Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

5071Royal London hits a six with cricket world record to mark sponsorship dealFinancial services company Royal London launched its title sponsorship of English one-day cricket in suitable style on Tuesday with a successful attempt at a cricket ‘keepy-uppys‘ world record.Stuart Broad (England and Nottinghamshire), Ben Stokes (England and Durham), Charlotte Edwards (England and Kent Women’s Captain) and Wayne Madsen (Derbyshire County Captain) were on hand at London’s iconic Royal Opera House as they each competed to set an official Guinness World Record for the ‘most cricket bat touches in one minute’.The showdown saw Derbyshire skipper Wayne, above, beat off the stiff competition to triumph with an impressive 282 bat touches in a minute to take the title.Taking place ahead of the first Royal London one day international this Friday, which sees England visit Scotland in Aberdeen, the record attempt also saw the players pose for photographs next to a giant cricket ball in the Covent Garden Piazza, highlighting Royal London’s distinctive new purple identity.The launch also saw Charlotte presented with an official Guinness World Records certificate, recognising her achievement of Most Runs scored in One-Day Internationals (female), having notched up 5,432 runs over the course of her career.The event received widespread attention across both sports and regular national news media, with the Daily Mail, Cricket World and the Northern Echo among those covering the launch.
5072Three UK set longest over and under line record at Wembley Stadium team building eventTelecommunications company Three UK recently gathered its employees together to achieve the Guinness World Records record title for the Longest over and under line.The attempt was part of a company conference and was a surprise to employees when they entered London's iconic Wembley Stadium.Under the rules for the record, participants must stand one behind another in a straight line at one arm’s length apart and are required to pass a ball continuously along the line in the correct 'over and under' pattern, without dropping the ball.Only three attempts were allowed to achieve this record and Three UK definitely needed them.The first disqualification was right at the beginning where the line started by passing the ball through the legs rather than over the head.Only a few hundred people in and the second attempt was disqualified because an individual left the line and returned moments later.With only one more chance up their sleeve, the team managed to pass the ball over and under all the way to its 721st participant.The previous record had been 304 participants and was achieved by children’s TV show Blue Peter during its 'Go Pyjamas Appeal' in November 2012.
5073Record Holder Profile Video: Take a tour of Kevin Silva’s incredible Bat-cave of Dark Knight memorabiliaStep inside Kevin Silva’s amazing Bat-cave - a treasure trove of memorabilia dedicated to comic book hero Batman.
5074Stephen Daultrey: Our Gamer's Edition editor shares his favourite records from the new bookStephen Daultrey is the editor of the amazing Guinness World Records 2016 Gamer's Edition that is out now. With the book packed full of fantastic new facts and records about the most popular games around, Stephen has picked out his favourite moments to share with you below...
5075Largest ever bobbin lace is unveiled in Portuguese town to celebrate historical traditionAfter a whole year of hard work, Portuguese lace-makers ‘The Rendilheiras’ recently completed the Largest bobbin lace.
5076Jordan glides into the record books with 611m long slip and slideAiming to highlight the country of Jordan as a fun tourist destination, Mobile network operator Orange Jordan, along with Ziyad Mazzawi Corporation and Monaco Business Development organised an exciting record-breaking event last week billed as “Slide Jordan”.
50772015 in World Records - August: Guinness World Records celebrates its 60th anniversary while singer Ed Sheeran secures a chart recordContinuing our month-by-month look back over the past year of fantastic record-breaking feats, Guinness World Records celebrated a landmark of its own when it turned 60 years old in August - the same month we witnessed a British man complete 2,220 push ups in just 60 minutes, a German man celebrate his birthday for two days, and singer Ed Sheeran receive a certificate for his chart achievement...
50782015 in World Records - June: Caitlyn Jenner shatters Obama’s Twitter record and LEGO build a 35 m towerContinuing our month-by-month look back over the past year of fantastic record-breaking feats, we return to June 2015 where we saw reality TV personality Caitlyn Jenner shatter President Obama’s Twitter record, Audi travel the world on one tank of fuel and new movies Star Wars and Jurassic Park achieve incredible Guinness World Records titles...
5079Record Holder Profile Video: Tameru Zegeye – The fastest man on forearm crutchesMeet the inspiring record-breaker who has overcome disability and developed a unique and striking talent.
5080Classics: Dog with largest repertoire of tricksEach week here on, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.
5081Iglesia Ni Cristo New Year's event in the Philippines confirmed as largest firework display everPhilippines' Iglesia Ni Cristo started the New Year with a huge bang, achieving not one, but three new Guinness World Records titles to add to its growing collection.
5082Most words in a hit singleEminemUnited States, Not applicable01 January 2013Rap God by Eminem (USA) packs 1,560 words into a fast and furious 6 min 4 sec – that's a tongue-twisting average of 4.28 words per second! In one 15-second segment alone, "Slim Shady" spits 97 words (6.46 words per second) at "supersonic speed".Excluding the 26-second intro (spoken by an unknown vocalist) and an indeterminate number of words rapped by Eminem in the intro's background (likely to be 22, all included in the total of 1,560), "Slim Shady" actually raps 1,460 words in 5 min 38 sec (4.31 words per second) in the verses/choruses of the track."Rap God" finds Eminem spitting rhymes about Monica Lewinsky, Dale Earnhardt and a host of fellow rappers including 2Pac, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Run-DMC, Dr Dre, Rakim, Pharoahe Monch, Fabolous, Ray J and Heavy D & The Boyz. In all, 43 figures from the world of rap/hip-hop are name-checked/referenced by Eminem.Taken from The Marshall Mathers LP 2, Eminem's eighth studio album, "Rap God" debuted at Number 5 on the UK's Official Singles Chart on 26 October 2013, and at Number 7 on the US Billboard Hot 100 on 2 November 2013, as well as charting in numerous other countries around the world. It was the rapper's seventh Top 10 debut on the Hot 100, eclipsing Lil Wayne (six) for the most Top 10 debuts on the Hot 100 (male)."Rap God" also helped Eminem set the record for the most simultaneous Top 20 hits on the US Hot 100 as a lead solo artist. "The Monster" (No.3), "Berzerk" (No.15), "Survival" (No.16) and "Rap God" (No.17) were all in the Top 20 on 16 November 2013. Only The Beatles, with six simultaneous Top 20 hits in April-May 1964, can better Eminem's achievement among lead artists. 50 Cent, T-Pain and Lil Wayne have all had four songs in the Top 20 at the same time, but all were featured artists on at least one track.Eminem performed "Rap God" at the inaugural YouTube Music Awards in New York City, USA, on 3 November 2013.Main image via Reuters
5083Living tree with greatest girthUnknownMexicoThe living tree with the greatest circumference (girth) is that belonging to El Arbol del Tule in Oaxaca state, Mexico. This Montezuma cypress (Taxodium mucronatum) measured 42 m (137 ft) tall in 1998, with a girth of approximately 36 m (119 ft) and a diameter of 11.5 m (38 ft), at 1.5 m (5 ft) above the ground. The Tree of One Hundred Horses, a European chestnut (Castanea sativa) had a circumference of 57.9 m (190 ft) in 1780, but unfortunately, due to abuse over the years, this tree is now in 3 widely separate pieces. (See tree - greatest girth ever).Generally speaking, however, the largest girths are attributed to African baobab trees (Adansonia digitata), with measurements of 43 m (141 ft) recorded. However, measurers need to make sure that it is indeed one mass (as the Montezuma is) rather than a few fused together.If 10 medium sized cars were placed end-to-end in a circle this would be about the same size as the girth of this tree. Please note that this was updated according to the letter received from Ron Hildebrant in October 2002 (attached), explaining our previously wrong measurements.
5084First crossing of the English Channel swimming (male)Matthew WebbfirstEngland, Dover25 January 1875The first to swim the English Channel from shore to shore (without a life jacket) was the Merchant Navy captain Matthew Webb (UK, 1848-83) who swam an estimated 61 km (38 miles) to make the 33-km (21-mile) crossing from Dover, England to Calais Sands, France, in 21 hr 45 min from 12:56 p.m. to 10:41 a.m. on 24-25 August 1875. Paul Boyton (USA) had swum from Cap Gris-Nez to the South Foreland in his patent life-saving suit in 23 hr 30 min on 28-29 May 1875. There is good evidence that Jean-Marie Saletti, a French soldier, escaped from a British prison hulk off Dover by swimming to Boulogne in July or August 1815.The first crossing from France to England was made by Enrico Tiraboschi, a wealthy Italian living in Argentina, in 16 hr 33 min on 12 August 1923, to win the Daily Sketch prize of œ1000.As of May 1997, there had been 6,406 attempts to swim the Channel by 4,412 people. Of these, 505 individuals (342 men and 163 women) from 42 countries have made 768 successful crossings 733 solo, 22 double and 3 triple.
5085Most rings juggledAnthony GattoUnknown01 January 2005Several people have been reported as succeeding in juggling eleven rings: Albert Petrovski (USSR) in 1963, Evgeni Bilyauer (USSR) in 1968, and Sergei Ignatov (USSR) in 1973 were all accorded the record, but there is no verification as to how many catches each was able to achieve, whether they managed a flash (11 catches), a qualifying run (22 catches), or something in between. The record for truly juggling a qualifying run with the most rings goes to Anthony Gatto (USA), who made 47 catches with ten rings in 2005. Anthony has also documented 17 catches with eleven rings, in 2006.
5086First people to reach the north polePeary v Cook controversyfirstArctic, ArcticThe first person to reach the North Pole has long been a matter of controversy and debate between two American explorers, and their supporters, both of whom claimed to have been the first, and both of whom disputed the other's claim as a fraud, whether intentional or not. Robert Peary, travelling with Matt Henson (USA), indicated he had reached the North Pole on 6 April 1909, however Frederick Cook, claimed he had done so a year earlier, on 21 April 1908. Despite investigations into the claims (both at the time and since) neither can be unquestionably proven.What is agreed, is that the first person to reach the North Pole - on foot (with dogs, but supported by airdrops) - was Sir Wally Herbert (UK), on 6 April 1969. On 4 May 1990, Børge Ousland and Erling Kagge reached the North Pole on skis without resupply, after a journey lasting 58 days, making them the first people to reach the North Pole unsupported. (A third companion, Geir Randby, was injured en route and had to abandon the expedition.) The first person to walk, solo and unsupported to the North Pole was Børge Ousland (Norway) in 1994.Other points:At the time, and after initial hesitation, the Royal Geographical Society supported Peary's claim. However, it now supports neither Peary's nor Cook's.The National Geographic Society (USA) sponsored Peary's expedition, and in 1989 concluded that Peary was within five miles of the Pole. But as sponsor, can their judgement be relied upon?In 2005, Tom Avery (UK) and Matty McNair (USA) effectively renacted Peary's 1909 journey, even beating Peary's 37-day trip. This does not necessarily prove Peary's claim as more reliable, as Avery and McNair were airlifted from the Pole, thus allowing them to travel with less supplies.
5087Largest GPS drawing by an individualYasushi Takahashi7163.67 kilometre(s)Japan, ,,Across the lenght of Japan09 June 2010The largest GPS drawing is 7,163.67 km (4,451 miles) long and was created by Yasushi Takahashi (Japan), in Japan, on 9 June 2010.The image was created in order for Mr Takahashi to propose to his girlfriend. The image spelt out 'Marry Me' across the length of Japan, with a heart covering the island of Hokkaido. Fortunately, she said 'yes'.
5088Most weight lifted by rear lateral raises in one hour (individual)Eamonn KeaneIreland, Louisburgh06 October 2010The most weight lifted by rear lateral raises in one hour was 32,500 kg (71,650 lb) by Eamonn Keane (Ireland) at Louisburgh Gym in Louisburgh, Ireland, on 6 October 2010.
5089Largest food courtOasis restaurants and entertainment41000/4223 square metre(s)Egypt, Cairo04 August 2011The largest food court is Oasis restaurants and entertainment, in Cairo, Egypt. With a total floor area of 41,000 m² (441,318 ft² 80 in²), it comprises 25 restaurants and cafes with a total seating capacity of 4,223. Oasis was inaugurated on 4 August 2011.Oasis food court has a kids zone for toddlers to 16-years-olds, and a car park that can hold up to 1,000 vehicles.
5090Largest order of mammals used in mine clearanceGiant African Pouched Rat (Cricetomys gambianus)firstTanzania, 01 January 2010In Tanzania, Africa, rats are being trained by a Dutch Non Governmental Organisation (APOPO) to sniff out landmines, having already been used successfully in Mozambique for this purpose. Out of nearly 2,000 species in the order of rodents, the Giant African Pouched Rat (Cricetomys gambianus), is the favoured animal, as it is found everywhere in sub-Saharan Africa and is resilient to most tropical diseases. They are a cost effective and efficient way of undertaking what is otherwise a highly dangerous task for human operatives. The work is much less dangerous for rats as they are much lighter and therefore unlikely to trigger a mine. Training the rats to recognise the smell of TNT explosive takes around nine months and two rats can clear an area of 200 square metres (2,150 square feet) in two hours, whereas human mine clearers would need a day for the same area. Such rats have already cleared almost two million square metres of land in Mozambique. The rats can also be trained to detect tuberculosis in human sputum samples.
5091Most skateboard frontside boneless in 30 secondsAlex SorgenteUnited States, Los Angeles30 July 2010The most front side boneless on a skateboard in 30 seconds is 15 by Alex Sorgente (USA) at X Games 16 in Los Angeles, CA, USA, on 30 July 2010.
5092Largest impossible bottleNelson's ship in a bottle4.7/2.8 litre(s)United Kingdom (England only), Commissioned by the Mayor of London, "Nelson's Ship in a Bottle" is a scale replica of the British warship, HMS Victory contained within a giant bottle. It was produced by British artist Yinka Shonibare, MBE. Measuring 4.7 m (15.5 ft) in length and 2.8 m (9.2 ft) in diameter, the artwork was originally designed to sit on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, London, UK. The ship's 37 large sails are made of richly patterned textiles commonly associated with African dress.
5093First human powered aircraft with flapping wingsSnowbird OrnithopterfirstCanada, Tottenham,Great Lakes Gliding Club02 August 2010The Snowbird is a very light aircraft, weighing only 43 kg (94 pounds). It is built from kevlar, foam and balsa wood and is powered by the human body. Such an aircraft is called an Ornithopter. On 2 August 2010, Todd Reichert, a Canadian student, powered and flew the Snowbird for 19.3 seconds, maintaining an altitude of three metres, and flying at an average speed of 25.6 km/h (16.5 mph). It flew 145 m (476 ft) at the Great Lakes Gliding Club in Tottenham, Ontario. Whereas the Gossamer Condor became the first human powered aircraft capable of sustained and controlled flight in 1977, the Snowbird, which has a wingspan of 105 feet, comparable to a Boeing 737, is the first to flap its wings like a bird for propulsion and actually sustain level flight, thus fulfilling one of man's earliest ambitions.
5094First captured narco-submarineA 31-metre diesel electric submarinefirstColombia, 02 July 2010While semi-submersible “narco subs”, which float at or marginally below the surface of the sea, have been used by drug smugglers for about 17 years, the first, long range, fully submersible, technologically advanced “narco” submarine was seized on 2 July 2010 in a mangrove swamp near San Lorenzo, just south of the Columbian border, by Ecuadorian police authorities before its maiden voyage. Capable of carrying between 7-10 tonnes of drugs (with an estimated value of US $100 million for pure cocaine), the diesel electric submarine has a fibreglass hull about 31 metres (102 feet) long, a 3-metre conning tower with periscope and an air conditioning system. A fish-finder device is used as its “eyes” and experts believe it is capable of cruising at 5 knots for extended range at a depth of about 50 feet. Its potential for infiltrating terrorists is also causing concern in law enforcement circles.
5095Largest sculpture made from lanternsPampers Brand, Procter & Gamble39.06/11.61/13.25 metre(s)China, Beijing10 January 2012The largest sculpture made from lanterns measured 39.06 x 11.61 x 13.25 m (128 ft 1.79 in x 38 ft 1.09 in x 43 ft 5.65 in) and was created by Pampers Brand, Procter & Gamble in Beijing, China, on 10 January 2012.
5096Most weight lifted by rear lateral raises in one minuteEamonn KeaneIreland, Louisburgh,,Louisburgh Gym16 October 2013The most weight lifted by rear lateral raises in one minute is 1,845 kg (4,067.53 lb) and was achieved by Eamonn Keane (Ireland) at Louisburgh Gym in Louisburgh, Ireland, on 16 October 2013.Eamonn used two 22.5 kg dumbbells and managed at total of 41 lifts within the one minute timeframe.
5097Climbing the height of Everest on a machine (male team)Steve Wilson, Chritopher Grimshaw, Charlie Boyes, Richard Saville, Daniel Levy, Kevin Williams, David Rome, Edward Kerry1/56/8 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Falkland Islands, Mount Pleasant Airfield27 April 2004The fastest time to climb the height of Everest (8,848m 29,028ft)* on a 'versaclimber' exercise machine is 1 hr 56 min 8 sec by a team of eight. Royal Airforce firefighters Richard Saville, Edward Kerry, Steve Wilson, Chris Grimshaw, Charlie Boyes, Dan Levy, Dave Rome and Kevin Williams (all UK) broke the record at the NAAFI Bar, Mount Pleasant Airfield, Falkland Islands on 27 April 2004.* this is the previously recognised official measurement of 8,848 m or 29,028 ft.
5098First flying carTerrafugia TransitionfirstUnited Kingdom, -01 January 2009Due to make its first flight in February 2009, the ultimate off-roader, the Terrafugia Transition, the first integrated, fixed roadable aircraft -or flying car - is a two-seater aircraft that, at the touch of a button, converts in just 15 seconds to a car that has the potential to be legally used on certain roads. The wings fold automatically and all the parts are in the vehicle. It will cruise at 100 knots, carry a useful payload of 430lbs burn 5 gallons an hour in the air and achieve 30 mpg on the road. Forty are already ordered at a reported cost of around US$200,000 or £132,000. While there have been other so-called flying cars, this is the first that does not have to have any extra equipment or wings fitted to it in order to covert to an aircraft. The wings are integral to the car.
5099Most powerful handheld laserHercules 500Canada, Toronto22 November 2007Tested three times in five minute durations using two separate photon measuring devices, the Hercules 500 outputted 1W peak and 940 mW (+/- 20 mW) average of brilliant green (532 nm) laser light. Made by Laserglow Technologies of Ontario, Canada, the Class IV handheld battery-powered device features five independent safety devices to make it legal to use around the world. Long-range applications include construction and antenna alignment, but over short distances the laser is capable of starting fires.
5100Most skateboard ollie big spins in one minuteRob Dyrdek12 timesUnited States, Los Angeles17 September 2007The most skateboard ollie big spins in one minute is 12 by Rob Dyrdek (USA) on MTV's The Rob & Big Show in Los Angeles, California, USA on 17 September 2007.

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