Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

5521Most people to sign up as organ donors in one hourDepartment of Health - Philippine Network for Organ SharingpeoplePhilippines, Quezon City28 February 2014The most people to sign up as organ donors in one hour at a single location is 3,548 and was organised by the Department of Health - Philippine Network for Organ Sharing, at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Santa Mesa, Manila, Philippines on 28 February 2014.
5522Largest cardboard boxYork Container12.25, 24.49 and 3.97 metre(s)United States, York08 October 2014The largest cardboard box was 12.25 m wide, 24.49 m long and 3.97 m high (40 ft 2 in × 80 ft 4.25 in × 13 ft 0.5 in) and was created by York Container (USA) at the York Fairgrounds in York, Pennsylvania, USA, on 8 November 2014.
5523Largest parade of Mercedes-Benz carsNicolette and Peter Mohr of SLK-Risti.deGermany, Nürburg05 July 2014The largest parade of Mercedes-Benz cars consisted of 257 vehicles participating in an event organised by Nicolette and Peter Mohr (Germany) at the Nürburgring race circuit, Germany, on 5 July 2014.The parade was organised by Nicolette and Peter Mohr of, supported by All 257 cars completed the full 20.8 km distance of the Nürburgring-Nordschleife track.
5524Smallest working cannonMarcus Hull6.88 mm / 4.34 mm / 2.8 mm centimetre(s)Australia, Melbourne04 July 2015The smallest working cannon measures 6.88 mm (0.27 in) in length, 4.34 mm (0.17 in) in width and 2.8 mm (0.11 in) in height, was made by Marcus Hull (Australia) and fired in Melbourne, Australia, on 4 July 2015. .
5525Smallest toothpick sculptureSteven Backman19.86 millimetre(s)United States, New York18 December 2014The smallest toothpick sculpture is a 19.86-mm-tall (0.782-in) replica of the Empire State Building made from a single toothpick by Steven J. Backman (USA), as verified in New York City, New York, USA, on 18 December 2014.The replica of the famous landmark measures 3.59 mm (0.141 in) in depth and 4.97 mm (0.196 in) in width and was created in eight hours in April 2008. The likeness was verified by a qualified engineer from the New York State Society of Professional Engineers and the proportions confirmed by a professional model maker.
5526Largest drinking water storage facilityBriman Strategic Water Reservoir2,062,500 cubic metre(s)Saudi Arabia, Jeddah17 November 2014The largest drinking water storage facility is the Briman Strategic Water Reservoir, with a total capacity of 2,062,500 cubic metres, located in Briman, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and verified on 17 November 2014. The facility is made up of eleven circular post-tensioned water storage tanks, each with a capacity of 187,500 cubic metres.
5527Most self-portrait photographs (selfies) taken in 1 hourPatrick PetersonUnited States, Glendale27 January 2015The most self-portrait photographs (selfies) taken in one hour is 1,449 and was achieved by Patrick Peterson and NBC Sports (both USA) with students and faculty at Deer Valley High School in Glendale, Arizona, USA.Patrick Peterson is a pro-bowl cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals and the attempt took place the week of Super Bowl 49.
5528Most participants in an underwater clean-up (single venue)
5529Most cars washed by machine in eight hours multiple venues7-Eleven, Shell, Geir SchauNorway, Norway07 November 2014The most cars washed by machine in eight hours at multiple venues is 9,748 and was achieved by Shell / 7-Eleven and Geir Schau (all Norway), at 82 locations across Norway, on 7 November 2014
5530Largest parade of Subaru carsSubaru Russia549 participantsRussian Federation, Moscow region15 August 2015The largest parade of Subaru cars featured 549 vehicles and was organised by Subaru Russia (Russia) at the Moscow Raceway, Moscow, Russia, on 15 August 2015.The attempt was made as part of the annual Russian 'Subafest' attended by Subaru owners and their friends and family.
5531Most books typed backwardsMichele SanteliaItaly, Campobasso23 March 2015The most books typed backwards in their original language is 74 (3,871,993 words and 28,865 pages) and was achieved by Michele Santelia (Italy). The most recent work typed backwards in the ancient Oscan alphabet is Opere Sannite Backwards, which was engraved on 18 pages made of stone and bound in a book weighing 120.90 kg (266.53 lb), in Campobasso, Italy, on 23 March 2015. All books are typed on four blank keyboards and without looking at the screen.
5532Largest pasta making lessonJunior Chamber International Japan Saitama Chuo391 participantsJapan, さいたま市09 August 2015The largest pasta making lesson consists of 391 participants, and was organised by Junior Chamber International Japan Saitama Chuo (Japan) at Kanezuka Park in Saitama, Saitama, Japan, on 9 August 2015. The challenge was held as a celebration for the 20th anniversary of Junior Chamber International Japan Saitama Chuo. Participants of all ages came from all over the area and braved the 32℃ heat to make Trofie, a type of pasta from the northwestern region of Italy. The lesson lasted 49 minutes and 13 seconds.
5533Largest blanket fortChallenge12, Mace Group, Benchmark Scaffolding, North London Collegiate School, Big Box Education306.9 square metre(s)United Kingdom, London27 June 2015The largest blanket fort measures 306.9 m² (3303.4 ft²) and was achieved by Challenge12, Big Box Education, North London Collegiate School, Benchmark Scaffolding and Mace Group (all UK) in London, UK, on 27 June 2015. This attempt took place as part of the school's annual summer fete.
5534Longest ita kamabokoWestern Kanagawa Longest Ita Kamaboko Challenge Executive Committee87.95 metre(s)Japan, Odawara04 October 2015The longest ita kamaboko measures 87.95 m (288 ft 6.59 in) and was created by Western Kanagawa Longest Ita Kamaboko Challenge Executive Committee (Japan) in Odawara, Kanagawa, Japan, on 4 October 2015. Ita kamaboko is a kind of Japanese processed fish product that is made of fish paste mounted in a half moon shape on a wooden board (ita). The fish paste is normally steamed or roasted on the wooden board. The main ingredient of the kamaboko for this attempt was fish named Guchi (Silver croaker). In addition to the staff, about 410 people joined to make the kamaboko on the day. The completed ita kamaboko, including the board, weighed 187 kg (412.26 lb).
5535First mission to study a dwarf planetNASA's Dawn spacecraftfirst firstNot Applicable, 27 September 2007NASA’s Dawn mission, launched on 27 September 2007, entered orbit around asteroid Vesta, the second largest in the Solar System, on 16 July 2011. After completing its mapping survey of Vesta on 5 September 2012, Dawn broke orbit and headed for Ceres, the largest asteroid in the Solar System, also classed as a dwarf planet. The spacecraft is due to arrive at Ceres in late March/early April 2015, where it will enter orbit and begin its science operations. Dawn snapped an image of Ceres on 1 December 2014 from a distance of 1.2 million km, in which the 974-km-across (equatorial) dwarf planet measured just nine pixels across.
5536Fastest Earth departure speedNew Horizons58338 kilometre(s) per hourNot Applicable, 19 January 2006The fastest speed at which a spacecraft has ever departed from Earth is 58,338 kph (36,250 mph). It was achieved by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, which launched from Cape Canaveral on 19 January 2006, beginning a nine-year flight to the planet Pluto and its moons. On 6 December 2014 mission controllers on Earth instructed the spacecraft to wake up from its hibernation. With New Horizons now functioning normally, it is due to perform a long-range survey of the small Kuiper Belt object VNH0004 before beginning its observations of Pluto and its moons in preparation for its flyby on 14 July 2015.
5537Largest polentaGiant Polenta Challege, Alessandro De Dea, Dolomites promotionItaly, Falcade29 August 2015The largest polenta weighs 5,020 kg (11,067 lb) and was prepared by Giant Polenta Challege (Italy), in Falcade, Belluno, Italy, on 29 August 2015. The polenta was prepared in a pot with a diameter of 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in). 3,500 litres of water and 800 kg (1,763.7 lb) of polenta flour were used to prepare the dish.
5538Largest display of origami lanternsMegaworld CorporationPhilippines, Manila24 September 2015The largest display of origami lanterns is 19,552 and was achieved by Megaworld Corporation (Philippines), at Lucky Chinatown in Manila, Philippines, on 24 September 2015.
5539Largest money boxGeneral Authority of Islamic Affairs and EndowmentsUnited Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi20 June 2015The largest money box is 7 m (22 ft 11.6 in) high, 5 m (16 ft 4.8 in) wide and 5 m (16 ft 4.8 in) long and was created by General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments (UAE) in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on 20 June 2015. The money box was displayed in Yas Mall.
5540Most champagne bottles sabered in one minuteAshrita Furman66 itemsUnited States, New York02 August 2015The most champagne bottles sabered in one minute is 66 and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Sri Chinmoy Centre, Jamaica, New York, USA, on 2 August 2015. Ashrita used an "Arabian sabre" with a 13-inch blade.
5541Longest chain of plastic bagsD.F. Malherbe High School40,174 bags itemsSouth Africa, Port Elizabeth09 March 2015The longest chain of plastic bags consisted of 40,174 plastic bags and was created by pupils from D.F. Malherbe High School (South Africa) in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on 9 March 2015. The chain was 15.387 km (9.56 miles) long.
5542Most items caught by a dog in 30 secondsDavid Woodthorpe- Evans , Hagrid13 itemsUnited Kingdom, LondonThe most items caught by a dog in 30 seconds is 13 and was achieved by Hagrid and owner David Woodthorpe- Evans (UK) at the London Pet Show, at ExCel Centre, London, UK on 10 May 2015. Hagrid is a three-year-old Leonberger breed. He caught miniature sausages allowing him to swallow them whole. After several practices, he was able to catch 13 items cleanly.
5543Most over and under ball passes in 30 seconds by a pairKouki Shibuya, Hirotaka Kurosawa, Satoshi Kamishige, Genta Aoki, Ryogo Yashiro, Cherry Yoshitake20 timesJapan, MinatoThe most over and under ball passes in 30 seconds by a pair is 20, achieved by Genta Aoki and Satoshi Kamishige (both Japan) on the set of Sukkiri!! (NTV), in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, on 6 May 2015. This record was equalled by Hirotaka Kurosawa and Kouki Shibuya (both Japan) at Tokyo Midtown, in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, on 6 May 2015, as well as by Cherry Yoshitake and Ryogo Yashiro (both Japan) at Tokyo Midtown, in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, on 6 May 2015. This record was achieved on the last day of the 2015 Tokyo Midtown Live! event.
5544Largest board game, Monopoly®Hasbro Poland405.61 square metre(s)Poland, Warsaw06 September 2015The largest Monopoly® board is 405.61 m² (4,365.94 ft²) and was achieved by Hasbro Poland (Poland) as measured in Warsaw, Poland, on 6 September 2015.Outsized replicas of houses, hotels and dice were also created in order to play the game.
5545Largest human image of an infinity symbolthe Participants of the Infinity Campaign288 peopleJapan, Nishinari18 October 2015The largest human image of an infinity symbol consists of 288 people and was achieved by the Participants of the Infinity Campaign (Japan), in Nishinari, Osaka, Japan, on 18 October 2015. The event was organised by the Nishinari Traffic Safety Association and Nishinari Police Station for the purpose of decreasing the bicycle accidents of the area. "Infinity Campaign" is a name of the traffic safety campaign held by Nishinari Police Station. Local residents participated wearing a yellow poncho to raise the awareness of wearing a poncho when cycling in the rain instead of using an umbrella. The overall size of the image was 20.3 m by 13.2 m.
5546Largest serving of balutHistory Channel, Municipality of Pateros, Center for Culinary Arts117.5 kilogram(s)Philippines, Pateros10 April 2015The largest serving of balut was 117.5 kg (259.04 lb) and was prepared by the Center for Culinary Arts and the Municipality of Pateros in Pateros, Metro Manila, Philippines, on 10 April 2015. A balut is a developing duck embryo (fertilized duck egg) that is boiled and eaten in the shell. It is commonly sold as street food in the Philippines. The Center for Culinary Arts and the Municipality of Pateros decided to break this record to put themselves in the world map as being the balut capital of the Philippines. Almost 1,000 duck embryos were used during the preparation of the vinegar-soy braised balut (Adobong Balut). The dish included also 7 kg of potatoes, 1 kg of ginger, 14 litres of cane vinegar and 10.5 litres of soy sauce.
5547Fastest marathon run by parent and childBen Green, Graham Green5 hours 2 minutes 12 seconds hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London26 April 2015The fastest marathon run by parent and child on aggregate is 5 hr 2 min 12 sec and was achieved by Graham Green and his son Ben Green (both UK) at the 2015 Virgin London Marathon, in London, UK, on 25 April 2015. Graham and Ben were also the previous holders of this record from 2014.
5548Largest parade of electric vehiclesLouis PalmerGermany, BerlinThe largest parade of electric vehicles is 576 and was achieved at an event organised by Louis Palmer (Switzerland) at Berlin Tempelhof Airport, Berlin, Germany, on 23 May 2015. This event was organised in conjunction with Formula E, who provided access to the racetrack. The record attempt took place just before the Formula E Berlin ePrix.
5549Most self-portrait photographs (selfies) taken in three minutesDwayne JohnsonUnited Kingdom, LondonThe most self-portrait photographs (selfies) taken in three minutes is 105 and was achieved by Dwayne Johnson (USA) at the premiere of San Andreas (Warner Bros USA) in London, UK, on 21 May 2015.The event took place at the red carpet event for the World Premiere of Dwayne Johnson's new film "San Andreas". The event was attended by director Brad Peyton and the cast of the movie.Full story: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson sets selfie record with fans at San Andreas premiere in London
5550Most people participating in bicycle parades simultaneously (multiple venues)Government of Thailand136,411 participantsThailand, Thailand16 August 2015The most people participating in bicycle parades simultaneously in multiple venues is 136,411 participants achieved in an event organised by the Government of Thailand (Thailand) at 77 locations across Thailand, on 16 August 2015. The record attempt was arranged as part of the "Bike for mom" project and to celebrate the Queen's 83rd birthday.

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