Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4201Most expensive horse sold at auctionForestry colt16000000 US dollar(s)United States, Calder Race Course28 February 2006The highest price paid for a thoroughbred race horse at public auction is $16 million (then £9.1 million) for a two-year-old, then unnamed colt, who had yet to even race. The Forestry colt was bought through an agent, Demi O'Byrne (Ireland), in the auction held at Calder Race Course, Florida, USA on 28 February 2006.The bay colt, (with a white blaze) was bred in Florida, USA and sold at auction the year before (July 2005) for $425,000 (then £244,000).('Forestry' refers to its pedigree - see attachment).
4202Largest dish radio telescopeUnknownPuerto Rico, Arecibo01 November 1963The world's largest dish radio telescope is the partially-steerable ionospheric assembly built over a natural bowl at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, completed in November 1963. The dish has a diameter of 305 m (1000 ft) and covers 7.48 ha (18.5 acres), an area equivalent to roughly 14 American football fields.
4203Largest collection of train ticketsFrank HelkerGermany, Metelen07 June 2004Frank Helker (Germany) has a collection of 163,235 Edmondson railway tickets that he has amassed since the 1980s.Edmondson tickets are those that have been made using a specific printing and numbering machine. Thomas Edmondson invented the revolutionary system of printing rail tickets and it has been in wide use since 1843. Frank has railway tickets dating from 1902 to 2003.
4204Most beer mats flippedMat HandUnited Kingdom, NottinghamMat Hand (UK) flipped and caught a pile of 112 beermats on 9 May 2001 at Waterstone's Bookshop Gallery, Nottingham, UK. It took him over 4 hours and 129 attempts before Matt broke the previous record of 111.
4205First hand transplant operationClint HallamFrance, Lyon01 January 1998An international team of eight surgeons stitched the hand of a dead man to the wrist of 48-year-old Clint Hallam (New Zealand) in 1998, after he had suffered a chainsaw accident nine years previously. The fourteen hour operation at Lyon, France involved attaching bones in the new hand to exposed bones in Hallam's wrist. The bones were fixed using a metal plate with screws. Surgeons then stitched the two main arteries, the radial and cubital and upto 12 veins before connecting the nerves, muscles and tendons.Two years after the operation, Hallam complained that the hand from a motorcycle accident victim, was too pink and the wrong size.The hand was then amputated at his request on 3 February 2001.
4206Fastest bird - level flightGray-headed albatross127 kilometre(s) per hourAntarctica, Antarctica15 March 2003It’s not a plane – it’s a bird!In a 2004 report published by French and British researchers working in the sub-Antarctic, the mean estimated groundspeed recorded for a satellite-tagged, grey-headed albatross (Thalassarche chrysostoma) hit 127 km/h (78.9 mph).The albatross sustained this speed for more than 8 hours while returning to its nest at Bird Island, South Georgia, in the middle of an Antarctic storm.The report was published by the Paulo Catry, Richard A. Phillips and John P. Croxall of the British Antarctic Survey, Natural Environmental Research Council (The Auk 121(4):1208-1213, 2004).Also known as the grey-headed mollymawk, the albatross nests in very southerly locations and feeds farther south than any other bird of its kind.According to “Bird Families of the World,” the grey-headed albatross averages 81 cm (32 in) long and possesses a 2.2 m (7 ft 2 in) wingspan. The species can range in weight from 2.8 to 4.4 kg (6.2 to 9.7 lb), with an average mass of 3.65 kg (8.0 lb).As of 2006, the largest concentration of the grey-headed albatross was in fact on South Georgia island, with 46,000 documented pairs.
4207Deepest dive by a birdUnknownAntarctica, Antarctica01 November 1993The greatest depth accurately measured for any bird is 534 m (1,751 ft) by a 29-kg (63-lb 14.4-oz) emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) at Coulman Island, Ross Sea, Antarctica, and recorded by Professor Gerald Kooyman of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in November 1993.Kooyman measured almost 16,000 dives from five different birds, the longest of which lasted 15.8 minutes.
4208First person to win an Oscar award for best actress for a debut performanceShirley BoothUnited States, RKO Pantages Theatre19 March 1953At the 1952 Academy Awards held at RKO Pantages Theatre, USA on 19 March 1953, stage actress Shirley Booth (USA, b. Thelma B. Ford 1897-1992) won Best Actress for Come Back, Little Sheba (USA 1952) based on a play she previously had performed on Broadway.Not very popular in flims - she returned to the stage, with a small stint on TV in the early 1960's in the comedy series Hazel. When she died, it was discovered she was ten years older than most books had listed.
4209First person to win an Oscar award for best supporting actress for a debut performanceGale SondergaardUnited States, Hollywood04 March 1937At the Academy Awards held on 4 March 1937, the first Oscar awarded for a debut performance was given to Gale Sondegaard (USA, 1899-1995) as Best Supporting Actress for her role of 'Faith Paleologus' in Anthony Adverse (USA 1936).
4210First cartoon merchandiseUnknownfirstUSAPat Sullivan's (USA) Felix the Cat who appeared in 1919 as the animal that `kept on walking', was not only the first cartoon character to attain the celebrity of a human star but also was the first to be as an image on packaging in 1924. Felix was also merchandised as a phenomenally successful cuddly toy two years later.
4211Lightest full-size racing bicycleMirko GlöcknerGermany, Schleching01 January 2004Mirko Glöckner (Germany) constructed a full-size racing bicycle called Sub 4.0 weighing 3.89 kg (8 lb 9.2 oz). The cycle has a carbon fibre frame weighing 873 g (1 lb 14.7 oz) and components made of largely of aluminium, titanium, and carbon fibre. The bicycle is completely rideable.
4212Most authors signing their own book simultaneously - 1 locationIzmir SEV Elementary SchoolTurkey, Izmir01 April 2010The most authors signing their own book simultaneously at a single location is 1,423 and was achieved by child authors from Izmir SEV Elementary School at the Izmir Central Train Station in Izmir, Turkey, on 1 April 2010.Each student had 50 copies of his/her book published with ISBN numbers.
4213Globe of death - most motorcyclists (person in middle)Infernal Varanne6 peopleFrance, 13 April 2011The most motorcyclists inside steel sphere is six all riding around a central person and was achieved by Team Infernal Varanne on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 13 April 2011.
4214Oldest marsupial, prehistoricSinodelphis szalayiChina, Liaoning Province01 January 2001The oldest known relative of all marsupials is Sinodelphis szalayi, a fossil of which was discovered in Liaoning Province, China in 2001 and dated to 125 million years old. A Sino-American research team, including Ji Qiang and Zhe Xi Luo (both China), named the fossil and concluded it measured 15 cm (5.9 in) long and weighed 30 g (1.05 oz) approximately.The fossil dates marsupials as 50 million years older than skeletal remains of marsupial relatives which exist.
4215Farthest distance driven using an internal combustion engine in one hourUnknownItaly, Nardo18 November 1979The greatest distance driven in one hour by a car with an internal combustion engine is 353.409 km (219.598 miles), by Helmut Henzler (Germany) and Keke Rosberg (Finland) in a prototype Volkswagen diesel-powered car on 18 October 1980 at the Nardo circuit in Italy.Official FAI (world motorsports governing body) record. Please note that there are no guidelines for this record - claimants should be referred to the FAI ( for details on how to go about breaking this record.
4216Largest pipe valve installation without interruption of water flowKazuo Shigenobu2600 millimetre(s)Japan, Kakogawa-shi28 February 2005In February 2005 a 2,600 mm (8 ft 6 in) wide valve was installed on a 2,600 mm (8 ft 6 in) wide water pipe in Kakogawa-shi, Hyogo, Japan. The procedure was carried out without interrupting the flow of water under pressure.
4217Largest watering canUtica ZooUnited States, Utica05 December 2000A giant watering can constructed of galvanised steel was constructed for Utica Zoo, New York, USA. It weighs 907.1 kg (2000 lb) and measures 4.7 m (15.5 ft) high with a diameter of 3.65 m (12 ft). It arrived at the zoo by truck on 5 December 2000.
4218Largest water balloon fightChristian Student Fellowship at the University of Kentucky8957 participantsUnited States, Lexington,,Johnson Center Fields27 August 2011The largest water balloon fight consisted of 8,957 participants and was achieved by Christian Student Fellowship at the University of Kentucky (USA) in Lexington, USA, on 27 August 2011. 175,141 water balloons were used during the fight.
4219Most powerful volcanic eruption recorded in the Solar SystemUnknown, The eruption occurred near Surt, an active volcano on Io.19 November 2002In February 2001 a volcanic eruption occurred on Io, a satellite of Jupiter, with an estimated output of 78,000 Gigawatts. The observations were made with the WM Keck II Telescope, Hawaii, and published in the journal Icarus in November 2002.For comparison, the 1992 eruption of Mt Etna, Sicily, was estimated at just 12 Gigawatts. The eruption came from the Surt volcano, on Io’s Jupiter-facing hemisphere. During its peak, its output almost matched the eruptive power of all of Io’s active volcanoes combined.
4220Most expensive atlasPtolemy's Cosmographia, 14772136000 US dollar(s)United States, 10 October 2006A version of Ptolemy’s “Cosmographia,” dating from 1477 was sold for £2,136,000 (then $3,991,970) at Sotheby’s, London, UK, on 10 October 2006. The atlas was printed in Bologna, Italy, and was part of the Wardington Library Collection. The Wardington Library is a private library located in the UK.The “hammer price” was £1,900,000 (then $3,553,000). The “total price,” including premiums, commissions, etc., was the £2,136,000 (then $3,991,970) figure.
4221Largest airshipHindenburg (LZ 129), Graf Zeppelin II (LZ 130)Germany01 January 1936The world's largest airships were the 213.9 tonne (471,500 lb) German Hindenburg (LZ 129) and Graf Zeppelin II (LZ 130), each of which had a length of 245 m (803 ft 10 in) long with a hydrogen gas capacity capacity of 200,000 m³ (7,062,100 ft³). The Hindenburg first flew in 1936, exploding and crashing on 6 May 1937, Lakehurst, New Jersey, USA and the Graf Zeppelin II in 1938.
4222Largest exercise demonstration / classInstituto Distrital de Recreation y Deporte50420 peopleColombia, Bogota15 August 2011The largest aerobics display involved 50,420 participants at an event organised by Instituto Distrital de Recreation y Deporte (Colombia) at Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park in Bogota, Colombia, on 15 August 2011.The class lasted 62 minutes, including 12 minutes of warmup and 50 minutes of class time.
4223First live debut performance of a classical work on the internetPaul McCartney, Carnegie Hall19 November 1997On 19 November 1997 Sir Paul McCartney performed his new classical work, the 75-minute symphonic poem Standing Stone. Taking four years to compose, it was broadcast live from Carnegie Hall in a multifaceted presentation of radio, TV, interactive on-line interview and Internet audio and video broadcast across the World Wide Web.
4224Largest patent case awardAbbott Laboratory1670000000 US dollar(s)United States, 01 January 2009In 2009 a jury found that Abbott Laboratory’s best-selling drug, Humira, violated a patent on Johnson & Johnson's Remicade and awarded JnJ $1.67 billion (then approx. £1 billion), the largest patent infringement damages award ever. However, in February 2011 Abbott Laboratory succeeded in overturning the verdict. As of August 2011, the case continued.
4225Most runs scored in a One-Day International career (male)Sachin TendulkarNot Applicable11 June 2013Sachin Tendulkar (India) holds the record for the most runs scored in a One-Day International (ODI) career. The prolific batsman scored 18,426 runs in 452 innings (463 matches) between 18 December 1989 and his ODI retirement on 18 March 2012, averaging 44.83 runs per innings.
4226Worst offshore oil disaster - death tollPiper Alpha oil production platform167 peopleNot Applicable, 06 July 1988The largest offshore oil disaster occurred when a fire started on the Piper Alpha oil production platform in the North Sea on 6 Jul 1988, with 167 people killed out of a crew of 225. Most of the rig melted in the intense heat and dropped off into the sea.
4227Largest fine imposed under health and safety legislationTransco15000000 UK pound(s)United Kingdom, 01 January 2005In 2005, the gas transporter Transco (UK) was fined £15 million (then approx. $25.8 million) for breaches of safety that resulted in the deaths of four members of a family in a gas explosion. To 2011, this is the largest fine ever imposed under health and safety legislation.
4228Memorizing business recordsUnknownUK01 January 1838Bartholomew Parker Bidder (1809-49), a younger brother of George Parker Bidder, had a remarkable memory. In 1838 he became an actuary to the Royal Exchange Assurance Company. When the firm's records were destroyed by fire he was able to reconstruct them from memory in six months.
4229Oldest caged doveManfred MellerGermany, Harxheim12 September 2003The world's oldest dove is Methuselah, a white, male collared dove who was born in April 1975 and last examined in October 2004, aged 19 years 6 months.
4230Most piercings, single count (male)Rolf BuchholzGermany, Dortmund05 August 2010The most pierced man is Rolf Buchholz, from Dortmund, Germany, who had 453 piercings, including 158 around his lips, as of 05 August 2010.He has 16 in his right ear, 15 in his left ear, 25 in his eyebrows, 8 in his nose, 94 in and around his lips, 2 in his tongue, 8 in the rest of his body, 3 in his nipples, 4 in his navel and 278 in the genital area.

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