Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

6421Longest wheelie on a UTVRoger LeBlancCanada, Moncton23 August 2014The longest UTV wheelie measured 1140.3 m (3741.1 ft) and was achieved by Roger LeBlanc (Canada) at Moncton International Airport in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, on 23 August 2014.Roger's record-breaking wheelie was achieved on a Honda 700 Pioneer UTV, whilst carrying four fearless passengers: Jeff Gallant, Gilles Dupuis, Paul Arsenault and Martin Phinney.
6422Fastest relay 100 x 10 kilometres'Stros, Trolls, Clones, Dogs, & Co.69/06/52 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, Palos Heights28 June 2015The fastest 100 x 10 km relay is 69 hr 6 min 52 sec and was achieved by 'Stros, Trolls, Clones, Dogs, & Co. (USA) on the Shepard High School track in Palos Heights, Illinois, USA, from 25-28 June 2015. The attempt raised over $3,000 dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
6423Largest 3D balloon sculptureJeff WongChina, Hong Kong28 November 2014The largest 3D balloon sculpture used 104,668 balloons and was constructed by Jeff Wong Kwok Cheong (Hong Kong) and a team of balloon artists in the shape of a toy bear at the Peak Galleria in Hong Kong, China on 28 November 2014.
6424First frog to give birth to live tadpolesFanged frog (Limnonectes larvaepartus)First firstIndonesia, 31 December 2014A newly discovered species of fanged frog (Limnonectes larvaepartus) is unique among anurans in having both internal fertilization and birth of tadpoles. The new species is endemic to Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. Fewer than a dozen of the world's 6,455 species of frogs are known to have internal fertilization, and, of these, all but the new species either deposit fertilized eggs or give birth to froglets.This is the fourth valid species of Limnonectes described from Sulawesi despite the fact that the radiation includes at least 25 species and possibly many more.
6425Highest altitude bank branchBanco de la Nación4,387 metre(s)Peru, Macusani08 November 2015The highest altitude bank branch is a Banco de la Nación (Peru) office located at 4,387 m (14,393 ft) above sea level, in Macusani, Puno, Peru, as certified on 21 November 2015.The office serves the area of Macusani and Carabaya in Peru, offering all regular bank services to the inhabitants of the region.Full story: Town in the Peruvian Andes gets the record for highest altitude bank branch
6426Longest speech marathonAjay Shesh60:29 hour(s), minute(s)India, MumbaiThe longest speech marathon is 60 hours 29 minutes and was achieved by Ajay Shesh (India) at the Hotel Four Seasons in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, from 27 - 30 May 2015. The speeches Ajay delivered focused on how to become a better person.
6427Largest gathering of people dressed as Steve (Minecraft)MineVention hosted by O'Brien Event Management337 participantsUnited Kingdom, Peterborough12 September 2015The largest gathering of people dressed as Steve (Minecraft) is 337 and was achieved by MineVention hosted by O'Brien event management (Ireland), in Peterborough, UK on 12 September 2015. The record attempt was part of MineVention 2015.
6428Largest glass of freshly squeezed orange juiceMunicipio de Álamo Temapache1,070 litre(s)Mexico, Alamo TemapacheThe largest glass of freshly squeezed orange juice had a volume of 1,070 litres (235.37 UK gal) and was prepared in Alamo Temapache, Veracruz, Mexico, on 3 May 2015.The glass of juice was created during the Orange Fair of Alamo Temapache. 3,500 Kgs of oranges were used. The variety of orange used for this juice was 'Valencia late'.
6429Largest raft raceKitakamigawa River Rubber Boat Rafting Championship1,628 participantsJapan, Morioka26 July 2015The largest raft race consists of 1,628 participants and was achieved by Kitakamigawa River Rubber Boat Rafting Championship (Japan) on Kitakamigawa River, in Morioka, Iwate, Japan, on 26 July 2015. Each raft carried 2 participants, so a total of 814 rafts took part in the race. The Kitakamigawa River Rubber Boat Rafting Championship takes place annually in July.
6430Largest serving of beshbarmakKazakh Geographic Society736.5 kilogram(s)Kazakhstan, Astana06 July 2015The largest serving of beshparmak weighs 736.5 kg (1,623 lb 11.27 oz) and was achieved by the Kazakh Geographic Society (Kazakhstan), in Astana, Kazakhstan, on 6 July 2015. The record attempt was organised to celebrate the Capital's day which is symbolic on the same day of the birthday of the President of the Republic Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.
6431Fastest 10 km dressed as an animal (male)iain cowell40 minutes, 49 seconds minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Bournemouth03 October 2015The fastest 10 km dressed as an animal (male) is 40 min and 49 sec, and was achieved by Iain Cowell (UK) at the Bournemouth 2015 Supersonic 10k in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK, on 3 October 2015. Iain ran the 10 km race dressed as a cow as part of fundraising activities for "Send a Cow".
6432Most tweeted TV series in a minuteThe Voice (NBC)310000 timesUnited States, -02 March 2014According to the Nielsen "Tops of 2014: Social TV" report, the TV series that garnered the most tweets in a single 60-second period was The Voice (NBC), which saw 310,000 tweets sent in the USA at 8:59 p.m. EST on 13 May 2014.Reality TV is the most tweeted-about TV series category, accounting for up to 70% of live TV-series tweeting.The most-Tweeted special event minute of 2014 was The Oscars (ABC), which garnered 203,000 tweets at 10:07 p.m. EST on 2 March 2014.
6433Highest annual earnings for a basketball playerLeBron James72000000 US dollar(s)Not Applicable, 30 June 2014Currently with the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James (USA) earned an estimated $72 million (£46.1 million) between June 2013 and June 2014, according to Forbes, making him the top-paid basketball player of the year. While some $19 million (£12.1 million) of this total was earned through basketball, the majority was made through a range of high-end endorsements with international brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola and Samsung.Just behind, with $62 million (£39.6 million), was the previous holder of this record, Kobe Bryant (USA).
6434Longest development period for a videogameElite: DangerousNot Applicable16 December 2014The first game in the space sim Elite series, titled Elite (David Braben and Ian Bell), was published in 1984 and had two sequels: Frontier: Elite II (GameTek) following in 1993, and Frontier: First Encounters (Frontier Developments) following in 1995. It wasn't until 19 years later that the fourth instalment – Elite: Dangerous (Frontier Developments) – finally achieved its funding with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. The PC version was released in December 2014 an Xbox One version is slated for release in 2015.
6435High diving - board, menLazaro Schaller58.8 metre(s)Switzerland, Maggia04 August 2015The highest dive from a diving board is 58.8 m (192 ft 10 in) and was achieved by Lazaro "Laso" Schaller (Switzerland/Brazil) in Maggia, Ticino, Switzerland, on 4 August, 2015.Lazaro Schaller had to train for months to prepare for this record.
6436Largest swimwear fashion showHuludao Municipal Government502 participantsChina, Huludao23 June 2015The largest swimwear fashion show consists of 502 people and was achieved by Huludao Municipal Government (China), in Huludao, Liaoning, China on 23 June 2015. Participants in the fashion show were of all ages. The show was part of an annual swimwear event in Huludao.
6437Most valuable comicAction Comics #15300000 US dollar(s)United States, 18 September 2015The most valuable comic, as determined in August 2015 by the Nostromania comic-book price guide, is Action Comics #1 (June 1938) at $5,300,000. This is the current value placed on editions of the comic in the collectibles marketplace, and based on a quality grading of 9.4 ("near mint" or NM), and is what a collector should expect to pay if an edition comes to market.Grading extends from 0.5 ("poor" or PR) to 10 ("gem mint" or GM). A 9.4-quality "near mint" comic will have no creases, will lie flat without rolling up, will have staples that are not rusted, and will not have any tears, cuts or marks minimal fading is acceptable on the cover, but not inside.
6438Most people bouncing tennis balls on tennis racketsChina Open767 peopleChina, Beijing05 September 2015The most people bouncing tennis balls on tennis rackets is 767 people and was achieved by China Open (China), in Beijing, China on 5 September 2015. The record attempt was held to mark the launch of the 2015 China Open.
6439Most golf balls putted blindfolded in 30 seconds (practice putting green)Yuuki OtaniJapan, Kakamigahara11 October 2015The most golf balls putted blindfolded in 30 seconds (practice putting green) is 11 and was achieved by Yuuki Otani (Japan) at Oasispark in Kakamigahara, Gifu, Japan, on 11 October 2015. This was attempted at the Guinness World Records Challenge Live! 2015 in Gifu, Japan.
6440Fastest mile in clogs
6441Largest collection of stamps featuring automobilesSiu Leunghing1,437 itemsChina, Hong Kong30 December 2015The largest collection of stamps featuring automobiles belongs to Siu Leunghing (Hong Kong), with a total of 1,437 different stamps in Hong Kong, China as of 30 December 2015,. The assessment of the number of stamps took place in the Stamp Exhibition held at Central Public Library, Hong Kong.
6442Fastest time to complete a marathon on each continent (male)Douglas Wilson6:18:02:11 day(s), hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Australia, Sydney24 January 2015The fastest time to complete a marathon on each continent (male), is 6 days 18 hr 2 min 11 sec and was achieved by Douglas Wilson (Australia), from 17 January to 24 January 2015Douglas ran all 7 marathons as part of the 2015 World Marathon challenge they were completed in the following order.Union Glacier, Antarctica (03:52:52) Punta Arenas, Chile (03:36:40) Miami, U.S.A (03:41:28)Madrid, Spain (03:36:21)Marrakech, Morocco (4:20:36) Dubai, U.A.E (03:43:06) Sydney, Australia (03:17:11)
6443Longest marathon chanting (team)Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji, Yoga Sangeeta24 hours, 10 minutes and 8 seconds hour(s)United States, Frisco01 August 2015The longest chanting marathon is 24 hr 10 min 8 sec and was achieved by a team directed by Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji (India) in Frisco, Texas, USA, from 31 July - 1 August 2015 582 attendees at the Hanuman Temple in Frisco, Texas, were led in the chanting by worldwide Guru and spiritual leader Sri Swamiji.
6444Longest tennis volley rallyAngelo A. & Ettore Rossetti30,576 timesUnited States, Weston08 August 2015The longest tennis volley rally measures 30,576 volleys, achieved by Angelo A. & Ettore Rossetti (both USA) at the Weston Racquet Club in Weston, Connecticut, USA, on 8 August 2015. The Rossetti brothers are prior Guinness World Records title holders for "Longest Tennis Rally."
6445Largest crawling competition
6446Oldest adoptionMary Smith76/96 year(s), day(s)United States, Dallas09 June 2015The oldest adopted person is Mary Banks Smith (b. 5 March 1939, USA) who was aged 76 years 96 days when she was officially adopted by Muriel Banks Clayton (USA) in Dallas, Texas USA, on 9 June 2015.Muriel Banks Clayton also took the record of the oldest adoptive parent as she was 92 years 322 days old when she officially adopted Mary Banks Smith.
6447Largest business seminar (multiple venues)Semana Nacional del Emprendedor2,371 participantsMexico, Mexico DF09 October 2015The largest business seminar in multiple venues involved 2,371 participants and was achieved by Semana Nacional del Emprendedor (Mexico) organized by INADEM and the Secretaría de Economía de México, on 9 October 2015. The seminar was broadcast in 33 locations around Mexico and was presented by Jordi Muñoz from 3D Robotics.
6448Largest display of jade sculpturesLam Chung Foon740 itemsChina, Shenzhen21 August 2015The largest display of jade sculptures was made of 740 sculptures in an event organised by Lam Chung Foon (Hong Kong) in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China on 21 August 2015. Lam Chung Foon started to collect artwork since 1986, including candles and jade. He is also the record holder for the largest collection of candles and the largest collection of jade items.
6449Most people simultaneously rolling car tyres (tires)Koyu Group323 participantsJapan, Osaka28 November 2015The most people simultaneously rolling car tyres (tires) is 323 participants and was achieved by Koyu Group (Japan) at Maishima Sports Island, in Osaka, Osaka, Japan, on 28 November 2015. The record attempt took place during a trip organised for the employees of Koyu Group.
6450Largest floating human logo / imageHayri Türkyilmaz, Cumhur Aygün460 participantsTurkey, Bursa Mudanya30 August 2015The largest floating human logo/image consisted of 460 participants and was achieved by the Municipality of Mudanya and Hayri Türkyilmaz and Cumhur Aygün (all Turkey), in Mudanya Bursa, Turkey, on 30 August 2015. The logo created during the attempt was the peace symbol.

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