Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4501Largest pilates demonstration / classDenizli Municipality3486 participantsTurkey, Denizli02 June 2013The largest pilates demonstration/class was achieved by 3,486 participants in an event organized by Denizli Municipality (Turkey) in Denizli, Turkey, on 2 June 2013.
4502Deepest bat colonyUnknownUSAThe world’s deepest bat colony, comprising approximately 1,000 little brown bats (Myotis lucifrugus), spends each winter in a New York zinc mine, USA, at a record depth for any bat species of 1,160 m (3,805 ft), almost six times deeper than this species’ normal roosting depth.
4503First hijack of an aircraft, commerical airlinerCathay Pacfic Airways Consolidated PBY-5A CatalinafirstMacau, 17 July 1948The first hijack of a commercial airliner, occurred on 17 July 1948, when terrorists attempted to gain control of a Cathay Pacific Airways seaplane en route from Macau to Hong Kong, ultimately causing it to crash into the sea off Macau. Only one, out of 26 passengers and crew, survived.
4504First hijack of an aircraftBryon RickardsfirstPeru, Arequipa21 February 1931The first recorded aircraft hijack was on 21 February 1931, in Arequipa, Peru, when Byron Rickards (USA) was flying a Ford Tri-motor from Lima, Peru to Arequipa. Once landed, he was surrounded by soldiers and told he had just become the prisoner of a revolutionary organisation, but was later released on 2 March of the same year.
4505Largest display of lanternsTainan County GovernmentChinese Taipei, Tainan24 February 2008The largest display of lanterns in a single venue was 47,759 and was achieved by Tainan County Government at Solar City in the 'Prayer for Peace' area of Tainan Science Park in Tainan, Taiwan, on 24 February 2008.The dimension of the area is: 250 m X 100 m = 25,000 m² (820 ft 2 in * 328 ft 1 in = 269,096.68 ft²)
4506Youngest planetary nebulaStingray NebulaThe Stingray Nebula, 18,000 light years away in the southern constellation of Ara, was observed as a star in the 1970s. In 1996 the Hubble Space Telescope imaged it and found that, in the intervening 20 years its central star had heated up enough to make its surrounding ejected gas shells glow as a planetary nebula.
4507Largest schuhplattler danceTiroler Landes-Trachtenverband1296 participantsAustria, Höfen28 June 2008The largest schuhplattler dance involved 1,296 participants and was achieved by Tiroler Landes-Trachtenverband (Austria) in Tyrol, Austria, on 28 June 2008.The Schuhplattler is a traditional folk dance from Bavaria and Austria.
4508First Wii game to feature 32-player online playMedal of Honor: Heroes 2first, 01 November 2007Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 was the first Wii game to feature online multiplayer game modes capable of hosting 32 players at one time. Released in November 2007, Heroes 2 was also announced by Nintendo as the first third party game to support the Wii Zapper, a hardware accessory that transforms the Wii Remote and Nunchuk into a light gun.Guinness World Records Gamers’ Edition 2009.
4509Most people knitting simultaneouslyNational Federation of Women's Institutes3083 participantsUnited Kingdom, TBCThe most people knitting simultaneously in a single location is 3,083 in an event organised by the National Federation of Women's Institutes (UK), in London, UK, on 30 May 2012.
4510Most expensive film animeSteamboy20000000 US dollar(s)Japan, 01 January 2004The budget for Katsuhiro Otomo's (Japan) Steamboy (Japan, 2004) anime is estimated to have reached 2.4 billion Yen ($20 million £12 million), making it the most expensive animated movie in Japanese history. Set in Victorian England, Steamboy is a retro science fiction saga in which a powerful new energy source is released into the midst of the steam age.
4511Largest audience for Audio Described TheatreVocalEyesUnited Kingdom, London11 October 2008The largest audience for Audio Described Theatre is 168 and was achieved by VocalEyes during a performance of Les Miserables at the Queen's Theatere, London, UK, on 11 October 2008.
4512Largest dessert decoration lesson (single venue)University Of Antelope Valley1401 peopleUnited States, Lancaster27 April 2014The largest dessert decoration lesson consists of 1,401 participants and was achieved by the University of Antelope Valley (USA), at the California Poppy Festival in Lancaster, California, USA, on 27 April 2014.
4513First console game to receive a “mature” ratingDoom (SNES)The earliest console video game to receive a “mature” rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board, was the SNES version of Doom was  The Board deemed the game suitable only for those aged 17 years old or over because of the “Animated Blood and Gore and Animated Violence” in the content.
4514First publication of a human genomeDr. Craig VenterfirstUnited States, 01 September 2007The first publication of a human genome was by scientist and entrepeneur Dr. Craig Venter (USA), who published his own genome (genetic code) in its entirety it September 2007. This complete record of his genetic make-up contained some 6 billion letters and was retrieved at an estimated cost of $35 (£17.5) million.
4515Largest binocular telescopeLarge Binocular Telescope, ArizonaUnited States, Arizona01 March 2008The Large Binocular Telescope comprises two identical telescopes, each with an 8.4 m (27 ft 6 in) diameter main mirror. Working in tandem, they have an equivalent light-gathering power of a single mirror 11.8 m (38 ft 8 in) across. The telescope, located on a mountain top in Arizona, USA, became fully functional in March 2008.
4516First football videogame played from a side perspectiveInternational Soccer (NASL Soccer)01 January 1980The earliest football game to allow players to control their team from a side perspective (stadium viewpoint) was International Soccer. The game – also known as NASL Soccer – was released on the Atari 2600 in 1980. This side-on playing perspective has since become the default view for many leading football games, including the FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer games.
4517Largest audience for a videogame performanceDJ Hero (Isle of Wight Festival)United Kingdom, Isle of White (Festival),,IOW Festival11 June 2010The largest audience for a video game performance is 16,000 and was achieved by ZOO Magazine' s Matt Beadle and Activision's Jon Edney, who played DJ Hero at The Isle of Wight Festival, Isle of Wight, UK on June 11 2010.Damian Field adjudicated
4518Largest parade of alternative fuel powered vehiclesConsumers Co-operative SapporoJapan, Sapporo26 September 2010The largest parade of alternative fuel powered vehicles consited of 300 cars and was achieved by Consumers Co-Operative Sapporo (Japan) in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan, on 26 September 2010.All the vehicles used by CO-OP Sapporo's home delivery service are biodiesel trucks. They collect and use old vegetable oils used for tempura.
4519First PlayStation 2 game to support online playTony Hawk’s Pro Skater 301 January 2001The earliest Playstation 2 game to allow online play was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, published by Activision, released in 2001. Unlike later online titles this could be done without the need for an adaptor, by using a standard usB connector and a dial-up connection.
4520First Microsoft videogame console to work with alternative operating systemsXboxfirstThe earliest Microsoft video game console to work with alternative operating systems was the Xbox. The addition of a hard drive meant that it was easy for hackers to install their own operating systems. Linux was available for the Xbox shortly after it was launched. Soon after this, Sony released a disc allowing users to run Linux on PlayStation 2.
4521Largest singing lessonEdna Mae AndersonUnited States, Nashville, Tennessee24 October 2009The largest singing lesson involved 6,651 participants and was achieved by Sweet Adelines International during the 63rd Annual Sweet Adelines International Convention and Competition at the Sommet Center in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on 24 October 2009.Sweet Adelines International is an organization of female barbershop music singers based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, established by Edna Mae Anderson in 1945. Event organisers seek to educate organizational members about barbershop harmony to advance the artform.
4522First protein named after a videogame characterPikachurin, Pikachu (Pokemon)firstJapan, Suita,Osaka PrefectureIn July 2008, biologists from the Osaka Bioscience Institute in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, identified a protein that is necessary to efficiently transmit visual information to the brain. Having determined that the protein is used in kinetic vision (being able to detect fast-moving objects), they named it pikachurin after Pikachu, who is also apparently very fast.
4523First text adventure videogameColossal Cave Adventurefirst, 01 January 1976Colossal Cave Adventure, created in 1976 for the PDP-10 computer was the first "text-adventure" video game. With puzzles, an element of fantasy and a command system, it introduced much of the groundwork from which point 'n' click adventures drew their inspiration. Players would read a description of their location, then choose what to do next by typing commands such as "enter building" or "go north".
4524Longest record of volcanic eruptionsMt EtnaItalyMt Etna is a stratovolcano on the Italian island of Sicily. With a summit height of around 3,329 m (10,921 ft 9 in) it is the largest active volcano in Europe. It is also one of the world?s most active volcanoes, and has erupted around 200 times since its first recorded eruption in 1500 BCE.
4525Largest area of surface iceMarsAlmost all of the ice on Mars´ surface is in the poles. Both poles consist of water ice which gains a seasonal coating of carbon dioxide 'dry´ ice during their respective winters. The southern cap is the largest, around 420 km across, and containing enough water to cover the entire planet in a layer 11 m deep.
4526Lowest score under par in a professional golf tour tournamentChapchai NiratIndia, Classic Golf Resort21 March 2009The lowest score to par after 72 holes in a major golf tournament is - 32 (32 under par) and was achieved by Chapchai Nirat (Thailand) at the 2009 SAIL Open at the Classic Golf Resort, Gurgaon, India, on 21 March 2009. The SAIL Open is part of the Asian Tour which is one of the six full members of the International Federation of PGA Tours. This defines the tournament as a "major" tournament.
4527Largest big bowl feast partyFederation of HK Guangxi Community Organisations23688 peopleHong Kong, Hong Kong24 February 2013The largest big bowl feast party involved 23,688 participants at an event organized by Federation of HK Guangxi Community Organizations (Hong Kong) in Hong Kong, China, on 24 February 2013.
4528First concert simultaneously held in a real and virtual spaceThe Dares, <i>Free Realms</i> (SOE, 2009)firstUSA, Los AngelesThe first concert to take place simultaneously in the real world and a virtual space featured The Dares (USA) and took place at E3 2009 in Los Angeles, USA and in Free Realms (SOE, 2009) on 2 June 2009.A certificate was presented to the Dares and SOE executive Torrie Dorrell at E3 2009.
4529Largest fandango danceFUNDEVColombia, monteria - cordoba30 November 2009The largest fandango dance consisted of 1,146 dancers and was organised by FUNDEV (Colombia) in Cereté, Cordoba, Colombia, on 30 November 2009.Fandango is a lively folk dance usually danced in couples. It is traditionally accompanied by guitars and castanets or hand-clapping.
4530Most Oscar nominations for a characterHenry VIII of EnglandUK01 January 1969One character has inspired more Best Actor Oscar nominations than any other: Henry VIII of England (1491–1547). The actors who portrayed him are: Charles Laughton (UK) for The Private Life of Henry VIII (UK, 1933), for which he won the Oscar Robert Shaw in A Man for All Seasons (UK, 1966) and Richard Burton (UK) in Anne of the Thousand Days (UK, 1969).

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