Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

5581Most people doing yoga in pairsGuangzhou Baiyunshan Zhongyi Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.522 participantsChina, Guangzhou28 November 2015The most people doing yoga in pairs is 522 people and was achieved by Guangzhou Baiyunshan Zhongyi Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. (China) in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China on 28 November. The participants were local yoga fanatics and they achieved the record with their second attempt.
5582Best-selling computer monitor brand - currentSamsung9,005,100 unit(s) soldKorea (South), The current best-selling computer monitor brand is Samsung (South Korea) with approximately 9,005,100 units sold in 2014. The second best-selling computer monitor brand is LG (South Korea) with approximately 5,625,700 units sold in 2014.This record is based on estimates provided by market research.
5583Most soft toys caught blindfolded in 30 seconds (team of two)Scotty Barroso, Christopher BarrosoUnited States, Hollywood03 September 2015The most soft toys caught blindfolded in 30 seconds is 12 and was achieved by Christopher and Scotty Barroso (both USA) at the Guinness World Records Museum in Hollywood, California, USA on 3 September 2015. Achieved in the Attempt Arena at the Guinness World Records Museum in Hollywood, CA.
5584Largest sticker mosaicTencent170.895 square metre(s)China, Shenzhen11 November 2015The largest sticker mosaic is 170.895 squaremetres (1839.498 square feet) and was achieved by Tencent (China) in Shenzhen, China on 11 November 2015
5585Largest collection of Star Wars memorabiliaSteve SansweetUnited States, PetalumaSteve Sansweet (USA) has amassed an estimated 500,000 unique items at Rancho Obi-Wan in northern California, USA. As of 4 May 2015, "only" 93,260 items had been accurately audited and catalogued – a number sufficient, however, to beat the previous holder of this title by a factor of four. Sansweet estimates that the cataloguing process will take years to complete, as his collection continues to grow.
5586Most melons chopped on the stomach on a bed of nails in one minuteBipin Larkin, Ashrita FurmanUnited States, Jamaica26 February 2016The most melons chopped on the stomach on a bed of nails in one minute is 14 by Bipin Larkin (USA), who sliced melons on the body of Ashrita Furman (USA) in Jamaica, New York, USA, on 26 February 2016. The melons that were used for the attempt were mini seedless watermelons from Costa Rica.
5587Treadmill, greatest distance covered in one week (male)Marcio Villar do Amaral827.16 kilometre(s)Brazil, Rio de Janeiro28 June 2015The greatest distance run on a treadmill in one week is 827.16 km (513.97 miles) and was achieved by Marcio Villar (Brazil) at the Américas Shopping in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 28 June to 4 July 2015.Marcio is a dedicated ultramarathon runner and motivational speaker. He began running in his thirties as a way to lose weight and quickly became passionate about ultramarathons.
5588Best-selling smartphone brand - retail currentSamsung269,008,600 unit(s) soldKorea (South), SuwonBased on retail figures from 3 September 2015, the current best-selling smartphone company is Samsung (South Korea) with approximately 269,008,600 units sold in 2014.This record is based on estimates provided by market research.
5589Best-selling smartphone company – retail currentSamsung Corp269,008,600 US dollar(s)Korea (South), SuwonBased on retail figures from 3 September 2015, the current best-selling smartphone company is Samsung (South Korea) with approximately 269,008,600 units sold in 2014.This record is based on estimates provided by market research.
5590Longest distance to flow noodles down a line of bamboo guttersThe Ide Town Society of Commerce and Industry in Kyoto Prefecture3216.7 metre(s)Japan, Ide Town20 March 2011The longest nagashi somen measured 3,216.7 m (10,553.46 ft) and was constructed by the The Ide Town Society of Commerce and Industry in Kyoto Prefecture, in Ide Town, Japan, on 20 March 2011.It took 100 people and 800 bamboo 'gutters' to achieve the new record length. The measuring took 42 minutes to complete.
5591Most twisted moon kicks in one minuteHadyn WisemanUnited Kingdom, Norwich10 August 2015This record is for the most twisted moon martial arts kicks made in on minute.This record is to be attempted by an individual.This record is measured by the number of successful kicks completed in the timeframe. For the purposes of this record a twisted moon kick is as follows: A kick executed by kicking the swinging leg upwards towards the opposite shoulder while the trailing leg subsequently leaves the ground and the competitor performs a somersault landing facing forwards on his/her swinging leg followed by his/her trailing leg.
5592Best-selling smartphone brand - retail cumulativeSamsung858,575,300 unit(s) soldKorea (South), SuwonBased on retail figures from 2 September 2015, the best-selling smartphone brand in cumulative sales is Samsung (South Korea) with approximately 858,575,300 units sold from 2006 to 2014.The second best-selling smartphone brand in cumulative sales is iPhone (USA) with approximately 590,624,600 units sold from 2007 to 2014. The iPhone was not commercially available in 2006.This record is based on estimates provided by market research.
5593Largest chalk pavement artSoulwash18,598 square metre(s)Denmark, Nørrebrogade, København16 August 2015The largest chalk pavement art measures 18,598 m² (200,187.2 ft²) and was achieved by Soulwash (Denmark), in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 16 August 2015.The picture depicted an arrow with different motives inside.
5594Best-selling smartphone operating system - retail currentThis record is for the best-selling smartphone operating in terms of units retailed within the latest available annual data.This record is based on the number of units retailed within the latest available annual data series.For the purpose of this record, a smartphone operating system is defined as any device capable of voice communication over a cellular network. A smartphone must have an identifiable operating system, allows installation of software applications (apps), and screen size of <7”.
5595Longest journey by motorcycle in a single countryDanell Lynn78214.118 kilometre(s)United States, Phoenix19 September 2014The longest journey by motorcycle in a single country is 78,214.118 km (48,600 miles) and was achieved by Danell Lynn (USA), who rode throughout the United States of America from 19 September 2014 to 29 August 2015. During this journey, Danell rode through all 48 of the continental United States.
5596City of Durango celebrates 450th anniversary with longest fruit cakeThe city of Durango turned 450 years old on July 8, 2013, and what better way to celebrate your birthday than with a huge cake? In this case, it was the length of the cake that interested Guinnness World Records, as the city was claiming the mark for the longest fruit cake.Adjudicator Johanna Hessling traveled to Durango, Mexico, from New York City to observe this attempt that hoped to overtake “La Casa de Chantilly,” who made a 337.02 metre-long cake in Lima, Peru, back in 2011.Despite heavy rain, the cake-makers from bakeries across the city arrived with the ingredients needed to make this enormous treat. In total they used a dazzling 2,823 kg (6,223 lb) of flour, 1,882 kg (4,149 lb) of sugar, 2,352 kg (5,185 lb) of butter, and 941 kg (2,075 lb) of powdered mil, while the local hens worked day and night to provide the necessary 29,171 eggs!During several painstaking hours, the cake-makers joined together the pieces of the cake and iced it before putting fresh fruit on top. The result was a beautiful and colorful cake decorated with the words "DURANGO."Hessling measured the cake with a trundle wheel before concluding that the final measurement was 423.5 metres (1,389 ft 5 in), beating Peru’s effort by nearly 90 metres. The official certificate was handed over to the Durango State Governor, Jorge Herrera Caldera and the City Mayor Adan Soria Ramirez."The city members, including me, got together to discuss the best way to celebrate the city's 450th anniversary and decided to attempt the record for the longest fruit cake," said president of the National Institute of Breadmaking, Benjamín Flores Gómez. "We are excited to celebrate the city's birthday with this cake and gain a world record at the same time!"
5597GWR OMG: Watch KSI attempt FIFA 13 goals record in Arsenal v Tottenham showdownTo mark the launch of Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer's Edition, The Record Slam show on GWR: OMG has been featuring some suitably challenging video game record attempts over the past couple of weeks.Last week saw expert Call of Duty sharp shooter Callux make a valiant attempt at a particularly tough Black Ops II test.This week's show sees host Marcus and Alfie joined by infamous YouTube commentator KSI as he attempts to set a new record for the highest margin of victory against the computer on FIFA 13.As it's an open achievement, the challenger can choose any in-game settings for the record attempt, including match length and opponent difficulty.Although playing against an opponent weakened to your preference while playing as a team with seemingly unbeatable stats may seem straightforward, KSI's target for the record was a margin of victory of 110 - requiring him to keep a frenetic pace of just under three goals per minute.Arsenal fan KSI naturally picked the Gunners as his team for the challenge, choosing their North London rivals Tottenham as the whipping boys for the attempt.In the run up, KSI was pretty confident of pulling off the feat, but you can find out if his cockiness was justified in the clip below.videoIf you think you can do better than KSI, why not post your score on our Challengers website?New episodes of the Record Slam show go out every Sunday on the GWR: OMG channel.Check out some of the highlights from the new schedule in the clip below and subscribe at
5598Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D To Premiere With LIVE Record-Breaking Motorcycle Backflip StuntThis Thursday sees the latest world record attempt to take place in London, as daredevils from Team Nitro launch Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D.18 daredevils will attempt to backflip their motocycles simultaneously and in perilous close proximity, aiming to set a world record just moments before the launch of their new movie, at the O2.The attempt will be streamed LIVE to over 500 cinemas across Europe, before the action continues with a first showing of the Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D film. Producers Jeremy Rawle and Gregg Godfrey will be providing commentary for and insight into this record-breaking stunt.Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D chronicles the high-adrenaline adventures of Team Nitro's action sports superstars, as they attempt increasingly dangerous, ground-breaking and entertaining stunts, all shot in jaw-dropping 3D.videoThe movie features several Guinness World Records title holders, including Aaron Fotheringham, the first person to land a wheelchair backflip, and of course the team's leader Travis Pastrana. Pastrana, who has set over a dozen Guinness World Records titles, including the first double backflip on a motorcycle, said of the film: " The action and stunts you'll see in this movie are bigger and crazier than anything we have ever done before and this movie amplifies them not only on a huge scale but on world wide stage."Some of the Team Nitro stars from the filmWant to witness all this excitement for yourself? Book tickets to see the live stunt and Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D at:
5599Dubai station DJs set world record for longest marathon for a radio music showSindhu Biju and Mithun Ramesh of Dubai radio station Hit 96.7 FM ruled the airwaves on Monday after setting a new world record for Longest marathon for a radio music show DJ – team.The two Indian DJ’s hosted a “talkathon” for the Malayalam language station which lasted for a gruelling 84 hours and 15 minutes.The duo began the marathon on their 5pm show last Thursday, and ended their record-setting broadcast in the early hours of Monday morning.Under Guinness World Records rules for endurance record attempts, participants are allowed five minutes rest for every continuously completed hour of activity.Sindhu and Mithun’s total rest period for their attempt lasted for only two hours and 35 minutes of which they took just two power naps totalling 49 minutes.Hundreds of fans and well-wishers had flocked to the Lulu Hypermarket in Al Barsha where they hosted the show from a makeshift studio, with celebrations erupting when they surpassed the previous record time of 77 hours and 11 minutes set by Gerald Koh and Adam Piperdy from Singapore’s HOT FM in March this year.Sindhu and Mithun dedicated their achievement to Dubai for winning the Expo 2020 host city’s title, the entire Malayalee community and their listeners.Showing incredible dedication to their craft, despite their sleep depriving exploits, the duo were both back in the studio to host their regular 5pm show later on Monday.
5600From the Archives - Smallest NewspaperFrom the Archives is a new feature here on, in which we'll be showing off some of the many weird and wonderful record-breaking items we have here at Guinness World Records HQ - take a look!Every morning, millions of people across the world digest all the news that's fit to print, as they read their morning newspaper of choice over breakfast, or on their commute to work. While perhaps a little low-tech in the age of smartphones and e-readers, it's still the medium of choice for many when it comes to digesting current affairs.But, how many people read a paper that's small enough to fit on the end of one finger?Not too many at all! This is one of just 3000 copies printed of the smallest newspaper, measuring just 18.27 x 25.35 mm (0.72 x 0.99 in).You might think it merely looks like a scaled-down paper, but oh no - as per our guidelines, it must be an absolute replica - and even be readable, under magnification!As you can see, this miniature edition of Portugal's Terra Nostra newspaper from February 2012, printed by Nova Gráfica and weighing just 1 gram, is perfectly readable up close... assuming you understand Portuguese, of course!Check back soon as we again delve into the Guinness World Records archive to find another fascinating record-breaking object - though perhaps next time we'll pick something a little larger!
5601Orange Julius stakes record claim with 1,200-piece fruit sculpturePedestrians strolling down Calgary’s famous Stephen Avenue were treated to a historic moment Tuesday, as renowned fruit sculptor Shawn Feeney helped Orange Julius® set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title for largest fruit sculpture. The 10-foot-tall fruit tree (officially measured at 3.06 m), consisted of 1,200 pieces of pineapple, orange, strawberry, peach and mango, was certified onsite by GWR adjudicator Michael Empric.The achievement celebrates the launch of Orange Julius® at all Dairy Queen® Canada locations and was topped off by with 4,000 free Orange Julius Strawberry Premium Fruit Smoothies for the public in exchange for donations to Children’s Miracle Network® and its local partner, Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the Canadian Red Cross in support of Alberta flood relief. “To set the world record for largest fruit sculpture in Calgary makes the event even more special,” said Denise Hutton, Vice President, Marketing Dairy Queen Canada. “Orange Julius enjoys a loyal fan base here, which we wanted to recognize with today’s achievement while helping to support those affected by the flooding, and to let Albertans know that Orange Julius can now be enjoyed outside of malls at any DQ Canada location.”The sculpture marks the second time DQ Canada has successfully broken a record. In 2011, it created the largest ice cream cake at Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square, which weighed 10.13 tonnes (22,333.6 lb)."We started this whole process almost a year ago," Hutton continued. "We thought, 'How can we do this with a bang?' ...There were some very tense moments, but the team really buckled down and we got her done."
5602WYMLW: Speeding Arrows, Strong Necks & Fancy Footie Freestyle…Well, here we are again you lucky lot. It’s me, Adam. That guy who’s here to make sure you don’t fall behind with your videos.Let’s begin.First off, check out this dude. If you hear stories about arrows going missing at your local archery range, you can probably shoot this guy to the top of your list. Still, it’s all fun and games until someone takes one to the knee.Needless to say, do NOT try this at home. Or anywhere, actually. Leave it to this guy. And no, before you ask, I have literally no idea what those dots on his head are.videoOver to Bing now for some more Slow-Mo Test Lab action… This time he’s joined by Ash Randall, who is pretty handy with his feet. Watch as he guides a ball around his body like some kind of footie wizard.I could totally do this too. I just don’t want to.videoNow, talking of football (or soccer, if you’re that way inclined…) here’s a bit of a blast from the past. British footie legend Ian Wright used to host our TV show back in the day, which was great because he’d get REALLY EXCITED about everything.Especially when people do things like lifting a car up and balancing it on their head…videoFinally, we’ve gone full circle on the subject of arrows…Oli’s back On The Road and his most recent adventure has taken him to France, where he met Yohann Belpre.Yohann has a pretty unique skill. Well, I had no idea it existed anyway… Yohann holds the Guinness World Records title of Fastest Archery Underwater.Yes, you heard me right. Archery. UNDERWATER. From now on we will refer to it as ‘Aquatchery’.videoThere you go. Mind blown.Consider yourself caught up. Au revoir!
5603Darlene Flynn - owner of the world's largest collection of shoe-related items - videoFor over 12 years, Darlene Flynn has been building a collection of 14,684 shoe-related items, which was recently verified by Guinness World Records as the world's largest.It's not the first time Guinness World Records has paid Darlene a visit, either. Her collection was first verified in 2006, when she owned 7,765 footwear-themed items. She has doubled that in a matter of six years."It is awesome and a dream come true," Darlene says of being recognized by Guinness World Records.Including items such as a replica of Cinderella's glass slipper and her treasured grandmother's wedding boot, Darlene's massive collection takes over the entire house, spilling over into the pool and bar areas as well.The collection also spills over into her personal life, as her two dogs are named Shoesy-Q and Bootsy Shoebert.But what is it about shoes that Darlene loves so much? "They are beautiful, they are feminine," Darlene notes. "My most favorites are the ones that are the most unique or the ones I bought in the different states and countries I traveled in."videoDarlene's record and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition - is out now worldwide from all good retailers. Find out more about the book and its incredible augmented reality feature, and where you can buy a copy of Guinness World Records 2013 here:
5604Oklahoma Sam - the world's tallest donkey - videoA mule named 'Oklahoma Sam' is today celebrating being crowned the 'Tallest Living Donkey' on the planet.Measuring 15.3 hands (155.45 cm 5ft 1in) tall, she dwarfs the common donkey (8 hands high) and her own larger 'Mammoth Jackstock' breed (12 hands high).The four-year-old record-breaker lives in Watsonville, California, USA, where she shares her one acre of land with a Macaw, duck, goose and four cats. The other animals, unfazed by Sam's size, enjoy playing with the giant donkey, and when Sam isn't chasing them around the farmland she can usually be found sleeping in an area of shade or nibbling on her bale. Sam's overall care is handled by 54-year-old Linda Davis, a keen gardener and animal lover.Linda, who calls Sam her "soul mate", says: "It actually doesn't cost anymore to have a donkey of this size. "He doesn't eat more. In fact, if I give him more bale he'll just use it to make his bedding more comfortable. He loves his sleep"On Sam's tile, Linda says: "It's fantastic to get the record. People are always shocked by his size and say it must be a record. Now I can show them the book!"videoSam's record and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition - is out now worldwide from all good retailers. Find out more about the book and its incredible augmented reality feature, and where you can buy a copy at
5605Largest Human Christmas Tree Sets World Record In HondurasHonduras got itself into the Christmas spirit in record breaking style earlier this month with a successful attempt at the Largest Human Christmas Tree world record.
5606Record holder Q&A: Put your questions to singing spaceman Chris HadfieldRetired Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Austin Hadfield was the first Canadian to walk in space.An engineer and former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot, Hadfield has flown two space shuttle missions and served as commander of the International Space Station from December 2012 and March 2013.It was during his time aboard the ISS that the 54-year-old took social media by storm.videoUsing his Twitter feed and a high-powered camera, Chris used his unique vantage point to give a rare insight into the beauty of planet Earth, as well as the banalities of life on the space station, to hundreds of thousands of his followers, in turn inspiring new interest in space exploration.videoOn the eve of his return to earth, the former farm boy posted a video to YouTube of him singing an adapted version of David Bowie's song "Space Oddity".The clip, which showed the astronaut floating around the inside of the ISS with his guitar, with Earth visible through the station’s cupola window, helped Chris set a new world record for First music video filmed in space.videoWe’ll be speaking to Chris later this week and we’re giving you the chance to ask him questions about his incredible career as an astronaut.You can leave your question in the Facebook comments at the foot of the article or tweet them to @GWR with the hashtag #askGWR.We’ll be putting the pick of the questions to Chris for a feature which we’ll be publishing on this site soon.
5607Video: Fanny the fire-breathing dragon – the world's largest walking robotMeasuring 15.72 m (51 ft 6 in) in length, 12.33 m (40 ft 5 in) in width and 8.20 m (26 ft 10 in) in height, the world’s biggest four-legged walking robot was unleashed by electronics maker Zollner Elektronik AG in Zandt, Germany, on 27 September 2012.The mighty mechatronic beast is radio remote-controlled and was created to feature in Germany’s longest-running folk play Drachenstich.Fanny – aka Project Tradinno (a portmanteau of “tradition” and “innovation”) – is an 11-tonne (24,250-lb) fire-breathing dragon powered by a 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine with an incredible 140 hpEach of Fanny's legs has seven degrees of motion, which means it can move laterally and walk around corners, while her wings are sheathed in polyurethane and reinforced plastic. Its main function is to act in a play, so veins are filled with 21 gallons of stage blood, while 24 pounds of liquid gas allow it to spit fire.A spokesman from Zollner Elektronik AG said: 'Realising a radio remote-controlled, outdoor-capable four-legged robot walking robot in unheard-of dimensions, was what really motivated the developers and designers."videoThe Guinness World Records 2014 book edition is on sale now at all major retailers. Find a full list here. Three iBooks are also available now at the iTunes store: "Awesome Animals," (free download), "Colossal Constructions," and "Incredible People."
5608Eckrich Bacon Lovers Sets Sandwich Record With "Most Heroes For Our Heroes"Everybody loves a good sandwich. And everybody appreciates the sacrifice that military veterans provide us all.Eckrich Bacon Lovers Deli Meats recently combined those two in a world-record breaking event, setting the mark for most sandwiches made in one hour with 2,706 sandwiches in 60 minutes aboard the USS Intrepid in New York City on May 21.The "Most Heroes For Our Heroes" event donated all of the sandwiches to "Operation Homefront," a nonprofit organization that helps military members and their families during and after their tours of duty."We did this to honor and support our military veterans and their families," said Chuck Gitkin, vice president, marketing innovation, and R&D for the John Morrell Food Group, of which Eckrich is a subsidiary. "We donated a lot of sandwiches that will assist those military families in need. That's what our 'Operation Inspiration' campaign is all about and we're proud to honor our true heroes."Check out this video, which shows the sandwich-making process and record verification atop the legendary Intrepid.videoThe previous record had stood for more than a year at 1,660 sandwiches, meaning Eckrich surpassed the required total by more than 1,000 subs.For those interested in the recipe, the record-breaking sandwiches consisted of cheese, lettuce, and "Bacon Covered Club," an Eckrich product of half ham/half turkey deli meat wrapped in bacon.Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empric was on site to verity the total."I was really excited to be here today, to be part of the record attempt," Empric said. "What made it all the better was that it was here to support military families who really needed it. And that was amazing to be part of."
5609Team Nitro defies odds with 16 motorcyclists in backflipping record stunt.It was an adrenalin-packed evening of entertainment at London's O2 last night, as crowds saw a new Guinness World Records title set by the daredevil riders from Team Nitro - 16 of them completed backflips simultaneously on their motocross bikes.The international team, including riders from Europe, New Zealand, and the USA, took to the air in style, perfectly executing their backflips while just inches away from those either side of them.The event was streamed to over 500 cinemas across Europe, with fans sitting on the edge of their seats as they watched the action unfold live.Team Nitro front-man and action sports legend, Travis Pastrana, gave a history of the motorcycle backflip immediately before the record attempt, giving some detail on the stunt about to take place. Pastrana is no stranger to world records, holding multiple Guinness World Records titles himself, including the first person to land a double backflip on a motorcycle.Guinness World Records adjudicator Ben Backhouse said upon presenting the team with their certificate, " It's been an Officially Amazing evening here at the O2. We've seen some incredible motorcycle stunts and what a better way to finish the evening with a brand new Guinness World Records title."Check out exclusive video of the amazing effort here:videoThe stunt marked the European release of Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D, available to own on Blu-Ray and DVD on 25th march 2013.
5610Ebola fundraising appeal sets record for most individual online donationsPic: (L-R) Mariatu Kargbo, Global Cultural Ambassador of Republic of Sierra Leone, Brett Rierson, Representative for WFP China, and Rowan Simons, President Guinness World Records Greater China

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