Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

5161International Dance Day: Get your groove on with these five incredible world recordsApril 29 marks International Dance Day, a worldwide celebration of the performing art.
5162Satoru Iwata 1959 – 2015: Nintendo CEO’s record-breaking influence on videogame culture
5163One Direction: Down to four members - but boy band score six world records in our 2016 bookThey may be about to go on hiatus, but boyband One Direction are signing off in some style, after chalking up six entries in the new Guinness World Records 2016 book.
5164British Olympic cycling champion Sir Bradley Wiggins to attempt historic One Hour Record
5165Guinness World Records Classics: Most eggs in cups blown upside down in one minuteEach week here on, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.
5166Watch live: Gamers battle out to win at record-breaking FIFA Interactive World CupIf, like many millions of fans around the globe, you’ve been left disappointed by your country’s performance at the World Cup, fear not, there may yet still be a chance of your nation achieving football glory this summer.The FIFA Interactive World Cup final takes place this evening at Brazil’s Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio, perhaps offering a chance for your country to win a trophy.Millions of hopefuls from across the globe have attempted to qualify for this record-breaking tournament which sees the world’s best virtual footballers take each other on at the official EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil game.Just 20 players are left to fight for the title of FIWC World Champion, with a hefty sum of $20,000 US dollars for the overall winner who will be crowned tonight.Last year’s event set a new Guinness World Records title for largest videogame tournament, with 2,541,519 participants taking part between 1 October 2012 until 8 May 2013, with this year's competition set to exceed that figure.FIFA remains the longest running football video game at 21 years and is packed full of records and history.The best-selling sport videogame series of all time, it has sold 105 million units worldwide from its first game: FIFA International Soccer, to its latest instalment EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilOther significant FIFA records include:First voiced-controlled soccer videogame-FIFA 13 integrates with Kinect on the Xbox 360 to allow you to call for substitutions and formations using your voice. Watch your language though swearing at the referee could earn a yellow card.Highest margin of victory on FIFA-the highest margin of victory against computer on FIFA 13 is 307 goals, achieved by Patrick Hadler in Rethem, Germany on 16 of march 2013Most active users for a soccer video game-FIFA 09 introduced the FIFA Ultimate Team feature, allowing players to create and their own club, signing, trading and using their team to play other players online. The series has attracted 21,849,017 online playersLongest running videogame licensing agreement-Electronic Arts announced on the 8 th of May 2013 that it was extending the licensing agreement it has with FIFA until the 31 st of December 2022. The agreement began in 1993, and by the time it expires it will have run for 30 yearsLongest videogame marathon on a sports game-The longest marathon playing a sports videogame lasted 48hours and 5 minutes, achieved by Jordan Bloemen and Scott Francis Winder who played FIFA 12 in support of Ronald McDonald House. They even set up a treadmill near their TV in order to exercise. So will the England boys David Bytheway and Ty Walton be able to display a significant amount of FIFA prowess? Will Brazilian lad Rafael Fortes out-skill all their opponents? Will the Frenchman Adrien Viaud be able to make that all-important tackle or perfectly curl his free kicks? All will be revealed this evening. You can watch a live stream in the video player
5167How deep is your love? Couple set underwater wedding world recordFor most couples, a wet wedding day would be nothing short of a disaster.Not so for bride and groom Hiroyuki Yoshida (Japan) and Sandra Smith (USA) who shunned convention last year by setting a new world record for deepest underwater wedding.The two diving instructors tied the knot at 130m (426ft 6.1in) below the surface in a cave at Song Hong Lake, Trang, Thailand last September.Most weddings take a lot of planning and preparation, but few require six hard months of the sort of intensive training required by the couple to prepare them in their goal to reach the vertical depths for the attempt.Hiroyuki showing off his new wedding ring to the cameraAlongside several inquisitive fish, the wedding party saw friend and fellow diving instructor Ben Reymenants act as Hiroyuki and Sandy’s ordained minister, while cave divers Pekka Hartikainen and Charles Hosner, acted as best man and second witness respectively (Charles also unofficially acted as Flower Girl!)Taking eight minutes to reach what was top act as the alter for the wedding, while traditional dress of a white gown and suit understandably wasn’t observed by the happy couple, the ceremony was otherwise as you’d expect.Hiroyuki and Sandy during the ascent after the ceremonyThe most difficult part of the ceremony proved to be the ring exchange. One nervous slip of the fingers and the rings and the platinum rings would be lost for eternity so they were knotted into a safety spool clipped onto Pekka for safe transportation. Once at 130 metres, Pekka passed the end of the line off to Hiroyuki, unwinding Sandy’s ring tied into it.With not a dry eye in the house as vows were exchanged, (not least because the gas mixture used by those taking part contained helium, meaning, Hiroyuki, Sandy and Ben’s voice was comically high pitched during the ceremony, causing them fits of laughter), the ring was slid over Sandy’s finger.The happy couple, fresh out of the water with family and friendsShe then pulled the line further out from the spool until Hiroyuki’s wedding band appeared, placed it on his finger, and finally Pekka cut the line free from both rings.No wedding is complete without the groom kissing the bride, so despite being 130 meters underwater in a cave breathing off closed circuit rebreathers, there could be no exception for the newlyweds.Once Ben directed Hiroyuki to kiss Sandy, the pair threw their breathing apparatus upwards and turned heads so their lips could meet for a truly breath-taking moment.After 190 minutes underwater, Hiroyuki and Sandra broke the surface of the lake as Mr. and Mrs. Yoshida as well as world record holders and were greeted by cheers of family, friends and locals.Married life looks set to continue in a similar fashion, with the pair planning a new dive challenge in 2014 in Indonesian around the depths of 80 meters and deeper.
5168Ethan Bortnick Receives His Official Certificate as the Youngest Musician to Headline a Solo ConcertEleven-year-old Ethan Bortnick received his official Guinness World Records certificate as the "Youngest Musician to Headline a Solo Concert" in New York City this week.At 9 years, 9 months and 9 days old, Ethan headlined his own show at the Wentz Concert Hall, Naperville, Illinois, USA, on October 3, 2010.At age 3, Ethan began playing a keyboard, and by age 5, he was composing music.Featured on National and International television programs such as 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' and 'The Oprah Winfrey Show", Ethan has also helped raise record amounts of money for charities around the world, by performing, inspiring and educating, and raised nearly $30 million by performing at charity benefits.Ethan is headlining his 22-city "It's All About Music" tour this summer, which features special guests The KIDZ BOP Kids.
5169Longest wish list to Santa gets delivered in LaplandAdjudicator Louise Toms reports on a festive record attempt success in Lapland.Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of travelling to a magical place that I had never been to before-the official hometown of Santa Claus-Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. I was here to verify the record for the longest wish list to Santa.The record attempt was organised by MINI and involved 8 new MINI Paceman cars departing from Milan, Italy, collecting wishes for Santa along the way.They passed through 8 cities along the route, such as Munich, Copenhagen and Stockholm, before finally arriving at Rovaniemi in Finland 3,500 km later. The MINI team were to personally deliver these wishes to Santa's office, in the hopes that everyone that had been good this year would receive their gifts as requested….Upon arriving in Lapland, I was struck at first by the temperature…I knew it would be cold, but at -22°C I knew I would those thermals would be more than needed!I was taken to Nivavaara Primary School to see the scroll and to verify that the wishes were in accordance with the guidelines.The MINI team had constructed the scroll on two giant wheels, which enabled me to check the spreadsheet data against the numbered wishes. I was amazed to see a whopping 25, 318 people had each written 3 wishes to Santa, which were assembled on one by one on one long scroll, using environmentally friendly paper. Furthermore, even more special to me was the fact that these wishes had come from 30 different countries around the world, as far as Ecuador, Cape Verde and Ghana!It took one hour and 40 mins for the scroll to be unrolled, counted and rolled back up again, a valiant effort for 160kgs worth of paper! Included in the wishes were some interesting notions, such as world peace, free food for monkeys and some requests for a personal, 365 day a year exclusive Santa service!In total, the wish list measured 3, 978.5 metres, and made every other wish list I had seen look like a sticky note.In order to achieve the record and for MINI to keep their promise to the thousands of people who had sent their Christmas wishes to Santa, the list had to be physically delivered to Santa. So off it went, driven in a MINI naturally, to Santa's office, in Santa Claus' village. He was presented with the scroll outside with his helper elves and a white reindeer present-Rudolph was not there, as he was resting for the big night to come, but his place was taken by Prancer, as he is second in command of Santa's elite reindeer team.This was a new Guinness World Records title and in order to set this, MINI needed to collect a minimum of 71,500 wishes. So I was more than happy to announce on behalf of Guinness World Records that MINI had successfully achieved this wonderful feat with a grand total of 75, 954 wishes!Congratulations to MINI and to everyone that participated in this incredible festive event. One thing is for sure - Santa promised he will be reading each and every one of these wishes so may your wishes come true!video
5170Largest cookie mosaic record is broken in China to celebrate 100th Anniversary of Oreo biscuitsKraft Foods China celebrated the 100 th Anniversary of Oreo biscuits last month by creating a 31.92m 2 mosaic made up of 18,000 of the popular sweet treat in the city of Suzhou.More than 40 employees worked through the night to build the mosaic before its inspection by a Guinness World Records adjudicator who confirmed that it had set a new record.The incredible 234 kg construction almost doubled the previous record for the largest cookies mosaic which was set in Québec, Canada in 2008.Kraft Foods China workers voluntarily bought all the OREO biscuits used to make the mosaic and in turn donate money to Kraft Hope Kitchen, the company's charity program which aims to improve the diet of rural Chinese school children.
5171Sport stackers across the globe get ready for huge Guinness World Records Day 2012 attemptThe world is set to go cup crazy on Guinness World Records Day next Thursday, with hundreds of thousands of participants set to take part in an attempt to break the record for the most people sport stacking (multiple venues).During the course of GWR Day 2012, sport stackers from across the globe will be up stacking and down stacking various pyramids in prescribed patterns at lightning speed for at least 30 minutes, all combined with a variety of fitness activities.Sport stacking (also known as cup stacking or speed stacking) is an individual and team sport that involves stacking specialized plastic cups in specific sequences in as little time as possible.Participants of sport stacking stack cups in pre-determined sequences, competing against the clock or another player. Sequences are usually pyramids of three, six, or ten cups.Stackers race against the clock, compete in relays and often combine sport stacking with fitness challenges as part of physical education classes (check out or year, 412,259 stackers participated to break the previous year's STACK UP! record of 316,736. Once again, tens of thousands of stackers are expected to contribute their sport stacking skills from across the United States and around the world in countries such as Hungary, Germany, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand, Columbia, and Taiwan. In addition, many schools are using this event to benefit local communities by stacking up for a good cause.Speaking ahead of the attempt, World Sport Stacking Association Founder & CEO Bob Fox said: "Sport stacking is an activity enjoyed by all ages and cultures. It promotes hand-eye coordination, fitness, teamwork, speed and lots of fun. This is the seventh year we've teamed up with Guinness World Records, and we're excited to have another shot at breaking a world record."To take part in the record-setting STACK UP!, schools and organizations around the world are required to register 25 or more stackers with the WSSA. Once a group completes the 30 minutes of stacking for each participant (anytime during November 15 th) the organizer and a witness are required to send in an online verification of numbers to the WSSA, who will pass on the total count to Guinness World Records for official recognition. For more information go to:thewssa.comor stacking - five essential factsThe sport was invented by Wayne Godinet,who introduced the first formations and dubbed the sport "Karango Cup Stack". Shortly thereafter, Godinet formed a group called Cupstack.Physical education teacher Bob Fox later developed the activity into a true sport by formalizing the rules and establishing a governing body, the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA).Sport Stacking received national attention in 1990 when it featured on US TV talk show, The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, with in the sport enjoying a huge increase in participants its appearance on the programme.In 2007, Steven Purugganan, then aged 10, broke the world record for fastest sport stacking individual cycle stack with a time of 7.23, helping him to earn a TV commercial deal wiht the restaurant chain McDonald's.Steven's time has since been beaten on several occasions, with the current holder William Orrell notching up a time of 5.68 seconds at the WSSA Mid-Atlantic Regional Sport Stacking Championships in Owings Mills in Maryland, USA, in March this year. You can watch William's record-breaking performance in the video player above.
5172Video: Watch the world’s largest ever firework display take place in KuwaitKuwait this weekend staged the world's largest ever fireworks display, during an event celebrating the golden jubilee anniversary of its country's constitution.A total of 77,282 fireworks were launched during the display with the total cost of the performance reportedly billed at an eye-watering $15million.The display, which lasted for an hour, took place along the shoreline of Kuwait City and was watched by tens of thousands of people.It marked 50 years to the day since the late Sheikh Abdullah al-Salem al-Sabah announced that Kuwait had become the first Arab state in the Gulf to create a constitution and a
5173Record-Holding TV Show 'House' Comes to an EndAfter nearly 8 years on the air, the final episode of the American medical drama 'House' aired this week.Starring actor Hugh Laurie, the show focused around antihero Dr. Gregory House and his team of diagnosticians in a New Jersey hospital.In its time on the air, 'House' managed to secure three Guinness World Records:- House managed a review score of 9.4 out of 10, according to, making it the most popular TV show as of February 2008.- The success of the show from the review made Hugh Laurie TV's most-watched leading man.- Hugh Laurie earned $700,000 per episode, making him the highest-paid TV actor in a drama series.
5174Freddie Flintoff edges closer to Guinness World Record Challenge targetWith under two hours to go, cricket star Freddie Flintoff is just one short of his target after notching up 11 Guinness World Records titles during his charity challenge for Sports Relief.The former England captain, who is hoping to set 12 records within 12 hours, began his record-breaking marathon at 7.45am this morning at Wembley Stadium in London.As of 6pm this afternoon, Freddie had claimed the titles for:* Most hot dogs made in 1 minute (Equalling the existing record of 9)* Fastest 100m Zorbing (26.59 seconds)* Fastest three-point turn (14.01 seconds) * Most cricket deliveries faced in one minute (10) * The fastest time to high-five 20 people blindfolded (6.53 seconds) * The most people popping party poppers (420) * The most peas eaten with a cocktail stick in 30 seconds (38) * The most kisses given in 30 seconds (40) on the set of TV show Loose Women * The most likes on a Facebook item in one hour (52,719) * The fastest 100 metres on a pedalo (1 minute 58.62 seconds) - ably assited by his former England teammate Steve Harmison * The Fastest time to drink a hot chocolate (5.45 seconds),However keeping the records tumbling hasn't been easy.Records for a 100ft reverse bungy, a three point turn in under 15 seconds, reaching 43mph in the world's fastest toilet, eating a muffin in 35 seconds, wrapping somebody in newspaper in 3 minutes 7 seconds and zorbing 100 metres in 30 seconds have all all proved just a little too much for Freddie, after missing each one by just a matter of seconds.As well as dashing around London between locations for his record attempts by the quickest means possible, Freddie has also be appearing on various UK TV and radio shows throughout the day to gain as much support and sponsorship for Sport Relief as he can.After breaking the pedalo record, Freddie said: "That was much harder than I thought it would be. It was the record that I most wanted to complete though so I'm really happy about that!"The record-breaker went on to say: "I've got to be honest, the day did get off to a shakey start but after getting these three in the bag I'm feeling much for confident and I'm determined to finish on top!"The BT Sport Relief Challenge: Flintoff's Record Breakers is the third in a series of celebrity challenges sponsored by BT for Sport Relief 2012.To find out how to sponsor Freddie head to'll have a round up of how the epic challenge ended here on tomorrow morning. However, if you can't wait that long to find out if Freddie reached his target, you can keep up with Freddie's progress as it happens by following us (@gwrnews) and Sports Relief (@sportrelief) on Twitter - look out for the hashtag #freddies12 .Highlights from Freddie's challenge will be shown on the Sport Relief night on BBC One and BBC One HD in the UK on Friday 23rd March.
5175Kobayashi bags new Twinkie eating record on Wendy Williams ShowSpeed eating legend Takeru Kobayashi has set a new record, this time setting a new benchmark for the most Twinkies eaten in one minute. The Japanese competitive eater managed to scoff 14 of the cream filled sponge cakes on set of the Wendy Williams Show in New York, USA earlier today. Today's record adds to Kobayashi's five other Guinness World Record titles (Fastest time to eat a bowl of pasta, most hamburgers eaten in three minutes, most hot dogs eaten in 12 minutes, most hot dogs eaten in 3 minutes, and most meatballs eaten in one minute).video
5176Video: Mahatma Gandhi lookalikes set new world record in IndiaAn inspiring 485 underprivileged children walked in the footsteps of a political icon in Kolkata, India last week, when they successfully set a new world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Mahatma Gandhi.The attempt formed part of a peace march organized by the charity TRACKS (Training Recourse and Care for Kids) as part of the commemoration of Martyrs' Day, which marks the anniversary of Gandhi's death in 1948.Inspired by the work of Mother Teresa, TRACKS, is a registered Public Charitable Trust, managed by Trustees in UK and India that has been working to rehabilitate single mothers and their children from Howrah Station, Kolkata, since 1991There are currently over 2,000 homeless people living at the station, with generations of families having been born there, and many more children arriving from neighbouring regions every day.'Mahatma' Gandhi was born in 1869 and was an inspirational leader of India. Known for his non-violent means to achieve his goals, he led the Indian independence peaceful movement, which resulted in the independence of the country in 1947.The children who took part in the attempt were all aged between 10 to 16 and walked as a group along Kolkata's Mayo Road until they reached the Gandhi Statue which stands as a tribute to his morals and ethics.The youngsters had been taught about Gandhi's philosophy in schools by a group of volunteers during the weeks leading up to the event, ensuring that they were aware of who they were representing for the record attempt.Michael Anthony who runs the NGO and who organised the record attempt along with Sumit Bhatts said:"I am myself a Gandhi follower. This peace march is meant to inculcate Gandhi's values and messages in poor children. We don't want the underprivileged kids to forget the rich legacy of Gandhian ideology,"Gandhi's granddaughter Usha Gokani, also took part in the peaceful march which was named 'RISE Up'.She said: 'It's a great feeling. When my children heard of the effort they incited me to come to Kolkata. They said it may be a bit tiring for you, but the trip would be worth making. I now know they were right. I am moved by the passion for the father of the nation displayed by these children.'Official adjudicators from Guinness World Records Andrea Banfi and Lucia Sinigagliesi had flown out from London to Kolkata to witness the attempt along with GWR's representative from India Nikhil Shukla.The attempt was executed perfectly, with all 485 boys finely dressed in the Gandhi attire as outlined in the rules for the record, with each child wearing a white, dhoti-style garment, bald head (real or false), moustache (real or false) , and a pair of small circular eyeglasses , ensuring all those who took part gained entry into the Guinness World Records family.For more information on TRACKS, head to, or contact them via email at
5177One thousand women pucker up with Guinness World Records and Esika cosmeticsOver 1000 women helped cosmetics brand Esika set a new Guinness World Record for the most people applying lipstick simultaneously in Caracas, Venezula this week. The event, organized by Impact Producciones, took place at the Tamanaco mall as Esika celebrated 15 years in Venezuela and the launch of their new range of perfume. The women, all beauty consultants for the brand, formed long queues to take part in the record attempt. On arrival, the women received their kit including lipstick and perfume, a bib to be easily identified and a numbered tag to help count the final number. In total, 1002 women took part. General Director of Belcorp Venezuela, Javier Riccobono, accepted the Guinness World Records certificate on behalf of the Esika brand and all the beauty consultants who made this record possible.
5178Video of the Week: Tap dancing, most taps in a minuteEach week we bring you one of the most interesting and exciting record-breaking videos from our archives.The week we're going back to April 2009 with Jo Scanlan (UK) breaking the world record for the most tap dancing taps in a minute, with 784 taps on the set of Guinness World Records Smashed at Pinewood Studios, UK. Jo's record has since been beaten however, with the benchmark now standing at a toe-tapping 1,163 and was achieved by Anthony Morigerato (USA) at Eleanor's School of Dance in Albany, New York, USA, in June last
5179Colorado claims deepest geothermal hot spring recordFrom Amanda Mochan in Colorado (USA)On Saturday, August 20, I traveled to beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado to oversee the measurement of the deepest geothermal hot spring measured by a plumb line. The hot spring is located at the elegant property The Springs Resort and Spa. This was a new record category, so a minimum requirement had not yet been set. The hot spring had previously been unofficially measured at a depth of more than 1,000 ft., so I knew that the spring was quite deep. Upon arrival, I met with hydrologist John Casey from Basin Engineering in Durango, Colorado. John had a plumb line that reached a maximum depth of 1002 ft. (305.41 m), but what makes this record interesting is that no one really knows just how deep the hot spring is. Every time the spring has been measured, the plumb line ran out before reaching the bottom. The 'mother spring' is a turquoise pool approximately 35 feet across with an average depth of 20-30 ft. About 15 feet from one edge, there is a hole in the bottom of two feet in diameter. This is the main spring that reaches an unknown depth, and is the spring that the hydrologist measured. After I confirmed that the plumb line had a maximum measurement of 1002 ft., John lowered the line into the spring and we watched and waited in anticipation as the line went down…and down…and down. After about ten minutes, the line ran out without hitting any obstacles, and a new Guinness World Records achievement was verified. The world's deepest measured hot spring is a fitting title for what can arguably be called the world's most beautiful hot spring resort. Discovered hundreds of years ago by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, the hot springs were revered for their rejuvenating and healing qualities. In the 1860's, the United States Army studied the medicinal effects of the springs, and the first bath house was built in 1881. Fast forward to the 21 st century, and The Springs is now a world-class resort that features numerous soaking pools that are fed by the mother spring. In addition, The Springs is ecologically-forward the mother spring provides the hot water for the hotel's property and the nearby San Juan River provides the cold water.Congratulations and thanks go out to the following: R.D. Whittington - Director of Sales, The Springs Resort and Spa Nerissa Whittington - Owner, The Springs Resort and Spa Keely Whittington - Owner, The Springs Resort and Spa Mayor Ross Aragon - Mayor of Pagosa Springs Southern Heritage Ute Dancers The staff at The Springs Resort and Spa Griselda Cervantes - Old Time Photos John Casey - Basin Engineering
5180Record holder profile: Uchida Geinousha – handler of the most dogs skipping on a ropeUchida Geinousha's 'Super Wan Wan Circus' based in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, offers a unique act for its audience the incredible sight of 13 dogs skipping on a rope.Kaoru, who handles the dogs at the circus, explains: "It actually started by accident one day when Mayonnaise, an incredibly curious poodle, started to try and skip with us. She clearly really enjoyed it and we decided to get the other dogs involved. It's become part of their playtime!"The dogs are named (left to right in the photo above) Leo, Doremi, Button, Koume, Aya, Kimchi, Nami, Mayonnaise, Ann, Sumire, Kurobe and
5181Record Holder Profile Video - Freddy NockEach month we bring you a closer look at one of our Record Holders.This month we have daredevil high wire artist Freddy Nock.The film below documents Freddy's successful attempt at the world's highest cable walk in January this year in Switzerland.Freddy has hit headlines around the world this week by attempting seven breathtaking records in seven days in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, including the longest and highest wire walk - ride on a bike and the longest and steepest wire walk above sea.Check back on where we'll be revealing if Freddy succeeded in his bid for a week's worth of world
5182Largest straw bale maze record set in IdahoFrom Amanda Mochan in Idaho, USAOn Saturday, October 1, I was in Rupert, Idaho for a record attempt for the largest temporary straw bale maze. The maze (coined the Mega Maze) is located at Garden Cents, a fully-stocked shop for planting and nursery needs. As this was a new record category, our records management team did some research and set the minimum requirements at 1,200 square meters (12,916.7 square feet). Bryan Jentzsch, who created and the construction, designed it to be quite a bit bigger than the requirements, although it had to be measured in order to be made official. Before measuring the maze on-site, I reviewed the maze plans to see what sections would count towards the record total. According to Guinness World Records guidelines, the maze must be continuous (i.e. empty spaces such as parking lots do not count), and had to have walls that adults were not able to see over. The majority of the maze fell under these guidelines, although the kiddie maze (with 3-ft. high walls) and the entranceway with go-karts, a bean pit, and bouncy horses weren't included in the measurements. In addition to the standard maze pathways, the MEGA MAZE boasted some unique features, including a straw bale pyramid with interior pathways that reached several stories high, and a 3D maze with paths built on several levels, one on top of the other. Once I confirmed which sections would count towards the official total, I walked the sections with a measuring wheel, and the final area was an impressive 96,847 square feet (8,997.380 square meters) - approximately eight times the size of the minimum requirement, and a new Guinness World Records achievement!Some additional statistics and figures: - The maze used 3,202 bales of straw, with each bale weighing an approximate 1,100 lbs. - The maze features 1.6 miles of pathway, both on the ground and in the elevated 3D section - Bryan Jentzsch constructed the majority of the maze by himself using front-end loaders with forks on front. It took two weeks to design and three weeks to construct. - This is the third year a maze has been constructed on the site, but this year was by far the biggest (last year's maze consisted of 2,000 straw bales). - After the maze is dismantled, the straw will go to local dairies to be used as bedding for dairy cows. If you find yourself in southern Idaho this month, be sure to stop by and check it out - the maze is open daily and on October 14 it transforms into the Haunted Maze, a spooky experience featuring zombies, a mad scientist, witches, trolls, scary clowns, and much, much more. For more information visit
5183Guinness World Records statement: Largest upper arm circumferenceAfter a thorough investigation involving external expertise, Guinness World Records has decided to rest the record category forlargest upper arm circumference the current record being held by Mustafa Ismail (USA). After publication of Mr. Ismail's record in September 2012, we received a number of calls from the public querying whether it was possible to achieve Mr. Ismail's result without the use of body-enhancing substances, in particular Synthol. Guinness World Records would like to make it absolutely clear that it has seen no medical evidence to support any claim that Mr. Ismail used Synthol or any other body-enhancing substance. However, after extensive consultation and advice from the appropriate governing bodies, Guinness World Records has taken the decision to no longer accept claims forlargest upper arm circumferenceon the grounds that there are too many evidentiary variables to ensure a declarative benchmark that is firmly beyond dispute.
5184Most synchronised backflips on aquabikes in one minuteThis record is for the most backflips performed 'in sync' with one another with two or more aquabikes.This record is measured by the number of successfully completed synchronised backlfips.This record is to be attempted by a team of two or more people.For the purposes of the record, a synchronised backflip is where two or more jetskis must both: a) take off for their backflip at the same time and b) land at the same time.This can be further defined as: If one rider has not begun descending from their flip when the other rider makes contact with the water after the flip, this flip will not count towards the total.
5185Largest building (floor area)Measuring an incredible 500 m long, 400 m deep, and 100 m, with 18 floors and totalling an amazing 1.75 million m2 of floor space, the New Century Global Center in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, is the largest single building by floor area. The final building is four times the size of the Vatican City, nearly three times as big as the Pentagon, and nearly the size of the entire country of Monaco. Construction took 3 years to complete between 2010 and 2013. It houses offices, 2 five-star hotels, 400,000 m2 shopping mall and Mediterranean shopping village, 14-screen IMAX Cineplex and an international standard ice-skating rink. A 150 m wide LED screen provides information and entertainment. Other features include a central interior beach with enormous artificial waves and sea breeze, and an artificial sun providing visitors with light and heat 24 hours a day.
5186Most skateboard rail flip to rail in one minuteThis record is for the greatest number of rail flips to rail performed in one minute on a skateboard.This record is to be attempted by an individual. This record is measured by the number of correctly performed rail flips to rail in one minuteFor the purposes of this record, a rail flip is defined as: the skater stands on top of the skateboard when the skateboard is on it's side (the skater's feet are on the wheels and deck). The skater uses their back foot to flip the skateboard a full 360 degrees and lands back in the rail position.
5187Greatest distance by 3D-printed boat in 24 hoursThis record is for the greatest distance covered in a 3D-printed boat in 24 hours.The boat must be used to transport a person. Toy, or remote-controlled, boats are not eligible for this record. This record may be attempted by an individual or a teamThis record is measured in km, with the equivalent imperial distance in miles also providedFor the purposes of this record, the entire boat must be 3D-printed, including paddles and sails where used. Boats with engines, or with any other non-3D-printed parts, are not eligible for this record.
5188Most people playing four square simultaneously (single venue)This record is for the greatest number of people playing four square simultaneously.This record is to be measured by the number of participants.For the purpose of this record, a four square game is defined as a ball game played among four players on a square court divided into quadrants, where the objective is to eliminate other players to achieve the highest rank.With the exception of the number of participants, the ability to re-enter the game, and determination of overall winner, the game must be played by all other Four Square rules and regulations.
5189Tallest stack of instant noodle cups/bowlsThis record is for the tallest single free-standing stack of instant noodle cups/bowls by physical height.This is to be attempted by an individual or a team of unlimited size. This record is measured in metres and centimetres, along with the imperial equivalent in feet and inches.For the purposes of the record, an instant noodle cup/bowl is defined as a polystyrene or paper container holding dried noodles and other ingredients. The content becomes edible by removing the top of the cup/bowl and pouring hot water directly into the cup/bowl. The shape of the cup/bowl may differ between products, however to be used for the attempt it must have a flat base and top.
51901962: First Actor to Break the $1 Million Threshold for a Movie RoleThese days, $1 million doesn’t seem like much.Boxer Floyd Mayweather – the highest-earning athlete on Earth last year – earned $1 million for every 41 seconds of work in 2013. The three stars of smash U.S. sitcom The Big Bang Theory pull in $1 million per 23-minute episode. America’s national debt will go up $1 million in about the next 90 seconds.But there was a time when $1 million meant something. A time when earning that kind of paycheck, particularly in the world of entertainment, made you almost a god among men.That time was 1962.In this installment of our 60 at 60 series, we head to the year of Bob Dylan’s debut album, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and director Lewis Milestone’s Mutiny on the Bounty.videoWe bring up Mutiny for one very specific reason. For his services in the lead role of Fletcher Christian in the film, American actor Marlon Brando commanded the first-ever $1 million salary for a movie role.Adjusted for inflation, that equates to roughly $7.9 million today.Of course, with the way the entertainment industry has boomed in the 52 years since Brando’s historic payday, even $7.9 million doesn’t seem like much. Stars like Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp have commanded upwards of $30 million for a film in recent years.videoBut at the time, this marked a watershed moment for actors. Salaries would only increase and the talent in front of the camera would continue to grow stronger in its power consolidation. Unlike the studio system age of movies that dominated the first half of the century, where directors and major studio heads wielded all the influence, the talent in front of the camera has grown increasingly prominent in decision-making.The stars of modern times can more easily command higher salaries, offer creative instruction, and even secure film credits as executive producers on the very movies in which they’re starring.And it all started with Brando.videoIronically, for having cashed in such a milestone payday, Brando ended up unable to deliver a hit. Impressively, Mutiny on the Bounty was the sixth-highest grossing film of 1962, but that tells a happy story out of context.In reality, the movie cost $19 million to produce and only brought in $13.68 million at the box office – a money loser that would be panned endlessly on sites across the blogosphere if it were released today.But Brando could cash his pioneering check regardless. And it wouldn’t be the last time the leading man made history with his deposit slip. For just 10 minutes of screen time as Jor-El in 1978’s Superman, Brando also became the first actor to cross the $3 million mark for a film salary.videoAs the multiplex stars of today sleep on their mattresses made of $100 bills, they should all look back at 1962, and thank the trailblazing Brando - to borrow from one of his more iconic roles - for making Hollywood an offer it couldn’t refuse.

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