Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4681From the Archives - Paper BoatsFrom the Archives is a regular feature here on, in which we show off some of the many weird and wonderful record-breaking items we have here at Guinness World Records HQ - take a look!Not every item in the Guinness World Records archive has been here under a lock and key for years upon years. In fact, we are adding new items to our collection all the time.One such new addition is the complete set of folded paper boats used to create the largest display of origami boats. 4345 of them were created in total by Montessori Kita St. Godehard, for this delightful display in Forst, Germany, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the town's Kindergarten: When we received the evidence for this record claim here in our London office, we got more than we bargained for - as included along with the required pictures, video, witness statements and news clippings, were what we initially thought was a selection of the boats used:Ever the inquisitive fellow, our Community Manager, Dan, decided to take a look and see just how many of the boats had been sent to us:As it turns out, it was ALL of them - and Dan isn't very good at emptying boxes carefully and without making a mess...Join us again soon, for another peek into the Guinness World Records archive!
4682Challengers: The fun and fast way to attempt a world record today!Hi there guys and girls, Dan here, Guinness World Records' Community Manager. You may have seen me around online, posting the latest record updates and answering your questions on our Facebook page and Twitter feed - but I also manage our Challengers website. " Challengers website? What's that?" I'm sure many of you are wondering at this point. Well, allow me to fill you in on the details so you can start using it to break world records today! What is Challengers?Challengers is our online record-breaking platform, and the fastest free way to earn world record certification from Guinness World Records. New records are typically awarded within two weeks.videoSimply choose a record from over 200 on the site, read the guidelines, then record a video of your attempt. Upload this to Challengers, and if your attempt is good and breaks the current record, we may even approve it as a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title! Best of all, you'll receive a certificate of your achievement in the post free of charge, exactly the same as our standard claims process.Francisco Pego, who has broken more than 7 records on ChallengersWhat records can I attempt on Challengers?Records on Challengers are fun, fast, and easy to attempt. They range from food and drink challenges such as the Fastest time to drink 500ml water and the Most Jaffa Cakes eaten in one minute, to various dice, domino, and coin stacking challenges, to sport and fitness challenges such as the Most leapfrog jumps in 30 seconds. We also hold a range of video-gaming challenges for you to enter, across all current consoles, tablets/mobile phones, and even Flash games you can attempt in your web browser. However, Challengers is not suitable for all record categories, as there are many things we cannot judge based on video evidence alone. In particular, endurance (marathon) records, and mass-participation records are not the kind of thing we will have on Challengers. In short, records on Challengers are attemptable at home, in five minutes or less, and using only items/equipment commonly found around the house, by people of all ages Attempting a ChallengeWant to get started making your own record attempts on Challengers? Here's a simple 5-step guide to making and uploading your first attempt: 1 - Sign up for Challengers HERE. 2 - Find a challenge you'd like to attempt HERE - you can sort by category and recently/most attempted. 3 - Choose the challenge you'd like to attempt. Watch the videos of existing entries, see the current record in the "About" section, and make sure to review the guidelines under "Challenge rules" carefully. 4 - Make your attempt, and record a video of you doing so. You can use your video camera, webcam, or even a smartphone to do this. Make sure to introduce yourself, and record your attempt in full, in well-lit conditions so we can see what is going on. 5 - Send us your video! Click "Attempt this record" on your chosen challenge, and you can attach your video, either by uploading the video file, or attaching it from your YouTube account. Make sure to fill in the score you achieved too.How do adjudications work, how do I get a world record certificate?Every week (usually on Tuesdays), the latest high-scoring entries are sent to our records management team for careful review and consideration. If your entry is one of them, conforms to the guidelines, and beats the current record, you will receive a message from The_Adjudicator asking for further details. At that point we will then approve your record, and award your certificate - both a digital one on your profile page, and a physical certificate to be sent out in the post. (Note: International post can be slow at times, so please allow up 4-8 weeks for your certificate to arrive).videoMaking a new suggestionDo you have an idea for a record that is quick and esy to attempt at home but isn't on Challengers yet? Then send us a suggestion! Just make a video demonstrating your idea for a new challenge and explaining why we should add it to Challengers, and the best ones will be added to the site. Submit your suggestion video HERE. Got more questions?If you ever have a question about the Challengers website and how to use it, we have some extensive FAQs here. We also have a discussion board where you can ask questions, or just talk to other members of the Challengers community (including me!) :) Until next time...Starting in April, I'll be bringing you a monthly round-up of all the recent happenings on Challengers: highlighting the latest approved records, freshly-added record challenges, and the most succcessful members of the Challengers community. We hope to see you on Challengers soon - happy record-breaking!Three Challengers records to start off with: Most dice stacked into a tower in one minute Most sticky notes stuck on the face in one minute Highest score on Angry Birds (Chrome version) level 1-1
4683Video: Abdo Feghali skids his way to longest vehicle drift recordAbu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit played host to a new world record for longest vehicle drift last month as rally driver Adbho Feghali skidded his way into motoring history in a cloud of smoke and burning rubber.Driving a Chevrolet Camaro SS, Adbho's first attempt around the 260m round circuit proved unsuccessful.But undeterred, the wheelman, who represents Red Bull's racing division, doubled Wang Qi of China's benchmark of 5,802m (19,035 ft 4.74 in) set at WDS (World Drift Series) in Tianjin, China in 2011.Completing 43 laps in 14.28 minutes, Abu managed to clock up a skidtastic 11,180 m (36,679 ft 8 in) of continuous drifting.Under GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS rules, any type of vehicle may be used for an attempt with a drift defined as being performed when there is a speed differential between the driven wheels of the vehicle and its ground speed.The record was witnessed by Belly Karam, an eight-time Lebanese motor racing champion.videoRelated stories Tightest parallel parking record beaten at new Mini launch Video: Watch incredible car tyre burn-out world record Coffee-powered truck sets speed record
4684Record Holder Profile Video: Rodrigo Martin Santos and the world’s largest Tomb Raider Memorabilia collectionRodrigo Martin Santos’ passion for one of gaming's greatest icons has seen him earn the record for the Largest collection of Tomb Raider memorabilia. As of April this year, the Spanish collector had amassed 2,383 distinct items ranging from video games, films, posters, figures and life-sized Lara Croft statues The 27 year-old’s obsession for all things Lara started in 1996 when Rodrigo spotted sketches of the fictional archaeologist-adventurer by her British creator Toby Gard in a Spanish magazine. After kick starting his collection with the original computer games, Rodrigo‘s collection soon moved on to include the original costume worn by model Rhona Mitra in Tomb Raider 2 and a life-sized Lara Croft with roses statue of which only 50 were ever made.Among his favourite items is a poster of the second Tomb Raider movie signed by all the cast including Angelina Jolie. Recalling when the moment he found out his incredible collection had set a record, Rodrigo says: “I never thought I could get to achieve a Guinness World Record, it is certainly a wonderful experience I will never forget. It's one of those things that is always with you”.videoRodrigo appears in Guinness World Records 2015 Gamer’s Edition which is out now. To find out where to buy it in your country, head to
4685Teenager breaks texting speed record using Fleksy keyboard on an iPhone 6 Plus
4686Meet Furious Pete, Canada's insatiable food record challengerToday we commemorate Canada Day with a video interview featuring one of our most prolific food challenge record holders, Furious Pete.
4687Record Holder Profile Video: Kurt J Mac and the longest journey in MinecraftKurt J Mac has been walking towards the fabled Far Lands since 2011, a quest that has seen him achieve the record for the longest journey in Minecraft.
4688Hyundai's spectacular tire track image record sends daughter's message to father in spaceAn ambitious project from Hyundai Motor Company saw the creation of an enormous 5,556,411.86 m² (59,808,480.26 ft²) tire track image carved into the Nevada desert - visible from the International Space Station.
4689Gionee Elife S5.1 confirmed as world's thinnest smartphoneChinese handset maker Gionee’s latest device, the Elife S5.1, has been officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the world’s slimmest smartphone.Launched in China last month, it measures just 5.31 mm (0.209 in) at its widest point, making it over a millimetre slimmer than the 6.9mm iPhone 6 and the newly released 6.7mm Samsung Galaxy Alpha.Despite its super-svelte dimensions, the device is a fully-featured smartphone running on Android 4.3.It boasts a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 720x1280 pixels, and is powered by a 1.2GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, supported by 1GB of RAM.As well as featuring 16GB of non-expandable built-in storage, it also sports an 8-megapixel rear camera with LED flash, and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera.In order to make the smartphone thinner than its predecessor – the 5.5m-thick ELIFE S5.5 which was released in February, Gionee’s research and development team conducted tens of thousands of experiments and optimizations to their building process for touch panels, back cover, camera, PCB board and battery, before eventually being able to successfully create the record-breaking gadget.
4690Science and Tech with Sam: Huge lasers, remote controlled jets and super–clever smartphonesSam Mason is in charge of science and technology records here at GWR. In a new monthly feature on, he’ll be taking a look at some of the fascinating developments and achievements within the category. Here he takes a look back over February’s highlights.It may be the shortest of the year, but February proved to be something of a bumper month for new records within the categories of technology and science.Before we take a look at my pick of recent happenings, we need to wrap up the cliffhanger from last month’s blog. I know that you’ve all been on the edge of your seats wondering what this contraption is:This experimental design holds the record for the Most precise strontium atomic clock.This clock will neither gain nor lose a second in around 4.5 billion years – extremely close to the widely accepted figure for the age of the earth.Earlier this month, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory received funding to build what will be the world’s Most powerful laser. Once completed in 2016, the laser will then be shipped from California to the outskirts of Prague, where the ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure)-Beamlines research facility is under construction.The “High repetition-rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System” (HAPLS) will produce peak powers of greater than one petawatt (1,000,000,000,000,000 watts), in pulses of less than 30 femtoseconds (0.00000000000003 seconds). To put this in more digestible terms, during those 30 femtoseconds, the laser is outputting more power than all of the world’s power stations combined, 100,000 times over.The 7-minute video below from ELI-Beamlines goes into great detail about the background and intention of the project.videoWe love DIY machines here at Guinness World Records - Niels Herbrich of Germany has built a phenomenal example with his Fastest remote-controlled jet-powered model aircraft, clocking in at a staggering speed of 706.97 km/h (439.29 mph).Niels was able to manoeuvre his aircraft through the 200m long and 20m wide “measurement corridor” to gain the accurate measurement required to break the record, an extremely impressive feat considering he’s piloting the craft from the ground.videoThese two animated gifs show the adolescent planthopper named the Issus, which earns its fame as the First animal with a functional gear.In a situation where the Issus needs to escape from a predator, every millisecond counts towards survival, and its jump needs to be carefully controlled to avoid careering into greater danger. Larger animals (humans included) would control their jump by sending messages back and forth from the brain to the legs, but in a survival situation for the Issus, this process costs far too much time.Instead, The Issus has developed a mechanical system to synchronise the push from each leg, allowing them to jump in a controlled manner, and in an incredibly short space of time. The gears are only present in the adolescent Issus, and are shed during the Issus' final molt before maturity, to be replaced by a frictional mechanism. The discovery of the gears was announced by University of Cambridge researchers Malcolm Burrows and Gregory Sutton (both UK), in the journal Science.A scanning electron micrograph image of the gears. Credit: Malcolm Burrows and Gregory SuttonIn the video below, Professor Malcolm Burrows talks about the‘Big data’ is a phrase which has entered the collective tech psyche in recent years, referring to the enormous amounts of information generated from an ever-increasing number of gadgets (the internet-connected toothbrush springs to mind, alongside sensors in cows’ stomachs to provide information on the herd’s health).Data warehouses facilitate access to this information for reporting and analysis, both of which turn vast piles of data into useful information. During February, a collaboration between SAP, BMMsoft, HP, Intel, NetApp and Red Hat at the SAP Co-location Lab in Santa Clara, California, USA put together the largest data warehouse, at 12.1 petabytes (12,100 terabytes) of raw data. Last year, the same collaboration (minus Intel and NetApp) came together to set the record for the Fastest loading of big data, loading at a rate of 34.3 terabytes per hour. Both of these records point towards the tech world’s growing capability to deal with an ever-increasing amount of data.Probably the largest contributing factor to this need for huge data stores is the growing use of smartphones. Mobile World Congress takes place in February of every year in Barcelona, where the tech industry and journalists congregate to get a first glimpse of the latest handsets. Many record breaking mobile products and technologies have been announced at Mobile World Congress during previous years, and we will be paying close attention to the performance of the products launched this year.One release of particular interest to us unveiled this year’s event is the new Galaxy S5, the latest iteration of Samsung’s highly successful touchscreen smartphones.Previous models have been vital components of record setting achievements, such as being the ‘brain’ for the Fastest robot to solve a Rubik's Cube......or being typed upon for 2010’s previous record setting attempt at the Fastest time to type a text message (SMS) on a touch-screen mobile phone.videoWith mobiles seemingly being the flavour of the month in Tech records, we will finish up with the largest smartphone ensemble, who gathered at an event organised by Sohu IT and Vivo Xplay (both China for a rendition of Queen’s ‘We will rock you’.223 people took part in the performance, which has been nominated for Best record-breaking branding campaign at C Squared Networks’ Festival of
4691World Cup Final: How Messi and Mueller can become record breakers in Argentina v Germany showdownAs Brazil 2014 heads towards it’s conclusion with tonight’s final between Argentina and Germany, many commentators are already hailing the tournament as having been the best World Cup of all time.Many point towards the openness of play, backing up their argument with the fact that 170 goals have been netted so far, just one short of the current record for the most ever scored at a FIFA World Cup set at France '98.videoThere's been no shortage of memorable strikes over the past month, creating much debate over the tournament’s best goal. This writer would opt for Tim Cahill’s stunning over-the-shoulder volley against Holland for Australia, above, with Robin Van Persie’s looped header for the Dutch against Spain…video….and James Rodriguez’s spectacular opener for Colombia in their 2-0 win over Uruguay both also worthy of a special mention.videoIt’s not been short of drama and controversy either, from Luis Suarez’s infamous bite to Neymar’s tournament-ending back injury.Few would argue however that the biggest talking point came in the first semi-final on Tuesday which saw hosts Brazil humbled by Germany in a way perhaps never seen before at a World Cup.Full of records, the 7-1 thrashing ensured Germany would appear in their eighth final, taking the Guinness World Records title’ for most World Cup Final appearances.The incredible match also saw the Germans set a new benchmark for mostWorld Cup goals scored by a team (they now stand on 223 total tournament goals), while Toni Kroos’s double earned him the record for shortest time to score two goals in a World Cup match.Most notably the match saw Miroslav Klose surpass Ronaldo's record to become the Guinness World Records title holder for Most FIFA World Cup finals goals by a football (soccer) player.The 36-year-old German hitman netted his side's second goal in the semi-final against Brazil to become the record holder outright with 16.To read more about his feat and watch all of Klose’s World Cup goals, click here for our earlier story.Last night’s third-place play-off only served to provide further anguish for the host nation’s fans with a 3-0 victory for the Dutch.Robin Van Persie’s opening goal from the penalty spot meant that Brazil had conceded 14 goals throughout the tournament.While coach Phil Scolari will be pleased that his side have avoided the ignominy of setting a new record for most goals conceded at a World Cup by a team (they were two short of South Korea unwanted record of 16 set in 1954), this Brazilian side nevertheless stand as having the World Cup’s most leakiest defence since FIFA expanded the tournament to 32 teams.A nice gesture from Dutch coach Louis Van Gaal in the closing minutes of the match saw him send on his third choice keeper Michel Vorm as a substitute.Up until that point Vorm had been the only unused player from the 23-man Dutch squad during the tournament, with his introduction ensuring that a new record was set for most players used by a team during a FIFA World Cup.While some way sort of 2.5 billion that tuned in to watch the funeral of Diana Princess of Wales in 1997 – the current record for largest audience for a live TV broadcast - tonight’s showdown at the Maracana Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro is nevertheless expected to see over a billion football fans across the globe tune in for the match.Should Argentina triumph it would end a 28-year wait for World Cup glory since they beat West Germany in 1986.Germany, seeking a fourth World Cup title, would be the first European team to win the tournament in South America, an achievement which would also mark the first time they will have won football’s greatest prize since 1990.In terms of actual Guinness World Record titles in line to fall tonight, all eyes will be on Argentina’s tailismanic skipper Lionel Messi. Currently on four goals scored at Brazil 2014, a hat-trick would see the Barcelona forward edge past his hero and fellow compatriot Diego Maradona’s record of 6 for most goals scored in the World Cup as captain.Meanwhile, should either Thomas Mueller or Miroslav Klose hit three goals for Germany in tonight’s match, it would also see them join Sandor Kocsis (Hungary), Just Fontaine (France), Gerd Müller (West Germany) and Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina) as joint holders for the record for most World Cup scored hat-tricks by a player – an exclusive quartet who each managed to score two hat-tricks during their World Cup appearances.* We’ll have a full round-up of all the records set at Brazil 2014 on tomorrow.
4692Indian five-year-old limbos her way to skating record - videoA flexible five-year-old from Maharastra in Indian has whizzed her way into the record books after setting a new benchmark for the farthest distance limbo skating under cars.Kindergarten student Shreeya Rakesh Deshpande skated under 27 cars, covering a whopping distance of 48.2 metres (158ft 2in) during a successful world record attempt last week in Kolhapur.GWR representative Nikhil Shukla was on hand to confirm that a new record had been set and presented Shreeya with her well-earned certificate as local press and her proud parents looked on.An event celebrating Shreeya's achievement was organised later the same day in her hometown, with well-wishers once again treated to a demonstration of her amazing talent for limbo skating.Shreeya's feat beats the previous record of 38.68 metres (126 ft 11 in) set by Rohan Ajit Kokane in February in Mumbai last year during filming for the TV show Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega.Watch footage of Shreeya's moment of glory
4693Sir Bruce Forsyth breaks TV career world recordVeteran British TV host Sir Bruce Forsyth has been acknowledged for his incredible career with a Guinness World Record.The 84-year-old star of Strictly Come Dancing is included in the 2013 edition of theGuinness World Record's book for having the longest career as a male TV entertainer with an on-screen career spanning 72 years.Sir Bruce is recognised for a TV career which began with an appearance in 1939 on BBC's Come and Be Televised when he was just 11 years old.He is set to take the overall title for the longest career of a TV entertainer, surpassing former Golden Girl, US star Betty White when he returns to British screens for the next series of BBC1′s Strictly next week.He said of his inclusion in the new edition: "What a wonderful surprise, but what a shock - and it's all true."Sir Bruce's record and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition - available from 13 th September 2012 across the UK.
4694Guinness World Records Day 2012 - Live BlogToday marks the eighth annual Guinness World Records Day, which will see over 420,000 people come together for one very special celebration of the weird, wacky and downright astonishing.The annual event, which commemorates the day in 2004 when Guinness World Records became the world's bestselling copyright book, sees thousands of people all over the world attempt to secure a prestigious world records title during a 24 hour period.Any records set on Guinness World Records day are short-listed for inclusion in next year's edition of the book and you too can be part of the global celebration.Below you'll find our real-time live blog, giving you updates from some of the many record attempts taking place across the world as they happen.UPDATE: So that wraps up our live coverage of Guinness World Records for another year. For all those who took part in a world record attempt today, successful or not, we salute you.If you've been inspired to set a world record of your own, head to to find out how you can make attempt to join the history books.We'll have a full round up of the day's events on tomorrow, but in the meantime, here's a fantastic video round-up of just some of the incredible scenes from today: videovideo
4695Video: Tightest parallel parking record falls yet again!They said it couldn't be beaten - but it has! Ronny Wechselberger aka Ronny C' Rock has managed to better Han Yue's seemingly unbreakable world record for the tightest car parallel parking.Ronny managed to neatly slide his way into a gap measuring just 14 cm (5.51 in) longer than the car he was driving for the attempt which took place during filming at Flugplatz Kindel in Eisenach for German TV show Guinness World Records - Wir holen den Rekord nach Deutschland.The attempt beat Han's benchmark of 15 cm (5.91 in) which had stood since May.Ronny used a VW Up with a length of 3.54 m (11 ft 7.37 in), which he parked into a 3.68-cm-long (12 ft 0.88 in) space, marked by two other Ups. The distance was measured electronically with a laser device as well as a measuring tape.One of our most popular world records the hotly contested tightest parallel parking title has changed several times in the past two years, with our video of German driving ace Han's successful record attempt in May becoming something of an internet sensation with viewing figures hitting the millions.Watch Ronny's incredible record-breaking wheelman skills
4696Richard "Mr. Debonair" Dwyer honored for longest career as a professional ice skaterRichard Dwyer (USA), a.k.a "Mr. Debonair", received a Guinness World Records certificate on 22 October for the longest career as a professional ice skater. Richard began his professional career in 1950 when he was 14 years old, and continues to perform at the age of 76. Spanning 62 years, Richard's career includes time spent skating in both Ice Follies and Ice Capades.He was inducted into the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1993. At the Chelsea Piers Sky Rink in New York City, Richard received his official Guinness World Records certificate as part of the Ice Theatre of New York's 2012 "Dare to be Debonair" Fall Gala. The gala was a tribute to his career, and featured performances by Richard Dwyer and his Celebrity Dwyer Girls: Tai Babilonia, Dorothy Hamill, Linda Fratianne, JoJo Starbuck, and guest performer Ryan Bradley.
4697Tom Schaar – the boy who landed skateboarding's first 1080 spinHe may only be 12 years old, but Tom Schaar from Malibu, California is already big news within the world of skateboarding.A heady few weeks has seen the youngster achieve one of the "holy grails" of the sport, by becoming the first person ever to perform a '1080' (three full rotations whilst airborne).The feat, which Tom has pulled off several times since first performing it in March using a "mega ramp" at Woodward West in Tehachapi, California, drew plaudits from such skating luminaries as Tony Hawk.As if breaking a new boundary within the sport wasn't enough, Tom also grabbed headlines earlier this month in Shanghai after becoming the youngest ever X Games champion.Tom once again managed to pull off a 1080 to win the Skateboard Mini MegaRamp title, beating a stellar list of top names that have defined the sport in the process including Andy MacDonald, Bob Burnquist and last year's champion Pierre-Luc Gagnon.We caught out up with the double Guinness World Record holder recently at Skatelab, the skate park in California where he honed his prodigious skills, to talk about his amazing achievements and what the future now holds for
4698Title Field
4699Philadelphia Cream Cheese
4700Xbox Live
4702Canadian duo target Longest videogames marathon recordTwo Canadian gamers have begun an attempt at the Guinness World Records title for 'Longest videogames marathon' - a record which has stood unchallenged for over a year.Christopher Gloyd and Timothy Bell have previously held the title for 'Longest marathon on a first-person shooter' following a 45-hour session on Halo: Reach.However they will need to more than double that if they hope to beat the mark set by the current holders.Belgians Tony Desmet, Jesse Rebmann and Jeffrey Gamon, were the last men standing in a 109-hour Assassin's Creed marathon in December 2010.Christopher and Tim will be playing the Resistance trilogy on PlayStation 3 for their attempt and have received support from the game's publisher, Sony, for the challenge.A live stream of the attempt, which began at at 15h00 GMT, can be watched in the player below.If the challengers are successful, they will finish some time on Friday.The attempt will be considered for inclusion in the Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer's
4703Video: New most people shaving world record set in GreeceA group of 2,150 people in Greece showed they were a cut above the rest when they set a new world record for the most people shaving at a single venue earlier this month.The successful record attempt took place in supermarket chain Masoutis's new warehouse in Thessaloniki.Sponsored by Gillette to promote their new Fusion Proglide razor, under the record guidelines each participant had to have at least 24 hours growth and had to make at least 5 razor strokes.The whole record attempt was observed by 50 supervisors, two independent witnesses, along with Guinness World Records Adjudicator Seyda Subasi-Gemici.As well as setting a new record, the event also helped to raise money for a local charity benefiting children in need. The new figure breaks the previous record of 1,868 participants at an event that was also organised by Gillette in Mumbai, India, in
4704Aluminum Association of America Crushes Can Chain RecordMeasuring 8.65 km (5.37 miles) and consisting of 66,343 drink cans the Longest Chain of Cans was created by the Aluminum Association of America earlier this month in Wisconsin (USA). The can chain was constructed in a 24 hour period by a team of sixty Green Bay residents operating in several shifts to punch holes and strong the cans together at the Brown County Fair Grounds, a stone's throw from Lambeu Field the home of the 2011 Super Bowl winning Green Bay Packers.The can chain was created to celebrate and kick off the new NFL season and unofficial start of the accompanying tailgating at each game, overseen by commissioner of tailgating Joe Cahn. As the 24 period came to an end at 11am on 7 September, Guinness World Record adjudicator Philip Robertson set about counting and verifying all cans were threaded correctly in a chain, with each individual can touching another in a continuous loop.Once the record was verified by the Guinness World Records representative, the cans were delivered to local recycling plant Alter Metals, with the proceeds of the recycling cans donated to a Green Bay food pantry-Paul's Pantry.The Aluminum Association donated an additional $5,000 to the non-profit Paul's Pantry to celebrate its achievement. The new record surpasses the former benchmark of 66,129, set by Hillcrest Primary School in South Africa in 2003.
4705Record holder profile: Aevin Dugas – world’s largest natural afroAevin Dugas a 36 year-old social worker from New Orleans, USA, is the proud owner of the largest natural afro in the world with a circumference measuring an incredible 4 ft. 4 in (1.32 m). The hairstyle that has taken over 12 years to grow can at times be problematic. "It's always getting caught in trees, and one time I even slammed my hair in the car door! And I hate it when people touch it without asking my permission first!" , she admits.However Aevin has no regrets over her choice of hairstyle: "As a woman you're told that straight hair is beautiful hair. This is crazy. The afro is my natural hairstyle and there can't be anything more beautiful than that".Aevin trims her afro three times a year, and uses up to five conditioners at once when she washes it."You want to know the best thing about my hair?" Aevin says with a smile: "It provides the perfect pillow. I sleep very well."The hair is larger than a disco ball! Aevin's hairstyle is so large she could fit the world's shortest man inside!
4706Video: Mexican dancers set new world record in GuadalajaraHundreds of dancers took to the floor in Guadalajara at the weekend to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest Mexican folk dance.The attempt took place on Saturday in the Plaza Liberacion in front of the famous/old Teatro Degollado in the western state of Jalisco as part of the 18th annual Mariachi and Charreria Festival.videoThe soundtrack to the folk ball was provided by over 300 mariachis from Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.While a minimum requirement of 250 participants wearing tradition costumes were required for a new record to be set, an impressive 457 dancers took part.While the dancers were only required to perform for five minutes, they continued for a further five to traditional Mexican songs like 'Guadalajara', 'El Jarabe Tapatio' (The Guadalajara Jarabe Dance), and 'El Son de la Negra' (The Dark Girl's Music)The event was organised by the city's chamber of commerce to promote Mexican culture, and marks the third time that the department has broken a record, following successful attempts at the most people twirling lassos and the largest gathering of mariachis.Miguel Alfaro Aranguren, board president said : "It's the way for the world to get to know our traditions - mariachi music, tequila and our folklore".Alfaro says plans are now afoot for a record attempt at the greatest number of people drinking tequila simultaneously for the next festival.
4707Video: Nick Cannon misses out on hugging world recordAmerica's Got Talent host Nick Cannon may well have been in need of a cuddle on Friday after missing out on setting a new record for most hugs given in one hour in New York.Nick had been hoping to embrace more than 1,749 people during the attempt at the Citi Field Stadium before a baseball match between the New York Mets and the Milwaukee Brewers.The target number was set by disabled motivational speaker Nick Vujicic in 2010.As the video below shows, the 92.3 Now Radio DJ wasn't able to hit the required pace of roughly one hug every two seconds, and ended up missing out on setting a new benchmark by an agonisingly close 52.Despite the disappointment, the event was still a huge success, with sponsors WowWee donating a toy for every hug to the Mets Care Room at New York Hospital
4708Video: New record set for most teleportation illusions in one minuteMagician Lee Hang Chai has set a new Guinness World Records™ record for the most teleportation illusions performed in one minute.Lee, who is also a Hong Kong police man as well a magician, had originally set a record of five illusions in 60 seconds during an attempt in June at Tai Po Mega Mall in Hong Kong.However, Lee went one better by managing to cram in six illusions within the allotted one minute period during a recording of the show CCTV-Guinness World records Special in Beijing, China last month.Guidelines for the record require that each teleportation illusion performed must be totally different from any of the others in the routine and that they must all take place in a continuous flow.In the video below we see Lee recreate his original record-breaking five-illusion routine in Hong Kong earlier this
4709Aluminum Association Crushes Can Chain RecordMeasuring 8.65 km (5.37 miles) and consisting of 66,343 drink cans the Longest Chain of Cans was created by the Aluminum Association of America earlier this month in Wisconsin (USA). The can chain was constructed in a 24 hour period by a team of sixty Green Bay residents operating in several shifts to punch holes and strong the cans together at the Brown County Fair Grounds, a stone's throw from Lambeu Field the home of the 2011 Super Bowl winning Green Bay Packers.The can chain was created to celebrate and kick off the new NFL season and unofficial start of the accompanying tailgating at each game, overseen by commissioner of tailgating Joe Cahn. As the 24 period came to an end at 11am on 7 September, Guinness World Record adjudicator Philip Robertson set about counting and verifying all cans were threaded correctly in a chain, with each individual can touching another in a continuous loop.Once the record was verified by the Guinness World Records representative, the cans were delivered to local recycling plant Alter Metals, with the proceeds of the recycling cans donated to a Green Bay food pantry-Paul's Pantry.The Aluminum Association donated an additional $5,000 to the non-profit Paul's Pantry to celebrate its achievement. The new record surpasses the former benchmark of 66,129, set by Hillcrest Primary School in South Africa in 2003.
4710GWR Day 2011: Records on the run in London – grab an adjudication!In just over three weeks time we'll be once again celebrating Guinness World Records Day, a global event highlighting all things superlative.This year's GWR Day takes place on November 17, and will see thousands of people all over the world attempt to secure a prestigious Guinness World Records title during a 24 hour period.A roving team from our London office will be out on the day dashing around the UK's capital to offer anyone the opportunity to have a record attempt adjudicated in person for free.So if you live in the area, this could be your chance for one of our judges to visit your home, place of work or study and potentially get a record approved on the spot!All you need to do is send us your name, contact details, and the record you would like to attempt from the titles below to Fastest time to eat 3 cream crackers- Fastest time to drink 500ml drink- Most jaffa cakes eaten in one minute- Most Ferrero Rocher chocolates eaten in one minute- Most office chair spins in 30 seconds- Longest coin spin- Fastest time to sort 30 M&Ms /Smarties using chopsticks- Most dice stacked in one minuteSpaces are limited, so get your applications in now!

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