Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4291Most home runs hit in a 15-game span
4292Most spins over the shoulder to a stall (cocktail flaring)
4293Highest annual department store revenueHarrods1015204494 UK pound(s)United Kingdom, London29 January 2011The highest annual department store revenue is £1,015,204,494 ($1,635,514,106) and was achieved by Harrods, London, UK, on 29 January 2011. Its revenue for the following year was also over £1 billion.
4294First fire on a space stationMir space stationNot Applicable23 February 1997On 23 February 1997, a fire broke out on board the Russian space station Mir, caused by lithium perchlorate ‘candles’ which supplied oxygen to the station. Although the fire was extinguished, the crew had come close to abandoning the station in their Soyuz ‘lifeboat’, which was docked with Mir.
4295First accurately predicted impact2008 TC3firstNot Applicable, 06 October 20082008 TC3 was a small asteroid only a few metres across and discovered on 6 October 2008. Initial analysis of its orbit indicated it would impact Earth just 21 hours later. At 02:46 (UTC) on 7 October 2008 it entered the atmosphere and exploded some 37 km (23 miles) above Sudan with the equivalent energy of approximately one kiloton of TNT.
4296Most Quadrathon World Cup wins by a manMiroslay Podborsky5 timesNot Applicable, 01 January 2007The most wins of the World Quadrathon Federation World Cup race series by an individual male athlete is five, by Miroslay Podborsky (Czech Republic) in 2001-02, 2004-05 and 2007. In a Quadrathon event, athletes compete over established Triathlon disciplines: swim, cycle and run, with kayak added.
4297Longest NHL shootoutWashington Capitals, New York RangersUnited States25 November 2005The longest National Hockey League (NHL) shootout lasted 15 rounds. Marek Malik (Czech Republic) scored the winning goal on the 30th attempt with a trick shot fooling Olaf Kolzig (Germany) to give the New York Rangers a 3-2 victory over the Washington Capitals (both USA) at Madison Square Garden in New York (USA) on 25 November 2005.
4298Largest drumming lessonWorld Arts Multi-culture Inc.1651 participantsAustralia, Mt Gravatt (Brisbane, Qld)22 September 2012The largest drumming lesson involved 1651 participants and was achieved by World Arts & Multi-Culture Inc at the first annual Taiwan Festival in Brisbane, Queensland Australia on 22 September, 2012.Drums used were Bolang Gu - hand drums
4299Rapper with the most us R&B hitsLudacris (aka Christopher Bridges)United States01 January 2010Ludacris (USA, b. Christopher Bridges) has had 25 tracks reach the Top 10 of the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, a total not matched by any other rapper. He has also had 16 Top 10 US Hot 100 hits – a rap record he shares with Jay-Z (b. Shawn Carter).
4300First computerized social networkThe Community Memory projectfirstUnited States, 01 January 1973The Community Memory project, established in Berkeley, California, USA in 1973, used a teletype terminal in a record shop, connected to an SDS 940 computer in San Francisco. It allowed visitors to the shop to enter and view messages left by others. It was the first public computerised bulletin board system (BBS).
4301Fastest-selling album in the US by a female country artistTaylor Swift1047000 unit(s) soldUnited States, 13 November 2010For the week ending 13 November 2010, its first week on sale, Taylor Swift´s (USA) Speak Now shifted 1,047,000 copies. It accounted for a record 18 per cent of all album sales in the US that week and outsold the albums at Nos.2-62 combined.
4302Most weeks on the US hot country songs chartLee BriceUnited States25 September 2010On 25 September 2010, Lee Brice’s (USA) recording of “Love Like Crazy” spent a record 56th week on the US Hot Country Songs chart. It finally reached No.1 in its 46th chart week on 24 July 2010 – which was also a record.
4303Rapper with the most no.1 albums in the UKEminemUnited States01 January 2010Eminem (USA, b. Marshall Mathers III) has topped the UK chart with six albums and has spent 23 weeks at No.1, totals unequalled by any American artist in the 21st century. His most successful UK album was Recovery (2010), which spent six weeks at the top - a UK record for a rap album.
4304Largest rubber chicken tossGlad Tidings Pentecostal Church999 participantsCanada, Burlington11 June 2011The largest rubber chicken toss involved 999 participants at an event organised by Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church (Canada) in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, on 11 June 2011.
4305First fictional character nominated for an OscarDonald KaufmanfirstUSA, 01 January 2003Donald Kaufman, a character in Spike Jones' Adaptation (USA, 2002), was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, along with his (real) "brother" Charlie Kaufman, at the 2003 Academy Awards ceremony. Both characters appeared in the movie - both played by Nicolas Cage (USA) - and both were credited as writers of the screenplay, yet only Charlie exists as a real person.Pseudonyms have been used to take credit for unwanted work (such as the famous Alan Smithee), but this is the first time that a non-existent person has not been a cover for a real contributor.
4306Most sixes by a player in an Indian Premier League career (male)Chris GayleIndiaAt the conclusion of the 2013 Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament on 26 May 2013, Chris Gayle (Jamaica) had scored a total of 180 maximums in his five-season IPL career (2009–13). Gayle's impressive haul of sixes was scored for the Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore in 58 innings.
4307Youngest person to hit 600 home runs in a Major League Baseball careerAlex RodriguezUnited States, New York04 August 2010The youngest person to hit 600 home runs in a Major League Baseball career is Alex Rodriguez (USA, b. 27 July 1975), who hit No. 600 at 35 years, 8 days old against the Toronoto Blue Jays on 4 August 2010.Rodriguez hit the two-run home run off of Blue Jays starting pitcher Shaun Marcum. It was hit three years to the day that Rodriguez became the youngest person to hit 500 home runs in a career. He beat the previous mark of Babe Ruth's for No. 600 by 1 year, 188 days.
4308First game to feature boss warningsDARIUS (TAITO, 1986)firstJapan, 01 January 1986Now a firm staple of 2D shooters, the first game to feature an alert for an upcoming boss fight was the horizontally-scrolling shmup Darius, with its legendary signal: "WARNING! A HUGE BATTLESHIP...IS APPROACHING FAST". Such alerts have since been adopted by the likes of Ikaruga (Treasure, 2001) and now appear on T-shirts and other gaming merchandise.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011
4309Most customisable gaming mouseCyborg R.A.T. 701 June 2010With a total of 1,344 different physical configurations in addition to its customisable driver software, the Cyborg R.A.T. 7 is the most adaptable input device of its kind. The mouse is sold with extra body plates to change its form factor, and options to alter its weight and length. It also features variable sensitivity to make for more precise aiming - perfect for pro gamers.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011
4310Most seasons with 200 hits in a Major League Baseball careerIchiro Suzuki, Pete RoseUnited States, Seattle23 September 2010The most seasons with 200 hits in a Major League Baseball career is 10 by Ichiro Suzuki (Japan) with the Seattle Mariners from 2001-2010 and Pete Rose (USA) of the Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies from 1965-66, 1968-70, 1973, 1975-77 and 1979. Ichiro also holds the record for most hits in a single season, accumulating 262 for the Mariners in 2004. Rose, meanwhile, holds the record for most career hits with 4,256.
4311Longest running daily cartoon by a single authorFrank DickensUnited Kingdom, Chipping Norton27 October 2010The longest running daily cartoon strip by a single author is "Bristow", by Frank Dickens (UK), which has been in continuous publication since first published in the Aberdeen Press and Journal on 18 September 1961. Currently, it appears in the Melbourne Herald and in the Sydney Morning Herald.Bristow is a buying clerk (18th in line for Chief Buyer!) with the monolithic Chester-Perry organisation. He is unmarried, of uncertain age, and an ineffectual rebel. Although he dislikes his job intensely he would fight to keep it. Hoping the world is listening, he gives his opinions on life to anyone around, and if no one is around, is quite happy talking to himself. As far as work goes he is an inveterate slacker who professes to hate red tape, but is only too keen to use it whenever it suits him. He lives in a bed sit in East Winchley from where he travels to work on the 8:15 commuter special.The strip was originally conceived as an instruction on motor car maintenance. Dickens hoped to explain, by way of a strip cartoon, the intricacies of the combustion engine and the maintenance and upkeep of a motor car. A few weeks before the first strip started, Dickens had seen a cartoon drawn by cartoonist Michael ffolkes, real name Michael Davies (1925–1988), in which the name Bristow was featured, and being a rather nondescript name Dickens attached it to the insignificant driver. Explaining away a broken half shaft in the limited space of a cartoon frame proved rather more difficult than Dickens had anticipated, and while he tried to work out how to present this successfully, decided to delay the action and keep him in the office until the solution presented itself. Information taken from and www.guter/org/origins
4312High score on Guitar Hero III (Female)Annie LeungUnited States, San Francisco30 September 2010On 30 September 2010 at her home in San Francisco, California, USA, Annie Leung (USA) achieved the highest score on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Neversoft, 2007) by a female gamer when she racked up a score of 789,349 playing the GH classic ''Through The Fire and Flames''. Annie has been playing videogames since she was a kid, but got seriously into gaming in 2004 when she got hooked on Unreal Tournament (Epic, 1999). Since that time Annie has moved on to the Guitar Hero series and has a mission to get more women involved in competitive gaming.
4313Fastest-selling sports videogameFIFA 134500000 unit(s) soldNot Applicable, 09 October 2012No sports title has launched more successfully than FIFA 13 (EA Canada, 2012), which sold 4.5 million units in less than a week. This was made easier by the game’s availability on a wide range of platforms, including major consoles as well as PC and even iOS seeing some action.
4314Largest skinny dipping (swimming naked) - multiple venuesAANRUnited States, Multiple locations at same time11 July 2008The largest skinny dipping event involved 13,674 Participants, organised by AANR (USA) across multiple locations in the USA, on 11 July 2008. 103 club resorts took part in the record atttempt.
4315Largest carpentry lessonNestle Philippines Inc.525 peoplePhilippines, Metro Manila28 January 2011The largest carpentry lesson involved 525 people in an event organised by Nestle Philippines Inc. (Philippines) at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila, Philippines, on 28 January 2011.The lesson taught students how to construct their own tables and over 100 were built during the event.
4316Most people sending a text message simultaneouslyNational Speech & Debate Association2193 peopleUnited States, Overland Park19 June 2014The most people sending a text message simultaneously is 2,193 and was achieved by National Speech & Debate Association (USA) in Overland Park, Kansas, USA on 19 June 2014.
4317Most marble tiles broken with a glass in one minuteUnknownUnknown
4318Largest gathering of people dressed as garden gnomesBBC Hereford & Worcester478 participantsUnited Kingdom, Worcester18 November 2011The largest gathering of people dressed as garden gnomes is 478 and was achieved by BBC Hereford & Worcester (UK) at the Foyer of Malvern Theatres in Worcester, UK, on 18 November 2011.The attempt raised funds for BBC Children in Need.
4319Most consecutive futsal penalty kicks
4320Most common language isolate

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