Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

5491Most people on one motorcycleCaptain Abhayjit Mehlawat, The Daredevils Display Team56 peopleIndia, Jabalpur28 December 2013The most people on one moving motorcycle is 56 and was achieved by the Indian Army Corps of Signals 'Daredevils' Display Team (all India) at Dumna Airport, Jabalpur, India, on 28 December 2013. The men rode a single 500 cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle a distance of 1,100 metres. The motorcycle was modified, as permitted, with a platform around the edge to carry all the people, and no one touched the ground during the attempt, meaning no one was disqualified.
5492Most fingers and toes (polydactylism) - living personDevendra SutharIndia, himatnagar/ gambhoi11 November 2014The most fingers and toes (polydactylism) on a living person is 28, which belong to Devendra Suthar, and was confirmed in Himatnagar,Gujarat, India on 11 November 2014.Devendra Suthar has 14 fingers and 14 toes.A carpenter, Devendra says that the extra fingers don’t affect his work, though he has to be extra careful when cutting.
5493Longest wheelie (distance) on a quad bike (ATV)Roger LeBlanc11.6 kilometre(s)Canada, Port Elgin19 September 2015The longest wheelie (distance) on a quad bike (ATV) is 11.6 km (7.21 mi), achieved by Roger LeBlanc (Canada) in Port Elgin, New Brunswick, Canada on 19 September 2015. The attempt took place on a walking trail in Port Elgin, and lasted approximately 30 minutes.
5494Most money raised whilst running a half marathonFundación Trinidad Alfonso7,460.40 UK pound(s)Spain, Valencia19 October 2014The most money raised while running a half marathon is €9,336 (£7,460 US$11,900) by Fundación Trinidad Alfonso (Spain) for the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC) (Spanish Association Against Cancer) at the Valencia Half Marathon in Valencia, Spain, on 19 October 2014. The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation is a non-profit foundation which aims to promote a Culture of Endeavour in Valencian society. The half marathon coincided with the International Day Against Breast Cancer and subsequently all money raised went to the Spanish Association Against Cancer. The money was raised by each runner donating 1 Euro.
5495Most copies published for the same comic book series by a single authorOne Piece320,866,000 unit(s) soldJapan, Tokyo31 December 2014The most copies published by a single author for the same comic book series is One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda (Japan) with 320,866,000 copies printed and circulated from December 1997 to December 2014. One Piece has been serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine (Shueisha) since 1997 and 77 volumes of comic books have been published as of April 2015. One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy who explores the ocean with his crew of pirates in search of the world's ultimate treasure known as "One Piece" in order to become the next Pirate King. One Piece also holds a record for the most copies published for the same manga series.
5496Largest collection of mouse- and rat-related itemsChrista BehmenburgGermany, Detmold13 October 2014The largest collection of mouse and rat-related items consists of 47,398 unique items and belongs to Christa Behmenburg (Germany). The collection was verified in Detmold, Germany, on 13 October 2014. A retired librarian, Christa is the previous record holder who, as of 2004 had a total of 26,457 mouse and rat-related items. Her current collection is comprised of 4,125 books, 111 calendars, 965 stamps, 238 bookmarks, 3,585 greetings cards, 3,568 works of art, 146 mugs, not to mention 10,565 figurines (and that is not even the half of it)!
5497Most tandem parachute jumps in 24 hoursTeenage Cancer TrustUnited Kingdom, Hibaldstow10 July 2015The most tandem parachute jumps in 24 hours is 403, achieved at an attempt organised by Teenage Cancer Trust (UK) and inspired by Stephen’s Story at Skydive Hibaldstow, North Lincolnshire, UK, on 10 July 2015. The attempt was made in memory Stephen Sutton whose wish it was to break the record but was unable to take part before he passed away. The record was achieved in 11 hrs 37 min 53 sec.
5498Highest vehicle mileageIrvin Gordon3039122 mile(s)United States, GirdwoodAt 4 p.m. on 18 September 2013, Irvin "Irv" Gordon (USA) clocked up his three-millionth mile in his 1966 Volvo 1800S while driving near the village of Girdwood, south of Anchorage in Alaska, USA. By 1 May 2014, he had driven 3,039,122 miles.
5499Largest book signingOrrin WoodwardUnited States, Columbus21 June 2014The most books signed by one author in a single session is 6,786 by Orrin Woodward (USA), who signed his book "And Justice For All" at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, USA, on 21 June 2014. The attempt took 6 hr 33 min to complete.
5500Most people wearing paper crownsSathyanarayanan VenkataswamypeopleIndia, kanchipuram,,Sathya Diabetic Centre22 July 2014The most people wearing paper crowns was 1,324 people and was achieved by Dr. Sathyanarayanan Venkataswamy (India) at Sathya Diabetic Centre, at Kanchipuram, in Tamilnadu, India, on 22 July 2014.
5501Largest garden spadeGarden-Villemetre(s)United States, Creedmoor,,Garden-Ville, Creedmoor, Texas, USA17 July 2014The largest garden spade is 12.4 m (40 ft 8.2 in) tall and 2.23 m (7 ft 3.8 in) wide at its blade, and was achieved by Garden-Ville (USA) as measured at their premises in Creedmoor, Texas, USA, on 17 July 2014.
5502Largest cardboard box sculptureNortheast Environmental Team5.63/12.57/5.26 metre(s)United States, Haltom City15 November 2014The largest cardboard box sculpture measures 4.26 m (14 ft) high, 5.63 m (18 ft 6 in) wide and 12.57 m (41 ft 3 in) long and was achieved by Northeast Environmental Team in Haltom City, Texas, USA, on 15 November 2014.The sculpture depicted the first Tarrant County Courthouse.
5503Largest towel mosaicShikoku Towel Industrial Association, Imabari Maritime City Promotion Committee3,063.76 square metre(s)Japan, ImabariThe largest towel mosaic measures 3,063.76 m² (32977.91 ft²) and was created by Imabari Maritime City Promotion Committee and Shikoku Towel Industrial Association (both Japan) at Shimanami Earth Land, in Imabari, Ehime, Japan, on 23 May 2015. Towels of 5 different colours were used to create the mosaic. The record attempt took place as part of the Bari-Ship Imabari Maritime Fair 2015.
5504Largest high-heeled shoeJill Martin , Kenneth Colemetre(s)United States, New York10 November 2014The largest high heeled shoe measures 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in) long and 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) tall and was created by Jill Martin and Kenneth Cole (both USA) in New York, New York, USA, on 10 November 2014.
5505Largest cannoloLactalis American Group, Inc. , Golden Cannoli Shells Company , Feast of Little Italy Italian FestivalUnited States, Jupiter, Florida09 November 2014The largest cannolo weighs 73.71 kg (162.5 lb) and was achieved by Lactalis American Group, Inc., makers of Galbani cheese, and Golden Cannoli Shells Company (both USA) at the Feast of Little Italy Italian Festival in Jupiter, Florida, USA, on 9 November 2014.
5506Most backwards body skips in one minuteSakthi Balasubramani46 timesIndia, Coimbatore18 October 2015The most backward body skips in one minute is 46 and was achieved by Sakthi Balasubramani (India) in Coimbatore, India, on 18 October 2015. Sakthi Balasubramani discovered his talent at a school sports day but only recently thought of its potential to earn him a Guinness World Records title.
5507Most backwards body skips in 30 secondsSakthi Balasubramani25 timesIndia, COIMBATORE18 October 2015The most backward body skips in 30 seconds is 25, and was achieved by Sakthi Balasubramani (India) in Coimbatore, India, on 18 October 2015. Sakthi Balasubramani (India) also has the record for most backward body skips in one minute, with a total of 46.
5508Greatest distance rowed by a male team in 24 hoursJózsef Varga, Péter Vermes, Patrik Preil, János Halupa, Gergő Simon, Bence TamásHungary, Budapest29 September 2013The greatest distance rowed in 24 hours by a male team (upstream and downstream) is 313.66 km (194.9 miles) by József Varga, Péter Vermes, Patrik Preil, János Halupa, Gergo Simon and Bence Tamás (all Hungary) on the Danube river, Budapest, Hungary, on 28-29 September 2013.
5509Highest darts score by inner and outer bull's-eyes in two minutes by a pairKevin Fisher, Peter GibbinsUnited Kingdom, Colchester,,The Grapes Public House20 February 2014The highest darts score by inner and outer bull's-eyes in two minutes by a pair is 800 and was achieved by Kevin Fisher and Peter Gibbins (both UK) at The Grapes Public House in Colchester, Essex, UK, on 20 February 2014.The pair hit 22 outer bull's-eyes and five bull's-eyes on route to setting this new Guinness World Records title, breaking the previous mark by 50 points. On hand as their expert witness was Richie 'Rich' George, a professional darts player and son of darts legend Bobby George.
5510Largest accordion ensembleChina Accordion AssociationChina, ??20 July 2014The largest accordion ensemble consisted of 1,361 participants and was achieved by the China Accordion Association with the help of the Shenzhen Accordion Association (all China) at Xi Xiang Yue Gu, in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, on 20 July 2014.
5511Highest-altitude cricket matchMt. Kili Madnessmetre(s)Tanzania, 26 September 2014Mt. Kili Madness was played at 5,752 m (18,871 ft) above sea level, in a dormant volcano crater on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, on 26 September 2014. The curtailed Twenty20 charity match saw the Gorillas, led by England vice-captain Heather Knight, defeat the Rhinos, skippered by former England cricketer Ashley Giles, by 19 runs, under official ICC (International Cricket Council) rules and conditions."Mt. Kili Madness" broke the existing record for the highest-altitude game of cricket by 588 m (1,929 ft). On 21 April 2009, "The Everest Test 2009" was played at 5,164 m (16,942 ft) above sea level at the Gorak Shep plateau, Nepal. That match inspired "Mt. Kili Madness".Under ICC (International Cricket Council) rules, each side must bat for at least five overs to constitute a completed Twenty20 match. "Mt. Kili Madness" was scheduled to be a full 20-over-per-side match, but due to inclement weather in the crater ("clouds stopped play") the match was reduced to 10 overs per side.The match took place after a seven-day trek up the mountain, with the 25 players (including three sub fielders), qualified umpires, match adjudicator, porters, medics, press, independent witnesses and spectators battling altitude sickness and temperatures as low as -20C on the ascent.The match, which lasted for a total of 88 minutes (Gorillas batted for 42 minutes from 9 a.m. to 9.42 a.m. Rhinos batted for 38 minutes from 9.50 a.m. to 10.28 a.m.), took place under official ICC rules and conditions, which included everything from cricket whites (with a few extra layers!) to an official scorer. The game was played on a plastic pitch rolled out over the ice, and a bright orange ball was used.The thinness of oxygen at 5,752 m meant that the ball travelled faster through the air, and this is likely to have had a bearing on the number of sixes (10) hit during the match - three of them from man-of-the-match Phil Walker. In contrast, only five fours were struck on the uneven terrain in the 20 overs of play that were possible."Mt. Kili Madness" benefited three charities: Cancer Research UK, the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation and Tusk, an African-based wildlife conservation charity. As of 31 October 2014, the dedicated website set up for the event ( confirmed that £80,972 had been raised to date.
5512Fastest aggregate time to complete a marathon on each continent and the North Pole (female)Fiona Oakes28:20:50 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Brazil, Rio27 July 2014The fastest aggregate time to complete a marathon on each continent and the North Pole (female) is 28 hr 20 min 50 sec and was achieved by Fiona Oakes (UK) from 8 April 2013 to 27 July 2014.Oakes previously held the record with an aggregate time of 31 hr 11 min 53 sec. Oakes originally completed a marathon in South America in 6 hr 39 sec. She ran a different marathon in South America the following year -- the Rio Marathon -- and shaved 2 hr 51 min 3 sec off of her time.
5513Longest graffiti scrollThe Office of H. H. The Crown Prince of DubaiUnited Arab Emirates, Dubai30 November 2014The Longest graffiti scroll is 2,245.4 m (7366 ft 9 in) and was created by The Office of H. H. The Crown Prince of Dubai (UAE), in Dubai, UAE, on 30 November 2014.The graffiti scenes depicted the history of UAE
5514Most neck ties worn at onceColin JonesUnited Kingdom, Bedford,,St Andrew's School, Bedford, British26 September 2014The most neckties worn at once is 260 and was achieved by Colin Jones (UK) at St Andrew's School, Bedford, UK, on 26 September 2014.
5515Farthest flight by hoverboardAlexandru Duru275.9 metre(s)Canada, Montreal25 August 2014The farthest flight by hoverboard is 275.9 m (905 ft 2 in) and was achieved by Alexandru Duru (Canada) at Lake Ouareau in Quebec, Canada, on 25 August 2014.This hoverboard is only a prototype and has been developed over a time of twelve months.Full story: Watch incredible footage of farthest flight by a hoverboard record set by Canada's Catalin Alexandru Duru
5516Most chin ups in one minute carrying a 40-lb pack
5517First gig on a floating icebergThe DefiledGreenland, Kulusuk15 October 2014British "industrial metal" band The Defiled braved sub-zero temperatures and dangerous terrain to perform a 30-minute gig to locals on a floating iceberg in the middle of the Greenland Sea, near the settlement of Kulusuk, Kulusuk Island, Greenland, on 15 October 2014. The latest challenge in the Jägermeister's Ice Cold Gig series, Defiled band members "Stitch D", Vincent Hyde, "The AvD" and "Needles" explored the hostile environment for two days before locating an iceberg large and thick enough to host the performance, which featured tracks from the band's 2013 studio album Daggers.
5518Largest neckerchief and woggleScouting Netherlands region Klein GelderlandNetherlands, Arnhem07 November 2015The largest neckerchief measures 1,553.3 m² (16,719.5 ft²) and the largest woggle has a width of 2.22 m (7 ft 3.4 in) and a height of 1.21 m (3 ft 11.6 in) and were created by the Scouting Netherlands region Klein Gelderland (Netherlands) and measured in Duiven, Netherlands, on 7 November 2015. The neckerchief and woggle were created for the Scouts organisation's meeting 'Scout it Out', which is organised every 5 years in order to celebrate scouting in the area.
5519Fastest time to shoot 10 arrowsHamish Murray1/0.5 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Swindon05 September 2015The fastest time to shoot 10 arrows into a 40 cm target from an 18 m distance is 1 min 0.5 sec and was achieved by Hamish Murray (UK) in Swindon, UK, on 5 September 2015. Hamish used a 62 lb longbow with 32 inch arrows for this record-breaking attempt.
5520Largest parade of Ford carsMt Hood Mustang and Fords ClubUnited States, Woodburn12 April 2014The largest parade of Ford cars is 829 and was organized by Mt Hood Mustang and Fords Club (USA) at Woodburn Dragstrip, Woodburn, Oregon, USA, on 12 April 2014.

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