Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

451Largest human motorcycle pyramidIndian Army Signal Corps Dare DevilsIndia, Jabalpur05 July 2001The Dare Devils Team of the Indian Army Signal Corps achieved a motorcycle pyramid consisting of 201 men balanced on 10 motorcycles, on 5 July 2001 at Gowri Shankar Parade Ground, Jabalpur, India. The pyramid travelled a distance of 129 m (424 ft).
452Most leaves on a cloverShigeo ObaraJapan, Hanamaki CityThe most leaves on a clover stem (Trifolium repens L.) is 56 and was discovered by Shigeo Obara of Hanamaki City, Iwate, Japan, on 10 May 2009.Mr. Obara has studied clovers for many years and was the finder of the previous record holder in this category.
453Oldest hotelNisiyama Onsen KeiunkanJapan01 January 0705The oldest hotel is the Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Yamanashi, Japan, a hot-spring hotel, which has been operating since 705 AD.The second oldest hotel is also in Japan.
454Fastest coal shovelling by a teamPatrick KennedyNew Zealand, West coast of South Island27 March 2004The record for filling a 508 kg (0.5 ton) hopper with coal using a banjo shovel by a team of two is 14.8 seconds, by Brian Coghlan and Piet Groot (both New Zealand) at the opening of the Brunner Bridge, South Island, New Zealand, on 27 March 2004.
455Most skips over a rope in 24 hoursIsabel BushUnited States, Juneau21 July 2005Isabel Bush (USA) skipped a record 151,036 jumps of a rope in 24 hours in Juneau, Alaska, USA on 20-21 July 2005.
456Largest simultaneous BASE jump (outdoor)30 skydivers from 7 countriesRussia, Moscow03 July 2004A total of 30 skydivers from over seven different countries performed a BASE jump from the Ostankino television and radio tower in Moscow, Russia on 3 July 2004
457First VTOL designUnknown1493 year(s)Italy, 12 January 2003Leonardo da Vinci (Italy, 1452-1519) proposed the idea of a helicopter-type craft for a human passenger in 1493. The 'air screw' consisted of a platform with a helical screw designed to allow it to take off and land vertically. The sketch was discovered in the nineteenth century.
458First human arrowAlar the Human Arrow aka Mary Zedora aka Frances Elizabeth Mary “Pansy” Murphy.United States01 January 1896Under the stage name of Alar the Human Arrow, aka Mary Zedora or Mary Murphy (Frances Elizabeth Mary “Pansy” Murphy) was shot from a giant crossbow 12.19 m (40 ft) through a paper target to a catcher on a trapeze. Mary, of the Flying Zedoras, performed the feat at Barnum & Bailey, USA, in 1896.
459Largest wine-tasting eventFernando Ortiz Torres5095 participantsSpain, Plaza de Toros,Aranda de Duero15 September 2006The largest wine-tasting event involved 5,095 participants at the Plaza de Toros in Aranda de Duero, Spain, on 15 September 2006.
460Longest contra lineRiga Techical University - Folk Group "Vector"Latvia, Riga, Old city25 October 2008The longest contra line was achieved by 2,208 participants at the Riga Technical University of Latvia, in Latvia, on 25 October 2008.
461Most runs scored by a player in a one-day first-class match (male)Alistair BrownUnited Kingdom, The Oval,London19 June 2001The highest innings by an individual in a limited overs match is 268 by Surrey's Alistair Brown (England) against Glamorgan on 19 June 2002 at The Oval, London, England in a Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy match. During his stay at the wicket Brown hit 12 sixes and 30 fours.
462Most people taking part in a ground breaking ceremonySan Jose Earthquakes6256 peopleUnited States, San Jose21 October 2012The most participants in a ground breaking ceremony is 6,256 achieved by the San Jose Earthquakes on the grounds of their new stadium in San Jose, California, USA, on 21 October 2012.A member of Major League Soccer (USA), the Earthquakes provided 6,000 shovels for fans of the team, as well as allowing additional fans to bring their own, to break ground on the pitch of its new football (soccer)-specific stadium.
463Most different makes of motorcycle in a paradeAsociación Automotriz del PerúPeru, Lima07 July 2013The most different makes of motorcycle in a parade is 31 at an event organised by the Asociación Automotriz del Perú (Peru) in Lima, Peru, on 7 July 2013.The parade was the third annual "Desfile Patrio" organised by the AAP for all the various motorcycle clubs in Peru. The course was 28 km in length going through the historic centre of Lima before going along the coast and finishing on one of the beaches. The 31 brands that took part are - LambretaTrading KArtsunDucatiKawasakiLan CxingRegal RaptorTVSLifanSuzukiRoncoSukidaDaelimSumoUmHondaBMWTriumphKTMApriliaDavestC&C MotorsJaguarItalikaJincoWanxinPiaggioYamahaMavilaCyclerHarley Davidson
464Most aircraft flown in as a passengerEdwin A . ShackletonUnited Kingdom01 January 2007By January 2007, Edwin A Shackleton (UK) had flown in a total of 841 different types of aircraft. His first flight was in 1943 in a De Havilland DH 89 Dominie, and other aircraft have included balloons, airships, helicopters, and microlights.
465Most Test match runs scored in a day by a team or teams (male)EnglandUnited Kingdom, Old Trafford27 July 1936The most runs scored in a day during a Test match is 588 at Old Trafford, Manchester, UK on 27 Jul 1936 when England added 398 and India were 190 for 0 in their second innings by the close.
466Most participants in a 5 km run/raceVisakhapatnam District Olympic Association86549 peopleIndia, Visakhapatnam23 June 2013The most participants in a 5 km run/race is 86,549 people in an event organised by the Visakhapatnam District Olympic Association (India), in Visakhapatnam, India, on 23 June 2013.
467Oldest computer mouseUnknownfirstUnited States, 01 January 1964The computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart (USA) in 1964. He was awarded a US patent for it in 1970. It was described in the patent as an 'X-Y position indicator for a display system' and was nicknamed a mouse because of the resemblance of the wire to a tail.
468Largest group drum rollLebenshife Werke Trier GmbH1682 peopleGermany, Trier30 August 2009A total of 1,682 drummers, led by Guildo Horn, (Germany) played a drum roll for 5 min 2 sec, in an event organised by Lebenshilfe-Werke Trier GmbH, Diedenhofener, Germany, on 30 August 2009.Guildo Horn was also a former Eurovision song contestant. The record attempt was in conjunction with the organisers celebrating their jubilee.
469Most instruments used in a piece of musicRupam Sarmah315 itemsIndia, Jorhat, Assam, India24 February 2013The most instruments used in a piece of music was 315 and was achieved by Rupam Sarmah (India) and his team, performing a symphony composed and directed by Rupam Sarmah at Jorhat Sports Complex, Assam, India, on 24 February 2013.The number of different instruments used was 315, however the total number of instruments used (including duplications) was 370, plus 106 vocalists, making a grand total of 476 musicians who performed the symphony which lasted for just over half an hour.
470Most people modelling on a catwalk (multiple venues)Galeries Lafayette3912 peopleFrance, 52 towns in France17 September 2011The greatest number of people modelling on a catwalk at multiple venues is 3,912 in an event organised by Galeries Lafayette (France) in 52 towns across France, on 17 September 2011.There were four distinctive fashion looks for the catwalk: Paris, London, New York & Milan. This record was held in conjunction with the record for 'the most brides in a bridal fashion show'.
471Most participants in a fingerprint testChildren of Jakarta in association with Frisian Flag (Indonesia)Indonesia, Jakarta,,Mall of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.26 February 2011The most participants in a fingerprint test are 3,108 children from various schools within different regions in Jakarta at the Mall of Indonesia, in association with Frisian Flag (Indonesia), in Jarkarta, Indonesia, on 26 February 2011.The multinational dairy company Frisian Flag organised the attempt at the Mall of Indonesia. The children were between the ages of 1-6 years old and had travelled from various regions of Jakarta. The day began with a registration process, then the children were taken to a blue zone where they were to wait to be called forward. The red zone was where the onsultants informed families about the details of the attempt. The final record zone had two people assigned to it whereby they used clickers to count all the participants as well as check over thsi information using the logbooks. There was a fingerprint expert assigned to each table. The attempt started at 10.14am and lasted 8 hours and finishing at 16.41 with a totl of 3,108 participants.
472Longest wait for a director's cut of a videogameBroken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (Virgin Interactive, 1996)01 March 2009The longest wait for a director's cut of a videogame is 12 years 129 days, the time taken between the release of for Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars on 5 November 1996 and its updated 'Director''s Cut' for the Apple App store in March 2009.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011
473First gymnast to perform a CassinaIgor CassinafirstItaly, Rome01 April 2010The first gymnast to perform a Cassina is Igor Cassina (Italy) who performed a giant Kovacs straight with 1/1 turn (also known as a Kõlman in the straight position), which the International Gymnastics Federation decided to name Cassina after him as from 2002. The record was awarded during the Italian TV series "Lo Show dei Record"
474Youngest gamer to achieve a perfect score on Dance Dance RevolutionRyota WadaJapan, Wakayama29 August 2010The youngest person to reach a perfect 'AAA' rating on a Dance Dance Revolution game on the expert difficulty setting is Ryota Wada (Japan) who mastered the song 'Hyper Eurobeat' aged 9 years 288 days at his home in Wakayama, Japan, on 29 August 2010.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011.Ryota has been playing DDR since he was five, achieving highly respectable scores but missing out on the elusive 'AAA' rating due to the mat slipping under his feet. All it took for him to reach a perfect score was non-slip surface and the record was his.
475First piano concerto for catMindaugas PiečaitisLithuania05 June 2009“Catcerto” is a four-minute piano concerto for chamber orchestra and cat composed by Mindaugas Piecaitis (Lithuania). The piece – in which the orchestra accompanies a video recording of a cat pawing at notes on a piano – was debuted at the Klaipeda Concert Hall in Klaipeda, Lithuania, on 5 June 2009, with Nora the cat at the piano. Composer/conductor Piečaitis notated Nora’s melody from a video recording he had seen on YouTube then composed the orchestral accompaniment to match. The piece requires the orchestra to play live alongside Nora’s projected video footage. Nora is a rescue cat from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA, and is named after the painter Leonora Carrington. She was given a new lease of life by piano teacher Betsy Alexander and artist Burnell Yow. In 2009, Nora was named Cat of the Year in the annual ASPCA Humane Awards.
476Most mousetraps triggered in a lineOutward Bound TaiwanChinese Taipei, Taoyuan13 September 2013The most mousetrap triggered in a line is 1,508 traps and was achieved by Synology Inc. (Chinese Taipei) in Hulian, Chinese Taipei, on 13 September 2013.The mousetraps were triggered in a similar manner to dominoes and toppled in a circle formation.
477Fastest speed in a paraglider over a 100 km out-and-return course (pair)Howard Travers, Harley Smith24.59 kilometre(s) per hourAustralia, 25 January 1999The highest average speed achieved over a 100 km out-and-return course for an official FAI world record by a pair is 24.59 km/h by Howard Travers (UK) and Harley Smith (Australia) at Eucia, Australia on 25 January 1999.
478Fastest speed in a paraglider over a 100 km out-and-return course (female)Nicole Fedele27.3 kilometre(s) per hourSlovenia, The highest average speed achieved over a 100 km out-and-return course for an official FAI world record by a woman is 27.3 km/h by Nicole Fedele (Italy) from Tolmin, Slovenia to Gemona, Italy, on 24 May 2010.
479Most people on a single bedXilinmen Furniture Co. Ltd.54 peopleChina, Beijing07 September 2013The most people crammed on a single bed is 54 and was achieved by Xilinmen Furniture Co. Ltd. (China), on the set of a CCTV Guinness World Records special in Beijing, China, on 7 September 2013.
480Largest tardigradeEchiniscoides sigismundi1.5 millimetre(s)Not Applicable, 01 January 2010Also known as water bears, tardigrades are microscopic eight-limbed invertebrates inhabiting moist environments. The world´s largest tardigrade is Echiniscoides sigismundi, a marine Eurasian species, which can attain a total length of 1.5 mm as a mature adult (unlike most other species, which remain microscopic throughout their lives). However, it can be smaller than 0.05 mm as a freshly-hatched larva.

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