Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4381Most expensive telephone number sold at auction666-66662750000 US dollar(s)Qatar, DohaThe most amount of money paid for a mobile (cell) phone number is 10 million QAR (then £1.46 million $2.75 million), by an anonymous Qatari bidder for the number 666-6666 during a charity auction hosted by Qatar Telecom in Doha, Qatar on 23 May 2006.QAR = Qatari Riyal
4382Most distant moon from a planetNesoNot Applicable14 August 2002Neso, the 13th moon of Neptune, was first observed on 14 August 2002 but was not recognized as a moon of Neptune until the following year. It orbits the planet at an average distance of 48,370,000 km, taking 9,374 days (25.66 years) to complete one orbit. Neso measures around 60 km across.
4383First domesticated cat9,500-year-old catCyprus, Shillourokambos08 April 2004The oldest archaeological evidence of the domestication of the cat dates back 9,500 years. The bones of a cat were discovered in the neolithic village of Shillourokambos on Cyprus. The position of the cat in the ground was next to the bones of a human, whose similar state of preservation strongly suggests they were buried together.The discovery was made by French scientists, led by Professor Jean Guilaine of the CNRS Centre d'Anthropologie in Toulouse, France, and announced in the journal Science in April 2004.
4384Most people tossing pancakesUniversity of Sheffield890 peopleUnited Kingdom, Sheffield,,University of Sheffield15 February 2012The most people tossing pancakes is 890 and was achieved at an event organised by the University of Sheffield (UK), in Sheffield, UK, on 15 February, 2012.Although over 1,500 signed up for the event online a total of 930 participants attended, unfortunately 40 participants had to be discounted due to either dropping their pancake or not managing to toss their pancake within the allotted time.
4385Largest triangle ensembleCambridgeshire Music574 participantsUnited Kingdom, CambridgeThe largest triangle ensemble involved 574 participants in an event organized by Cambridgeshire Music (UK) in Godmanchester, UK, on 13 May 2012.The record was held for the "Striking Together for Gold" performance, which is the concluding part of a 5 year percussion project involving all types of tuned and untuned percussion instruments by Cambridgeshire Music.
4386Highest temperature everUnknown11 January 2005At the very instant of the Big Bang, 13.7 billion years ago, the universe is thought to have had infinite temperature, as it existed as a single, infinitely-small and infinitely-dense point. Just 10**-43 seconds later, known as the Planck time, the universe had cooled to roughly 10**32K, and expanded to a size of around 10**-33cm across.NB -43 43 and -33 here are all superscript
4387Fastest jellybean sorting by strawAlastair Galpin16.88 minute(s), second(s)New Zealand, Auckland05 August 2012The fastest jellybean sorting by straw is 16.88 seconds, achieved by Alastair Galpin (New Zealand), in Auckland, New Zealand, on 5 August 2012.
4388Largest aircraft, delta-wingAvro B2 'Vulcan'1038 kilometre(s) per hourUnited Kingdom, 01 January 1955The RAF's Avro B2 'Vulcan' delta-wing nuclear bomber had a wingspan of 33.8 m (111 ft) and had a top speed of 1,038 km/h (645 mph) thanks to its four Bristol Siddeley Olympus 201 engines. The B2 version of the Vulcan first entered service in 1958 and the last was retired by the RAF in 1986.
4389Largest skin cancer screening (multiple location)Brazilian Society of DermatologyBrazil, Brazil05 December 2009The largest simultaneous skin cancer screening involved 34,435 participants at 170 different locations across Brazil, for an event organised by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology for the Skin Cancer Prevention National Campaign, on 5 December, 2009.This was the 11th year of the campaign and it has been seen to grown every year.
4390Largest simultaneous indoor BASE jumpJohannes RoseGermany, Tropical Islands Resort31 January 2005Ten parachutists performed the largest simultaneous indoor BASE jump at the Tropical Islands Resort near Berlin, Germany, on 31 January 2005, at an event arranged by the German BASE Association.Tropical Islands is a tropical-themed water park inside a giant airship hangar.
4391Largest bubblegum bubble blownChad Fell50.8 centimetre(s)United States, Winston County24 April 2004Chad Fell (USA) blew a bubblegum bubble with a diameter of 50.8cm (20 in) without using his hands at the Double Springs HighSchool, Winston County, Alabama, USA on 24 April 2004.
4392Most people blowing whistles simultaneouslyAsthma FoundationAustralia, Brisbane05 September 2008The most people blowing whistles simultaneously is 37,552 participants at an event organised by the Asthma Foundation of Queensland at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia, on 5 September 2008.
4393Oldest person to climb a mountain over 8,000 mYuichiro MiuraJapan, Everest,Everest,EverestThe oldest man to climb a mountain over 8,000 m is Yuichiro Miura (Japan, b. 12 October 1932), who reached the summit of Everest on 23 May 2013 at the age of 80 years 223 days.
4394First Hollywood studioHollywoodfirstUnited States, 01 January 1910The first Hollywood studio was the Nestor Film Company, established in 1910. In 1919, Nestor became part of a merger that produced Universal. The iconic Hollywood sign went up in 1923 as a real-estate advertisement and originally read 'HOLLYWOODLAND'. It was bought and renovated by the Chamber of Commerce in 1949, after which the word 'LAND' was removed.
4395Most people spinning tops simultaneouslyMani Limited377 peopleHong Kong, Hong Kong01 October 2010The most people spinning tops simultaneously was 377 in an event organised by Mani Limited at the Tuen Mun Town Plaza (China) in Hong Kong, China on 1 October 2010.377 of the 442 participants qualified by spinning their top for a total of 10 seconds.
4396Largest Thriller danceInstituto de la Juventud del Gobierno del Distrito Federal13597 peopleMexico, Ciudad de México29 August 2009The largest thriller dance is achieved by 13,597 participants in an event organised by the Instituto de la Juventud del Gobierno del Distrito Federal at the Monumento a la Revolucion, Mexico City, Mexico, on 29 Aug 2009.Log books were used for the counting.
4397Largest simultaneous roast dinnerEast of England Agricultural SocietyUnited Kingdom, Peterborough22 February 2009The largest simultaneous roast dinner was achieved by 1,632 participants in an event organised by East of England Agricultural Society in East of England Showground, Peterborough, UK, on 22 February 2009.Food and ingredients:Main course: Roast beef, Potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, Cauliflower, Carrots Gravy.Dessert: Apple Crumble CustardIngredients: Roast beef 280 kg (617.3 lbs) Carrots 200kg (441 lbs) Cauliflower 300kg (661.2 lbs) Apples 260kg (573 lbs) Flour 112kg (247 lbs) Sugar 75kg (165.4 lbs) Butter 15kg (33 lbs) Gravy 264 litres (9292 fl oz)
4398Largest gathering of people with moustachesKARE-111131 peopleUnited States, St. Paul26 November 2010The largest gathering of men with moustaches was achieved by 1,131 participants at an event organised by KARE-11 TV at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, on 26 November 2010.The attempt took place at the end of "Movember," an annual fundraising event in November during which men grow moustaches to raise awareness for men's health and prostate cancer.
4399Oldest person to win a NHRA Pro Stock eventWarren JohnsonUnited States, Chandler26 February 2006At 62 years 234 days, Warren Johnson (USA, b. 7 July 1943) became the oldest driver to win a National Hot Road Association (NHRA) event. He won the Checker Schuck’s Kragen NHRA Nationals at Firebird International Raceway, in Chandler, Arizona, on 26 February 2006.
4400Most powerful sub-wooferDanley Sound Labs94 hertz(es)United States, Gainesville01 January 2007Initially designed for the military by Danley Sound Labs (USA), the massive Matterhorn features 40 15-in subwoofers each powered by a 1,000-watt amplifier and housed in a 20x8x8-ft cargo container capable of reproducing bass down to 15 to 20 Hz and generating 94 db up to 250 m (820 ft).
4401First space tourist (female)Anousheh AnsarifirstNot Applicable, 18 September 2006Anousheh Ansari (Iran) became the first female space tourist on 18 September 2006 when the Soyuz TMA-9 capsule blasted off for a 10-day visit to the International Space Station. Businesswoman Ansari has had a lifelong fascination with space and is thought to have paid $20 million (£10.5 million) for the experience.
4402First blimp used for advertisingSuchardfirstAtlantic Ocean, Canary Islands01 January 1913The first advertising blimp was the 'Suchard' Airship, a human-driven airship financed by the Swiss chocolatiers, Suchard, and which in 1912-13, was built to fly the Atlantic east to west from the Canary Islands to the USA. Whilst the crossing failed due to financial and operating difficulties, it was the first time a commercial airship was sponsored for advertising purposes.
4403Youngest person to enter UK albums chart at No.1 without releasing a single (male)Ray QuinnUnited Kingdom18 March 2007The youngest male artist to enter the UK album chart at number 1 without releasing a single is Ray Quinn (UK, b. 25 August 1988) aged 18 years 162 days when his album Doing it My Way reached the top spot on 18 March 2007.The album was released on 12 March 2007.
4404Highest box office film gross for a Swedish filmThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo10100000 US dollar(s)Sweden, 01 January 2010The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2010) has so far taken $10.1 million (£6.4 million) at the US box office and $104 million (£65.6 million) worldwide. The three Girl With...films, all released in 2010, have so far grossed over $210 million (£132.5 million) internationally - a figure set to grow, as they are all still on release.
4405Oldest person to win a national draughts championshipAsa LongUnited States, Tupelo21 July 1984Asa A. Long (USA, b. 20 August 1904) became the oldest US national draughts champion, aged 79 years 334 days, when he won his sixth title in Tupelo, Mississippi, USA on 21 July 1984. He was also world champion 1934-8.NB, 2007 check: Mr Long is dead.
4406Most kilts put on in one minuteRachel WalkerUnited Kingdom, London,,The Prince Regent pub, Dulwich Road, London.21 January 2012The record for most kilts put on in a minute is 4 achieved by Rachel Walker (UK), in London, UK, on 21 January 2012.She achieved the record in front of an enthusiastic crowd at The Prince Regent pub, on Dulwich Road, London.
4407Longest marathon rifle shootingDieter Franken26 day(s), hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Germany, Ettringen21 September 2003The longest rifle shooting marathon was 26 hours by five members of St Sebastianus Schützenbruderchaft Ettringen 1901 eV shooting club at Ettringen, Germany, on 20-21 September 2003.The five members were: Karl Westhoften, Rainer Lanz, Dieter Franken, Christian Lanz and Manfred Savelsberg, who shot from three positions: prone, standing, and kneeling, and followed all ISSF regulations.
4408Smallest colour television screenMicroemissive Displays LtdUnited Kingdom, Edinburgh17 February 2003Microemissive Displays Ltd, Edinburgh, UK developed a tiny colour television/video screen which measured just 3.84x2.88mm (0.15x0.11in). The ME1602, which could be linked to video cameras, dvd players, and videos, had a resolution of 160x120 pixels. It worked using organic light emitting diode technology. It was later discontinued.It was launched in November 2002In 2003, the ME1602 was replaced by ME3203, which was twice the size - 7.1mm, with a resolution of 320x240 pixels.
4409Longest career as a television naturalistSir David AttenboroughUnited Kingdom01 January 2003The longest working career as a writer and presenter of TV nature programmes belongs to Sir David Attenborough (UK), whose first series, Zoo Quest (BBC), was broadcast in 1954. He was seen most recently presenting the BBC1's Life of Mammals, broadcast in the UK from December 2002 - January 2003 and Frozen Planet, scheduled for 2011.Other famous TV credits are: Life on Earth (1979), The living Planet (1984), The Private Life of Plants (1995) and The Blue Planet (2001).
4410Oldest diving suitUnknownFinland, Raahe17 February 2003'The Old Gentleman of Raahe', at the Museum of Raahe, Raahe, Finland, is believed to be the oldest surviving diving suit in the world. Dating from sometime in the eighteenth century, it was donated to the museum by Captain Johan Leufstadius (1795-1867), a Finnish shipowner and mariner. A replica of the suit, made from stitched calfskin, was successfully tested in 1988.

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