Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4411Most people fire eatingUnknown171 peopleAustralia, Sydney Olympics15 September 2000A total of 171 members of the Chilli Club International (Australia), performed Fire Storm Crossing Australi' at the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics, Australia on 15 September 2000.The initial idea was to give the opening ceremony a flavour of Australia by recreating a bush-fire in the stadium. giby ree it an Australian flavour. Can you re-create a BUSH FIRE in the stadium
4412Longest non-stop ocean voyage by a raftRaft Transpacific ExpeditionUnited States, Guam28 January 2003During the Raft Transpacific Expedition the raft Nord, captained by Andrew Urbanczyk (USA), sailed from Half Moon Bay, California, USA, to the US-owned Pacific island of Guam, a straight-line distance of 5,110 nautical miles (9,463 km or 5,880 miles), in 136 days from 26 August 2002 to 28 January 2003.The raft was built of seven sequoia redwood logs and measured 12 x 15 m (39 x 49 ft).The total distance covered was 6,750 nautical miles (12,501 km or 7,767 miles).
4413Longest human tooth extractedLoo Hui Jing3.2 centimetre(s)Singapore, Singapore06 April 2009The longest human tooth extracted measured 3.2 cm (1.26 in), which was removed from Loo Hui Jing (Singapore) in Singapore, on 6 April 2009.The procedure took place at the Eli Dental Surgery and performed by Dr. Ng Lay Choo.
4414Most balloons blown up in an hour - teamHUBOBelgium, Brussels29 November 2009The most balloons blown up in an hour by a team is 39,522 balloons and was achieved in an event organised by HUBO in Brussels, Belgium on 29 November 2009.The event was organised to celebrate the launch of the 100th HUBO chain store.
4415Largest heart formationMultimedios11166 peopleMexico, Monterrey27 February 2010The largest heart formation consisted of 11,166 participants and was achieved by the state of Nuevo León at an event organized by Multimedios (Mexico) at Parque Fundidora in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, on 27 February 2010.30,000 red headscarves were handed out by Multimedios TV and radio in the days leading up to the event and were worn by participants, who were also dressed in red, for aerial photographs. The event featured numerous musical performances and was broadcast live on Multimedios.
4416Longest thrown rifle exchangeConstantine H. WilsonUnited States, Fairfax23 April 2004Constantine Wilson and Clarence Robbins (both USA) exchanged their rifles at a distance of 5.48 m (18 ft) apart, with both rifles completeing a 1½ revolution in the air before being caught at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA on 23 April 2004.For all the rifle display demonstration records, the weapon must weigh a minimum of 3.54 kg (9 lb 6 oz), with a mounted strap and a fixed bayonet with a minimum length of 24 cm (9.5 in).
4417Longest concert by a solo artistKuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan501 day(s), hour(s), minute(s)India, 26 July 2009The longest performance by a solo artist lasted 501 hours and was achieved by Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan (India) at the Rhythm Therapy Hall, Nandavanam Hospital, Ottapalam, Kerala, India, on 5-26 July 2009This record is the overall category for music marathons - Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan also holds the record for longest marathon hand drumming.
4418Largest heartBlue whale (Balaenoptera musculus)19 January 2005The blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) has the largest heart of any living creature. It can weigh over 1,500 lb (680 kg) and be as large as a small automobile. The aorta is large enough for an adult to crawl through and it pumps approximately 15,000 pints of blood as compared to 8 pints in a human being.The heart of the blue whale can beat just five or six times per minute when it surfaces and even slower when the animal dives. In comparison, a human heart usually beats seventy times per minute whle resting.
4419Oldest ZeroBabyloniansfirstNot ApplicableThe use of zero, or '0', was first used by the Babylonians around 300 BC, as a placeholder, like the '0' in '10' or '100'. The oldest known reference to zero as a numerical value to signify 'nothing' was by the Indian mathematician and astronomer Brahmagupta, in his great work of 628 AD, the Brahmasphutasiddhanta.
4420Largest computer classShandong Lanxiang Senior Vestibule School1135 peopleChina, Jinan City15 January 2006The record for the largest computer class was 1,135 students and was set in the computer classroom of Shandong Lanxiang Senior Vestibule School in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China on 15 January 2006.
4421Largest kickboxing classInstituto Distrital de Recreation y Deporte7630 peopleColombia, Bogota15 August 2011The largest kickboxing class involved 7,630 participants at an event organised by the Instituto Distrito de Recreation y Deporte (Colombia) at Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park in Bogota, Colombia, on 15 August 2011.The class lasted 16 minutes.
4422Fastest car crash survivedDonald Campbell579 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, Bonneville Salt Flats01 September 1960In September 1960, during speed trials to set a new land speed record at Bonneville Flats, Utah, USA, Donald Campbell (UK) crashed his car Bluebird while travelling at a speed of 579 km/h (360 mph). The vehicle rolled over and Campbell fractured his skull, yet against all the odds he survived.
4423Longest journey non-stop in a flats boatRalph and Robert BrownUnited States, New York HarborThe longest non-stop ocean voyage in a flats boat was 1,245.63 km (774 miles) and was set by Ralph and Robert Brown (USA) who travelled from St. Georges, Bermuda to New York Harbor, USA, from 9 to 11 May 2007.Ralph and Robert are brothers.
4424Oldest person to qualify as a flight instructorBart BratkoUnited States, Lawrence Municipal Airport15 October 2002Bart Bratko (USA b. 22 April 1921) qualified as a flight instructor at age 81 years and 176 days at Lawrence Municipal Airport, Massachusetts, USA, on 15 October 2002. He obtained his pilot's licence in 1995.Bratko owns a Beechcraft F33A Bonanza and a 1964 HA200A Casa Saeta Twin Jet Spanish Trainer, which he flies daily. During the Second World War, he was a Flight Control Officer, attached to the 445th Heavy Bombardment Group, 8th Air Force, USAAF, stationed in Norwich, England.
4425Oldest kidney transplant recipientUnknown77/185 year(s), day(s)United States, San Antontio02 October 2002Carroll Basham (USA, b. 31 March 1925) had a kidney transplant operation aged 77 years 185 days on 2 October 2002 at the Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital, San Antonio, Texas, USA. His stepdaughter Nancy Hildenburg donated the kidney.
4426Largest amphibious shipWasp class shipsUnited StatesWith a full load displacement of 36,500 tonnes (80.5 million lb) and a length of 257 m (844 ft), the US Navy's Wasp class vessels are the largest amphibious ships afloat today. Capable of carrying aircraft, landing vessels of various kinds, and large numbers of troops, their primary role is to put troops onto enemy shores.The ships have crews of 1,100 and can carry up to 1,894 marines. They are typically equipped with 42 Sea Knight helicopters and five Harrier jump jets.Although they resemble small aircraft carriers thanks to the runways that comprise their decks, the Wasp class vessels are uniquely equipped for their role thanks to the massive gates in the ships' sterns which allow landing vehicles and other equipment to be easily transferred to shore.The ships have monorails to enable transfer of cargo and equipment around the holds.The ships feature 600 bed hospitals (the largest on any ships except for dedicated hospital ships).There are seven Wasp class ships currently in service.
4427Most sequences completed in a game of SimonJoel BergerUnited States, Hasbro Games,Massachusetts17 November 2003The longest completed sequence of moves on a Simon game is 14 by Joel Berger (USA) at Hasbro Games, Massachusetts, USA on 17 November 2003.
4428Longest arm waveS.C. NANA NET7014 participantsJapan, koutouku21 November 2009The longest breakdance hand wave involved 7,014 participants and was achieved by Nana Mizuki fan club S.C. NANA NET (Japan) at the Tokyo Big Site, Tokyo, Japan, on 21 November 2009.Nana Mizuki is a Japanese pop singer and voice actress. Her fan club members tried three record attempts at the concert. For this record attempt, 7,014 people in the audience successfully completed the hand wave.
4429Fastest mile juggling three objects whilst running in relay (female)Sandy Brown, Kay Caskey, Kathy Glynn, Laurie Young6/54.1 minute(s), second(s)United States, Los Angeles22 July 1990Sandy Brown, Kay Caskey, Kathy Glynn, Laurie Young (all USA), ran a 1.6 km (one mile) relay whilst each juggling three objects in a time of 6 min 54.1 sec at the International Juggling Association's Joggling Championships, University of California, Los Angeles, California, USA, in July 1990.This is known as joggling.
4430Largest human crossUniversity of Santo Tomas13266 participantsPhilippines, Manila09 March 2011The largest human cross was achieved by 13,266 participants at an event organised by the University of Santo Tomas (Philippines) in Manila, Philippines, on 9 March 2011.The cross was in two colours, black and white.
4431Most people playing Trivial Pursuit simultaneouslyHasbroFrance, Paris09 October 2004The most people playing Trivial pursuit simultaneously is 2,112. The participants took part in a tournament organised by Hasbro to celebrate the 20th birthday of the game at Paris Bercy sports arena, Paris, France on 9 October 2004. tournament
4432First use of aircraft in warfareCarlo PiazzafirstLibya, 22 October 1911The first time an aircraft was used in warfare occurred on 22 October 1911. Captain Carlo Piazza of the Italian Army flew a Blériot monoplane from Tripoli to Azzia in Libya during a reconnaissance mission of Turkish forces, whom they were fighting in the Italo-Turkish War of 1911-12.Please note, some sources state 23 October. I have gone with RAF Museum's date.Ottoman Turks were defending their territories in Libya from Italian colonial designs from 28 September 1911- 18 October 1912.It could also be claimed to be the first spyplane sortie.
4433Fastest police car in service2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4370 kilometre(s) per hourItaly, 01 January 2008The fastest police car in service is the 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 which has a top speed of 370 km/h (230 mph) and a power output of 372 kW (500 bhp). Just 30 policemen and women will be permitted to drive the car after special training is undertaken.
4434Most songs nominated for an Oscar in a single yearAcadamy Awards 1946United States, Los Angeles01 January 1946The 18th Academy Awards held on 7 March 1946, saw a record 14 songs from films released in 1945 being nominated for the Best Original Song category. The following year saw the Academy change the rules to have only five songs nominated per year.Those songs nominated were:1. 'Accentuate the Positive' from Here Comes the Waves - Music by Harold Arlen Lyrics by Johnny Mercer2. 'Anywhere' from Tonight and Every Night - Music by Jule Styne. Lyrics by Sammy Cahn3. 'Aren't You Glad You're You?' from The Bells of St Mary's - Music by James Van Heusen Lyrics by Johnny Burke4. 'The Cat and the Canary' from Why Girls Leave Home - Music by Jay Livingstone Lyrics by Ray Evans5. 'Endlessly' from Earl Carroll Vanities - Music by walter Kent: Lyrics by Kim Gannon6. 'I Fall in Love Too Easily' from Anchors Aweigh - Music by Jule Styne Lyrics by Sammy Cahn7. 'I'll Buy that Dream' from Sing Your Way Home - Music by Allie Wrubel Lyrics by Herb Magidson8. *'It Might As Well Be Spring' from State Fair - Music by Richard Rodgers Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II9. 'Linda' from G.I. Joe - Music and Lyrics by Ann Ronel10. 'Love Letters' from Love Letters - Music by Victor Young Lyrics by Eddie Heyman11. 'More and More' from Can't Help Singing - Music by Jerome Kern Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg12. 'Sleighride in July' from Belle of Yukon - Music by James Van Heusen Lyrics by Johnny Burke13. 'So in Love' from Wonder Man - Music by David Rose Lyricis by Leo Robin.14. 'Some Sunday Morning' from San Antonio - Music by Ray Heindorf and M.K. Jerome Lyrics by Ted Koehler* denotes winner
4435First person killed by a carBridget DriscollfirstUnited Kingdom, Crystal Palace,London17 August 1896The first person killed by an automobile was Bridget Driscoll (UK), who received fatal injuries when she walked into the path of a car moving at 4 mph (6.4 km/h), as it was giving demonstration rides in the grounds of Crystal Palace, London, UK on 17 August 1896.Bridget Driscoll was about 44 years old, and the car belonged to the Anglo-French Motor Car Company.
4436Largest dance class (multi-venue)Liverpool SportslinxUnited Kingdom, Liverpool11 July 2008The largest dance class (multiple venues) is achieved by 26,797 primary school students across Liverpool and organised by Sportslinx in Liverpool, UK, on 11 July 2008.
4437Largest simultaneous stretchWestpac Bank20534 peopleAustralia, Sydney14 August 2011The largest simultaneous stretch in one location was set by the citizens of Sydney (Australia) and sponsored by Westpac Bank and involved 20,534 participants in Sydney, Australia on 14 August 2011 The participants took part before the City2Surf fun run in Sydney
4438Most consecutive netball passesNetball Hutt Valley Centre180 participantsNew Zealand, Lower Hutt21 April 2012The most consecutive netball passes is 180, and was organised by the Netball Hutt Valley Centre (New Zealand), in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, on 21 April 2012.
4439First film in digital 3DChicken LittlefirstUnited States, 01 January 2005Chicken Little (USA, 2005) was the first mainstream cinematic release to be distributed in a digital, stereographic three-dimensional format. It was shown in 3-D at 85 US cinemas and – unlike earlier 3-D titles that needed a special venue, such as an IMAX cinema, or special process – could be watched with or without polarizing glasses.
4440First console-based first-person shooterWolfenstein 3D (id Software, 1992)firstNot Applicable, A modified version of Wolfenstein 3D was the first FPS on a console platform. Previously, the massive computational power required to run an FPS game limited the genre the PC platform. The game was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan on 5 May 1993. GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: First console-based first-person shooter.

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