Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

5641Ehrmann USA launches new yogurt brand with romantic Valentine's Day recordWhen the time came to launch its new heart-shaped Greek yogurt brand, MIXIM™, parent company Ehrmann USA decided to swirl up a mix of romance, nutrition, and record-breaking.Ehrmann has officially entered the record books by setting a new mark for the most couples feeding each other simultaneously. Aboard Los Angeles' iconic Queen Mary on Valentine's Day, 436 people (218 couples) fed each other one of six MIXIM flavors, surpassing the required amount of 125 total couples.The record also allowed Ehrmann to donate $20,000 to its charity partner, the Children’s Heart Foundation.“We are excited to make history, but most of all, we are proud that our efforts helped benefit the Children’s Heart Foundation,” said Chris Solly, CEO of Ehrmann USA. “It was incredible to see all the people in attendance so excited about being part of this event."To coincide with the most romantic of holidays, Ehrmann transformed the Queen Mary into "The Love Boat" by turning it bright pink for one special night, inviting consumers to take part in the record attempt. Thousands of Southern California residents turned out for the charitable event, with Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empric in attendance to verify the successful proceedings.The crowd then faithfully celebrated the history they made with open arms before going their separate ways, with a Valentine’s Day concert performed by Journey tribute band DSB. The night was capped off by a heart-shaped fireworks show. It was the first-ever Guinness World Records title achieved by Ehrmann.Want to know how your group can benefit from a Guinness World Records attempt? Take a look at GWR's available services, get in touch with our events team, or submit an application today!
5642Smirnoff chalk up brand awareness and a world record with incredible piece of street art in BangkokA stunning piece of street art in Bangkok’s Siam Center Shopping mall commissioned by Smirnoff has set a new world record for longest anamorphic painting.Titled “Dive”, the painting, measuring 165.635 m (543 ft 5 in), was created by former South Park artist Melanie Stimmell Van Latum alongside celebrated Thai 3D street painter Che Chavala.A team of eight worked over the course of three weeks to create the work, culminating over 1000 hours in production.The attempt was staged by Smirnoff to draw attention to its "Dive into the world of melon" campaign which hints at the drinks manufacturer’s new fruit flavoured vodka.With Thailand’s laws relating to alcoholic brand marketing preventing direct promotion of the new drink, the record-breaking artwork proved to be an ideal engagement mechanic to communicate the flavour of the new product.Painted in acrylic and pastels on canvas and vinyl, the piece, which stretches from the opening of the mall to its center Atrium, went on display to the public last Thursday and will remain on show until mid-September.As well as wowing visitors at the mall, the artwork has also drawn the attention of local media, with sites such as The Nation featuring the world record attempt.Commenting on the record breaking commission, Stimmell Van Latum said: “Being asked to do something so large-scale and so challenging was something I really wanted to take part in.”“The fact that it's a very large painting and it's swirling around this enormous shopping centre and telling a story makes it really special”.video
5643American school teacher finds her amazing shark photo in Guinness World Records 2016Amanda Brewer – an art teacher from Whitman Elementary School in Turnersville, New Jersey, USA – took an amazing, terrifyingly close-up photograph of a female great white shark while she was cage-diving off the coast of Seal Island and it has snapped up a double-spread in the Guinness World Records 2016 book.
5644Over 400 kids from Richmond play tag rugby and try for a recordWith the Rugby World Cup 2015 well underway, the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, UK hosted a record-breaking rugby game for children this week, where 442 boys and girls from the area played a tag tournament in Old Deer Park continuously over six hours and became the Most participants in a touch/mini/tag rugby exhibition match ever.
5645Man with over 200 tattoos of The Simpsons characters confirmed as record holderAfter much media speculation, Guinness World Records can officially confirm that Australian Michael Baxter holds the record for the Most tattoos of characters from a single animated series.
5646World’s largest ever toga party held in AustraliaDespite some distinctly adverse weather conditions, there was nothing that could stop a record attempt in Australia last month for the largest ever toga party.Organised and promoted by UQU (University of Queensland Union) and QUT (Queensland University of Technology) Guild, the more it rained, the more revellers poured in to the open-air party at Brisbane's Riverstage.Fortunately the event had been promoted as 'rain, hail or shine', as by the time the participants made it through the front gate the toga-clad partygoers were soaked.Toga parties have become a traditional way to end orientation week, and what an ending it was.After three hours of placing numbered stickers on those taking part, a team of organisers working with Guinness World Records adjudicator Chris Sheedy were forced to call an end to registration as the rain became torrential.The figure to beat was 2,166, a record set nearly a decade ago in Oregon, USA.News of an as-yet unofficial attempt in New Zealand with around 2,400 toga-clad attendees the very same week had also filtered through.However, there were smiles all around as UQU and QUT Guild were confirmed as having 3,700 people dressed in togas.The final number would undoubtedly be higher as merrymakers continued to enter for another hour, but Guinness World Records only accepts a count for which there is solid evidence.When the official record announcement was made the massive, sodden crowd, looking as if it was populated by soggy citizens of Rome, went wild and fireworks popped and fizzed in the drizzle.
5647Farewell to talented Tillman, former fastest dog on a skateboard record holderGuinness World Records was today saddened to learn of the passing of Tillman – the incredible skateboarding, body-boarding, surfing, and all-round action dog and TV star – who died on Tuesday at the age of 10 following heart and respiratory problems.
5648World Book Day: Kids invited to join for literature quiz record attemptGuinness World Records has partnered up with World Book Day to put a record-breaking spin on the annual celebration of reading.
5649Kelloggs employees knock down record for most cereal boxes toppled in a domino fashionLooking to create an unforgettable team-building activity for their annual employee conference in Manchester, Kelloggs UK knew an official world record attempt would be an ideal way to incorporate their products while encouraging staff members to act as a unit.
5650Classics: Longest ramp jump on a quad bikeEach week here on, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.
5651Fastest 1,000 martial arts (iaido) sword cutsIsao Machii36/4 minute(s), second(s)Japan, 19 September 2007The fastest time to complete 1,000 cuts of rolled straw mats with a sword is 36 min 4 sec by Isao Machii (Japan) on the set of The Best House 123 in Tokyo, Japan on 19 September 2007.Jun Otsuki adjudicated.
5652Most weight lifted by dumbbell rows in one hourEamonn Keane32730 repetitionsIreland, Castlebar30 March 2010The most weight lifted by dumbbell rows in one hour is 32,730 kg (72,157 lb) by Eamonn Keane (Ireland) at Lough Lannagh Fitness in Castlebar, Ireland, on 30 March 2010. He completed a total of 1,119 repetitions of a 15 kg (33 lb) dumbbell with his left arm and 1,063 repetitions with his right.Keane originally submitted two claims for this record at once: the evidence for this attempt (ID 123237) and the evidence for attempt ID 121107. The evidence for attempt 123237 was lost in the mail and thus 121107 was awarded the record, despite having occurred after 123237 and being for a lesser weight, because it was not known about the existence of 123237. Once he re-submitted the lost evidence, the record was awarded to this entry.
5653Longest fort wallsKumbhalgarh Fort22.4 mile(s)India, RajasthanFifteenth century ADThe longest walls around a fort or castle are the 22.4-mile walls at Kumbhalgarh Fort, a Mewar defensive construction in Rajasthan, western India. Built during the 15th century by Rana Kumbha, this long wall is around 5 m thick and contains seven gateways. Some historical sources report that eight horses could run on top of the wall, side-by-side. The wall divided the competing Mewar and Marwar kingdoms, and the fort within was used by the Mewar rulers of Mewar as a last refuge. The fortress fell into enemy hands just once, and then only because the drinking water had run out. Besides the fortress, the walls also contain many Jainist temples plus 60 Hindu temples, totalling around 360 in number. Visiting tourists are warned to take special care – although the many ancient defence mechanisms and traps have mostly been disabled, some are still assumed to exist in more remote parts of the wall. n/a
5654Longest journey in MinecraftKurt J. MacUnited States, Unknown10 April 2015In March 2011, Kurt J Mac (USA) set out on an epic quest to reach the fabled Far Lands – the area roughly 12,500 km (7,767 mi) from a player’s initial spawn point, where technical issues in pre-version-1.8 releases caused strange anomalies in the terrain.Kurt has been documenting his journey on his YouTube channel “Far Lands or Bust!”, using his quest to raise money for charity. On 10 April 2015, Kurt discovered that he had walked 2,097,152 blocks (2,097.15 km 1,303 mi). By this point Kurt was crossing a threshold that caused the game to become more glitchy.“There’s a computational rounding error that will only get worse as I get further,” he said.Incredibly, after three years of continuous travelling, Kurt was only 16.78% of the way towards his final destination.Although Kurt only checks his progress after reaching a charity milestone, he privately checked his coordinates here because he was crossing a threshold that caused the game to become more glitchy.The last time he'd checked his progress before this point was on 6 March 2014. He didn't announce this new 10 April 2015 update to fans at the time.Read more: Record Holder Profile Video - Kurt J Mac and the longest journey in MinecraftRead more: Minecraft - Ten of the best block-busting world records
5655Nik Wallenda crosses the Grand Canyon, Candy Crush Saga takes over the world, and can anybody stop Serena Williams? - News in World RecordsIn a truly global event that was televised live in 217 countries, famed funambulist Nik Wallenda became the first person to cross a high wire over the Grand Canyon on Sunday, traversing 1,400 feet (426.72 m) of steel cable more than 1,500 feet (457.2 m) above the Canyon floor -- sans tether or safety net of any kind. It's not the first time Wallenda has wowed audiences. Prior to his Grand Canyon exploits, he'd already owned three GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS feats, in fact: the longest tightrope crossing on a bicycle (235 ft/71.63 m), the highest tightrope crossing on a bicycle (238 ft/72.5 m), and having been the first person to tightrope at the base of Niagara Falls last year. Here's the highlights of Wallenda's incredible Canyon walk, which lasted 22 minutes 54 seconds in full.videoThe online game "Candy Crush Saga" - known simply as Candy Crush among its legions of followers - continues to take over the world. The latest in a long lineage of obsessive mobile and social games (remember when Farmville and Words With Friends were the only things worth getting out of bed for?), Candy Crush has already become the most popular Facebook app and can boast having the most montly active users of any Facebook game (45.4+ million MAUs).Wimbledon has kicked off its famous fortnight and we actually have a couple of fun things planned for you on to track the tournament the next two weeks, as hinted at by this Vine posted from our official @GWR Twitter account two weeks ago.Can you guess where we're filming today? GuinnessWorldRecords (@GWRnews) June 13, 2013The real question in the meantime is - aside from the wide-open men's field - will anybody be having fun on the court besides women's favorite Serena Williams? Noted sports statistician Kenneth Massey gives Williams a 68.65% chance of reaching the final, and with good reason: she's fresh off a French Open win and holds 10 world records, including this year being the oldest female to rank No. 1 by the ATP. Then again, Massey also gave Rafael Nadal the best chance of reaching the men's final, and Rafa has already seen his tournament come to an end.
5656Make Music New York plays largest electronic keyboard ensembleHeading down West 4th to grab a coffee at the Cornelia Street Cafe in Manhattan's West Village, you're bound to hear a lot of sounds.The honking of taxis. The chugging of the subways below your feet. The nondescript buzzing of friends talking at brunch. And, if you happened to walk past the Cafe on Friday, you also heard the sweet sounds of a world record getting broken.To celebrate Make Music New York, a group of 175 artists joined together to break the mark for the largest electronic keyboard ensemble, playing Pachelbel's Canon in D, which you may also know as " the song they play at almost every wedding you've ever attended."Needing to find enough qualified musicians to play for the official record guidelines of at least 5 minutes, MMNY president Aaron Friedman knew exactly where he wanted to break his record."The city of New York is teeming with musicians," Friedman said. "[It] is the perfect place to set a Guinness World Records title for the music community!”The group of artists included professional musicians, music teachers and students, as well as adept music fans. All of the keyboards used were provided by Yamaha and then donated to local schools needing instruments after the attempt via the VH1 Save the Music program.Make Music New York is an annual musical celebration on June 21, the longest day of the year in the U.S. More than 1,000 free concerts were scheduled to perform this year - the festival's seventh iteration - spanning parks, sidewalks, and other public spaces across all five of the city's boroughs. The 12-hour festival is held in conjunction with similar concert celebrations in 514 other cities around the world.The global reach of MMNY matches up interestingly with the history of the record it broke. Since first being awarded to a group of 69 schoolchildren playing in the UK in December 1999, the largest electronic keyboard ensemble has been broken in Hungary, India, Sri Lanka, and once previously in the U.S.Once the final note of Pachelbel's piece concluded, MMNY had brought the record back to America for the first time in 9 years."It is a great thing for the students to participate in Make Music New York and the world record really tied it together for me," said a participating music teacher known as Mr. C, from the Brooklyn School of Global Studies. "The fact that they can tell their grandkids about this is amazing.”
5657Ashes 2013 sees Agar with record, watch Andy Murray's Wimbledon win in Legos, and order hugs at this restaurantEngland may have the lead, but Australia's Ashton Agar has the record.In Day 2 of action at the Ashes today, the 19-year-old test debutant made history by scoring the most runs for a No. 11 batsmen in a Test match innings. Agar took his turn with Australia in danger at 117-9 and proceeded to hit for 98 runs. This eclipsed the previous mark of 95, achieved by Tino Best (Barbados) for the West Indies last year, coincidentally also against England. There's something to be said for the age we live in when what happens in sports or pop culture is often viewed by the prism of what the Internet will do to it afterward. Take, for example, this admittedly amazing clip below of Andy Murray's Wimbledon victory -- recreated completely with Legos. A match that led to the greatest prize money in a Grand Slam reduced to less than 2 minutes of amazing stop-motion.My personal favorite parts are the little Union Jack logo on Murray's shirt, the cute hugging scene with his Legomom, and wondering just how much free time exactly this videomaker had to work with.videoChances are you watched the above on a tablet or mobile device of some kind. And the numbers back it up: research has found that PC sales are down for a fifth straight quarter. That's the longest prolonged time for sales to dip in PC history, as consumers move to mobile devices. The beginning of the end for PCs could easily be tabbed as the launch of Apple's iPad. The seemingly ubiquitous device was the fastest-selling consumer electronics device upon its debut in 2010, as 3 million units sold in the product's first 80 days.Lastly, one restauranteur has starting asking customers if they " want hugs with that." Tim Harris opened his New Mexico eatery "Tim's Place" and added Tim Hugs to the menu. By his own count, he has fulfilled more than 40,000 such orders, which come at the convenient price of free. If Harris ever gets a free hour during the workday, he might want to think about taking a crack at the most hugs given in one hour, set at 2,436 by Jayasimha Ravirala in Tekkall, India, on Sept. 29, 2012.
5658How the serves at Wimbledon compare to the speeds of other sports by infographicSo far this year, Wimbledon has given us plenty, starting with the time two legendary icons of the sport couldn't even escape the second round.What it hasn't given us is a challenger to the record for the fastest serve ever at Wimbledon. That mark remains the 148 mph (238 km/h) serve by Taylor Phillip Dent (USA) at the 2010 competition.How does that stack up against not only the fastest tennis serves on all courts, but against the fastest hits in other sports? Glad you asked!(CLICK IMAGE ABOVE FOR LARGER VERSION)Infographic: Original GWR illustration/Jon AddisonSome interesting notes based on the info:Naturally, a perfect environment of conditions allows for better performance. Of the above, the fastest hits for badminton, golf, lacrosse, hockey, and rugby were all achieved outside of an organized game or match (i.e. at a skills competition).The reason Dent's Wimbledon serve is so much slower than Groth's outright record is, of course, the grass. Groth's record was set on a hardcourt similar to the U.S. Open's, which has the fastest Court Pace Rating (Category 5) of any of the Grand Slam venues. Wimbledon registers as Category 3 thanks to its unique grass variety.Despite sitting only fourth on the list, jai alai is widely considered the "fastest sport in the world." That's due mainly to the consistent top speeds at which the pelota is delivered in gameplay, whereas golf strikes and badminton hits can vary in gameplay.Nolan Ryan claimed the title of fastest thrown baseball for decades, at what was measured a 100.8 mph fastball. Since 2006, however, the tracking system Pitch f/x has measured baseball speeds in all MLB ballparks. Their highest-ever reading is Chapman's, included in this list.Other soccer players have claimed faster shots, but Hirst's is the only one that's been technologically measured. Oddly, for such a thunderous strike from such a short distance, he actually missed. Shot comes at the 34-second mark:videoThere are, of course, a lot of sports for which nobody has had an official speed measurement taken. Anybody feel like tossing an American football as fast as they can? Let us know and we might just include you in the next such look at speed in sport!And don't forget to check out our video coverage from Wimbledon if you missed it with the man himself from GWR: OMG!, Oli White:video
5659Jockey AP McCoy races to triple world record achievementHorse racing jump jockey AP McCoy’s legendary status was cemented further at the weekend, when the Northern Irish-born rider was presented with three Guinness World Records titles.The 39-year-old, who recently secured sporting immortality by winning his 4000 th race, was presented with a trio of official certificates at Sandown Park racecourse in Surrey, UK yesterday for- Most winners in a season after riding 289 winners in 2002, breaking Sir Gordon Richards’ long standing record- Most Champion Jump Jockey titles currently at 18- Most career Jump winners, currently at 4022 [as of 04/12/2013].Speaking after the presentation, McCoy said: “It’s great to receive a Guinness World Record, but to receive three is fantastic. I couldn’t have imagined achieving a World Record when I started racing 24 years ago, there were many of great jockey before me and no doubt there will be many more to come, but there are plenty more races for me to win yet. People keep reminding me, that next record to beat is that of Martin Pipe who trained 4,182 winner.”McCoy's milestone of 4,000 jump racing winners reached in November this year (watch video below), is an unprecedented achievement for the sport, and one that is unlikely to be bettered in his lifetime.videoTo put his dominance of jump racing into context, tennis star Roger Federer was number one in his sport for 237 consecutive weeks, while McCoy has been top in his for 937 and counting.His achievements have also come at a considerable physical cost, having fallen an estimated 1,000 times from horses weighing half a tonne, travelling at speeds of up to 30mph.During those falls, McCoy has broken both collarbones, shoulder blades, along with his lower and middle vertebrae, ribs, cheekbones, a leg, ankle, arm and wrist. He has also punctured his lungs, chipped teeth and even dislocated his thumb.Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, said: “Tony McCoy is an athlete that has transcended his sport to become a household name, known even by those who don’t follow horse racing. His unrivalled excellence in the saddle has earned the respect from athletes and fans across the spectrum of the sporting world, and his world record status confirms that he is one of the most successful sports stars of all time. Congratulations, Tony!”
5660VIDEO - GWR Sports Blog: Top 5 fan records of 2013Where do Jhoen Lefont's 1,503 straight touches while treading water rank on this year's list?Don't get me wrong, December saw a lot of great sports action around the world and some serious record-breaking go down.It was a particularly fruitful time for the NFL, whose regular season ended and resulted in a slew of marks being set or broken. Peyton Manning led the way with a historic passing season, breaking the two most hallowed single-season quarterback records possible: his 55 touchdowns and 5,477 passing yards broke the respective marks of Tom Brady (50) and Drew Bress (5,476). Not surprisingly, Manning's Broncos also carried the banner for the most prolific scoring season in NFL history. Denver broke the record for most points in an NFL season by a team with 606, while the 2013 campaign overall saw a record-setting average of 46.8 points per game across all contests - breaking the league's highwater mark of 46.5 from the 1948 season.But enough about them let's talk about you!As we wrap up the world in records for 2013, we would never overlook the sports universe. And for all the attention and fame that people like Peyton Manning get, there are hundreds of amazing sports feats accomplished every year by fans like yourself.So with that, enjoy our video look at the Top 5 fan records broken during 2013 from the world of sports. There's literally the longest golf club you've ever seen swung, a man falling from the sky with a bicycle, the answer to what an Aztec pushup is and more!videoAnd if you haven't had enough of our 2013 wrapup, make sure to check out our Top 10 Records of the Year - YouTube Edition, as well as our comprehensive look back at the record-breaking stories from each month of the year now passed.Happy New Year!
5661Berjaya Times Square creates world’s largest Capsule Vending Machine as Malaysian mall celebrates 10th anniversaryCapsule vending machines can often be found in most supermarkets and grocery stores in Malaysia and serve as an important piece of childhood nostalgia for many people.With this is mind, Berjaya Times Square, a massive shopping mall and hotel complex in Kuala Lumpur, decided to celebrate its 10 th anniversary with an attempt to make the largest the world has ever seen.Located at the mall’s Ground Floor Central, the vending machine was meticulously built over a period of seven weeks.Guinness World Records Adjudicator, Jack Brockbank, travelled to Malaysia on 20 July 2013 to check the measurements of the machine and make sure that the official guidelines had been followed.Height, diameter and internal volume were checked with the help of a qualified surveyor, and the functionality of the machine was also tested.As an expectant crowd waited, Jack confirmed that the super-sized machine had indeed set a new world record with the capsule vending machine measuring 9 m 83 cm in height, with a diameter of 4 m 70 cm, and an internal volume of 22.52 m³.videoThe fully operational machine is currently on display in the mall as a prize-giving attraction, with large screen TVs, iPads and exclusive cash vouchers for stores within the shopping centre among the items available for visitors to win.Speaking after the official Guinness World Records certificate presentation, Berjaya Times Square’s executive director Koh Huey Min explained what setting the new title meant for the mall.“Our marketing team had worked on this project for the past six months. We knew the ‘Largest capsule vending machine’ had struck the right note when we saw the joy on the faces of our shoppers each time they retrieved a capsule and a surprise toy was revealed,” said Koh.“The Guinness World Records title that we have received today has undoubtedly put Berjaya Times Square in the world map and endorsed Berjaya Times Square as an international icon at par with most of the prestigious malls in the world,” he added.
5662LeBron James on jury duty, Beyonce has new haircut, and "Frankenfish" caught - News in World RecordsThe biggest stars - even those as big as LeBron James - are just like us, after all.The best basketball player on Earth posted to his Instragram today a photo of himself reporting for jury duty in his native Akron, Ohio. James, the four-time NBA MVP and two-time champion with the Miami Heat, still calls Akron home and still went ahead with his civic responsibility.First, can you imagine walking into jury duty and seeing LeBron James with his notebook right next to you?! Second, James was not selected, thankfully. The last thing basketball fans would want was for him to come anywhere close to being part of a jury that challenged the record for longest jury deliberation - a 1992 lawsuit in Long Beach, California, between Shirley & Jason McClure and city officials whose jury deliberations lasted four and a half months. We would've been robbed of more plays like this.videoElsewhere in sports, the PGA Championship kicked off today, wrapping up golf's season of majors. You can follow the leaderboard here through the weekend. Tiger Woods, still the world No. 1, is the favorite and a win would inch him ever closer to the records for both most career majors won (18) and most PGA Tour career wins (82). Woods currently sits and four and three shy of those numbers, respectively.Beyonce has done her best Halle Berry impression and chopped off all her hair. The star singer shared her new look via Instagram on Tuesday with no explanation as to why she made the switch from her recognizable longer locks. We're guessing Beyonce's stylist took a little more time than Ivan Zoot did to break the fastest haircut record in 2008: Zoot cut a full head of hair in just 55 seconds at Men's Grooming Center in Austin, Texas.Lastly, Caleb Newton will have the sushi. Newton caught a 17 lb, 6 oz (7.88 kg) snakehead fish, known as the "Frankenfish" for its appearance and the way it can breathe air and survive in very shallow waters. Caught in Virginia, it is the heaviest snakehead fish ever caught.
5663Warburton to skipper Lions, Queen Beatrix abdicates, and Cern recreates first website – The news in world recordsRecord-breakers in the news todayQueen Beatrix of the Netherlands has announced her abdication, handing over the throne to her son Prince Willem-Alexander.The 75-year-old signed away her power after 33 years on the throne to Willem-Alexander, who becomes the country's first king since 1890.The longest living reigning monarch in the world is King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King Rama IX of the Chakri dynasty, of Thailand. The 88-year-old ascended to the throne on 9 June 1946, although his formal coronation did not take place until 5 May 1950.Stunning images of a massive hurricane sweeping across Saturn's north pole have been taken by the Cassini spacecraft.The twister has an eye of 2,000km (1,250mi) across - big enough to cover the entire UK 12 times over.The images were taken from a height of 260,000miles by the spacecraft, which arrived at Saturn in 2004.When it comes to planet earth, the category-5 Hurricane Wilma, which occurred during October 2005, was the strongest hurricane since records began in 1851. A hurricane hunter plane measured a barometric pressure in the eye of just 882 millibars ­ the lowest ever recorded for a hurricane. Wind speeds in Wilma's eye wall reached a staggering 270 km/h (165 mph).To mark the 20th anniversary of the world wide web, a team from the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) has launched a project to re-create the first website.The aim is to preserve the original software and hardware associated with the birth of the internet.The record breaking website, which had the address, was developed by Prof Sir Tim Berners-Lee while working at Cern, in an effort to explain exactly what the World Wide Web was and how to surf it.Finally Wales Rugby Union star Sam Warburton has been confirmed as captain for the British and Irish Lions tour of Australia later this summer.Lions boss Warren Gatland has picked Ireland's Jonny Sexton and England's Owen Farrell as his two fly-halves, with no place for England hero Jonny Wilkinson.Martin Johnson (UK) holds the record for Most British and Irish Lions rugby union tours as captain, having skippered the squad in 1997 and 2001. In 1997 the team was victorious in South Africa, while in 2001 the Lions lost the close-run series in Australia 2-1.
5664Felix Baumgartner successfully completes freefall sky dive from spaceAustrian extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner today successfully completed a freefall sky dive from space.The 48-year-old aerospace pioneer tested the physical limits of mankind to pull off the incredible feat.Guinness World Records is currently examining data from the attempt in order to verify if Felix and the Red Bull Stratos team have set a series of potential world records.Stay tuned to for
5665How Barack Obama beat Justin Bieber as well as Mitt Romney with record-breaking U.S. election victory tweetGuinness World Records can confirm re-elected US president Barack Obama has broken three social media records, for Most widespread social network message in 24 hours, Most likes on a Facebook item in 24 hours and Most likes on a Facebook item ever with record figures looking to continue to increase in the next few hours.The Most widespread social networking message reads "Four more years", accompanied by a photograph of Obama and wife Michelle, which was retweeted more than 687,429 times within 24 hours of its first appearance on 7 November 2012."Four more years" is still being retweeted with more than 10 hours to go to complete the 24 hours required to satisfy the world record, but the figure has already surpassed the posts of the previous record holder, Justin Bieber. The pop star's 18th birthday message was re-posted 251,878 times on Twitter and Facebook by different individuals within 24 hours of its first appearance on 1 March 2012. The president has also smashed two facebook records: a post made on 7 November 2012 on Obama's official Facebook page received the Most likes on a Facebook item ever, doubling in less than 24 hours the previous records of 1,662,336 and surpassing by four times the record for Most likes on a Facebook item in 24 hours, which stood at 588,243.Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday commented "Obama did more than just beat Romney he also ousted Justin Bieber from the Twitter top spot and broke the most significant social media records to date. Browsing through the comments on Twitter and Facebook, it's clear that it's not just Americans who are overjoyed at Obama's victory last night - the world has tweeted and posted its support for the President's second term. These incredible stats - an snapshot of opinion from around the world - are a testament to the President's global popularity and a demonstration of the importance and power of social media in modern politics."The final figures that will enter the record books will be confirmed by Guinness World Records after the 24-hour period is finalised.
5666Largest trouser mosaic created in ChinaOn 20 May 2012, in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China, the largest trouser mosaic was unveiled.23,171 trousers made the mosaic, which measured 6,381.61㎡ ( 68,691 ft² 11.28 in²). Henan Youth Fashion Advocates Association, Zhengzhou Leading Show Fashion Co, Zhengzhou Yunding Fashion Co, and Zhengzhou Yerad Fashion Co organized the event.The event promoted the Zhengzhou as a city famous for fashion and trouser manufacturing. The image formed by the trouser mosaic was a "ding" (an ancient Chinese vessel with three legs) and two Chinese characters for "fashion".
5667Boris Becker: How I became the youngest Wimbledon champion of all time - videoBoris Becker shocked the world of tennis when he became the youngest male Wimbledon Champion in 1985 at the age of just 17 years 227 days.With this year's Wimbledon currently in full swing, we caught up with Boris to chat about his recollections of the tournament that made him a household name, and what it feels like to be a Guinness World Record title
5668Kitty McScratch sets new record for most prolific dancing game high scorerA new dancing queen has boogied her way into the latest edition of the Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer's Edition.The global authority on all things record-breaking has recognised Elizabeth 'Kitty McScratch' Bolinger (USA) as the 'Most Prolific Dancing Game High Scorer' with more than 85 number one high scores on the Just Dance and Dance Central franchises.Elizabeth's love of gaming stems from using videogames as a way to challenge herself to new heights of achievement.The 24-year-old was first introduced to video games in the early 90's by her father, who was immersed in the world of casual PC gaming.Having first earned a place in the 2011 Gamer's Edition with the high score for 'Dare' on Just Dance (11,661 points on Aug 8, 2010), Liz caught the record bug and has since racked up more than 85 high scores on the Twin Galaxies leader board.Her highest score is for the Dance Central track "C'mon Ride It (The Train)", with a staggering 432,793 points.A true dancing game enthusiast, Liz pushes the limits of her ability by achieving top scores blindfolded and sometimes backwards.Her favourite songs to dance to include "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry where she's scored over 16,000 points blindfolded and "Bullet Proof" by La Roux.A long-time fan of the Guinness World Records books as a child, Liz says: "You really can make dreams happen, it's just a matter of putting in the hard work and dedication."She is an active member of the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum in her hometown Ottumwa, Iowa and is dedicated to preserving the history of videogames.Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer's Edition is out now in the US and Australia, and available in the UK on January 19th. Click here to find out more.For more information on gaming record breaking, please visit
5669FROM THE SMALLEST DOG TO THE LARGEST MOTORCYCLE – THE INCREDIBLE NEW ENTRANTS IN THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2014 BOOKGuinness World Records can today announce some of the amazing new records to have made it into the latest edition of the world’s best-selling book.Released today, Guinness World Records 2014, recognises an incredible array of international record-breakers including Italy’s Fabio Reggiani, creator of the world’s Largest Motorcycle,and 12-year-old Rohan Kokane, the Lowest Limbo Skater. The UK’s strong representation includes Nottingham’s James Brown, who lays claim to the world’s Largest Collection of Vacuum Cleaners, and Ozzy the dog from Anglesey, North Wales, who is recognised for the Fastest Crossing of a Tightrope by a Dog ,pictured above.Lowest Limbo Skater: Rohan Kokane (India) – Skated 10 m at height of 25 cm (9.84 in)One of the youngest new record-breakers to make it into the new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book is 12-year-old Rohan Kokane from Belgaum in Karnataka, India. The year-7 student at St Xavier’s High School is recognised for being the Lowest Limbo Skater, achieving a roller-skating height of just 25 cm over a distance of 10 m. Rohan began roller-skating at the age of 8, harnessing his extreme flexibility early on to specialise in limbo-skating. This skill involves roller-skating under a bar set at a height of just 25 cm, which is shorter than the height of the actual GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book! Since then, his extraordinary talents have made him local celebrity and seen him perform on TV shows around the world. A member of the Belgaum Roller Skating Academy, he has participated in various skating rallies organised to create awareness of social, educational and health issues.Rohan’s father Ajit Kokane, owner of an electronics spare-parts shop in the city, and mother Anupama Kokane, say they are “very proud” of their son’s achievement. Importantly, according to his father, Rohan has never neglected his schoolwork, achieving top marks in his year-6 exams.Rohan, the only member of his family who roller-skates, says that he was inspired to learn after witnessing others perform. He says that he has never been injured, but encourages anyone interested in the activity to seek professional training. He says that his inclusion in the new Guinness World Records book “will bring great prestige my country.”Largest Motorcycle: Fabio Reggiani (Italy) – 5.10 m (16 ft 8.78 in) tallMeasuring 5.10 m (16ft 8.78 in) from the ground to the top of the handlebars, Italy’s Fabio Reggiani has constructed the world’s Largest Rideable Motorcycle. Six times larger than a normal motorcycle, it’s 10.03 m long, 2.5 m wide, and weighs approximately 5,000 kg (5 tonnes).Led by 32-year-old product designer Fabio Reggiani, it took a team of eight people seven months to build the vehicle. It is powered by a 5.7L V8 engine, running at 280 HP with 3 forward gears plus reverse.Fabio from Reggio Emili, has recently added additional wheels for stability to the record-breaking vehicle. Though it can ride without the stabilizers, Fabi says that he made the change because he “wouldn’t want to run the risk of it toppling over!”Fabio says that he never tires of the public reaction to his labour of love, with his favourite response being: “O mamma mia come è grande!!!” [“Oh my mother, how big it is!”]Fastest Crossing of a Tightrope by a Dog: Ozzy (UK) - 3.5-metre-long rope in 18.22 secondsLeading the charge for the UK in the new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book is a Border Collie/Kelpie crossbreed called Ozzy, who is recognised for the Fastest Crossing of a Tightrope by a Dog. The 4-and-half-year-old successfully crossed a rope measuring 3.5 m in 18.22 seconds at the F.A.I.T.H. Animal Rescue Centre in Norfolk, UK.Ozzy was born in Anglesey, North Wales, but now lives in Norwich with his owner, 51-year-old Carpenter Nick Johnson. Nick has no formal experience as a dog training, but says that he learnt techniques on the internet which have proven successful. He says the key to training is “relationship building and really making an effort to understand how your dog ticks”. Nick continues: “As Ozzy's parents are working sheepdogs on a farm, it’s in his blood to want to work closely with me. Ozzy is most happy when he’s working on the tricks that we do and regards it as a game. We also only practice when Ozzy is in the mood, after he’s done all his important dog stuff, like sniffing around and meeting other dogs.”On the Guinness World Records achievement, Nick says: “It makes me feel so happy and proud, that Ozzy and I have such a strong friendship and relationship we can work together on tricks and games that get the recognition of Guinness World Records.” Largest Collection of Vacuum Cleaners: James Brown (UK) – 322 modelsFinally, one of the most eccentric new records to be included in the Guinness World Records book comes courtesy of a 33-year-old British man. James Brown from Nottingham is recognised as owning the Largest Collection of Vacuum Cleaners, with, to date, 322 different models in his collection. So vast is his collection that it has enabled him to open his own Vacuum Cleaner museum.James’ interest in vacuum cleaners started at the age of four, but he had to wait until the age of eight before his parents bought him his first real vacuum cleaner. From that point, his fascination was born and he began collecting. According to James, most of his collection isn’t valuable due to the nature of the machines being old and fairly common. However, certain machines in the collection are more prized because they are genuinely rare, such as some of the Kirby and Scott & Fetzer machines. Regardless, James says that he would never sell his collection and can’t envisage a day when he would stop collecting.James says he’s very pleased to have his collection recognised in the Guinness World Records book.Other notable entrants in this year’s book include:Farthest Distance Skateboarded by a Goat - Happie (USA) – has managed 36 m (118ft) in 25 secondsLargest Collection of Star Wars - Steve Sansweet (USA) – has amassed an estimated 300,000 unique items. Take a guided tour of Steve's incredible collection here in our video.World’s Smallest Dog - Female Chihuahua called Milly (Puerto Rico) - 9.65 cm (3.8 in) tallFastest 100m in High Heels - Julia Plecher (Germany) - 14.531 secSmallest Car - Austin Coulson (USA) - 63.5 cm, high, 65.41 cm, wide and 126.47 cm long. Largest Walking Robot - Zollner Elektronik AG (Germany) - 15.72 m in length, 12.33 m in width, 8.20 m in heightFastest Human Backbend Walk- Leilani Franco (UK/Philippines) travelled in a backbend position a distance of 20 m (65 ft 7.2 in) in a time of 10.05 sec. Watch Leilani in action here.Commenting on this year’s new entrants, Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, said: "This eclectic and fascinating selection of record holders perfectly demonstrates the breadth – and the peculiarity – of this year’s book. Where else would you find a vacuum-cleaner collector, a tightrope-walking dog and an oversized motorcycle all in one place? Only in GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2014""As a Brit, I’m also proud that UK record-holders are so well represented this year with such eccentric and charming record holders".The Guinness World Records 2014 book edition is on sale now at all major retailers. Find a full list here. Three iBooks are also available now at the iTunes store: "Awesome Animals," (free download), "Colossal Constructions," and "Incredible People."
5670Video: The world's smallest roadworthy car zooms to recordCustom car maker Austin Coulson always knew the one road sure to take him to record-breaking history.Turned out in his case that the road was quite literal: Coulson enters the Guinness World Records 2014 edition as the owner of the smallest roadworthy car, meaning he can legally take his mini-machine out on the road."I've always wanted to have a Guinness World Records [title] for something and automotive was always my favorite," said Coulson (pictured above with fiance Lisa Stoll). "So I went home and looked up this current world record and thought, 'I could do that.'"Coulson's car measures 25 inches (63.5 cm) high 2 feet, 1.75 inches (65.41 cm) wide and 4 feet, 1.75 inches (126.47 cm) long, and can be spotted by its Texas vanity license plates reading "IM BIG."The car's paint work is themed after the U.S. P-51 Mustang military aircraft and the sides are inscribed with the tail numbers of a ship that Coulson's grandfather served on during World War II. It is often driven during local veterans' military parades.To qualify as a roadworthy vehicle, Coulson needed to get the car registered and inspected and had to install a number of required safety features. These included federally approved safety glass for the windshield, functioning windshield wipers and department of transportiation-approved signal lights, a seat belt, and working horn."When I told my family I was going to try and get the world record for the smallest roadworthy car, they were a little skeptical at first," Coulson said. "All along, the whole process, they kept questioning it. They knew I could build the car, they just didn't think I could get it legal."To find out how many miles to the gallon Coulson gets, how he constructed the vehicle, and to watch him take it for a spin, check out our exclusive "Meet the Record Breakers" video.videoThe Guinness World Records 2014 book edition is on sale now at all major retailers. Find a full list here. Don't forget to also download three exclusive iBooks available now in the U.S. iTunes store, as well as the UK and Ireland iTunes store: "Awesome Animals," (free download), "Colossal Constructions," and "Incredible People."

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