Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

6271Most people constructing aircraft modelsEbury PublishingUnited Kingdom, London19 December 2009The record for the most people constructing aircraft models was achieved by 250 participants, in an event organised by Ebury Publishing (UK) at the Royal Air Force museum in Hendon, London, UK, on 19 December 2009. The event was named Spitfix, and was in aid of celebrating 70 Years of Airfix at the Royal Air Force Museum.
6272Most financially rewarding MMORPG for playersSecond Life (Linden Lab, 2003)5000 US dollar(s), 01 January 2009The virtual world where players are most likely to make a real-world profit is Second Life. In February 2009, 64,000 users made a profit in the virtual world. Over half made less than $10 (£5.90), but 233 earned more than $5,000 (£2,940). Second Life allows its users to build virtual objects and add simple functionality to enable the creation of clothing, household items and so on. Users retain copyright for any content they create, which they can then sell on to others.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamer''s Edition 2010
6273Best-selling SEGA platforms videogameSonic the Hedgehog13670000 unit(s) soldNot Applicable, 01 September 2013Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) is Sega’s most successful game ever. It had already sold over a million copies as a standalone release before two Sega executives approached the developer’s then-president with the idea of bundling the title with the Mega Drive/Genesis. As of September 2013, the game has shifted more than 13.67 million units, and Sega has outsold Nintendo in the West for the first time.
6274Most official real-life stand-ins for a videogame characterLara Croft10 peopleNot Applicable, 09 October 2012Perhaps unsurprisingly for a videogame heroine who quickly became an enormous global star, Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft is the character with the most official real-life stand-ins (as of October 2012). British actress Rhona Mitra, TV presenter Nell McAndrew and UK gymnast and model Alison Carroll are among the 10 women hired as the official face of Lara Croft.
6275Rarest console fighting videogameKizuna Encounter (SNK, 1996)5 unit(s) sold, 01 January 1996The rarest fighting game for a home console is the European PAL version of SNK’s Kizuna Encounter on the Neo-Geo. It is uncertain whether the game was ever actually released in the PAL territories and only five copies of this version of the game cartridge are known to exist. If you are lucky enough to find one, a cartridge can fetch up to $12,500 (£7,740). Copies of the NTSC version are both cheaper and in more plentiful supply.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2010
6276Hairiest carMARIA LUCIA MUGNOItaly, SALERNO15 March 2014The hairiest car is covered with 120 kg (264 lb 8.87 oz) of natural hair. The Fiat 500 is owned by Maria Lucia Mugno and Valentino Stassano (both Italy) and was weighed at a public weighbridge in Padula Scalo, Salerno, Italy, on 15 March 2014.
6277Tallest boat liftStrepy-Thieu boat liftfirstBelgium, HainautThe Strépy-Thieu boat lift, on the Canal du Centre, Hainaut, Belgium, uses a counterweight system to carry boats a vertical distance of 73.15 m (240 ft) from its upstream and downstream sections. The two boxes or caissons, that each boat enters are 112 x 12 m (367 x 39 ft), and weight between 7,200 and 8,400 tonnes, depending on the current water level. It takes seven minutes for the vertical journey to be completed.
6278Most recently described class of crustaceansRemipediaBahamas, Grand Bahama01 January 1979In 1979, while diving in Lucayan Cavern, a water-filled cave beneath the island of Grand Bahama, American biologist Dr Jill Yager encountered some tiny worm-like crustaceans that proved to be not only a new species, dubbed Speleonectes lucayensis, but also one so different from all others that in 1981 an entirely new taxonomic class of crustaceans - Remipedia - was created in order to accommodate it.Several additional, related species have since been discovered, all of which are blind and characterised by their oar-like limbs, hence these crustaceans are termed remipedes ('oar-footed').
6279Fastest marathon on stiltsCharley Phillips, George PhillipsUnited Kingdom, London22 April 2012The record for the fastest marathon on stilts is 6 hr 50 min 02 sec and was achieved by George and Charley Phillips (both UK) at the 2012 Virgin London Marathon in London, UK, on 22 April 2012.
6280Largest autograph signing by professional athletes
6281Newest force for NATONato Response ForceNot Applicable01 November 2002The most recent establishment of a force under NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) is the NATO Response Force or NRF - a high-ready and technologically advanced force that can be deployed rapidly wherever needed in support of political aims. It was established in response to an initiative announced at the Prague Summit in November 2002, and reached its full operational capability of some 25,000 troops in late 2006.It is a combined joint force that can deploy within 5 days of a decision by the North Atlantic Council, the supreme political body that is responsible for NATO. The NRF can sustain itself for operations lasting 30 days and its main missions range from combat missions, crisis response, peacekeeping, counter-terrorist and non-combatant evacuation. It will also act as an “initial entry force” for larger follow-on forces when necessary. Force packages will be tailored according to the mission and nations will commit forces to the NRF on a rotational basis to guarantee the permanent existence of a combat ready deployable force.In late May 2006, NRF forces started deploying to Cape Verde in preparation for Exercise Steadfast Jaguar. This exercise was designed to test the NFR, combining multinational joint forces of land, maritime and air components, in the first major test for the force prior to formal declaration. It involved over 7,800 troops and was designed to test command and control arrangements with the fist deployment of all its component commands.
6282Largest contract to supply weaponsF-35250000000000 US dollar(s)Not Applicable, 15 December 2006The first production Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II flew for the first time on 15 December 2006, commencing a flight test programme involving 15-20 aircraft and some 12,000 hours of flight. The F-35 is being built in cooperation with Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, and is the largest weapons deal ever with an estimated cost of $250 billion (£130 billion). The aircraft is powered by the Pratt and Whitney F-135 engine, the most powerful fighter engine in the world with up to 40,000 lb of thrust (178 kN) in afterburner. See attempt ID 105891.
6283Largest cooked hamFratelli Beretta S.p.AItaly, Trezzo sull'Adda (MI)18 September 2010The largest cooked ham weighs 82.95 kg (182.87 lb) and was achieved by Fratelli Beretta S.p.A in Ipermercato Auchan Vicenza, Vicenza, Italy, on 18 September 2010.Adjudicated by Louise Ireland.They cooled two hams, which were approximately 45cm long and 40cm high for around 45 hours. The first which weighed 79.40 kg (175lbs). This built up the suspense before going on to weigh the even larger ham. The hams contained a total of 30 pigs legs and had taken a whole day to prepare. They had been left to stand for 3 days to ensure they were perfect when unveiled. The hams were cut at the time and shared out amongst the hungry shoppers. After just one hour the first half of the first ham had already been eaten!
6284Fastest marathon dressed as Santa ClausPaul Simons2/55/50 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, london,,London Marathon26 April 2009The fastest marathon dressed as Santa Claus is 2 hr 55 min 50 sec and was achieved by Paul Simons (UK)at the Flora London Marathon, London, UK, on 26 April 2009.Flora London Marathon 2009
6285First videogame to feature Stan LeeSpider-Manfirst, 01 January 2000Spider-Man creator Stan Lee appeared as a voice artist in Spider-Man, released in 2000 for PlayStation. The game featured enthusiastic narration from Lee, welcoming players with the line “Greetings, true believers and newcomers alike!”. Stan Lee created Spider-Man in 1962. The character first appeared in the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 before going on to become a huge international hit in his own comic-book series. Television, film, videogames and mass-merchandising soon followed for the web-spinning wonder.Guinness World Records Gamers’ Edition 2009.
6286First Lemmings videogame with “fast forward”Lemmings 2first, 01 January 1991The original game did not include a fast-forward option, meaning the player would have to wait in real time for the lemmings to either die or exit the level. It was only after working on the ultimately doomed attempt to create a Lemmings arcade cabinet for Data East in 1991 that the fast-forward icon was included in Lemmings on the Atari Lynx and Lemmings 2 and the process was sped up.Guinness World Records Gamers’ Edition 2009.
6287Most eggs thrown and caught in one minute (team of two)Bipin Larkin, Ashrita FurmanUnited States, New York20 September 2012The most eggs thrown and caught in one minute (team of two) is 87, achieved by Ashrita Furman and Bipin Larkin (both USA), in New York, New York, USA, on 20 September 2012.
6288First hand-held videogame console with an optical discPlayStation PortableJapan01 December 2004The earliest hand-held video game console to use an optical disc was the PlayStation Portable. The PlayStation Portable, first launched in Japan in December 2004, plays its games from an optical disc specially developed by Sony for the console. The Universal Media Disc (UMD) is a read only disc measuring 65 mm across and is held inside a plastic casing that slots into the top of the PSP. The disc is capable of holding up to 900 MB of data – 1.8GB for dual layer discs.
6289First massive multiplayer online role playing game for mobile phonesDavid DiesCanada, Oakville01 January 2002The first MMORPG for mobile/cell phones was 'Shade', a multiplayer wireless RPG that made use of J2ME, BREW, and WAP technology. The game, which was set in a traditional fantasy world of elves, orcs and dragons, was coded by David Dies for Cosmic Infinity Inc. (both Canada) and was released in June 2002. By the end of that year it had amassed over 30,000 unique users who had collectively experienced over 18,000,000 minutes of gameplay.
6290First player housing in a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG)Ultima OnlineThe earliest player housing in a MMORPG was in Ultima Online which allowed players to own their own houses, which could be decorated and even turned into shops with goods for other players to buy. An early problem with this system was players using rows of housing to wall off sections of the world for private use. This was eventually fixed and the housing system upgraded. From February 2003, players were able to custom design their houses as part of the Age of Shadows expansion.
6291First Lord of the Rings Online in-game hobbyUnknownfirstIntroduced in the Book 13 update, fishing was the first of many hobbies available to inhabitants of Middle-earth. This can be done anywhere in the world with a large variety of fish available to catch. The largest fish that a player can pull out of the water is the 50-lb (22.6 kg) salmon, while the hardest fish to catch is the 20-ft (6.1-m) white sturgeon.Guinness World Records Gamers' Edition 2009.
6292First FBI gambling investigation within a virtual worldSecond Life (Linden Lab, 2003)01 April 2007The earliest FBI gambilng investigation within a virtual world took place in April 2007 when it was reported that the FBI had visited in-game casinos in Second Life. It was legally unclear whether or not betting with Linden dollars, which can be exchanged for real world money, was in violation of gambling laws. The three largest poker casinos reportedly were earning around $1,500 per month.
6293First portable online avatarIBM, Linden Labsfirst, 01 October 2007In October 2007 IBM and Linden Labs announced that they had begun work on a project that would one day allow people to move their online avatars from one 3D world to another, including MMORPGs and other 3D environments such as Google Earth. The project, which could take years to complete, could eventually lead to a next generation Internet, built from 3D worlds instead of today’s 2D pages.
6294Fastest scheduled speed between two rail stopsUnknown279.4 kilometre(s) per hourFrance, LorraineBetween the French stops of Lorraine and Champagne-Ardennes, trains reach an average speed of 279.4 km/h (167.66 km in 36 minutes) according to the last official Railway Gazette International World Speed Survey study in 2005. While this figure is almost half the speed of the fastest train speed ever - 574.8 km/h by a modified TGV V150 in 2007 - it represents a realistic, affordable, environmentally sound and safe top speed.
6295Largest silver sculptureSukra JewelleryIndia, CHENNAI22 June 2009The largest silver sculpture is a replica guitar made entirely of sterling silver which stands 2.08 m (6 ft 10 in) tall and weighs 21.9 kg (48.3 lb). It was created by Nithin Kalkiraju and Sukra Jewellery and measured on 26 June 2009.As a verified piece of sterling silver, the guitar is hallmarked exactly as jewellery would be.The team involved in producing the guitar was comprised of seven junior silversmiths, two senior silversmiths and one project manager. The sculpture took 71 days to produce for the team of nine, adding up to 5750 man-hours to complete the project.
6296Most goals scored in an NHL debut (individual)Derek StepanUnited States09 October 2010On 9 October 2010, Derek Stepan (USA) became only the fourth player in National Hockey League history to score a hat-trick on his debut, playing for the New York Rangers (USA) in a 6–3 victory over the Buffalo Sabres. The other players to score three goals in their debut game are Fabian Brunnstrom (Sweden) of the Dallas Stars (USA) on 15 October 2008, Alex Smart (Canada) of the Montreal Canadiens (Canada) on 14 January 1943 and Real Cloutier (Canada) of the Quebec Nordiques (Canada) on 10 October 1979.
6297Fastest mile egg and spoon race - both handsPhilip Rorke6/57 minute(s), second(s)Australia, Bald Hills09 December 2012The fastest mile egg and spoon race with both hands is 6 min 57 sec achieved by Philip Rorke (Australia) at the Bald Hills State School Sports Field in Bald Hills, Queensland, Australia, on 9 December 2012.
6298Longest vehicle driftHarald Müller & Turkish Ministry of Youth and SportsTurkey, Samsun15 July 2014The longest vehicle drift is 144.126 km (89.55 miles) and was achieved by Harald Müller (Germany) in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Turkey) in Samsun, Turkey, on 15 July 2014.
6299Longest vacuum systemLarge Hadron ColliderSwitzerland, Geneva01 January 2008The beams of particles that travel around the accelerator ring at the Large Hadron Collider must operate in a vacuum in order to avoid collisions with gas molecules. In total the LHC contains a vacuum some 54 km long (approx. 33 miles) and is rated as an UHV or Ultra High Vacuum, with 10 times less gas pressure than the almost-vacuum at the surface of the Moon.
6300First planet hunter space missionConvection Rotation and Planetary Transits (COROT) spacecraftfirst, 27 December 2006The Convection Rotation and Planetary Transits (COROT) spacecraft was launched on 27 December 2006 into a polar orbit 827 km above the Earth. It is the first spacecraft designed specifically to find planets around other stars. It uses planetary transits to identify extrasolar planets - where a planet passes in front of its parent star and fractionally dims the light from it. It began its observations from orbit on 18 January 2007 and reported its first planet, COROT-Exo-1b, in May 2007.

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