Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4651Most shutouts in an NHL career by a goaltender, including playoffsMartin BrodeurCanadaThe National Hockey League (NHL) record for most career shutouts by a goaltender, including the playoffs, is 149 by Martin Brodeur (Canada) playing for the New Jersey Devils and St. Louis Blues (both USA) from 1993 to 2015. Brodeur recorded 125 regular-season shutouts and 24 playoff shutouts, both records in themselves.
4652Largest facial yoga classRuchika sharmaIndia, Hyderabad11 October 2015The largest facial yoga class involved 1,661 participants and was organised by Being Women (India), in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, on 11 October 2015. The record attempt took place at People's Plaza in Hyderabad. There were over 3,000 people present at the record attempt including participants. The oldest participant was 93 and the youngest was 8.
4653Longest running science fiction TV seriesDoctor Who (BBC, UK)Not Applicable25 December 2014As of 25 December 2014, a total of 813 episodes of Doctor Who (BBC, UK) have been aired. This total encompasses a full-length TV movie but does not include spoofs, spin-offs or webisodes. The twelfth incarnation of the Doctor is played by Peter Capaldi, assisted by companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman).A story arc (or story line) can be anything from one to ten episodes long the TV movie is the 1996 UK/US production that premiered on Canadian TV on 12 May 1996 with Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy as the Doctors.
4654Highest annual earnings for a children's author (current year)John Green26,000,000 US dollar(s)Not Applicable, 30 June 2015According to Forbes, the highest earning children's/young adult author between June 2014 and June 2015 was John Green (USA), with estimated earnings of $26 million (£16.5 million). Green is best known for titles such as The Fault in Our Stars, which was adapted into a highly successful movie in 2014. The second highest-earning author in the 2014–15 Forbes list was Veronica Roth (USA), creator of the Divergent trilogy, on $25 million (£15.9 million).
4655Highest annual earnings for a film actorRobert Downey Jr80000000 US dollar(s)Not Applicable, 30 June 2015According to the annual lists compiled by Forbes, Robert Downey Jr (USA) is the highest-earning actor, having netted $80 million between June 2014 and June 2015. The April 2015 release of the second Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, in which he resumed his role as Iron Man, would have provided a big chunk of this income.
4656Smallest working circular sawLance Abernethy18.9 millimetre(s)New Zealand, Auckland23 April 2015The smallest working circular saw is a 3D-printed cordless specimen measuring 14.3 x 18.9 x 10.6 mm fitted with a 12-mm working blade. It was designed and printed by Lance Abernethy from Auckland, New Zealand, on 23 April 2015. The saw is operated by a N#10 hearing aid battery, microswitch and motor. On 21 March 2015, Lance Abernethy also created a 3D-printed cordless drill measuring 17 x 7 x 13.5 mm that is fully working. The drill holds a 5-mm twist drill that is 11.75 mm long.
4657Most different beer brands on tapRaleigh Beer GardenUnited States, Raleigh21 November 2015The most beer brands on draft tap is 203 breweries achieved by The Raleigh Beer Garden (USA), in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, as verified on 21 November 2015. Each of the available 369 beers at the Raleigh Beer Garden was reviewed to determine brewery of origin, and a sample beer was poured from each draft tap.
4658Largest gathering of people dressed as chefsConsejo Nacional de Cultura GastronómicaMexico, Mexico CityThe largest gathering of chefs is 3,634 and achieved by Consejo Nacional de Cultura Gastronómica (Mexico) at the Paseo de la Reforma, in Mexico City, Mexico, on 17 May 2014.The youngest participant was a 1 year old whose parents and two older brothers also participated in the attempt.
4659Largest display of oil lampsDainik BhaskarIndia, Jaipur30 January 2016The largest display of oil lamps consists of 21,075 lamps and was organised by Dainik Bhaskar (India) as part of a prayer to commemorate the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's death at the Govind Dev Ji Temple in Jaipur, India, on 30 January 2016. The oil lamps were displayed in the Satsang Hall of the Govind Dev Ji Temple, which holds the record for the largest single span flat roof.The lamps were lit by over 100 volunteers using candles- this process took about 45 minutes. Earthen oil lamps are popular for auspicious ceremonies in India and are called diya.
4660Highest annual earnings for a boxerFloyd Mayweather Jr300,000,000 US dollar(s)Not Applicable, 30 June 2015According to Forbes data collated from June 2014 to June 2015, world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr (USA) earned $300 million (£190.8 million), making him not just the highest-earning boxer in a year, but also the highest-earning athlete in any sport of all time. Mayweather announced his retirement from the sport in September 2015. Mayweather's $300 million year smashes the record for athlete earnings, which was previously held by golfer Tiger Woods (USA) who banked $115 million (£61.6 million) in 2007–08.Fellow boxer Manny Pacquioa (Philippines) sat just behind Mayweather in the 2014–15 Forbes list, with estimated earnings of $160 million (£101.7 million).
4661Most wins of All-Ireland Hurling finals by a teamKilkenny36 timesIreland, 06 September 2015The most wins of All-Ireland Hurling finals by a team is 36 and was achieved by Kilkenny (Ireland) in 1904–05, 1907, 1909, 1911–13, 1922, 1932–33, 1935, 1939, 1947, 1957, 1963, 1967, 1969, 1972, 1974–75, 1979, 1982–83, 1992–93, 2000, 2002–03, 2006–09, 2011–12 and 2014–15. In 2015 Kilkenny beat Galway 1–22 to 1–18 in front of 82,300 spectators at Croke Park to pick up their 36th title. The closest side to Kilkenny in terms of All-Ireland Hurling finals wins is Cork, who have 30 to their name. However, the second most populous city in Ireland hasn't won since 2005.
4662Highest-living predators on landPuma (Puma concolor), Snow leopard (Uncia uncia)5800 metre(s)Not Applicable, Not applicableThe rarely seen snow leopard (Uncia uncia), whose range extends across 12 countries in the mountainous regions of Central and southern Asia, has been photographed by cameras hidden at an altitude of 5,800 m (19,000 ft). During the 1990s, in the South American Andes mountain range, a puma (Puma concolor) was observed at the same altitude.Moving footage of a snow leopard hunting a markhor (a species of ibex-related wild goat) were famously captured by a camera crew in remote mountains on the Afghan/Pakistan border, for the acclaimed Planet Earth series (BBC, 2006).
4663Largest human water skiing pyramid formationBig Pull 201360 peopleUnited States, Wisconsin Rapids14 September 2013The largest human waterskiing pyramid consists of 60 people and was achieved by Big Pull 2013 (USA) on Lake Wazeecha in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, USA, on 14 September 2013.Five different show ski teams (Aqua Ducks, Backwater Gamblers, Badgerland, Beaverland Must-Skis and Water Bugs) from Wisconsin and Illinois made up the 60-person pyramid.
4664British soldier receives Guinness World Records certificate for record slot machine payout at gaming eventAt Microgaming’s stand at the annual ICE Totally Gaming conference in London last month, Guinness World Records presented John Heywood with an official certificate celebrating his win of the Largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game in history – a whopping €17,879,645 ($20,062,600, £13,209,300).
4665Highest box office film gross for a Chinese filmMei Ren Yu487,048,863 US dollar(s)China, 01 March 2016The highest box office film gross for a Chinese film belongs to The Mermaid (China/Hong Kong, 2016), directed by Stephen Chow (Hong Kong), which has taken $487,048,863 (£349,197,303) worldwide, as confirmed on 1 March 2016 on The Numbers ( According to The Numbers ( the film has taken $2,048,863 (£1,469,092) in the US box office as confirmed on 1 March 2016.
4666Largest maths classEn Bra Start, Mattecentrum3611 participantsSweden, Gävle18 November 2015The largest maths class involved 3,611 participants and was organised by Mattecentrum and En Bra Start (both Sweden) in Gävle, Sweden, on 18 November 2015.The class took place in the Gävle ice hockey stadium and focussed on the Singaporean maths teaching technique.
4667Largest raft of canoes / kayaksAdele BurnettparticipantsUnited States, Inlet13 September 2014The largest raft of canoes and kayaks consists of 3,150 boats and was achieved by One Square Mile of Hope (USA) in Inlet, New York, USA, on 13 September 2014. The record attempt raised more than $100,000 for the fight against breast cancer.
4668Fastest outright speed Isle of Man TT Races - Race, MenBruce Anstey132.298 mile(s) per hourIsle of Man, Douglas06 June 2014The fastest average speed by an individual rider over a lap of the Isle of Man TT is 132.298 mph (212.913 km/h) by Bruce Anstey (New Zealand) on a Honda CBR1000RR in Douglas, Isle of Man, UK, on 6 June 2014.The record was set on the sixth and final lap of the race but despite his record-breaking speed Anstey could only finish fourth overall.
4669Youngest driver to claim a Formula One World Championship pointMax VerstappenMalaysia, Kuala Lumpur29 March 2015The youngest driver to claim a Formula 1 World Championship point is Max Verstappen (Netherlands, b. 30 September 1997) who was aged 17 years 180 days old when he finished in seventh place in the Malaysian Grand Prix driving for Toro Rosso-Renault on 29 March 2015.In the previous race Verstappen had become the youngest ever driver to start a Formula One Grand Prix and as of 2016 no under-18s will be allowed to compete, making it very unlikely this record is ever broken. Verstappen is so young that he doesn't own a valid driver's licence. He broke the record set by Danil Kvyat, who was also racing for Toro Rosso at the time (2014).
4670Largest reading lessonFareed Lafta2500 participantsIraq, Baghdad05 October 2015The largest reading lesson consists of 2,226 participants and was achieved in an event organised by Fareed Lafta (Iraq) in Baghdad, Iraq, on 5 October 2015. The lesson duration was 40 minutes.
4671Largest human letterMizuho Financial Group2,113 participantsJapan, Chiba18 October 2015The largest human letter consists of 2,113 people and was achieved by Mizuho Financial Group (Japan) at Makuhari Messe, in Chiba, Chiba, Japan, on 18 October 2015. The letter made was a blue alphabet M.
4672James Bond - 50 of the best 007-related records to mark 50 years on the big screenFifty years ago today fictional spy James Bond first hit the big screen.In that time, thanks to the original vision of producers Harry Saltzman and Cubby Broccoli, the 007 franchise has grown to become worth an estimated £1bn.To mark this amazing movie landmark, here we list 50 of our favourite Bond-related records.1. Highest box office gross for a Bond film (adjusted for inflation)A phenomenal success even by the standards of a franchise whose films have always been smash hits, Thunderball (1965) grossed a total of $141,200,000 (£50,428,168) at the international box office, or $1,047,393,182 (£645,403,679) when adjusted for 2012 inflation based on ticket sales. 2. Most prolific James Bond authorPerhaps surprisingly, Ian Fleming, the original creator of Bond, was not the most prolific write of 007 novels. Between 1981 and 1996, John Gardner (UK) wrote 14 Bond novels and two screenplay adaptations, surpassing Fleming's output of 12 novels and two short-story collections.3. Most appearances as BondSean Connery (UK) (b. 25 Aug 1930) and Roger Moore (UK) (b. 14 Oct 1927) have both starred as British secret agent '007' seven times. Connery appeared in the first Bond movie, Dr No (UK 1962) and Moore made his debut in Live and Let Die (UK 1973) 4. Most popular James BondBased on box-office figures adjusted for inflation, the most popular James Bond is Sean Connery (UK), grossing an average of $618.04 million per movie at current prices. This compares with the average of $559.87 million for Daniel Craig (UK), who occupies second place. 5. Most popular Bond film stuntsA 2008 poll carried out by the Radio Times magazine chartined the public's favourite stunts from the James Bond movies as follows: 1)Jumping from crane to crane Casino Royale, 2)Ski chase and parchute jump The Spy Who Loved Me, 3) The car barrel roll The Man With the Golden Gun, 4)Speedboat leap Live and Let Die, 5) Thames speedboat chase The World is Not Enough, 6) Aston Martin ejector seat Goldfinger, 7) Dive off the Verzasca Dam GoldenEye, 8) Ski chase On Her Majesty's Secret Service, 9) Jumping over crocodiles Live and Let Die, 10) Motorbike jump over a helicopter Tomorrow Never Dies 6. Largest breakaway glass structure smashed by a carThe largest breakaway glass structure smashed by a car measured 23.91 m² (257.36 ft²) and was achieved by British stuntman Rocky Taylor (UK) for Remember A Charity (UK) at the O2 Arena in London, UK, on 13 September 2011. Rocky attempted the record as his "final stunt", aged 67 years old. He has been a stuntman for 51 years, appearing in James Bond films (doubling for Roger Moore and Sean Connery), Harry Potter films and Titanic. He drove the car at approximately 50 mph, before speeding up a pipe ramp and smashing through the glass structure. He then flipped the car and landed upside down on a pile of parked cars. The record attempt was staged for 'Remember A Charity', a charity which encourages people to leave a lasting legacy by leaving a donation to a charity in a will. 7. First submersible sports car (inspired by the Lotus in TSWLM)The first fully-submersible sports car is the Rinspeed sQuba car, manufactured by Rinspeed (Switzerland) and due for official unveiling at the Geneva motorshow, Switzerland on 6 March 2008. The open-top car can be driven on land, it can float on the surface of water, but can also be steered to underwater depths of 10 m (33 ft) - by a driver wearing breathing aparatus. SQuba, which was inspired by the underwater car in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me (UK,1977), is also environmentally-friendly, powered by rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries with a zero emissions. 8. Highest bungee jump from a structure in a movieJames Bond's bungee jump off a dam during the opening sequence of GoldenEye (UK/USA 1995), performed by Wayne Michaels (UK), was a drop of over 220 m (759 ft). The sequence, orchestrated by Michaels, Simon Crane and the Oxford Stunt Factory, took place at the Verzasca hydro-electric dam in Switzerland. Taking two weeks to prepare, Michaels jumped from a suspended platform to avoid banging into the steel-peg studded face of the dam. Six cameras filmed the stunt. 9. Longest speedboat jump in a filmA stunt sequence by Jerry Comeaux (USA) in Live and Let Die (UK, 1973), in which James Bond is chased down Louisiana's bayou in a 1972 Glastron GT-150 speedboat and leaps over a road, set a world record distance of 36.5 m (120 ft).10. Most cannon rolls in a carThe most cannon rolls in a car is seven and achieved by stuntman, Adam Kirley (UK), in an Aston Martin DBS, during filming for the 21st James Bond film, Casino Royale (2006) at Millbrook Proving Ground, Milton Keynes, UK in July 2006. The car was fitted with a nitrogen cannon in order to assist the rolls11. Most expensive Bond memorabilia sold at auctionOn Friday, 20 January 2006, a Swiss businessman paid $1.9 million (£1.1 million) for a silver 1965 Aston Martin DB5 coupe used to promote the 007 films Goldfinger and Thunderball.12. Most expensive typewriterIan Fleming's gold plated typewriter, which was commissioned by the James Bond writer in 1952, was sold for £56,250 ($90,309) at Christie's, London, UK on 5 May 1995. 13. Fastest time to complete "Antenna Cradle" in Goldeneye 007The fastest Time to Complete "Antenna Cradle", Goldeneye 007 (the Nintendo 64 video game which used to be the best-selling First-person-shooter g on a console) is 48 seconds, achieved by Michael Alexander Olson (Canada), in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada, on 15 November 2011. 14. Shortest Bond filmAt 106 minutes, Quantum of Solace (2008) is the shortest James Bond movie to date.15. Longest Bond filmAt 145 minutes, Casino Royale (2006) narrowly beats On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), which runs to 142 minutes.16. Least successful Bond film (adjusted for inflation)Despite an all-star cast that included David Niven, Orson Welles and Woody Allen, Casino Royale (USA, 1967), producer Charles K. Feldman's surrealist spoof of the Bond series, grossed $41,744,718 (£15,115,762) worldwide, or $277,841,894 (£171,206,175) adjusted for 2012 inflation - the least successful Bond film of all time. 17. First "astro-spiral" on filmThe 1974 Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun featured an "astro spiral" jump, in which an AMC Hornet X hatchback drives up a corkscrewed ramp and turns 360? along its long axis, connecting successfully with a landing ramp on the other side of a river near Bangkok, Thailand. The stunt was pulled off by Loren "Bumps" Willert (USA). The actual Hornet used in the movie is preserved at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, UK. 18. First Bond theme to be nominated for Best Original Song OscarSir Paul McCartney and Wings - with the help of producer Sir George Martin (all UK) - created perhaps the best ever Bond theme song with "Live and Let Die", the first to receive an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song (1973), It charted at no.2 in the USA and no.7 in the UK, and lost the Oscar to "The Way We Were" from the movie of the same name. To date, no Bond music has won an Oscar.19. Most expensive Bond filmWith a budget of $225 million (£158 million) Quantum of Solace (USA/UK, 2008) is the most expensive Bond film to date.20. Most prolific Bond composerIn total, eight composers have created soundtracks for the Bond movies, the most prolific being John Barry (UK), with 11 movies to his name (plus his arrangement of Monty Norman's classic opening theme for Dr. No). Renowned for his luscious string arrangements and brassy, jazz, arrangement, John Barry's music for Goldfinger is considered the ultimate Bond score.21. Highest ski base jump on filmFor the pre-title sequence of The Spy Who Loved Me (UK 1977), Rick Sylvester (USA) donned skis in July 1976 to ski down a slope and jump off the edge of a 609.6 m (2,000 ft) cliff - Asgard Peak, Baffin Island, Canada - before opening his Union Jack round canopy. 22. Greatest product placement return for a filmDie Another Day (UK/USA 2002), with its world premiere on 18 November 2002 at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, set a new level of product placement endorsements for a film with MGM receiving £45 million ($71 million). In all 20 companies had their product featured in the film, including Ford, British Airways, Sony and Finlandia Vodka. Even location interviews with Pierce Brosnan were only granted if the Omega logo was in view. 23.Smallest gun, non-live ammunitionIn 1997, goldsmith Gunasingham Sarangan, from Jaffna, Sri Lanka (now resident in London, UK), fashioned a handgun from 22 carat gold measuring 2.8 mm (1.1 in) long and 2.3 cm(0.9 in) high. The gun can be loaded with bullets 0.4 cm(0.15 in) long and weighing 0.2 mg. The piece took a year to make. The gun cannot fire a 'live' round as scale limitations restrict the amount of cordite that could propel a slug out of the chamber and along the barrel.23. Most intelligent handgunThe O'Dwyer Variable Lethality Law Enforcement (VLe) prototype pistol, made by Metal Storm Limited of Brisbane, Australia, has no moving parts, instead projectiles are fired electronically by a built-in computer processor. It can only be fired by someone wearing an authorised transponder ring, and is capable of firing up to three shots in extremely quick succession (within 1/500th of a sec.).24. Shortest spyThe smallest recorded spy was the Frenchman, Richebourg (1768-1858), who measured 58 cm (1 ft 11 in) as an adult. Richebourg was employed by the aristocracy to act as a secret agent during the French Revolution (1789-1799), dispatching messages into and out of Paris, whilst disguised as an infant and carried by his 'nurse'.25. First stealth videogameClearly inspired by James Bond, the first game to utilise basic stealth game mechanics was 005 which was released by Sega in 1981. The game was an evolution of the ''avoid ''em up'' genre which was popular in arcades at the time and cast the player as a spy trying to deliver a briefcase to a helicopter while avoiding enemies 26. Oldest continuously serving intelligence organizationThe British Secret Intelligence Service was founded in October 1909 and is the oldest continuously surviving intelligence collecting organisation in the world. It was only publicly acknowledged in 1994 and is still popularly referred to by one of its earlier titles, MI6 (Military Intelligence 6), a cover name used from early in the Second World War. 27. First actor to play James BondThe first actor who played James Bond on screen was Barry Nelson (USA) in 1954. Nelson appeared in a one hour black and white TV special based on Casino Royale broadcast on CBS. The episode came a full eight years before Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman brought James Bond to the silver screen in Dr. No, starring Sean Connery. 28. Oldest Bond girlHonor Blackman was 37 when she played Judo and aviation expert Pussy Galore in 'Goldfinger' . 29. Most Martinis servedDry Martini in Barcelona, Spain, has logged every single martini cocktail ever sold in the bar, and their 1 millionth martini was sold on 30 June 2010. The cocktail bar, which was opened in 1978 by Javier de las Muelas (Spain), features a giant digital counter that keeps track of the drinks - which must be a classic gin or vodka martini to qualify. Customers who purchase a martini also receive a certificate documenting the number of their drink.30. Highest ranked US officer charged with espionageRetired Army Reserve Col. George Trofimoff (USA) became the US Army's highest ranking American in uniform to be charged with espionage. On 14 June 2001 he was found guilty of spying for the USSR and Russia, (including the sale of classified material to the Russians) whilst serving as the civilian chief of the US Army Element of the Nuremburg Joint Interrogation Center - an intelligence unit in Germany - between 1969 to 1994. Ironically, Trofimoff was born in Germany to Russian parents and became a naturalized US citizen in 1951 precisely 50 years before he was sentenced to life imprisonment on 28 September 2001.31. Largest casinoBond would surely like to put his pokerface to the test at the Venetian Macau, a casino-hotel resort owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation (USA). The world's largest casino, with a 51,100-m² (550,000-ft²) gambling area opened in Macau, China on 27 August 2007. Guests can play on 3,400 slot machines or at 870 gaming tables, whilst staying in one of 3,000 suites or shopping amongst 92,900 m² (1 million ft²) of retail space.32. Oldest person to enter the UK Singles chart (female)Arguably best known for singing the Bond themes for Goldfinger (1964), Diamonds Are Forever (1971), and Moonraker (1979), Shirley Bassey holds the record for being the oldest person to enter the UK Singles chart (female). The Welsh vocalist ( born 8 January 1937) reached the Top 10 on 7 July 2007 with 'Get The Party Started' aged 70 years 180 days. Her first hit came in February 1957, with her 50-year chart span a record for a female performer. 33. First female to have biggest-selling album and single in US and UK in same yearUK singer Adele has recorded the theme for the latest Bond movie Skyfall. The London-born vocalist's hugely successful album 21 has racked up an incredible 27 records. Arguably the most impressive is that she is the first female to have biggest-selling album and single in US and UK in same year. Born Adele Adkins, in 2011 she crowned 12 months of record-breaking feats by becoming the first act since The Beatles in 1964 to achieve the 'transatlantic quadruple' - the top-selling album and single in the US and the UK in the same year. In the US, the album 21 and lead single "Rolling in the Deep" amassed sales of 5.82 million and 5.81 million, respectively. In Adele's homeland, 21 and "Someone Like You" shifted 3.77 million and 1.24 million copies, respectively. 34. Most lethal lipstick gunThe "Kiss of Death" lipstick pistol, designed for use by Soviet KGB agents in the Cold War, could fire a single - fatal - 4.5-mm shot. It could easily be hidden in a purse or handbag. It was reportedly discovered during at a border crossing into the West.35. Smallest helicopterIn terms of rotor length, the smallest helicopter is the GEN H-4 made by Gen Corporation (Japan) with a rotor length of only 4 m (13 ft), a weight of only 70 kg (154.32 lbs), and consisting of one seat, one landing gear and one power unit. Unlike more traditional helicopters, it has two sets of coaxial contra-rotating rotors which eliminate the need for a tail rotor for balancing.Largest collection of espionage-related items 36. First Oscar-winning actor to star in a videogameThe first Oscar-winning actor to appear in a videogame is Christopher Walken (USA), who also played Bond villain Max Zorin in 1985's A view To A Kill. Walken featured in the game Ripper (Take2, 1996) alongside Paul Giamatti and John Rhys Davis. 37. Most Laurence Olivier awards won by an individualJudie Dench, who has played M, the head of Mi6 since 1995's Goldeneye, has won a record seven Olivier Awards during her career. She shares the the record with designer William Dudley. 38. Most connected actor livingThe University of Virginia's (USA) 'Oracle of Bacon' is software ¬ named after the actor Kevin Bacon (USA) ¬ that maps the working relationship between 1,250,000 actors and actresses in the Internet Movie Database. According to the Oracle, the most connected living movie star ¬ that is, the living person at the 'Centre of the Hollywood Universe' ¬ is Christopher Lee (UK), who played iconic Bond villain Scaramanga in the Man With The Golden Gun.39. Most films with a swordfight by an actorAccording to movie stuntman and historian Derek Ware (UK), Lee also holds the record for the most screen swordfights, having duelled in 17 films with foils, swords, lightsabres and billiard cues!40. Most consecutive BAFTAs wonRobbie Coltrane (UK), who played Dmitrovich Zukovsky in Goldeneye and The World is Not Enough, shares the record for three consecutive BAFTA television awards for Best Actor wins with Sir Michael Gambon (UK). Coltrane won three consecutive BAFTA Best Television Actor awards in 1994,1995 and 1996 for his role as forensic psychiatrist Gerry "Fitz" Fitzgerald in Granada Television's award-winning series Cracker (1993). 41. Steepest runway at an international airportCourchevel International Airport, which is located in the French Alps and featured in the opening sequence of Tomorrow Never Dies, possesses the world's steepest runway. The landing strip, which is a mere 1,722 feet long, is angled at 18.5º and so is definitely not for the faint hearted. Because of the shortness of the runway, aircraft take off downhill and land uphill. The dangers associated with operating out of Courchevel are such that pilots are required to obtain certification before attempting a landing.42. First spy satellites using photo-opticalProject CORONA, established in 1959, was the first known use of 'reconnaissance' or 'spy' satellites to gather intelligence. The US project, funded by the CIA and the US Air Force, was established to provide photographic surveillance of Russia and China. The satellites would eject sealed canisters (or 'buckets') of exposed film, which would parachute down for mid-air collection by specially adapted aircraft. 43. Highest grossing Bond movieCasino Royale (UK, 2006), has grossed a worldwide total of $594,239,066 (£367,179,735). The movie saw Daniel Craig (UK) make his debut in the lead role, and despite the choice being widely criticized by diehard Bond fans, the decision was clearly vindicated by the global success of the film and a Best Actor BAFTA nomination for the 'Blond Bond' - a first for this role. 44. Most powerful laser weaponGoldfinger's laser was powerful enough to put a laser dot on the moon. In the real world however, the most powerful laser weapon is the Airborne Laser (ABL), developed by Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Gruman. It is designed to fit inside a modified Boeing 747 and will ultimately be used to track and destroy ballistic missiles. Although still in development, its power measures approximately one megawatt. 45. Most expensive pizza sold at auctionThe "Pizza Royale 2007", created by Domenico Crolla (UK/Italy) for the premier of Casino Royale (2007), was auctioned off for charity on eBay to an Italian lawyer for a record ?2,150 (US$3,321. The toppings, inspired by Ian Fleming's sophisticated tastes, include: Lobster marinated in Louis VIII cognac (worth £1,395 (US$2,154) a bottle!), Beluga caviar scented with Bollinger Champagne, fillet steak marinated in Scotch Whisky, smoked salmon infused with vodka martini, edible gold leaf and white Italian truffles. The pizza normally retails for ?750 (US$1,158)at Bella Napoli/Italmania in Glasgow, UK. 46. First confirmed use of secret code in online picturesOn 28 June 2010, the US Justice Department announced charges against 11 people accused of working for the SVR - the Russian successor to the Soviet KGB. Among the charges was the accusation that they had slipped encoded messages into otherwise harmless looking images on the internet, the first confirmed use of this high-tech approach to the concealment of data. The technique involves making changes to the three numeric values that a computer assigns to an on-screen image - these correspond to the amount of red, green or blue that each pixel in the image displays. By making slight changes to these values - which are undetectable to the naked eye - the spies were able to conceal the necessary '0's and '1's of the binary code they were using. 46. First murder by radiationOn 23 November 2006, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Litvinenko, a retired member of the Russian security services (FSB), died from radiation poisoning in London, UK, becoming the first known victim of lethal Polonium 210-induced acute radiation syndrome. Despite investigations the murder case remains unresolved.47. Largest reusable spacecraftIn 1979's Moonraker, Bond investigates the theft of a space shuttle. NASA's Space shuttle, which made its first operational flights in 1982, remains the largest reusable spacecraft. 48. Greatest robbery of jewelsIn 1971's Diamonds Are Forever, Bond impersonates a diamond thief to infiltrate a smuggling ring, and soon uncovers a plot by his old nemesis Blofeld to use the diamonds and build a giant laser. The largest ever gem theft occurred at the Antwerp Diamond Centre, Belgium when 123 of the 160 vaults were emptied in a weekend raid between 15-16 February 2003, resulting in an estimated loss of $100 million (£62 million). 49. Largest gold reservesGoldfinger has Bond investigating gold smuggling by gold magnate Auric Goldfinger and eventually uncovering his plans to attack the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox. The United States Treasury had approximately 262 million fine ounces of gold during 1996, equivalent to $100 billion (£65 billion) at the June 1996 price of $382 (£249) per fine oz.The United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, 48 km (30 miles) south-west of Louisville, Kentucky, USA, has been the principal federal depository of US gold since December 1936, where 147 million fine oz are currently stored. Golds peak price was $850 on January 21, 1980.50. First James Bond theme to reach number 1 on Billboard Hot 100Duran Duran's theme to 1985's View To A Kill remains the only James Bond theme to reach number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was the last track that the original five members of the group recorded together until their reunion sixteen years later, in 2001.
4673WYMLW: Heel Clickin’, Glass Smashin’ & Question Answerin’…Hello amigos! It's me again, bringing you some of the most exciting Guinness World Records videos from last week.First off, we have a brand new show for you all to get stuck into. Meet Mike Janela. He's my buddy in our New York office and every month he'll be introducing to some exciting record holders. Check out episode one below...videoNext up, I'm back in video form to answer your questions. This time, we look at some of the team members' most memorable moments here at Guinness World Records.They enjoyed reminiscing so much that I'm sure we'll do this again soon. Check out #askGWR episode 2 right"What's next?" I hear you cry? ANOTHER NEW SHOW, THAT'S WHAT.Hot on the heels of Ultimate Guinness World Records, we bring you a new show from our TV archives. Check out Episode 1 of New Zealand Smashes Guinness World Records, featuring a HUGE guy running through panes of glass. Yeah...videoFinally, let's head over to GWROMG!, where Oli is On The Road again. This time, he's hanging out with Benedict Devlin…Benedict is a competitive Irish dancer, and has the trophy cabinet to prove it. He also holds the most AWESOMEST title in the world. A Guinness World Records title of course…Take a look at what happened when Oli tries to get his groove on.videoThanks for watching, guys! See you next time…
4674Mohican mania hits Dublin as radio station helps cancer charity set Mohawk recordA hair-raising record attempt ended in success last Friday, when scores of Dubliners went punk to set a new world record for the largest gathering of people with Mohican hairstyles.The event, which was hosted by Today FM radio saw a total of 257 listeners bravely agree to have their heads shaved live on the station's Ray D'Arcy Show.The participants who ranged in age from 2 years to 62 years, gathered in the Irish capital's Market Bar area to beat the previous record of 109 set by West Cheshire College in 2011.Alongside a team of over 30 barbers and stylists, were stars from the popular Irish drama Love Hate who were also on hand to help shave some of the"I am constantly amazed by how generous people are when it comes to Today FM's Shave or Dye" said Ray D'Arcy, "with their stories, their hair and their money. It's a real privilege to be involved in Shave or Dye."Adjudicator Anne-Lise Rouse presents Today Fm host Ray D' Arcy with a Guinness World Records certificate following the successful attemptThe event marks the fourth year of the Shave or Dye campaign for the Irish Cancer Society, which to date has raised over €4.5 million euro. For more information on the cause and you can donate, head to
4675WYMLW: Face Stuffing, Cube Solving & Fish Throwing…Welcome back to WYMLW. For those of you who are new to this feature, this is where we take a look at some of the best Guinness World Records video content from the past week.Kicking us off is a fellow from Italy who is more than a bit good at climbing ladders. Except he doesn’t use his legs. Or one of his arms. OK then…videoNext, in case you missed it a couple of weeks back, check out our buddy Furious Pete in his most recent record attempt. How does one man eat four hamburgers in one minute?! If I wasn’t there to see it myself, I’d have trouble believing it was true…videoThey don’t call him ‘Furious’ for nothing…We’re back with our weekly show from New Zealand now, and more crazy records are on the menu. Main course is fish, which will be thrown at you from across the room… Nice.videoFinally, there’s no stopping Oli on his travels. This time he’s found his way to Amsterdam, home to David Calvo. David is a bit good with a Rubik’s Cube. Like, really good. Oli, not so much…videoWell, that should keep you busy for now! Check back next week for more great videos.
4676#askGWR - a new feature launches!If you could ask ANYONE at Guinness World Records ANY question, what would that question be?Perhaps you want to know the craziest record one of our adjudicators has witnessed, or how our photographers get that killer shot…#askGWR is a brand new feature that allows you to do just that!Some of the ways you can get in touch are:• Via Youtube, watch the video below and leave your question in the comment thread on YouTube.• Via Twitter, Tweet us your question @GWR and including the hashtag #askGWR.• Via Facebook, by simply leaving a comment on our page, including #askGWR in your message.videoWe’ll pick out the best questions to be answered every fortnight either right here on, or as a video special on YouTube. For a bit of inspiration, head to page 4 of the Guinness World Records 2013 Book for a list of who’s who behind the scenes here at HQ, so you can direct your questions to us personally…
4677'Gangnam Style' holds Guinness World Record for most 'liked' video in YouTube historyKorean Pop Superstar 'PSY' has already achieved quite a lot with his video for 'Gangnam style', and now he can add a Guinness World Record to that list.'Gangnam Style', which has only been available to view since the 15th of July, has been 'liked' in excess of 2,141,758 times, making it the most liked video in YouTube history.The closest competitors for most liked video on YouTube include LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' (1,574,963 likes), Justin's Bieber's 'Baby' (1,327,147 likes) and Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' (1,245,641 likes).PSY (real name: Park Jae-Sang) is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and rapper. 'Gangnam Style', his most successful single to date, is the most viewed K-Pop video on YouTube.This also marks the first time a South Korean artist has topped the iTunes charts.Dan Barrett, Guinness World Records Community Manager, comments, 'Having been the "Have you seen this?!" video of the last two months across the web, it's great to be able to award a record for this tremendously popular video. In years past it was unthinkable that something would be viewed a hundred million times, and now "Gangnam Style" has achieved more than twice this figure in just 3 months on YouTube.'video
4678Spanish city of Valladolid the scene for huge beach ball world record attemptTo many people outside Spain, Valladolid is probably best known for its La Liga football team within Spain it's famous for being home to Miguel Cervantes, who completed Don Quixote while living here in the early 1600s and also where Christopher Columbus saw out his last days. But to Guinness World Records, this north-central Spanish city is synonymous with just one thing: record breaking.Every year, vast numbers of its citizens gather to earn themselves a Guinness World Records mass-participation certificate. In recent years, we've seen the locals stage a giant water-pistol fight (2,671 people in 2007), lick a lot of lollipops (12,831 in 2008), dress en masse as Cupids (199 in 2009), twirl flags (35,000 in 2010) and fan themselves (15,000 in 2011). In my nine years' experience as a records adjudicator, i reckon this is as random a selection of ideas as you could get.So it was with a certain sense of excitement that we received an email from events organizer Juan Oscar Aaranz Rejon regarding this year's attempt. Oscar is the Coordinator of Valladolid's 100 or so peñas - a peña is a social group of friends and acquaintances who share a common interest, be it music, history, fundraising or, in one bizarre group I met, Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons, complete with kilts and ginger wigs! Oscar's new idea was as random as we'd come to expect: to beat the existing record for the most beach balls kept in the air at once - a target of 654 set earlier this year by Amherst Junior School in Ohio, USA.As challenges go, this wasn't too high a figure to exceed, but we had just one interesting observation: Valladolid is quite a few hundred miles inland and certainly has no real beaches to speak of. (Well, there's a bit of a beach along the banks of the Pisuerga River, which flows through the city, but not nearly big enough for Valladolid's typical record-breaking ambitions!)Luckily, on hand was sponsor Nivea, who brought the seaside spirit to Valladolid in the shape of 20,000 beach balls. The beach ball is the perfect symbol of happiness, associating as it does with summer, vacations, blue seas, frolicking in the surf and generally having a good time - so the perfect choice for the fun-loving people of Valladolid. And thankfully for the locals, a set of compressed air pumps were supplied with the seemingly endless amount of flat-packed beach balls, allowing the team of at least 40 volunteers a chance to save their energy for the actual attempt.Four hours later, with the balloons and the locals in place, it was time for a warm-up. DJs, dancers and the local rugby team were on hand to get the thronging crowd to fever pitch, and a few practise runs were staged. It looked amazing from my vantage point on the stage at one end of the tree-lined street. Stretching off into the distance was a sea of blue beach balls - a surreal sight. A local notary firm was hired to help assess the count - which they did using uniquely numbered wristbands - and their representative confirmed the figure quietly in my ear. It was more than enough to beat the existing record, so all that was left was to formally attempt the 10 seconds required to satisfy the guidelines.The action got underway at the sound of a klaxon. I could see that more people had emerged to take part but, because they weren't wearing the requisite wristbands, I wasn't able to factor them into the final account. For the next 10 seconds, the air turned blue as thousands of beach balls were sent aloft. Once again, the view was breath-taking - it looked as if everyone was splashing in the sea, with rippling waves of plastic blues balls. And then no sooner had it started, it was all over. The final count? A staggering 14,993 people!Senior figures from Nivea accepted the certificate on behalf of the people of Valladolid, who all received free skin-care samples in addition to their record-breaking beach balls. The party atmosphere continued into the night - and, I'm sure the rest of the week.
4679Largest football trials score over 5,000 players in BrazilThe largest football trials was achieved recently by Peneirinha Gillette (Brazil) with 5,119 participants in various locations across Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, from 8 September to 18 November 2012.The trials were for children aged 8-9 and 10-12 in two states, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul however for the purposes of the record only the children aged 10-12 in Rio Grande do Sul were counted. The largest participation in a single city was 1,988 children in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul's state capital. At each city, a handful of children were selected for the finals with one winner from each category chosen.The winners were awarded a place at the 'Football School' of their choice and a trip to Europe to train with a world famous football club.At each city, a handful of children were selected for the finals which took place in Porto Alegre on 18 November. One winner from each category was chosen.
4680Virgin Money London Marathon 2014: The amazing runners looking to set a world record on SundayVirgin Money London Marathon 2014: The amazing runners looking to set a world record today. Guinness World Records is partnered with the Virgin Money London Marathon for the seventh successive year to provide on-the-spot record verification to over 100 runners at this year’s race. With a diverse range of challenging feats and an incredible array of fancy dress on show, it looks set to be the best year of record-breaking yet with over 40 record categories looking to be broken. Guinness World Records will be providing live results on the day our twitter account, so make sure to follow @gwr. We'll also have a round-up of all the records broken on later today. Here below, we profile a small selection of the potentially record-breaking runners that will make up the high drama and emotion of today's event. War Horse - Fastest marathon in a four-person costumeKaren Shrimpton (56) Penny Patten (52), Debbie Bell (51) and Sharon Ellis (42) From ChichesterThis marvellous costume was inspired by the theatre adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s children’s story: ‘War Horse’. The costume, designed by Clive Patten, will be taken around the course by four friends from Chichester. All four have marathon experience, but this will be the first time they’ve attempted to run the 26.2 mile course as a four-person team. They describe training with the costume as a “logistical nightmare”. The women aim to raise over £8k for the Royal British Legion, in an iconic year – the 100 year anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. Record to Beat: 7 hoursSid Keyte - Fastest marathon dressed as a telephone box43 from SalisburyThis will be Sid’s fourth marathon to date but his first in fancy dress. He has decided on the telephone box because he says that it’s an iconic symbol for London, as well as England. Sid has been training for 4 months carrying the phone box around the Wiltshire Countryside receiving some very puzzled looks from the locals. Sid is hoping to raise over £5k for ‘Mind’, a charity that is close to him as he has friends and family who have suffered from mental health issues. Record to Beat: 6 hoursSally Orange - Fastest marathon dressed as a fruit (female)40 from StaffordSally turns 40 the day before the Virgin Money London Marathon, and will use the event to challenge herself and inspire others. This will done by completing 12 challenges in 12 months. Sally is attempting to break her own 2009 record for the fastest marathon dressed as fruit. In 2009 she was an orange, and on this occasion she will be dressed as a ‘Pink Lady’ apple. Sally has previously served in Afghanistan, on an Operational Tour of Duty, as a physiotherapist. She understands the physical and mental health difficulties faced by members of the Armed Forces. For this reason she is supporting ‘Combat Stess’, a charity that supports soldiers struggling with the effects of war. Record to Beat: 4 hours 32 minutes 28 secondsJohn Melbourne – Fastest marathon in a full-body animal costume (male)33 from SurreyJohn’s decision to dress as a chicken for this this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon is influenced by his passion for chickens. He has 6 at home, all ex-commercial laying hens rescued by the ‘British Hen Welfare Trust’ – his chosen charity. This is a cause close to his heart as he aims to improve and change the way in which farming caged hens happens today. John has run an astonishing 28 marathons as well as 10 ultra-marathons – and, to prepare for this year’s race, he has been running 70-100 miles per week in preparation. Away from running, John is the Logistics Manager at Dairycrest and lives with his wife Nellie in Tadsworth, Surrey. Record to Beat: 3 hours 31 minutes 36 secondsTony Phoenix-Morrison - Fastest marathon carrying a household appliance49 from TynesideThis will be the 150th time Tony has gone the marathon distance, and his 62nd carrying his 42kg fridge. He will be running for Cancer Research UK. Tony says “the fridge symbolises the huge burden we all feel when a loved one is struck down by this awful disease.” Tom spends most of his working life inspiring people to cope through adversity, by giving Inspirational talks and carrying out Extreme Challenges. In his spare time, he also works in his marketing business and fitness studio Tony is an avid Guinness World Records fan and would love to achieve a record. Record to beat: 5 hoursGill Begnor - Fastest marathon carrying 20-lb back pack (female)48 from BanburyThis will be Gill’s 4th marathon, having previously achieved a Guinness World Record for the ‘fastest marathon dressed as a bottle’. Gill is a Programme Manager and has 2 kids and one “very supportive partner who selflessly kicks me out of bed at 6am to train before work!” Gill is raising money for ‘Cancer Research UK’, for which she runs a local fund raising group. Gill has seen first-hand how much suffering the disease can cause and hopes to raise £2k for the cause. Record to beat: 5 hours 30 minutes

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