Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4591Longest speedball marathonHeather Gullick30:15:00 hour(s), minute(s)United Kingdom, Crowborough19 January 2014The longest marathon punching a speedball is 30 hr 15 min and was achieved by Heather Gullick (UK) in Crowborough, East Sussex, UK, on 18-19 January 2014. Gullick threw a total of 131,054 punches during the marathon.
4592Most coin rolls in one minuteAndy Beresford53 timesJapan, Tokyo11 March 2015The most coin rolls in one minute is 53 and was achieved by Andy Beresford (UK), at the New Otemachi Building, in Tokyo, Japan, on 11 March 2015. Andy used a British 2 pence coin for his attempt.
4593Most consecutive head spins (female)Luisa AsbeckGermany, Mittweida13 November 2014The most consecutive head spins by a female is 47 and was achieved by Luisa Asbeck (Germany) in Mittweida, Germany, on 13 November 2014.Luisa is 16 years old and has been actively dancing since 2009.
4594Most Mentos and soda fountainsChupa Chups Industrial Mexicana , Perfetti Van MelleMexico, Leon15 November 2014The most Mentos and soda fountains set off simultaneously is 4,334 and achieved by Chupa Chups Industrial Mexicana and Perfetti Van Melle (Mexico) at the Festival Internacional del Globo in León, Guanajuato, Mexico, on 15 November 2014.
4595Longest career as a sports broadcasterBob WolffUnited States, Long Island01 November 2014The longest career as a sports broadcaster is 75 years by Bob Wolff (b. 29 November 1920, USA) who began his professional broadcasting career on CBS radio in 1939 and continues to appear on-air for Cablevision News 12 Long Island at the age of 93.
4596Most consecutive football (soccer) passesQAPCOQatar, Doha11 February 2014The most consecutive football passes is 596 and was set by members of QAPCO (Qatar) to celebrate National Sports Day, in Doha, Qatar, on 11 February 2014.
4597Most runs scored in a Test match career (male)Sachin TendulkarNot Applicable15 November 2013Sachin Tendulkar (India) scored 15,921 runs in 329 innings, at an average of 53.78 runs per innings. The "Little Master", who made his Test debut as a 16-year-old on 15 November 1989, hit 51 centuries (including six scores of 200 or more) and 68 half-centuries in 200 matches.
4598Longest coin spinning durationKeita Hashimoto25.71 seconds second(s)Japan, Tochigi17 July 2014The longest coin spinning duration is 25.71 seconds, achieved by Keita Hashimoto (Japan), in Tochigi, Japan, on 17 July 2014.
4599Most people dot-to-dot drawing simultaneously - single locationLokmat Media Pvt. LtdIndia, Pune,,At a school ground19 September 2014The most people dot-to-dot drawing simultaneously in one location was achieved by 7,574 participants at an event organised by Lokmat Media Pvt. Ltd (India) in Pune, India, on 19 September 2014.
4600Most people on unicyclesTaoyuan County GovernmentpeopleChinese Taipei, Taoyuan,,Cordoned off public roads01 November 2014The most people on unicycles is 1,682 and was achieved by Taoyuan County Government (Chinese Taipei) in Taoyuan County, Chinese Taipei on 1 November 2014.
4601Largest music quizStichting W.R.M.Q562 participantsNetherlands, Tiel07 June 2015The largest music quiz consists of 652 participants was achieved by Stichting W.R.M.Q (Netherlands), in Tiel, Netherlands on 7 June 2015. The music quiz lasted for one and a half hours.
4602Largest music lessonLyrish Ocarina Federation2,489 participantsJapan, Nagoya23 November 2014The largest music lesson involved 2,489 participants, learning how to play the ocarina, and was achieved by Lyrish Ocarina Federation (Japan) at Nagoya Dome, in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, on 23 November 2014. The lesson was taught by Mr. Yoichi Nishitani, who gave a lesson on some basic skills of playing the ocarina, as well as some tips on playing with a large group. The lesson finished with the entire group playing a medley of songs related to the four seasons.
4603Most people blowing out candles simultaneouslyShunCheng Shopping Mall (China)841 participants peopleChina, Kunming16 January 2015The most people blowing out candles simultaneously is 841 and was achieved by ShunCheng Shopping Mall (China) in Kunming, Yunnan, China, on 16 January 2015.
4604Longest marathon television talk show (team)Areej Zayat, Reine Al-MailaaSyrian Arab Republic, Damascus21 November 2014The longest time to continuously present a talk show programme on broadcast TV by a team is 70 hr 5 min and was hosted by Areej Zayat and Reine Al-Mailaa (both Syria) on Talaqie TV in Damascus, Syria, from 18 to 21 November 2014. Areej and Reine talked to politicians, actors, singers, sports personalities, and other members of the public during the marathon talk show on the theme "From Syria with love".
4605Most people reading aloud simultaneously - single locationArt of Living Foundation46660 peopleIndia, Thrissur02 February 2014The most people reading aloud simultaneously at a single location is 46,660 and was organised by the Art Of Living Foundation (India) at the Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur, India, on 2 February 2014.The participants recited the Njanappana, a poem written by the 16th century poet Poonthanam. The event was organised by The Art Of Living Foundation to promote peace and non violence in the area.
4606Oldest milk toothJoyce Walen87/48 year(s)United States, Capitola25 February 2014The oldest milk tooth belongs to Joyce Walen (b. 8 January 1927) of Capitola, California, USA, who still retained a deciduous tooth (upper left H) as of 25 February 2014, at the age of 87 years 48 days.
4607First country modelled at full scale in a videogameDenmarkDenmark24 April 2014In April 2014 the Danish Geodata Agency launched a 1:1 scale recreation of Denmark in Minecraft, featuring every building and feature of the 43,000-sq-km country for players to explore. The project was designed to promote the agency as well as to help teach urban planning and geography in schools.
4608Largest water balloon toss (single venue)Deerfield AcademypeopleUnited States, Deerfield14 September 2014The largest water balloon toss consisted of 902 participants and was achieved by Deerfield Academy (USA) in Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA, on 14 September 2014.
4609Largest swimming lesson (single venue)World Waterpark AssociationparticipantsUnited States, Naples20 June 2014The largest swimming lesson consists of 1,308 participants and was achieved by the World Waterpark Association (USA) at Sun-N-Fun Lagoon in Naples, Florida, USA, on 20 June 2014.
4610Largest speed dating eventCalgary Speed DatingpeopleCanada, Calgary14 February 2014The largest speed dating event consisted of 651 participants and was achieved by Calgary Speed Dating Inc. (Canada) at Telus Spark Science Centre in Calgary, Canada, on 14 February 2014.
4611Largest tennis lessonSport Impact, HounslowparticipantsUnited Kingdom, Hounslow02 July 2014The largest tennis lesson consists of 770 participants and was achieved by Sport Impact, Hounslow (UK) at the Dukes Meadows Tennis Centre in London, UK, on 2 July 2014.
4612Most consecutive butterfly pull-ups hanging from a bridgeIsrael Cortes AguilarMexico, Mexico City03 November 2014The most consecutive butterfly pull-ups hanging from a bridge is 51 and was achieved by two athletes during the Gillette Antiperspirant Odor protection challenge: Nicolas Spencer (Chile) in Santiago, Chile on 28 September 2014 and Israel Cortes Aguilar (Mexico) in Mexico City, Mexico, on 3 November 2014.
4613Largest human numberKidZania Cairo3853 participantsEgypt, Cairo25 October 2014The largest human number consisted of 3,853 participants and was achieved in an event organised by KidZania Cairo (Egypt) in Cairo, Egypt, on 25 October 2014.
4614Tallest donkeyRomulus172.72 centimetre(s)United States, Waxahachie08 February 2013The tallest donkey living is Romulus, a 9-year-old American Mammoth Jackstock, who measured 17 hands (172.72 cm 5 ft 8 in) tall on 8 February 2013, and is owned by Cara and Phil Yellott of Red Oak, Texas, USA.
4615Most claps in a minuteEli Bishop1,020 timesUnited States, BostonThe most claps in one minute is 1,020 and was achieved by Eli Bishop (USA), at Studio A- EPD studio at the Berklee College of Music in Boston,Massachusetts, USA, on 5 May 2014. This attempt was done in a sound proof recording studio.
4616Largest bachata danceBailotea.comSpain, Sevilla15 June 2014The largest bachata dance involved 339 couples (678 people) and was achieved by (Spain) in Sevilla, Spain, on 12 June 2014.Bachata is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic.
4617Largest human national flagRotary International District 3230, News 7 Tamil43,830 peopleIndia, Chennai07 December 2014The largest human national flag involved 43,830 participants and was achieved by Rotary International District 3230 and News 7 Tamil (both India) at the YMCA Grounds Nandanam in Chennai, India, on 7 December 2014. video fghfgh [View the story "Largest human national flag in Chennai, India - December 2014" on Storify]
4618Most straitjacket escapes in one hourJackson RayneUnited States, Branson13 December 2014The most straitjacket escapes in one hour is 54, achieved by Jackson Rayne (USA) at the Music City Center (USA) in Branson, Missouri, USA, on 13 December 2014. Jackson beat the previous record by five escapes.
4619Largest tea tasting event - single venueWuyishan Tea Industry Association (China)participantsChina, Fujian,,Wuyishan Kaijie Square16 November 2014The largest tea tasting event at a single venue involved 1,105 participants and was achieved by Wuyishan Tea Industry Association (China) in Wuyishan, Fujian, China on 16 November 2014.
4620Largest toy pistol fightDogtown After Hours577 participantsUnited States, Des Moines28 March 2015The largest toy pistol fight consists of 577 participants, achieved by Dogtown After Hours (USA) in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, on 28 March 2015.This attempt took place at night.

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