Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4771Fan Choice Record June 14Throw another record on the barbie?Congratulations to Reid Anderton (Australia), who earned 58.78% of your votes with his fastest time to cycle around Australia to win last week's Fan Choice. That's now the third time you've voted an Australian record holder as favorite of the week, the most from any one country. Anderton's cycling achievement will now be entered in our list of contenders for a year-end showdown in which we'll ask you fans to vote for your favorite record of the year at the end of 2013.Time now to meet this week's candidates and then cast your vote below. We have a mouth full of candles and a museum full of masks, but let's begin with a really long fast break.FASTEST MARATHON DRIBBLING TWO BASKETBALLS (pictured above)Record: 4 hr 39 min 12 secHolder: Darren Weissman (USA)Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USAThat's not all: Weissman - nicknamed Doctor Dribble - broke his record at the Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon. He beat the previous mark by nearly 15 minutes. For what it's worth, the fastest marathon dribbling a single basketball is 3 hr 23 min 42 sec.MOST LIT CANDLES IN THE MOUTHRecord: 10 candlesHolder: Adam Ryzner (UK)Location: Guildford, Surrey, UKThat's not all: Ryzner attempted the record simply because he thought he could break it. Rules required that standard, full-sized tapered candles be used, meaning birthday candles, for instance, would be ineligible. Ryzner kept the candles lit in his mouth for more than 30 seconds.LARGEST LINCOLN LOGS STRUCTURERecord: 10,036 logsHolder: City of Lincoln (USA)Location: (fittingly) Lincoln, Nebraska, USAThat's not all: In a two-for-one special, the structure above simultaneously broke the record for the tallest structure built with Lincoln Logs, standing 3.77 meters (12 feet 4 inches) high. The structure was built by a group of 3,175 fans and volunteers at the Lincoln Children's Museum, requiring 5 hours, 57 minutes to construct.MOST WREATHS MADE IN 24 HOURSRecord: 70 wreathsHolder: Carolann Naugle (Canada)Location: Nova Scotia, CanadaThat's not all: To prove her wreath-making prowess, Naugle completed her final hand-tied wreath blindfolded. The wreaths were sold after the attempt to help raise funds for The Children's Wish Foundation, a provincial charity to help grant wishes for children afflicted with cancer. This is Naugle's second world record, after constructing the largest wreath (76.74 meters 251 feet 9 inches diameter) in 2008.LARGEST COLLECTION OF MASKSRecord: 5,600 unique masksHolder: Gerold Weschenmoser (Germany)Location: Starzach, GermanyThat's not all: Weschenmoser stores his masks in a personal museum and has been collecting them since 1957. He's travelled to collect masks from China, Hawaii, South Korea, New Zealand, and throughout Europe and Africa.And those are your nominees for this week's Fan Choice - time now to cast your vote!There are a two ways to do this, including right here by choosing in our poll:&lta href=""&gtWhat is your pick for this week's Fan Choice Record?&lt/a&gtYou can also tweet your choice to us on Twitter ( @GWR) with the hashtag #GWRFanChoice.Then check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!
4772The best records from Latin America in 2013Here at Guinness World Records we say “adios” to a stunning 2013 in Latin America, adjudicating a new record attempt once a week on average. In total we visited 13 different countries and 26 cities with 9 of those receiving an adjudicator for the very first time in their history!The year kicked off with 653 couples dancing the Marinera in the Peruvian town of Trujillo and ended with the Fiesta Nacional de Básquet breaking their own record in Manu Ginobli´s hometown Bahía Blanca for the most players in a basketball exhibition match. We’ve been as far north as Monterrey who cooked up a record for 45,252 people which is the largest attendance at a BBQ and we shivered as far south as Patagonian town El Calafate in Argentina for the largest coin mosaic – the southernmost record attended by a Guinness World Records representative in our 58-year history.There were records for beach-lovers with Bora Bora, the Ecuadorean flip-flop brand breaking the record for the most people buried in sand and Havaianas setting a new record in Buenos Aires for the most people bouncing beach tennis balls. For food lovers the starter in February had an oriental flavor as the Chinese-Costa Rican community made the largest fried rice to celebrate Chinese New Year – then hot dog lovers were watering at the mouth when Hellmann´s Chile created the longest line of the snack in September to celebrate their 100th anniversary while desserts were offered in the form of the longest fruit cake first set in Durango to celebrate the Mexican city´s 450th anniversary before being broken by the Panadería Schick bakery in Nicaragua.With all those food records you will glad to know that Sensodyne Mexico are taking care of the dentistry records with the largest model tooth just one of many “super-structures” in the leading Latin American country for record-breaking. For mother’s day Cerveza Modelo built the tallest flower arrangement and in Puebla they celebrated the installation of the largest mobile observation wheel.Guinness World Records may bring out the competitive streak in people but it also gets people working together for a cause – in Colombia the children’s cancer charity SANAR were helped by many organizations including the national post office and police force to collect plastic bottle caps from across the country and break the recycling record. Going back to Mexico and Whirlpool and Ariel Power Pods united to form the largest mobile laundromat washing clothes and 9 different children’s homes before donating the High Efficiency washing machines. Teletón El Salvador brought 8 bakeries together who collaborated to make the largest cupcake mosaic and raising tens of thousands of dollars for the charity´s three rehabilitation centres. In Venezuela we saw EPA unite almost 70,000 families with the largest online photo album of hugs that culminated on International Family Day in May – while in November Coca-Cola broke their first record in Venezuela with the longest pouring relay to promote the power of working together and sharing.A live record event is a great way to bring a community together and promote a local culture, in Guadalajara the mariachi tradition was stronger than ever 700 mariachis performing simultaneously. In Colombia the largest Colombian folk dance was achieved by 555 pairs during the annual San Juan celebrations in Neiva. In Paraguay the distinctive sound of the Paraguayan Harp was amplified by a record 420 harpists in October. It has been a fantastic year south of the border and we congratulate all of our new members of the Guinness World Records family and welcome back those who have returned with more records!
477360 Record-Breaking Moments: How four London couples hugged their way into history
4774Fan Choice Record August 16Summer has always been the perfect time for cotton candy, and the fans have proven to agree.With 43.98% of your votes, the tallest cotton candy/candyfloss by SV Feldkirchen-Mitterhartshausen eV, in association with Abenteuer Leben, Kabel Eins (both Germany) won last week's Fan Choice.This sugary sensation will now be entered in our list of contenders for a year-end showdown in which we'll ask you fans to vote for your favorite record of the year at the end of 2013.Time now to meet this week's candidates and then cast your vote below. This week sees someone really losing their marbles and a man who makes gasoline irrelevant. But first, let's pop a (side) wheelie.MOST PEOPLE ABOARD A CAR DRIVEN ON TWO WHEELS (pictured above)Record: 13 peopleHolders: Driver Stéphane Riesen (Switzerland) and 12 passengersLocation: Geneva Palexpo, Geneva, SwitzerlandThat's not all: If you peer closely at the above photo, you can make out some of the dozen passengers crammed into the front seat and back of the car, model Mini One. Riesen broke the record at the Swiss Car Event and was required to keep the vehicle moving on two wheels for at least 10 seconds with all passengers inside. He drove for 24 seconds in his attempt.LONGEST MARBLE RUNRecord: 1,043.66 m (3,424 ft)Holder: Klaus Peter Beier (Germany)Location: Cologne, GermanyThat's not all: Certainly not your average "drop a marble on it" track, Beier's dazzling construction surpassed the previous record by nearly 400 m (approx. 1,300 ft) - which also happened to be built by Beier in 2012. If you were to uncoil the track to a straight line, it would stretch taller than the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on Earth.MOST PEOPLE SOLVING RUBIK'S CUBESRecord: 3,248 participantsHolder: College of Engineering Pune (India)Location: Pune, Maharashtra, IndiaThat's not all: Interestingly, an extra 19 people took part in the attempt but couldn't solve their cube in the alotted 60 minutes, and so had to be discounted. Each cube was required to be scrambled with a minimum of 40 moves unseen by each challenger before the attempt. Fittingly for what is the third-oldest engineering college in Asia, the record was COEP's third time breaking a world record.FARTHEST DISTANCE PUSHING A CAR IN 24 HOURSRecord: 52.343 km (32.53 mi)Holder: Przemysław Marczewski (Poland)Location: Mysliborz, PolandThat's not all: This is definitely the guy you want with you when your car breaks down on the highway miles from home. Marczewski actually broke the record in only 15 hours, stopping due to security concerns after bad weather overtook the public square where the attempt occurred. He completed 221 laps of a track 236.85 m (777 ft) long.MOST PLAYERS IN AN ULTIMATE FLYING DISC EXHIBITION MATCHRecord: 82 playersHolder: Oundle School (UK)Location: Oundle School, Northamptonshire, UKThat's not all: With each new player who saw the field needing to remain in the match for at least 10 minutes or one point (whichever came last), team Evens defeated team Odds by a score of 16-14 in a battle of Oundle students and faculty.And those are your nominees for this week's Fan Choice - time now to cast your vote!There are a two ways to do this, including right here by choosing in our poll:&amplta href=""&ampgtWhat is your pick for this week's Fan Choice record?&amplt/a&ampgtYou can also tweet your choice to us on Twitter ( @GWR) with the hashtag #GWRFanChoice.Then check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!
4775Fan Choice record: October 18People visit iFly Singapore to enjoy the sense of falling. But ironically, its massive wind tunnel has soared to the top of fans' ballots.With 52.64% of the vote, the group's record for largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel flew to victory in last week's Fan Choice and will now be entered into our year-end competition where we'll ask you, the fans, to choose your favorite record of 2013.This week, we've got a school's worth of people passing through a hula hoop, and a whole lot of beads. But first, somebody start this thing!LARGEST PENDULUM WAVE MACHINE (pictured above)Record: Pendulums 2.75 m (9.02 ft) tallHolder: Western Area Career & Technology Center (USA)Location: Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA That's not all: aka a giant version of the famous CEO desktop toy. This machine consisted of a total of 15 pendulums, spread out over a 20 m (65.6 ft) long structure. The longest pendulum oscillates 60 times in the space of 200 seconds, .FASTEST COIN OPERATED RIDERecord: 163.12 km/h (101.36 mph)Holder: Ben Rushforth (UK)Location: York Raceway, East Yorkshire, UKThat's not all: This particular ride is named PAT 1, a "Postman Pat" vehicle. In the record breaking run, Rushforth achieved a 1/4 mile elapsed time of 12.071 sec and a 0 - 60 mph time of 3.3249 sec - faster than a Dodge Viper SRT10!LARGEST BEAD MOSAICRecord: Total area of 17.595 m² (189.39 ft²)Holder: Sint Lucas (Netherlands)Location: Eindhoven, NetherlandsThat's not all: To reach its total area measurement, the mosaic stood 5.75 m (18 ft 10.38 in) wide by 3.06 m (10 ft 0.47 in) high. The piece reflected " Sky and Water I" by the Dutch artist M.C. Escher, with 100 students constructing the color reproduction of the famed black and white work.MOST PEOPLE WOLF HOWLINGRecord: 296Holders: Department of Campus Involvement, St. Cloud State University (USA)Location: St. Cloud, Minnesota, USAThat's not all: The university was looking to build camaraderie among students and decided to attempt this large wolf howl inspired by the schools mascot, the Huskies. Participants lined up for more than an hour to take part in the event.LONGEST HUMAN CHAIN TO PASS THROUGH A HULA HOOPRecord: 364 participantsHolder: Calmore Infant and Junior School (UK)Location: Southampton, Hampshire, UK,That's not all: The school used the attempt to help raise funds for a new ground/garden development project. The chain consisted of school staff and Year 1 through Year 6 students. After the chain broke on the first attempt after 12 passes, the group started over and succeeded on their second try.And those are your nominees for this week's Fan Choice time now to cast your vote!&lta href=""&gtWhat is your pick for this week's Fan Choice record?&lt/a&gtThen check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!The Guinness World Records 2014 book edition is on sale now at all major retailers. Find a full list here. Don't forget to also download three exclusive digital books, available now exclusively at iBooks: " Awesome Animals," (free download), " Colossal Constructions," and " Incredible People."
4776David Beckham retires, stem cell breakthrough, and NASA and Google buy supercomputer – The news in world recordsRecord-breakers in the news todayFormer England captain David Beckham has announced that he is to retire from professional football.The 38-year-old - who began his career with Manchester United, before spells at Real Madrid, AC Milan and Los Angeles Galaxy – has turned down an offer of an extended one-year deal at his current club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).During his career, the East London-born midfielder was one of most marketable figures within sport, and currently holds the record for highest annual earnings for a footballer after earning a cool $40 million (£24.2 million) between May 2010 to May 2011, a figure boosted in part by his lucrative sponsorship deal with Adidas.Scientists in the United States have hailed a major breakthrough after recovering stem cells from cloned human embryos for the first time. Researchers described the use of skin to generate embryonic stem cells - which removes one of the obstacles to human cloning - as a "milestone".In January 2001, scientists at Advanced Cell Technologies, Massachsetts, USA announced that they had successfully grown the first kidneys created via cloning. The technique took a DNA-containing nucleus from a single cow skin cell and fused it with a host egg. The egg multiplied into an embryo rich in stem cells. These cells were chemically manipulated to grow into kidney cells, using an artifical kidney-shaped scaffold.Several of these miniature kidneys were grown in this way and transplanted back into the cow, where they began to produce urine. Each of the kidneys were several cm (a few inches) long. A $15m computer that uses "quantum physics" effects to boost its speed has been bought by Google.Said to be up to 3,600 times faster than conventional computers, the machine created by D-Wave System that will help the search giant process the information it collects across of all its platforms and will be shared with NASA.In March 2010 scientists announced they had created a quantum state in a piezoelectric resonator nearly 0.1 mm across – large enough to be seen with the naked eye - in turn setting a record for largest quantum object.This has previously only been achieved with single particles, atoms and molecules, billions of times smaller than the resonator. Upon cooling the device to just above absolute zero, the team gave it just one quantum of electrical energy, which was converted to one quantum of vibrational energy. The results from the experiment show that the resonator had both ‘one’ and ‘zero’ quanta of energy.Finally, Barbie Dreamhouse Experience, a mock mansion near Berlin's Alexanderplatz square full of Barbie fashion and furniture, has opened to the public.While at the iconic doll's dreamhouse, fans can try on her clothes in her "endless" closet, bake cupcakes in her kitchen, walk her runway and hang out in her living room.The most expensive Barbie doll sold at auction is an original 1959 model in mint condition that fetched £18,258 during a sale held by Sandi Holder’s Doll Attic (USA) in May 2006.
4777Miami Heat Wilt, NHL Goes Outside, and "The Simpsons" Loses an InspirationQuite a sports influence in today’s News In World Records, and we’ll start in Miami, where last night the NBA title favorite Heat lost a stunner at home to the Chicago Bulls in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinal matchup.Not only is Chicago depleted with injuries and fresh off a taxing 7-game, opening series win over the Brooklyn Nets, but Miami is laden with record-breaking talent. To wit, LeBron James was honored with his fourth MVP trophy earlier this week, leaving him just shy of the record for most wins of the award (6, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) at the age of just 28. Also, the Heat fell just shy of the NBA record for longest-ever winning streak this year, notching 27 consecutive victories from Feb. 3 to March 27, second only to the record mark of 33 games by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1971-72 season.On the opposite U.S. coast, the NHL announced Monday that the Los Angeles Kings will use baseball’s Dodger Stadium to host the Anaheim Ducks in a regular-season game next year. Average high temperatures for L.A. in January run to 68 degrees, so it’ll certainly make for a unique hockey experience (and plenty of melted ice for post-game drinks).While Dodger Stadium boasts a capacity of 56,000 – massive for a hockey game – it will still fall well short of the largest-ever attendance for an ice hockey game, set at the similarly outdoor Michigan Stadium in 2010. “The Big Chill at the Big House” saw the University of Michigan defeat Michigan State University, 5-0, in front of 104,173 verified fans. Here’s a look at that frigid, record-breaking day.videoIn sad news from Hollywood, it was announced the mother of “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening, Margaret, died in her sleep last month at the age of 94. Margaret served, of course, as the naming inspiration for Marge Simpson, as did Matt’s father Homer and siblings Lisa and Maggie. Margaret Groening’s namesake has served as a tentpole for one of the most successful TV shows of all time, as the Simpsons holds records for both the longest running animated series and longest running sitcom by episode count.And while Marge Simpson may be most famous for her epic blue hair, the big news in follicles today comes in gray – as in there soon may be no more of it.Researchers in Europe have published a report claiming to not only have gotten to the root of gray hair among aging adults, but to have developed a permanent treatment for it.This will come as welcome news to men and women of all ages, and records indicate a demand for the cure: when Schwarzkopf Professional and Sergio & Margarida Hair Salon of Lisbon put on a 24-hour hair dyeing event in 2009, it brought a record-breaking 380 people to get the coiffures colored in the time frame.
4778How to Say GIF, the Super Bowl is on the Move, and Venezuela Solves Its Toilet Paper Problem - the News In World RecordsIf you don't know what a "GIF" is, then, we're actually surprised you were able to find this story.The Graphics Interchange Format is a staple of the Internet, allowing us to watch cats play ping-pong or spin on turntables in a hilarious, endless loop. But GIF inventor Steve Wilhite caused quite a stir Tuesday night when he announced at the Webby Awards that we've had it wrong all along. His acceptance speech for a lifetime achievemenet award consisted of just this: " It's pronounced JIF, not GIF." And with that, the Internet exploded, as GIF started trending and backlash started growing. If somebody could gather everyone up behind a single rally cry, maybe something like "It's pronounced JIF!" could top the 11,000 messages needed to take the as-yet-unattempted record for the most widespread social network message in one hour.Meanwhile, the locations for Super Bowl L and LI (to be played in 2016 and 2017) were announced, with the recpients being San Francisco and Houston, respectively. Many in NFL circles hoped that Miami would host the Lth (er, 50th) Super Bowl, but the city couldn't present an infrastructure plan to match San Francisco's. Miami, an iconic host city for the game, is tied with New Orleans for the city to host the Super Bowl most often, each having done so 10 times.Currency controls have put a strain on Venezuela being able to import many goods, most recently leading to a severe toilet paper shortage in the South American country. But the national government approved a credit to allow for up to 39 million rolls to be imported and assist in the shortage. One recommendation may be to ask for some help from Charmin, which produced the largest toilet paper roll in 2011, at a size of 2.97 meters (9 feet, 8.9 inches) in diameter and 2.59 meters (8 feet, 5.9 inches) in height.Home sales continue to rise in the U.S., another indicator of a recovering real estate market that bottomed out in the last decade's late recession. If all these new homebuyers can get together, they'd have a shot at the 500 participants needed to set the record for the most people painting houses.Lastly, consider this end section a bit of a footer. A lot of people find feet gross, and now science can confirm why: the feet are home to more than 100 different type of fungi. Lovely! We can only imagine what lived in the dogs of Robert Wadlow, tallest man ever and record holder for the largest feet of all-time, at 47 cm (18.5 inches) in length.
4779California rescue cat Sophie sets new record for longest furWatch out for hairballs!Sophie Smith, a 2-year-old cat from Oceanside, California, in the U.S., has set a new record for the longest fur on a cat. Sophie's tail contains contains fur measuring 25.68 centimetres (10.11 inches) at its longest point. Her furry achievement actually passes the late former record holder and internet sensation Colonel Meow by more than an inch. Jami Smith, Sophie's owner and an animal lover who volunteers at her local dog rescue shelter, explains how she first met and ended up caring for Sophie following a chance encounter with strangers. "I was out walking my dog one Sunday afternoon when a truck drove up with a couple of guys in it," Smith said. "They stopped and held a small paper bag out of the window and asked if I wanted a kitten. "I was shocked and asked them 'You have a kitten in that bag?' They said that someone had left it on their doorstep and they were looking for someone to take care of it. I walked over, took the bag, opened it up and sure enough there was a tiny kitten inside the bag crying. "I wanted to make sure it was safe and cared for, so I told them I would take it." At first Jami considered taking Sophie to the local animal shelter but quickly changed her mind."That lasted about 30 minutes...I fell in love with her!" The abandoned kitten was thought to be just three weeks old and required bottle feeding and some medical attention. "I thought I was going to lose her. She was a tough little baby and fought her way back," Jami explained. As Sophie grew, so did her fur, to the point where it began to seem quite exceptionally long. Jami began to suspect Sophie could be a record-breaker. "Her fur has always been long, especially on her tail. We would often comment on it. I even jokingly would say, 'It's got to be some kind of record!'. So one day for fun I went online to the Guinness World Records website to see if a record existed. And there it was. Colonel Meow with fur that measured 9 inches long!" "When I tried to measure Sophie's tail fur she wasn't very cooperative. Finally, I got a ruler while she was sleeping and measured her fur. It went to 10 inches and some of the strands were as long as 11 inches! It was very exciting." Jami made an appointment at her local veterinary surgery Surfside Animal Hospital in Oceanside. Sections of Sophie's fur were removed and measured with witnesses on hand to verify the proceedings. "There are so many cats/dogs in the world that are 'thrown away' every day that are just as special in their own way as my Sophie," Jami said. "I thank God she was handed to me."This cat set a new World Record for longest fur— (@TIME) August 8, 2014For the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
4780Thousands of chefs and waiters combine for a record double in Mexico CityThe National Cultural Gastronomy Council in Mexico celebrated two world records recently, thanks to the participation of thousands local culinary professionals at the Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City.The first record to fall was the largest gathering of chefs, in which 3,634 donned a fully assembled professional chef's uniform to break the record of 2,847, which had stood for nearly 18 months after being set in Dubai in early 2013.The vast majority of participants were indeed professional chefs gathered to take part in history. However, some of those in attendance were friends and relatives, including the 1-year-old son of two professional chefs, kitted out in full miniature chef regalia.Seeing as how the council attempted this record but fell short last year, being able to return in triump a year later proved cause for celebration. The historic moment was captured with the full group gathered beneath the iconic Angel of Independence monument.Just as a chef prepares a meal for a waiter to serve it, the successful attempt was then followed with the record success of the largest waiter race. Required to be dressed in black pants and vest, with bowtie and white shirt, all waiters/waitresses need to complete a circuit at least 100 m long while carrying an open beverage bottle atop a tray.The race spanned 800 m and saw a record 337 participants complete it, the fastest time coming in at 2 min 57 sec.The double success resulted in a well-earned weekend of celebration for the council, which was inspired by its failed attempt the previous year to come back stronger than ever in 2014. It also continued a tradition of culinary record success across the country, which the council sees as its main aim.Other records recently set in the domain include the largest enchilada, most varieties of tequila on display, and largest cup of hot chocolate.With the chefs and waiters of Mexico City having helped them to success, the National Council can now assert that not only are they promoting the culinary tradition of Mexico, but doing so in record-breaking fashion.The preparations for the event saw the Guinness World Records involvement attract seven corporate sponsors for the council's larger "Festival de Chef." In addition to the highlighted world record attempts, the weekend also featured a public gourment tasting from food providers across the country, a culinary exposition, and a national achievement award presented to famous chef Susanna Palazuelos.Is there a cause you'd like to promote like Mexico's Gastronomy Council did with its food services? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team with your organization's details.
4781Fastest touch-screen text message record officially broken with Fleksy keyboardThe one constant element of technology is that it's always changing.Whether in leaps and bounds from desktop computers to laptops to tablets, or incremental steps forward like annual releases of operating systems, trying to get a grasp on evolving technologies is like running an open hand through sand.This was proven yet again by software company Syntellia and its Fleksy keyboard, which powered the latest successful record attempt at the fastest time to type a text message on a touch-screen mobile phone.With Fleksy at his disposal, Brazilian teenager Marcel Fernandes Filho typed the standard Guinness World Records texting prompt in a blistering 18.19 seconds last week. The passage he needed to type follows:The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.Exhibiting how incrementally a technological record like this can advance, Marcel nipped the previous mark by just 0.25 seconds. That was set by Gaurav Sharma of Microsoft at 18.44 sec in January of this year.Showing how small technological movements can add up to sweeping change, though, this record now stands comparatively light years faster than when it was first set. Way back in March 2010, Franklin Page set the first-ever mark in the category at 35.54 seconds.The record's history is full of people looking for any competitive advantage and attempting to use the latest in both software and hardware. Across the six successful attempts in the four-year history of the category, record breakers have used iPhones, a Samsung Omnia II, Samsung Galaxy S, and Windows Phones. They've also used SWYPE, 9Keys Alpha, and even a Microsoft word flow prototype set to be included with an upcoming product.But now, Fleksy rules the corner. When news spread of the successful record announcement, Fleksy's social media profile jumped considerably. As seen in this graph, peak mentions of the brand on Twitter more than doubled the previous high of mentions in the month prior.Courtesy: Radian6The app was installed on a Samsung Galaxy S4 and, after a few practice runs, Marcel successfully clocked his new record time. You can watch video of the attempt right here:videoTo qualify for the record, no autocorrect or predictive text features are allowed to remain on. What Flesky claims to enable users to do is create messages via touch typing tendencies while still remaining on a touch-screen device - essentially allowing a person to type a message without needing to look at the screen, as if typing on a traditional keypad or computer keyboard.Nobody knows where technology will go next. But for now, Marcel and Fleksy are riding shotgun when it comes to the fastest fingers in the tech world.Has Fleksy inspired you or your group to attempt a record of your own? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team with your organization's details.
4782Superman debut Action Comics No. 1 breaks its own most expensive comic recordFaster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. And more expensive than any other comic book ever...again.With a final auction price of $3,207,852 (£1.94 million), Action Comics No. 1 has broken its own record for the most expensive comic, after owner Darren Adams sold the iconic work on eBay earlier this year. New York comics dealers Stephen Fishler and Vincent Zurzolo, operators of, have said they are the buyers.Check out five of our favorite Superman-related records.The most sacred of all comics, Action Comics No. 1 marked the debut of Superman, published in 1938 and ushering in the era of the modern superhero. Since then, the Man of Steel has of course grown into the world's most recognizable comic book character, spawning a countless number of spin-offs, films, TV shows, and merchandise across a brand empire the size of which would make Krypton blush."It's hard to believe that a kid's 10-cent comic could be worth that much money, but it is Superman. That's an iconic thing," Fishler told the Associated Press.The record-breaking comic was shown off yesterday at Comic Con in New York yesterday. Congrats @ComicConnect for the most expensive comic book, Action Comics #1 for $3.2 million!— GuinnessWorldRecords (@GWR) October 9, 2014What made Adams' copy so pricey is the rarity and condition of the piece - only a few dozen of the issues still exist today.But just two of them, one of which was Adams', are graded 9.0 on a 10-point mint scale by comics authority Certified Guaranty Company (CGC).Adams's copy was in such great condition because the owner from whom he originally purchased it kept it in a cedar chest at high altitude in his West Virginia home.What made the announcement so unexpected, however, was that seemingly nobody knew to expect Adams' edition to even exist."I actually held it for a few years," Adams told The Washington Post. " And equally exciting to having a book of this condition is the fact that nobody knew it existed. Most books have a history ... but this book was totally off the grid, and nobody knew about it till I made it known.”The auction took place among 13 bidders on the online auction site eBay. The final bid trumped the one before it by just $100. videoIt continues a dominant history of Action Comics No. 1 as the most expensive comic. In fact, this marks four times out of the last five record-setting transactions that the issue has held this title. This new sum surpasses the $2.161 million (then £1,388,850) paid by an anonymous bidder for another copy of Superman's debut on Nov. 30, 2011. That one was sold via an auction on the very site run by the winning bidders this time around. The only comic to break this super stranglehold in the last decade was, perhaps unsurprisingly, the debut of Batman. On Feb. 25, 2010, a 1939 copy of Detective Comics #27, Batman's first appearance, was graded an 8.0 by the CGC. An anonymous bidder made the purchase via Heritage Auction Galleries for $1,075,500 (then £703,645).But now, leaping gigantic stacks of money in a single bound, Superman and Action Comics No. 1 have reasserted themselves as masters of the expensive comic universe.And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
4783Science and Tech with Sam: Driverless cars, Steam Machines and a spacecraft wakes from its deep sleepSam Mason is in charge of science and technology records here at GWR. In a new regular feature on, he’ll be taking a look at some of the fascinating developments and achievements within the category. Here he kicks off with some of 2014’s highlights so far.The word ‘technology’ is rarely spoken during January without a mention of the Las Vegas based Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where a huge variety of cutting-edge electronics and technologies are showcased for the first time to members of the industry and press.The show always draws speculation for which gadget may be the ‘next big thing’, and consistently plays host to new record breaking technologies and inventions.In fact, the show is record-setting itself, holding the title for the Largest consumer electronics show, after 152,759 industry professionals, press, and exhibitors visited the 2013 show, making it far and away the largest of show of kind (we’re currently awaiting the official 2014 figures to determine if this year’s event has surpassed that figure).A great deal of exhibitor’s space at this year’s event was devoted to ‘driverless car’ concepts and prototypes. These are founded on the idea that removing the unpredictable, error-prone and squishy human from behind the wheel of a car will lead to a reduced number of accidents, with close-to instantaneous robotic reaction times allowing for faster, more efficient, and more controlled driving.BMW demonstrated the abilities of their modified 2-Series Coupe and 6-Series Gran Coupe, both of which utilise a combination of cameras, radar, and ultrasonic sensors to allow the car to anticipate and react with calculated precision. With many of the demonstrations showcasing the cars at their “dynamic limit”, slaloming at extreme speeds or controlling a drift with inhuman accuracy, we are confident that we will be witness to record breaking developments driverless cars soon - might a driverless car soon be able to contend for the Tightest parallel park? Here’s German wheelman Ronny Wechselberger setting the record last June – a benchmark that was somehow beaten by British driver Alastair Moffatt one month later.videoAnother driverless car manufacturer present at CES was Induct, who were showcasing the Navia, which holds the record for the First driverless car commercially available. Priced at $250,000, the Navia lies at the opposite end or the hair-raising spectrum to BMW’s tyre-screeching offerings. Peaking at a leisurely 12.5 mph (narrowly exceeding the top speed of a black mamba, the Fastest land snake, valuable information should you find yourself in such a situation) the Navia is intended for more tranquil settings, the first model sold in use at the campus of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is currently being touted as a replacement to a traditional shuttle service, allowing users to summon the car from a smartphone or computer. Once on board, passengers can select their destination from the onboard touchscreen, and the car will navigate itself via GPS, avoiding obstacles through the use of four laser-based LIDAR units (Light Detection and Ranging). A fascinating sample of how the Navia ‘visualises’ the world with information from these units is pictured at the top of the page.Marrying everyday lifestyle with technology was a key theme repeated again and again throughout this year’s array of exhibits, demonstrations and presentations. Previously ignored aspects of daily life are now the attention of the tech industry, with promises to stream live data about your dental hygiene from your toothbrush to your smartphone, or wear bracelets to monitor your exposure to harmful UV radiation.The ‘wearable tech’ trend isn’t just a recent invention LG released the First video phone watch back in 2009, but CES this year was populated with a large number of vendors publicising their latest wearable innovations. It’s too early to say which products will take off, as many of them are seemingly permutations of a similar concept, but this is an area we will be monitoring closely.A great deal of attention and buzz was focused towards different computer manufacturer’s interpretations of Valve’s concept the Steam Machine. Billed as a contender for the newest generation of gaming consoles, but offering some of the flexibility of a PC, these machines wereone of the most talked-about offerings at CES this year, not least because of Valve’s record breaking history. Seemingly everything Valve turns its hand to adds to their impressively large brace of records, (holding the records for the Most critically acclaimed videogame developer, Largest digital game distributor, Best-selling mod franchise, to name just a few) and it will be fascinating to see if the Steam Machine can continue this trend.Taking our focus away from the world of gadgets, and gazing away from our planet entirely, the Rosetta spacecraft recently woke from its 31 month power-saving hibernation. The tense atmosphere at the European Space Agency’s Operations on 20 January centre dissolved into relief and exultation at 18:18 GMT, when signals from the spacecraft were received by NASA’s Deep Space Network, demonstrating that it had successfully awoken. If all continues to go to plan, Rosetta and its lander Philae will be the First spacecraft to both orbit and land on a comet in August of this year, aiming to uncover the secrets of the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. Sam Gulkis, from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory when speaking of the scientific instruments onboard the craft, said they "will all work together to create the most complete picture of a comet to date, telling us how the comet works, what it is made of, and what it can tell us about the origins of the solar system."Back with our feet firmly (under)ground, we visit the location containing the Longest echo ever recorded. The now-disused subterranean oil tank in Inchindown, Ross-shire, UK, was built over 80 years ago as a bombproof fuel oil store for the nearby naval anchorage. Since the closure of the anchorage, the tanks were drained, and remained mostly unoccupied for many years.Professor Steven Cox happened upon the location while researching soundscapes for his book Sonic Wonderland: A Scientific Odyssey of Sound. We use the International Standards Organisation’s definition of reverberation time for this record, which is the time taken for a sound to decay to 60 dB below the level of the initial impulse sound. Interestingly, this reverberation time is invariant of how loud the initial sound is, causing you to get the same measurement each time.Typically, a loud, broadband (covering low and high pitches) sound is used, such as a pistol blank or a balloon popping. In Professor Cox’s measurements, the reverberations lasted for a staggering total of 75 seconds, far and away exceeding the previous record of 15 seconds. A sound clip of the echo can be sampled below:videoSticking with our sub-surface theme, January marked 60 years since the launch of the USS Nautilus, the First nuclear submarine. In 1955, it made a record breaking voyage of 2,222 km (1,381 miles) in 90 hours, and was the first submarine to travel under the ice cap to the North Pole, arriving on 3 August 1958.The anniversary has prompted insightful accounts from the crew to take part in its maiden voyage the ex-submariner Jerry Armstrong told the BBC World Service: “I hated cottage cheese, but one time we stayed submerged for a long time and when the ship surfaced I began to crave cottage cheese. I think breathing the recycled air changed my metabolism.”I’ll be back next week for a round-up of February’s goings on in the world of tech and science, where I’ll also be taking a look at this contraption.It looks like it’s been put together in Doc Brown’s lab – but can anyone tell what it is?All will be revealed next week.
4784South African cyclist raises smiles with epic Cairo to Cape Town journeyFirst-time adventurer Keegan Longueira has been officially confirmed as the new Guinness World Records holder for fastest cycle from Cairo, Egypt, to Cape Town, South Africa.
4785Rugby world records: Get rucking and mauling with our Top 10 rugger-related titlesIt’s now less than a year until England and Fiji kick off the opening game of the 2015 Rugby World Cup in London.Preparations for the tournament began in record-breaking style last month with a successful attempt at the title for Largest rugby scrum at Twickenham, the iconic stadium set to host the final.videoYou can read more about the super-sized scrum here, but to further get you in mood for next year’s event, check out our top ten favourite records related to the sport.1.Largest Haka The Stade Amédée-Domenech proved to be a pretty intimidating place to be last month when French rugby fans made a successful attempt for the largest Haka world record.The incredible spectacle saw a total of 4,028 participants on the pitch performing the traditional Māori war cry dance in unison following the Top 14 league match between home side CA Brive Corrèze Limousin and Bordeaux.The haka has become synonymous with rugby after New Zealand’s All Blacks team began performing the ritual before their international matches during a tour in 1888–89.video2. Fastest rugby passNicknamed The Speedster for his incredible turn of pace, London Wasps star Joe Simpson showed he was no slouch when it came to delivering a pass.videoThe scrum half set a new record for fastest throw of a rugby ball back in 2011 when he registered a pass of an incredible 48.0mph during an event at London’s Canary Wharf.3.Most Rugby passes in one minute (pair)Showing similar lightning-quick handling earlier this year were former England rugby stars Austin Healey and Ben Kay who racked up an impressive 59 passes in 60 seconds between each other.The achievement was all the more impressive taking into account the added pressure of the attempt being televised live on BT Sports ‘Rugby Tonight TV show.Click here to watch the attempt.4.Most conversions in a Rugby Union international careerWhen it comes to kicking, few come close to the consistency of All Black’s star Dan Carter.videoThe fly-half notched up 257 conversions for New Zealand between 2003-2013.5. Most drop goals in an international Rugby Union careerSimilarly blessed with the boot was England’s Jonny Wilkinson. The recently-retired former Newcastle Falcons and Toulon star scored an unmatched 36 drop kicks from 97 matches for England and the British and Irish Lions between 1998 and 2011.video6. Most international Rugby Union caps won as captainIrish legend Brian O'Driscoll has a number of world record titles to his name, but arguably the most impressive is the 34-year-old’s tally of 84 caps won as skipper while playing for Ireland and the British and Irish Lions from 2002 to 2012.Now retired, O'Driscoll surpassed the figure of 83 achieved by John Smit (South Africa) who played for the Springboks between 2003 and 2009, when Ireland were beaten 60-0 by New Zealand.7. Highest catch of a footballWaltzing Welshman Gavin Henson’s fancy footwork came in handy back in 2010 as he met his match in a super-sized game of catch outside Wembley Stadium in London.videoAlongside former Arsenal football star David Seaman, the pair both caught balls travelling at terminal velocity from a record-breaking drop of 102.5m from the top of a crane.8. Fastest time to score a try in a rugby union matchThe fastest recorded try in a rugby union match was scored after 7.24 seconds by Tyson Lewis (UK) for Doncaster Knights Rugby Union Football Club versus Old Albanians at Wollam Playing Fields, St Albans, UK back in November last year.videoThe record breaking moment took place during a NCA Rugby National 1 League game in England, with winger Lewis scoring direct from kick off after racing onto the ball after it had bounced over the head of an Old Albanians player.9. Most tries in Rugby Union international careerFormer Japanese rugby union player Daisuke Ohata is the world’s highest try scorer in international rugby, having scored 58 times for his country between 1996-2006.Click below to watch what many regard as his finest moment on the field, a sensational full field try scored against Scotland during a rugby Sevens match in 1999.video10. Largest attendance at a Rugby Union matchOften described as "The Greatest Game of Rugby Ever Played", 109,874 paying fans turned out at Stadium Australia, Sydney to see New Zealand beat the home side 39-35 in July,
47862013 in World Records – May: The most expensive computer game ever and a base jump from Mount EverestWe continue our look back on an incredible year of record-breaking with the month that saw two Manchester United soccer legends announce their retirement. Sir Alex Ferguson called time on his management career, while former United midfield favourite David Beckham confirmed he was hanging up his playing boots.Elsewhere, Microsoft unveiled their new console, the Xbox One for the first time during an event in Seattle, while science fiction sequel epics Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness both hit box office gold during the month.We kick off our look back at May’s record breaking feats, with the best way to start your day – breakfast.During an event organised by Kellogg’s Middle East & Africa at Dubai’s Marina Mall, a record-setting 1,354 participants sat down to eat together for the world’s largest cereal breakfast.In order to seat the huge number of gathered diners, the organisers required a super-sized piece of furniture, so a table stretching an incredible 301 m (987 ft 6.36 in) along the marina’s promenade was created for the attempt, in turn setting a new world record for longest table.To round matters off, Kelloggs also unveiled the world’s largest cereal box at the event, which measured 2.84 m (9 ft 3.84 in) in length, 1.11 m (3 ft 7.68 in) in depth and 4 m (13 ft 1.44 in) in height.From the big to the incredibly small, when the month saw IBM set a Guinness World Records title for the smallest stop-motion film.IBM scientists used thousands of tiny atoms to create 242 frames of stop-motion action, resulting in the final product, titled “A Boy and His Atom.” The record-breaking film was verified to have a frame size of 45 nanometres by 25 nanometres (45 x 25 billionths of a meter) and was developed in San Jose, California, USA, between 29 January and 6 February. The film (a frame of which is pictured above) lasts 60 seconds and shows the story of a boy named Atom, who befriends an atom and goes on to dance, play catch, and even bounce on a trampoline. Check out the movie in full:</p>videoIt may have taken a staggering two hours to travel along, but for Danish Lego enthusiast Henrik Ludvigsen, every moment of the journey on his incredible train track was one to savour.Henrik and a team of 80 fellow Lego fans known as the Byggepladen built the longest plastic toy train track measuring at 4,000.25 metres (13,124 ft 2 in).It took the Byggepladen about six hours to build the track which was made entirely out of plastic train tracks stored in Henrik's home.videoThe month also saw a little piece of hoistory for iconic TV game show Wheel of Fortune, with co-host Vanna White honored as Most Frequent ClapperAs of Jan. 31, 2013, it was estimated White clapped at least 3,480,864 times across the show's 30 seasons. She had appeared in all but 10 of Wheel's 5,754 episodes to that point, during the show's modern syndicated run, which began on Sept. 19, 1983. That works out to an average number of 606 claps per show.videoMay marked the 60 th anniversary of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay completing the first successful summit of Everest, the world’s highest mountain. To commemorate the ‘Diamond Jubilee’, Nepal held a special ceremony honouring Hillary and Tenzing, along with all of the climbers who have since followed in their footsteps.Among the many celebratory events taking place over the week to mark the anniversary was an attempt at the world record for highest BASE jump exit point. Two years in the planning, extreme sports superstar, Valery Rozov (Russia) leapt off the north face of the mountain from a claimed height of 7,220 m (23,680 ft) above sea level.videoFinally, Codemasters racing simulation GRID 2 was released in May winning plaudits from video game critics for its realism. However a special edition of the game really did allow you to step into the driver’s seat – with an actual 170mph BAC Mono supercar thrown into the package (pictured at the top of the page).The catch – the special version of the game was priced at a whopping £125,000 ($190,100), which set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for most expensive video game commercially available (special edition).As well as including a copy of the PlayStation 3 version of the game and the car, the special edition also included a day at the BAC factory to customise the supercar along with a GRID-branded helmet and jumpsuit. < Read 2013 in World Records – April Read 2013 in World Records – June >
4787Edinburgh Festival: The record breakers that have graced the world’s largest performing arts eventAs the world's biggest arts festival kicks off in the Scottish capital, Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday – who spent his student days in Edinburgh and has made the occasional festival appearance himself – takes a superlative look at this world beating eventThe Edinburgh Festival is the world's largest performing arts event. It's not just one festival, though. Technically it's an amalgamation of numerous different festivals, the largest being the Edinburgh International Festival and its more, erm, off-the-wall big brother, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (itself the largest single fest on the planet).Last year at the Fringe, 1,857,202 tickets were issued for a record 2,695 shows in 279 venues across the city. It was also a record year for the artists, with an incredible 22,457 individuals from 2,304 companies participating in 42,096 performances.August is a wonderful time to be in Edinburgh, and being in a beautiful city crammed with the most creative, inspiring people in the world is a real joy. As a Scot, I'm proud to see such a vibrant showcase of talent supported by Scotland. I've also had my time on stage – as a student, I did a series of orchestral performances at the International Festival. I also appeared in Dr Bunhead's Pyromania Show as part of the Science Festival in 2011, and last year I returned for the Edinburgh International Children's Book Festival to give a talk on the history of Guinness World Records. It was at the Book Festival, that Harry Feachen (UK) set the record for the longest diabolo grind, keeping his diabolo spinning on its stick for 1 min 35.6 sec. But Harry's not the only record holder to emerge from the Festival:• The record for the most performances by a single artist at the Festival is held by Earl Okin (UK), who gave his 500th one-man performance at the event in 2000.• Another one-man act, American Hal Holbrook (USA), appeared in Edinburgh as part of his record for the most consecutive years performing a one-man show. He has performed "Mark Twain Tonight!" a record 2,237 times since 1954!• In terms of visitors, the record for the most visits in a season is 169 by Nigel Tantrum of East Kilbride, Scotland, who did his best to see as much as possible at the 1994 Fringe. Can you beat this? Let us know!• Dr Bunhead (aka Tom Pringle, UK) built the longest glow-in-the-dark necklace at his Pyromania Show in 2011 – it stretched 326.44 m (1,071 ft) and was strung around the necks of 100 children from the• It was in front of a live audience at the Fringe on 21 August 2007 that Thomas Blackthorne (UK), Space Cowboy (aka Chayne Hultgren, Australia), Captain Frodo (Norway) and "The Great" Gordo Gamsby (Australia) swallowed the four steel legs of the same bar stool, establishing the record for the most sword swallowers to swallow the same object simultaneously! You can find out more about Space Cowboy in the video above.• Michael McIntyre, who in 2012 achieved the highest gross for a stand-up comedy tour – he took an estimated £20.96 million ($33.9 million)! – was voted the Perrier Best Newcomer at the 2003 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.• Since first opening at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on 18 August 1979, NewsRevue has continued its run in London at the Kings Head Theatre (1979), Gate Theatre (1980–85) and the Canal Café Theatre (1985 to present) – making it the longest theatrical run for a comedy. They'll be performing this year at the Canal Café Theatre – don't miss them!• Tim Vine, (above), who won the Best Joke award at the Fringe in 2010 with "I've just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I'll tell you what, never again!", previous set the record for the most jokes told in one hour (499) in London in 2004. (Tim went on to lose the record in 2005, when Anthony Lehmann (Australia) told 549 jokes in one hour at the Rhino Room club in Adelaide, Australia, but we still think he's funny!)• A regular at the Fringe is Elaine Davidson, the world's most pierced woman – she's been pierced at least 4,225 times since 1997! You can see more of Elaine in the clip• Look out this year for Miss Behave, aka Amy Sanders (UK), co-holder of the record for the most swallowed sword – the same sword, "The Sword of Swords", has been swallowed now by 40 people. She's also the former holder of the record for most swords swallowed by a female (7, set in 2004). She'll be hosting Miss Behave's Game Show at Bob's Bookshop throughout August.So if you can make it up to Edinburgh, you might just help this year's event break its own record. Perhaps last year's festival was boosted by visitors to the UK for the Olympics, but record-breaking or not, it's still a fantastic experience and one you won't forget.Find the Fringe programme here:
4788Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" - Black Record Holders share their thoughtsAugust 28 marks the 50 th anniversary of one of the most famous orations ever delivered – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.Dr. King delivered the speech to a crowd of more than 250,000 from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. during the seminal "March on Washington" (above). Half a century later, the speech resonates as one of the most pivotal and indelible moments of the American Civil Rights Movement.We caught up with a few black American Guinness World Records holders to get their thoughts on the legacy of Dr. King, the effect his speech had on them, and what dreams they have chased with his inspiration.Here’s what they had to say, in their own words.Yolanda HolderMost marathons run in a calendar year (female)Corona, California, USA"Growing up with Martin Luther King, Jr., and the "I Have a Dream" speech meant never giving up. Keep believing in yourself and your dreams.The speech gave me faith and hopes to pursue my dreams. Dr. King's greatest legacy is non-violence and peace. My words of inspiration to the future generation of black Americans are to dream big and never give up!My dream was to break my own record with a goal of 115 marathons and I could not have done it without a deadline, December 31, 2012. [And] I went beyond my dream – 120 marathons! Dream big."Chris “The Duchess” WaltonLongest fingernails on a pair of hands (female)Las Vegas, Nevada, USA“I was too young to know of Dr. King as a child, but being taught about and watching him on television, I learned not to be scared to live how I believe and not be afraid to go against the grain, no matter the world’s opinion.His speeches mean more now because of the way the world is now. We are very advanced in technology but in simple human kindness we are very lacking. His words remind me that words, kind or harsh, go a long way in the hearts and minds of those who receive them.I've learned that you shouldn't limit your life or dreams to one destination. Life is truly a journey. An unprepared road with many stops. My world record is one of my blessings along the way.His greatest legacy in my opinion would be his outlook on human kindness and likeness. We are not as different as we go out of our way to be. We all want to be loved, respected, heard, and never forgotten.In a world where the color of skin still makes a difference, we as black Americans have to make that difference obsolete with education and knowledge. Knowledge itself has no color or boundaries. It's what you don't know that limits you. Color will always be there, positive or negative. How we are born is just that. The discerning factor is knowledge.”James “The Ropemaster” ThompsonGreatest weight supported while skipping a rope 10 timesLas Vegas, Nevada, USA“I think it was not only just Dr. King, but as I was coming up, I ran into a lot of African-American professors and teachers and they inspired me, just like Martin Luther King did with his works. They were all trying to say the same thing: don’t wait for the world to give you anything, go out and get it yourself.Dr. King and his “I Have a Dream” speech, all my professors and coaches, they inspired me to give back. They told me, if you’ve got your life together – once you have all your basics down, it’s time to give back, time to make a difference.That speech when it was said at the time, I think he was trying to inspire people to have hope and I think the spirit of that dream still lives today all over the world. I think the entire spirit of that speech was that one day, we would all maybe work together as one for humanity. Not for our separate selves, our separate communities, but think about humanity and how one person here getting treated badly affects people way across the globe.If he came back today, I don’t think Dr. King would be as happy as he’d like to be, but the dream still lives and there’s hope all around the world. People still believe that their dream is possible. That’s the importance of it because we still have hope that one day, all the cultures will come together and work together as one. When I look back at Dr. King, I see a man who inspired people to reach out and grab more.”Aevin DugasLargest afro (female)New Orleans, Louisiana, USA“My memories of Dr. King are of my parents speaking on where they were when he gave his famous speech, and also what that speech meant to them at that time. For me, it was of his work that he did for African Americans in fighting for civil rights. I learned that all he wanted was equality for ALL. That he was a humble but strong man who stood for something and settled for nothing. He influenced me to stick up for myself and never let my race be a deciding factor in anything. That speech meant to me that his faith was so strong he knew one day we'd all be able to live as one without judgment – that we as Americans could get past something so simple as skin color and treat one another with the respect we ALL deserve as human beings.His greatest legacy would be that all races can come together freely without judgment and live in harmony. It's a wonderful thing.”
4789255th anniversary of the British Museum: Ten of the London institution's best world record exhibits to mark its birthdayThe British Museum, today celebrates its 255 th anniversary, a milestone that Google have marked with a Doodle on its search page.The museum has stood in on the same site London’s Bloomsbury district since it was established in 1753 before opening for free entry to the public on 15 January 1759.The original gathering of 71,000 artifacts, including 40,000 printed books, , 7,000 manuscripts, and a large group of natural history specimens from across the world, was based on scientist Sir Hans Sloane's collection.Now more than seven million objects of archaeological and ethnographical significance are housed there, including the earliest image of Jesus Christ, the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles.When it first opened its doors, around 75 people a day would trickle through to see its array of artifacts. Today the museum announced record annual visitor numbers with 33,848 people visiting on its busiest day last year.To mark the museum’s anniversary, here are ten world record associated to the British institution and its exhibits.In 1846, two specimens of the desert snail (Eremina desertorum) were presented to the British Museum (Natural History) as dead exhibits. They were glued on a small tablet and placed on display. Four years later, in March 1850, the Museum staff, suspecting that one of the snails was still alive, removed it from the tablet and placed it in tepid water. The snail moved and later began to feed. This hardy little creature lived for a further two years, setting a record for longest suspended animation – molluscs, before it fell into a torpor and died.The largest known cigarette card collection is that formerly belonging to Edward Wharton-Tigar (1913-95) of London with over 1 million cigarette and trade cards in some 45,000 sets. This collection was bequeathed to the British Museum after his death, which was later made available for public study at the museum.The largest jaw ever recorded on a mammal belongs to the sperm whale or cachalot ( Physeter macrocephalus), measuring 5 m (16 ft 5 in) long and exhibited in the British Museum, London, UK. The huge structure belonged to a male whale nearly 25.6 m (84 ft) in length. Sperm whales are also the largest toothed whales.A pair of African elephant ( Loxodonta africana) tusks exhibited in the Natural History wing hold the record for heaviest tusk. Procured from a bull shot in Kenya in 1897, they weigh 109 kg (240 lb) - 3.11 m (10 ft 2 in) in length - and 102 kg (225 lb) - 3.18 m (10 ft 5 in) in length - giving a total weight of 211 kg (465 lb). Their combined weight today is 200 kg (440 lb 8 oz).The British Museum ranks as the UK’s largest and most visited museum in the United Kingdom. The main building in Bloomsbury, London was begun in 1823 and has a total floor area of 8.7 ha (21.5 acres). In 1994, 6,286,838 people passed through its doors. However, the record for the world’s largest museum is held by the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Founded in 1869, it 23 interconnected buildings and planetarium contain 111,000 m2 (1.2 million ft2) of floor space, accommodating more than 30 million artifacts and specimens, with the museum attracting approximately three million visitors each year.The world's heaviest flying bird is the kori bustard (Ardeotis kori) of South and East Africa, males of which can weigh up to 18.2 kg (40 lb) - the weight of the largest confirmed specimen, as documented in 1936. It was shot in South Africa by H.T. Glynn, and its head and neck were later presented by Glynn to the British Museum.One of the earliest uses of the Schüfftan process movie special effect - a technique which utilizes mirrors to create the illusion of actors interacting with huge, realistic-looking sets featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s silent film Blackmail in 1929 for a famous chase sequence in and over the British Museum where the light was too low to shoot for real (watch the sequence below).videoDevised by cinematographer Eugen Schüfftan (Germany) in 1923, while Hitchcock’s usage of the effect is among the most well know, the record for first use of the Schufftan process special effect in a movie belongs to the German movie version of Wagner’s Die Nibelungen directed by Fritz Lang in 1924. The special effect was so advanced it was still being used as late as 2003, in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.The first scientific reference to a marine reptile appeared in 1719, published in the journal Philosophical Transactions. It was written by Dr William Stukely, a scholar and antiquarian, who described the partial remains of what was later shown to be a fossil plesiosaur that had been found in Nottinghamshire, England.Stukely presented its remains to the Royal Society, and they are now housed at the British Museum.In the 1920s, archaeological excavations at Nuzi in northern Iraq turned up a series of clay tablets dating to 2300 BC that depict the Euphrates river and nearby hills, streams and settlements. The ancient clay “maps” represent the earliest direct evidence of cartography. Recognised by Guinness World Records as the first clay tablet maps, both the British Museum and the Fogg Art Museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts feature examples of the maps in their collections.The world's smallest dragonfly is Agriocnemis naia of Myanmar (Burma). A specimen in the British Museum (Natural History) hasa wing spread of 17.6 mm (0.69 in) and a body length of 18 mm (0.71 in).
4790National Cat Day: Ten purr-fect record-setting felinesFounded by animal welfare advocates Colleen Paige and Adam Olis in 2005 and recognised annually on 29 October, National Cat Day invites the public to celebrate the furry friends in their lives and encourages people to adopt kitties in need of a home.
47912015 in World Records - March: Records set by the first talking robot in space and the new oldest womanContinuing our month-by-month look back over the past year of fantastic record-breaking feats, March 2015 saw the first companion robot in space, the birthday of the oldest woman living, Arnold Schwarzenegger presented with a special certificate to mark his many titles and Yahoo employees yodel into the record books...
47922015 in World Records - November: We celebrated GWR Day with a skateboarding dog and the tightest parallel parkContinuing our month-by-month look back over the past year of fantastic record-breaking feats, in November we celebrated Guinness World Records day, which saw loads of incredible records attempted all over the globe. We also witnessed two new Rubik's Cube records and an Aussie get Christmassy early with a huge display of lights...
4793Hitting the road with Hunter HayesOn Friday morning, country music star Hunter Hayes embarks on a 24-hour, multi-state tour along the U.S.'s northeast corridor. His goal is to break the record for the most live concerts in 24 hours in multiple cities. The 22-year-old, platinum-selling Hayes needs to surpass the eight cities played by The Flaming Lips on June 27-28, 2012. His itinerary sees him playing from New York City to Boston and back.We spoke with Morgan Wilber and Alex Angert (above, R, with Hunter), the two Guinness World Records adjudicators who will be following Hayes on his quest. They spill on what rules Hayes must follow, their judging strategy, and what they look forward to about living the life of a touring rock star for a day. Normally, most record attempts only have one adjudicator. Why are there two of you are you both just huge Hunter Hayes fans?Morgan: Since the attempt is for a straight 24 hours, the organizers have chosen to have two adjudicators in order to witness the entire duration. I have always enjoyed country music, and while I’ve known who Hunter Hayes is, I hadn’t listened to his music at length. But now that I have listened more, I do really like all of his songs.Alex: I’ve actually seen Hunter Hayes in concert before as an opening act, but I’m not joining Morgan as an adjudicator because I like his music. It is extremely important for an adjudicator to be alert and focused when judging a record like this, which is 24 hours, so it's best handled with two adjudicators that can take shifts throughout the attempt.What are the most important rules that Hunter must follow to make sure he breaks this record?Morgan: The challenge of this record is the multi-city element. The cities must be 31 miles (50 km) or more apart, with at least half of the cities having a population of at least 100,000, and all cities must have a population of more than 15,000. The concerts must be played in a recognized venue with a capacity of at least 300 people. The shows must be advertised and tickets must be available. Hunter must play for a continuous 15 minutes at each show. Morgan, adjudicating the largest smoothie in 2013Alex: And I can confirm that we have been in constant talks with Hunter’s team to ensure they are all followed. We were sent a route map and list of venues far in advance and more than half of the venues, such as New York, Boston and Philadelphia, have a population of well over 100,000 people. We’ll also be timing each concert to ensure Hunger plays for the continuous minutes.What is your strategy or plan to ensure this is properly adjudicated?Morgan: Luckily, we were able to do a lot of work prior to the attempt, as the route and venues are carefully planned out. We will be travelling on the tour bus accompanying the artist and band, so we can be at each show to ensure the 15 minutes is met and the 24 hour time is being kept. Alex: Like I mentioned earlier, Morgan and I will be rotating in shifts throughout this attempt to ensure we are well rested and fully focused throughout the 24 hour period. We will be rotating every two concerts and we are working closely with Hunter’s team to ensure the record is carried out as smoothly as possible. Oh yeah, and a pair of earplugs to help us sleep on the tour bus!What do you foresee being the most difficult part of this record for Hunter?Morgan: Alex and I are switching off shows, so we have time to rest. But I foresee the challenge in finding time for Hunter to take appropriate rest breaks and making it through the 24 hours!Alex: I think the hardest part for Hunter is going to be getting in and out of each concert venue without being trampled by a swarm of teenage girls. Every minute is crucial in this record and I’m sure there will be an army of 13-year-old girls, iPhones in hand, to take a selfie with Hunter.Alex adjudicating the longest human towel chain in MarchWe know your task first and foremost is to verify that Hunter’s shows follow all the rules, but how great of an experience will it be getting to “live like a rock star” for these 24 hours of concerts?Morgan: Such a great, once-in-a-lifetime experience! I am not one to get starstruck, so I am most looking forward to seeing how music stars like Hunter travel while out on the road. I can’t wait to travel like a rock star for 24 hours. Alex: It is going to be bittersweet for me. I have quite the melodious singing voice, as my colleagues might remember from an office holiday karaoke party, and riding like a rockstar for 24 hours will only make me think "what if?" in between concert venues on the tour bus.Any venue you're most looking forward to on the itinerary?Morgan: Maybe Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel…can’t beat that name! I’ve also always wanted to go to Providence, so this is my chance!Alex: I’m excited to see Hunter play at the Stone Pony. Maybe he’ll channel his inner Boss and perform a cover of "Born to Run" or "Glory Days."What are your thoughts on this record in general? What makes it special and what are you most looking forward to about it?videoMorgan: I am a huge live music fan! This record gives the opportunity for musicians to exhibit their musical talent to different audiences in a short time period. It goes beyond just this, though. This record attempt takes meticulous planning and organization. It is extremely difficult and requires all hands on deck to support and help the artist or band make this attempt a reality. It might be exhausting and challenging, but I imagine it brings the whole crew (artist, band, stage crew, managers, etc.) together as a team to become "officially amazing."Alex: I find it so neat that this record was originally set by a rapper (Jay-Z), then broken by a psychedelic rock band (The Flaming Lips) and now it is being attempted by an up-and-coming country music star. Music is so universal and Guinness World Records monitors hundreds of music-related records. It doesn’t matter what kind of genre you perform if you want to set a record. For all we know, a polka singer might try and break this record next with 12 venues!Following Hunter's 24 hour race against the clock? The be sure to follow us on social media for the latest! Visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. 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47941956: Fastest AircraftLike a number of milestones in the history of Guinness World Records, the challenge of not only flying the fastest aircraft in the world but also becoming the first pilot to break the 1,000 mph air-speed barrier was a close-run race, and one conducted in utmost secrecy.It’s a tale of derring-do and adventure, starring a larger-than-life character straight from the pages of a Boy’s Own comic: a tea-tasting-apprentice-turned-fighter-pilot who would go on to become a multiple record-holder, a speedboat consultant and a James Bond stuntman.In the mid 1950s, the British Fairey Aviation Company had its sights set on a world record. Fearing that they would be beaten to the 1,000-mph air-speed mark by American rivals, Fairey conducted top secret test flights across the British countryside, terrorising the inhabitants of Southeast England with deafening jet engines and window-shattering sonic booms.It was hardly the best way to keep a secret – one market gardener threatened to sue when he lost his greenhouses during a test flight – but it certainly worked, and the exact source of the disturbances remained unconfirmed.Why the secrecy? Over the previous decade following the end of World War II, the air-speed record had changed hands a few times between the UK and the USA, with the Americans having the upper hand.The supersonic barrier had already been surpassed back in October 1947, when the USAAF’s Charles Elwood "Chuck" Yeager reached Mach 1.07 (1,310.79 km/h or 814.49 mph) in the rocket-powered Bell X-1. (Despite the unprecedented speed, Yeager’s flight wasn’t formally accepted by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) for the air-speed record – it was rocket-powered and dropped out of a B-29 bomber the first supersonic pilot to officially pass the FAI’s strict rulings would be the USAAF’s Horace Haines, who reached Mach 1.25 (1,323.312 km/r or 822.26 mph) on 20 August 1955.)The British were lagging behind in the development of supersonic craft, so when the next major milestone presented itself – the 1,000 mph mark – the Fairey engineers were determined to secure the record.The man chosen for the job of piloting Britain back into the record books was Peter Twiss (born Lionel Peter Twiss, 23 July 1921), who’d spent his apprenticeship before World War II as a tea taster for Brooke Bond.At the outbreak of war, Twiss had signed up as a Naval Airman Second Class and by 1942 had earned himself the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC), finishing the conflict as a Lieutenant Commander.In 1946, he joined Fairey as a test pilot and began top-secret research into trans- and subsonic flight.The aircraft developed to achieve the superlative speed was the Fairey Delta II – a 15.7-m-long (51-ft 7-in) tailless delta (triangle) wing designed by the Scottish aeronautical engineer Robert Lang Lickley (later Sir).videoThe project was kept under wraps even from much of the Fairey staff, such was the need for secrecy, and many of the plane’s 400 test flights were done under cover, with only the Royal Air Force aware of what was actually flying overhead.The single-seater aircraft’s revolutionary design featured a long, tapering nose that could be hinged downwards by 10 degrees to improve the pilot’s forward view from the cockpit. (This unmistakable “cocked nose” design would later be adopted for Concorde.)Either side of this slender nose were wing-root air intakes, and Rolls-Royce provided the engine in the shape of an Avon RA.14R with afterburner. Finally, the delta wings (named for the greek symbol [delta]) were crucial in helping the aircraft reach supersonic speeds.Twiss piloted the maiden flight on 6 October 1954 and enjoyed a number of successful tests until a malfunction nearly brought the project to an early close.On the 14th test flight, engine failure and a loss of pressure resulted in the Delta II crashing to the ground near Boscombe Down in Wiltshire.videoTwiss, resolving to save his aircraft rather than ditching, managed a controlled crash-land, and he and his aircraft survived, with the Delta requiring 11 months of repairs before it could get airborne again.For his heroism, Twiss was awarded The Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service.After two years of test flights – and with the Rolls Royce engines powering the little Delta II through the sound barrier on less than full power – Twiss and the Fairey team were confident that they could reach the speed required to set the record and pass the 1,000 mph milestone.Crucially, they had the support of the RAF to be able to sufficiently document the attempt using the radar stations located along England’s south coast.On 10 March 1956, on the eighth attempt, Twiss succeeded in pushing the Delta II to speeds of 1,117 mph and 1,147 mph (1,797.6 km/h and 1,845.9 km/h) along a 14.5-km (9-mile) course between Chichester and Ford at an altitude of 38,000 ft (11,582 m).The next morning, the RAF confirmed the average speed of 1,132 mph (1,821.7 km/h) as a new air-speed record, and Twiss was congratulated as the first pilot to fly faster than 1,000 mph.The Brits held the record for just over a year before it was beaten on 12 December 1957 by a USAF McDonnell F-101A Voodoo that clocked at 1,207.6 mph (1,943.4 km/h). Bar a couple of brief periods when it was held by the Soviets (in 1959 and 1962–65), the record has remained the preserve of the USA ever since, roundly proving their superiority in the air.Today, the official record stands at an incredible 2,193.2 mph (3,529.6 km/h) – almost twice as fast as Twiss – set by Captain Eldon W. Joersz and Major George T. Morgan in a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird back in July 1976.Twiss went on to pursue a career in Fairey’s marine division, and even found himself in front of the cameras when he piloted a Fairey speedboat in the Sean Connery James Bond movie From Russia With Love.He died on 31 August 2011 at the of 90 years. His legacy is a lasting one: not only did he hold the air-speed record and become the first pilot to fly faster than 1,000 mph, he was also the first human to ever fly faster than the Earth’s rotation: as he explained in his autobiography Faster Than The Sun, at his record-breaking speed, he outpace the sun as it crosses the sky.History of the air speed record since 1945Nov 1945Herne Bay, Great BritainH J WilsonUKGloster Meteor F Mk4Turbojet606.387 Sep 1946Littlehampton, Great BritainEdward M DonaldsonUKGloster Meteor F Mk4Turbojet615.7719 Jun 1947Muroc, USAAlbert BoydUSALockheed XP-80R Shooting StarTurbojet623.8520 Aug 1947Muroc, USATurner F CaldwellUSADouglas D-558-1 SkystreakTurbojet640.7425 Aug 1947Muroc, USAMarion E CarlUSADouglas D-558-1 SkystreakTurbojet650.9015 Sep 1948Muroc, USARichard L JohnsonUSANorth American F-86A-1 SabreTurbojet670.9819 Nov 1952Salton Sea, USAJ Slade NashUSANorth American F-86D SabreTurbojet698.5016 Jul 1953Salton Sea, USAWilliam F BarnesUSANorth American F-86D SabreTurbojet715.697 Sep 1953Littlehampton, Great BritainNeville DukeUKHawker Hunter F Mk3Turbojet727.6225 Sep 1953Castel Idris, LibyaMichael J LithgowUKSupermarine Swift F Mk4Turbojet735.703 Oct 1953Salton Sea, USAJames B VerdinUSA7Douglas XF4D-1 SkyrayTurbojet752.9529 Oct 1953Salton Sea, USAF K EverestUSANorth American YF-100A Super SabreTurbojet755.15800 - 900mph20 Aug 1955Palmdale, USAHorace A hanesUSANorth American F-100C Super SabreTurbojet822.131100 - 1200mph10 Mar 1956Ford/Chichester, Great BritainPeter TwissUKFairey Delta TwoTurbojet1132.131200 - 1300mph12 Dec 1957Edwards AFB, USAAdrian E DrewUSAMcDonnell F-101A VoodooTurbojet1207.631400 - 1500mph16 May 1958Edwards AFB, USAWalter W IrwinUSALockheed YF-104AStarfighterTurbojet1404.0131 Oct 1959Jukowski-Petrowskol, USSRGeorgii MossolovUSSRMikoyan E-66Turbojet1483.831500 - 1600mph15 Dec 1959Edwards AFB, USAJoseph W RogersUSAConvair F-106ADelta DartTurbojet1525.941600 - 1700mph22 Nov 1961Edwards AFB, USARobert B RobinsonUSAMcDonnell F4H-1F Phantom IITurbojet1606.507 Jul 1962Podmoskownoe, USSRGeorgii MossolovUSSRMikoyan E-166Turbojet1665.892000 - 2100mph1 May 1965Edwards AFB, USARobert L Stephens & Daniel AndreUSALockheed YF-12ATurbo- ramjet2070.10over 2100mph [≈ Muzzle velocity of M16 rifle.]28 Jul 1976Edwards AFB, USAEldon W Joersz & George T Morgan JrUSALockheed SR-71ATurbo- ramjet2193.16
4795Kings of spin! Medibank sets largest spin lesson record in SydneyAs thousands of suit-wearing city workers rushed along the adjacent footpaths on their way to the office, hundreds of lycra-clad Medibank (a major Australian health insurer) members sat on their stationary spin cycles, the city of Sydney looming behind them. Ferries chugged through Sydney Harbour just a few metres to the side. Across the water the Sydney Opera House glowed bright in the early morning sunshine, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge stood majestically ahead of the pack like a mirage in a desert, a goal the riders could never reach.
4796Meet Ian O'Brien - owner of the largest collection of Doctor Who memorabiliaWith over 1,500 separate pieces of out of this world merchandise, Ian O’Brien has the largest collection of Doctor Who memorabilia, earning him a place in the Guinness World Records 2015 edition. Ian, from Manchester, UK, says he first caught the Whovian bug after watching Planet of the Daleks - an episode from 1974 and recalls being captivated watching the Daleks trying to bash down a barricade with their plungers.He kicked off his collection soon afterwards, starting with a yellow Louis Marx toy Dalek.As of the 6th September last year, Ian's record-breaking collection consisted of 1,573 Doctor Who items, although Ian says his sci-fi treasure trove has since increased by "another hundred or so."His most prized possession both in terms of value and sentimental value remains a Selcol Nursery Dalek from 1965 bought by his parents for his 5 th birthday.Ian adds to his collection mainly through eBay, although is constantly on the look out for a deal.Asked if he has any tips for those looking to start a collection like his, Ian says its pays to bide your time."Be patient," he explains, "If you're after something shop around for it, especially this time of year stores are doing different promotions."If it's an old item and you're looking on eBay and you come across it, have an idea as to what you would really like to pay for it, see if anything on there is in your price range”"If it's not, don't worry, it may turn up again. You may have to wait a while but can get good bargains if you search around". Despite having the world’s largest Dr Who collection, there remains two pieces of Timelord memorabilia that have so far eluded Ian that he is desperate to find.“There’s a 1971 Jon Petwee Doctor Who annual that I would love to get my hands on, and a Denys Fisher Dalek from 1977", he reveals.When asked what he thinks of the 12 th and latest actor to play the Doctor, Ian gives his seal of approval to the early adventures involving Peter Capaldi.“He’s brilliant - unpredictable, totally alien - I think this series is the best it has been in a long time.”
4797Trolley dash: Jet-powered shopping trolley helps kids celebrate at Guinness World Records 60th party
47982013 in World Records - August: Colonel Meow, Martin Luther King, others make sure Sharknado doesn't take over the monthColonel Meow found his way into the record books in August 2013.SHARKNADO!Wait, can we seriously not just watch a list of GIFs over and over to celebrate the greatest television experience in the history of mankind, which happened in August? OK, fine. I guess there was a lot of other stuff happening this month, including a little old tennis competition known as the US Open, Miley twerking for the cameras, and Breaking Bad tweeking for one last time. August always fills us with the sense of hazy summer milieu – a seemingly endless limbo where we feel caught somewhere between the excitement of that first lick of an ice cream cone in June and that first zip of the windbreaker in September. But this year, it had a fair share of record tricks as well.One thing summer is great for? Festivals. One thing having a Scottish editor-in-chief in the office is great for? Hearing about his favorite festival. Craig Glenday takes us through what makes the iconic Edinburgh Festival so fantastic.The theme for record-breaking this month was evidently that bigger is better. August saw two records of epic proportions come together with some on-point logistics and teamwork. Mary Kay proved that makeup is art with its largest makeup painting, while the Red Clay Consolidated School District aimed skyward for its record.Sports saw the kickoff of the latest Premier League season, a season which – as we approach the halfway point of the campaign – still shows no sign of letting us know what in the world is happening or who might win it.We were also introduced to the latest (and hairiest) world leader hellbent on global domination: Colonel Meow. The furry feline was named as the cat with the longest fur, which we think is his Trojan Horse tactic of taking over GWR, then the world!videoAugust also proved a great month for inspiration, as it marked the 50 th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, “I Have a Dream” speech. We asked some notable black Guinness World Records title-holders to reflect on what that speech meant to them, and it’s definitely worth a read. < Read 2013 in World Records – July Read 2013 in World Records – September >
47992013 in World Records - April: Robert Downey Jr. gets a historic birthday card and records fall again at the London MarathonRobert Downey, Jr., enjoyed a record-breaking 48th birthday.Springtime brought with it flowers, sunshine, and some heavy hitters in the record-breaking world. Before we get to some of the big guns of GWR, we remember some of the great news stories of the month. Remember when Air Samoa announced it would charge fares based on passenger weight? Or when we found out our best “Friends” weren’t getting back together or when Daft Punk re-entered our lives before helping soundtrack our summer? Ah, the good times.Perhaps nobody had a better April than Robert Downey, Jr. With this “Iron Man 3” premiering around the world, the man behind Tony Stark spent the month on a whirlwind tour, including a stop in Beijing near his birthday. There, he received a record-breaking birthday card (above) unlike any other.Quite the Tony Stark ladies man in his own day, Julio Iglesias was not to be outdone while in China himself. The Spanish crooner also made a trip to Beijing in April, where he was awarded a Guinness World Records title as the best-selling male Latin artist of all-time.To see how much music has changed, though, look no further than PSY. The South Korean sensation burst on the scene in 2012 with “Gangnam Style,” redefining the limits of going viral. Rather than wait years for a follow-up album, PSY gave us another record-breaking performance soon thereafter, as his “Gentleman” became the most-watched video online in 24 hours.Lastly, April saw two traditions – one old, one new – to excite Guinness World Records fans. Headlining the month was the Virgin London Marathon, which has become an annual tradition for those looking to make history while running the race. This year saw 70 different runners attempt world records, with 23 successful runs.videoAnd new to the record-breaking universe was the debut of #askGWR. This limited run series offered fans the chance to have their burning questions answered about what goes on behind the curtain at Guinness World Records. < Read 2013 in World Records –March Read 2013 in World Records – May >
4800Fan Choice Record of the Year: Semifinals Reopened!All year we've relied on the votes of you, the fans, to carry on our Fan Choice weekly voting. And now that we've reached the semifinals of our end-of-year competition, we wanted to make sure that your voices were heard fair and square.That's why, after some internal investigation last week revealed technological abnormalities detected in our semifinal fan voting, we are reopening the vote and starting from scratch.There are four fan-submitted achievements of 2013 left standing, and we'll let you vote on them in just a second. You'll note some extra technological measures in place for this round of voting, which should ensure our move to the championship round with two records left standing.To find out how we got here, you can take a look at the link above for the original 32 entrants, then see the results from our Round of 16 here. Then, find out how the eight who survived that made it to today with a look back at our quarterfinals.Time now to take one more look at our updated bracket (Note: some records may have since been broken from the time they were originally entered into our Fan Choice competition):videoFind your favorite battles below, cast your vote now, and share at the end of the story to get all your friends on the bandwagon. For more information on each record, just click on its name in the bracket above.Polls close at 23:59 EST on Jan. 2, when two of the final four will get the gift of a ticket to the finals.NO. 6 MOST SKIPS IN ONE HOURVS.NO. 3 LARGEST SWIMWEAR PARADE ON SKIS&lta href=""&gtSemifinal 1&lt/a&gtNO. 1 LARGEST HUMAN WATERSKIING PYRAMIDVS.NO. 3 LARGEST MOBILE GAMING PARTY<a href="">Semifinal 2</a>Forgot a holiday gift for that special someone? The Guinness World Records 2014 edition is on sale now. See a full list of where to find it here.

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