Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

4951Video: Watch footage from the longest open ocean journey on a jetskiThis time last year, Risto Piispa from Finland was in the middle of an exciting record attempt for the Longest open ocean journey by aquabike (jetski) - unsupported, during which he travelled all the way from Helsinki in Finland to Ceuta in Spain, stopping at many other countries along the way.
4952Fan Choice: May 16 - Vote now!Michael Essing walked across Germany and then strolled right into a victory in last week's Fan Choice. With 41.61% of the vote, his record for the longest barefoot journey emerged on top and he can surely kick his feet up after the 1,488.09 km (924.65 mi) path to the winner's circle.Every Friday here, we'll pick five records recently approved by our expert Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background on each and then ask you to vote for your favorite. The winners from each week, like Michael, will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.Read about our 2013 Fan Choice Record of the Year winner here.This week features one heck of a bowtie and very dangerous hand-eye coordination. But first, two guys who redefine lean on me.MOST CONSECUTIVE FOOTBALL/SOCCER TOUCHES WITH THE SOLE ON SOMEONE ELSE'S BACK (pictured above)Record: 203Holder: Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove (both UK)Location: Norfolk FA Football Development Academy, Norwich, Norfolk, UKThat's not all: Jeremy and Billy make up the F2 Freestylers and they actually broke their own record, which had previously stood at 125. The attempt was made to raise funds for Sport Relief at a charity event hosted by Anglian Home Improvements, which also saw 380 games of 5-a-side played by 20 different teams in the competition. MOST CONSECUTIVE AXE JUGGLING CATCHESRecord: 369Holder: Chris Marley (UK)Location: Greentop Circus in Sheffield, Yorkshire, UKThat's not all: Chris is a professional juggler who juggles pretty much anything you can imagine, ranging from run-of-the-mill clubs, balls, and rings to eggs, pineapples, and defrosted fish fingers. Having received his first Guinness World Records book at age 8, he said he wanted to break a juggling record that involved an element of danger.LARGEST GATHERING OF HEART TRANSPLANT RECIPIENTSRecord: 132Holder: Donate Life Coalition of Michigan (USA)Location: Art Moran Buick GMC, Southfield, Michigan, USAThat's not all: It was an emotional day for those gathered at this attempt, none moreso than the donor family who met their son's heart recipient for the first time. The coalition's stated goal for the attempt was to raise awareness, honor donors and families, and "celebrate the gift of life."LARGEST BOWTIERecord: 3.42 m (11 ft 3 in) wide and 2.13 m (7 ft) tallHolder: ZB Savoy Bowtie (USA)Location: San Diego, California, USAThat's not all: ZB Savoy founder Zach Barnhorst has worked as a professional bowtie maker for 3 years and decided to challenge himself with a record-breaking pursuit. He was joined by Andrew Orr, Alisha Le, Andy Gray, Wyatt Buttrose, who spent two weeks practicing the tying of the tie for the men's accessory maker.LARGEST KETTLEBELL CLASSRecord: 924 participantsHolder: University of Washington (USA)Location: Seattle, Washington, USAThat's not all: When UW vice president of human resources Mindy Kornberg wanted to start the school's new holistic betterment initiative for faculty and staff, school president Michael Young suggested a world record attempt. Mission accomplished. The nearly thousand people in attendance were treated to a 30-minute, six-circuit workout. And those are your nominees time now to cast your vote!&amplta href=""&ampgtFan Choice: May 16&amplt/a&ampgtThen check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
4953Fan Choice: May 23 - Vote now!They lifted and squated and now, they've won. Congratulations to the University of Washington and their faculty and staff for taking last week's Fan Choice with a resounding 64.59% of the vote. Their successful record at the largest kettlebell class dusted the competition, with the next-nearest vote-getter earning only 26.31% of the tallies.Every Friday here, we'll pick five records recently approved by our expert Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background on each and then ask you to vote for your favorite. The winners from each week, like UDub, will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.Read about our 2013 Fan Choice Record of the Year winner here.This week features a thousand people helping a food bank and an afro being used for a very unique purpose. But first, anyone for ham?MOST PEOPLE SLICING MEAT (pictured above)Record: 162Holder: Group organized by Antonio Ramos García (Spain)Location: Benarrabá, Malaga, SpainThat's not all: García organized the attempt to bring attention to the Spanish meat-carving industry, as well as the specific meat that was used, the famed jamón ibérico. Each professional was required to slice a minimum of 5 slices with a thickness of between 0.5-1.5 mm.MOST STRAWS IN THE HAIRRecord: 312Holder: Stephen Rafferty (USA)Location: Davie, Florida, USAThat's not all: Rafferty had the idea for this after coworker Maria Yunez randomly was able to place 40 pens in his hair during one afternoon at work. Having then found this record in the GWR database, Rafferty - with the help of Yunez and colleague Grant McQueenie - knew they had their found their perfect chance to make history.LONGEST CRICKET MARATHONRecord: 150 hr 14 minHolder: Loughborough University Staff Cricket Club (UK)Location: Loughborough College Rubber Crumb in Loughborough, Leicestershire, UKThat's not all: The marathon pitted "Chris' Crusaders" against "Waghray's Warriors," with the Crusaders winning 10 matches to the Warriors' nine. Chris' Crusaders scored a total of 6,382 runs, while Waghray's Warriors managed 6,346 runs. Crusaders player Surender Mohandass nailed the highest individual score in an innings, with an unbeaten 323 in Match 14.MOST HUNGER RELIEF PACKAGES ASSEMBLED SIMULTANEOUSLYRecord: 1,000Holder: Sandalwood Heights Secondary School (Canada)Location: Brampton, Canada, OntarioThat's not all: As this record requires all of the packages to be donated or given away, it's not just the record breakers who benefit. The event was sponsored by the Loblaw Corporation and Accenture and benefitted local food banks, The Knights Table and the Salvation Army. A total of 500 participants assembled two hunger relief packages each within the allowed three-minute time frame.LARGEST BACKWARDS WALKRecord: 1,107 participantsHolder: Prestige Institute of Management and Research (India)Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaThat's not all: The attempt was part of an annual entrepreneurship week with a theme of "Innovating India." The Prestige Institute celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and annually during it's entrepreneurship week, tasks students with organizing a group event like this one. The walk was required to travel at least 1 km.And those are your nominees time now to cast your vote!&lta href=""&gtFan Choice: May 23&lt/a&gtThen check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
4954Fan Choice: March 14Fan Choice returned last week with some great record holders vying for your vote. In the end, you decided to keep it casual, choosing the largest onesie as your first winner of 2014, securing its place with 48.5% of the vote.As a reminder, every Friday we'll pick a selection of five records recently approved by our in-house Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background info and a photo of each and then ask you to vote for your favorite. The winners from each week will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.This week features one woman earning her third career record and a daredevil 84-year-old. But first, we begin with a very balanced bunch. LONGEST UNICYCLE CHAIN (pictured above)Record: 346 unicyclistsHolder: Sportsfield LoxstedtLocation: Loxstedt, GermanyThat's not all: The Loxstedt sports club was celebrating its 150th anniversary and decided to attempt this record as part of its celebration festivitites. Participants were required to be linked at the arms and stay on their unicycles for at least five seconds.OLDEST BASE JUMPERRecord: 84 years 37 days oldHolder: Donald Cripps (USA)Location: New River Gorge Bridge near Fayetteville, West Virginia, USAThat's not all: What do you plan on doing at 84? Cripps has more than 3,600 parachute jumps to his name, including twice while serving in North Korea during the Korean War. He has actually jumped off the New River Gorge Bridge three years in a row. The bridge stands 816 feet (249 m) above the river, with Cripps in freefall for 4 seconds before pulling his parachute.LONGEST HUMAN CHAIN UNDERWATERRecord: 110 diversHolder: Groupement des Professionnels de la PlongéeLocation: Saint Leu, Réunion, FranceThat's not all: Equipped with SCUBA gear, t he divers held hands underwater at a depth of 59 feet (18 m) for 5 min 42 sec, forming an underwater chain measuring 250 feet (76.2 m).GREATEST DISTANCE BY STAND-UP PADDLEBOARD IN 24 HOURS (FEMALE)Record: 146 km (90.7 miles)Holder: Robyn BenincasaLocation: Huntington Harbor in Huntington Beach, California, USAThat's not all: This record is for classification on flat water, meaning Benincasa had no help from waves or currents to push her along. Benincasa chose to do 60.5 laps of a pre-measured circuit around an island in the Harbor, securing her third career world record. The other two involved kayaking - now she's taken to paddling standing up!LONGEST PLASTIC TOY TRAIN TRACKRecord: 5,608.44 m (18,400 ft 4 in)Holder: Panasonic Corporation and TOMY Company, Ltd.Location: Takinogawa-Daishichi Elementary School in Kita, Tokyo, JapanThat's not all: A Takara Tomy train covered the total distance of the record-breaking track in 4 hr 25 min 34 sec. The track used 26,667 Takara Tomy pieces. If extended in a straight line, the track would measure 3.48 miles (5.6 km). And those are your nominees time now to cast your vote!&lta href=""&gtFan Choice: March 14&lt/a&gtThen check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!For the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
4955Science and Tech with Sam: Astronomical observations and lightening quick text messagingSam Mason is in charge of science and technology records here at GWR. In a regular feature on, he’ll be taking a look at some of the fascinating developments and achievements within the category.For this latest instalment, Sam casts his eye over some recent, and potential, out of this world records.Back in March, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics made a statement saying that they were about to announce an ominous sounding “major discovery”.The internet was ablaze with ridiculous rumours, but these were soon put to rest when the centre announced the findings from their catchily-named experiment: Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization 2 (BICEP2), pictured above. The experiment was collecting data between January 2010 and December 2012 at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station, where the dry atmospheric conditions suit cosmic observation.The particular observation made was a distinct pattern in the cosmic microwave background radiation, the remnants of light left over from the Big Bang.The researchers found a specific signature in the polarisation of this light which they state could only have arisen as the result of gravitational waves ‘squeezing’ space as they pass through.We are waiting to see if these results are accepted in peer review by the wider scientific community (a cornerstone of the scientific method), if so, then this experiment will hold records for the First observations of gravitational waves, and the First direct evidence of cosmic inflation. The significance of this discovery cannot be overstated, by giving us an insight into the earliest moments of the universe itself.It’s now a year since astronomers from the European Southern Observatory based in seven different locations trained their telescopes on the star UCAC4 248-108672. front of the star.The astronomers had been monitoring the star in anticipation of an astronomical object passing in front of it, named Chariklo.As expected, Chariklo blocked the star’s light, but they also noticed two other very short dips in the apparent brightness of the star.The sources of these dips in brightness have since been identified as two icy rings orbiting Chariklo, similar to those on other planets in our solar system.At 248 km in diameter, Chariklo has recently been ratified by Guinness World Records as the smallest known astronomical object with orbiting rings.Artist’s impression of the rings around CharikloMoving away from the outer reaches of space and to the world of consumer tech.As we have touched upon in previous features, many tech companies are aiming to make their products an extension of a person’s self, suddenly making them an indispensable part or everyday life.Arguably the most limiting part of this is the physical interaction between the person and the device, which can often feel unnatural, or excessively time consuming. Microsoft displayed their commitment to narrowing this gap between the user and the device back in March, when their software “Word Flow” was used to break the record for the Fastest time to type a text message (SMS) on a touch-screen mobile phone, for the second time in a row.Gaurav Sharma (USA) nipped 2.09 seconds from the previous record at the Microsoft Research facility in Redmond, Washington, USA, typing our deviously difficult message in 18.44 seconds.videoWith the record being one of the most regularly contested, however it came as little surprise that Gaurav’s benchmark was topped just weeks later, when Brazilian teenager Marcel Fernandes Filho shaved off a further .25 seconds while using Syntellia’s Fleksy keyboard technology in New York in April. videoYou can read a full report on Marcel’s incredible feat here.
4956FIFA World Cup look-back highlights July sports blogTom Glavine, Frank Thomas, and Greg Maddux.July is great for many things. Beaches, barbecues, concerts, beaches some more. What it's not great for is professional sports.Check out the recent story of Abe Pervin, the oldest boxing coach ever at age 94Typically one of the slowest months of the year on the sports calendar, July just doesn't pack the punch that a May or October does with many high-level leagues across multiple sports overlapping around the world.But that doesn't mean the action stopped completely in the world of records.WORLD CUP IN REVIEWvideoWhat with transfer news, domestic league season previews, and training session wonderstrikes like the above happening, it definitely feels like the World Cup ended a year ago, when really it's only been a few weeks.In case you missed it, Germany's summer romp through Brazil saw a ton of record breaking achievements throughout the month, both within Die Mannschaft and the other 31 squads assembled.Make sure, then, to check out our great recap of all the FIFA action in our World Cup in World Records feature, an infographic highlighting every record broken in Brazil.BASEBALL HOFThis year's class included a slew of record breakers. Highlighting the group was iconic starting pitcher Greg Maddux. He retired owning records for the most consecutive Cy Young Awards (4, tied with Randy Johnson), most career Gold Glove awards won (18), most double plays turned by a pitcher (98), and most seasons with double-digit wins (20). Simply masterful.videoBaseball tends to dominate the sports world in July, as one of the few major professional sports leagues playing every day. But July is also when the sports recognizes its greatest, with the annual induction ceremonies at Cooperstown, N.Y.'s, National Baseball Hall of Fame. Frank Thomas at one point held the record for more career home runs by a DH, before getting surpassed in recent years by the still-playing David Ortiz. Fellow player inductee Tom Glavine and manager inductee Tony LaRussa didn't own any world records, but managers Joe Torre and Bobby Cox own the most career postseason wins as a manager (84) and most ejections in an MLB career (158), respectively.AROUND THE WORLDvideoA future baseball Hall of Famer, New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is enjoying his farewell season. Playing in his 14th career All-Star game earlier this month, Jeter knocked a single and a double, becoming the oldest player with a multi-hit effort in the game's history at 40. ...Roger Federer couldn't take down Novak Djokovic in this month's Wimbledon finals, but in making the final match, he extended his record for most appearances in the Wimbledon finals to nine, having won seven times. ...Jeff Gordon turned back the clock at age 42 to win his NASCAR-record fifth career Brickyard 400. The coolest part? He won it on the same weekend he had won his first Brickyard 20 years earlier. ...And someone's getting paid in the NFL. Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson signed a five-year, $70 million contract extension, making him the highest-paid CB in the league's history.And that does it for July. August promises to be probably just as slow, but at least the thought of end-of-season baseball and beginning-of-season soccer will keep us happy until then.And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
4957Going the distance: 94-year-old man breaks record for oldest boxing coachFamily photo of Abe, pointed out, coaching the 1976 Canadian Olympic team.When you talk boxing, you often hear about "going the distance."What does that mean?Does it mean Mayweather-De La Hoya going 12 in Las Vegas in 2007?Does it mean Balboa-Creed lasting 15 on the silver screen?Or does it mean something new, something a man on the verge of his 95th birthday is redefining?Born in 1919, Canadian boxer Abraham "Abe" Pervin threw his first punch in the ring in 1935. He moved to training fighters a couple decades later and, now 94 years old - and less than a month away from turning 95 - Abe has been certified as the oldest boxing coach by Guinness World Records."It feels great, I'm very honored to be recognized by Guinness World Records," Abe said. "I never expected it what a wonderful surprise."Abe continues to coach at the gym of Montreal's Interbox, maintaining a work schedule of 5-hour shifts: four days eac week for 12 months a year, he coaches men and women from 2-7 p.m. There, he supervises the gym's facilities, works the pads with both professional and amateur fighters, supervises the training programs of both the pros and novices, fills in subscriptions for the general public who join the gym, and still serves as an active member on Interbox's gym Board of Directors.videoHe also continues to share his wisdom outside the gym, having coached in the corner of professional female fighter Lucia Larcinese in a unanimous decision victory in her last fight on March 21."Abe is one of the few trainers who can work the floor with beginners, intermediate boxers and professional boxers," says Stephan Larouche, Director of Boxing Operations and head trainer for Interbox. "I have been working with Abe for most of my life. ...Abe is an integral part of our team."Trying to keep up with Abe's accomplishments leaves one feeling like the business end of a speed bag session. He was inducted into the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame in 1998. He coached the Canadian teams at the the 1975 Pan American Games and the 1976 Montreal Olympics, guiding two of his men to quarterfinal appearances at the latter. Abe has helped five professional boxers reach world champion status, and has trained legions of other pros to have made it out of the gyms of Quebec.Abe takes a photo break at Interbox."Knowing the demands of working a professional career, I can personally say that what Mr. Pervis has accomplished at his age is truly incredible," says Russ Anber, president/CEO of Rival Boxing Gear.As Abe continues to coach and train, his record will only grow with each passing day, adding line after line to an already tremendous and lengthy chapter of his life.In a 2011 feature on Abe in The Montreal Gazette, he told the reporter that he had no plans to stop coaching any time soon, a promise he's kept for three more years and counting.And why stop - when it's obvious that the only thing that matches what Abe means to the sport, is what the sport means to him."I love working with young people, I love meeting people and travelling," Abe said. "Being a coach all these years has kept me active - and kept me alive."And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
4958A look at Guinness World Records Challengers - from Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics to jellybeans and chopsticksHello there friends! This is Annie, your new Guinness World Records: Challengers community manager. Thought I would introduce myself as some of you might be new to the Challengers community. Since Dan Barrett did such a great job with his series of updates for the Challengers site once upon a time, I will continue to add to the regular series of latest happenings and hope to get more of you guys and gals involved with the Officially Amazing Challengers community.For those of you who are not familiar with Challengers, it is our free and fast online record-breaking platform, where anyone can make a world record attempt at home and share their video of it with the world, potentially even earning themselves an official Guinness World Records certificate! Learn how to use the site and check out some frequently asked questions here.After a very challenging 2013, we are starting 2014 full speed ahead! And for that reason, let's showcase the fastest and speediest records approved so far in the New Year!VIDEO GAMESHow fast can Shawn Alvarez go as Silver in this skeleton run on "Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics?" Watch and find out, then head to the record page here!videoFOOD AND DRINKWatch jellybeans succumb to the power of a Sylvio Sabba speed sort! Can you say that 5 times fast for a world record...videoHere's the link to Silvio's successful attempt.TOYS AND GAMESWatching Dalibor Jablanović and Vladan Radisavljević arrange these chess sets will make you not only want to learn how to play chess, but and also have a try to beat their team and individual records below:TeamvideoIndividualvideoNEW CHALLENGES ADDEDWe regularly add new world record categories to Challengers, to ensure there is always something fresh and exciting for you to make an attempt at - and often this is the result of a user suggestion. Some of these new challenges need more people to attempt them, though, so we can crown a new record holder! So come on guys/gals, here are some suggestions for you to start practicing and taping attempts for:Fastest qualifier lap, "Wipeout" (Wii, Wii U)How fast before you wipeout in this qualifier lap? We would love to see a perfect lap from you!Most golf balls stacked in one minuteThis record requires precision and delicate hands. We have seen some good attempts, but we know you guys can stack even more golfballs in record time!Highest Score on "Where Have You Been," Just Dance 2014 (Wii)We love our "exergaming" (aka "exercise" and "gaming") at Guinness World Records. Dancing is one way to be active and enjoy video games! Get off your couches and attempt a world record now by getting that groove on!Anyone can contribute to the amazing list of challenges. What will your challenge be? Or should I say…what will your Guinness World Records title be?!?We'll be back next month with another roundup of some of the best!Don't forget to head to our Challengers site and sign up to attempt an existing record or propose a new one today!
4959David Beckham, UBS bank fraud and the end of typewriters - The news in World RecordsRecord-breakers in the news todayFormer England skipper David Beckham has today announced he will leave Los Angeles Galaxy next month after six years at the American Major League Soccer (MLS) club.Beckham's five-year stay in the States has proved to be an incredible money-spinner for the East London born midfielder, with the 37-year-old setting a world record in 2011 for the highest annual earnings for a footballer.The former Manchester United and Real Madrid star earned $40 million (£24.2 million) from May 2010 to May 2011, a figure boosted in part by his lucrative sponsorship deal with Adidas.Elsewhere in the world of sport, the much-missed Brazilian racing legend Ayrton Senna has today been named as Formula 1's greatest ever driver in a poll conducted by the BBC.During his time with the Toleman, Lotus, McLaren and Williams teams, Senna set the world record for the most Formula One pole positions in a career.The São Paulo driver notched up the world record for the most consecutive Formula One pole positions after earning 65 top spot positions on the grid before his exceptional career was tragically cut short following a fatal crash in 1994 while competing in the San Marino Grand Prix. Senna's record was eventually beaten by Michael Schumacher who reached 68 Pole positions in 2006.However, the German ace reached the marked after 249 Grand Prix starts, a far greater number than the 161 races that Senna competed in.Elsewhere, the big story in world of business is the news that a British trader who lost £1.4bn ($2.2bn) of Swiss bank UBS's money has been found guilty of two counts of fraud.Kweku Adoboli, 32, was sentenced to seven years in prison, with the prosecution telling Court he was "a gamble or two away from destroying Switzerland's largest bank".While Adoboli's losses for UBS are amongst the biggest ever recorded in the financial world, they don't come close to those sustained by Société Générale at the hands of Jerome Kerviel.In 2008, the French bank became the victim of the largest fraud by a rogue trader after it declared that it had uncovered a fraud that had resulted in losses totalling an incredible €4.9 billion ($7.16 billion £3.6 billion), following illegal trading by a member of its staff. Later that year, French trader Jerome Kerviel was taken into police custody and was later said to have admitted hiding his activities from his superiors.Finally, the typewriter is officially history in Britain, with the last model to be built in the UK rolling off the production line at Brother's north Wales factory this morning.In the age of computers and word processors, the humble mechanical device has lost its place as a staple of modern communication, but significant examples remain sought after by collectors.The world's most expensive typewriter is recorded as Ian Fleming's gold plated Royal Quiet Deluxe Portable, which was commissioned by theJames Bondwriter in 1952.It was sold for £56,250 ($90,309) at Christie's, London, UK on 5 May 1995.
4960Sebastian Vettel, Rolling Stones and the Popemobile – The news in world recordsRecord-breakers in the news today...Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel has become the Youngest Formula One driver to win three world championships following Sunday's wet and chaotic Brazilian Grand Prix.The German finished sixth after fighting back with a damaged car from last on the opening lap, with the roller coaster race eventually won by McLaren's Jenson Button.Vettel's sole rival for the title, Fernando Alonso needed victory to stand any chance of winning the championship ,but the Spaniard could only manage second, with Brazilian Felipe Massa third.Vettel clinched his championship triple at the age of 25 years and 152 days, beating Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna's record, who was 31 years and 220 days when he achieved the feat in 1991.Veteran rock band The Rolling Stones kicked off their 50th anniversary concerts last night with a well-received show at London's O2 Arena.Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood were joined by the band's original bass player Bill Wyman during the show.Other guests onstage included former member Mick Taylor who played lead guitar on Midnight Rambler and soul singer Mary J Blige who duetted with Jagger on Give Me Shelter.The group are recognised by Guinness World Records as the world's wealthiest band with Jagger estimated to have a fortune of $313 million (approximately £202 million), followed by guitarist Richards with $289 million (approximately £187 million).The Chinese navy and airforce have been celebrating after successfully landing a jet fighter on its new aircraft carrier for the first time.A Chinese-made J-15 fighter landed on the 300m (990ft) Liaoning, the nation's first aircraft carrier, during an exercise at the weekend.Although platforms for take-offs and landings had been fitted to warships as early as 1910, the first ship with a runway running the full length of its deck and therefore the world's first aircraft carrier was HMS Argus, launched in 1918.When construction of Argus began in 1914 she was intended to be a passenger liner, but in 1916 the incomplete vessel was bought by the Royal Navy and completed as an aircraft carrier, with a flight deck 172 m (565 ft) long and space for 20 aircraft.Meanwhile, a high-security vehicle once used for transporting Pope John Paul II during his visit to Ireland in the seventies is to be made available to hire for parties.Dublin Wax Museum have announced that they intended to rent out the converted Ford Transit van to stag parties and hen nights for 250 euros an hour.The vehicle, which featured a Papal throne along with 14 passenger seats, was used by the late John Paul II on his visit to the country in 1979 - the first time a reigning Pope had ever visited the Emerald Isle.During his 27-year reign as the leader of the Catholic church, John Paul II set a record for most international visits by a Pope, having visited 129 different countries between 1978 and 2005.
4961World’s shortest man: From Junrey Balawing to Khagendra Thapa Magar - past holders of the titleWith Chandra Bahadur Dangi today being named as the world's shortest man, ( read more here), we look back at some of the previous holders of the title.Chandra's incredible measurements mean he now takes over from Junrey Balawing, (above), as the planet's smallest man.Junrey, from Sindangan, a coastal village in the southern Philippines, became eligible for the record in June last year when he celebrated his 18th birthday.Measuring 23.6 inches (59.93cm) in height, Junrey weighs just 5kgs.At birth, he was the size of a 1-litre coke bottle. His mother only started to suspect something was not right when Junrey was four years old as his friends began to outgrow him. The family sought advice and he was given medication to strengthen his bones, but these made no difference.Chendra isn't the first person to hold the world's smallest man title - Khagendra Thapa Magar, a dance troupe member, took the crown in October 2010 after measuring just 67.08 cm (2 ft 2.41 in) on his 18th birthday.Coming from a country best known for having the world's highest mountain, Thapa has gone on to arguably become as big an attraction.He now works as a goodwill ambassador for the region, helping to promote tourism.Tharpa's predecessor, Edward Nino Hernandez of Columbia had one of the briefest spells as shortest living mobile man, with his reign lasting just six months.Measuring 70.21 cm (2 ft 3.46 in) in April 2010, Edward has recently embarked on a career in acting.A big fan of Reggaeton music, he previously earned money by dancing in department stores.His hobbies include keeping fit, dressing up and impersonating Michael Jackson, and (no pun intended), the superhero TV show Smallville.Edward had to fill the shoes of He Pingping, one of the most iconic Guinness World Records record holders of all time, who sadly passed away in 2010 at the age of 21.Pingping was born in 1988 in Wulanchabu, China, with a form of primordial dwarfism, and was officially recognised as the world's shortest man in 2008 after measuring a tiny 74.61 cm (2 ft 5.37 in).He went on to become a worldwide superstar, making numerous public appearances across the globe.Recalling their first meeting, Craig Glenday, Guinness World Records editor-in-chief says: "From the moment I laid on eyes on him, I knew he was someone special - he had such a cheeky smile and mischievous personality, you couldn't help but be charmed by him."He brightened up the lives of everyone he met, and was an inspiration to anyone considered different or unusual. For such a small man, he made a huge impact around the world."Related stories Shortest man world record: It's official! Chandra Bahadur Dangi from Nepal is smallest adult of all time World's shortest man: All you need to know about Chandra Bahadur Dangi New world's smallest man: Ten other incredible world records from Nepal
4962World’s largest doner gets roasted in DubaiBy Tarika Vara in DubaiLast week saw a successful attempt for the largest doner meat in Dubai - a first for food related record breaking, which I was fortunate enough to attend.Although Guinness World Records™ holds records for the largest kebab and longest skewers of kebabs, this was the first attempt at the largest ever doner verified by GWR.This record attempt was no easy feat from the onset, with months spent in preparation at the Doner Restaurant on Jumeirah Beach Road in order to produce a spit roast able to facilitate the meat that could weigh up to 600kg.My mind boggled at the thought of what such a device would firstly look like and secondly how it could cook such a large piece of meat. To add to this already incredible feat, Dr Mohd Alsyoufi, who initiated the attempt for the restaurant, was also battling temperatures of up to 48 degrees. Never the less he remained confident and undeterred with his team of staff having come too far to turn back.Despite the unbearable heat, the attempt began on Friday 26 th August 2011 at 3pm. With chefs, volunteers and restaurant manager Noor Ghannam preparing the meat to be assembled onto the skewer for the spit roast, the anticipation was high to maintain a high standard throughout the attempt.Both Mr Noor and Dr. Mohammed were cautious that this was a record attempt whereby no mistakes could be made as, with all food records, GWR encourages record breakers to distribute the food to limit the wastage. This being an important factor meant that the standard in which the meat was handled, cooked and distributed had to be high as well as ensuring real doner kebabs could be made using the meat from the record attemptI was pleased to learn that the reason the restaurant's attempt came into fruition was due to the need to supply less fortunate individuals and families within Dubai with a decent meal after the breaking of fasting during Ramadan. With a touching ambition acting as the driving force behind this record attempt, it was clear to see why this record attempt held such importance amongst everyone involved in making it a success.With a representative present from the Dubai Municipality for health and safety present, the meat was finally taken from the fridge and freezers where it had been left to marinate and then onto the skewer for the spit roast. I was on hand to ensure that the meat was being placed onto the skewer as it would ordinarily be placed on a standard sized doner spit roast, as well as witnessing the measurement of the skewer itself which was lifted using an industrial sized measuring crane. With this number noted down I could then subtract this amount from the total weight of the skewer and meat, enabling me to distinguish the total weight of the doner meat itself.As the evening drew to a close and the final measurements were taken, the relief was noticeable as the temperatures had not let up and it was clear that the entire team was elated to have finally finished the unenviable task of assembling 468 kg of doner meat onto the skewer!I was pleased to finally confirm and announce that the largest doner was 468kg in weight, 2.95 metres in height and 60 cm in width.Congratulations to the entire team at the Doner Restaurant in Dubai for the hard work and success in achieving this brand new Guinness World Records title!
4963Incredible record-breaking brands make it into Guinness World Records 2016It's not only amazing and talented individuals that make it into our best-selling annual book, because some of the world’s most well-known and successful brands have secured a place in Guinness World Records 2016, out now.
4964Jack In The Box raises awareness of “Buttery Jack” burger with world's largest coupon recordFast food restaurant chain Jack in The Box recently launched its brand new “Buttery Jack” burgers in a big way by setting the Guinness World Records title for largest coupon.
4965Largest scrum record set at Twickenham ahead of Rugby World Cup 2015Preparations for Rugby World Cup 2015 kicked off in record-breaking style last month with a successful attempt to create the world’s largest rugby scrum. Organised by England Rugby 2015 to coincide with tickets going on general sale for next year’s tournament, a total of 1,008 participants huddled together to set the new record at Twickenham, the iconic stadium set to host Rugby World Cup 2015 Final. Perfectly illustrating the campaign’s slogan "Too Big To Miss", participants in the attempt spanned from all over the country and included members of the armed forces, members of the RFU and IRB and volunteers for the Tournament. Also on hand to make a piece of sporting history were Rugby World Cup winners Piri Weepu (New Zealand), Lawrence Dallaglio and Will Greenwood (England Rugby 2015 ambassadors), as well as Wales head coach Warren Gatland. Officiated by IRB referee Wayne Barnes, in order for a record to be set, the huge scrum had to comprise of players in three rows on either side in proportion to a normal rugby scrum (3:2:3 proportions for the front, second row and back row) with the ball needing to be successfully fed in from the side and hooked through the back.videoSpeaking after the successful attempt, Chief Executive of England Rugby 2015, Debbie Jevans, said: "Breaking the world record for the world’s largest scrum is a fantastic achievement and a fitting way to kick off the public sale of tickets to rugby's showcase event. This event brought together 1,008 people from organisations involved in Rugby World Cup 2015, and rugby fans from across the country, and I want to thank them all for their support. Everyone who took part is now a World Record Holder!“Helped break world record for largest ever scrum today! Bring on @rugbyworldcup Tkts on sale— David Wallace (@wa22y) September 12, 2014Used to restart play in both Ruby Union and Rugby League matches, a scrum sees the forwards of a team form up with arms interlocked and heads down, and push forward against a similar group from the opposing side. The ball is thrown into the scrum with both sets of players trying to gain possession of it by kicking it backwards towards their own side.Just got cosy with some rugby legends in the world's biggest scrum! Can't wait for next year...— Nick Eaglesfield (@Shadow_me) September 12, 2014England Rugby 2015's attempt beat the previous record of 946 participants set by Blackrock College and the Irish Youth Foundation in Dublin, Ireland, last year.The attempt gathered widespread press coverage, with 179 articles published internationally around the news of the world record bid, while a video of the attempt gained 35,000 views on YouTube and over 300,000 views on Facebook in just six weeks. As a result of the England Rugby 2015 ticketing campaign, which ran from Sept 12–29, all 48 matches for Rugby World Cup 2015 are expected to go to ballot in at least one of the four price categories.
4966Bonfire Night: The most explosive firework-related Guinness World Records titlesBonfire Night is observed annually in the UK on 5 November to commemorate the day back in 1605 when Guy Fawkes, a member of the “Gunpowder Plot”, was arrested while guarding explosives that were intended to blow up the Houses of Parliament.
4967Isobel Varley 1937-2015: Most tattooed female senior citizen passes awayGuinness World Records has learnt with great sadness of the passing of Isobel Varley, world record holder for Most tattooed senior citizen (female), who died yesterday at the age of 78.
4968LEGO Italia's colossal plastic brick structure towers over previous recordToy maker LEGO has once again raised the bar for the ever-increasing record title Tallest structure built with interlocking plastic bricks, having beaten their own record almost exactly a year later.
4969Guinness World Records launches Records of the Future kids’ contest in USGuinness World Records is today happy to announce the launch of their second annual kids contest, The Records of the Future Challenge. The contest challenges kids aged between 7 and 12 to think about a record THEY would like to break in the next 20 years. The national competition kicks off on September 1, 2015, with entries accepted until December 1, 2015. The entries can be a poem, song, video, rap, poster or short essay. The grand prize winner will be awarded a $750 check, a Guinness World Records 2016 book and will also be featured in the 2017 Guinness World Records book!  On top of this, the grand prize winner will also be able to nominate a teacher who will receive a $250 check for classroom supplies.  Ten semi-finalists will each receive a copy of the Guinness World Records 2016 book. Entries will be judged on creativity and originality. Kids can enter online or by mail at Over the past 60 years, Guinness World Records has inspired millions of people to achieve record-breaking feats and they continually look for new ways to encourage people to create and break new records. Last year, Guinness World Records received hundreds of entries for the 60 Years/60 Words Challenge.  Last years’ grand prize winner was Brett Burch age 11 from Washington D.C. Brett’s winning 60 Years/60 Words entry was about the largest bubblegum bubble blown.  In 2004, Chad Fell from Haleyville, Alabama broke the world record.  Educators, youth groups, and parents can also access fun English Language Arts activities on the program website under the Parents and Educators/Youth Groups tabs, with a range of activities to help get kids’ creative juices flowing! “The Records of the Future Challenge is a fun and creative way to encourage kids to read and write,” says Tavia Levy, Marketing Executive from Guinness World Records.  “I am looking forward to seeing some of these kids break these records in the future!”
4970Sir Elton John postpones tour, American football returns to Ireland, and children need bedtimes - News in World RecordsAppendicitis has grounded the Rocket Man.Sir Elton John postponed a number of summer festival appearances across Europe after coming down with the diagnosis. While he is expected to recover fully, John isn't planning on getting back on stage until the fall, most likely in September. The iconic artist still holds many classic records for his, well, records, including what is still the greatest-selling single of all time, his "Candle in the Wind 1997" tribute to Princess Diana, at more than 33 million copies sold globally.Early reports indicate that Penn State and Central Florida plan on playing a college American football game at Dublin's Croke Park next season -- fitting for a pair of teams lead by coaches named Bill O'Brien and George O'Leary. Ireland hosted a college football game last season, in which the Notre Dame "Fighting Irish" played Navy in front of 48,200 in Dublin's Aviva Stadium. Croke Park holds 82,300 people. But for perspective on attendance for an American football game abroad, the largest such contest occured when Arizona and San Francisco played in front of 103,467 fans at Mexico's Azteca Stadium in 2005. At the time, it was the largest attendance for a game in NFL history.Sticking with sports, 60-year-old Paul Risso continues to chase his dream of playing professional baseball.videoWhile the team he recently failed to join, the St. Paul Saints (USA), is professional, they are also independent and thus not affiliated with any Major League Baseball teams. If Risso needs a role model, though, he need look no further than the legendary Satchel Paige. The famed Negro League and Major League pitcher is the oldest player to appear in an MLB game, pitching for the Kansas City A's at age 59 years 80 days.Lastly, parents, put your kids to bed! A recent UK study shows that young children with late or no bedtimes perform worse than their counterparts on standardized testing. This might be filed under the "common sense" folder, but it's valuable information nonetheless. And once they grow up, kids can stay up as late as they want, like Carin Shreeves and Jeremiah Franco (both USA) who set the record for longest marathon watching television. They watched a "The Simpsons" marathon for 86 hr 37 min in 2012.
4971Cat In The Hat inspires New York school kids to set Dr Seuss-themed recordZany children's author Dr Seuss had a famed collection of wacky and wonderful hats all of his own which helped inspired the famous headwear of his best-loved character - the Cat in the Hat. The writer - real name Theodor Seuss Geisel - had a hoard of hundreds of hats in all shapes and sizes which he would often wear at dinner parties and would also don while hard at work writing.In honour of the 75th anniversary of the publication of one of his most famous books, 'The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins', the never-before-seen headgear collection is now being exhibited at the New York Public Library, at the Children's Center on 42nd St in Manhattan.Earlier this week, a suitably Seuss-themed world record was attempted to mark the opening of the exhibition, along with the announcement of a new charitable partnership between Random House Children's Books, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, and the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation called "Hats off to Hope!" which aims to support children battling cancer.Kids from surrounding schools travelled to the New York Public Library on Monday in a bid to set a new world record for "Most People Wearing Cat in the Hat Hats".A minimum of 250 participants wearing red and white Dr. Seuss-style stovepipe hats was required to achieve a new record, with Guinness World Records adjudicator Stuart Claxton on hand to oversee the attempt.In the end, a record-setting total of 281 be-hatted children sat entertained as four-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jeff Gordon read Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?, his favourite Dr. Seuss book.The Hats Off to Dr. Seuss! exhibition will be at the New York Public Library until February 11, before touring the US throughout 2013.To find out more about Hats Off to Hope!, head to
4972Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the crossword with a GWR puzzle!The crossword puzzle.A staple of newspapers, vacation activity books, and now tablets and smartphones around the world, the simple boxes-and-letters creation celebrates 100 years of existence Saturday. The first-ever crossword was actually called a "word-cross," and appeared in the New York World's Dec. 21, 1913 issue, created by Arthur Wynne.From Wynne to Margaret Petherbride to Will Shortz, the crossword has entertained fans throughout history and now we've come up with one just for you! All clues are GWR-themed, so test your world record knowledge and let us know how quickly you completed the puzzle in the comments.The clues are listed out below, but they will also appear for that specific answer once you click on any box in the puzzle. There's also a "Solve" button that will complete the puzzle if you're having a hard time. But no cheating! So click to get started, and good luck!videoACROSS-Both the GWR motto and title of current children's show airing on CBBC-This actress holds the longest TV career for a female entertainer-Country (abbr.) that's home to the most record holders-Home city to GWR headquarters-First and last name of the tallest man ever-With 1 Down, one of only two books behind which GWR sits as the best-selling of all time-Name of the TV network currently airing a first-run GWR program in the U.S.-Korean pop sensation who holds record for most-viewed YouTube videoDOWN-With 12 Across, one of only two books behind which GWR sits as the best-selling of all time-Month in which Guinness World Records Day falls each year-Type of anniversary GWR will be celebrating in 2015-Relationship of iconic GWR book editors the McWhirters-First name of the man who's broken the most GWR records-One of two game bird types that inspired the debate which led to the first-ever GWR book-Country from which tallest living man Sultan Kosen hailsLooking for that perfect last-minute stocking stuffer for your crossword-loving friends? Well, the Guinness World Records 2014 edition makes a perfect companion gift and is on sale now. See a full list of where to find it here.
4973Longest snake ever in captivity slithers into Guinness World Records 2013At 7.67 meters (25 feet 2 inches) long, Medusa, a Reticulated Python owned by Full Moon Productions in Kansas City, Missouri, USA is the longest snake ever in captivity.The 8-year-old, 158.8 kilogram (350-pound) reptile is primarily kept coiled up in a nook in a haunted house attraction ( The Edge of Hell) with its cavernous turn-of-the-century brick warehouse.Medusa's primary diet consists of a combination of rabbits, hogs and deer, served to her every two weeks.The haunted house staff knows her as the sloppiest eater within The Edge of Hell attraction, as she's been known to accidentally bite into herself instead of her dinner. While a python's behavior could be wild and unpredictable, Medusa is typically tolerable and respectable of others unless agitated, hungry or provoked. According to Medusa's handler and Edge of Hell's general manager, Larry Edgar, "We try to keep Medusa well-fed and slightly out of reach as there have been instances with Reticulated Pythons where they've had to cut people out of them! We never underestimate that she does always have the upper-hand."During the Haunted House season, Medusa enters into a performance mentality a state the owners call her "stealth mode," in which the snake remains extremely still as patrons pass by. She has also been known to "purr" like a cat when content and "huff" or "hiss" if she's distressed or annoyed. Medusa prefers that Larry assists with her shedding and if the python has any spots that prove tough to shed, she will nudge him for assistance.The serpent also enjoys swimming and rare outings to local parks in Kansas City with her trainer where she draws massive crowds.
Medusa inherits the title from the previous record holder, Fluffy, another Reticulated Python from Ohio's Columbus Zoo who measured in at 24 ft long. The Reticulated Python species dates back to the prehistoric era and is one of the largest snakes on the globe. Click here to see more photos of MedusaMedusa's record and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition - which is out now worldwide from all good retailers. Find out more about the book and its incredible augmented reality feature, and where you can buy a copy at
4974Images of the Week: From the most people playing minigolf to the highest martial arts kickEvery Friday we'll be publishing on some of our favourite images that have been recently added to the GWR archive. Check out these interesting pictures and records below!The most double leg circle rotations on a mushroom trainerThe most double leg circle rotations on a mushroom trainer (above) in one minute is 62 and was achieved by Sebastian Hui (Australia) at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 29 April 2012.The largest painting made by footprintsThe largest painting made by footprints measures 1,684.75 m2 (18,134 ft² 71 in²) and was created by IN56 and Loving Power (Hong Kong), in Hong Kong, China, on 3 June 2012. The painting was created in an event to launch the Mark My Heartprint community campaign to raise social awareness and concern for mental health issues. The image is supposed to show community and family support through depicting a parent and child on a rainbow bridge.The most people to play a round of miniature golf in one hourThe most people to play a round of miniature golf in one hour is 30, and was organised by Adventure Island (UK) at Adventure Island in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK on 25 March 2012. Although the participants were naked during the attempt, this was not a requirement for the record.The largest gathering of fairiesThe largest gathering of fairies was achieved by 786 participants at an event organised by Anna's Hope (UK) at Burghley Park, in Stamford, UK, on 19 August 2012. Fairies of all ages gathered at Burghley Park in support of the charity Anna's Hope, an organisation that helps support children and young people who have brain tumours.The highest unassisted martial arts kick (female)The highest unassisted martial arts kick by a female is 2.35 m (7 ft 8 in) and was achieved by Lisa Coolen (Netherlands) at the Sporthal 'In de Bandert' in Echt, Netherlands on 12 May 2012. Lisa performed a jumping front kick (in Taekwondo know as Twimyo Ap Chagi).
4975Record-breaking mischievousness with Matilda The MusicalThe stage musical version of Roald Dahl's classic book Matilda appears in the new 2013 Guinness World Records book for its record seven Laurence Oliver award wins - the most Oliviers won by a theatre production.Written by Dennis Kelly with music and lyrics from Tim Minchin, the show scooped awards for Best New Musical, Best Actress in a Musical, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Theatre Choreographer, Best Set Design and Best Sound Design.The inclusion of Matilda The Musical in the 2013 edition coincides with Roald Dahl Dayon 13 th September 2012.To celebrate, GWR Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday, pictured above with the show's cast, takes a superlative look at the original novel to find some related record-breakers…"Every afternoon, as soon as her mother had left for bingo, Matilda would toddle down to the library."A real book worm, Matilda escapes the grim reality of life as an unwanted child by visiting her local library. She'd feel right at home, then, in the world's largest library- the United States Library of Congress in Washington, DC. This enormous collection containts more than 128 million items, including 29 million books, arranged along 853 km (530 miles) of shelving. Not even Matilda could cope that that many books.And while we're talking about libraries, let's hope our plucky heroine always gets her books back to Mrs Phelps in time, or she might face library fine. The highest library fine ever paid came to $345.14 (£203.29) for a copy of poetry book Days and Deeds that was checked out of Kewanee Public Library in Illinois, USA, in April 1955 and returned 47 years later!But 47 years is nothing compared to the record for the most overdue library book- Robert Walpole (England) borrowed a book from Sidney Sussex College in 1667 or 1668 and it didn't make it back to the library until 288 years later!And in an act of punishment worthy of the Trunchbull, Beverly Goldman of Florida, USA, suffered the world's most severe library penalty in 2000 when she failed to return her overdue books. After 16 months of requests, her local library had Ms Goldman arrested and sent not to The Chokey but to an actual jail! Luckily, the books were worth just $127.86 (£78) so the naughty Ms Goldman spent just 8 hours behind bars…"Matilda, holding the hat in one hand and a thin tube of Superglue in the other, proceeded to squeeze a line of glue very neatly all round the inside rim of the hat."If you want to teach your dad a lesson Matilda-style, then you'll be looking to glue his hat to his head. But to do the job properly (and of course we're not encouraging you to do this at all, just saying) you need some record-breaking sticky stuff. The Germany company 3M produces a glue that set the record for the heaviest weight lifted by glue- its 3M Scotch-Weld DP 760 lifted a truck weighing 10.08 tonnes (22,222 lb) in June 2012, so a little bit of this on the rim of your dad's hat will do the trick! (Like I said, please don't really do this - or if you do, don't tell anyone you've read it here!)"No one in the world could give the right answer just like that, especially a little girl!"Matilda has a special gift with numbers and can work out the profit her dodgy car-dealing dad makes by doing the sums in her head. But how does she compare with record holder Scott Flansburgh of Phoenix, Arizona, USA? In 2000, he earned himself a Guinness World Records certificate as the fastest human calculator by correctly adding a randomly selected number - in this case, 38 - to itself 36 times (so, 38 x 36) without a calculator in just 15 seconds. How fast can you work out the answer in your head? (It's at the end of the article.)"You've got to remember that the Trunchbull once threw the hammer for Britain in the Olympics…"The evil Trunchbull, headmistress of is repeatedly hammering on about her success in the British Olympic team. Her sport? Hammer throwing, as Matilda's classmate Hortensia expains: "The hammer is actually a ruddy great cannonball at the end of a long bit of wire, and the thrower whisks it round and round his or her head faster and faster and then lets go… The Trunchbull will throw anything around just to keep her arm in, especially children."If the Trunchbull had competed at the London 2012 Olympics, she'd have needed a throw farther than the 78.18 m Olympic record set by Tatyana Lysenko of Russia to win. But the women's world record for the farthest hammer throw is even more impressive than this: Betty Heidler of Germany launched her hammer a whopping 79.42 m in Halle, Germany, on 21 May 2011. This is longer than a 747 jumbo jet - not even Trunchbull could throw a child this far! Talking of which…"She simply picked him up and flung him clear out of the open classroom window."When Julius Rottwinkle gets caught eating Liquiorice Allsorts during scripture lessons, the vicious Trunchbull picks him up and defenestrates him (that's "throws him out of the window" to you and me). And guess what - yes, there's a Guinness World Record for the longest distance to throw a person (although on to a crash-mat, if you please, not out the window into the lettuces!) If the evil headmistress had wanted to equal this record, she'd have had to pitch poor Julius at least 4.87 m (15 ft 11 in)! This how far record-holder Jonathan Macfarlane threw Andrew Rainford at the Sylvia Shopping Mall in Auckland, Australia, back in July 2009. Ouch!"With great care, she held the box over the neck of the jug and pulled the lid fully open and tipped the newt it."Remember Lavender's prank of dropping a newt into the Trunchbull's water jug? Well, if she wanted to make a really big splash, the naughty schoolgirl could have used the world's largest newt- the Spanish ribbed newt (Pleurodeles waltl), found in central and southern Iberia and Morocco, ranges in length from 15 to 30 cm (6 to 12 in).And if she wanted to be really naughty, there's always the most poisonous newt- the skin, muscles, and blood of the California newt (Taricha torosa) contain tetrodotoxin, a highly toxic and powerful nerve poison. Just one tiny drop of this substance will kill several thousand mice, and maybe even one Trunchbull. (Mmm, not even Roald Dahl was this twisted and cruel!)"The cake was fully eighteen inches in diameter and it was covered with dark-brown chocolate icing."When Bruce Bogtrotter eats a slice of the Trunchbull's chocolate cake, the punishment is severe: he is forced, under the threat of a whipping from a riding crop, to eat the entire cake, "fully eighteen inches [46 cm] in diameter and covered with dark-brown chocolate icing".Of course, we at Guinness World Records know many grub-guzzling gluttons like Bruce Bogtrooter. The king of them all, though, is chocolate-chomping Pat Bertoletti, who set the record for the most chocolate bars eaten in 1 minute when he scoffed three Mars bars in 2010. But Pat doesn't stop at chocolate. Oh no. This grand gastronome has set 60-second world records for eating the likes of bananas (8 in a minute), chicken nuggets (12), garlic cloves (36), Ferrero Rocher chocolates (9), grapes (40), jam doughnuts (3), mini gherkins (16), peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches (6), shrimps (167 g 5.89 oz) and yoghurt (1.27 kg 2 lb 12.8 oz). Burp!I wonder how Pat would get on if he had to eat the world's largest cake? Even if he and Bruce Bogtrotter teamed up, I doubt they'd get through the 58.1-tonne (128,238-lb) birthday cake made by EarthGrains bakery back in 1989. This is as heavy as 12 adult male elephants!"Now stay where you are, boy, while I test you on your spelling to see if you've learnt anything at all this past week."The Truchbull's spelling tests are a frightening experience, as little Nigel Hicks discovers. But not even the Trunchbull could fail to be impressed by the magical spelling prowess of record holder Shishir Hathwar of India. Back in November 2010, he broke the record for the fastest time to spell 50 words backwards, reeling off six, seven and eight-letter words in a time of just 1 min 22.53 sec.(And did you know that the f irst ever game show on TV was a spelling challenge! Spelling Beewas first transmitted by the BBC on 31 May 1938 - and I'd not be surprised if it's the Trunchbull's favourite TV show!)* Matilda The Musical's record and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition - available worldwide from 13th September 2012.
4976Ryan Giggs – His five most memorable goalsManchester United football star Ryan Giggs has scored an incredible four records in the 2013 edition of Guinness World Records.His unprecedented achievements as theFirst(and only)player to have appeared in every season of the football Premier League (1992 - 2011)and theFirst(and only)player to have scored in every season of the football Premier League (1992 - 2011),appear alongside his titlesMost appearances in the football Premier League (598)andMost Premier League winner's medals (12).Commenting on his records, the 38-year-old said: "I'm very proud to be recognised with these world records, especially to be the first and only player to have played and scored in every Premier League. To have my records in the Guinness World Records book, which I remember reading as a kid, is an amazing feeling."Here below, we look back at some the key moments of his incredible career.March 1991, Manchester United v Everton
Giggs makes his debut, replacing Brian McClair in a defeat against Everton, marking the start of a legendary career at Old Trafford.videoOctober 1997,Manchester United v Juventus
Having made something of a habit of scoring against Italian giants Juventus, this stunning strike at Old Trafford is arguable the pick of his goals against the 'Old Lady'.videoApril 1999, Manchester United v Arsenal 
Man United were chasing an unprecedented treble but had to overcome Arsenal in an FA Cup semi-final replay at Villa Park. After losing their captain Roy Keane to a red card, it looked as if the chance had gone, as Arsenal battered them. However, Welsh wizard Giggs picked up the ball in his own half before blitzing through the entire Arsenal defence and coolly finishing past Gunners keeper David Seaman to fire United into the final.videoMay 2008, Manchester United v Chelsea 
Giggs ensures his second Champions League success in Moscow by scoring a penalty in the deciding shootout in a match which saw him break Sir Bobby Charlton's club appearance record.videoFebruary 2009, West Ham v Manchester UnitedFellow veteran Paul Scholes lays off the the ball on the left, allowing Giggs to cut inside. As the West Ham defence stood off, the winger spotted his opportunity, powering home a shot with his right foot to secure a precious victory on the road to another title.videoRyan's records and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition - available worldwide from 13th September 2012.
4977Images of the Week: From the most ice cream on a cone to the oldest living chickenEvery Friday we'll be publishing on some of our favourite images that have been recently added to the GWR archive. Here's a look at some of this week's best images:Most ice cream scoops balanced on a coneThe most ice cream scoops balanced on a cone (above) is 71 and was achieved by Dimitri Panciera (Italy), in Forno di Zoldo, Italy, on 22 July 2012. The attempt was held at an ice cream festival called Gelatiamo in Forno di Zoldo.Longest breath hold swim under ice (fins and diving suit)The longest distance swam under ice with the breath held is 130 m (426 ft 6 in) by Michele Tomasi (Italy), without the use of breathing equipment but with a wetsuit and swim fins, at Lago Santo in Cembra, Trento, Italy, on 12 February 2012. The ice was 46 cm thick and it took Michele 2 minutes and 15 seconds to swim 130 m.Largest human smileyThe largest human smiley was achieved by 3,737 participants organised by ITM University (India) at their annual techno-cultural festival KRONOS 2012 in Gwalior, India, on 8 February 2012. The diameter of the smiley measured 43.5 m (142 ft 8 in).Most people firewalking consecutively - single venueThe most people firewalking consecutively is 608 people and was achieved by Eastbourne Scouts (New Zealand), in Eastbourne, Wellington, New Zealand, on 28 April 2012. The event was organised by Eastbourne Scouts as a way to raise money for charity, promote scouting and to try to show local scouts that they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. Members of the Eastbourne and surrounding Wellington community walked across hot coals in an effort to raise money for charities 'So They Can' and 'The Orphans of Nepal Trust'.Most leaves on a cloverThe most leaves on a clover stem (Trifolium repens L.) is 56 and was discovered by Shigeo Obara of Hanamaki City, Iwate, Japan, on 10 May 2009. Mr. Obara has studied clovers for many years and was the finder of the previous record holder in this category.Oldest living chickenThe oldest living chicken is Muffy, a Red Quill Muffed American Game, who at 22 years old as of 2011, was born on 01 Jan 1989 and belongs to Todd McWilliams from Maryland, USA.
4978Human flag and national anthem world records beaten in Pakistan during Punjab Youth Festival – videoA series of world records were set in Pakistan earlier this week during the annual Punjab Youth and Sport Festival in Lahore.Monday saw 24,200 people hold up green and white boxes at the National Hockey Stadium to create the Pakistani standard, setting a new record for the world's largest human flag.The attempt broke a record of 21,726, set five years ago in Hong Kong.videoConfirming the new benchmark, Guinness World Records adjudicator Gareth Deaves told the cheering crowd: "Every single one of you holds this record".The flag record followed another successful attempt in the stadium which saw the country reclaim the title for the most people singing a national anthem, with an amassed crowd of 42,813 singing Qaumī Tarāna in unison, smashing the previous best of 15,243 held by India.videoEarlier on Monday, 1,936 Pakistani students broke the record of the largest picture mosaic formed by people at the same venue here.The large scale image depicted the Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort), a local landmark and bettered a record of 1,458 people set in South Carolina, USA last year.Other records set during the festival included:Most martial arts kicks in three minutes (using one leg) (male): 616 - Ahmed Amin BodlaHeaviest vehicle pulled by beard: 1,700kg (3747 lbs 13 oz) - Sadi AhmedFastest time to wire a plug: 35.93 seconds - Mian Nouman AnjumFastest time to make 3 chapatis: 3 minutes 14.98 sec - Mohammad Mansha (Mohammad is the head chef at the National Hockey Stadium).Fastest time to arrange a chess set: 45.48 seconds - Meher Gul. (Meher is a 12-year-old female chess champion).Most consecutive football headers: 335 - Daniel Gill & Qamar RizwanFastest time to dress in cricket whites (batsman gear): - 1 minute 18.21 seconds - Mohammed Jaleel ul HassanMost leapfrog jumps in 30 seconds: 34 - Lt Nouman Rafeeq and Seraz Safaraz
4979Mr Punch puppet show’s 350th anniversary celebrated with world recordPic: From left to right: Punch and Judy puppet maker Bryan Clarke, John Styles (Associate Festival Director for The Big Grin), Glyn Edwards (Big Grin Festival Director)A new Guinness World Record title has been being awarded to mark the 350 th birthday of traditional slapstick puppet show Punch and Judy.Best associated with the seaside towns of Britain, the first documented appearance of Mr Punch was recorded by diarist Samuel Pepys, who detailed seeing a show featuring the red-nosed Mr Punch puppet in a theatre booth in London's Covent Garden in May 1662.To celebrate the landmark anniversary, a new GWR title for theworld's first recorded Mr. Punch puppet showhas been awarded.Organisers of The Big Grin Festival and the 37 th annual Covent Garden May Fayre and Puppet Festival which was held last weekend in Covent Garden, along with puppeteers from across the world, were the proud recipients of the title.John Styles, Associate Festival Director for The Big Grin, says, "We are delighted that Mr. Punch remains a record breaker in the 21 st Century. The award is accepted on behalf of Punch performers past & present who have all played their part in keeping the tradition alive."The record was recognised as part World Record London, a calendar of record-breaking events taking place in the run-up to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. So far the project has overseen successful record attempts for the longest curtsey relay and the longest marathon hug, with future events set to include the Queen's Diamond Jubilee River Pageant on Sunday 3 June which hopes to break the record for the Largest parade of boats. Gordon Innes, CEO at London & Partners, said: "Punch and Judy theatre and street entertainment is a London tradition and is a part of what makes the capital special. Covent Garden is renowned for its arts and theatre heritage and it remains a huge draw for millions of visitors who come to enjoy the talent, creativity and the unique atmosphere."To find out what's coming up as part of World Record London, visit , for further information on The Big Grin, head to
4980Largest solar-powered boat completes around-the-world voyageMS Tûranor PlanetSolar, the world's largest solar-powered boat, today completed an incredible round-the-world journey which has earned the catamaran and its crew a total of five world records.Having begun its voyage in September 2010 with a mission to promote renewable energy, the vessel docked at Hercule Harbor in Monaco this afternoon to end its epic journey and become the first solar-powered boat to circumnavigate the globe.As well as setting a new record for the longest journey by solar-powered boat, the project has also seen the catamaran claim Guinness World Record titles for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by solar power and the fastest crossing of the South China Sea by solar power.Measuring 31-metres in length and featuring 537 square metres of black solar panels mounted around its raised cockpit, the boat sailed more than 60'000 km during its 19-month adventure, travelling over every ocean and continent using only photovoltaic energy.As well as passing through the Panama and Suez canals, the boat also made stop-offs in 28 countries including Mexico, Australia, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, with the breaks used to promote the use of solar energy at local events.Swiss electrical engineer Raphael Domjan was inspired to start the project nine years ago after seeing the effects of climate change on an Icelandic glacier.Speaking to AFP-TV ahead of the final leg of the journey, Domjan explained: "The idea was not to perform a feat but an eco-adventure with the aim of passing on the message that change is possible"."We have everything at our disposal: the know-how, technology, raw materials and renewable energy to become sustainable and protect the planet".Designed and constructed over a period of two years, MS Tûranor PlanetSolar cost a total of 15 million euros to build following funding by a number of sponsors and private partners.Festivities celebrating the boat's arrival are set to continue throughout the night in Monaco, with a light show and a concert by Swiss band Sonalp both being powered in suitable fashion by the energy stored in the craft's batteries.

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