Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

5611Watch Legends of Gaming Live on this weekendGaming world records are set to fall this Saturday as the Legends of Gaming descend on London's Alexandra Palace.
5612Grab a spoon: largest ice cream scoop record setWe're gonna need a bigger spoon.The old ice cream parlor request for "two scoops, please!" wouldn't fly in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, where Kemps Dairy recently set the record for the largest scoop of ice cream. The historic serving tipped the scales at 1,365.31 kg (3,010 lb).The flavor? Delicious, refreshing strawberry.In addition to its weight, the scoop measured 5 ft, 6 in (1.67 m) tall and 6 ft, 2 in (1.88 m) wide, containing approximately 733 household containers of ice cream combined into one mass.As all large food world records are required to either be donated or consumed, thousands of attendees at the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival gladly lined up to receive a generous portion of the ice cream for free throughout the weekend.According to Kemps, the amount of ice cream used would fill an entire football field. The group enlisted the help of five nationally ranked snow sculptors to turn the source ice cream into one individual scoop.The scoop was built to help celebrate Kemps' 100th anniversary, and you can watch the unveiling of its historic serving below."There's not a lot of companies nowadays that make it this long," said Julie Myhre, assistant marketing manager for Kemps. "So it's a pretty big milestone for us." video"What better way to commemorate the traditions of Kemps than by attempting to set a delicious Guinness World Record?" said Rachel Kyllo, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Kemps. "Plus, it's an historic celebration you can eat!"And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
5613Flaming Lips beat Jay-Z’s most concerts played in 24 hours world recordUS alternative band Flaming Lips have beaten Jay-Z's world record for the most live shows performed in different cities in 24 hours.The veteran band played eight times across the Mississippi Delta for a record attempt that formed part of MTV's O Music Awards.The gig marathon kicked off yesterday in Memphis, Tennessee, with the group eventually playing their final show of the night at the House of Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana, ending with the band beating the record with a full 20 minutes to spare.The attempt bettered hip-hop star Jay-Z's record set in 2006 of seven shows played in 24 hours travelling from Atlanta to Los Angeles.Speaking after the final gig, frontman Wayne Coyne said: "At five o'clock this morning you thought you were going to crawl in, barely be able to sing and hope you can just survive it."But as the day went, everywhere we would go they'd give us energy - now I feel I could go another 24 hours."The band were joined by various support acts during the mini tour, including legendary singer-songwriter Jackson Browne, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Neon Trees and Jackass stuntman Chris Pontius.Rules for the record mean each concert must take place in a different city, with the list of the cities having to be pre-approved by Guinness World Records.Each performance must be given before a paying audience (in receipt of printed tickets) in a recognised venue, with a registered audience capacity of at least 300 people, while the artist or band must perform continuously for period of at least 15 minutes.Viewers in the US can watch highlights of the band's record-breaking day at
5614Jackie Chan awarded with two new Guinness World Records titlesAction film legend Jackie Chan has today been presented with two Guinness World Records certificates during an event in Shanghai.GWR Greater China President Rowan Simons made the presentations for Most credits in one movie and Most stunts by a living actor to the star during the official launch of Chan's latest movie Chinese Zodiak.Chan carried out 15 of the major creative movie-making roles for the film, including Director, Producer, Actor, Fight Choreographer and Composer, breaking the previous record of 11 credits held by Robert Rodriguez.Speaking about the achievement, Chan said, "Achieving these Guinness World Records titles is recognition of all my life's work".The highlight of the event was the presentation of a second Guinness World Records title for Most stunts by a living actor, an accomplishment that reflects Chan's amazing career in which he has nearly lost his life several times and broken numerous bones.Commenting on the achievement, Simons said, "nobody has risked more in the name of entertainment than Jackie Chan and this world record is a tribute both to his creativity and his endurance."Over a 50-year career, Chan has appeared in over 100 domestic and international movies, including Police Story (Hong Kong, 1985), Around the World in 80 Days (USA/Germany/Ireland/UK, 2004)) and the Rush Hour series (USA, 1998-2007). He made his debut in Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (Hong Kong, 1962) at the age of eight, before focusing on martial arts movies.No insurance company will underwrite Chan's productions, in which he performs all his own stunts. After a number of stuntmen were injured during the making of Police Story, the star formed the Jackie Chan Stuntmen Association, training the stuntmen personally and paying for their medical bills out of his own
5615Mattel to attempt Guinness World Record of most snowmen made in one hourToy and family product company Mattel is bringing more than 390 tons of snow to seven Winter Wonderland events at inner-city schools tomorrow, which will feature sledding, making snow angels, racing Hot Wheels cars down a 40-foot track, special photo opportunities with Barbie®, and a chance to meet Santa. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will attend the Winter Wonderland event on December 12 at Figueroa Elementary School in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California to show his support of Mattel's efforts and further raise awareness of the importance of play in a child's life. The following day, with the snow-making expertise and guidance of MagicSnow, 400 elementary-age children from LA's Best after-school programs will team up with 800 Mattel employees and special WWE guests at the Winter Wonderland Event. In a race against the clock to build 1500 snowmen in 60 minutes or less, the team will attempt to break the current Guinness World Record for the most snowmen built in one hour. Mattel 12 Days of Play began in 2010 as a way for Mattel employees to give back to the communities in which we live, work and play. In lieu of holiday parties, departments across the Mattel organization held volunteer events to bring fun, play, joy and toys to children during the holidays. Today, Mattel employees, volunteers, partners and brand teams such as Barbie®, Hot Wheels®, Fisher-Price®, Thomas & Friends® and American Girl® will come together with local schools, community organizations, children's hospitals and other charities to create a series of memorable moments for underserved children.
5616World's oldest living person dies at age 115The world's oldest living person, 115-year-old Dina Manfredini, died earlier this morning at the Bishop Drumm Retirement Center in Johnston, Iowa, United States. Dina was born on April 4th, 1897, before both Amelia Earhart and William Faulker. A native of Pievepelago, Italy, Dina moved to a tiny Des Moines, Iowa mining camp in 1920 with her late husband, Riccardo Manfredini. Senior Consultant of Gerontology for Guinness World Records, Robert Young, confirmed that Dina is the only verified Italian person to have reached the age of 115 in documented history. She had also recently obtained the title of the "world's oldest immigrant", previously set by Danish-born American, Christian Mortensen in 1998. Dina had held the world's oldest living person title for 13 days but she does not have the shortest tenure. The shortest reign belonged to American born Emma Tillman who held the world's oldest person title for 4 days (January 24 - 28, 2007). Dina took pride in her gardening skills and credited her longevity to "hard work and everything in moderation". Her succession to the title came after the news of Besse Cooper, the previous oldest living person, passed away Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at age 116. "We are fortunate to have had her this long in our lives as a mother and grandmother," The Manfredini family commented. "She truly was a special gift from God and touched a lot of lives. She will always be remembered as a great cook, baker, and gardener." Guinness World Records sends their deepest condolences to the Manfredini family.
5617Meet the incredible Melis family - brothers and sisters with a combined age of 818!A family from Sardinia, Italy have set a new world record for longevity, taking the title for the highest combined age for nine living siblings.The three brothers and six sisters from the Melis family had a collective age of 818 years and 205 days verified by Guinness World Records on June 1st.The eldest of the siblings, who have become local legends in their village of Perdasdefogu, is Consolata, who turns 105 years tomorrow.Consolata is followed by 99-year-old Claudina, who was seen Sunday in the front row at morning Mass in the local church of St. Peter.Next is Maria (not pictured), at 97 Antonio at 93 Concetta aged 91 followed by 89-year-old Adolfo who still works in a local bar.Other siblings include Vitalio, 81, Fida, 80, and finally the baby of the bunch, 78-year-old Mafalda, who lives in Cagliari with Vitalio.According to local newspaper La Nuova Sardegna, the eldest sibling Consolata claims to be happiest because she is surrounded by nine children, 24 grandchildren, and 25 great-grandchildren.Commenting on their record, Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief for Guinness World Records said: "The Mediterranean lifestyle is always held up as being beneficial to a long, healthy life, and Italians in particular feature prominently in the list of supercentenarians and centenarians."Seven out of the 70 people alive over the age of 110 are Italian, for example, and the world's second-oldest living person is the Italy-born Dina Manfredini, who was born in Emilia-Romagna although now lives in the USA".video
5618Zeus - the world's tallest dog - videoZeus was the father of the gods in Ancient Greece, and his namesake, a 3-year-old Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan, USA, can today be referred to as the "father of the dogs" as he is announced as the Tallest Dog Ever.Measuring an incredible 111.8 cm (44 in) from foot to withers, Zeus is the same size as an average donkey. Standing on hind legs, he stretches to 7 ft 4 in and towers over his owner Denise Doorlag.The humongous hound weighs 70.3 kg (155 pounds or 11 stone) and eats around 12 cups of food a day (equivalent to one whole 30-lb bag of food!)."Zeus is an awesome dog," says owner Denise."The only downside is that everything costs more the food, medicines, transport. We had to get a van to be able to transport him, oh, and if he steps on your foot - he leaves bruises!"Denise loves the reaction Zeus gets when the family takes him out: "The most common thing people ask is: 'Is that a dog or a horse?' and 'Where's his saddle?'Zeus breaks the record of previous record-breaking pooch Giant George, who is 1-inch shorter, which makes Zeus the tallest dog ever recorded in history. videoZeus' record and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition - is out now worldwide from all good retailers. Find out more about the book and its incredible augmented reality feature, and where you can buy a copy at
5619Twilight, Transformers, and The Artist dominate box office world recordsIt was a huge year for movies to enter this year's Guinness World Records book as Transformers, The Artist, and Twilight dominated the cinema records. The Twilight Saga added more records to its already massive influence, including the highest grossing vampire film with The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009), which had grossed $710m (£440m) worldwide by April 2010. The most successful feature film spin-off from a TV show was Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011), which by the start of 2012 had accumulated over $1 billion worldwide. The film also holds the record for most vehicles destroyed in the making of a movie with 532 automobiles totaled. The Artist (2011) racked up a few records as well, including the first French winner of the Best Actor Oscar and the highest box office gross for a silent film. In terms of animated movies, Toy Story 3 (2010) took the title as the highest grossing animated feature. The critically acclaimed third part of the Toy Story series had grossed over $1063 million (£732m) by the end of 2010. Now officially the most successful movie in history - at least in terms of box-office takings - ­James Cameron's Avatar (2009) grossed a global total of $2,768,463,014 as of 23 September 2010. This made it the first movie to gross over $2 billion. All these records and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition - available worldwide on 13th September 2012!
5620Video: Meet Abbie Girl –the record-breaking surfing dogAbbie Girl is a kelpie who holds the record for the longest wave surfed by a dog (open water) after surfing a 107.2-m-long (351-ft 8-in) wave at Ocean Beach in San Diego, California, USA, on 18 October 2011.Kelpies are an Australian dog breed. They herd sheep, occasionally jumping on the backs of stubborn individuals to steer them while balancing on top - exactly the same balancing skills needed for surfing!Abbie has also happily gone skydiving with her owner, Michael Uy (USA). FACT: Abbie Girl set her record at the Surf City Surf Dog event, beating more than 20 other paw-ticipantsAbbie Girl's owner Michael adopted her as a shy rescue dog five years ago. To build her confidence, he would take her to a beach used by other dog owners. She would follow him into the water and enjoy jumping on his surf board.One day he allowed her to float with the wave and she didn't fall off. Since then, she's always loved to surf.We caught up with Micheal and Abbie earlier this year on one of her favourite surf spots, Dog Beach Del Mar in San Diego.Abbie Girl's record and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition which is out now worldwide from all good retailers.Find out more about the book and its incredible augmented reality feature, and where you can buy a copy at
5621Great-great grandmother becomes oldest female to paraglide tandem at the age of 101In celebration of the official start of spring and life rejuvenated, Guinness World Records is recognizing the endless spirit and youthfulness of 101-year-old great-great grandmother, Mary Allen Hardison from Ogden, Utah, who is now recognized as the 'Oldest Female to Paraglide Tandem.' Pushing record breaking to new heights, Mary's incredible feat was achieved as part of her 101st birthday celebration this past September 1 st. On, as she describes, "a whim to not be outdone by her 75-year-old son Allen," who had recently taken up paragliding as a new outdoor activity, Mary took to the air fearlessly for her first flight. Cheered on by her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and even great-great grandchildren, Hardison was strapped in by Cloud 9 Paragliding Company representatives and took flight amongst the strong winds. Paragliding instructor Kevin Hintze describes Hardison as "hardcore" as they spun together hundreds of feet in the air.A self-described rookie to the paragliding sport, Mary's primary hobby is knitting garments for the less fortunate: caps for children's' hospitals, crocheted bandages for leopards in India, and knit caps for premature babies. Her closest experience to anything extreme was riding all the rides at Disneyland at age 90.Hardison comments, "I feel very humble in setting a new Guinness World Record. My desire is for the elderly to keep on going, do things as long as you are physically able. Be positive. Friends don't like a grumpy person."Hardison also urges other senior citizens to stay moving and to continue to challenge themselves, even if it means them breaking her current record:"When a person is busy, the hurts seem to ease up. If you are able and even older than I, then I'm happy for people to attempt to break my record. I promise the experience will be well worth it!"video
5622Guinness St Patrick's Day world record attempt: How you can get involved - plus watch hilarious sheepdog advertWith only 11 days to go until St Patrick's Day, Guinness has received more than 36,000 pledges from people around the world to be friendly on St Patrick's Day - and that means they're edging closer to achieving a Guinness World Records title.The online pledge closes on St Patrick's Day, Saturday 17 th March, and in order to set a new Guinness World Records title Guinness needs to have gained more than 50,000 pledges from friendly folk around the globe.Currently leading the pledges for friendliness is the United States of America, where more than 14,200 people have pledged to join the St Patrick's Day party which will be taking over the world next weekend. People from Japan, Spain, Great Britain and Germany follow the U.S. in the leading number of pledges.Now is your chance to get involved and help make St Patrick's Day 2012 the friendliest day of the year.If you would like to pledge to spread friendliness on St Patrick's Day you should visit:'s more you can be part of a second record attempt for the Largest global St Patrick's Day celebration by joining a party on Saturday 17 th March 2012 and helping Guinness set another Guinness World Records titles.Keep checking back later this week for details of how to join a Guinness hosted St Patrick's Day party in a city near
5623Video: Largest single panel cartoon record set in TurkeyTurkish cartoonist Erdil Yaşaroğlu celebrated the end of 2011 in artistic style by breaking the world record for the world's largest single panel cartoon.The illustrator teamed up with Samsung Electronics Turkey for the attempt, which was organised to promote the electronics firm's new mobile device, the Galaxy Note.Acknowledging the gadget's space-themed name, Erdil's design was inspired by crop circle patterns and was drawn in the north-western province of Kırklareli's Pınarhisar district.The largest single panel cartoon represented a new record category, with Guinness World Records guidelines stating that the size of the panel had to be at least 10.404,8 m2 in order to be approved.Once completed, the illustration was measured by Guinness World Records adjudicator Şeyda Subaşı, who confirmed the cartoon was an incredible 10.952.055m2 in size -a footprint that's almost big enough to fit two football fields.The field is now set to be turned into a forest with 4,000 trees and a special park. "In this way, we want to immortalize the world's largest cartoon and contribute to the region's promotion," Samsung Electronics Cell Phones Marketing Director Cem Sezer explained, following the successful attempt.Best known for his work on Turkish satire magazine Penguen, Erdil said "We have worked together for Samsung's special project, and we had much fun. As a result we have created a big project that we can leave to our grandchildren. I hope it will make people who will see it happy".video
5624Game Informer Editors notch up Six Gaming World RecordsThe editors at Game Informer magazine have once again made their way into the records book, this time with six new videogame marathon records.Jeff Cork, Phil Kollar, Ben Reeves, Dan Ryckert, Tim Turi and Bryan Vore all played for over 24 hours in the Game Informer offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, starting August 6th and ending on August 7th or 8th.Back in March this year, Jeff, Ben, Dan and Tim attempted the longest fighting game marathon, setting an impressive benchmark of 30 hours.That record was broken by CraveOnline in June at E3, prompting Game Informer into action.Instead of going for the fighting game again, two new editors (Phil and Bryan) joined in with the team deciding to sweep out the category by breaking six different videogame records.Of the six, only one was a current record, with Jeff Cork attempting to beat the longest videogames marathon playing Grand Theft Auto (series) at 40 hours 20 minutes. The other five were all new records, with a minimum of 24 hours.The new records are as follows: Dan Ryckert - Longest videogames marathon playing Mario (series) - 50 hoursJeff Cork - Longest videogames marathon playing Grand Theft Auto (series) - 50 hoursTim Turi - Longest videogames marathon playing a survival horror game (Resident Evil series) - 27 hours 9 minutesBen Reeves - Longest videogames marathon playing a stealth game (Metal Gear Solid series) - 48 hoursPhil Kollar - Longest videogames marathon playing a Japanese-style Role-Playing Game (Final Fantasy series) - 34 hours.Bryan Vore - Longest videogames marathon playing a Role-Playing Game (Elder Scrolls: Oblivion) - 43 hours 21 minutes
5625Nick Cannon to “Hug It Out” in world record attemptAmerican actor, rapper and all-round media personality Nick Cannon is taking his talents into a new area on Friday with an attempt to break the world record for most hugs in one hour in New York.Nick's bid for Guinness World Records™ glory will take place at 4:30pm at the Citi Field stadium before the New York Mets vs. Milwaukee Brewers baseball game.The America's Got Talent host will need to hit a pace of roughly one hug every two seconds hug to beat the current record of 1,749 set by disabled motivational speaker Nick Vujicic in 2010.The star announced his plans yesterday, saying 'I would like to invite everyone to come help me break the Guinness Book of World Records and let's "Hug it Out".'Everyone who takes part in the attempt will receive a commemorative T-shirt, while the first 100 people to be hugged by Cannon will win tickets to the baseball game that night.Toy company WowWee will also be taking part in the event by donating a toy for every hug to the Mets Care Room at New York Hospital Queens.If Nick's record attempt is successful, he'll still have some way to go to match the record breaking achievements of his wife Mariah Carey.The soul singer currently holds four Guinness World Records titles: Greatest pay off for a music artist, Largest record deal, Most US No.1 singles by a female artist and Most consecutive weeks at No.1 on US singles chart.
5626THE WORLD'S LONGEST FINGERNAILS TO THE BIGGEST NATURAL AFRO - BEAUTY COMES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES IN NEW GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS BOOKThe brand new Guinness World Records 2012 Edition launches this week with a startling selection of new record holders. Among those landing a hallowed spot in the world's best-selling book is Chris 'The Dutchess' Walton, the proud owner of the world's Longest Fingernails (10ft 2in, 309.8cm) Chanel Tapper who holds the record for having the Longest Tongue (female) (3.8in, 9.75cm) and Aevin Dugas who has grown the Largest Natural Afro (4ft 4in, 1.32m).Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday said: "Guinness World Records 2012 celebrates a diverse range of extraordinary records, but certainly our human body records remain some of the most loved and talked about. I think people are really going to love this year's selection." Christine Walton - World's longest fingernailsChristine's nails, measuring 10ft 2in (309.8cm) on her left hand and 9ft 7in (292.1cm) on her right hand. The 45-year-old, who is also a talented singer who goes by the stage name "The Dutchess", hasn't cut her fingernails since 1990. Click here to watch Christine's record holder profile videoAevin Dugas - World's largest afroAevin Dugas a 36 year-old social worker from New Orleans, USA, is the proud owner of the largest natural afro in the world with a circumference measuring an incredible 4 ft. 4 in (1.32 m), which has taken over 12 years to grow. Click here to watch Aevin's record holder profile videoChanel Tapper - Longest TongueMeasuring 3.8 inches (9.75 cm) from tip to top lip, full time student Chanel Tapper (21) from California, USA, has the world's longest tongue. Click here to read Chanel's record holder profile
5627Video: Sonim XP3300 Force handset sets new toughest phone record after surviving 25 metre fallSonim technologies new XP3300 Force handset has achieved a Guinness World Record for being the World's Toughest Mobile Phone.The device managed to survive a fall of 25.29 meters (82 ft 11.67 in) onto concrete with no operational damage during a demonstration in The Netherlands on Saturday.The record attempt, which took place in Epe, was organised by the mobile phones manufacturer to show off the durability of its latest rugged handset. The firm specialises in phones that are designed for workers in demanding and hazardous environments, including construction and defence.The equipment used to confirm the altitude had been certified as accurately calibrated by an appropriate expert before the attempt, while two engineers from the Dutch Metrology institute were also present to verify the exact measurements of the drop.videoAlso on hand was Ron Smeets, founder of the tech blog Mobile Cowboys ( ) to act as an independent witness to the attempt.While the phone managed to remain in working order after drops of 10 and 25 meters, a height of 30 metres proved too much for the device.Following the successful attempt, Guinness World Records Adjudicator Lucia Sinigagliesi presented a GWR certificate to Sonim's managing director for Benelux Roy Vervenne to mark the company's achievement.The previous record was held by the JCB tough phone, which managed to survive a fall of just 3.25 meters.
5628World's biggest bra unveiled for breast cancer awareness campaignThe ITV building on London's Southbank regularly plays host to eye-catching events, but few will surely have matched the recent scene which saw a giant pink bra unveiled on the side of the UK TV station's home.Measuring 26.72 m (87 ft 7.97 in) on the underbust and with a bust measurement of 29.6 m (97 ft 1.35 in), the record-breaking item of underwear took four weeks to make, with abseilers working for three days to install the bra on the building.The attempt, which was organised by brand Vanish, was timed to coincide with the Breast Cancer Campaign's Wear it Pink Day with the bra being unveiled during ITV's daytime TV show This Morning.Made from lightweight spinnaker nylon, it was made from 375 square metres of fabric weighing 75 kilos, with the bra's metal fasteners giving the garment a total weight of 90 kilos.Speaking after the successful attempt, Stefan Gaa, marketing director of Vanish said:"The Vanish and Breast Cancer Campaign record breaking bra is a fitting focal point for this year's fundraising activities.""This is an issue that affects so many women and their families and Campaign are doing a vital job in raising funds for research and keeping breast cancer high profile.'Wear it Pink' raised £2.5m for breast cancer last year by getting thousands of people to wear a pink item of clothing and donate £2 to the charity.To find out more about the bra, and the Breast Cancer Campaign, head to
5629Vietnam puts together the world’s largest jigsaw puzzleStudents at the University of Economics of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam have made a piece of puzzling history by setting a new record for the world's Largest jigsaw (most pieces).The puzzle, which was put together at the Phu Tho Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City on September 24, was made up of 551,232 pieces and was completed with an overall measurement of 14.85 x 23.20 m (48 ft 8.64 in x 76 ft 1.38 in).The 1,600 participating students were divided into 800 teams of two, with the attempt beginning at 7am.It took the students 17 hours to first break up the 3,132 sections, each containing 176 pieces, into which the jigsaw puzzle had been divided, and then re-assemble them to create the puzzle.Each piece measured 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm. The students finished just after midnight, prompting scenes of jubilation once the record was verified.Many students spent the night in the stadium to ensure that all was in place for a live TV broadcast of the Guinness World Records certificate presentation which took place the following day, which saw a dazzling show of song and dance before representatives of the city government, management, staff and students of University of Economics and the Organization Committee.The record-breaking puzzle depicted a lotus flower with six petals in symbolic representation of the six areas of knowledge envisaged by the Mindmap study method: human beings, geography, history, culture, education and economy.It broke a Guinness World Record previously set in Singapore of 212,323 pieces which had stood since 2002.
5630Video: Michelle Obama jumps for world record at The White HouseMichelle Obama lead the leaping at the White House earlier this week for a worldwide challenge to break the record for the number of people doing jumping jacks.Organized in association with National Geographic Kids, the Let's Jump! event on Tuesday saw the US First Lady join hundreds of school children from the Washington area to perform one minute of continuous star jumps in the grounds of the White House.The event, which was attended by officials from Guinness World Records, signalled the beginning of a 24-hour challenge across the globe to break the record.To set the new benchmark, more than 20,425 people needed to get on their feet and perform jumping jacks for one minute during the 24-hour time period between 3 p.m. ET on October 11 and 3 p.m. ET on October 12.Ahead of the White House leg of the attempt, Guinness World Records holder John Cassidy performed and almost stole the show with a hilarious 10-minute balloon modelling show, while US figure skater Michelle Kwan and NBC weather man Al Roker were also in attendance for the event.Speaking after the attempt, Mrs Obama, who was mobbed by excited particpants after they completed their minute of jumping, said: "As a first lady I get to do a lot of cool things, but this is really exciting. I never thought in my entire life I would be setting a Guinness World Record!"The event was inspired by Mrs. Obama's, 'Let's Move' initiative, which aims to get kids to eat healthy food and take
5631Video: UK teenager sets new snowboarding rail grind recordThere were incredible scenes at the Sno!Zone Indoor Slope in Milton Keynes, UK earlier this month when 16-year-old Calum Paton set a new world record for the longest rail grind on a snowboard.A specially-constructed 90-metre long rail was installed for the attempt at the ski centre which was organised by Whitelines Snowboard Magazine and EA Sports' snowboard game SSX.Riders had flocked from all over the country to try and beat the previous best of a 67.9 metre slide set by Alejandro Benito at an indoor slope in Madrid in 2009.Despite some impressive attempts around the 50 metre mark, after over five hours of sterling efforts from the assembled boarders, it looked like Alejandro's record was set to remain intact.However, with energy levels beginning to flag in the freezing conditions and just five minutes left before the event was due to finish, up stepped Calum to ride an incredible 78 metres smoothly down the rail, smashing the previous benchmark by more than 10 metres. The dramatic slide triggered wild celebrations, with Calum mobbed by a crowd of supporters and fellow record attempting snowboarders at the foot of the slope, congratulating him on his amazing achievement.Picking up a prize of £1,000 along with his Guinness World Record title, Calum was left almost speechless by his history-making display.When asked what he would spend his prize money on, Calum replied simply: "Oh, probably just some computer games."videoMore Snowboarding Videos
5632American Heart Association sets record by teaching CPR to hundredsAt an event put on by the American Heart Association (AHA), an incredible 700 participants consecutively gave hands-only CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to a dummy model over a period of 12 hours, setting an amazing record for the Most people in a CPR relay.
5633Glenmark Pharmaceuticals uses mosaic world record for public outreach campaignGlenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a research-driven, global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai, India, marked Doctors Day on July 1 in record-breaking style, by after creating the world’s largest mosaic using PET bottles.Glenmark had conducted a study across major Government Hospitals in the country and found that there was a substantial increase of patients suffering with coughs, colds, and other illnesses in the hospitals during monsoon season.Glenmark decided that the best way to do something significant which would help those who are less privileged, whilst also celebrating the role of the doctors who bring ‘smiles’ to the patients they help, would be a Guinness World Record attempt.The mosaic formed a smiley which spread across 1200 sq. feet at JJ Hospital, Mumbai, and was created with approximately 70,000 bottles of a brand from Glenmark.After the mosaic had been verified as the largest PET bottle mosaic, all 70,000 bottles of medicine were donated to 32 Government Hospitals, providing thousands with the relief they need. The bottles were donated to hospitals in various different cities, including Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and many more.When discussing the event, Dr. T. P. Lahane-Dean of JJ Hospital, Mumbai said: “On the occasion of Doctor’s Day, JJ Hospital is happy to be partnering Glenmark in this nationwide initiate of spreading smiles to thousands of less-privileged patients.”The event was attended by leading Doctors from across Mumbai, as well as select patients and representatives from Glenmark.
5634Association of Hungarian Rheumatic Patients raises awareness with largest panoramic postcardTo coincide with World Arthritis Day on 12 October, the Magyar Reumabetegek Egyesülete (Association of Hungarian Rheumatic Patients) broke the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the largest panoramic postcard in Budapest's Millenáris Park.Official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS adjudicator Jack Brockbank was on hand to take the measurements and confirmed that the Magyar Reumabetegek Egyesülete, in association with Magyar Posta Zrt., Pfizer and Noguchi Porter Novelli, broke the record with a postcard measuring 86.40 m² (930 ft²). The previous record stood at 75.10 m² (808.369 ft²) and was achieved in Italy, in 2011.The full dimensions of the postcard measured 14.40 m (47.24 ft) in length by 6 m (19.69 ft) in height.The giant postcard, designed by graphic designer Aniko Roth, represented eight Hungarian cities and was painted by patients, doctors and nurses from across the country in September. It ran concurrently with the association’s “gRAb your brush!” campaign. The painting was then digitalized to create the postcard.The “gRAb your brush!” initiative was organized to raise awareness of rheumatoid arthritis, while helping patients and doctors get together and provide a forum about the issues that sufferers of the disease encounter.To meet the standards set by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, the postcard had to be made of card and resemble a commercially available, standard postcard. It also had to carry a view of a named place, a greeting and to be addressed, collected, and delivered in the normal way by the Hungarian Post.
5635Beauty brand Arbonne break David Walliams' record for most kissesAs part of their recent annual conference and 35th anniversary celebrations, beauty and wellness organisation Arbonne planned a loving record attempt for the Most kisses received in thirty seconds, and succeeded with an incredible 56 kisses.
5636Macy’s combine magic of holiday season and record breaking for Believe campaign
5637La Quinta Inns & Suites breaks three records at annual conferenceAlready a successful record-breaking group from their 2012 conference, the folks at La Quinta Inns & Suites have come back to give extra meaning to the phrase "not throwing in the towel."At their annual conference, this year held in Hawaii, attendees set one new mark and broke two existing achievements for a total of three Guinness World Records titles.The largest towel mosaic measured 2,451.72 m² (26,389.99 ft²) at the Waikoloa Bowl, depicting the American flag (below). A total 2,983 towels were used to create the flag.The towels used for the mosaic came from the earlier success at the longest human towel chain, totaling 1,113 participants. It broke the previous record of 1,061.And, so as to celebrate their achievements, the group also broke the record for longest high-five chain, with 1,110 slapping hands consecutively. That topped the existing mark of 695 and took 23 min 15 sec to complete.Impressively, all three records were broken in the efficient span of just 90 minutes. Just as importantly, the nearly 3,000 towels provided for the event by Standard Textile, Inc. were donated after the event to Fisher House - Tripler AMC in Honolulu.Fisher House Foundation is best known for a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment. These homes are located at major military and VA medical centers nationwide, close to the medical center or hospital they serve.Be sure to watch the conference's entire history-making event in this video summary.videoInterested in hosting a similar record-breaking event for your group or organization? Follow in La Quinta's footsteps by checking out the commercial services provided by our team, and contact us to see what's the best fit for you!
5638People Helping People sets massive checkers record at annual conventionIn its four-year history, the financial services firm People Helping People (PHP) says it has distinguished itself as a different kind of financial services company, trying to turn the reputation of insurance sales on its head.In trying to attract the attention of millennials and bridging disparate generations together in the industry, PHP Agency prides itself on distinctive events targeting this goal. And no goal brings people of all ages and backgrounds together quite like setting a world record.After 30 minutes of gameplay at the Peppermill Casino & Resort in Reno, Nev., the 540 insurance agents, local VIPs, and residents/visitors from the region were crowned as the new title-holders for the most people playing checkers simultaneously.Upon the completion of the attempt, official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® adjudicator Philip Robertson awarded the title to PHP Chairman Patrick Bet-David.“We wanted to really do something special and different at this year’s convention,” said Bet-David, who said he thinks the attempt reflects the personality of his company. “We sell financial products, but we don’t think that means you have to be stodgy and boring. Guinness World Records celebrates the extraordinary, and I think we’re showing the world that PHP Agency is an extraordinary company.”To capture the spirit of the attempt, most participants were clad in black or red t-shirts with the phrase "King Me" printed on each one.This achievement joins a long list of other game-related mass participation records, including the most games of chess being played at once (20,480) and most people playing a board game simultaneously (2,112 playing Trivial Pursuit)."It's one of those things that's a bucket list," Bet-David said, "trying to break a Guinness World Records (title)."
5639Spar launch new ‘Enjoy’ range with world’s largest fruit saladSpar Österreichische Warenhandels-AG (Austria) decided that the best way to launch their new ‘SPAR Enjoy’ range last month was to attempt to create the world’s largest fruit salad and earn themselves a place in Guinness World Record history.A team of 150 Austrian SPAR employees and associates worked together to fill a swimming pool with chopped fruit in the Museums Quartier in central Vienna.The fruit salad was created to represent the type of food that the new SPAR Enjoy range would include: modern, simple and fresh market produce.The previous world record was held by students of the University of Massachusetts who produced a fruit salad which weighed 6.9 tons (19,158lb 2.72oz).However, SPAR completely smashed this record by filling their pool with an amazing 8.69 tons of ten different types of fruit, including apples, pineapples, melons and strawberries.The employees began preparing the fruit at 8:00am with a countdown and a cheer from Dr. Gerhard Drexel, SPAR’s CEO.The 150 SPAR staff as well as the public celebrated together when the fruit salad was finally finished at 11:30 and the record was broken.It was then handed out for free to passers-by, given to charity organisations, and some was given to the police officers and medics working at the local Donauinsel festival.The making of the record-breaking fruit salad was witnessed by numerous members of the public who passed the event that day, the attempt also created online media attention for SPAR’s new range, including coverage from THISISGUAVO and The Local.
5640Unilever Thai Trading Limited win back world record for longest line of washed platesUnilever Thai Trading Limited have regained the world record title for longest line of washed plates.A total of 40,800 washed plates were lined up along the Third Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge in Nakhon Phanom Province, Thailand last Wednesday for the attempt which was organised to promote the firm’s Sunlight washing-up liquid.Measuring 10.8 km (6.7 miles) in length, the single line of washed plates snaked into eight rows. In keeping with the record rules, each plate was made of china and measured 26.5 cm in diameter, with no gaps in the final line.The week before had seen all the plates used to serve the traditional Thai dish of Tom Yom Kung with steamed rice to local school children as a free lunchtime meal.The actual washing was carried out in Bangkok at Wat Dork Mai School, an effort which took a team of 120 Unilever staff seven hours and 55 minutes.The successful attempt marks the second time Unilever Thai Trading Limited have held the record, having originally set the benchmark in 2010 with a line of 10,488 plates on Pattaya Beach in Thailand.Last week’s attempt beat a record set by dish washing liquid detergent brand JOY last year, when a total of 26,213 washed plates lined the running tracks of Bukit Jalil in Maylasia, measuring 6.84 km (4.25 mi).

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