Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

5101Most advanced long range airborne surveillance systemSentinel R1UK, RAF Waddington,Lincolnshire10 February 2009With the introduction of the fifth and final new Sentinel R1 (spy jet) into Royal Air Force service on 10 February 2009, the UK armed forces have gained a long-range battlefield intelligence, target imaging and surveillance capability that is the most advanced of its kind in the world. Located at RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire, UK, No 5 (Army Co-operation) Squadron - which, when fully staffed will have over 300 personnel and be the largest flying squadron in the RAF - now has five modified Bombardier Global Express aircraft equipped with the Raytheon Airborne Stand-off Radar (ASTOR). This is an upgrade of the ASARS-2 sideways looking radar used on the Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. The radar will provide high quality radar images of a surveyed area, while the Moving Target Indicator (MTI) will detect moving vehicles operating in the area. The aircraft can operate at altitudes in excess of 40,000 feet an endurance of 9 hours without refuelling, and has a max speed of Mach 0.75. It is operated by a crew of five: two pilots two imagery analysts and a mission commander. The UK MOD is spending £954 million on the five aircraft and eight, associated ground stations.
5102Newest species of iguanaConolophus rosadafirstEcuador, Galapagos Islands01 January 2009Although a number of new species of small, drab-coloured lizard are discovered and named each year, discoveries of large, conspicuously-coloured lizard species are much rarer. In 2009, however, it was announced that a new species of iguana, rose-pink (rosada) in colour and up to 1.75 m long, had been discovered living on a single volcanic mountain called Volcan Wolf on the island of Isabela in the Galapagos chain. Genetic tests confirmed that it was a very distinctive species, dating back over 5 million years, and which had already branched off from the other, yellowish-brown species of iguana here while the Galapagos archipelago had still been forming. Interestingly, the pink iguana, which has been named Conolophus rosada, had first been seen on Isabela in 1986, by park rangers, but had been dismissed as nothing more than a freak colour variety of the familiar yellow land iguana (Conolophus subcristatus).
5103Most people exercising to a computer programmeAtlanta Falcons Football Club2288 participantsUnited States, Atlanta07 December 2010The largest virtual aerobics/exercise class consisted of 2,288 students, organized by the Atlanta Falcons Football Club (USA), at The Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on 7 December 2010. The students were joined by Falcons players Andy Strickland, Christopher Owens, William Moore, Erik Coleman, Stephen Nicholas, Antone Smith, Gartrell Johnson III and Harry Douglas, who exercised to a virtual workout program provided by HOPSports Training Systems.The attempt was done in part to help promote the National Football League's Play 60 campaign, which encourages children to live a healthy lifestyle by playing outdoors for at least 60 minutes a day.
5104Largest tanker ship hijackSirius Star09 January 2009On 15 November 2008, pirates - some 450 nautical miles (830 km) off the coast of Somalia, East Africa - captured one of the world´s largest oil tankers, the Sirius Star (UAE). It is 330 metres (1,100 feet long) with a gross tonnage (GT) of 162,252 tons and a total cargo capacity of 318,000 metric tons deadweight. At the time of capture it was carrying a load of crude oil bound for the USA valued at US$110 million (£77.1 million). It was taken by the pirates to the Somali port of Haradheere, and a ransom demanded from the owners. It was eventually released on 9 January 2009, and one of the negotiators for the pirates told the BBC that a ransom of US$3 million (£1.95 million) had been paid. The Sirius Star is the largest ship ever to have been hi-jacked by pirates.
5105Longest scratch/scratchboard art pieceHamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for the distinguished Academic Performance- Giftedness 201227.10/2.19 metre(s)United Arab Emirates, Dubai17 July 2012The longest scratch art piece measured 27.10 m (88 ft 10.93 in) in length by 2.19 m (7 ft 2.22 in) in width and was achieved by 25 students from the Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for the distinguished Academic Performance- Giftedness 2012 (UAE), at the Institute of Applied Technology, in Dubai, UAE, on 17 July 2012.The scratch art piece displays the history and heritage of Dubai, from the old city to the new. It is made up of 12 different panels, each panel was scratched by a students and revealing a unique set of colours beneath the black acrylic. The period of history included Old Arab, Ramadan, The five pillars of Islam, Heritage, Camel race, Desert Safari, Horse race, Creek of Dubai, Skyline of Dubai, the Metro, Malls and the Burj Khalifa. The initial colours were first painted on to the plastic canvas and then the black acrylic was applied. The students began the attempt at 9.30 a.m. and finished scratching and cleaning the scratch art piece at 6.30 p.m.
5106Most players in a five-a-side soccer exhibition matchPetts Wood Football Club676 peopleUnited Kingdom, Bromley, Kent,,Petts Wood Football ClubThe most players in a 5-a-side football exhibition match is 676, and was achieved by Petts Wood Football Club (UK), in Bromley, UK, on 19-20 May 2012.The attempt raised funds for the treatment of one of their players, Harry King, that has been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia.The attempt lasted 25 hr, with "Petts Wood Football Club" defeating "South London Nomads" by a score of 115 to 105.
5107Smallest area to lay claim to nation statusSealandUnited Kingdom, Sealand01 January 1966During the Second World War, the British government built a fort (Roughs Tower) on the High Seas 11 km (7 miles) off the east coast of the United Kingdom, which was a base for radar, heavy armament and about 200 service personnel, to guard and protect the approaches to the Thames Estuary. Essentially it is a landing platform measuring 1,300 m² (13,990 ft), connected to the sea-bed by concrete pillars. Following the war, the island remained derelict until 1966, when a British family took possession and declared the Principality (or Duchy) of Sealand and spent many years struggling to have their claim recognised, arguing that most major European states and international lawyers have declared that Sealand fulfilled all the legal requirements for a state, and that the sovereignty of Sealand was absolute and unquestionable. The occupiers produced their own constitution, flag, national anthem, currency – the Sealand dollar - and passports (by 1975, 106 persons possessed 'citizenship of Sealand'). It was put up for sale in 2007 and this has now raised again the question of the legal status of the Principality.It has declared itself a tax free zone and there are no gaming restrictions of customs duties.Pic: Alamy
5108Most step-ups in one minute carrying a 100-lb packPaddy DoyleUnited Kingdom, Solihull23 August 2014The most step ups in one minute carrying an 100 lb pack is 40 and was achieved by Paddy Doyle (UK) in Solihull, West Midlands, UK, on 23 August 2014.
5109Greatest distance travelled on a slackline while juggling three objectsLyle BennettSouth Africa, Stellenbosch04 October 2014The greatest distance travelled on a slackline whilst juggling three objects is 33.35 m (109 ft 4.99 in) and was achieved by Lyle Bennett (South Africa) at the Wild Clover Farm in Stellenbosch, South Africa, on 4 October 2014. Lyle juggled three juggling balls and the attempt took 4 min 2 sec.
5110Most freshly baked sweet buns sold in 24 hours (single kind)Peaterpan Co., Ltd.9,749 unit(s) soldJapan, Kamagaya15 November 2015The most freshly baked sweet buns sold in 24 hours (single kind) is 9,749, achieved by Peaterpan Co., Ltd. (Japan) in Kamagaya, Chiba, Japan, on 15 November 2015. The sweet bun sold was melon pan, a popular sweet bread in Japan named for its melon-like shape.
5111Largest 3D printed structureParkview Green1.24 cubic metre(s)China, 30 September 2015The largest 3D printed structure consists of 1.24 m³ (43.8 ft³) of 3D printed material and was achieved by Parkview Green FangCaoDi for the structure ’Vulcan’, designed by architects Yu Lei & Xu Feng, and unveiled in Beijing, China on 30 September 2015. The structure was 2.8 m high and was in the form of an archway.
5112Largest crustacean sculptureHubei ChinaLion Ecological Lobster City Co.,Ltd.18.92 x 12.81 x 15.64 metre(s)China, Qianjiang13 June 2015The largest crustacean sculpture measures 18.92 m x 12.81 m x 15.64 m (62 ft 0.88 in x 42 ft 0.33 in x 51 ft 3.75 in) and was achieved by Hubei ChinaLion Ecological Lobster City Co.,Ltd. (China) in Qianjiang, Hubei, China on 13 June 2015. The sculpture is in the shape of lobster which is the local delicacy.
5113Greatest distance by a battery powered radio-controlled model car on a single charge (RC)Neil Elliot, Saskia Kroschewski, Bodo Schiefer, Torsten Gerst, Fabio Montero, Christiano Rocco, Thiago Jacon, Mark Hendy, Fabian Kirner, Rene Püpke, Arno Püpke106.93 kilometre(s)Germany, Viersen24 January 2016The greatest distance by a battery powered radio-controlled (RC) model car on a single charge is 106.93 km (66.44 mi), achieved by Arno Püpke, René Püpke (both Germany) and their team at the Tennishalle Viersen, Viersen, Germany, on 24 January 2016. The attempt was achieved in tribute to Bertha Benz, who in August 1886 drove 106 km (66 mi), which was the longest distance driven at the time.
5114The Latest and Greatest in Gaming Achievement Revealed in the New Guinness World Records™ 2014 Gamer’s EditionThe latest and greatest gaming achievements achieved in the last 12 months are featured in the new Guinness World Records 2014 Gamer’s Edition, which is out now.New feats recognised in the latest edition of the best-selling book series include the Largest Collection of Videogames Longest Marathon on a Dance Game Fastest Game to Gross $1 Billion and a 24 year-old Brit who has recorded record-breaking high scores on PAC-man and Angry Birds.Michael Thomasson, pictured above, is recognised as the owner of the Largest Videogame Collection in the world. The 43 year-old, who teaches videogame history and design at Canisius College in Buffalo, USA, has 10,607 games in his collection. This is made even more astonishing by the fact Michael has had to restart his collection from scratch—twice! Thomasson began collecting at age 12 when he received “Cosmic Avengers” for the Colecovision. He sold off his entire collection in 1989 in order to buy a Sega Genesis. He then rebuilt his stash, only to sell it off again in 1998 to pay for his wedding. He started collecting again shortly after marrying, on an average of buying two games per day, with a $3,000-a-year budget. His current collection ranges from mainstream titles on the PlayStation to titles on obscure systems, such as the ‘Casio Loopy’ (a specialist Japanese system). The collection is estimated to be worth around $700,000.Another American, 37 year-old Carrie Swidecki, makes it into the iconic book for an incredible feat of physical endurance. The teacher from Bakersfield, California, played popular rhythm game ‘Just Dance 4’ for 49 hours, 3 minutes, 22 seconds earning herself the record for Longest Marathon on a Dance Game. Carrie who considers herself an ambassador for ‘exergaming’ says: “I never want to wake up from this dream! 13 years ago I was 210 pounds, and then I discovered how easy it was to exercise using videogames. I lost 75 pounds, went down 10 sizes, set 5 World Records. I have become an advocate to fight childhood obesity in schools!”On the other end of the spectrum is an entry from one of the most popular licensed games in history – Batman: Arkham City. Sean “DarthKnight” Grayson completed the game in 2 hours, 3 minutes, 19 seconds, earning himself a record for the Fastest Completion of Batman: Arkham City. Sean said: “Some of the fights did not go well,” he said, “but I think that’s expected. I’m not actually Batman.”British talent is also represented in the new book. 24 year-old Stephen Kish from Hove, East Sussex, is recognised for high score records on two iconic videogame series: World’s Biggest Pac-Man (5,555,552 points) and Angry Birds (37,510 points recorded on Level 1-1 of ‘Poached Eggs’).As well as incredible marathons, high scores and record-breaking collections, Gamer’s Edition 2014 naturally recognises the biggest moment in the last 12 months of gaming the launch of Grand Theft Auto V. Upon its release, the fifteenth title in the series sold 11.21 million units in its first 24 hours, and generated revenue of $815.7 million (£511.8 million), going on to reach $1 billion (£624.45 million) in sales after just three days on September 20 2013 ( Fastest Game to Gross $1 Billion). The figure smashes records previously held by the Call of Duty videogame series and blockbuster movies including The Avengers and Avatar.Guinness World Records Managing Editor, Stephen Fall, said: “For this year’s Gamer’s Edition, we decided to deliver the solid facts and fundamentals of gaming that enthusiasts demand to know. What are the best-selling games ever? The most popular games of each genre? The highest scores ever? All these facts and more are at your fingertips with the new Guinness World Records 2014 Gamer’s Edition book.”Spreads on the most influential figures in the industry, voice acting, motion capture, production and design are also included in the latest edition, along with in-depth interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry. The book also names the Top 50 games according to fan votes.More Records from Guinness World Records 2014 Gamer’s Edition include:Fastest videogame to gross $1 billionGrand Theft Auto V (Rockstar Games, 2013) was released worldwide on 17 September 2013 and reached $1 billion (£624.45 million) in sales after just three days on 20 September 2013, making it also the fastest entertainment property of any kind to reach the $1 billion landmark.Most expensive videogame The most expensive videogame that is commercially available is GRID 2: Mono Edition (Codemasters, 2013), which retails in the UK for £125,000 ($190,100).Most prolific videogame voice actor The most prolific videogame voice actor is Steve Blum (USA), who has made 333 credited appearances as of 2 August 2013.First in-game pizza delivery system The earliest video game pizza delivery system appeared in EverQuest ll. In February 2005, game developers added a pizza delivery system for its players. By typing /pizza, players would be linked directly to the Pizza Hut ordering site. This was the first time that an MMORPG could accept orders for real world items.First videogame to become a licensed bank The Swedish MMORPG Entropia Universe became the first video game with a built-in bank in March 2009 when its application for a banking license was approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. As a result, the game's currency, Project Entropia Dollars, has a real-world value on the stock exchange, currently fixed to the US dollar at a rate of 10 PED per $1US.Most fish in a videogame More than 8 billion fish were caught by RuneScape players in 2012. Game creator Jagex claims that, laid head to tail, these 8 billion fish would encircle the circumference of the world 20 times.First scientific study of a chemical compound in a videogame As part of the development of Command & Conquer 3, publisher EA commissioned scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, to come up with a plausible analysis of the game's main resource, Tiberium. In the resultant paper, issued in 2006, the game's executive producer Mike Verdu described Tiberium as a dense "dynamic proton lattice" held together by exotic heavy particles.Largest playable area in a videogame Minecraft holds the record for the largest land-based videogame area, as of 26 June 2013. Although Minecraft's map is technically infinite – the further you go, the more land is generated – a hard limit on chunks (groupings of blocks) means a maximum possible world size of 4,722,366,482,869,645 km².First videogame in space Tetris for Game Boy (Nintendo, 1989) became the first videogame in space when Russian cosmonaut Aleksandr A. Serebrov (b. 15 February 1944) packed for his 1993 mission aboard the Mir space station. The cartridge left Earth on the Soyuz TM-17 rocket on 1 July 1993 and returned 196 days 17 hours later, having orbited the Earth more than 3,000 times. Invented in the Soviet Union, Tetris was regarded as an apt game for the cosmonaut. Serebrov's game was later auctioned off in Bonham's 2011 Space History sale for the sum of $1,220.Best-selling gaming heroine With lifetime series sales swelling to 35 million following the release of the 2013 reboot, Tomb Raider remains the best-selling videogame franchise with a female lead.To find out more about Guinness World Records™ 2014 Gamer’s Edition, and where to buy a copy, click here.
5115The inspirational story of Fan Choice Record of the Year winner Annie Maria BissoondialWhen Annie Maria Bissoondial made her debut in our weekly Fan Choice competition last summer, she faced stiff competition. First, her record of 12,632 for "most rope skips in one hour" faced a Star Wars record and its legion of fanboys. She also found herself pitted against three other mass participation records, well-known throughout the competition for having large groups of participants and supporters.Didn't matter. Annie won that week handily and then proceeded to make a Cinderella run all the way to the championship of our year-end Fan Choice vote. As a No. 6 seed in our 32-entry tournament, she defeated a pair of No. 3 seeds, a No. 2 seed, and a No. 1. But there's so much more to Annie's story, starting with the car accident in 2010 that forever changed her life and resulting in her non-profit charity work today.We spoke with Annie about all these topics and more.GWR: What's it like to know you’re the “people’s champ?”Annie: It’s pretty amazing. The great part about all of this is getting the support from people that I don’t know, and it’s so special that they wanted my record to win. That’s the work itself. Me doing the record, no. But everyone voting for me is what makes it special.You defeated some really big records along the way, some popular achievements but also a lot of mass participation records (e.g. largest swimwear parade on skis largest mobile phone gaming party). When the competition started, did you think you had any chance of winning the whole thing?No, but the only record that I wanted to compete against was the cyclist, for the fastest time around Australia. As an athlete, I kind of wanted to see him come up in the competition. The other one was the largest waterski pyramid. That's a lot of talent just to do that I wanted them to do well. [Ed. note: both achievements were eliminated in earlier rounds]Explain how you spread the word about your record and were able to campaign for votes.Well, first, I was in a rollover car accident three years ago. I nearly lost my life. They amputated my thumb and almost did my index finger, but with plastic surgery they saved my index. I used to jump rope to work out, so when I lost my thumb and couldn’t even bend my finger or use my left hand – not being able to even pick up a piece of paper it was very difficult. I thought my life was worthless and I started feeling sorry for myself. But with a lot of therapy, I was finally able to bend it. And I used my jump rope as a tool to learn how to squeeze. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognize that person. I didn’t feel beautiful on the inside. Once I got the clearance to exercise again, I used the jump rope and that made me feel good.videoAnd I’ve been with my company for 14 years and they all know me and they all know my story. They’ve seen me go through the depression part, so they know the story behind it and I’ve had a few articles written about it and how I turned my life around. That’s how the word got out. ...So did working at a local community center. I was also featured on the news when I broke my record. And I also just tried promoting to the public to get the vote as well. I’ve also traveled to Italy, and we have an office in Germany, and I was born in Guyana, so I knew a lot of people there. Trinidad, Jamaica: people in my family were giving a lot of support for me. I was just pushing it out every day to everybody, just vote vote vote!So this record is not just me. “We” won. Everyone who helped me, they won. They did it for me.Let’s talk about the record itself. More than 12,000 skips in one hour! Plus you broke your own record (11,527) from 2012. What’s the strategy for attempting this record?My first 5 minutes are the hardest. But once I get into it, I can go on for more than an hour. I use a mirror to stay focused and also to get through it. It’s my quiet time, to reflect on my day, what’s going on in my life, how I can do things better. I still work out hard 3 days a week to keep to my numbers. The only way I’ll break my record now is if someone challenges me to break it! Numbers are important to me. If I just jump rope, it’s not going to get me anywhere to a level where I’ll feel good about myself.I still jump 45 minutes to an hour today. It’s still my balance, physically and mentally. It’s my medicine.What’s the most difficult thing about attempting a record like this that combines fitness, endurance, and concentration?The hardest part is honestly for others to count it. To get everyone to witness your record, you’re asking time from them – a whole hour to sit and count. Organizing the attempt is just as hard as actually doing it!We know you probably don’t want to give away any secrets to your success, but for anybody looking to attempt jump rope records like this, what tips would you offer?You have to have 8 hours of good sleep and a big bowl of good pasta. Those are very important for me to be able to do an hour of jumping rope in the morning. I don’t take vitamins or protein or anything like that. A good dinner the night before, a lot of fish, a lot of sweet potatoes.Before we let you go, tell us about your non-profit organization, “Jumping for Kids.”videoAfter the first record, I wanted to give back and share with kids, especially because so many kids are overweight. The way I was feeling looking in the mirror (after the accident), kids I’m sure when they’re overweight and look in the mirror, they don’t feel good about themselves either.So I did the second record to give back to the kids, to help them and say, "look what you can have with a jump rope and you can be active." And if you’re active and feel good about yourself, you can set your mind to do anything. I just wanted to give back and share with kids my experience, just the way I look and how I felt inside. There are too many things going on in this world for kids, and if I can just spend time with them, at least they’re jumping rope and I sit with them and speak with them. ...The message is really, when something terrible happens to you, just turn it around and make it into something great. This is what I want to share with the world.Our Fan Choice competition will return for 2014 with its weekly voting portion in the spring.
5116Trick or feat? Ten of the best Halloween world recordsWhether it's one of the scariest gatherings of zombies in history or the lightning speed with which Stephen Clarke can carve a pumpkin - Guinness World Records has been there for the most spook-tacular record attempts.Here below are some of our favourite Halloween-y records.The largest Time Warp danceTo mark the 35th anniversary of spooky movie musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 8,239 ghoulish groovers got down to dance to the film's signature song, Time Warp, at last year's West Hollywood Annual Halloween Carnaval.videoFastest time to carve one tonne of pumpkins Anyone struggling to create their own jolly jack-o'-lanterns right now are sure to be envious of Stephen Clarke, (pictured at the top of the page).The American managed to set a new world record in October 2008 by carving one tonne of pumpkins is an incredible 3 hours 33 minutes 49 seconds during a special event at Harrah's Casino Resort, Atlantic City in New Jersey. videoLargest gathering of zombiesWith the likes of TV show The Waking Dead, zombie's seem to have never been so popular, with numerous undead-themed records having been attempted recently.The largest gathering of zombies was achieved in October 2010 by 4,093 participants during the New Jersey Zombie Walk at the Asbury Park Boardwalk in Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA.videoMost systematic scientific study into haunted locationsIn 2002, parapsychologist Dr Richard Wiseman, of Hertfordshire University, UK made it into the record books for staging the biggest ghost hunt ever.Dr Wiseman led an in-depth scientific experiment to test the reactions of more than 250 volunteers who were exposed to supposed 'haunted' locations in Edinburgh, including the vaults of Edinburgh Castle.As well as recording the reactions and feelings of the volunteers, a variety of sensors were deployed. These included a magnetometer, thermal imager, air temperature and movement sensors and a light meter, as well as photographic and video cameras.Speaking after the hunt, he said: "Some people reported hearing heavy breathing and some saw ghostly lights while a woman said she saw a strange figure walking about. But none of the stories convinced me ghosts exist. I first got into this subject because I used to be a magician and I saw how easily people could be tricked."Most expensive ghostsTwo vials supposedly containing the exorcized spirits of an old man and a young girl were sold in an online auction in New Zealand in March 2010 for NZ$2,830 (£1,300).Avie Woodbury said the ghosts had been captured in her Christchurch house after she enlisted enlisted the help of an exorcist and an ouija board to contact and trap the spirits.The auction, which attracted more than 200,000 page views on the Trade Me website, was won by Safer Smoke NZ, a company which produces electronic cigarette substitutes.Proceeds from the sale of the expensive spirits - trapped in bottles with holy water - went to an animal charity.Highest grossing horror movieWhile spooky films purists may point to miovies like The Exocist or Don't Look Now as being scarier, teen vampire flick, the highest grossing horror movie of all time is teen vampire flick The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009), which had grossed $710m (£440m) worldwide by 1 April 2010.Longest Scream by a CrowdThe longest scream by a crowd without stopping lasted 60 seconds and was set by a crowd led by Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California on 11 June 2010.Largest gathering of people dressed as vampiresThe largest gathering of people dressed as vampires consisted of 1,039 participants at an event organised by Kings Dominion (USA) in Doswell, Virginia, USA, on 30 September 2011.videoWorld's oldest ghostGhost Ranch in north-central New Mexico's Rio Arriba County earns its name from the many sightings made here for generations of a huge ghostly reptile of serpentine form and measuring 6-9 m long, which has been dubbed Vivaron, the snake-demon, by local inhabitants. Initially dismissed as mere folklore, it acquired greater significance and attention when, in 1947, palaeontologist Edwin H. Colbert unearthed a huge cache of fossil skeletons in this same area, derived from various prehistoric reptiles. These not only included more than a thousand dinosaur specimens but also a very elongate 9-m-long crocodile-like creature known as a phytosaur. Its discovery led to speculation that the paranormal "snake-demon" being reported by the locals was the ghost of this phytosaur!If this were true, and bearing in mind that its fossil skeleton is 220 million years old, dating from the Triassic Period, the phytosaur's spectre would therefore be the world's oldest ghost!Heaviest pumpkinThe heaviest pumpkin weighed 824.86 kg (1,818 lb 5 oz) and was presented by Jim and Kelsey Bryson (Canada) at the Prince Edward County Pumpkinfest, Wellington, Ontario, Canada, on 15 October 2011.First mathematical model for surviving a zombie attackIn January 2009, graduate students and mathematicians from Carleton University, Ottawa, and the University of Ottawa, Canada, published the first mathematical investigation of the zombie - "a reanimated human corpse that feeds on living flesh".Taking their cues from traditional zombie movies, and in particular the classics by George A Romero (USA), the authors Philip Munz, Ioan Hudea, Joe Imad and Robert J. Smith (all Canada) hypothesized the effect of a zombie attack and its impact on human civilization.According to their mathematical model, "a zombie outbreak is likely to lead to the collapse of civilization, unless it is dealt with quickly.While aggressive quarantine may contain the epidemic, or a cure may lead to coexistence of humans and zombies, the most effective way to contain the rise of the undead is to hit hard and hit often." If an infection breaks out in a city of 500,000 people, the theories goes, the zombies will outnumber the living in about three days."Only sufficiently frequent attacks, with increasing force, will result in eradication," the authors conclude, "assuming the available resources can be mustered in time."
5117Star Wars Day: The Force is strong in these World RecordsFor many a science fiction fan within this galaxy, May 4th marks Star Wars Day – an event which sees aficionados of the hugely successful movie series celebrate Star Wars culture.In case you hadn’t guessed, the date relates to a pun on one of the space saga’s most quoted lines – “May the force be with you”.This year's festivities comes hot on the heels of last month's Star Wars Celebration a fan event which saw the premier of the second Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer , the next installment of the saga, which will see Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill reprise their roles as Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker from the original trilogy.videoTo mark the occasion, we’ve delved deep into the Sarlacc pit-like depths of the Guinness World Records archive to bring you our pick of Star Wars world records.Largest fortune made from a film franchiseRather than taking a director’s fee for Star Wars (USA, 1977), George Lucas (USA) acquire d the rights to all sequels and future merchandise. In 2011, Forbes assigned him a net worth of $3.2 billion (£2 billion).Highest box-office gross for a screenwriterThe 15 movies written by George Lucas (USA) have grossed a lifetime combined total of $ 3.33 billion (£ 2.06 billion) in box office receipts.Until last year, Lucas also held the record for Highest box office film gross average for a director (male), with the six movies that had him the directors chair from THX 1138 (USA, 1971) to Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (USA, 2005), having grossed a total of $1.74 billion (£1.08 billion) at the box office, at an average of $290.6 million (£145.4 million) per movie. That title now belongs to Toy Story 3 diector Lee Unkrich (USA) who has an average US-gross of $332,904,144 (£207 million).Highest-grossing space-opera movieStar Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace (USA, 1999) had grossed $924 million (£577 million) worldwide by 3 February 2000.Largest collection of Star Wars memorabiliaSteve Sansweet (USA) has amassed an estimated 300,000 unique items at Rancho Obi-Wan in northern California, USA.videoAs of 15 May 2013, only 90,546 items have been accurately audited and catalogued – a number sufficient enough, however, to beat the previous Guinness World Records figure by a factor of four. Sansweet estimates that the cataloguing process will take years to complete, as his collection continues to grow.Largest simultaneous premiere – territoriesStar Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (USA, 2005) was released simultaneously in 115 territories by 20th Century Fox on 19 May 2005. It went on to secure an international gross of $303 million (£165.9 million).Biggest opening weekend ever for a re-released filmShown in cinemas in 1997 as the first of Lucasfilm’s 20th anniversary Special Editions of the original Star Wars trilogy, Episode IV: A New Hope (USA) grossed $35,906,661 (£21,903,063) in US cinemas on the weekend of 31 January–2 February 1997. A New Hope took $579,646,015 (£353,584,069) worldwide to June 1997 – the highest theatrical gross for a film re-release.Most Oscars won for visual effectsDennis Muren (USA) won the Academy Award for Visual Effects a total of six times between 1983 and 1994. He has also received two Special Achievement Awards, in 1981 for Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (USA, 1980) and in 1984 for Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (USA, 1983).He also received the Technical Achievement Award in 1982 “For the development of a Motion Picture Figure Mover for animation photography”. In addition, Muren holds the record for the most Oscar nominations for visual effects. He has been nominated on 13 occasions, the first being in 1982 for Dragonslayer (USA, 1981) and the most recent being in 2006 for War of the Worlds (USA, 2005).Best-selling single of instrumental musicA 1977 disco arrangement of John Williams’s (USA) music to Star Wars – entitled “Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band” – by record producer Meco, aka Domenico Monardo (USA), remains the only instrumental single to have reached platinum status, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), having sold more than 2 million units. The track featured on the album Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk (1977), which outsold the original movie soundtrack and was also certified platinum.Largest entertainment voice-over projectMore than 200,000 lines of dialogue were recorded by several hundred voice actors for the LucasArts videogame Star Wars: The Old Republic (Electronic Arts, BioWare and LucasArts, 2011). The MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) was first released on 20 December 2011. You can read more about the record here.First Star Wars videogameThe inaugural Star Wars videogame, The Empire Strikes Back (Parker Brothers, 1982) was based on the second film in the series and made for the Atari 2600 and Intellivision.videoMost spoofed film seriesThere have been direct references to the Star Wars series in more than 170 feature films, and in countless TV shows, comics, adverts and online videos. One episode of the cartoon comedy Family Guy, “Blue Harvest” (Fox, 2007, left), was an hour-long parody of the film. A number of full-length Star Wars spoofs have been made, of which the best known is Spaceballs (USA, 1987, below left). Individual Star Wars spoof scenes have been a staple of comedy movies for more than 30 years, from Airplane II: The Sequel (USA, 1982) and Get Crazy (USA, 1983) to Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (USA, 1999) and The Simpsons Movie (USA, 2007).Most successful book series based on a film seriesLucas Licensing has recorded more than 100 million sales of Star Wars related books, with over 850 novelizations, original novels, reference books, children’s books and role-playing supplements, including 80 New York Times best-sellers. The first original novel based on Star Wars characters was Splinter of the Mind’s Eye (1978), written by Alan Dean Foster (USA).Largest film merchandising campaignIn May 1996, PepsiCo (owners of Pepsi, Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell and Frito Lay) signed a deal with Lucasfilm for the right to link their products with Star Wars during the Special Edition re-releases of the original trilogy, leading up to the 1999 release of Episode I: The Phantom Menace.At a reported $2 billion (£1.34 billion), it is the most extensive single cross-promotion deal in history.Most prolific videogame series based on a licensed propertyAs of April 2012, a total of 279 Star Wars videogames had been released across 41 different platforms.Most successful action-figure rangeAs of 2007, the Star Wars toy lines from Kenner/Hasbro had generated more than $9 billion (£4.5 billion) in sales. In 1978 alone, Kenner’s first range of Star Wars figures sold more than 40 million units, earning in excess of $100 million (£52 million).
5118Fan Choice: Record of the Year - vote now!Each week, Guinness World Records receives approximately 1,000 record applications.Of those 50,000 or so applications per year, only about 3% ever know the glory of successfully breaking a record.But now we want to take things even further. We're asking GWR followers around the world to pick their single favorite achievement of 2013.It's the Guinness World Records Fan Choice: Record of the Year. And, of course, we made a bracket.videoHere's how it works. Each week for the last 32 weeks, we've asked fans to vote for their favorite of five selected record achievements. We've compiled all 32 winners, seeded them according to the number of total votes they received in their winning week, and placed them in the bracket above.(Note: some of the records above may have since been broken but they were active at the time of their winning vote)You'll be able to vote in each matchup below. To find out more about each entry, just click on the record name in the above bracket, and it will take you to the accomplishment's original Fan Choice appearance. There, you can learn who/what/where/why about each event, and see the competition it defeated en route to a place in this tournament of champions.The timeline for the competition is as follows:Dec. 6: Tournament opensDec. 12: Round of 16Dec. 16: QuarterfinalsDec. 20: SemifinalsDec. 26: FinalsDec. 31: Champion crownedHere are all the matchups. They're listed in the same order as the bracket above, if read from top to bottom. So find your favorite battles, cast your vote now and share the link at the end of the story to get all your friends on the bandwagon.Good luck and happy voting!&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 1&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 2&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 3&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 4&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 5&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 6&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 7&ampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 8&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 9&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 10&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 11&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 12&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 13&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 14&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 15&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgtMatchup 16&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampampampampampampampampgt
5119Q&A: Oldest comic book artist and former Captain America illustrator Ken BaldKen, left, with fellow legend Stan LeeAhead of today's wide release of Marvel's latest film, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," we caught up with recently crowned Guinness World Records title-holder Ken Bald. At 93 years old, Bald has spent more than 83 years as a professional comics artist, and continues to create commissioned works for fans - making him the record holder for oldest comic book artist. Featured below are some of Ken's iconic works. We talked to Bald about working on Captain America, his most famous works like "Dr. Kildare" and "Dark Shadows," and his long history with fellow comics icon Stan Lee.Q: Ken, what got you interested in comic illustration and led you to start this as a career?A: When I was about 7 years old, I saw the Tarzan comic strip that was being created by Hal Foster and was mesmerized. I remember the exact story, too, it was entitled “The Elephant’s Graveyard.” The storyline was intriguing, but what had me hooked even more was Foster’s beautiful style of illustrating. Looking closely at the strip, I tried exhaustively to create my own version emulating Foster’s style.Q: What was it like to come of age professionally in the Golden Age of comic books?A: At the time, of course, it wasn’t called the Golden Age, but things were certainly golden for me. I was fresh out of Pratt Institute and landed a job at Jack Binder’s Comic Book Studio in Englewood, New Jersey. ...During the 1940s, comics were booming. We first started working in Jack Binder’s living room. But as we quickly grew, Jack converted his barn into a huge studio where eventually 30 artists would be working. At Binder’s, I was rapidly promoted to art director and doing mostly cover art. I had the privilege of illustrating wildly-popular Golden Age superheros, such as Captain Marvel, Captain Midnight, Bulletman, Bulletgirl, Doc Savage, and Mandrake the Magician.Q: You started at Marvel before it was even known as Marvel. Did you ever think back then that it would grow into the massive entertainment property it is today?(C) MarvelA: When I first met Stan Lee, we were in our early 20s, and already at that time the industry referred to Stan as “The Boy Wonder.” The time was 1946 and I knew right from those early days that Stan Lee would do something big.When Stan recruited me, the name was Timely and it was the comic book arm of Goodman Publications. In the 1960s, it would become Marvel Comics. Historically, comics have had their ups and downs, but it was largely due to Stan being such an incredible visionary that helped Marvel survive all the bad times and become the success story that it is today. Also contributing to Marvel’s success is an endless list of the most talented and committed comic artists you’ll ever meet.So am I surprised at Marvel’s incredible success? Not really, because with Stan Lee at the helm, anything is possible.Q: Between being friends with Stan Lee, you’ve worked in the industry for decades and have seen so much — have any cool behind-the-scenes stories from back in the day?(C) MarvelA: When my wife had a 6-month singing engagement in Paris, France, from 1946-47, and I told Stan Lee that I’d be going, Stan asked me to do an issue of “ Millie the Model” that took place in France. I agreed and the end result was issue No. 9 of Millie that I entitled “Off to Paris,” and which I illustrated from cover to cover and scripted while living in Paris with my wife. I bet that’s the only American comic book that was ever created in France.Q: What were the big differences between working in comic books and then transitioning to strips, where you did some of your most famous work with Dr. Kildare and Dark Shadows?A: The biggest difference between the two was that comic books were dominated by superheroes with super powers, versus the comic strips that I worked on were based on reality. You do believe in vampires, don’t you?Also, there was a big jump in salary going from comic books to syndicated comic strips that ran worldwide. My Judd Saxon strip ran for 6 years, and Dr. Kildare for almost 25 years. Unfortunately, my favorite, Dark Shadows, only ran for 1 year.Q: What do you think about the recent explosion of superhero movie franchises in the last few years? Iron Man, the Avengers, X-Men, etc. Even Dark Shadows had a recent big-budget movie — is it weird to see these influential drawn characters brought to life?A: All the superhero movies have certainly sparked a huge interest in comics. I think Marvel has done an outstanding job bringing all of their characters to life, so it’s no wonder that all of their releases have been big hits. On the other hand, Dark Shadows wasn’t concepted well so I was disappointed with the end product. Dark Shadows wasn’t meant to be a comedy and I think most loyal fans would agree.Q: You worked on Captain America, whose new movie is coming out. What is it about him that has made him such a popular superhero?(C) MarvelA: Cap is all about the red, white, and blue. He’s basically America, representing all the different people who make up this great country, wrapped up in a stars and stripes suit, complete with mask and shield. I’m so proud, honored, and lucky to be still illustrating Captain America for fans today. Q: Tell us about that kind of work you still do presently.A: Because I didn’t attend my first comic con until 2012, most fans thought I had gone up to that great comic book heaven in the sky. So fans were quite surprised when they saw me at my very first show in New York City. If you’d like to meet me in person, I list the shows that I’ll be attending on the homepage of my site.Now, I get commission orders from collectors of comic art, as well as fans, from all around the world. And I’m doing everything from head shots and single character sketches to complete comic cover recreations including the mastheads. You can see what I’ve done for fans here.Q: What does it mean to you to have a Guinness World Record title to your name? If you went back in time and told this to your 21-year-old self, what would he have said?A: Holding a Guinness World Records title is a tremendous honor and distinction, and certainly puts me into a grouping of very special people. And to be working at this age, 93 at the time of this interview, and still doing work that is considered by fans as “incredible,” is something I’m so truly grateful for. I think my 21-year old self would have probably said, "Who do I have to sell my soul to?"For more info on Ken Bald, visit www.kenbald.comAnd for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
5120Oscars 2015: The Guinness World Records alternative Academy AwardsShortest Stuntman
51212003: Fastest Female Marathon RunnerThe 13th April in 2003 marks a landmark date for the world of female marathon running. Paula Radcliffe had just ran a time of 2:15:25 at the Virgin Money London Marathon in front of an adoring British audience who had witnessed greatness before their eyes.
5122Premier League 2013-14: EPL world records to mark the big kick offThis weekend sees the opening fixtures of what many pundits are predicting will be the most open English Premier League season in recent memory.Last year's top three clubs have each changed management during the summer break, with arguably the biggest change at the top occurring at Old Trafford following the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.During Fergie’s reign United won the Premier League a record 13 times (1992/93, 1993/94, 1995/96, 1996/97, 1998/99, 1999/2000, 2000/01, 2002/03, 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09, 2010/11 - a victory which gave United the record for most wins of the top division of English football, breaking a previous tie of 18 with Liverpool - and finally 2012/13.The Scot also set a record for most wins of the Premier League Manager of the Month award, having been honoured 27 times between 1993 and 2013.With United winning the title by a sizeable 11-point gap last term, much will be expected of his successor and fellow countryman David Moyes to hit the ground running and notch up a record-extending 21st English title.While one Premier League legend will be missing this season, a familiar face returns to the touchline with Jose Mourinho back in the hot seat at Chelsea.Blues fans will be hoping the self-proclaimed “Special One” will be able to match the impact he had during his first spell in charge at Stamford Bridge, a period which helped him set a record for longest football unbeaten home run by a manager, after chalking up nine years without defeat on home turf as boss during spells at Porto (Portugal), Chelsea , Inter Milan (Italy) and Real Madrid (Spain) between 22 February, 2002, and 19 February, 2011.Manchester City, who have replaced outgoing boss Roberto Mancini with Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrini, are being tipped by many as a strong bet for this year’s title, having once again been the biggest spenders during the close season with an outlay of over £100 million in acquiring talented players like Fernandinho, Jesus Navas, Stevan Jovetic and Alvaro Negredo.Other big transfers during the summer include Tottenham’s £17m capture of Brazilian midfielder Paulinho, West Ham’s £15m outlay for Liverpool striker Andy Carroll and Swansea’s £12m singing of Ivory Coast forward Wilfred Bony.However, arguably the biggest transfer talking points of the summer have been deals that haven’t gone through.Arsenal have all but given up in their pursuit of Luis Saurez from Liverpool, Chelsea’s bid to lure Man United’s Wayne Rooney has hit a deadlock, while Gareth Bale’s widely expected move from Tottenham to Spanish giants Real Madrid has so far come to nothing. Should Bale’s move to Madrid go through it’s been widely reported it will take a fee of at least £90million to prise him away from White Hart Lane, a figure that would set a record for most expensive football player, single transfer. The current record stands at £80 million – a fee paid by Real Madrid to Manchester United for Portuguese ace Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) in July 2009.So who do you think will finish on top when the final ball is kicked in May? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, here’s --- key Premier League records to get you in the mood for the season ahead.The first-ever goal scored in the English Premier League was by Brian Deane for Sheffield United against Manchester United on 15 August 1992.videoThe most goals scored by a club in a Premier League season is 103 by Chelsea FC in the 2009/10 campaign.The most goals scored in the English Premiership is 260 by Alan Shearer . Shearer spent his Premiership career with Blackburn Rovers from 1992-96 before moving to Newcastle United in July 1996 for a record fee (at that time) of £15.6 million ($22.4 million), and retiring in 2006. Shearer scored an additional 24 goals for Southampton in the old First Division before it became the Premiership.The fastest goal scored in the Premier League by a substitute is six seconds by Nicklas Bendtner (Denmark) playing for Arsenal against Tottenham Hotspur on 22 December 2007.The fastest goal scored by a debutant in an English Premiership match is nine seconds by Ledley King playing for Tottenham Hotspur in their 3-3 draw against Bradford City on 9 December 2000.The most consecutive Premier League seasons that an individual player has scored at least one goal in is 20, by Ryan Giggs playing for Manchester United between 1992 and 2012.The fastest shot on goal during an English Premier League game was recorded at 183 km/h (114 mph), when a football kicked by David Hirst, playing for Sheffield Wednesday, hit the crossbar from 13.5 m (14.8 yards 44 ft), during their match against Arsenal at Highbury, London, UK on 16 September 1996.videoThe lowest points total in a Premier League season is 11 by Derby County during the 2007-08 season. After all 38 games of the season Derby only won one game and conceded 89 goals.The fewest goals conceded by team in an English Premiership is 14 by Chelsea FC in the 2004/05 season.The most consecutive Premier League football appearances is 310 by Brad Friedel (USA) for Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur, between 14 August 2004 and 29 September 2012.The longest time played by a Premiership goalkeeper without conceding a goal is 1,311 minutes by Edwin Van der Sar (Netherlands) playing for Manchester United FC between 8 November 2008 and 4 March 2009.The most Premier League sendings off in one day is eight, on 31 October 2009. The players that received their marching orders were, Jamie Carragher , Phillip Degen (Switzerland) (both Liverpool), Kenwyne Jones (Trinidad, Sunderland), JLloyd Samuel (Trinidad, Bolton), Geovanni (Brazil, Hull City), Diniyar Bilyaletdinov (Russia, Everton) Carlos Cuellar (Spain, Aston Villa), Radoslav Kovac (Czech Republic, West Ham).The youngest scorer in the English Premiership is James Vaughan at 16 years 271 days, for Everton against Crystal Palace on 10 April 2005. In the 2003/04 season, Arsenal earned the nickname The Invincibles after setting a record for the first unbeaten football Premier League season after going undefeated in all 38 games, winning 26, drawing 12, losing none. In the process they scored 73 goals and conceded 26, failing to score on only four occasions. The North London team won the title with 90 points, finishing with a 2-1 victory over Leicester City at home on 15 May 2004.videoThe most assists made by an individual player in the English Premier League is 106 by Ryan Giggs playing for Manchester United between 1990 and 2013.The largest comeback in Premier League history record is held by Newcastle who came back from being 4-0 down at home to Arsenal to salvage a 4-4 draw at St. James' Park on 5 February 2011.The squad selected for the match by Arsenal against Crystal Palace on 14 February 2005, was the first all-foreign line-up to play in an English Premier League match. The squad consisted of Jens Lehmann (Germany), Lauren (Cameroon), Kolo Toure (Ivory Coast), Pascal Cygan (France), Gael Clichy (France), Robert Pires (France), Patrick Vieira (France), Edu (Brazil), Jose-Antonio Reyes (Spain), Dennis Bergkamp (Netherlands), Thierry Henry (France). Subs: Manuel Almunia (Spain), Philippe Senderos (Switzerland), Cesc Fabregas (Spain), Mathieu Flamini (France), Robin Van Persie (Netherlands). The Gunners won the match 5-1.The most hat-tricks scored in an English Premier League career is 11 by Alan Shearer playing for Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United 1992-2006.The most nationalities represented by players to appear in a Premier League match was 22 in Blackburn Rovers' 2-0 victory over West Bromwich Albion on 23 January 2011. The following countries all had at least one player see the pitch during the match: England, France, Scotland and Sweden two apiece, while Austria, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Congo, Congo DR, Croatia, Czech Republic, Grenada, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Norway, Paraguay, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, USA and Wales.The team to be relegated the most times from the English Premier League is Crystal Palace, who have eliminated a total of four times, in 1992/93, 1994/95, 1997/98 and 2004/05. Every year the bottom three clubs (four in 1994/95) in the Premier League move to the next league down for the following season.The most unanswered goals scored in the English Premier League is 35 by Chelsea FC across eight matches between 17 April 2010 and 11 September 2010. The held six clean sheets in the span.On May 16, 1999, a total of 23,680 people at the Boleyn Ground, Upton Park blew glycerine bubbles into the air for 1 minute, setting a record for most people simultaneously blowing bubbles prior to West Ham United F.C.'s home Premier League fixture against Middlesbrough F.C.The best start by a team to a Premiership season is seven wins, by Chelsea FC in the 2005/06 season.The youngest Premier League referee is Michael Oliver (UK, b. 20 February 1985), who made his debut at 25 years, 182 days in Birmingham City v. Blackburn at St Andrews, Scotland, UK, on 21 August 2010.
5123Fan Choice Record June 21It was never in doubt for the City of Lincoln.Proving to have as easy a time earning your votes as it did breaking its records in the first place, the City of Lincoln (Nebraska, USA) cruised to victory in last week's Fan Choice. After holding over 90% of votes for a majority of the week, the largest Lincoln Logs structure settled in for a commanding 87% of votes and the win.Lincoln's architectural achievement will now be entered in our list of contenders for a year-end showdown in which we'll ask you fans to vote for your favorite record of the year at the end of 2013.Time now to meet this week's candidates and then cast your vote below. We have thousands of pounds of quartz and one athlete who's gone flipping mad, but first, a lot of people enduring an eye-opening experience.LARGEST EYE HEALTH SCREENING (pictured above)Record: 6,694 individual screeningsHolder: Acharya Tulasi Diagnostic Centre & Terapanth Yuvak Parishad (India)Location: BBMP Grounds, Bangalore, IndiaThat's not all: To qualify for this record, individuals had to be tested for specific eye maladies, such as cataracts or conjunctivitis, by licensed medical professionals. This particular attempt saw 27 eye specialists, 21 optometrists, 105 paramedic staff and a further 200 volunteers work together within the 8-hour record window.LARGEST COIN MOSAICRecord: 29.46 m² (310 ft² 14 in²) of coinsHolder: Santander Consumer Bank S.A. (Poland)Location: Wroclaw, PolandThat's not all: The mosaic, as you can see above, depicted a replica Santander debit card. To achieve it, the bank used 70,451 brass 5-groszy coins and 7,930 silver 50-groszy coins. If you added the value of all the coins used, you'd have $2,280 (£1,473) in the piggy bank.MOST PLAYERS IN A TENNIS EXHIBITION MATCHRecord: 72 playersHolder: Fondazione Andrea Rossato (Italy)Location: Mestre, ItalyThat's not all: No, this record is not for 36 players on either side of the net playing each other at once. That would be chaos. Instead, each player in this record is required to play a minimum of one set in the doubles match before being substituted out for another (you can see subsitutes waiting on the sideline). Once out, a player cannot return. This particular match lasted 9 hours 5 minutes and ended in a score of 11-7 with 18 sets played.MOST FORWARD FLIPS ON SPRING-LOADED STILTS IN ONE MINUTERecord: 17 flipsHolder: Jesus Villa (USA)Location: Sports Park, Las Vegas, Nevada, USAThat's not all: Villa actually got off to such a hot start in this attempt, that he broke the record and ended his try after falling over within 21 seconds. Once a person falls, the attempt is ended, but Villa had already secured his flippin' place in history. On the same day, the then-31-year-old also set the record for longest somersault on spring-loaded stilts.LARGEST ROSE QUARTZ BALLRecord: 96.6 cm (3 ft 2.03 in) in diameterHolder: Yoshiyuki Nishiyama (Japan)Location: Machida, Tokyo, Japan That's not all: Originally from Brazil, the ball weighs a massive 1,220 kg (2,689.64 lb). For those gem aficionados reading this, the ball's refractive index measures 1.54 and it owns a Mohs hardness of 7.And those are your nominees for this week's Fan Choice - time now to cast your vote!There are a two ways to do this, including right here by choosing in our poll:&lta href=""&gtWhat is your pick for this week's Fan Choice Record?&lt/a&gtYou can also tweet your choice to us on Twitter ( @GWR) with the hashtag #GWRFanChoice.Then check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!
5124Celebrating 150 years of The FAArsenal features prominently in our historic look at The FAThe FA celebrates its 150th annivesary in England on Saturday. Here we look at some of best moments to have happened under the organization´s watch since 11 football clubs met at the Freemason´s Tavern in 1863 to formalize a set of rules for a sport that was rising in popularity across the land.In the age of professionalism and super fit athletes – yes Cristano we’re talking about you – it seems unlikely that William Foulke´s record will ever be beaten. “Fatty,” as he was affectionately referred to, holds the record for the heaviest goalkeeper, having reached a maximum weight of 363.76 lbs (165 kilos) while playing for Bradford. Foulke’s weight was partly down to his penchant for an ale. Sadly, he died aged just 42 with the death certificate citing “cirrosis” as the major cause of death. Despite the drinking, he was a good goalkeeper in his time and featured in three FA Cup Finals, in 1899, 1901 and 1902. Here is the footage from the 1901 final versus Tottenham – can you guess who he is?videoThe FA Cup seems a good place to move onto and even holds its own record, the longest running cup competition. But there is a different record that is one of our favourites, again harking back to the “good old days”.Today, England’s biggest clubs complain about their hectic schedule and the lack of a winter break. But when they have to play just one FA Cup replay, previously there was no limit to the number of replays and that takes us to our next record, in 1971, when Alvechurch and Oxford City met in the fourth qualifying round. A 2-2 draw was followed by a 1-1 draw in the ensuing replay, with that result repeated before 180 minutes of goalless football took place. Finally, in the sixth game, Alvechurch prevailed by a single goal and after 11 hours of football the longest FA Cup tie was finally concluded. Graham Allner played every single minute for Alvechurch while also juggling his full-time job. In the next round they had to play Aldershot just two days after the final replay and, as Allner recalls, “we were on our knees… , we were never going to do anything in that one.” Sure enough, they lost 4-2.Owing to the rules at the time, the last four of those replays were on neutral grounds, as Alvechurch and Oxford roamed around England. Although that was nothing compared to the record set by Ken Ferris during the 1994/95 season. Ken from Essex watched his first league match in Carlisle over 300 miles away, and over the course of 237 days watched a football match in all 92 football league stadiums in the land. Not only did he become a member of the famed Ninety-two club, he set the world record for the fastest time to visit all English Football League stadiums."But what about the 21 st century?" I hear you cry. Ok I’m getting there – in the modern era, the pace setters have been Manchester United (above) and Arsenal without a doubt. The former becoming the team with the most wins of the FA Cup in 2004 (11 wins) and earlier this year securing their 20 th English top division title, the most of any club in the country. In 2009, they also went on a historic run of 14 consecutive Premier League games without conceding a goal.Although when it comes to hot streaks, there is no beating Arsene Wenger´s Arsenal. In 2003/04, the side were dubbed the “Invincibles,” becoming the first unbeaten side in a Premier League season and smashing Nottingham Forest´s 28-year-old record by going 49 games unbeaten, the longest unbeaten streak in the English top division. But one record that stands out for Arsenal is that of Valentine's Day 2005, when their 16-man squad announced to play Crystal Palace was the first all-foreign Premier League squad – as we said earlier, things have changed since “Fatty” Foulke´s day. In all, there were 8 different nationalities in the squad but not one Brit. The players were obviously all there on merit, as the Gunners ran out 5-1 winners in that game.So that was a whistle-stop tour through 150 years of FA history, but we still haven’t mentioned the Three Lions, the English national team, nor the “home of football,” Wembley, which owns the fantastic record of the most expensive grass. Ex-Chelsea chairman Ken Bates bought a spot of turf for £20,000 ($29,884) at auction in May 2000. It was the exact spot of turf where the ball landed for England´s controversial World Cup Final goal in 1966, as the founders of football won the Jules Rimet trophy on home soil, the only time in their history. Which leads us to our final and favourite record held by the man behind that strike – Geoff Hurst, who has scored the most goals in a World Cup Final, netting three that day. “They think it´s all over…it is now!”video
5125Fan Choice record: November 22With the Super Bowl just a little more than two months away, it might be worth getting in touch with the marketing students of Fresno State.Karen Garcia, Jasmine Ayala, Gabriela Plascienda, Diego Gonzalez, Ali Yang, Gurbir-Gugu Samran and hundreds of volunteer assistants cruised to victory in last week's GWR Fan Choice after creating the largest serving of salsa as part of a marketing class project, cooking up 1,644.72 kg (3,625.99 lb).Earning 66% of all votes, this achievement will now be entered in our list of contenders for a year-end showdown in which we'll ask you fans to vote for your favorite record of the year at the end of 2013.This week is the last week before we get our tournament started, so make sure to vote below! We have a huge group of Marines flexing their record muscle and a stadium full of classical instruments.But first, waterski like an Egyptian!LARGEST HUMAN WATERSKIING PYRAMID (pictured above)Record: 60 waterskiiersHolder: Big Pull 2013 (USA)Location: Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, USAThat's not all: Five different show ski teams (Aqua Ducks, Backwater Gamblers, Badgerland, Beaverland Must-Skis and Water Bugs) from Wisconsin and Illinois made up the 60-person pyramid. Not content to just sneak past the previous record, the Big Pull broke the mark by 12 waterskiiers.LONGEST CONGA ON ICERecord: 353 skatersHolder: Ice Rink Canary Wharf (UK) with Tresor ParisLocation: Canary Wharf, London, UKThat's not all: A popular record in Britain, five of the six all-time successful attempts at this record have occurred in the UK. This particular line was headed up by Pudsey Bear, the mascot for Children in Need, the charity for which the record attempt helped raise funds.TALLEST SUNFLOWERRecord: 8.75 m (28 ft 8.49 in) tall Holder: Hans-Peter Schiffer (Germany)Location: Kaarst, GermanyThat's not all: Talk about a green thumb - this is the third time Schiffer has grown a record-breaking sunflower in the last four years. In 2009, he topped an 8-year-old record with a sunflower measuring 8.03 m (26 ft 4 in). He followed that up with an 8.23 m (27 ft)-tall sunflower lsat year before growing his latest crowning achievement. MOST PEOPLE PERFORMING A CHAIN PUSH-UPRecord: 138Holders: Single Marine Program Camp Lejeune (USA)Location: Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North CarolinaThat's not all: Is there anything a Marine can't do? Thanks to its huge base population, the organizers at Camp Lejeune decided to attempt a record that would display both the physical prowess of Marines and the base's large contingent of possible participants. With each person's feet on the shoulders of the person behind them, the chain completed three push-ups. LARGEST ORCHESTRARecord: 7,224 musicians Holder: 2013 Queensland Music Festival (Australia)Location: Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaThat's not all: The musicians - a large enough group to require the use of a 50,000+ capacity stadium - playled a medley of "Waltzing Matilda", "Ode to Joy," and "We Will Rock You." Theattempt was conducted by renowned jazz musician James Morrison, and lasted for 6 min 8 sec.And those are your nominees for this week's Fan Choice time now to cast your vote!&ampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampgtWhat is your pick for this week's Fan Choice record?&ampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampgtThen check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!The Guinness World Records 2014 book edition is on sale now at all major retailers. Find a full list here. Did you miss Guinness World Records Day 2013? Be sure to get a full recap of all the incredible action from the international day of record breaking here.
5126Fan Choice is back - Vote now!If you know what our Fan Choice competition is all about, then we hope you're excited it's back.If you don't, well, let's get you a crash course:Every Friday, we'll pick a selection of five records recently approved by our in-house Records Management Team. We hope to share a selection of all sorts of records and also from everywhere around the world.We'll give you a little background info and a photo of each and then, at the end of each story, ask you to cast a vote for your favorite. The winners from each week will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year. Our 2013 winner was Annie Maria Bissoondial for the most rope skips in one hour. Please do read her truly inspirational story here.But here at Guinness World Records, we're no Rustin Cohle - time is linear and we're moving forward! And so, to start off our 2014 competition, here are our first five record entrants, all of which happen to have a little winter theme.LONGEST PAINTING BY AN INDIVIDUAL (pictured above)Record: 3,444.91 m (11,302 ft 2.11 in) longHolder: Gurmej Singh, aka Artist Singh (India)Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USAThat's not all: Painting is certainly a nice hobby to take up while trapped indoors for winter. Artist Singh, though, operates on a level way above hobby. It took him 38 days to complete the uninterrupted painting, which was displayed in serpentine fashion along the town's 2.2-mile 6th Street Park river bank. The painting features various still life and is named "The Transcendental."LARGEST WAFFLERecord: 50 kg (110 lb 3.68 oz)Holder: Stichting Gouda Oogst (Netherlands)Location: Nieuwe Markt, Gouda, NetherlandsThat's not all: What a delicious winter breakfast - this massive waffle also measured 2.47 m (8 ft 1.24 in) in diameter. The waffle required 60 kg (132 lb) of dough and took 15 kg (33 lb) of syrup, all baked in a 3,000 kg (6,614 lb) baking iron. After the town mayor took the first bite, 3,000 slices were handed out for the gathered crowd to enjoy.LARGEST ONESIERecord: 10.08 m (33.07 ft) long by 3.59 m (11.78 ft) wideHolder: Cooneen By Design (UK)Location: Leeds, UKThat's not all: The perfect winter sleepwear, this onesie featured in its design the main character from the hit British TV show "Mrs. Brown's Boys." Not just big on size, the epic onesie weighed 24.52 kg (54 lb) and Cooneen By Design even planned on selling normal-sized replicas to consumers.LARGEST COLLECTION OF SNOWMENRecord: 5,127 items and countingHolder: Karen Schmidt (USA)Location: Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USAThat's not all: This record constitutes any unique, individual item (so, no duplicates) that's snowman-related. Karen started her collection in 1980. She says her favorite items are a red bird making a snowman and a pink snowman that sings the Christmas classic "Santa Baby".LARGEST OIL LAMPRecord: A volume of 652.87 liters (143.61 UK gal 172.47 US gal)Holder: Ayuntamiento de Almócita (Spain)Location: Almócita, Almeria, SpainThat's not all: Keep us warm! Led by head craftsman Francisco Garcia, construction of the lamp required six months from concept to completion. The lamp was built in commemoration of The Night of Oil Lamps festival in Almócita, which is held as a tradition for a recent time when the families of the area had only oil lamps as their sole source of light and heat.And those are your nominees for the first Fan Choice battle of 2014 time now to cast your vote!<a href="">Fan Choice: March 7</a>Then check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!For the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
5127Guinness World Records Super Bowl XLVII previewIf you're a fan of any of the following things, then you have no reason not to be excited for the Super Bowl this weekend:Great footballChicken wingsWorld recordsMore chicken wingsThe matchup of the Denver Broncos and their No. 1-rated offense against the Seattle Seahawks and their No. 1 defense should provide us with the great football. And the chicken wings? Well, you're on your own.But as for the world records, well didn't you come to the right place?! Here's a record-breaking primer to get you ready for Super Sunday. If you don't leave having impressed the everyone at your party, we don't know what else we could've done to help.ALREADY RECORD BREAKERSvideoBoth sides enter Sunday having already earned Guinness World Records titles this season, although only Denver's will likely have any bearing on the game itself.See, the Broncos offense basically went Megazord on the NFL this year. Led by all-universe quarterback Peyton Manning, Denver broke records for most points scored (606) and most touchdowns (76) by an NFL offense. Manning captained this 11-man destroyer with records of his own for most passing touchdowns (55) and passing yards (5,477) in a single season. And that's just the beginning. While not all world records, check out this complete list of insane accomplishments by the Broncos offense this season, courtesy of Mile High Report. Seattle, meanwhile, relied on its fans to get into the record books this year. They twice broke the record for loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium in the friendly (except to opponents) confines of CenturyLink Field. Read all about the 12th Man's accomplishments here, and then be sure to ask the San Francisco 49ers (see video above) how they feel about Seahawks fans. Due to the game being played not only on a neutral field, but on the complete opposite side of the country, Seattle's 12th Man won't be a factor at the Super Bowl. The same probably can't be said for Manning.HE'S THE MANNINGvideoAlready universally regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play, the conventional argument stands that if Peyton were to win Sunday - earning a second career ring and defeating one of the league's most ferocious defenses - he would basically cement himself as the greatest quarterback to ever play.In fact, should the Broncos pull it off, Manning would become the first quarterback to ever win the Lombardi Trophy with multiple teams (Indianapolis Colts, Super Bowl XLI), thus by default earning him the record for most Super Bowls won with different franchises by a starting quarterback. Already a legend in his own right, Manning will have to outduel the quarterback play of a young, Pacific Northwest cult hero. Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson is just the sixth quarterback to ever appear in a Super Bowl in either his first or second year. Aged 25, Wilson had yet to celebrate his 10th birthday when Peyton Manning took his first career NFL snap. The 12-year age difference between Wilson and the 37-year-old Manning would be the largest age disparity between starting quarterbacks in the Super Bowl.DIP BOWLvideoJust like the dip bowl at your Super Bowl party, here's the section where you never know what you're going to find.Have you heard the Super Bowl is outside this year? In New York City New Jersey? Searching "Super Bowl New York cold" brings back 192 million hits, so you probably have. But it's a popular narrative for a reason. With an expected gameday high temperature of 37 degrees (2.8 C) and a low of 27 (-2.8 C), the safest bet you could make in Vegas is that this will be the coldest Super Bowl ever, out-frigiding New Orleans' 39-degree Super Bowl VI in 1972. It'll be cold because the game will take place at open-air MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Giants and New York Jets. MetLife, opened in 2010 at a cost of $1.6 billion, is the most expensive sports stadium ever built, and of course that price tag did not include a retractable roof.Meanwhile, this appearance puts Denver in the Super Bowl for the 7th time. That leaves them just one shy of the record for most Super Bowl appearances by a franchise, held jointly by the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers. Manning has already said he'd certainly like to come back next year...And, of course, we can't preview the Super Bowl without talking about the commercials. Due to its being the highest-watched TV program in America each year, the contest routinely draws the highest advertising spend to air a commercial during the contest. That record keeps rising with the times. This year, a 30-second spot during the game costs an average of $4 million, the most expensive advertising slot in the history of television. Quite the hike from the just-under $1 million it cost to air Apple's iconic "1984" ad, which happens to be celebrating its 30th anniversary.videoSo there you have it. Go Broncos? Go Seahawks? Either way, go get those wings. You don't want to be that host waiting for the food to arrive after kickoff.Make sure to follow Guinness World Records on social media for the latest record news, photos, and videos. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
51281965: First Space WalkBorn in 1934 in the tiny village of Listvyanka in Central Siberia, Alexei Leonov stands as the first person to take steps in outer space and take a view of our planet few will ever get to see from 500km above the earth.
51291993: First Bionic ArmLife took a downturn for Robert Campbell Aird (UK) in 1982, when he was diagnosed with muscular cancer. To prevent the disease from spreading, doctors were forced to amputate his arm. But 11 years later, Robert was centre stage in a landmark development for surgery and bio-engineering – one that has improved the quality of life for many of his fellow amputees.
51302015 in World Records - April: The month of epic stunts, celeb achievements and record-breaking marathon runsContinuing our month-by-month look back over the past year of fantastic record-breaking feats, April 2015 was an incredible month for extreme stunts, including the tightest parallel park, longest wheelie and greatest distance walked on top of a Ferris wheel - as well as multiple titles being set at the London Marathon, while some celebs danced into the record books for MTV...

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