Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4801Notorious BIG street name campaign, Spader for Avengers sequel and Seamus Heaney dies - News in world recordsEmmy award-winning actor James Spader has been confirmed as the villain Ultron in the Avengers movie sequel.Avengers: Age of Ultron pitches the Marvel Comics superhero team against a rebellious artificial intelligence which creates an android to attack them.Set for release in 2015, it sees the return of Joss Whedon as director, with Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo reprising their roles as Iron Man and The Hulk.Spader, arguably best known for his role as attorney Alan Shore in the shows Boston Legal and The Practice, first come to prominence in the 80s in ‘brat pack’ films Pretty In Pink, Less Than Zero, and shop-dummy-comes-to-life comedy Mannequin.The fastest time to dress a female mannequin is 28.57 seconds and was achieved by Nuran Ozdemir (Turkey) at the GWR Live! Roadshow at Forum Trabzon, in Trabzon, Turkey, on 04 June 2010.To the world of hip-hop, where fans of the late rapper Notorious BIG, (pictured above), are campaigning to have a street in Brooklyn named after him. The petition, which has a target of 500 signatures and can be viewed at, calls for the rapper’s childhood street corner of St James Place & Fulton Street renamed as Christopher Wallace Way.First charting a month after the rapper was murdered in March 1997, Life After Death by The Notorious B.I.G., a.k.a. Biggie Smalls, has sold over 10 million copies in the USA alone, setting a record for the best-selling album of gangsta rap.Finally, we end on a sad note, with the news that Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet and playwright, Seamus Heaney has died.Acclaimed by many as the best Irish poet since WB Yeats, the 74-year-old was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995 "for works of lyrical beauty and ethical depth, which exalt everyday miracles and the living past".Heaney, along with Booker Prize winning writer Roddy Doyle, took part in a successful record attempt in June last year for most authors reading consecutively from their books.The attempt took place at the Irish Writers' Centre, Dublin, Ireland, on 15-16 June 2012, with 111 authors in total reading from their work in slots of 15 minutes each over 28 continuous hours before an aggregate audience of 1,280.
4802Mary Kay sets record for largest makeup painting (VIDEO)The way Mary Kay Inc. went about setting its first-ever Guinness World Records feat reads almost like a high school math word problem.If 10 makeup artists paint for a combined 1,000 hours, how large of a makeup painting will they produce?The answer? One large enough to break a world record.With the help of Eyecon Studios, Mary Kay set the Guinness World Records achievement for the world’s largest makeup painting this week, with the finished artwork measuring 56.5 square meters (608 square feet).The record attempt indeed required 10 artists about 1,000 hours over 16 days to complete, not including 40 hours of product and materials testing and 60 hours to create the design, which was a tribute to Mary Kay’s 50 th anniversary.The completed 2.44 m x 23.16 m (8 ft x 76 ft) painting featured more than 3,500 Mary Kay® makeup products, including liquid foundation, lipstick, powdered shadows, eye color, and eye primer, all applied using 300 makeup brushes.“We wanted to celebrate Mary Kay’s 50 th anniversary in a big, visual way and the opportunity to set the Guinness World Records title with the biggest painting made out of makeup products seemed only fitting,” said Sheryl Adkins-Green, Chief Marketing Officer for Mary Kay Inc. “The mural is a tribute to the limitless opportunities Mary Kay provides to women around the world along with the innovation and creativity that has always been a part of our culture.”The Guinness World Records certificate was presented by official GWR adjudicator Michael Empric at the Mary Kay annual convention known as “Seminar.” This year's Seminar took place in Dallas, Texas, USA, and welcomed nearly 50,000 attendees.Want to see a time-lapse video of the massive painting being completed from start to finish? Of course you want to see a time-lapse video of the massive painting being completed from start to finish! Here is Mary Kay's successful attempt, from blank canvas to masterpiece.videoFor the latest record-breaking news and photos, be sure to like our page at, follow us on Twitter @GWR, and add us in your Google+ circles at +guinnessworldrecords.
4803Usain Bolt makes more history, Zuckerberg's Facebook hacked, and college student earns tuition from halfcourt - News in World RecordsUsain Bolt keeps running.Usain Bolt keeps winning.And Usain Bolt keeps breaking records.Over the weekend, the Jamaican sprinter capped an extraordinary showing at the IAAF World Championships, leaving Moscow with a two-week haul of three gold medals in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 4 x 100 meter relay. That total now takes his career mark in the World Championships to eight golds and two silvers, tying him with Carl Lewis for most career medals won at the competition. Even in a tie, though, Bolt still wins, as his collection betters Lewis' 10 of eight gold, one silver, and one bronze.From one prodigious and rich twentysomething to another, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has had his personal wall hacked by a programmer. The man, Khalil Shreateh, said he did it to show Facebook a flaw in its security measures and you could say he was successful. Zuckerberg is certainly a high-profile mark at the time of his first billion dollars in March of 2008, Zuckerberg was the youngest present-day billionaire, then at the age of 23 years 296 days.And while college in the U.S. doesn't cost billions, it's still a pretty expensive endeavor. So every bit of tuition help counts, especially when you can earn it with a flick of the wrist. That's exactly what Ball State University freshman Markus Burden did. In his first days on campus, Burden attended one of the school's Welcome Week events, and had four chances to hit a halfcourt shot at the basketball team's arena to earn a free semester's tuition. He then proceeded to do this:videoReminds us of the record for most basketball half court shots in one minute: 10 by Adam Beatrice (USA) at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on 10 April 2011. Not a bad way to start what will be four of the best years of his life. May your grades reflect your basketball skills, Mr. Burden!
4804Barack Obama movie spoof, apps overtake SMS, and Virgin Galactic makes landmark test flight – The news in world recordsRecord-breakers in the news todayBarack Obama has shown his lighter side by pretending to be method actor Daniel Day-Lewis portraying the president.The US president displayed his comedic flair during a skit for the White House Correspondents' Association dinner at the weekend, with the President joking about the difficulty in impersonating his voice, as well as the time it takes to create the fake Obama ears.videoAt this year’s Oscars ceremony, Daniel Day Lewis became the first actor in history to win three awards in the Best Leading Actor category, picking up a statue for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in 2012’s Lincoln, to add to his previous wins for There Will Be Blood (2008) and My Left Foot (1990).Instant messaging via chat apps, such as WhatsApp, have overtaken the SMS text messaging for the first time, according to tech research firm Informa.According to the report, almost 19 billion messages were sent per day on chat apps in 2012, compared with 17.6 billion SMS texts.The fastest time to type a text message (SMS) on a QWERTY smartphone record is held byGrace Pak (USA) typed a prescribed 264-character text on a QWERTY mobile phone in 56.57 sec at Abington Junior High School in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, USA, on 8 June 2011.The spaceship being developed by UK billionaire Sir Richard Branson for space tourism has made its first powered flight.The vehicle was dropped from a carrier aircraft high above California's Mojave Desert and successfully ignited its rocket engine for 16 seconds, then glided to a safe landing.Virgin Galactic’s headquarters and operations are housed at Spaceport America (formerly the Southwest Regional Spaceport) in New Mexico, the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport, which was constructed at a cost of $200million.Finally, in somewhat sadder space news, Europe's flagship space telescope has stopped working.The billion-euro Herschel observatory has run out of the liquid helium needed to keep its instruments and detectors at their ultra-low functioning temperature.The telescope featured the world’s largest space mirror, which measured 3.5 m (11 ft 6 in) across.It was constructed from a single piece of silicon carbide ceramic, making it much lighter than glass. The mirror allowed Herschel to study objects in the Solar System as well as deep space in the infrared spectrum.
4805Grab your partners! The world’s largest dance by couples takes place in HungaryA classic dance that needs no explanation or rehearsal is the "slow dance" - the romantic, cheek-by-jowl sway enjoyed by everyone from first daters at a high school prom to senior couples celebrating their silver anniversary.It was in the less-than-romantic venue of a sports field earlier this month, however, that the largest-ever slow dance was recently attempted in order to beat the record of 2,515 couples set in the so-called city of love, Paris, in 2009.The Athletics Centre on Margaret Island, the green-park island located on the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary, was the location, on 9 June 2012, of a concert staged by Milka (Hungary), creators of the famous alpine milk chocolate, and event organizers HPS Experience.The concept was the "Milka Day of Slow Dance" - a chance to enjoy some delicious chocolate and indulge in a smoochy pairing with a pal. Providing the music were Djs and live performances from Hungarian pop sensations Viktor Király, Zséda and Renáta Tolvai.As thousands of people flowed into the Athletics Centre, stewards issued everyone with a barcoded wristband, which were then scanned as the participants entered the officially roped-off dance area.Adjudicating for Guinness World Records was Craig Glenday, the book's Editor-in-Chief, who received a live update on the number of scanned dancers on a specially designed iPad app that allowed him to know exactly how many people were in the stadium at any given point.The actual attempt was scheduled to take place on live TV, and as the countdown to the broadcast began, it was looking like there may not have been enough people."I was getting nervous for them," says Craig. "The place was filling up but time was tight - and you always have to factor in that many people don't take part, even if they've been scanned in. You need way more people than simply two more than the previous number, as it's the adjudicator's role to disqualify any non-dancer."However, at the appointed time, the total count was up to 5,323 people which, minus the 135 that Craig disqualified for not dancing, was sufficient to break the record.So with 5,188 people - or 2,594 couples - the Guinness World Records certificate was awarded."Perhaps it's time to rethink Paris as the city of Love," suggests Craig, "and award the title to romantic, beautiful Budapest!"
4806Brazilian city of Teresina plays host to world record-breaking parade of floatsFrom Mike Janela in Teresina, BrazilIf there's one thing Brazilians know how to do, it's throw a party. And if there's one party they have mastered, it's Carnaval.So much so, in fact, that the Brazilian city of Teresina has taken to throwing what it calls a "pre-Carnaval" party one week prior. And that's where I visited last Saturday for the annual "Curso do Zé Pereira" parade. My mission? To verify if the northeastern capital city could lay claim to the Guinness World Records feat for the "largest parade of floats."Steeped in tradition - the parade has origins dating to 1940 - the "Curso do Zé Pereira" has exploded in popularity in recent years. What used to number crowds in the hundreds for the festival has grown to what city officials estimated at 40,000 in attendance this year.But the question wasn't about the number of people - it was about the number of eligible floats and how many of them could complete Teresina's 7.3-km (4.54 mi) long parade route.In the event, the Brazilians succeeded with flying colors, as the Prefecture of Teresina paraded a record-establishing 343 floats in a ceremony that lasted more than six-and-a-half hours.What impressed me most was the wide variety of floats and participants. Speaking with members of city hall, they took great pride in the fact that - unlike their more famous Carnaval counterparts in Rio de Janeiro or Salvador - the Curso do Zé Pereira is completely free for all to participate. Find a truck, decorate a float, and you and your rowdiest bunch of friends are more than welcome to join the party.This led to floats celebrating everything from Disney princesses to ancient Egypt to John Lennon. One common thread? Lots of colour.Another? Lots of creativity. One of the most popular floats featured a Volkswagen Beetle outfitted with a helicopter platform above it, complete with pilot and rotor operator.The joke at a press conference after the event was that the Teresinian government had previously assumed "if we have the largest float parade in Brazil, it must also be the biggest in the world."No more assumptions necessary - Teresina is certainly tops now.
4807Could Grand National 2012 jump into the record books?Tomorrow's Grand National is possibly the most important fixture of 2012 in the horse racing calendar. Here's a look at some of the records set at this prestigious race over the years. The Grand National has been one of the premiere events in both British and world horse racing since 1839, a handicap steeplechase run over a 4 mile, 856 yard distance, with challenging thirty fences to jump along the way. The course at Aintree, near Liverpool, has a reputation as one of the ultimate tests of both horse and jockey, with most failing to complete the required two circuits. The course record was set in 1990, with Mr Frisk finishing in a time of 8 minutes, 47.8 seconds. Many horses and jockeys take on the race multiple times during their careers - Manifesto (foaled 1888) ran a record eight times (1895-1904), with wins in 1897 and 1899. More recently though, the most wins by a horse is Red Rum (foaled 1965), winning a record three times, in 1973, 1974, and 1977, while finishing in second place in 1975 and 1976.Watch Red Rum's dramatic triumph in the 1973 Grand National in the clip below.videoThe most wins by a jockey is five, by George Stevens who rode Freetrader (1856), Emblem (1863), Emblematic (1864), and The Colonel (1869, 1870).The race is not often won by the favourite, and on five occasions has been won by a 100/1 outsider (starting price). The horses sharing the record for longest odds winner of the Grand National are Tipperary Tim (1928), Gregalach (1929), Caughoo (1947), Foinavon (1967) and Mon Mome (pictured above, 2009).Possible long-shots challenging this record in tomorrow's race include In Compliance, Neptune Equester, and Postmaster.The first female jockey to ride in the race was Charlotte Brew on Barony Fort, in 1977 - although she did not finish the race, with the horse refusing at the 26th fence. Geraldine Rees became the first to complete the course in 1982.Nina Carberry will ride Organisedconfusion in tomorrow's race, her 4th appearance at the race - could she become the first ever female jockey to win the Grand National? You'll have to watch tomorrow to find out!
4808Video: Leilani Franco, triple-record breaking contortionistPlying her craft since age 6, Leilani Franco (UK) has spent decades polishing the skills and abilities needed to grow into a world-class contortionist.And now, she can officially say she's gone beyond world class, into the realm of world record breaking.Franco is featured in the new Guinness World Records 2014 book for a trio of records she has set with a body made seemingly from elastic. She's accomplished the most full body revolutions maintaining a chest stand in one minute (25), performed the fastest human backbend walk (20 meters in 10.05 sec), and traveled the fastest 20 meters in a contortion roll (17.47 sec). You can see Franco's unique talents on display in our exclusive "Meet the Record Breakers" video below."Whenever I'm at a party, my friends are always like, 'Leilani, show people what you can do!' and I say ok and I do something really weird and everybody gets really shocked," Franco said. "I really like that."She's turned those party tricks into an obvious proclivity for record breaking: for the backbend walking category, Franco broke a record mark that had stood for nearly 7 years and did so by more than 4 seconds. Franco has parlayed her skills into a lifestyle and profession, as well, having reached the semifinals of both "Britain's Got Talent" and Germany's "Das Supertalent." She has also performed with such groups as Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, and The Box Soho, having worked professionally since age 16.But no matter where in the world she's been or whate else she's accomplished, finding her spot in the Guinness World Records 2014 edition is a thrill unlike any other."I grew up reading [Guinness World Records] every Christmas with my family," Franco said. To be part of it and to be in it this year is the funniest, strangest feeling and I'm really excited and happy about it."videoThe Guinness World Records 2014 book edition is on sale now at all major retailers. Find a full list here. Three iBooks are also available now at the iTunes store: "Awesome Animals," (free download), "Colossal Constructions," and "Incredible People."
4809Eiffel Tower closes, LeBron James moves ahead with wedding, and Starbucks raises prices - News in World RecordsAre you a tourist visiting France today? We hope you weren't planning a panoramic selfie atop La Tour Eiffel. The famed Eiffel Tower shut down today due to worker strikes, leaving the iconic site - normally open 365 days a year - closed.We have a feeling the tower will open up again soon and, when it does, visitors can take solace in the fact they stand on ground that has hosted many records, including: the most stairs climbed on a unicycle (670 stairs), most stairs climbed on a bicycle (1,374, since broken) and the highest inline skate drop into a halfpipe (12.5 meters/41 feet).One tourist attraction not hurting is The British Museum. It boasted 1.7 million visitors since the beginning of April, with a 42% increase on visitors from May 2012 and the highest on record for the storied attraction. One of the most hallowed museums in the world, the 260-year-old British Museum is actually not the oldest museum in existence. That distinction belongs to its city-mate, the Royal Armouries Museum in the Tower of London, having opened its doors in 1660.LeBron James gave a wide-ranging interview to CNN (below) after winning his second career NBA title. Interestingly, he said that if his Miami Heat had not won the championship, he may not have proceeded with his planned wedding this summer. Luckily for his fiancé, James and his record highest scoring average in NBA playoff Game 7s (34.5 ppg) came through.videoLastly, many American woke up Tuesday morning, slogged off to work, jumped in line at Starbucks and found something a little bit off: the mega coffee chain had raised its prices. An average 1% price hike affected coffee, tea, latte and espresso drinks, which Starbucks said was partially implemented to offset the cost of raw materials. Good thing they're not brewing anything close to the largest cup of coffee, which at 13,200 liters by De'Longhi (Italy) in 2012, would've seen prices skyrocket.
4810Florida restaurant mixes up world’s largest pitcher of sangriaThere were plenty of raised glasses at a restaurant in Tampa, Florida, on June 1 after a new world record was set for the largest pitcher of sangria.Staff at Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant doled out the record-breaking serving of the drink to mark its first Sangria Festival, with a huge 9-foot (2.97-metre) pitcher built especially for the attempt -- slightly bigger than your average pitcher.Named after the Spanish word for "blood", Sangria is a wine punch typical of Spain, Portugal and Argentina.It normally consists of wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener, and a small amount of added brandy. Chopped fruit can include orange, lemon, lime, apple, peach, melon, berries, pineapple, grape, kiwifruit and mango.Under the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS rules for the title, the alcohol and fruit used in the super-sized pitcher had to be mixed in the same proportions as they would in an ordinary sized serving of the drink, with a minimum requirement of 1,000 litres of punch needing to be served for a record to be set.The final amount mixed up by the restaurant in the end totalled 1,022 litres (224 UK gal, 269 US gal), including 759 litres of red wine, making the required target by some distance. Official adjudicator Kimberly Partrick was on hand to verify the pitcher.More than 700 people were in attendance for the festival, and they not only got to witness the creation of the record-breaking punch, but also got to enjoy all-you-can-drink Sangria, with the event also raising $1,500 (£963) for the American Red Cross' tornado relief efforts in Oklahoma.Speaking after being presented with an official Guinness World Records certificate, Ceviche’s CEO Joe Orsino said: “Our secret Sangria recipe is a legendary guest favourite at Ceviche so setting the official title not only seemed appropriate, but a great way to kick off the summer”.
4811World's oldest man Dr. Alexander Imich dies aged 111Guinness World Records is this morning saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Alexander Imich, who held the world record for the Oldest person living (male). Our condolences are extended to the family and friends of Dr. Imich.Dr. Imich was awarded the Guinness World Records title of Oldest living man on May 8, 2014 at the age of 111 years and 93 days.He is reported to have died peacefully on Sunday morning, according to friends who had been taking care of him at a residence in the Upper West Side of New York.Dr. Imich was born in present-day Częstochowa, Poland, which was then part of the Russian Empire, on February 4th, 1903. In 1951, he and his wife, Wela, immigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union and Imich has lived in Manhattan alone since she passed away in 1986.Dr. Imich was a parapsychologist and retired chemist.While his own longevity surprised even himself, he credited his life to good genes and an overall moderate, healthy lifestyle by which he has eaten very leanly his entire life.His passion and curiosity about parapsychology shaped his motto, which is that one should “always pursue what one loves and is passionate about”Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief, Guinness World Records, said: “What an incredible life Dr Imich led ­ fighting the Bolsheviks as a teenager, earning a PhD in the 1920s, surviving a Soviet labour camp, losing much of his family to the Nazis and pursuing a successful career as a chemist and parapsychologist.""To live such an extraordinarily long and rich life is a testament to good genes, a healthy lifestyle and a positive mental attitude. Dr Imich is an inspiration to anyone wishing to make the most out of their limited time on Earth."Guinness World Records is investigating potential successors for the Oldest living man title and the new holder of the Oldest living man title once the verification process is complete.Currently 116-year-old female, Misao Okawa of Japan, is recognised by Guinness World Records as the world's Oldest Living Person overall. She was born March 5, 1898 and lives in Osaka.The greatest fully authenticated age to which any human has ever lived is 122 years, 164 days by Jeanne Louise Calment of France, who died in 1997.
4812In pictures: Simpsons fan sets cartoon character tattoo record with Homer tributeWoo hoo! Here’s a new Simpsons-related Guinness World Records title that’s sure to be the talk of Springfield.Lee Weir, a 27-year-old from New Zealand, has set a new record for most tattoos of the same cartoon character tattooed on the body after devoting one of his arms to the appreciation of Homer, the animated TV show’s infamous bungling dad.Lee has 41 tattoos of Homer in total, each representing Bart’s dad in various states, including Homer as a jack-in-the box, the Grim Reaper, in an elephant suit, as the Hulk, and even Homer as a donut.Last Fridays session.— Lee Weir (@LeeWeird) May 30, 2013Choosing to spend all of last year alcohol-free, Lee decided to spend the money he would have spent on his tattoos. One wonders what Duff Beer fan Homer would make of the tribute!The chance to attain a Guinness World Record also proved a big motivating factor for Lee’s quest to cover his arm in cartoonist Matt Groening’s signature style.Just got email from @GWR they have recv'd my evidence and claim! Looking forward to that certifcate team! #WorldRecordHolder— Lee Weir (@LeeWeird) May 23, 2014Before the record was verified, Lee said: “the thought of being a world record holder is something that excites me to the very core. Let’s hope it happens for me.”The Simpsons stands as one of the most popular cartoon series of all time, with the show holding world records for both the longest-running sitcom on US TV (546 episodes), and the most Emmy Awards won by an animated TV series (28 awards).Lee is not the only The Simpsons fanatic who’s fascination with the sitcom has earned them a Guinness World Record. Cameron Gibbs from Australia owns the largest collection of The Simpsons memorabilia – boasting 2,580 items as on 20 th March 2008.Meanwhile Jeremiah Franco and Carin Shreve, both from California (USA), set a new benchmark for the longest marathon watching television in 2012 after absorbing consecutive episodes of Bart and co.'s exploits for an incredible 86 hours and 37 minutes. Video: Lee Weir interviewed for Australia's Sunrise morning
4813Largest human blood drop takes place in South KoreaFrom Amanda Mochan in South KoreaOn Thursday, February 23 I was in Pyeongchang, South Korea for a record attempt for the largest human blood drop. The attempt was jointly coordinated by the Korean Red Cross and the student union of Baekseok University. In order to create the blood drop, university students dressed in matching red jackets, hats, and gloves, and stood in the shape of a drop. The attempt was part of the orientation activities for the incoming class of freshman, who are working with the Korean Red Cross in order to promote World Blood Donor Day in June. The Republic of Korea will be hosting the global event in 2012. The previous record for the largest human blood drop was 1,728 people, set by The National Blood Plan of The Argentine Health Ministry in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in November 2011. In 2011, Argentina was the global host of World Blood Donor Day. Upon arrival in Pyeongchang, I walked through the record details with the event organizers. The two most important aspects of the record were the counting method and the aerial imagery necessary in order to confirm that the true shape of a blood drop was achieved. To count the participants, the Red Cross used an RFID barcode scanner. Every participant was issued a badge, which was read by the RFID system once they entered the attempt area. The area was private and enclosed, and non-participants were not able to enter. Once participants entered, they were directed to a pre-assigned location to stand for the duration of the attempt. Participants had to stay in formation for a minimum of ten minutes. When the timer started, a small helicopter hovered overhead and took live video and still photographs. In addition, photographers were located on the 28 th floor of a nearby hotel. After the ten minutes were up and I had confirmed that the blood drop met all of the required guidelines, I was happy to announce a new Guinness World Records achievement, with a total of 3,006 participants.
4814Royal Mail Group workers set charity recordThe workforce of Royal Mail Group today became Guinness World Record title holders after the UK postal service was awarded the record for the most registered charities supported by a Payroll Giving Scheme.One in four Royal Mail Group employees have supported a total of 975 registered charities and good causes by donating money direct from their pay. Around £45 million has been given by employees since starting the scheme 23 years ago. Over £2 million has been raised in the last year alone.Help the Hospices, Barnardo's, County Air Ambulance Trust, Macmillan Cancer Support and Royal Mail Group's own charity, the Rowland Hill Benevolent Fund, have all received cash sums from generous employees.Marek Toombs, Royal Mail Collection Planner for the South East, has donated money to the cancer charity Macmillan for the last seven years through the payroll giving scheme. It is a cause close to his heart."My mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when I was 11, and she passed away two years later," Marek explains.Keen to see how his donations help, Marek visited a local Macmillan cancer centre at Gillingham's Medway Maritime Hospital. The unit was funded jointly by Macmillan and Medway NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, and opened in 2009. It offers chemotherapy facilities and a ground-breaking Cancer Information Service launched just over a year ago, which Macmillan is currently funding.Marek said:" I was really impressed with the facilities. The services Macmillan offers there would certainly have helped my family when we were going through this."I'd like to think my donations have helped in a small way. However it is not necessary that people are touched personally in order to help. Charities function and rely on people donating money to them and the payroll giving scheme is an excellent way to help these worthwhile causes."Royal Mail Group received the Guinness World Records official certificate at a special ceremony in London.Chief Executive Officer, Moya Greene, who accepted the award on behalf of the company's payroll givers, said: "It's a tremendous honour for our people to receive this award from Guinness World Records."Our postmen and women play a vital and trusted role in every community across the UK. I am delighted that our postmen and women have been recognised as the world's best for donating to charity direct from their pay."Gaz Deaves, Guinness World Records Adjudicator, said :"This Guinness World Record recognises the 975 registered charities supported and reflects the huge generosity of all those working at the Royal Mail, congratulations to all on this special world record."
4815Most people bouncing tennis balls record broken ahead of US OpenFrom Mike Janela in New YorkWhile it's anybody's guess who will win this year's tennis US Open in New York, it's now a certainty that 2011's tournament will go down as a record-breaker.Led by top-ranked American tennis pro Mardy Fish and top-ranked German female Andrea Petkovic, Wilson Racquet Sports organized an attempt at the world-famous USTA Billie Jean King Tennis Center in the Flushing section of New York City for the most people bouncing tennis balls on tennis rackets.The record had stood for nearly five years at 383, but the combination of two tennis stars and the backdrop of a tennis major drew 658 participants of all ages to set a new Guinness World Records standard.Interestingly, this record had been set three times before - twice in the UK and once in Australia. So it was only fitting that the first time it was set on U.S. soil was in celebration of the country's biggest tennis event, which began on Sunday.What surprised me most adjudicating the attempt was the passion that the whole group - mostly children under the age of 12 - showed for the attempt. Obviously, any attempt at a place in history like this will draw a feverish commitment from participants.But, despite gates opening at 7:30 a.m. and with a massive hurricane moving toward the city, hundreds of people were still in line and at the ready when doors opened.Needing to keep their tennis balls bouncing for at least 10 seconds, there were a number of participants who were deducted from the total group after it was found they could not keep up for the entire time (Fish and Petkovic, for what it's worth, had no trouble).But for all others, the chance to add their fabric to one of the sports marquee events is a record they can now proudly call their own.
4816Video: Introducing Fizz Girl - the world's shortest catIn celebration of World Animal Day, Guinness World Records today announces that Fizz Girl, a Munchkin Cat from California, has grabbed the record title for 'Shortest Living Cat'.Measuring in at just 6 inches tall, this diminutive puss has earned herself a coveted spot in the new Guinness World Records 2012 Edition.Fizz Girl is of the Munchin Cat breed, in which cats are born with unusually short legs.People often mistake Fizz Girl as a kitten, rather than an adult cat.Hailing from Southern California, the tiny three-year-old cat doesn't get the "short end of the stick."Owner Tiffani Kjeldergaard says: "Fizzgirl knows that she's short, but she has no problems climbing and getting to the highest places in the house."She goes on to describe the cat as a 'princess' but also a very loyal and loveable companion.Though Tiffani has bred Munchkin Cats for years, she has never seen one quite as small as Fizz Girl.She takes the title from predecessor, Itse Bitse, a Himalayan/Siamese mix who measured 3.75 inches high but then went missing.Fizz Girl is already a hit sensation online and is YouTube's 5th most viewed 'Pets and Animals' video worldwide with 312,928 views. World Animal Day was started in 1931 at a convention of ecologists in Florence as a way of highlighting the plight of endangered species. Since then it has grown to encompass all kinds of animal life and is widely celebrated in countries throughout the world. October 4 was chosen as World Animal Day as it is the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.To see more of Fizz Girl and other record breaking animals, check out the Guinness World Records 2012 Edition book, available now around the world now. A digital version of the book launches on November
4817Guinness World Records launches Google Chrome Web-AppGuinness World Records has launched a bespoke record-breaking video channel on Google's Chrome Web Store.The Guinness World Records - Record Player app offers Google Chrome users access to the record-breaking video archives of Guinness World Records direct from their Chrome browser.The super-slick app allows users to search record-breaking content by date, popularity or categories, such as amazing bodies, on wheels and weird and wonderful. Despite only launching late last month, the Guinness World Records - Record Player app has already been installed by more than 43,600 people and has received an average five-star rating from Google Chrome users.It has also been selected as a featured app in both the UK and US Google Chrome Web App stores, alongside BBC Good Food and Tesco Food.The slick, intuitive design of the app, which has been built primarily in HTML5, incorporates the latest web features including offline data caching, HTML video and CSS transitions. This ensures users enjoy a content-rich, multimedia experience that operates like a native application rather than a conventional website - something which could previously only be achieved using third-party plug-ins such as Flash.The web app, which was created by multi-platform agency Tokyo Digital, can be downloaded from Google Chrome Web Store here.Commenting on the app, Katie Forde, Head of Digital from Guinness World Records, said: "We're a fifty five year old brand that is a relevant to people today as we were when we started, we've achieved that through a focus on exciting, entertaining content and by seeking out the latest technologies to allow people to enjoy and engage with world records. We are impressed with the app created by Tokyo Digital and the popularity that it has already achieved."Aaron Bimpson, managing director of Tokyo Digital, commented: "Guinness World Records is a fascinating brand and we hope we've helped capture their global appeal when designing the video channel app. HTML5 is the going to play a huge part in the future of web development, and we're thrilled to be part of this movement and to be involved in such interesting projects as this."
4818Most aluminum can tabs recycled in one year record broken in Puerto RicoFrom Mike Janela in Cayey, Puerto RicoWhen it comes to promoting heart health, recycling doesn't immediately come to mind. But, as I learned in Puerto Rico on 13 November, the two causes can indeed come together for record-breaking benefits and results.The idea was the brainchild of the Mennonite General Hospital in Cayey, Puerto Rico, to attempt a Guinness World Records feat for the most aluminum can tabs recycled in one year. It took plenty of patience and dedication over a period of 12 months by the organizers, but I happily verified a successful record attempt that collected 2,783,788 tabs.As one of the premier healthcare facilities on the island and in the nation, the hospital decided to build a desperately needed cardiovascular center to serve the residents of Central Puerto Rico. As a way of both raising funds and getting the Puerto Rican community involved, the hospital decided to embark on its year-long campaign to collect used tabs from aluminum cans.The millions of tabs were then to be sold to a local aluminum recycling plant, with the funds generated to help in the construction of the new cardiovascular center, set to open in mid-2012. But it was the galvanizing effect on the community this effort made that impressed me the most.Collection stations had been set up in restaurants, bars, and other locations across the island for the entire year. Some people drove more than 80 miles just to deliver their tabs on the day I was there and it was very heartwarming to see young children finish a can of soda and then run up to the counting station to add their one last-minute piece of history to the running total.In all, tabs were donated in everything from 20-oz. bottles to 5-gallon water jugs, all transferred in the end to mammoth 220-litre drums like the ones into which yours truly was getting his hands dirty!Considering how easy it is for people to simply throw way an aluminum can after drinking, it truly impressed me how the hospital was able to get so many individuals to make a proactive effort in coming together to break a record.And to do so for such a great and necessary cause made it that much more worthwhile.
4819Dutch HR company introduce new logo by diving into largest ball pitDutch HR service provider and employment agency Tempo Team included an exciting record-breaking element in their recent annual employees’ meeting in Arnhem, Netherlands.
4820Eurostar raises a glass for its 20th anniversary with largest champagne tasting world record
4821Brewed to perfection: Burco set tea-making world record during team-building exerciseGlen Dimplex Professional Appliances company Burco chose the recent 2014 Hotelympia 10k at the Excel Centre in London to compete in a race of their own: to make as many cups of tea in as they could in one hour. The record-breaking beverages were then sold to the runners for a suggested donation of 50p, raising £300 for the event beneficiary The Springboard Charity.The tea in question comprised a rotation of three varieties of Taylors of Harrogate’s Irish Breakfast, Darjeeling Afternoon and Yorkshire Tea. The team of 12 used nine British-manufactured Burco manual fill boilers across three serving stations to achieve the record.Guinness World Record guidelines stipulated that the tea must be prepared in the proper way specific to that type of tea: using water heated to Taylors tea-specific recommended temperature, brewed for the ideal length of time and in batches of no more than four. No note was made however, regarding whether the milk should be poured first or last. The tea was then served in 5oz speciality cups provided by leading disposables company Huhtamaki.As well as supplying a quality team-building exercise and the chance to get involved in a great London charity event, the record attempt also provided Burco with the ideal opportunity to show off their products gaining brilliant traction with the catering and hospitality trade press. Jon Usher, Head of UK Sales and Marketing, was delighted by the triumph: “A Guinness World Record™ title is like a holy grail and therefore it is a significant achievement for both Burco and Glen Dimplex Professional Appliances to be able to call ourselves Guinness World Record Holders. In some ways, we were in a prime position to challenge for the title, as we have immediate access to some of the most reliable and consistent boilers in the industry, which played a major part in the attempt.”
4822Samsung UK rewards high-performing marketing team with a day of record breakingFollowing the successful launch of the Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit, Samsung UK wanted to reward the high-performing marketing team behind these campaigns with an activity thatwas both aligned with the nature of the products and would reaffirm their culture ofinnovation. The challenges also needed to be suitable for a large group - 180 employees - and broad demographic.And the team certainly ended up shooting for the moon, with an incredible six record categories attempted by Samsung employees at their teambuilding day.Using a combination of challenge-style record-breaking and group coordination, Samsung provided its marketing team of 180 employees the opportunity to both compete against each other for records and work together at team achievements at The Kia Oval at Surrey County Cricket Club.Record challenges were truly personalised, including the fastest time to eat a KitKat,reflecting the Android’s Kit Kat OS. Other records up for grabs included the fastest tennis ball pass by a team, most arm-linked people to stand up simultaneously, most T-shirts put on in 30 sec by a pair (pictured above), fastest time to type the alphabet forwards and backwards on a touch screen phone.A leaderboard was used to log the best attemptswithin each zone and at the end of the qualifying rounds the table-topping teamstook part in an official record attempt with a Guinness World Records Adjudicator.Employees Finn Allen and Floris Blok (above) walked away the big winners on the day, having broken the T-shirt record with 10 in the half minute.The day closed in fitting style with employees coming together as "one team" for a final high-energy record attempt at the fastest time to pop 1,000 balloons.“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those involved from Guinness World Records on the day," said Simon Stanford, UK & Ireland vice president - IT & mobile division, for Samsung. "Their professionalism, enthusiasm and passion helped deliver what was without doubt the best team-building event that I have experienced.”
4823PwC US bolsters youth education campaign with record financial literacy lessonIn proving that it's never too early to start learning, PwC US called on hundreds of partners and staff across the southwestern U.S. on Sept. 24 to set a new world record for the largest financial literacy lesson at multiple venues.Along with community organizations Playworks and Junior Achievement, PwC made its way to 18 elementary schools throughout Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada to establish the record at 5,624 participants in the lesson. The initiative was part of PwC's "Earn Your Future" campaign, a $160 million investment created to address youth education with a focus on financial literacy."PwC has a vested interest in our communities and the financial education of our youth," said Brian Cullinan, pictured below, Managing Partner of PwC's Southern California, Arizona and Nevada Market. "Through our Earn Your Future events today, we not only set a world record - we made a real impact."Working at 18 schools in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Las Vegas and Phoenix, PwC volunteers taught third, fourth, and fifth graders lessons on spending, saving and investing, as well as planning and other money management concepts. As part of the program, students learned the advantages and some of the difficulties of saving for short-term and long term goals. In addition, students were asked to identify a short-term financial goal (e.g., purchase a new bike, attend summer camp, or buy an amusement park ticket) and develop a plan and timetable for achieving it, including ways for them to earn money and reduce their expenses.As required for record purposes, lessons at each venue ran concurrently and for at least 30 minutes. An official Guinness World Records adjudicator was on-site to view live streams of each lesson, as well as present PwC with official verification at the the group's Los Angeles offices.In its first year, PwC's "Earn Your Future" campaign impacted 500,000 youth and 18,000 educators, and partners and staff contributed 150,000 volunteer service hours to youth education and development. Additionally, PwC donated $12 million to support youth related causes."It was incredible to see the students so excited about being part of this event and learning money management skills from PwC volunteers," said Jera Turner, Principal at Grape Street Elementary School in Los Angeles. "It was a great day for our students and we all appreciated PwC's efforts and the time they spent with us to set this world record."
4824First gig on a floating iceberg: The Defiled rock an ice cold record triumphA year ago today, industrial metal band The Defiled braved sub-zero temperatures and dangerous terrain to perform a 30-minute gig on a floating iceberg in the middle of the Greenland Sea.
4825In pictures: Thousands gather in Philippines to set largest flaming image world recordA huge crowd of 11,336 people took part in an illuminating event in the Philippines last month, lighting 56,680 candles to set a new record for the largest flaming image.Filipinos together with visitors from Thailand and several other countries joined together to help light-up the image in a 166m x 303m field in the city of of Iloilo, on Panay Island.The enormous flaming image depicted event organiser The Middle Way Meditation Institute's logo with the sentence 'World Peace Through Inner Peace', with a map of the Philippines and the words 'The Philippines 2014'. The Middle Way Meditation Institute (MMI), a non-profit organization who promote meditation techniques, said that they intended for participants in the record attempt to “meditate together for individual inner peace to bring about true world peace as our global community is increasingly suffering from a number of negative factors, ranging from economic and financial uncertainties, nuclear weapons, terrorism, food and water shortages to natural disasters.” Villar SIPAG (Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance), Archdiocese of Jaro, the city and provincial governments of Iloilo, and the Commission on Higher Education and the Department of Education were all also involved in organising the successful mass participation event. Guinness World Records adjudicator Seyda Subasi-Gemici was there to verify proceedings and award a certificate to recognise a new record for Largest Flaming Image Using Candles.Anumodhana Boom, director of MMI said: "This victory involved so many people - Thais, Philppinos and people from other nations and religious leaders. We became one in this amazing event, crossing both racial and religious boundaries. The message of world people has been sent through the recognition of Guinness World Records." A memorial service for victims of Typhoon Haiyan (known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda) was also held at the event. The event even boasted it's own theme song, written and sung by Howard McCrary and Gretchell Yeung. Composer McCrary has previously worked on musical compositions with a host of stars including Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Check out the video
4826Lolong, The World's Largest Crocodile In Captivity, Dies In The PhilippinesWhen Guinness World Records first learned of the existence of Lolong, a massive saltwater crocodile in the Agusan del Sur Province of Mindanao, Philippines, the current longest crocodile in captivity was Cassius, a 5.48-metre giant being cared for at Marineland Melanesia on Green Island, off the coast of Cairns in Queensland, Australia. Lolong had just been caught and was rumoured to be over six metres long.Experts recommended that in order for a crocodile to be accepted as living healthily in captivity, there should be a three to six month bedding in period to ensure the creature reacts well to its new surroundings. Lolong remained in good health for this period, and was measured at 6.17 metres and recognised as the new largest crocodile in captivity in late 2011 - as documented by National Geographic Wild's program Monster Croc Hunt.So it was with great sadness that staff at Guinness World Records received news of Lolong's death, at an estimated age of 50, on February 10, 2013.Craig Meade, a Producer from NHNZ who led a documentary team that helped celebrate the life of Lolong, and who was instrumental in having the world record recognised, said he was personally saddened by the news."The loss of Lolong is a loss for all of us," he told Guinness World Records. "Lolong was a superb example of nature at its finest and most amazing. It was an awe-inspiring animal. I'm sure Bunawan Village is in deep mourning today for their favourite local celebrity. Their relationship with Lolong had led to a deeper and richer appreciation of the natural world around them. The world may have lost Lolong, but many more saltwater crocodiles will now survive thanks to this single great animal's influence."Chris Sheedy, the Australian representative of Guinness World Records, has spent time in the enclosure with Cassius on Green Island and communicated closely with the NHNZ team as they organised the measurement of Lolong in the Philippines. He said that although the record now reverts back to Cassius, it is not something the Green Island crew is celebrating."Having met and spent time with the people that look after these wonderful creatures, I have seen how passionate they are about the care of the crocodiles," Sheedy said. "They feel a close bond and in fact they often put the comfort of the crocodile before their own. I'd personally like to thank the team at NHNZ, and the staff at the Bunawan Eco-Park and Research Centre, for bringing this amazing story to our attention."
4827Video: Watch American daredevil smash 50.60 m ramp jump in a truckIn July last year, Guinness World Records witnessed American daredevil Gregg Godfrey endeavouring to break his own record for the Longest ramp jump by a truck cab.
4828LeBron James, Stanley Cup, Confederations Cup meet in June Sports BlogWhat an amazing sports month June just delivered us.Before we stroll into a lackluster July in a non-Olympic, non-World Cup year, let's bask in an incredible 30 days that brought us the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, and Confederations Cup, plus a number of great records broken by you, the fans. June is always our most action-packed month, so settle in for a ton of goodness!In fact, for a more in-depth look at the first Stanley Cup between Original Six teams since 1979, as well as highlights from the longest marathon playing wiffleball, be sure to watch our accompanying video embedded at the end of this post.A BASKETBALL HEAT-PEATIn one of the most entertaining and technically gifted series we'll ever see, Miami outlasted San Antonio this month to take the NBA Finals in seven games. It marked a second straight title for the Heat and a cascade of amazingly punny headlines (like ours above and, a personal favorite, " Miami Twice").But it also brought a slew of records (as well as this amazing NBA micro-movie of Game 6. Spoiler alert: the Ray Allen shot will give you goosebumps. I would vote this thing for an Oscar).videoFirst, where it all begins for the Heat: LeBron James. The four-time NBA MVP delivered when called upon, following up a Game 6 triple-double (seriously, how insanely great was Game 6?) with 37 points in Game 7. James' 34.5 ppg is the highest career scoring average in NBA Playoffs Game 7s. Remember when people used to say he'd never be clutch?That wasn't for San Antonio's lack of effort. The Spurs hit not only the most 3-pointers in a single NBA Finals game (16 in Game 3), but role player Danny Green sank the most 3s in a Finals series, finishing with a net-burning 27 across the seven games. Green's 2-of-11 from deep in Games 6-7 is one reason San Antonio didn't earn the ring, but he'll at least have his place here at GWR.Two final tidbits from the NBA: Miami's Ray Allen - whose record Green broke - has now appeared in the most NBA Game 7s, with 11 to legend Bill Russell's 10. And youth was served in this Finals on the sidelines. The age gap between Spurs coach Gregg Popovich (64) and Heat man Erik Spoelstra (42) was the largest between NBA Finals coaching adversaries, with the younger obviously prevailing.AROUND THE WORLD OF SPORTSvideoThe Confederations Cup in Brazil satiated our top-flight international soccer appetite this month, with the hosts taking the silverware. The Canarinho romped through all their matches with wins, earning records for most consecutive Confederations Cup victories (12) and longest unbeaten streak (13) in the process - as well as the the most wins of the Confedarations Cup, both in total and consecutively! …Meanwhile, Spain's 10-0 win over Tahiti in the competition's opening round was the largest margin of victory in any FIFA men's tournament finals (excluding qualifiers). It bested Hungary's 10-1 drubbing of El Salvador from the 1982 World Cup. …In women's soccer, America's Abby Wambach raised her career international goals total to 160 this month. That's the most international tallies ever scored - male or female. …A first-round flameout at Wimbledon soured his June, but Rafael Nadal started the month winning the French Open again. He owns records for the most wins of a single Grand Slam (8), by way of his most French Open trophies (8, naturally).WHAT YOU DID THIS MONTHAnd now to highlight a few great athletic achievements by readers like you in June.The highest hippy jump on a skateboard measured 132 cm (51.9 in) by Pim Heijink (above, Netherlands) at the Real-X skate park in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Personally, I love his swag friend in the background.The fastest marathon dribbling two basketballs was 4 hr 39 min 12 sec by Darren "Doctor Dribble" Weissman (USA) at the Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.The fastest 100 km run barefoot was 10 hr 47 min 40 sec by Sridhar M. Reddy (USA) at Jalagam Vengal Rao Park in Hyderabad, India. He beat the previous mark by 23 min 23 sec.And for more on a 25-hour-long game of wiffleball, plus the Stanley Cup finals, don't forget to catch our June Sports Vlog here:videoHat tip to fellow GWR sports aficionados Ralph Hannah and Tom Ibison for their help gathering the information above.Get ready for what's in store for July. See you next month!
4829Double world record joy for Mongolian horse ridersWidely regarded by historians as the greatest conqueror of all time, in a span of just 25 years, Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire, conquered an area larger and with a greater population than the Romans managed over the course of four centuries. While his success was in no small part due to his unparalleled leadership, at his disposal were the world's best riders on the world's best horses.Tapping into the nation’s heritage, Sergelen Pulev , Secretary general of the Federation of Mongolian Horse Racing Sport and Trainers (FMHRST), along with the federation’s Chairman Mr M.Enkhbold, had a dream to "make the Mongolians horses known to the rest of the world" and most of all to "reunite all the Mongolians people for a world record attempt to portray the message that if the Mongolians are united they can achieve anything".Guinness World Records adjudicator Lucia Sinigagliesi (left) with Sergelen Purev, Secretary General of FMHRSTThe federation decided to attempt the Guinness World Records title for the largest parade of horses, committing to bring together more than 8,000 horses and riders to surpass the current record – a staggering figure of 7,895 set in Colombia in 2006.A national campaign was launched via TV and press, inviting citizens to converge on the capital city of Ulan Batar on 9 August 2013 with their horses. The location chosen for the event would be Khui Doloon Khudan, an open space traditionally used for horse races.As with all Guinness World Records titles, an accurate method of counting the participants is paramount, therefore hundreds of supervisors, four independent witnesses and a professional auditing firm were appointed on site to verify the correct execution of the record guidelines and confirm the count.On the day of the record attempt, the sun was shining on the open green expanse of land, and in a wonderful and colourful expression of Mongolian culture, people came from every single one of the nation’s 21 provinces to show their horses to the world.Many riders were children, with the youngest participant aged 2 years and 8 months, while the parade also included several elderly people, with the oldest aged 90 years old.An 80-year-old woman who lives alone in a farm 50 km away from the attempt location rode all the way with her horse to be part of the attempt after hearing about the event on TV.When the record attempt started, a river of colours flowed through the starting post. The final number of horsemen and women recorded was 11,125, setting a new and very well deserved Guinness World Records title.Largest horse paradeThis wasn't the end of the record-breaking however. Mr Sergelen Purev also wanted to see Mongolia recognised for its traditional horse races, and therefore set a second goal of attempting another world record for the most runners in a horse race. This time, the record to break was 228 runners, set in Bayanwula, Xiwuzhumuqinqi, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China on 25 July 2005. With no time to waste, Purey announced that the following day would see the horse-racing record attempt challenged.The next morning, an impressive 4,279 participants converged on the plains with their horses, once again representing every corner of the country. As before, most of the riders were children – the youngest being 7 years old – but the seniors were also well represented, with the oldest aged 79 years.As the race began, a cloud of dust and excitement filled the air. "It looked amazing," said one of the witnesses. "It seems like a tsunami had arrived!"Pictured at the top of the page, the race covered a total distance of 18 km (11.18 mi). In total, 30 runners were deducted from the final total as they did not finish the race course, with the first horse crossing the finish line in a time of 24 minutes and 30.42 seconds. The final recorded number of riders for the attempt was 4,249 participants.There is a traditional saying in Mongolia: "A Mongol without a horse is like a Bird without the wings", so congratulations to the Mongolian people who, united, made it into the history of Guinness World Records in such a fitting manner.
4830St George’s Day: Ten quintessential English world recordsEngland is today celebrating St George’s Day in honour of the country’s patron saint.

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