Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

5431Largest wardrobeJan BilyCzech Republic, Prague10 September 2009The largest wardrobe measures 6.06 metres (19 ft 10 in) high, 4.07 metres (13 ft 4 in) wide and 1.5 metres (4 ft 11 in) deep. It has 2 doors and was created by Jan Bilý (Czech Republic) and his company Art-Style and was presented and measured in Prague, Czech Republic, on 10 September 2009.5 cubic metres of pinewood were used in its production. The wardrobe weighs around 2,000 kg. It can be dismantled into 10 pieces for transportation.
5432Largest parade of Lotus carsJoanna HoddinottUnited Kingdom, Snetterton Race Circuit14 June 2009The record for the largest parade of Lotus cars is 436 and was organized by Lotus Cars Motorsport Vision and Lipscomb Lotus (all UK) and was set at the Snetterton Race Circuit in Norfolk, UK, on 14 June 2009.The cars completed 3 laps on the track which is 3.1232 km (1.952 miles) long.
5433Longest time to survive with one lungMaria C. H den Hollander1938 year(s), day(s)Netherlands, Eindhoven16 January 2007Maria C. H. den Hollander (Netherlands, b. 16 October 1938) had her right lung removed due to Diphtheria in December 1946, and continues to lead a normal healthy life as to present.
5434Longest marathon breakdancing by a teamSuresh Arulanantham Joachim, Troy Feldman, Jesse Catabog, Donald F Geraghty, Lance Johnson, Eva Nikitova, Damian Dobrowolski, Dan Rossignoli, Darren Bryan, Karl Alba, Joseph HerscoCanada, Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre,Vaughan,Ontario24 March 2007The longest breakdance marathon by a team was performed by Arulanantham Suresh Joachim, Troy Feldman, Jesse Catabog, Donald F Geraghty, Lance Johnson, Eva Nikitova, Damian Dobrowolski, Dan Rossignoli, Darren Bryan, Karl Alba and Joseph Hersco (all Canada), who continuously breakdanced for 24 hours at Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, from 23 to 24 March 2007.
5435Fastest unsupported North Pole trek by a femaleCecilie SkogArctic, Arctic24 April 2006The fastest unsupported trek to the North Pole by a female is 48 days 22 hr and was achieved by Cecilie Skog (Norway), who left Ward-Hunt Island with teammates, Rolf Bae and Per Henry Borch (both Norway), on 6 March 2006 and reached the North Pole on 24 April 2006.
5436Deepest underwater concert containedKatie Melua303 metre(s)Norway, Bergen10 October 2006The deepest concert was performed by Katie Melua (UK) and her band at 303 m (994 ft) below sea level, on Statoil's Troll A gas rig, off the coast of Bergen, Norway, on 1 October 2006. Ms Melua performed two, 30-minute concerts to an audience of 20 oilrig workers, each of whom had won the ticket to see the performance.
5437Least darts to score 1,000,001 by a men's teamWeigh Inn Bar35698 total numberUnited Kingdom, Omagh23 August 2010The least darts to score 1,000,001 by a team of eight men was 35,698 by Mickey Mansell, Mickey Taggart, Felix McBrearty, Daryl Gurney, Campbell Jackson, Ronan McMahon, Eamonn McGovern and Thomas Stoga (all UK) at The Weigh Inn Bar in Omagh, UK, from 21 to 23 August 2010. The attempt lasted more than 46 hours.Not attached due to size, but included with claim were scoresheets for all darts thrown and video of entire attempt.
5438Greatest distance travelled by train in 24 hoursJohn Daffurn3783.91 kilometre(s)China, Guangzhou08 November 2013The greatest distance travelled by train in 24 hours is 3,783.91 km (2,351.21 miles), achieved by John Daffurn (UK), with a start point at Guangzhou South Station in Guangzhou, China, and a finish point at Longyang Road Metro Station in Shanghai, China, on 7-8 November 2013. Daffurn travelled from Guangzhou South Station to Beijing West Railway Station by high-speed train, then transferred to Beijing South Railway Station by metro, then travelled to Shanghai Railway Station by high-speed train and transferred to Longyang Road by metro.
5439First methane-sustained animalspolychaete wormUnited States, Pennsylvania State University,Pennsylvania01 July 1997In July 1997, Professor Charles Fisher led a team of scientists from Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, USA in a mini-submarine down 548 m (1,800 ft) to the Gulf of Mexico's ocean floor. Here they observed mushroom-shaped mounds of yellow and white methane ice (gas hydrates), 1.8-2.4 m (6-8 ft) across. Until now, these mounds were assumed to be too noxious to support any form of animal life. However, Fisher's team discovered large numbers of a hitherto unknown species of pink, flat-bodied polychaete worm thriving upon and burrowing into these mounds. They may be grazing upon chemosynthetic bacteria growing upon the methane ice.
5440Tallest cooked sugar sculptureAlain RobyUnited States, Mall of America,Minneapolis,Minnesota21 April 2006The tallest cooked sugar sculpture made in 11 hours measures 3.91 m (12 ft 10.4 in) and was made by Alain Roby (France) at Mall of America, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on 21 April 2006 during the filming of Guinness World Records week for the Food Network channel.The sculpture was created to resemble the John Hancock building in Chicago.
5441Most fish caught with one hand in one minuteMirko Dhem, Nils GraulichGermany, Cologne,Studios for Guinness World Records: Die Shoe der größten Weltrekorde24 September 2005Mirko Dhem (Germany) caught with one hand a total of 38 salmons weighing more than1.81 kg (4 lb), which had been thrown by Nils Graulich (Germany) from a distance of 5.48 m (18 ft) on 24 September 2005 on the set of Guinness World Records: Die größten Weltrekorde, Cologne, Germany, on 24 September 2005.To comply with local transport regulation, the fish was gutted.
5442Largest bowl of goulashOrizont TV7200 litre(s)Romania, Baia Mare29 September 2007The world record for the largest bowl of goulash is 7,200 litres (1,583.78 gal) in an event organised by Orizont TV during the Chestnut Festival in Baia Mare, Romania on 29 September 2007.Laura Hughes adjudicated attempt.
5443Largest collection of Donald Duck memorabiliaSteffen GerdesDenmark, Østermarie27 June 2012The largest collection of Donald Duck memorabilia belongs to Steffen Gerdes (Denmark) and consists of 2,775 items as of 27 June 2012, in Østermarie, Denmark.Steffen started his collection in 1986. The collection consists of 134 different categories from wooden alphabet letters to zipper pendants.
5444Longest time to spin a basketball on one finger (using one hand)Ruben Alcaraz10/33 day(s), hour(s), minute(s)Spain, Terrassa29 January 2011The longest time to spin a basketball on one finger using one hand is 10 min 33 seconds, achieved by Ruben Alcaraz (Spain), at the Pavello del Nord, Sabadell, Spain, on 29 January 2011.Alcaraz is a professional basketball freestyler, not content with just getting the record he improved on the previous record by over 8 mins.
5445Heaviest item airliftedAntonov Airlines187.6 tonne(s) (metric ton)Germany, Frankfurt Hahn Airport,,Frankfurt Hahn Airport11 August 2009The heaviest item airlifted is a power plant generator which weighs 187.6 tonnes (375,200 lb) and was achieved by Antonov Airlines 225 "Mriya" aircraft - the biggest aircraft in the world, at Frankfurt Hahn Airport, in Frankfurt, Germany, on 11 Aug 2009.This incredible plane already holds a number of records, including that of the only plane to have a maximum take-off weight of over 600 tonnes and the plane with the widest wing-span, at 88.4 m (290 ft).
5446Longest videogame marathon on a First Person Shooter (FPS)Okan Kaya135/15/10 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Australia, Sydney, Prestons19 November 2012The longest videogame marathon on a First Person Shooter (FPS) lasted 135 hours 15 minutes 10 seconds and was achieved by Okan Kaya (Australia) who played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Treyarch, 2012) at 4Cabling Pty Ltd. in Waterloo, New South Wales, Australia from 13-19 November 2012.
5447Farthest distance to pull a single decker bus with the earsManjit SinghUnited Kingdom, Loughborough31 March 2008The record for the farthest distance to pull a single decker bus is 6.1 m (20 ft) achieved by Manjit Singh (UK) to raise money for the Manjit Fitness Academy at the Loughborough Tesco in Loughborough, UK, on 31 March 2008
5448Most basketball layups in one hour (team)UBALL (Utrecht BasketBALL)Netherlands, UtrechtThe most basketball lay-ups in one hour is 2,640 and was achieved by the UBALL (Utrecht BasketBALL) U-18 boys team at Sporthal Galgenwaard, Utrecht, Netherlands, on 24 May 2008 Here is the breakdown of the lay-ups in 10 minute slots:1. 4932. 4093. 4094. 3865. 4096. 534
5449Oldest legal fatherLes Colley92/10 year(s), day(s)Australia, 01 January 1998The oldest ever man to father a child was reportedly Les Colley (1898 - 1998, Australia), who had his ninth child a son named Oswald to his third wife at the age of 92 years 10 months. Colley met Oswald's Fijian mother in 1991 through a dating agency at the age of 90.
5450First African-American president of the USABarack Obama605000000 US dollar(s)United States, 20 January 2009Barack Hussein Obama II (USA) was inaugurated as the 44th President of the USA on 20 January 2009, following a record-breaking campaign. In the September before election, Obama raised a monthly record of $150 million (£82.5 million), taking his fundraising total to over $605 million (£332.9 million) – also a record. Much of this went on advertising – an unprecedented $250 million (£137.5 million) was spent on TV ads in just five months. Over 136 million voters turned out on election day – the most since 1960 – and more than two million descended on the Capitol in Washington, DC for his inauguration.
5451Highest jump through a hoopQiu JiangningChina, Beijing17 June 2009The highest jump through a hoop was 3.12 metres (10 ft 2 in) and was achieved by Qiu Jiangning (China) of the China National Acrobatic Troupe on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 17 June 2009.In this case, the hoop sat on 3 other hoops underneath it.
5452Farthest distance static cycling in one hour - femaleTina Ternjak35.3 kilometre(s)Slovenia, MariborThe farthest distance static cycling in one hour by a female is 35.3 km (21.93 miles) and was achieved by Tina Ternjak (Slovenia) at the Sports Hall Lukna in Maribor, Slovenia, on 22 May 2012.Tina also broke the Guinness World Records title for 'Farthest distance static cycling in 12 hours - female' at the same venue ten days earlier.
5453Largest flapjackTrevor Jackson, Philip Allen, and Kay DawsonUnited Kingdom, alfreton27 October 2010The largest flapjack weighed 114 kg (251.33) and was created by Trevor Jackson, Philip Allen, and Kay Dawson (all UK) at Jacksons The Bakers Ltd., in Chesterfield, UK on 27 October 2010.
5454Largest parade of Maruti Suzuki carsMaruti Suzuki SwiftIndia, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, BangloreThe largest parade of Maruti Suzuki Cars was 342 and was achieved by Maruti Suzuki Swift (India) at the Leisure Valley, Gurgaon, Delhi, India, on 30 May 2010.To celebrate Maruti Suzuki Swift's 5th anniversary, this attempt took place in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai simultaneously and the initial idea was for the record to be shared between the 3 cities with 555 cars each. Unfortunately Mumbai and Chennai were unsuccessful in their attempts so Delhi was awarded the record with 342 participants.The length of the track the parade took was 3.8km and the total length of the parade was 3,760 metres.The event was organised by Capital Advertising-Maruti Suzuki Swift India Limited is the organisation they were working for. Louise Toms adjudicated.
5455Longest vegetarian sausageMetzgerei Schnitzel e.V.Germany, DuesseldorfThe longest vegetarian sausage measured 101 m (331 ft 4 in) and was achieved by Metzgerei Schnitzel e.V. (Germany) in Dusseldorf, Germany, on 8 May 2010.The long "sausage" was barbecued entirely in one piece.
5456Largest parade of Seat carsAmigos del 600 y Clasicos popularesSpain, MURCIA27 March 2011The largest parade of seat cars consisted of 307 Seats and was set by the Amigos del 600 y Clasicos populares (Spain) in Murcia, Spain, on 27 March 2009.308 cars were at the start, but only 307 made it to the finish line.
5457Most expensive weapon sold at auctionNapoléon Bonaparte4800000 euro(s)France, Fontainebleau, near Paris10 June 2007The most expensive weapon sold at auction is a sword used by the French Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte (1769-1821), which achieved a record price of €4.8 million (£3.3 million $6.5 million), when it was sold by one of the Emperor's descendants to another branch of descendants, during an auction in Fontainebleau, France, on 10 June 2007. The 100-cm (39-in) curved steel blade is decorated in gold, with an ebony and gold handle and protected by a gold-decorated sheath it is believed that Napoléon carried the sword into the Battle of Marengo, Italy, in June 1800.
5458Most expensive Batman memorabilia sold at auction1966 Batmobile4620000 US dollar(s)United States, Scottdale, AZ19 January 2013A Batmobile used in the 1960s Batman TV show sold at the Barrett-Jackson car auction in Scottdale, Arizona, USA, on 19 January 2013 for a record $4,620,000 (£2,953,397), inclusive of the seller's premium. To give this Batmobile it its distinctive look, George Barris, designer of custom cars, transformed an original 1955 Lincoln Futura by re-forming fins, changing the grille and by giving a gothic style to the headlights. The rocket boosters, machine guns, Bat Radar and Bat Phone were then added. George Barris himself presented the car at the Barrett-Jackson auction.
5459Largest cajon ensembleFestival Internacional del Cajón Peruano1476 peoplePeru, Lima,,Plaza de Armas de Lima14 April 2012The largest cajon ensemble involved 1,476 participants and was achieved by the Festival Internacional del Cajón Peruano (The International Festival of the Peruvian Cajon, Peru), in Plaza de Armas de Lima, Lima, Peru, on 14 April 2012.
5460Largest collection of videogame screenshotsRikardo GrandaNot Applicable30 September 2012Rondo of Blood super-fan Rikardo Granda (Colombia) has taken 17,000 screenshots of the game as of September 2012 – the largest collection of videogame screenshots.

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