madagascar in 2006, but only recognised to be a dramatically new species and genus following DNA analysis a year later, the Tahina palm tree (Tahina spectabilis) was not officially named and described until January 2008. What makes this species’ belated scientific discovery so surprising is its huge size, standing over 18 m (58 ft 6 in) tall, with fan-like leaves 5 m (16 ft) across, and its bizarre, suicidal life cycle. Taking decades to bloom, when it does it produces an explosion of hundreds of nectar-rich flowers towering above its crown, each of which develops into fruit, but in so doing the tree’s nutrients become so depleted that as soon as it has fruited the tree collapses and dies.
3859Longest journey overland by a submarineUnknownNot Applicable, Black SeaThe location, in 2007, of three German submarines from the second world war scuttled in the Black Sea, has highlighted a remarkable feat of wartime transportation. The submarines, including one U-23 that was originally commanded by Otto Kretschmer (Germany), were located by a Turkish marine engineer, Selçuk Kolay. The route through the Bosporus river to the Black Sea was not open to the Germans during World War II (due to Turkish neutrality), so instead, six submarines belonging to the German Navy’s 30th Flotilla were taken by road and river from the German Baltic port of Kiel to Constanta, the Romanian Black Sea port (finally arriving there in May 1942) - a journey of 2,320 km (2,000 miles).The submarines were partially dismantled and loaded onto shallow draught pontoons in Kiel, taken by canal to the River Elbe and upstream to Dresden where they were transferred to low-bed motorised trailers and taken 300 miles to Ingolstadt by road. They were then ferried downstream to Constanta. The aim was to attack Russian shipping in the Black Sea and, in the two years they operated there, they sank dozens of ships for the loss of three submarines. In 1944, however, Romania switched to the Allies and this left the boats stranded with no way out of the Black Sea, as the Bosporus and Dardanelles were closed to them and they had no base from which to operate. The crews were ordered to scuttle the boats out of sight of the Turks. This they did and the boats location has remained a mystery until now.
3860Largest collection of telephonesMichael PhillipsUnited States, Greenville, South Carolina,,At the record holder's residence.06 August 2011The largest collection of telephones belongs to Michael Phillips (USA) and consists of 1,135 telephones as of 6 August 2011. The collection is housed in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. Michael Phillips started his collection in the early 1980's with a Superman statue telephone which is currently worth approx. $1,000. The collection includes racing cars, food and beverages, musical instruments, flying machines, vehicles, superheroes, animals, cartoon characters, sports and branded novelty phones.
3861Largest schnitzel (cutlet/escalope)Martin Liebscher550 kilogram(s)Germany, Frankfurt am MainThe largest schnitzel weighed 550 kg (1212.54 lbs) and was prepared by Martin Liebscher (Germany) in Rosbach von der Höhe, Germany, 19 May 2011.The schnitzel ripped into smaller peices and was originally 890 kg (1962.11 lbs) heavy. The record weight, 550 kg (1212.54 lbs) is the weight of the lartest single part.
3862First Hollywood star to top both film and videogame chartsMark HamillfirstUSA, 01 January 1994Mark Hamill (USA) was the first actor to star in both a No.1-selling video game and a box office-topping Hollywood movie. In 1977, Hamill played the role of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: A New Hope. He also played the role in the two sequels Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, both of which were also No. 1 box office hits. In 1994, Hamill played the role of Colonel Christopher Blair in the No.1-selling PC game Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger. He resumed the role in Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom and Wing Commander: Prophecy, both of which were also No.1 sellers, making Hamill the first actor to star in both a movie and video game trilogy sporting three No. 1 hits.
3863Largest car logo/imageToyota Centre KrasnoyarskRussia, Krasnoyarsk07 June 2014The largest car logo was formed by 1,416 Toyota cars at an event organised by Toyota Centre Krasnoyarsk (Russia) at Kuznecovo Airpark, in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, on 7 June 2014.
3864Most siblings to play in a rugby league international matchKristian Keinhorst, Markus Keinhorst, Nick Keinhorst, James KeinhorstCzech Republic, Prague04 August 2007The most siblings to play in a rugby league international is four and was achieved by Kristian Keinhorst, Markus Keinhorst, Nick Keinhorst and James Keinhorst (all Germany) who represented Germany against the Czech Republic in the European Rugby League Shield Competition, in Prague, Czech Republic, on 4 August 2007. Markus, Kristian and Nick started the game and played the full 80 minutes while James came on as a substitue in the early stages of the second half. Germany won the match 44-22 with the brothers scoring 24 points between them. The match was part of the Euro Shield sanctioned by the RLEF (Rugby League European Federation).
3865First flight over EverestUnknownfirstIndia, Lalbalu,Purnea03 April 1933On 3 April 1933, two aircraft, a Houston-Westland and a Westland-Wallace - both open cockpit bi-planes fitted with Bristol Pegasus SIII engines - made the first manned flights over Mount Everest (29,035feet), the highest mountain in the world. The aircraft took off from Lalbalu aerodrome, near Purnea, India crewed by Colonel LVS Blacker and Squadron Leader the Lord Clydesdale in one and Flight Lieutenant DF MacIntyre and Mr SR Bonnet in the other. The flight took three hours, covered a return distance of 320 miles reaching nearly 30,000 feet clearing the mountain by a reported 100 feet. Close range photographs of Mt Everest proved the achievement.
3866First person to break the sound barrier (female)Jacqueline CochranfirstUSA, The first woman to fly faster than Mach 1 was a famous, female aviator named Jacqueline Cochran (USA). Better known as Jackie, Cochran was born in 1906 and became one of the pioneering women of aeronautics. She was a friend of Chuck Yeager, the first person to break the sound barrier. He helped her to make the transition to jet-powered aircraft, and she then soon achieved a number of new aviation records. On 18 May 1953, she flew an F-86 Sabre past Mach 1 becoming the first woman to break the sound barrier. She went on to set a world speed record of 1,429 mph (2,300 km/h) in 1964 and no fewer than eight speed records in 1967, when she was over 60 years old!
3867First loss of a B-2 Spirit BomberSpirit of Kansasfirst, 23 February 2008On 23 February 2008, while attempting to take off from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, a USAF B-2 Spirit bomber, Spirit of Kansas, crashed owing to moisture in three of its 24 air pressure sensors, which caused inaccurate data to be supplied to its flight computer. First introduced into service in 1997 at a unit cost in the region of $737 million - though some reports place the loss at $1.4billion - this was the first crash of a B-2 bomber. The aircraft were so expensive that only 21 were produced.The crew thought the aircraft had reached its take-off speed of 140 knots, but in reality it had only reached 130 knots. This meant that the sensors showed the aircraft to be in a nose down position causing it to demand a high level of pitch of around 30 degrees. This, together with the low take-off speed, caused the aircraft to stall and crash.
3868Most miniature chairs made in three minutes using a chainsawAlberto GonzalezSpain, Madrid28 January 2009The most miniature chairs made in 3 minutes using a chainsaw is 8 and was achieved by Alberto Gonzalez (Spain) on the set of 'Guinness World Records', in Madrid, Spain on 28 January 2009.These were all cut from one poplar trunk.
3869First confirmed discovery of an extrasolar planetUnknownfirst, 01 January 1992In 1992 astronomers announced they had discovered two planets orbiting a pulsar. PSR B1257+12 is a supernova remnant 980 light years from Earth, it weighs around 1.4 times the mass of the Sun but is only around 30 km across. It spins once on its axis in just 6.22 milliseconds (9,646 rpm). The pulsar was previously a giant star which went supernova around 800 million years ago. The two planets were either pre-existing rocky worlds like Mercury or Earth, or the rocky cores left behind from gas giants, stripped of their bulk by the supernova. Another theory is that the planets formed in a second round of planet formation from the debris of the supernova.
3870Fastest 50m hand walking on stiltsCarlos Rodriguez Diaz1/30 minute(s), second(s)United States, Lake Buena Vista16 June 2009The fastest 50 m (164 ft) hand walk on stilts is 1 min 30 sec achieved by Carlos Rodriguez Diaz (Cuba) at Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA, on 16 June 2009.This attempt was organised as part of Cirque du Soleil 25th anniversary celebrations.

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