Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4171Most Thomas flairs on a pommel horse in one minuteLouis Smith, Alberto BusnariItaly, Milan10 July 2014The most Thomas flairs performed on a pommel horse in one minute is 50 by Louis Smith (UK) on the set of Guinness World Records - Smashed, in London, UK, on 21 April 2009. The record was equalled by Alberto Busnari (Italy) on the set of 'Lo Show dei Record' in Milan, Italy, on 10 July 2014.Louis Antoine Smith (born 22 April 1989) is an English artistic gymnast. His strongest event is the pommel horse, at which he has been junior European champion (twice) and Commonwealth Games champion. On 8 September 2007 Smith won a bronze medal for pommel horse at the World Championship in Stuttgart. He represented Great Britain at the 2008 Summer Olympics and again at the London 2012 Olympics.Alberto Busnari is an Italian Olympic gymnast who has also competed against Louis Smith at Olympic level.
4172Most couples married simultaneously (single venue)Holy Spirit Association (Unification of World)35000 pairsKorea (South), Seoul07 February 1999Some 35,000 couples officiated over by Sun Myung Moon (b. 1920) of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity were married in the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea on 25 August 1995.
4173Longest tag-team videogame marathon on Sonic the HedgehogRespawn PointNot Applicable04 January 2012The longest Sonic gaming marathon by a tag-team ran for a total of seven days, from 28 December 2011 to 4 January 2012. Four members of the US-based gaming collective Respawn Point played 12 games from the main Sonic series, from Sonic the Hedgehog through to Sonic Generations (Sonic Team, 2011), with the record attempt being streamed online.
4174Most goals scored in a football (soccer) Gulf Cup of Nations match (individual)Majed Ahmed AbdullahIraq, Baghdad01 January 1979The most goals scored by an individual in a single Gulf Cup of Nations match is 5 and was first achieved by Majed Ahmed Abdullah for Saudi Arabia versus Qatar in Baghdad, Iraq on 3 April 1979 it was equaled by Jassem Al Houwaidi for Kuwait versus Qatar in Manama, Bahrain on 11 February 1998.
4175Fastest flamenco - most taps in a minute by a maleIsrael VivancosSpain, Madrid02 November 2012The most flamenco taps in one minute (male) is 1,317 and was achieved by Israel Vivancos (Spain), of the flamenco dance company "Los Vivancos", in Madrid, Spain, on 2 November 2012.
4176Largest orchestraQueensland Music Festival7224 peopleAustralia, Brisbane, Suncorp Stadium13 July 2013The largest orchestra consisted of 7,224 musicians playing a medley of "Waltzing Matilda", "Ode to Joy" and "We Will Rock You" at the 2013 Queensland Music Festival held at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on 13 July 2013.The record attempt was conducted by renowned jazz musician James Morrison and lasted for 6 min 8 sec.
4177Largest parade of steam rollersGreat Dorset Steam FairUnited Kingdom, Tarrant Hinton31 August 2013The largest parade of steam rollers consists of 103 vintage steam rollers and was achieved by the Great Dorset Steam Fair (UK) in Tarrant Hinton, Dorset, UK, on 31 August 2013.Ten years prior to the day, the Great Dorset Steam Fair set the previous record with 32 vintage steam rollers.
4178Most people pushing prams (strollers)Baby Kingdom Environmental Protection Education Fund Ltd746 participantsHong Kong, Hong Kong,,Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Hong Kong, China15 December 2013The most people pushing prams is 746 and was achieved by Baby Kingdom Environmental Protection Education Fund (Hong Kong) at Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade in Hong Kong, China, on 15 December 2013.
4179Largest wedding underwaterOrka Group Ltd303 peoplePoland, Jaworzno,Koparki Diving Base27 August 2011The largest underwater wedding was achieved by 303 divers who attended the marriage ceremony between Ewa Staronska and Pawel Burkowski (both Poland) during an event organised by Orka Group Ltd (Poland) at the Koparki Diving Base, Jaworzno, Poland, on 27 August 2011.The wedding ceremony lasted around 18 minutes and was preceded over by Father Pawel Wrobel, a local priest and licensed frogman. The couple and the priest communicated with each other underwater by using water proof texts and a system of sign language.
4180Longest continual TV subtitling (live)BBC Broadcast Subtitling UnitUnited Kingdom, London21 March 2003The longest, continual, live subtitling for a TV programme lasted for 44 hours. The BBC Broadcast Subtitling Unit (UK) began subtitling the BBC's live news coverage of the war in Iraq at 3 a.m. on 20 March and finished at 11 p.m. on 21 March 2003. The unit comprised of 12 stenographers working on various shifts at BBC Television Centre, London, UK and via remote access at the stenographer's homes (all in the UK). The subtitling was presented on BBC News 24 and BBC 1 news.
4181Largest mafia trialUnknown474 peopleItaly, Palermo10 February 1986In a trial of Mafia suspects in Palermo, Sicily, Italy, beginning on 10 Feb 1986, a total of 474 people were formally charged, of whom 121 were charged in absentia owing to their flight. In terms of numbers this was the biggest Mafia trial, with 426 found guilty and 19 sentenced to detention in perpetuity.
4182Most boxing speedball hits in one minuteMick FabarAustralia, Orange02 September 2008The greatest number of hits of a speedball registered in one minute is 447 by Mick Fabar (Australia) at the Champion Gym, in Orange, NSW, Australia, on 2 September 2008.
4183Largest islandGreenland2175600 square kilometre(s)Australia, GreenlandDiscounting Australia, which is usually regarded as a continental land mass, the largest island in the world is Greenland, with an area of about 2,175,600 km² (840,000 miles²). The largest sand island in the world is Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia with a sand dune 120 km (75 miles) long.It was the Norwegian explorer Erik the Red, near the end of the tenth century AD. He established Icelandic settlements which until the fifteenth century. Greenland has been governed from Denmark for most of its modern history, but in 1979, its mainly Inuit and Danish-Norwegian population voted for home rule. Today, the population of around 55,000 endure some of the harshest conditions on Earth. Most of the island is situated north of the Arctic circle, but, in the summer, the temperature can reach an average of 9C 48F. Apart from the areas around the mountainous coastline, Greenland is buried in a permanent ice cap. In the very middle of the island, the cap is as much as 3km 1.8miles thick, and the coastline is shaped by hundreds of fjords, carved out by glaciation.
4184Fastest-melting glacierVatnajokul glacierIcelandA volcanic eruption under Vatnajokul glacier (Europe's largest), Iceland, in October 1996 topped Lake Grimsvotn with meltwater. The meltwater flowed from the lake at an estimated 45,000m3/sec (1.6 million ft3/sec), making it the greatest melting of a glacier in recorded history.Glaciers are large moving masses if ice formed in (usually mountainous) regions where the rate of snowfall is greater than the rate of snow melting. The snow piles up, is compressed into ice by the weight of more snow above it, and begins to slowly flow downhill under the force if its own weight.
4185First theatre actor to be knightedHenry Irving01 January 1895Henry Irving (UK, 1838-1905) was knighted in May 1895. Making his London stage debut in 1866 in The Belles Strategem, he scored his greatest triumph at the Lyceum, London, UK, in November 1871 as a guilt stricken Alsatian burgomaster in The Bells: a role he was to perform over 800 times.He took over as manager of the Lyceum in 1878 and introduced the blackout during which scenery could be changed unseen by the audience. He died penniless having earned over ٠ million during his career.
4186Oldest actressJeanne Louise CalmentFrance01 January 1990Jeanne Louise Calment (France, 1875 - 1997), portrayed herself at the age of 114 in the film Vincent and Me (Can 1990) —a modern-day fantasy about a young girl who travels through time to the 19th Century to meet Van Gogh. Calment , the oldest woman to have been fully authenticated, is thought to have been the last living person to have known Vincent van Gogh.
4187Most consecutive weeks at No.1 on UK albums chartOscar Hammerstein, Richard Rodgers, South Pacific (1958)United Kingdom, ,,08 November 1958The film soundtrack to South Pacific (USA 1958), written by Oscar Hammerstein and Richard Rodgers (both USA), was the first No.1 album and held the position for a record 70 consecutive weeks from 8 November1958, eventually spending a record 115 weeks at No.1.
4188Longest theatrical run of a musicalThe Fantasticks17162 timesUnited States, New York27 June 1959The off-Broadway musical The Fantasticks by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt (both USA), opened on 3 May 1960 and finally closed on 13 January 2002 having been performed a record 17,162 times at the Sullivan Street Playhouse, Greenwich Village, New York, USA.
4189Longest theatrical run of a comedyNewsrevue1979/08/18 year(s), month(s), day(s)United Kingdom, LondonSince first opening at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, UK, on 18 August 1979, NewsRevue has continued its' run in London, UK, at the Kings Head Theatre (1979), Gate Theatre (1980-85) and the Canal Café Theatre (1985 to present) as well as producing a concurrent production every August for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.The cast, director and musical director change every six weeks and the show is up-dated on a weekly basis by the writing team, some of whom have been with the show since the start. Alumni include Rory Bremner, Josie Lawrence, Bill Bailey and the League of Gentlemen (all UK).
4190First public screening of a `talkie'Unknown1922/9/17 year(s), month(s), day(s)Germany, Alhambra cinema,Berlin17 September 1922The earliest public presentation of sound-on-film was The Arsonist (Germany/USA 1922) a short drama made in the Tri-Ergon process, shown at the Alhambra cinema, Berlin, Germany on 17 September 1922. It starred Erwin Baron (USA), who played seven of the nine parts.
4191Worst nuclear submarine accidentSoviet submarine K-219Bermuda, Bermuda06 October 1986On the 6 of October 1986, Russian nuclear submarine K-219 (Project 667-A Yankee Class) sank in the Atlantic Ocean 965 km (599 miles) North of Bermuda. The submarine carried two nuclear reactors and 16 nuclear missiles, making it the largest cargo of this type resting in the sea, at a depth of 5,800 m (19,028 ft).
4192Largest Irish danceCity of Dublin10036 participantsUnited States, City of Dublin04 August 2007The largest Irish dance involved 10,036 participants at the Dublin Irish Festival organised by the City of Dublin in Dublin, Ohio, USA on 4 August 2007.
4193Most 360° spins - giant Catalan papier-mâché model
4194Largest martial arts displayCheng Chunhe33996 participantsChina, Beijing,,outside the national stadium-the Bird nest in Beijing, China08 August 2009The largest martial arts display was achieved by 33,996 participants in an event organized by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports in Beijing, China, on 8 August 2009.the event was organized for the first national Fitness Day in China.
4195Farthest distance to move a bridgeUnknownUnited States, London01 January 1962London Bridge, unable to handle increasing volumes of traffic, was auctioned in 1962 to Robert McCulloch (USA) for $2,460,000 (£876,000). It was dismantled and moved brick-by-brick to Lake Havasu City, Arizona (USA) where it was reassembled and opened in 1971. The bridge was moved a total of 8,530 km (5,300 miles).There is an apocryphal story that McCulloch had bought the wrong bridge, and that he thought he was buying Tower Bridge. McCulloch ardently denies the story - the bridge was sold by the City of London because it was unable to cope with the increased traffic flow in the city. McCulloch wanted the bridge to attract tourists to his new development in Lake Havasu City.
4196Largest online quizVodafone TurkeyTurkey, Istanbul30 December 2011The largest online quiz involved 1,023 participants and was achieved by Vodafone Turkey Sales Channel, in Istanbul, Turkey, on 30 December 2011.1023 sales representatives from 42 cities in Turkey took part in the quiz which consisted of 45 questions.All of them started at the same time at 08:30 am and the quiz lasted for more than one hour. The winner of the quiz was a sales representative from Antalya.
4197Largest hospital shipUSNS Mercy ClassUnited StatesUnited States Navy Ship (USNS) Mercy and her sister ship USNS Comfort each have a total patient capacity of 1,000, with 80 intensive care beds and 12 operating rooms, making them the largest floating hospitals in the world. Formerly supertankers, they are 272.5 m (894 ft) long, 32.2 m (105 ft 8 in) across, and have a full load displacement of 62,922 tonnes.In the wake of the World Trade Center attacks in New York on 11 September 2001, USNS Comfort provided medical support whilst anchored at docks in Manhattan.
4198First rail fatalityDavid Brooks1821/12/05 year(s), month(s), day(s)United Kingdom, Leeds05 December 1821The earliest recorded rail fatality occurred on December 5, 1821, when a carpenter, David Brook, was walking home from Leeds, England, along the Middleton Railway in a blinding sleet storm. He failed to see or hear an approaching train of coal wagons drawn by one of the Blenkinsop/Murray engines and was fatally injured.The first passenger-train accident in the US occurred on November 9, 1833 on the Camden Amboy Railroad between Spotswood and Hightown, New Jersey. One carriage overturned and 12 of the 24 passengers on board were seriously injured. The first large railway accident on record occurred in France on May 8, 1842. A 15-coach express from Versailles to Paris crashed when the axle of one of the two engines broke and several coaches piled on top of it. Locked compartment doors prevented passengers from escaping and 48 perished in the flames. Famous author Charles Dickens had a narrow escape on June 9, 1865, when a train derailed at Staplehurst, Kent, England, after running onto a viaduct that was being repaired. Ten people were killed but Dickens escaped unharmed, although it is said that he never quite recovered from the shock and died five years later to the day.
4199Youngest snooker player to score a 147 breakRonnie O' SullivanUK, Aldershot,Hampshire01 January 1991The youngest player to score a competitive maximum break was Ronnie O'Sullivan (UK, b. 5 December 1975), who was 15 years 98 days old when he achieved the feat during the English Amateur Championship (Southern Area) at Aldershot, Hampshire, UK, on 13 March 1991.
4200First date crossing the English Channel swimming30 May (1990)1990/05/30 year(s), month(s), day(s), English ChannelThe earliest date in the calendar year on which the English Channel has been swum is 30 May by Kevin Murphy (UK) in 1990, who achieved a time of 13 hr 16 min with the water at a temperature of 12ºC (54ºF).

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