Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

361Longest career as a radio presenter/DJ (male)Herbert KentUnited States, Chicago09 October 2009Herbert "The Cool Gent" Rogers Kent (USA, b. 05 October 1928) has been a regular radio presenter/disc jockey since 1944. Broadcasting in various Chicago radio stations, he still hosts a weekend show on WVAZ Radio, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, as of 2009.Herbert began his radio career at the age of 16. Today, he continues to work with community leaders to show young people positive alternatives. He has hosted programmes alongside Stevie Wonder for Dr. Martin Luther King's last visit to Chicago.
362Fastest time to drink a bottle of ketchupMaximus Film GmbH, Benedikt Weber32.37 minute(s), second(s)Germany, Nuremberg17 February 2012The fastest time to drink a bottle of ketchup is 32.37 seconds for 396 g (14 oz) of Aro tomato ketchup from a standard glass bottle through a drinking straw of 0.60 cm (0.23 in) in diameter and allowing a discretion of 10%. TV reporter Benedikt Weber (Germany) achieved the feat for the infotainment programme Galileo on ProSieben (Germany), at Chong's Diner in Nuremberg, Germany, on 17 February 2012.In Germany, 396-g bottles are only available as squeeze bottles, which are not permitted in terms of the guidelines. Therefore a 500-g (17.64-oz) glass bottle was chosen and its content reduced to 396 g. The empty bottle weighed 275 g. After the attempt, the bottle and its remaining content weighed only 300 g (10.58 oz), so only 25 g (0.88 oz) of ketchup was left in that bottle - less than 10%.
363Largest collection of cachaça bottlesMessias Soares CavalcanteBrazil, alfenas17 August 2009Messias Soares Cavalcante (Brazil) has collected a total of 12,800 different cacha?a bottles since 1988.Cachaça is the most traditional and most consumed spirit in Brazil. It is made from sugar cane and is similar to white rum. There are many rare bottles in Mr Cavalcante's collection including Pele and the Sagatiba Preciosa which was purchased at a Christie’s auction in 2007.
364Longest chain of reef knots in five minutes (team)Agrupamento 626 - Corpo Nacional de EscutasPortugal, Linda-a-Velha14 April 2007In five minutes, 224 participants tied 8,841 reef knots resulting in a chain measuring 7,848 m (25,748 ft) long for an event organised by Agrupamento 626 - Corpo Nacional de Escutas (Portugal) at the National Stadium, Linda-a-Velha, Portugal on 14 April 2007.
365Most track inversions in a roller coaster
366First cartoon from a comicLittle NemoUSA, Query01 January 1911Windsor McCay's Little Nemo (US 1911), was a vitagraph production derived from the artist's Little Demo in Slumberland.
367Largest mass wedding ceremony in a prisonCarandiru prison120 peopleBrazil, Sao Paulo01 June 2000120 inmates of Carandiru prison, Sao Paulo, Brazil, married their fiancees in a mass ceremony on June 14, 2000.Quote from the BBC: "The brides wore white - the grooms wore prison trousers."
368Fastest piano stair climbJosé Angel Aria Villanueva1/6.35 minute(s), second(s)Spain, Madrid26 October 2000In a time of 1 min 6.35 sec, José Angel Aria Villanueva (Spain) climbed a staircase (15 steps each 35 cm (13.77 in) high spanning a total length of 2.5 m (8.2 ft)) carrying a piano stool and then returning to pick up a 175 kg (385 lb)piano before sitting down to play at it for three minutes on the set of El Show de los Réecords , Madrid, Spain on 5 December 2001.
369Most diabolo catches in a minuteWang Yueqiu16 timesChina, Beijing20 September 2007Wang Yueqiu (China) threw and caught a diabolo a minimum of 6 m (19 ft 8 in) high a total of 16 times in one minute on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 20 September 2007.
370Largest fishing lureEthan Sparks4.74/67.97/48.77 metre(s)United States, West08 August 2013The largest fishing lure had a length of 4.74 m (15 ft 6.72 in), a width of 67.97 cm (2 ft 2.76 in), and a height of 48.77 cm (1 ft 7.2 in), and was created by Ethan Sparks (USA), in West, Texas, USA, on 8 August 2013.Ethan added hooks to the bottom of the lure to match those present on the original fishing lure he replicated. They measured 85.34 cm (2.80 ft) tall and 68.28 cm (2 ft 2.88 in) long.
371Most playable characters in a survival-horror videogameEternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (Silicon Knights, 2005)01 January 2005The most playable characters in a survival horror videogame is 12, featured in Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (Silicon Knights, 2005).Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011
372Most skips over a single rope in three minutes by a teamThe Coca-Cola Foundation Rope Skipping STAR Program 2011- 2012Hong Kong, Hong KongThe most skips over a single rope in 3 minutes by a team was 501 and was achieved by The Coca-Cola Foundation Rope Skipping STAR Program 2011-2012 in Hong Kong, China, on 1 May 2012
373Most sizes of bras commercially availableDiana Co., Ltd.Japan16 March 2011Diana Co., Ltd. (Japan) manufactures and sells 69 different sizes of bras ranging from A60 to H100.Among 69 sizes of bras available, their best seller is D75 while G60 is the least popular.
374First dual-screen mobile phoneKyocera Echo smart phone8.9 centimetre(s)Europe, 01 January 2011Instead of one large an unwieldy 11.9-cm (4.7-in) smart phone screen, the Kyocera Echo smart phone is equipped with twin 8.9-cm (3.5-in) displays with a hinge in the middle so when closed, the phone is no larger than a regular touch slab-style screen smart phone. Each screen can run a different application or display a different web page, or a single app can be run or a single web page can be displayed across both screens one screen can also display a QWERTY keyboard. Echo runs Android 2.2 and is powered by a 1-GHz processor.
375First use of a Cardan GrilleGerolamo CardanofirstItaly, 01 January 1550The Cardan Grille was first used to disguise a secret message by Renaissance mathematician Gerolamo Cardano (Italy) in 1550. The technique is used to hide a message in an ordinary looking document. The writer of the message places a piece of card with irregular slots cut into it - a Cardan Grille - over a sheet of paper and then writes the message in the slots. He or she then removes the Grille and fills in the gaps to create an apparently ordinary looking message. The message can then be read later by someone who possesses a copy of the Grille – which would always be sent separately. Prominent figures known to have used a Cardan Grille include Sir Francis Bacon (UK) and Cardinal Richelieu (France).
376Most times for a golfer to score their age or below in 24 hoursBob Kurtz7 timesUnited States, Fairview01 August 2012The most times for a golfer to score their age or below in 24 hours is 7, achieved by Bob Kurtz (USA) at Chesley Oaks Golf Course in Fairview, Alabama, USA on 1 Aug 2012.Aged 71, Kurtz scored 70, 68, 68, 67, and 69 on his first five rounds. After being unable to beat his age on rounds 6, 7 and 8, he recovered for two more successful rounds scoring 70 and 69 on the par-71 course. Kurtz played to raise money for Victim Services of Cullman, Alabama, USA.
377Fastest time to dress a firefighter (fireman)Nicolas Fox, Michael Gerber27.08 minute(s), second(s)Germany, Rust,,Europa-Park27 June 2013The fastest time to dress a fireman is 27.08 seconds and was achieved by Nicolas Fox and Michael Gerber (both Germany), on the set of 'Wir Holen Den Rekord Nach Deutschland' at Europa-Park in Rust, Germany, on 27 June 2013.Nicolas Fox and Michael Gerber are both firemen from the 'Feuerwehr Emmendingen' fire station.
378Most ice cream scoops thrown and caught in one minute by a team of twoGabriele SoraviaGermany, Cologne01 September 2007The record for most ice cream scoops thrown and caught in oneminute by a team of two is 25, achieved by Gabriele Soravia(thrower) and Lorenzo Soravia (catcher) (both Germany), on the setof Guinness World Records - Die größten Weltrekorde in Cologne,Germany, on 1 September 2007.
379Longest journey on a pocketbike (minimoto)Ryan Galbraith, Chris Stinson716.58 kilometre(s)United States, Sturgis SD08 August 2009The Longest journey on a Pocketbike (Minimoto) is 716.58 km, (445.26 miles) achieved by Ryan Galbraith and Chris Stinson, (both USA) starting at Colorado, finishing in South Dakota, USA from 5 -8 August 2009. Ryan and Chris rode through 4 states including Colorado, Nebraska and South Dokota. Their full journey totalled just under 26 hours.
380Most times for a golfer to score their age and belowKermit Dannehl1138 timesUnited States, Phoenix06 August 2007The most times for a golfer to score their age and below is 1,138 by Kermit Dannehl (USA, 31 August 1919) mostly at Ahwatukee Country Club, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, between 1992 and 2007.
381Fastest 100 m waterski tow by rowing boatCharlotte Wharton, Imperial College Boat Club16.87 second(s)United Kingdom, Lincoln21 August 2013The fastest 100 m waterski tow by rowing boat is 16.87 sec and was achieved by Charlotte Wharton & Imperial College Boat Club (both UK), on the set of ‘Officially Amazing’ at Hazelwood Ski World, in Lincoln, UK, on 21 August 2013.
382Most people doing a handstandBraderie Comity of Wevelgem399 peopleBelgium, Wevelgem17 September 2006The most people doing a handstand simultaneously was 399 at an event organised by the Braderie Comity of Wevelgem in Wevelgem, Belgium on 17 September 2006.
383Most airfields visited in 24 hours a by fixed-wing aircraftMike RobertsUnited Kingdom, Wellesbourne21 June 2011The most airfields visited in 24 hours by a fixed-wing aircraft is 68, achieved by Mike Roberts (UK), who flew a Piper PA-28 181 between Alscot and Wellesborne, UK, on 21 June 2011.The registration of the aircraft is G-BYSP. Mike took off from the first airfield at 04:46 a.m. and touched down at the last airfield at 23:29 p.m.
384Fastest 20 m carrying a 300 kg barbell on the shouldersErvin KatonaChina, Beijing17 August 2011The fastest 20 metres carrying a 300 kg barbell on the shoulders is 8.15 seconds and was achieved by Ervin Katona (Serbia) on the set of CCTV Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 17 August 2011.
385Largest parade of electric mobility scootersMichel BourassaCanada, Victoriaville09 June 2012The largest parade of electric mobility scooters consisted of 159 participants and their scooters and was organized by Michel Bourassa (Canada) in Victoriaville, Canada, on 9 June 2012.
386First videogame to use a CPUGunFightfirst, 01 January 1975The first game to use a CPU was GunFight in 1975. Before then all games had used logic chips.
387First published superhero to feature in a videogameSupermanNot Applicable01 January 1979Superman, became the first superhero to feature in a videogame with Superman (Atari, 1979), designed for the Atari 2600.
388Fastest marathon dressed as a jesterAlexander Scherz3/1/56 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London22 April 2012The fastest marathon dressed as a jester was 3 hr 1 min 56 sec by Alexander Scherz (Switzerland) at the 2012 Virgin London Marathon in London, UK, on 22 April 2012.
389Most chokeslams in one minute - wrestlingNury Ayaki, Carlo Lenzoni, Mariel ShehiItaly, Rome25 February 2010The most chokeslams in one minute is 34 and was achieved by Nury Ayachi a.k.a Kaio , Carlo Lenzoni a.k.a. Charlie Kid and Mariel Shehi (all Italy) on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 25 February 2010. The record was part of the Italian TV show "Lo Show dei Record". They competed against the previous record holders from the UK who were on the same show.
390Most countries represented at a Winter Paralympic Games44 countriesCanada, Vancouver01 January 2010The most countries represented at a Paralympic Games is 44, for the 2010 Games in Vancouver, Canada.

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