Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4231First non-flying birdProtarchaeopteryxChinaThe earliest non-flying bird is the feathered dinosaur Protarchaeopteryx. A fossil was found in Liaoning Province, north-eastern China in 1997. The size of a turkey and similar in appearance to carnivorous therapod dinosaurs, this newly discovered species had relatively short arms and symmetrical feathers - evidence that it could not fly.
4232Largest US TV audience - rating shareM*A*S*H60.3 percentageUnited States, ,,28 February 1983The final episode of M*A*S*H Goodbye, Farewell and Amen transmitted by CBS on 28 February 1983 to 60.3% of all households in the United States. It was estimated that some 125 million people tuned in, taking a 77% share of all viewing.
4233Fewest runs conceded by a bowler taking 10 wickets in one innings (male)Hedley Verity10 point(s)United Kingdom, Leeds,,12 July 1932The fewest runs scored off a bowler taking all ten wickets is ten, off Hedley Verity (1905-43) for Yorkshire v. Nottinghamshire at Leeds on 12 Jul 1932 though the full analyses for some early performances of the feat are unknown.
4234First virtual newscasterAnanovafirstUK, Leeds,West Yorkshire19 April 2000On April 19, 2000, virtual newscaster Ananova delivered her first news broadcast from Ananova, a product of Ananova Ltd. of Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK, has been programed to act like a human newscaster, responding with relevant emotions and actions depending on the nature of the information she is imparting. Ananova is a complete 3D model, generated in real time using a proprietory rending tool. Ananova speaks English with a mid-Atlantic accent, yet there are plans to add other languages in the future.
4235Largest human rainbowYolanda MontancesPhilippines, Ermita18 September 2004The largest human rainbow consisted of 30,365 participants, organized by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines at the Qurino Grandstand, Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines on 18 September 2004.
4236Largest percussion ensembleJoanna Cheung10102 peopleChina, Hong Kong28 April 2001The largest percussion performance was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum, Hong Kong, China on 2 July 2002 when 10,102 people played a percussive rhythm for over 6 minutes.The performance was part of 'The Music of the Dragons' concert and the instruments played were: Cow Bell, Hand Drum, Guiro, Triangle, Maraca and Chocalho de Platinela.
4237Largest international collaboration in biological researchUnknownpeopleNot Applicable, 01 February 2001Thousands of scientists from 20 institutions in 6 countries were involved in the effort to map the human genome. Over a decade's work culminated in the final sequence of 3 billion 'letters' in the genetic code for a human being.All humans share 99.99% of the same code.The results for the mapping of the human genome were announced in Feb 2001all of the differences between people come from the 0.01% of genes which vary amongst humans
4238First use of smallpox as a biological weaponsmallpoxUnited States01 January 1754The earliest documented use of the smallpox virus being used as a biological weapon was during the French and Indian Wars of 1754-67. British soldiers fighting in North America at that time distributed blankets that had been contaminated with smallpox amongst the native American Indians. Epidemics followed, killing more than 50% of the affected tribes. Smallpox is extremely lethal to populations that are not vaccinated against it. Death usually occurs within 2 weeks. Historians suspect, however, that the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro gave contaminated clothing to South American natives in the fifteenth century. see rarest disease.
4239Largest collection of condomsAmatore BolzoniItaly, Carpendolo11 November 2004Amatore Bolzoni of Carpendolo, Italy has a collection of 2,077 different condoms which he has been collecting since the 1980s.Amatore has many different varieties of condoms from around the world. On his travels he has managed to collect specimens from Europe, America, Africa and the Far East. The oldest condom in his collection dates back to the 19th century and is made from a sheep's bowel. Other more unusual ones include musical condoms, US Army condoms and condoms given to soldiers during the occupation of Italy in WWII.
4240Oldest printing and publishing houseCambridge University PressUnited Kingdom, Cambridge22 January 2002Cambridge University Press is the oldest printing and publishing house in the world. It was founded on a royal charter granted to the University by Henry VIII in 1534 and has been operating continuously as a printer and publisher since the first Press book was printed in 1584.Since 1534, books under Cambridge University's imprint have appeared each and every year, and the Press has grown to become one of the largest academic and educational publishers in the world, publishing over 2,000 books and 150 journals a year, which are sold to some 200 countries across the globe.
4241Most rock 'n' roll windmills (shoulder-balls)Uschi Winkler and Markus StetterGermany, Kempten27 December 2002Uschi Winkler and Markus Stetter (both Germany) completed 46 continuous shoulder-ball rotations at the Huber dance school, Kempten, Germany on 27 December 2002.
4242Oldest tennis player everJose Guadalupe Leal LemusMexico, Club Campestre Morelia,Morelia01 January 2004The oldest tennis player is José Guadalupe Leal Lemus (Mexico, b. 13 December 1902) who began playing tennis in 1925 and has been playing regularly ever since, aged 101, a total of 79 years. He currently plays every Wednesday at the Club Campestre Morelia, Morelia, Mexico with a group of doctors, 20-25 years his junior.correct as at 6 May 2004. email karina for updates
4243Trans-Australia on a mini scooterHarald Hel18/11/25 day(s), hour(s), minute(s)Australia, Port Augusta,Darwin27 March 2000Harald Hel (Austria) crossed the Australian continent on a push scooter in 18 days 11 hr 25 min, starting in Port Augusta, South Australia, on 9 September and finishing in Darwin, Northern Territory, on 27 September 2001. He covered an estimated 2,800 km (1,750 miles).His scooter, which was designed for adults, had 66 cm (26 in) diameter tyres (although this isn't relevant to the record).
4244Largest dance by couplesMilka (Hungary)Hungary, Budapest09 June 2012The largest dance by couples consisted of 5,188 participants (2,599 couples) and was organised by Milka (Hungary) in Budapest, Hungary on 9 June 2012
4245Most horses / ponies pulling a carriageHugues kiefferFrance, Aubagne,Provence18 December 2005The world record for the most horses pulling a carriage is 141, in an event organised by 'le Comité des fêtes de Beaudinard et l’Association des 1000 ans' at Aubagne, France on 18 December 2005.In total, 141 horses measured a length of 409,70 m (1344 ft 16 in) and pulled the carriage through the streets of Aubagne over a distance of 1500 m (4921 ft 25 in). Aubagne, a south-east of France town was this year celebrating its millennium. Festivities with horses are traditional in Provence.
4246Largest aircraft by wingspan (present day)Antonov An-225 'Mriya'Ukraine21 December 1988A modified six-engine version of the Ukrainian Antonov An-124 'Ruslan', known as An-225 'Mriya' (Dream) which was built to carry the former Soviet space shuttle Buran, has a wingspan of 88.4 m (290 ft), the greatest of any aircraft currently flying. The An-225 first flew on 21 December 1988.
4247Coldest place in the Milky WayBoomerang Nebula-272 degree(s) CelsiusNot Applicable, Universe01 January 1995The coldest place in the universe is in the Boomerang Nebula, a cloud of dust and gases 5,000 light years from Earth. It has a temperature of -272C (-457.6F). It is formed by the rapid expansion of gas and dust flowing away from its central ageing star.This cold region of the nebula was discovered in 1995 by astronomers using from data obtained by the 49 ft wide Swedish-European Space Observatory-Submillimeter radio telescope in La Silla, Chile. In the areas coldest spots, the gases are believed to be expanding at 370,000 mph. NB - colder temperatures have been achieved in laboratories on Earth.
4248Heaviest longbow draw weightMark StrettonUnited Kingdom, Bath15 August 2004Mark Stretton (UK) drew a longbow weighing 90 kg (200 lb) to the maximum draw on an arrow of 82.5 cm (32 ½ in) at the shooting grounds of The Bath Archers, Somerset, UK on 15 August 2004.The bow was made by Bickerstaffe Bows (UK), of yew wood, backed with hickory. The arrow was made of aspen (poplar) and fired at a target approxiamately 5 yards away from the archer.
4249Most Basketball Olympic Golds (Women)USAUnited Kingdom, London11 August 2012The Olympic women's basketball tournament has been won a record seven times by the USA, in 1984, 1988 and at five consecutive Olympic Games from 1996 to 2012. Women's basketball became an Olympic Sport in 1976. The Soviet Union won the first two tournaments and the Unified Team (a team consisting of 12 of the 15 former Soviet republics) took the title in 1992.
4250First alphabetWadi el Hol alphabetEgyptThe earliest known example of an alphabet - that is, a writing system in which a small number of symbols are used to represent single sounds rather than concepts - dates back to around 1900 BC and was found carved into limestone in Wadi el Hol near Luxor in Egypt by Yale University Egyptologist John Darnell (USA) in the early 1990s.Note that this is not the earliest known 'writing'.
4251Most operations enduredCharles JensenUSA01 January 1994From 22 July 1954 to the end of 1994, Charles Jensen (USA) had 970 operations to remove the tumours associated with basal cell naevus syndrome.
4252Largest choirThe Art of Living121440 participantsIndia, CHENNAI,,Shriram, The Gateway, GST Road, Perungalathur, Chennai30 January 2011The largest choir consisted of 121,440 people and was organised by The Art of Living (India), in Perungalathur, Chennai, India, on 30 January 2011.The organisation for the event used 2,429 stewards and the choir sang in unison for over 5 minutes.
4253Largest press conference underwaterEric Pittman61 peopleCanada, Victoria04 November 2006The largest underwater press conference involved 61 journalists who dived to a depth of 10 m (32 ft 9.6 in) to attend the press conference held by Eric J Pittman (Canada) to promote the release of his new book 'Emails from a Nut!!!' at Crystal Pool, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, on 4 November 2006.
4254Largest group hugBear Hug III10554 participantsCanada, Ottawa, OntarioThe largest group hug consisted of 10,554 people in an event organized by Bear Hug III (Canada) at the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on 7 May 2010.
4255Largest bunch of grapesBozzolo Y Perut LtdaChile, Santiago01 January 1984A bunch of grapes grown by Bozzolo Y Perut Ltda of Santiago, Chile in 1984 weighed 9.4 kg (20 lb 11½oz).
4256Largest flaming image using matchesBig Brother - BelgiumBelgium, Vilvoorde19 November 2000A group of seven contestants (Bart, Betty, Catherine, Frank, Glenn, Jeroen and Steven) from Belgium's Big Brother TV show, built a fire carpet depicting the show's logo out of 329,700 matches The flaming image measured 10m² (107.63 ft²) when it was lit on19 November 2000. The housemates were given their assignments for the week beginning 12 November, receiving a list of 11 records, two of which were fake (opening and closing a door and putting on as many clothes as possible) but were not told what the existing records were. They then had to bet what percentage of their food budget for the week they were willing to risk. They eventually decided to bet 25% of their weekly budget, but should have bet more considering they suceeded!
4257Largest erhu ensembleXuzhou Head Labour UnionChina, Jiangsu17 October 2004The largest erhu ensemble consisted of 1,490 musicians and was organised on the occasion of the First Xuzhou-China International Huqin festival at Xuzhou Stadium, Jiangsu, China, on 17 October 2004.The 15 bands participating played “Walking in the Light”, “Two Moon-reflecting Springs”, "Little Floral Drum” and “Horse Racing” for a total of 8 min 53 sec. The event was staged to promote traditional culture and the development of the erhu, which is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument.
4258Longest career as a television chefEva Vicenta Uranga Roig Vda. de Zarate1960/12/01 firstMexico, Guadalajara01 February 2003The record for the longest working career of a TV chef belongs to Eva Vicenta Uranga Roig Vda. de Zarate (Mexico) or 'Mrs Zarate' as she is known, who presented her first cookery show, Cocina Al Minuto (Televisora Tapatia, Mexico) on 1 December 1960. She currently presents the same show (under the different name) Hasta La Cocina (Televisa Guadalajara Co., Mexico) in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.History: Cocina Al Minuto (Cooking in a minute) 1 December 1960 - December 1963. Cocine Mejor (Cook Better) January 1964-September 1984, when the name was changed to: Hasta La Cocina (Up to the Kitchen) October 1984 - now (claim arrived February 2003). As of February 2003, Mrs Zarate has spent 6,610 hours cooking for TV shows. Mrs Zarate was born on 13 July 1920, making her one of the oldest TV presenters in the world.On the 1 December 2006 Ms. Zarate is hosting the show for 46 years.
4259Smoking a pipe for the longest time without relightingDr Lubomir Cinka3/4/35 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Ascot14 November 2001The record for smoking a pipe for the longest time without relighting belongs to Dr Lubomir Cinka (Czech Republic) who smoked his pipe continuously for 3 hr 4 min 35 sec at the 2001 World Cup in Pipesmoking Championship which was held at Ascot racecourse, Berkshire, UK, on 14 October 2001.Each contestant started with a championship briar pipe handed out by the organisers, two matches, 3g tobacco and a wooden tamper. They were sat at tables of ten with a steward at each table.
4260Largest sack race competitionAgnieton College2095 peopleNetherlands, Zwolle11 October 2002The largest sack race competition involved 2,095 competitors in an event involving pupils from Agnieton College and primary school pupils from Zwolle, Wezep and Hattem on 11 October 2002 in Zwolle, Netherlands.

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