Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4021Youngest player in a Copa Libertadores Femenina (Female)Verónica Herrera12/10/8 year(s)Brazil, Recife22 November 2012The youngest player in a Copa Libertadores Femenina (Female) is Verónica Herrera (Venezuela) who was 12 years, 10 months and 8 days old when she played for the Caracas F.C. vs. Nacional de Uruguay in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, on 22 November 2012. Herrera currently plays for Hermandad Gallega de Caracas in Caracas, Venezuela, and is on the Venezuelan national women's team.
4022Most powerful trebuchet (with projectile weight of 1 - 20 kg)De Blijde VriendenNetherlands, Oosterend02 August 2008The most powerful trebuchet (for a projectile of less than 20 kg or 44 lb) threw a 16.7kg (36 lb 13 oz) projectile over a distance of 363.85 m (1,193 ft 8 in) and created a power output of 6,076.2 kg m (43,949.2 lb ft). It was built and fired by 'De Blijde Vrienden' at Oosterend Present in Oosterend, Texel, Netherlands, on 2 August 2008.
4023Largest human image of an anchorUniversity of Antique, Angkla Party-List6,000 peoplePhilippines, Antique, Philippines19 January 2016The largest human image of an anchor involved 6,000 participants and was achieved by the Angkla Party-List and University of Antique (both Philippines) at the University of Antique, Siba-Lom, Philippines, on 19 January 2016. The image of an anchor was made by students and members of the public. The additional participants making up the "Angkla" sign were not counted in the total.
4024Most floors in a buildingBurj KhalifaUnited Arab Emirates, DubaiThe Burj Khalifa, located in Dubai, UAE, is the building with the most floors, at 163.
4025Most fibroids removedRabiya SultanaIndia, Hyderabad15 February 2016The most fibroids removed in a single operation is 84, from the patient Rabiya Sultana (India), in Maxcure Hospital, Hyderabad, Telangana, India, on 15 February 2016.The fibroids were removed by Dr Manjula Anagani and their team, the total weight of the fibroids removed was 4 kg, with the largest weighing 1.07 kg.Rabiya was 40 years old at the time of the operation.
4026Procter & Gamble (P&G) LA
4027Rescue cat Merlin sets new world record for loudest purrMerlin, a rescue kitty from Torquay, Devon (UK) now has plenty to make a noise about after being confirmed as having the world record for Loudest purr by a domestic cat.
4028Guinness World Records Classics: Most consecutive donut spins while standing on the roof of a carEach week here on, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.
4029Prime Minister Modi helps India stretch its way to world records during International Day of YogaIndia's Prime Minister Narendra Modi led thousands in a spectacular mass participation attempt for two Yoga world record titles yesterday in New Delhi.
4030How Al Roker’s TV weather report marathon record attempt broke the internet
4031Vote for the best video game of all time and win a Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510 gaming headset worth 𧶲What is the best video game of all time? It’s a question constantly argued by gamers around the world, and now Guinness World Records is stepping in for the definitive answer.We’re giving our readers the chance to have their say with a worldwide vote to find out which computer game classic deserves the accolade.Any game is accepted, so which will get your vote?Will it be a trailblazing early arcade game like Space Invaders, Pac Man or Tetris? Or perhaps a breakthrough console game like Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or Final Fantasy VII?Maybe you’d opt for a sports simulation such as NBA Jam or FIFA 13, or a shooter like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?Or perhaps a more recent title like Bethesda’s ambitious role-player The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Valve’s puzzle favourite Portal 2 or Naughty Dog’s PS3 survival epic The Last of US.You can cast your vote in the link below. Voting closes on 25 th September 2013.As an extra incentive, all those who vote will be in with a chance of winning a great prize.We're giving away two incredible Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510 gaming headsets worth £250 to two lucky participants.With over 35 years of audio experience, Turtle Beach has helped a lot of gamers get the most immersive experience out of many many games and their Ear Force XP510 is their latest and greatest fully wireless headset. It's interference-free, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Dolby® Digital Surround Sound and the most advanced gaming audio system Turtle Beach has ever created.With up to 15 hours of continuous play from the rechargeable battery, you can also stream music to your headset via Bluetooth, answer calls from your phone, enjoy incredible theatre audio with its unique Movie preset and take your headset anywhere connected to your mobile, tablet or portable game system.We’ll be announcing the winning game of the vote in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2014. On sale at the end of the year, as well featuring results of the poll, the seventh instalment of this best-selling videogames almanac will feature poll results as well as loads of official gaming records, trivia and exciting features.To place your vote click here.For full terms and conditions, can be found here.To find out more about the XP510, click here or visit
40322013 in World Records - February: Justin Bieber takes Twitter crown and a new oldest living person is discoveredWhere does Misao Okawa fit into our look back at 2013?We move along with our look back at the Year in World Records with February – obviously the shortest month of the year, but one no less jampacked with amazing stories from the Guinness World Records universe. The month, of course, brought us Valentine’s Day and the annual celebration of Black History Month, as well as the buzzworthy Academy Awards. But here are a few record stories that particularly caught our eye.The month started off with Justin Bieber continuing his march toward galaxy domination. The teen heartthrob overtook Lady Gaga for most followed Twitter account on February 1. Katy Perry has since knocked off the Biebs, but we’re sure his next album or publicity stunt will get him back on top.Soon thereafter in February, America’s greatest national treasure – the Super Bowl – gave us a game for the ages. A battle of sibling head coaches, a wild mid-game power outage, and plenty of records broken as the Baltimore Ravens won their second-ever Lombardi Trophy.videoSticking to the sports world, Michael Jordan – certainly one of the most recognizable stars on Earth over the last 25 years – hit a personal milestone by celebrating his 50 th birthday. We examined the amazing legacy created by His Airness.MJ still has a while to go to catch Misao Okawa (Japan, above) though. Celebrating her 115 th birthday 10 days after Jordan, Okawa was named the oldest person living, a title she’s still holding onto in good health in Osaka.February also saw the debut of the first Guinness World Records TV show to hit America in more than a decade. Hosted by Dan Cortese and Zach Selwyn, with GWR adjudicators Stuart Claxton and Liz Smith, the truly one-of-a-kind “ Guinness World Records Unleashed” is now in its second season on truTV.The month wasn’t without its sad news, however. Within weeks of each other, we learned of the passing of Do, the world’s oldest rabbit, and Stewie, the longest cat. For a heartwarming look back at what these friends meant to their owners, read first-person accounts from Do’s owner Jenna Antol and Stewie’s owner, Robin Hendrickson. < Read 2013 in World Records – January Read 2013 in World Records – March >
40332013 in World Records - June: Man of Steel, Lebron James, giant pub crawl highlight wild monthJapan's Jiroemon Kimura was the oldest person ever verified to have lived.What with the transition from spring to summer, the overlapping of sports seasons, the start of the movie blockbuster window, and a lot of other convergences, June is always a busy month. But this year? Wow. From Superman rejoining the international conscience to a man who just acts like Superman showing us things we’d never expect on a basketball court, June brought a little bit of everything to the world of records.We live in the age of the movie superhero, but no caped crimefighter would be where they are today without the iconic Superman. Clark Kent came back to the media forefront with the June release of “Man of Steel.” We took a look at the top five Superman records to celebrate, including this attempt:In the sports world, he may not actually run faster than a speeding bullet or leap tall buildings in a single bound, but man if it doesn’t seem that way. Lebron James led the Miami Heat to a second straight NBA title, working with Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Ray Allen to overtake the San Antonio Spurs in what promised to be one of the greatest NBA Finals of all time. It delivered. I’m shutting up and watching this again.videoJune also was a great month for celebrating things. First we had the charity “Crawl for Cancer” showing us how to party in style by breaking the record for the largest pub crawl. Then we had a Florida restaurant mixing the largest pitcher of sangria. This was followed by Glastonbury bringing the record-breaking noise and all wrapped up by Nik Wallenda having the world hold its breath while he tightrope walked across the Grand Canyon. Party on June!videoSadly, though, it wasn’t all good news for June. Midway through the month, we learned of the passing of Japan’s Jiroemon Kimura, the oldest verified person to ever live. Born on April 19, 1897 (!), Kimura reached the age of 116 years 54 days. Well worth the great read reflecting on his life here, which spanned such an incredibly dynamic time in human history. < Read 2013 in World Records – May Read 2013 in World Records – July >
40342013 in World Records – November: The world’s hottest chilli and the longest basketball shotWe continue our record-breaking look back over the past year of record breaking with the month that saw around 6,000 people killed as Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest storm ever recorded at landfall, hit the Philippines. Elsewhere in the news, next-generation games consoles the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox One finally hit store shelves, whilethe remaining members of influential comedy team Monty Python announced their reunion for a series of stage shows in London,The month began on with a Record Holder Profile video focusing on Juliana Buhring who holds the title for the fastest circumnavigation of the world on a bicycle by a female.Starting and finishing at Piazza Plebescito in Naples, Italy, Juliana’s amazing feat took 152 days and one hour and saw her cycle a gruelling distance of 29,070 km (18,063.22 miles).What made Juliana’s achievement perhaps even more incredible was the fact that prior to deciding to attempt the record, the 32-year-old had never ridden a bike before.The find out more about Juliana’s incredible story, watch the video below.videoAll around the world during this month, men were cultivating face fuzz for Movember - an annual moustache growing charity event that raises funds and awareness for male cancers.As an inspiration to everyone taking part in Movember, we placed the spotlight on Karl-Heinz Hille and his extraordinary record-breaking moustache, which features in the current Guinness World Records 2014 book. Hille, from Berlin, Germany, was recognised by Guinness World Records for holding the title for the most wins at the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Between 1999 to 2011, Hille, won 8 championships while competing in the Imperial partial beard category. His most recent success was in Trondheim, Norway, in 2011.London’s Royal Albert Hall was the venue for a successful attempt at the title for largest ocarina ensemble.A choir of primary schoolchildren, some as young as five years of age, led a total of 3,081 players to beat the previous record of 831 set in China three years ago.Their seven-minute performance of Ode to a Joyful New Star at the Barnardo’s Young Supporters Concert was achieved after weeks of ocarina practice in schools across the UK, Gibraltar and Jersey, culminating in a short rehearsal together on the day.British cricket fan Alby Shale had a record confirmed in November after batting for 26 hours solid at The Oval in London to set a new world record longest individual net session (male).UK Prime Minister David Cameron, England all-rounder Ravi Bopara and former Australia batsman Tom Moody, were among more than 200 people who sent down deliveries to Alby during the marathon net session to raise money for an international cricket ground in Rwanda.Ahead of the world premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the sci-fi series was recognised for two movie achievements.The first film based on Suzanne Collins’ trilogy of novels was confirmed as setting a world record for the highest grossing post-apocalypse movie.Meanwhile, the film’s protagonist Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, was recognised by Guinness World Records as the highest grossing action-movie heroine of all time.Released last year, the original Hunger Games movie took $408,010,692 (£252,824,000) at the US box office and grossed $691,247,768 (£428,333,000) worldwide.Swedish DJ pair Dada Life celebrated the release of their single “Born To Rage”, with a chaotic, yet successful attempt at the world record for largest pillow fight.A total of 3,813 partying concert-goers raged their way to the record during the group’s gig at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom, breaking a record that had stood for five years.videoA 1969 triptych of portraits by British artist Francis Bacon of his friend and fellow artist Lucian Freud became the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction.The three-picture piece was purchased by art dealer William Acquavella on behalf of an unnamed client for $142.4m (£89.6m) at Christie’s auction house, New York, following a six-minute bidding battle between seven prospective buyers.Three Studies of Lucian Freud, which depicts Freud seated on a wooden chair against an orange background, overtook the previous record held by Edvard Munch's The Scream (1895), which was sold to an anonymous buyer for $119,9 million (£74 million), on 2 May 2012, at Sotheby's in New York.With its humid subtropical climate, the American state of South Carolina has a reputation for its hot summers, but it now has a new claim to fame for heat, with confirmation in November that a local producer had developed the world’s hottest chilli.Grown by the suitably named Ed Currie from the PuckerButt Pepper Company, Smokin Ed's Carolina Reaper delivers an average of 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units (SHU).The Carolina Reaper’s heat rating beats the former record holder for most fiery chilli, the Trinidad Scorpion "Butch T" grown by The Chilli Factory (Australia), which was rated at 1,463,700 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) in March 2011.An interactive video released for a classic Bob Dylan song earned the singer a world record for longest wait for a single's official music video."Like a Rolling Stone" premiered on the musician's website in November – more than 48 years after the song originally became a hit around the world.Directed by Vania Heymann, the video allows viewers to scroll through 16 simulated TV channels by using the arrow keys on their keyboard.Each station features actors and real-life presenters lip-synching the lyrics to the 1965 single.To watch the record breaking video, click here.November also saw confirmation that American sculptor Ed Jarrett had broken the record for tallest sandcastle for the fourth time in 10 years.Ed’s latest creation reached an astounding 11.63 m (38 ft 2 in) in height and was constructed off of Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.Click below to watch time-lapse footage of the “sandscraper” being built.videoA special 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who set a new world for the largest ever simulcast of a TV drama after the episode was shown in 94 countries across six continents.In addition to the TV broadcast, the episode was screened in over 1500 cinemas worldwide, including the UK, US, Canada, Latin America, Germany, Russia and Scandinavia. An official certificate presentation was made by Craig Glenday, Editor-in Chief of Guinness World Records to the show’s Executive Producer and Head Writer Steven Moffat at the Doctor Who Celebration, a special three-day event spanning the anniversary weekend at London’s ExCel. Cast members Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman were also in attendance along with thousands of fans from across the world.videoAlso recognised by GWR in November was baseball star Masahiro Tanaka of Japan's Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.Thanks to an incredible performance streak that ran from Aug. 26, 2012 to Oct. 27, 2013, Tanaka received official certification on three achievements: most consecutive games won by a pitcher (30) , most consecutive regular-season games won by a pitcher (28) and most consecutive games won by a pitcher in a single regular season (24)As Christmas grew ever closer, there was plenty of festive cheer in Canberra, Australia house of David Richards and his wife Janean.The pair had adorned their abode with a total of 502,165 Christmas lights, setting a record for the most lights on a residential property.It marks the second time the couple have held the record, after originally taking the title in 2011 when they decorated their home and property with 331,038 lights.videoFinally, November marked the ninth annual Guinness World Records Day, with thousands of people celebrating the international day of record-breaking across the globe.Among the world records confirmed on the day were: A grand total of 325 people waddled their way to a new record for the largest gathering of people dressed as penguins - read more and watch video hereHula queen "Marawa the Amazing" led a team of 10 in London to the world record for most hula hoops spun simultaneously - read more and watch video hereGerman daredevil Joe Alexander celebrated a world record double after setting new benchmarks for most darts caught by hand in one minute and most upright bottles walked across - read more and watch videos hereKenichi Ito broke his own record for the fastest 100m running on all fours in Tokyo, Japan - read more and watch video hereNorway's Helge Johansen unfurled the world’s largest knitted scarf in Oslo - read more and watch video hereHarlem Globetrotters star Corey "Thunder" Law's pulled off the longest basketball shot in incredible style in Phoenix, USA - read more and watch video here.Tim Wade’s set a new benchmark for the most consecutive handsprings (male) in Texas, USA – read more and watch video here.New Yorker Scott Wiener took the largest collection of pizza boxes title - read more here.An incredibly detailed sculpture, pictured above, by China's Zheng Chunhui measuring 12.286 m (40 ft 3.701in) long was been confirmed as the world's longest wooden carving.In Australia, serial record breaker Chayne "Space Cowboy" Hultgren added another title to his tally, this time for the most swords swallowed simultaneously underwater, after guzzling three blades while submerged at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. < Read 2013 in World Records – October Read 2013 in World Records – December >
4035Escapade break largest gathering of people dressed as Superman record at Kendal Calling music festivalEscapade, one of the UK’s top fancy dress companies, successfully made their way into the record books last month after organising a superhero feat while also raising money for charity.The company provided hundreds of free Superman costumes, in all shapes & sizes, for an eager collection of music fans at the Kendall Calling festival in Cumbria in an attempt to set a new world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Superman.Participants signed up to take part amidst a whirlwind of excitement that had been built up about the attempt on Facebook & Twitter.An eventual total of 867 donned the comic book hero’s iconic red cape, blue body suit and red shoes to set a new record, beating the previous record of 566, achieved by Sears Holdings Corporation (USA) at the Sears company headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Chicago, Illinois, in June.The attempt, which coincided with the launch of the Man of Steel film, was also used to help raise awareness for "Help for Heroes", a charity which works to provide better facilities for wounded British servicemen and women.Speaking after the attempt, Escapade’s Bhupendra Maisuria, said: “We are thrilled to have helped make history by creating a new Guinness World Records achievement, causing a bit of a stir, and having fun whilst raising much needed cash for a great cause.“We were stunned by the incredible reaction of festival goers who really took up the mantle and joined us to break the record.“The work that our servicemen and women do makes them the real life superheroes. We’ve supported Help for Heroes since 2009 and wanted to pay tribute to them by dressing as Superman for the day.”“Our thanks go out to all the Supermen who took part in our successful record-breaking attempt.”A spokesperson for Kendal Calling said: “We are delighted that Escapade chose Kendal Calling for this incredible challenge, the stunt really helped to captivate festival goers on the day. We were more than happy to offer our support in helping break a Guinness World Records title, and are excited to see what the team have in store in future.”video
4036BAFTA for the Queen, Persian passion for Top Gear, and film critic Roger Ebert dies - The News in World RecordsRecord-breakers in the news todayIn a gala celebration at Windsor Castle, the Queen received an honourary Bafta award for her lifelong support of the British film and television industry.The monarch (pictured above receiving the 100 millionth GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book from managing director Alistair Richards) was presented the award by actor and director Sir Kenneth Branagh.George Lucas, whose Star Wars series created him the largest personal fortune from a film franchise, flew in especially for the event, saying the UK had been "influential" in his career.The Queen appeared in a film outing of her own last year, starring alongside James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) in a short feature as part of the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, appearing to parachute into the stadium from a helicopter.The most recent Bond film starring Craig, Skyfall, is the highest-grossing James Bond film to date. In an unexpected turn, it's been revelaed that Iranians are in love with the BBC TV series Top Gear, and host Jeremy Clarkson in particular.Top Gear is the most widely viewed factual programme in the world, airing in over 210 countries." I'd love to take the show to Iran," remarked Clarkson, loved by audiences worldwide for his irreverent and often inappropriate humour, " but there is a rule in place that the BBC isn't allowed to go there, which is very sad."Legendary American film critic Roger Ebert has died aged 70, after a prolonged battle with cancer.The death of the critic, loved as much for his reviews of films he disliked as enjoyed, was met with an outpouring of emotional tributes from stars across the film industry.Oscar-winning actor Samuel L Jackson ( highest box office film gross for an actor) called the critic " the real deal" and a " good friend" in his tribute.Ebert's top 10 favourite films of all time included hits such as Citizen Kane, Raging Bull, Apocalypse Now, and Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo - which featured the first shot using "dolly zoom," a dizzying effect designed by Irmin Roberts.A ban on pesticides linked to the death of bees has been proposed in the UK.Scientists have good evidence that sprays containing neonicotinoids are leading to the deaths of key species such as honey bees, responsible for pollinating around one-third of the world's crop production.The largest honeycomb was produced by a beehive owned by Argirios Koskos and weighed 10.4 kg - while the heaviest mantle of bees wornweighed in at 62.1 kg, achieved by Ruan Liangming of China.
4037Margaret Thatcher dies, Man United mega deal, and Evil Dead kills it at box office – The news in world recordsRecord-breakers in the news todayFormer UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke. Lady Thatcher was Conservative prime minister from 1979 to 1990 and was the first woman to hold the role.She also held the record for the longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century, having been in office for 11 years and 208 days from 4 May 1979 to 28 November 1990.Scientists have come up with a way to cut half the fat from chocolate.Researchers at the University of Warwick have developed a process for creating the confectionary that uses fruit juice instead of fat, yet still managing to retain its "chocolatey" feel and taste.The world’s best-selling chocolate bar is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, generating annual sales worth $852 million worldwide.It is especially popular in the UK – the British are the second largest per capita consumers of chocolate in the world (after the Swiss), getting through an average of 8.6 kg (19 lbs) per person every year.English Premier League football team Manchester United have today announced a £15m-a-season deal that will see the club’s Carrington training ground renamed the Aon training complex.The eight-year deal, which starts in July, gives the American insurance giant the right to display its logo on training kit for friendly and competitive domestic fixtures.The longest ongoing sponsorship of a professional football competition is 20 years, achieved by J.League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup (Japan), on 3 November 2012.Finally, horror remake Evil Dead has proved a hit with movie fans after earning $26m (£17m) in its opening weekend at the US box office.Directed by Fede Alvarez and produced by Sam Raimi - who also wrote and directed the 1981 original, it tells the gory story of a group of five twenty-something friends who are terrorised by and possessed by demons during a trip to a cabin in the woods.Despite the opening weekend success, the Evil Dead franchise has some way to go before it matches the success of another scary series of movies.With a total worldwide gross of $733 million (£481 million) over its first six instalments, the Saw franchise holds the record for the world's most successful horror movie series.
4038Chocofest in Brazil builds largest chocolate rabbit to celebrate EasterMore like here comes Peter Chocolate-tail.To prepare for an Easter celebration, the Brazilian company Senac-RS took to the city of Gramado's annual "Chocofest" earlier this week and helped construct the largest chocolate rabbit. Here it is in its full 3,850 kg (8,488 lb) glory. In typical Brazilian fashion, he looks pretty much in control with a soccer ball at his feet!You'll note the scale at the rabbit's foot says he weighs a triumphant 3,856 kg. But, in a move to make many of us envious, he actually lost some weight due to evaporation in a cooling box between the time he was first set and when the official Guinness World Records adjudicator arrived to take its final measurement.A team of nine constructors worked together to combine the 6,000 bars of chocolate needed for the rabbit. Then one main sculptor took an axe and chisel to the chocolate mass in order to arrive at the final design.The gigantic treat didn't just impress in its mass. The rabbit also measured 4.1 m (13 ft 5 in) tall, 1.9 m (6 ft 2 in) wide at its base and 1.8 m (5 ft 10 in) in depth.The rabbit took five days to create in all. The chocolate blocks were first set like bricks with melted chocolate poured in between, as if building a house. Senac-RS also involved a professional engineer to ensure the stability of the rabbit.The event took place during the annual “Chocofest,” which occurs in the southeastern city of Gramado around Easter each year. Chocofest has earned a reputation as a major tourist attraction, bringing families with young children to Gramado from all parts of Brazil.After staying on display for the week through Easter Sunday, Senac-RS will deconstruct the rabbit and donate its chocolate to "Mesa Brasil," a program that collects and distributes food to those in need across the country.It marks the third time out of four successful attempts that the largest chocolate rabbit resides in Brazil. Duracell South Africa built a 3,010 kg (6,635 lb 91 oz) bunny in 2010, after Brazil hosted successful attempts in 2007 and 2009.And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
4039Marvel's Deadpool wedding issue makes comic book historyAs it hit stands Wednesday, Marvel's Deadpool #27 issue set a new world record for the most comic book characters on a single issue cover.The instantly iconic, record-breaking issue features Wade Wilson tying the knot in front of hundreds of friends and family. The oversized cover includes an amazing 232 total characters, a feat never accomplished before on a single comic book cover.Of those 232, 224 were deemed publicly familiar enough by Guinness World Records to qualify for the mark, establishing a true comics first. Here's the cover in full.The "Merc with a Mouth" is now the Merc in Matrimony in the super-sized pages of the issue. Deadpool #27 was put together by current Deadpool writers Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn, along with a collection of nine previous Deadpool scribes, including Fabian Nicieza, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly, Christopher Priest, Jimmy Palmiotti, Frank Tieri, Gail Simone, Daniel Way and Victor Gischler.“When artist Scott Koblish proposed this cover layout to me, I thought he was crazy," said Deadpool editor Jordan White, below left. "But it’s the kind of crazy you have to respect. I think there’s no better testament to both his insanity and the amazing cover he and colorist Val Staples produced than an officially recognized world record.”As Marvel claims, a day many never dreamed would come has finally arrived – and the issue promises to be anything but traditional. For starters, Deadpool’s bride Shiklah is an ancient and royal succubus, sure to make the ceremony one for the ages.It's not the only time Marvel found itself in the news for record-breaking this week. With its release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the legendary comics again landed on a number of front pages. But in addition to that, Guinness World Records also certified comic illustration legend Ken Bald - whose career included work on Captain America - as the oldest comic book artist. Check out a full Q-and-A with Bald here.For the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
4040Challengers Highlights - Backflips, Bejeweled Blitz, and Bubble Gum Bubbles!Hi there world record fans, welcome to the latest installment in this regular series, looking at the latest happenings on our Challengers website. Challengers is our free and fast online record-breaking platform, where anyone can make a world record attempt at home, and share their video of it with the world, potentially even earning themselves an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate! Find out more about Challengers, and learn how to use the site HERE. Now, what's happened on Challengers in the past 4 weeks? Let's take a look... New records awardedAlmost 50 world records have been awarded on Challengers in the last month, for attempts ranging from the most uncooked rice grains moved using chopsticks to the longest paperclip chain made in 30 seconds. Here are a few of the highlights:Most backflips in 30 seconds:Jed Evans showed off his gymnastic talents, completing 22 backflips in just 30 seconds.videoHighest score on Bejeweled Blitz:User "jimboextreme" used lightning reflexes to achieve this record score of 822,950 points.User of the monthEach month, we'll take a look at one of our record-holding Challengers users, finding out what records they hold, and why they like to break world records on the site.This time it is music composition college student Frank Sartain, aka "pogoboy", who currently holds videogaming two world records!Frank says: " I discovered Challengers through the main Guinness World Records site. I enjoy attempting the video game records as I enjoy playing video games for fun, and playing them to attempt a World Record adds a whole new level of excitement to this. In the future, I hope to break more records in the videogame category and perhaps some other records too."New challenges addedWe regularly add new world records to Challengers, to ensure there is always something fresh and exciting for you to make an attempt at - and often this is the result of a user suggestion. Recently-added challenges include:Most bubble gum bubbles blown in one minuteHow many bubble gum bubbles would a bubble gum blower blow? Well, we want to find out, so show us!Fastest time to eat 200g cucumberHere at Guinness World Records, we like to encourage the eating of a healthy diet. Make sure you get one of your five-a-day by taking part in this challenge.Most coins stacked on the back of the hand in one minuteA true test of both hand-eye coordination and balance, can you beat Silvio's record of 58?
4041Kansas City Chiefs fans are the new loudest in the worldIf there's one thing the NFL promises each year, it's that nobody should feel comfortable at the top.The fans of the Kansas City Chiefs proved not only that this week they also showed something brand new: that they're officially the loudest sports fans in the world.Less than one month after the Seattle Seahawks' "12th Man" broke the record for loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium, the 76,394 at Arrowhead Stadium rallied behind their undefeated Chiefs to raise the bar even higher.The official final reading: 137.5 decibels. It eclipsed the Seahawks fans' mark by less than a decibel.“It was out of control today,” Zach Aaron, Chiefs game day engineer, told the team's web site. “It was the loudest thing I have ever heard for the longest time I have ever heard."The record-breaking peak reading came on a sack of Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor with 42 seconds left in the game. It was a fitting cap to a defensive masterclass from the Chiefs, who sacked Pryor 10 times overall en route to a 24-7 win.The victory took Kansas City to a perfect 6-0 start on the season, the team's best run out of the gate in 10 years.Long proponents of a reputation as some of the best and most supportive fans in the NFL, Chiefs followers had fallen on hard times recently, with their team recording only one winning season in the last six.But in a season in which so much is going right for Kansas City in its turnaround on the field, the achievement by those in the crowd took a unique turn in the spotlight Sunday, even earning praise from the players after the game."Congratulations to our incredible fans at Arrowhead," Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt also told the team's web site. "Not only were they loud, but they knew when to be loud and helped propel their Chiefs to victory. They proved what we've known for a long time - Chiefs fans are the best and loudest in the NFL."
4042Konica Minolta pedals its way to static cycling relay record in Hong KongAn annual environmental awareness festival held by IT company Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Limited was the scene of a suitably green world record attempt recently, when 379 people pedalled their way to the title for Most People in a Static Cycling Relay in 12 Hours.The successful attempt took place at during the Konica Minolta Green Concert 2013 at the Excelsior Plaza in Hong Kong’s World Trade Centre.Members of the public were encouraged to join the official attempt which ran from 10am to 10pm.Under the rules for the record, each participant needed to cycle a minimum of 1 kilometer before passing on to the next relay-style, with no more than a 20 second gap allowed between one participant dismounting and the next person beginning his or her cycle.In order to set a new record, Konica Minolta were set a target of 250 people completing the required 1km in order to achieve the title, a figure they beat in some style.Michelle Hui, Manager of Marketing & Corporate Communications Department for Konica Minolta kicked off the attempt, with Robert Ip, the company’s Director of Marketing, Sales and Technical Service, completing the final leg of the challenge 12 hours later.The attempt also saw the support of seven Executive Committee Members from the Hong Kong Cycling Association who acted as witnesses.Speaking after the event, Yoshihisa Ishibashi, Managing Director of Konica Minolta Business Solutions said: “Since 2010, Konica Minolta has been organizing the Green Concert, a large-scale human-powered concert, alongside the Power Generating Challenge – a contest to generate electricity for the Concert through pedaling static bikes with the aim of arousing public attention to environmental protection and raising funds for charity organizations.”“This year, we have a very special new element to mark the occasion – the Guinness World Records™ Official Attempt, making the campaign this year an all-in-one event covering sports, green, charity, music, and a Guinness World Records™ title.“With the corporate slogan ‘Green at Heart’, we hope the Green Concert can continue to be an annual signature event for Hong Kong.”
4043Raytheon and MATHCOUNTS Add Up to a New World RecordMany GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS holders are famous for their physical abilities. The tallest man or the fastest marathon by a female, for example.But on May 10, a group of 325 participants banded together to prove that world records can just as easily be achieved with the mind.That group worked as one to set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS achievement for the fastest human formation of Pascal’s triangle (first 25 rows) at the 2013 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS® National Competition in Washington, D.C. Needing to finish in under 10 minutes, they completed a blistering time of 6 minutes, 16.57 seconds"Mathletes come to the Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition to compete against each other for the top title," said Allison Jeannotte, Director Strategic Initiatives with Raytheon Company. "Our GWR attempt was the first time in the competition's 30-year history that the Mathletes completed something together. Setting records is in their blood and this allowed all of them to be winners that day. Each student walked away a GWR certificate--they were thrilled." Pascal's triangle is a mathematical phenomenon in which each number in the triangle equals the sum of the two numbers immediately above it, an example of whichcan be seen here.The record-breaking group consisted of 244 middle-school students, 61 math coaches, and 20 advisors. They were each assigned a random, unknown number and – upon a starting signal – had to reveal their numbers and get in position using nothing more than verbal communication.Check out this video of the frenetic, record-breaking event.videoAfterward, MATHCOUNTS executive director Lou DiGioia (seen as the last person to enter the triangle in the video) said, “This one event brought everyone together. You had 325 people working together for one goal, and it was awesome.”The competition and record attempt brought together participants from all 50 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., U.S. territories, and schools from the Departments of Defense and State.After days of competing against each other for national championships, the record attempt gave all involved a chance to finally compete on the same side.“I think that it is really cool,” said Joy Smith, an 8 th-grade competitor from Wyoming, “that even though we’re from cities that no one has ever heard of, we get to come to D.C., which is awesome, and we get to set a record that we never thought about doing before.”
4044Blizzard launch Warcraft card game, My Chemical Romance split and Peter Kay’s new show – The news in world recordsRecord-breakers in the news todayWorld of Warcraft makers Blizzard has taken the wraps off its new project - a collectable card game.Set for release before the end of the year, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free-to-play game based around cards players gather, with gamers able to advance faster by buying cards in stores.Blizzard’s Diablo III became the fastest selling PC videogame of all time last year, after selling an impressive 3.5 million copies in its first 24 hours after launch.British comedian Peter Kay is to make his first show for BBC One – a sitcom titled Car Share, that will go out on TV only after making its debut on the UK channel’s iPlayer online catch up service.Kay, who has also directed the six half-hour episodes plays a supermarket worker forced to spend his commute with a colleague as part of a company car-share scheme.The Bolton-born funnyman holds the record for most tickets sold for a stand-up comedy tour after shifting 1,140,798 tickets for 2011’s ‘Tour That Doesn't Tour Tour'.US rock band My Chemical Romance have announced they are splitting up.New Jersey group formed in 2001 and have released four albums together.Following the announcement on Saturday, singer Gerard Way posted a picture of escape artist Harry Houdini on his Twitter page.The fastest handcuff escape blindfolded is 4.06 seconds, achieved by Zdenek Bradac (Czech Republic), at Mseno Police Station, in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic, on 29 November 2010.Finally, bodybuilding guru Joe Weider, who helped launch Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hollywood career, has died aged 93.Weider, who founded the Mr Olympia bodybuilding contest and built a magazine empire that included titles such as Muscle and Fitness, Shape and Men's Fitness, died in Los Angeles of heart failure on Saturday.Lee Haney (USA) holds the record for most Mr Olympia titles, having won eight times from 1984 to 1991 a feat equalled by Ronnie Coleman (USA) between 1998 and 2005.Not far behind is Schwarzenegger, who has won the competition a total of four times.
4045Crawl For Cancer Breaks Long-Standing Pub Crawl RecordEveryone can agree that fighting cancer is a good thing.And at least a lot of people can agree that heading to the pub for a drink with friends is a good thing.Enter Crawl for Cancer, Inc.This group, established in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, has been organizing pub crawls since 2001 to raise money and awareness for those fighting cancer. It hosts pub crawls in 20 cities across America and biannually in its native Kansas City.For years, the group unofficially saw thousands of participants signing up and taking part in its outings. Finally, this year, they decided to make it official – GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS official.The result? A new record achievement of 4,885 participants for the most people on a pub crawl, achieved on June 1."I have always been proud of our organization," said Crawl for Cancer president Samantha Green, "for bringing people together to remember those we've lost, to celebrate survivors, and raise significant money for the wonderful charities we support while having fun doing it."The crawl took place in Kansas City’s renowned Power & Light District, of which 21 different pubs took part and ordered more than 4,600 gallons of beer to support the festivities. The crawl raised more than $100,000 (£65,145) for local charities.Record guidelines stated that each participant had to drink at least half a pint of any drink (alcoholic or not) at a minimum of 10 different bars and that the whole event had to be completed within 8 hours. Only public transportation or walking was permitted, and for those who did take part in a libation, all drinking age laws were adhered to.With many of the participants having known cancer sufferers or survived the disease themselves, the pub crawl took on a festive atmosphere with costumes and good times being the themes of the day.Only adding to the event, bar crawlers’ costumes ranged from army fatigues, grass skirts, and Ninja Turtles to Smurfs and Oompa-Loompas.Now in the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS database, the achievement of Crawl For Cancer knocked off the previous pub crawl mark of 4,718 participants that had stood for four years."This record was a lot of work and determination by hundreds of volunteers and thousands of participants," Green said. "It confirms that we are the biggest and the best fundraising pub crawl in the world!"
4046Cristiano Ronaldo breaks boy's arm, South Korea has fastest Internet, and drunk man swims from Canada to U.S. - News in World RecordsWhen Cristiano Ronaldo stands over a free kick, even the most world-class keepers quiver. Well, they can take a page from the book of 11-year-old Charlie Silverwood. The Bournemouth fan, sitting behind goal, broke his wrist when a Ronaldo missile missed its target and struck Silverwood in the crowd as Real Madrid took on Bournemouth in an exhibition. These soccer shots are no daisies: the record for fastest shot recorded in a match is David Hirst's 114 mph (183 km/h) rocket in 1996. Here's video of the Ronaldo shot plunking Silverwood, who later received an autographed jersey from CR7 as an apology.videoOf course the biggest news around these parts here today is our announcement of the new world's oldest living man. For a full breakdown of 112-year-old Mr. Salustiano Sanchez, check out his whole story here.Trouble loading this article? Live in America? A new report shows that the U.S. continues to drop in Internet speed rankings, while South Korea boasts the fastest Internet connection speed of any nation. America slipped to 9th place in Akamai's "State of the Internet" report, due mainly to the country's expansive territory, large population, and paucity of providers.From the "Things We Would Never Endorse" department, a Canadian man got drunk and decided to go for a swim -- across the Detroit River and into the United States, just to see if he could do it. He did, but at the cost of three U.S. and Canadian coast guard boats and a helicopter being deployed to search for him, plus a fine expected to run him anywhere from $5,000 (£3,255) to $25,000 (£16,275). Here is that man, John Morillo, giving an interview and sounding pretty contrite.videoThis kind of thing should be left to the pros, like Şahika Ercümen (Turkey), who holds the female record for longest breath held swim under ice (using fins and a diving suit) at 110 m (360 ft 11 in). When she broke this record in 2011, it also beat the male record at the time.
4047Meet Verrückt: the world's new tallest water slideHigher. Faster. Wetter?That's exactly the idea behind Schlitterbahn Water Park's newest attraction, the exotically named Verrückt.Located in Kansas City, Kansas, USA, the Verrückt is scheduled to open to the public May 23 and when it does, it will do so as the tallest water slide. Officially verified by Guinness World Records prior to its opening, the Verrückt stands at a record-breaking height of 51.38 m (168 ft 7 in).After the initial, nearly vertical drop, riders then zoom up a five-story hill before coming to a stop, presumably with their hearts nearly literally ready to beat out of their chests. Top speeds are expected to hit 65 mph (104.6 km/h).For an even better idea of just how daunting and exciting the Verrückt looks, check out this video produced by Schlitterbahn for a bird's-eye view of the slide.videoRiders will take the slide four to a raft, with everyone strapped in and the slide surrounded by a protective mesh netting.For those uninitiated in German, verrückt translates as "insane." A fitting adjective for a ride that drops you from a height taller than Niagara Falls and twice as high as Shawn Dollar's record-breaking largest wave surfed.This graphic created by Schlitterbahn helps give a better idea of how the Verrückt stands comparatively.Click image to enlargeThe previous record belonged to Kilimanjaro at Águas Quentes Country Club in Rio de Janeiro. It stood at 49.9 m (163 ft 9 in) and was constructed in 2002. Schlitterbahn also operates four water parks throughout Texas, but none will have a slide to match the Verrückt."We wanted our Kansas City park to have an iconic ride all to itself," the Verrückt web site announced. "Just goes to show you, when Schlitterbahn has fun with water, we are always willing to go to record heights!"And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
4048Record-breaking fitness veteran Bob Natoli leads charge to six records in one dayBob Natoli broke his first Guinness World Records title on Feb. 4, 2006.Nearly a decade later, the Oswego, N.Y., resident continues full speed ahead.This time, Natoli - who held a career eight records in the world of fitness before his latest round of attempts - was joined by his son Bobby and son-in-law David Bourdon to unleash a single-day six-pack of record-breaking in Upstate New York.The 58-year-old Natoli led the way with three records broken himself:The most step-ups in one minute carrying an 80-lb pack is now 41.The most step-ups in one minute carrying a 100-lb pack is now 38.The most weight lifted by dumbbell rows in one minute (using one arm) is an aggregate 1,975.85 kg (4,356 lb).Natoli's son Bobby broke two records of his own, surpassing marks established by Internet fitness superstar Mike Chang. Bobby Natoli performed the most knuckle push-ups in one minute with 58 and the most pull-ups in one minute wearing a 40-lb pack with 23.Joining the action on the pull-up bar, Bourdon achieved the overall record for most pull-ups in one minute with 42. All six records took place at the Pacific Health Club in Liverpool, N.Y.The trio had a cause in mind when approaching the records, beyond the requisite personal accomplishment of breaking the previous marks. The group used the attempts to raise money for a local family that had recently been devastated by a tragic car accident.When a drugged driver hit the car of the area's Patterson family head-on in November, mother Meagen Patterson died, while 14-year-old son Justin Root, husband Lance, and the couple's two daughters, Olivia, 10, and Sophia, 2, were seriously injured.Natoli was able to present the Patterson family with a $5,000 check, while also using the attempt as a platform to raise awareness for the public to donate to the family as well.The elder Natoli can now claim 11 career Guinness World Records titles, ranging from those above to the most weight lifted by armbell curls in one hour. For his son Bobby, it makes three career records. For Bourdon, it was his first.For the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
4049Video: Watch Hennessey Venom GT supercar smash world record for accelerationPic: Philip RobertsonA Texan-built supercar has set a new Guinness World Record title for the Fastest 0-300 km h by a production car, after hitting an incredible186mph in just 13.63 seconds.Powered by a 7-litre V8 engine capable of an awe-inspiring 1,244bhp, the Hennessey Venom GT smashed the acceleration record during an attempt on Sunday at Ellington Field Airport runway in Houston, Texas.With Guinness World Records adjudicator Philip Robertson on hand for the attempt, the car, which was piloted by test driver John Kiewicz, set an official time of 13.63 seconds - the average of two runs completed in opposite directions along the runway (the first 13.18sec with a 6.5km/h tailwind, the second 14.08sec with a 9.7km/h headwind).Speaking after the attempt, John Hennessey, the boss of Hennessey Performance, said: 'We are exceptionally proud of our team at HPE who helped to make this new Guinness World Record possible.'It was a great moment, but this is just the beginning and we plan to set a few more speed records as part of our Venom GT validation process.Pic: Philip Robertson'We are in the process of looking for a runway or toll road long enough to make some top speed runs," Hennessey explained.'A flat four mile stretch of road would be ideal and we're confident the Venom GT will do 270mph-plus.'Only 29 examples of the Hennessey Venom GT are set to be made, with a third of those having been sold already.Each car takes six months to build and have an eye-watering price tag of £910,000,($1.44million), with Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler being among the exclusive group of owners.However, potential buyers may want to note that the Venom GT's record-holding status may be short lived, with the California-based manufacturer already hard at work on the car's successor - the Hennessey Venom GT2, which is said to produce up to 1119kW of power.videoVideo:
4050Latin singer Jencarlos Canela helps set new largest flag image record at Calle Ocho festival in MiamiThe entire world was united on a football field in Miami, Florida, earlier this month, in the shape of a larger-than-life image made entirely out of flags from every country, island and landmark on the planet. Latin singer and actor, Jencarlos Canela and his father and manager Heriberto had both always dreamed of becoming Guinness World Records record holders and so set about at an attempt for the title of largest flag logo/image.Teaming up with the Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation charity, the attempt took place on March 11, coinciding with Miami's 35 th Annual Calle Ocho Carnavale Celebration - an event celebarting all things 'Latin'.The Caenla's decided to create a number '1' using flags from every country in the world to represent the unity of all people as 'one world.' The rules for the attempt were straightforward -a minimum of 400 flags had to be used and connected with no spaces in between them to create one solid image. In order to verify the record, Guinness World Record adjudicator Johanna Hessling had to count all of the flags to verify how many had been used, while an aerial photo had to be taken of the entire image to ensure it did indeed form a number 1.It took over 100 volunteers to carefully roll out the image in order for the count to take place. Once this was done, a Miami firefighter climbed a fire truck's ladder to take the photo required for the record to be approved.Measuring a total length of 250 ft (76.20 m) by 36 ft (10.98 m), a total of 422 flags were confirmed to have been used and a new Guinness World Records record was declared.Jencarlos arrived at the Carnavale to receive the certificate at a special presentation later in the day before the flag image was paraded for over one million attendees of the festival to see.

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