Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4711Most people keeping a football in the air record broken in ChinaLinzi District in Shandong Province, China lays claim to being the birthplace of soccer, so an attempt at setting a new world record for ball juggling last month had special meaning for its people.In an event organized by the People's Government of Linzi District of Zibo Municipality as part of the 8th International Qi Culture Tourism Festival, 1,377 school students and football fans from the area gathered to take the title of Most people keeping a football in the air.Despite adverse weather conditions, the attempt smashed a tough target of 1,062 participants that was set by the students of Yanbian University in China in 2009.Under Guinness World Records guidelines for the title, once a start signal is sounded, all participants involved in the attempt must either begin kicking the ball on one of their feet or bouncing it on their head.The challengers are then allowed to use any part of their body to juggle the ball except their arms and hands.The ball must be 'juggled' for at least 10 seconds for an individual to count towards the total, if a participant drops the ball during this time they are discounted from the final figure.The record was just reward for the participants who had all spent several months training and practicing for the attempt.
4712Win a visit from the tallest man in the world to your school!Prizes don't come much bigger than this!To celebrate the launch of GWR Schools, we're offering one lucky UK school the chance to be paid a visit from Sultan Kösen, the world's tallest man.We'll also be sending along Guinness World Records officials to adjudicate a series of world record breaking challenges.Sultan, a part-time farmer from Turkey, measures an incredible 251 cm (8 ft 3 in) and was the first man over 8ft to be measured by Guinness World Record in over 20 years.He also has the distinction of holding the record for widest hand span.In order to be in with a chance of winning what's sure to be an unforgettable day for both pupils and teachers alike, you'll need to register with Discover Guinness World Records.Developed in association with educational professionals, GWR Schools is a series of curriculum-linked activities, lesson plans, and presentations inspired by the fantastic array of amazing records in the Guinness World Records 2012 book.For further information on Discover Guinness World Records, plus further details about the competition and how to enter, head to
4713Video: University of California reclaims dodgeball world recordWhy dodge a chance to enter history while having a ball at doing it?University of California, Irvine, Huntington Beach and Next Level Athletic (NLA) Sports presumably asked themselves that question, and collaborated to find out the answer!Official Guinness World Records™ Adjudicator Danny Girton Jr. was at the university's Anteater Recreation Fields on 21 September 2011 to witness 4,000 players gathered to launch 1,000 dodgeballs at each other, during a successful record attempt that culminated 'Welcome Week' student activities at the college.In addition to the 4,000 players who counted toward the record total - as outlined by the specific guidelines, which require a ratio of one standard dodgeball available for a maximum four players - 448 people showed their support by attending the event, as well.Ultimately, the blue team bested the yellow team's efforts at this year's record attempt, in a turnabout result to last year's event outcome."video
4714Largest coffee bean mosaic completed in AlbaniaA new record for the world's largest coffee bean mosaic was set in Tirana, Albania earlier this month.The piece of art was commissioned by Lori Caffe, one of Albania's main coffee companies, and was created by serial record breaker and world-renowned mosaic artist Saimir Strati.Saimir, who started building his mosaic on 10 November, 2011, used over 1 million beans that were brought in from Brazil, India and Venezuela, with different types of roasted bean, from light to French roast, which defined the colour of the characters represented in the mosaic.The piece portrayed five continents, with the mosaic featuring a Brazilian dancer, a Japanese drummer, a U.S. country music singer, a European accordionist and an African drummer. The whole work was completed on 11 December 2011 and measured 25,18 square meters.Saimir says he wanted to his incredible mosaic to convey the message of "One world, one family, over a cup of coffee. The new record brings another title to his collection, adding to Saimir's records for the largest cork mosaic, the largest metal nail mosaic, the largest paint brush mosaic and the largest screw artwork.
4715Restaurant shaves 75 heads in 60 mins in memory of regular who died from cancerAt an event held to raise funds for Tŷ Olwen Hospice, and to celebrate Guinness World Records’ recent 60th birthday, restaurant/bar The Purple Badger in Swansea, UK set a hair-raising new record for the Most heads shaved in one hour.
4716Most tickets sold by a funitel service in one year - currentThis record is to be attempted by a company (i.e. the operator of the cable car). This record is measured by the official recorded number of people who used the service/facility in one financial year.This record is measured by the officially recorded number of tickets sold to use the service/line of cable ca in one financial year. This record is to be attempted by a company (i.e. the operator of the cable car service).This record is to be attempted by a company (i.e. the operator of the cable car service). This record is measured by the official recorded number of people who used the service/line of cable car in one financial year.This record is measured by the officially recorded number of tickets sold by a cable car/aerial tramway service in the last financial year. This record is to be attempted by a company (i.e. the operator of the cable car/aerial tramway service).
4717Yahoo marks 20th birthday celebrations with yodelling world record
4718CORONET® Diamond Gibson Guitar takes the title of Most Valuable Guitar at $2 millionHong-Kong based Aaron Shum Jewelry raised awareness for its signature brand CORONET® and launched its participation at Baselworld 2015 (Basel, Switzerland), the World Watch and Jewelry Show, by achieving a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS TM title for the Most Valuable Guitar.
4719Video: Old Mutual Wealth makes its name with largest coin mosaicTo mark its organization's rebranding after the combination of Skandia and Old Mutual, UK investment firm Old Mutual Wealth decided to show that a penny saved can be a penny earned can be a penny put to record-breaking use.Employees of the company spent three weeks laying out more than 250,000 coins of various denominations to create the largest coin mosaic.The final-record breaking tally measured 140.14 m² (1,508.45 ft²) when unveiled recently in Southampton. The project came together as part of a collaboration with Positive Thinking and All About Art.videoThe group certainly had its work cut out for it, as the coin mosaic record had been broken twice elsewhere during the three weeks that this one was being assembled. This attempt broke the previous record - set just 12 days prior - with ease, nearly doubling the old mark of 79.03 m² (850.59 ft²).In the end, the coins were put to great use, as more than £60,000 ($95,387) was rasied for various charities which Old Mutual Wealth supports, and the new brand had an iconic achievement upon which to bestow its name.Does your organization want to make a name for itself in a unique way? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team with your group's details.
4720Festival of Media Global accepts world record challengeGUINNESS WORLD RECORDS is pleased to confirm it will not just be attending, but adjudicating an official world record attempt at next week's Festival of Media Global event (28-30 April).The summit, in Montreux, Switzerland, will see an attempt made to set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the Most business cards collected in 24 hours by an individual.The attempt is to be made by James Fleetham, a member of the C Squared team who are organising the summit, who will be closely monitored by adjudicator Marco Frigatti for 24 hours starting at 11.00am on Monday 29th April.To set a new record, James will have to utilise all of his networking prowess to collect more than 400 unique business cards. In doing so, james will ensure that all those attending the event will have a chance to be a part of the record attempt.The theme of this Festival of Media Global event is " from content to commerce", and will feature a range of brand speakers, including CMOs for Blackberry, Visa, and Facebook.You can follow James' progress throughout the attempt via the Festival of Media Twitter account, and send your words of encouragement using the hashtag #FOMG13
4721Poland’s brand new Nowy Rynek Shopping Centre to feature record breaking action from Guinness World Records Live!The Guinness World Records Live! team is bringing live record breaking to Jelenia Góra, Poland on Sunday as part of the opening weekend celebrations for the Nowy Rynek shopping centre.
4722Digital technology companies produce largest plotted image ever at Milan food EXPOIn a bid to push the FFD Vertical Plotter to its limits, the innovative technology was challenged to produce the Largest plotted image ever at the EXPO Milan 2015 earlier this week – and it succeeded.
4723Video: Watch mesmerising great ball contraption smash world record at LEGO event BRICKBack in December, Maico Arts and Ben Jonkman (both Netherlands) returned to renowned LEGO® show BRICK for the second year running to attempt to build their most impressive Great Ball contraption yet.
4724Intel stuns during CES keynote with record for most drones airborne simultaneously - watch incredible footageA spectacular display of drone technology by Intel Corporation (USA) involving 100 small aircrafts being launched skywards in formation has earned a new world record title for the Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously.
4725Australia Day: A round-up of recent Aussie-related world record achievementsAustralia Day is a public holiday down under, commemorating the founding on 26 January 1788 of the colony of New South Wales. Every year on this date the nation comes together to celebrate what's great about Australia and being Australian.
4726Oldest extracted human DNAA 400,000-year old human-like speciesSpain, ,Burgo04 December 2013The oldest human DNA found and analysed ("sequenced") was taken from the thighbone of a 400,000-year old human-like species whose remains were found in a cave called “Sima de los Huesos” (“Pit of Bones”), in the province of Burgo, northern Spain. The results of the study by scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, with co-authors in Spain and China, were published in the journal Nature on 4 December 2013. The study suggests that we may share a common human ancestor with the Denisova hominins, a similar, yet separate species to the Neanderthals, who also share a common ancestor with modern man. The fact that this connection was found in bones in Spain came as a surprise, as until then scientists thought that the Denisovans lived in Eastern Asia, in present-day Siberia, and not in Western Europe.
4727Cricket spitting (indoors) - greatest distanceDanny CappsUnited States, Los Angeles,Guinness World Records: Primetime26 June 1998Danny Capps of Madison, Wisconsin, USA spat a dead cricket from his mouth a distance of 9.17 m (30 ft. 1.2 in) on the set of Guinness World Records: Primetime, Los Angeles, California, USA on 26 June 1998.
4728Largest Tet cakeSaigontouristVietnam, Ho Chi Minh City18 January 2004The world’s largest Tet cake weighed 1.75 tonnes (3,858 lb) and was made by Saigontourist at Dam Sen Cultural Park, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to mark the traditonal Tet festival in Vietnam from 18-21 January 2004.The length of the cake was 3.5 m (11 ft 6 in) and the diameter 74.5 cm (29.3 in)
4729Largest wasp nestVespula germanicaNew Zealand, Waimaukau01 April 1963The largest wasp nest ever recorded was found on a farm at Waimaukau, New Zealand, in April 1963. Despite being composed of wood scrapings mashed up with saliva into a papier-mâché like substance, it was so heavy that it had fallen from the tree in which it had been hanging onto the ground, where it had then split into two. When whole, it measured 3.7 m (12 ft 2 in) long, and was 1.75 m (5.25 ft) in diameter and approximately 5.5 m (18 ft) in circumference. It had probably been constructed by introduced German wasps (Vespula germanica).
4730Largest wooden coat hangerMAWA GmbH6.096/4.067/52 metre(s)Germany, Halle/S12 February 2011The largest wooden coat hanger measures 6.096 m (19 ft 12 in) long, 4.067 m (13 ft 4 in) high and 52 cm (1 ft 8 in) wide. It was created by MAWA GmbH (Germany) and presented in Frankfurt, Germany, on 12 February 2011.The hanger weighs approximately 1 ton.
4731Farthest distance pushing a mini scooter one hourHarald HelAustria, Vienna30 September 2007The farthest distance pushing a mini scooter in one hour is 26.66 km (16.57 miles) and was achieved by Harald Hel (Austria) during the event Vienna Recordia in Vienna, Austria, on 30 September 2007.
4732Closest planetary binary system to EarthPluto-CharonNot ApplicablePluto (1,153 km, 716.44 miles diameter) and its moon Charon (603.5 km, 375 miles), form the most unusual relationship in the Solar System. At 52% of the diameter of Pluto, the moon Charon is so big in relation to Pluto that they actual orbit a common point in space that lies above the actual surface of Pluto. For a normal moon orbiting a planet, the point in space about which they both orbit is very near the centre of the planet involved, and hence produces only a small wobble in the Planet's orbit. However, true binary systems orbit a point in space outside either of their two bodies. This is the case for the Pluto-Charon system, where it is this common point in space that orbits the sun in a normal orbital path. This is the only true planetary binary system in the Solar System and the closest to Earth.
4733Largest worry/prayer beadsKuwait Oil Company14.4 metre(s)Kuwait, kuwait15 January 2011The largest worry beads/komboloi measured 14.4 m (47 ft 2 in) in length and was made by the Kuwait Oil Company (Kuwait) in Al-Ahmadi, Kuwait, and was completed on 15 January 2011.The beads weighed 2.1 tonnes (4629 lb). The giant beads were made to commemorate Kuwait’s 50th Independence Day, 20th Liberation Day, and the 5th year of the Prince of Kuwait's governance.
4734Largest game of Old McDonald Had A FarmSally's Hootenanny356 participantsUnited States, Salamanca,Allegany State Park17 August 2013The largest game of Old McDonald Had A Farm consists of 356 participants and was achieved by Sally's Hootenanny (USA) at Allegany State Park in Salamanca, New York, USA, on 17 August 2013.The attempt was organized by Sally Marsh, who has hosted a weekly summer hootenanny in Allegany State Park since 1971.
4735First industrial moving assembly lineFord Motor Company, Highland ParkfirstUnited States, Detroit01 January 1913The Ford Motor Company initiated the First Moving Assembly Line in the automobile industry in 1913 in Highland Park, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Not only was Ford the first to implement this, it also marked the first truly advanced and mechanized assembly line in any modern industry, with the result that cars cost less and could be easily purchased by the American middle class. Although there had been the assembly of interchangeable parts of guns going back to the mid-19th Century, (rifles manufactured in Springfield, Massachusetts and Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia)), Ford’s manufacturing methods represented a quantum leap in the annals of Mass Production. That term originated in a 1926 Encyclopedia Britannica article referring to the pioneering automaker. With the advent of the new manufacturing technique, assembly time for autos was dramatically reduced in 1913 from 12 ½ hours to ultimately 1 hour and 33 minutes and a phenomenal increase of some 200,000 cars that year to well over a over a million by 1920.
4736Most expensive tuna fishTsukiji fish market155400000 US dollar(s)Japan, Tokyo05 January 2013The most expensive tuna fish sold at an auction was a bluefin tuna sold at a price of 155,400,000 Yen ($1,767,370 £1,100,490) at the annual first fish auction of the year at Tsukiji fish market in Chuo, Tokyo, Japan, on 5 January 2013. It was caught in Oma, Aomori, Japan, and it weighed 222 kg (489 lb 6.88 oz).
4737First man killed during a cockerel fightJose Luis OchoaUnited States30 January 2011On 30 January 2011, Jose Luis Ochoa of Lamont, California, USA died as the result, according to the later autopsy conclusion, of an accidental “sharp force injury” to his right calf. Ochoa, together with other spectators, had fled from the scene of a cockfight where five dead roosters and other evidence of cockfighting were found, according to a sergeant in the Sheriff’s department. Kern County Superior Court records show that Ochoa paid $370 in fines last year after pleading no contest to one count of owning or training an animal for fighting, according to a newspaper report. Cockfighting is illegal in the USA and attending or organising a cockfight, or training an animal to participate in one, are misdemeanours under California law. The birds have knives attached to their legs for fighting, and Ochea was stabbed by one of the cockerels and bled to death – a finding apparently supported by the evidence.While there are other examples of similar deaths, this is supported by an autopsy and police reports.
4738Most sophisticated cyber weapon’s first nuclear strikeStuxnetBelarus01 June 2010In June 2010, a new computer software “worm” called Stuxnet, described as the most sophisticated cyber weapon ever made, was publicly identified by a security company in Belarus. A German industrial company subsequently confirmed that a number of its control systems technologies that are used in the power industry and which control valves, pipelines and other industrial equipment in different facilities around the world had been affected by the worm. Stuxnet targets software called WinCC, which runs on Microsoft Windows, in very specific industrial equipment and only attacks when it finds the right match. Such systems are used in the Iranian nuclear facilities at Bushehr and Natanz, Iran, and the Iranian government subsequently confirmed that computers there had been infected. Inspectors from the Atomic Energy Authority also found that a significant number of Iran’s centrifuges - used in the uranium enrichment process – were idle. Experts say that the worm is too sophisticated to have been the work of ordinary hackers or criminals – nor would they have had the significant time and funding required. Hence it is regarded as a cyber attack by an as yet undeclared state or states against another’s nuclear facilities, and at least one country has changed its estimate of the nuclear threat level from Iran from “imminent” to 2015.
4739Most contributors to a comic book (unpublished)Shueisha Inc.1087 peopleJapan, 12 December 2012The most contributors to a comic book (unpublished) is 1,087, achieved by Shueisha Inc. in Japan on 12 December 2012. The attempt was carried out in an online event called "Social Kingdom," and each participant contributed fully to each panel of the comic book. The comic is based on a popular Japanese manga called "Kingdom", whose author Yasuhisa Hara also participated in the attempt.
4740Most star jumps in one minute carrying a 100-lb packPaddy DoyleUnited Kingdom, Erdington ,,Stamina's Self Defence Boxing Gym10 November 2013The most star jumps in one minute carrying a 100-lb pack is 33 and was achieved by Paddy Doyle (UK) at Stamina's Self Defence Boxing Gym in Erdington, West Midlands, UK, on 10 November 2013.

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