Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

6481Fastest speed skating 2 x 500 m (male)Pavel KulizhnikovCanada, Calgary15 November 2015The fastest long track speed skating 1,000 metres (2 x 500 metres races) by a male athlete is 1 minute 8.11 seconds achieved by Pavel Kulizhnikov (Russia) at an ISU Speed Skating World Cup event at the Olympic Oval in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on 13–15 November 2015 and equalled by the same athlete at a World Cup event in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, on 20–22 November 2015. Pavel Kulizhnikov skated 34.11 seconds in his first 500 metres race on 13 November and 34 seconds flat in his second race on 15 November to win gold in both Race 1 & 2 at the meet – and set a new world record. He then broke his own 500 metres world record, days later in Salt Lake City, finishing in 33.98 seconds in his first race and 34.13 seconds in his second race.
6482Largest gin tasting event (multiple venues)The New World Trading Company796 peopleUnited Kingdom, Glasgow11 February 2016The largest gin tasting event (multiple venues) involved 796 participants, achieved by The New World Trading Company (UK), across nine venues in the UK, on 11 February 2016. The nine venues that participated simultaneously in the gin tasting were: The Botanist Leeds, The Botanist Newcastle, The Botanist Chester, The Botanist Birmingham, The Botanist Alderley Edge, The Botanist Manchester, The Botanist Marlow, The Trading House London and The Trading House Glasgow.
6483Most one-handed American football catches in one minuteKirk Cousins, Antonio Brown40 total numberUnited States, San Francisco05 February 2016The most one-handed American football catches in a minute is 40 and was achieved by receiver Antonio Brown and quarterback Kirk Cousins (both USA) in San Francisco, California, USA, on 5 February 2016. This record was coordinated by NFL Network on the Friday before Super Bowl 50.
6484Highest annual earnings for a tennis player (male, current year)Roger Federer67,000,000 US dollar(s)Not Applicable, 30 June 2015On Forbes' 2015 Celebrity 100 List, Roger Federer is the highest-earning tennis player – with an income of $67 million (£42.6 million) from June 2014 to June 2015. The Swiss player has won 17 Grand Slam titles in total, the first at Wimbledon in 2003 and the latest at Wimbledon in 2012. This puts him some way ahead of the next highest-earning tennis player, Novak Djokovic (Serbia), with an estimated annual income of $48 million (£30.5 million).
6485Most year-end best-selling albums in the tropical albums' chart by a solo artistMarc Anthony3 timesUnited States, New York31 December 2013The most year-end best-selling albums in the tropical albums' chart by a solo artist is 3 and was achieved by Marc Anthony (USA) in 2000, 2002 and 2013. The albums reaching this top-of-the charts' success were: Desde un Principio: From the Beginning Libre and 3.0. This record is shared with Romeo Santos who also has 3 year-end best-selling albums as a solo artist. Aventura holds the record for the band with the most year-end best-selling albums by a band with 5.
6486Most different varieties of beer on tapRaleigh Beer GardenUnited States, Raleigh21 November 2015The most varieties of beer on draft tap is 369 draft beers, achieved by The Raleigh Beer Garden (USA), in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, as verified on 21 November 2015. Of the 378 draft beers on tap, only 9 had been available for consumption for less than three months, and therefore were not included in the overall number of beers available.
6487Slingshot - most cans hit in one minuteQiu AihuaChina16 December 2015The most cans hit with a slingshot in one minute is 25 and was achieved by Qiu Aihua (China), in Shanghai, China on 16 December 2015. This record was attempted in a sports center.
6488Largest science fiction club501st LegionNot Applicable18 September 2015The largest science fiction club is the 501st Legion (USA), with a membership of 8,122 as of 18 September 2015. The 501st began as a “stormtrooper fan club” founded in 1997 by Albin Johnson (USA) although now welcomes all allies of the Galactic Empire plus bounty hunters and "denizens of the Empire". According to the handbook, members "celebrate the Star Wars movies through the wearing of costumes, to promote the quality and improvement of costumes and props, and most importantly to contribute to the local community through charity and volunteer work..." The 501st Legion also holds the record for largest Star Wars costuming group.Imperial allies include Stormtroopers, clone pilots, biker scouts, Sith lords, royal guards and Jedis from the Dark Side denizens include Jawas, Tusken Raiders and Wampas and Bounty Hunters include Boba Fett, Zuckuss and Bossk.
6489Most wood collected in three minutes in Minecraft (tablet)Jacob PannellUnited Kingdom, London27 October 2015The most wood collected in three minutes in Minecraft on a tablet is 62 and was achieved by Jacob Pannell (UK) in London, UK, on 27 October 2015. The successful record attempt took place during a GWR Live! Family Bloggers event.
6490Fastest sport stacking individual 3-6-3 stackWilliam OrrellUnited States, BeaufortThe fastest sport stacking individual 3-6-3 stack is 1.824 seconds and was achieved by William Orrell (USA) at the WSSA Memorial Day Stack in Beaufort, South Carolina, USA, on 26 May 2015.This feat meant that 16-year-old Orrell held all five WSSA sport-stacking titles concurrently, becoming only the third person ever to achieve this.
6491Fastest 100% completion of BattletoadsPiotr 'TheMexicanRunner' Delgado Kusielczuk24:19 minute(s), second(s)Not Applicable, 03 April 2013Knocking almost a full 10 seconds off the previous record holder Pablo Bert’s Battletoads speed-run of 34 minutes 17 seconds, Piotr "TheMexicanRunner" Delgado Kusielczuk managed a breathtaking 24-minute 19-second play-through of this notoriously tricky-to-navigate adventure. Piotr raced through all 12 stages, albeit including some calculated deaths, on 3 April 2014. The gamer later teamed up with "jc583" on 7 January 2015 to speed-run the co-op mode, with deaths, in 16 minutes 15 seconds. This game continues to entice record-breakers with its high level of difficulty and subsequent world renown.
6492Longest duration spinning a basketball on the noseScooter Christensen7.7 second(s)United States, Phoenix05 November 2015The longest duration spinning a basketball on the nose is 7.7 seconds and was achieved by Scooter Christensen (USA) of the Harlem Globetrotters in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 5 November 2015. This record was one of seven set by the Harlem Globetrotters in celebration of GWR Day 2015.
6493Fastest time to walk 10 m on glass bottlesTang Hui57.1 second(s)China, Beijing12 January 2016The fastest time to walk 10 m on glass bottles is 57.1 seconds and was achieved by Tang Hui (China) on the set of CCTV - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China on 12 January 2016. Tang Hui had three attempts to beat the 1 minute target and only achieved the record on her third and final attempt.
6494Most poker chips balanced on one fingerSaar Kessel84 piecesIsrael, Mishmar HaShiv'aThe most poker chips balanced on one finger is 84 and was achieved by Saar Kessel (Israel), in Mishmar HaShiv'a, Israel, on 29 May 2015. The stack of poker chips was balanced on his finger for at least 5 seconds.
6495Largest carnivore on landPolar bear (Ursus maritimus)Not ApplicableThe largest of all the carnivores is the polar bear (Ursus maritimus). Adult males typically weigh 400-600 kg (880-1,320 lb), and have a nose-to-tail length of 2.4-2.6 m (7 ft 10 in-8 ft 6 in). The male Kodiak bear (Ursus arctos middendorffi), a subspecies of brown bear found on Kodiak Island and the adjacent Afognak and Shuyak islands, in the Gulf of Alaska, USA, is usually shorter in length than the polar bear but more robustly built.The polar bear's fur appears white because each shaft is actually clear and hollow, which reflects the sunlight.Pic: Alamy
6496Fastest sport stacking individual cycle stackWilliam OrrellUnited States, Columbus31 January 2015The fastest sport stacking individual cycle stack is 5.000 seconds and was achieved by William Orrell (USA), at the WSSA Girls Incorporated of Columbus and Phenix-Russell Open Sport Stacking Tournament in Columbus, Georgia, USA, on 31 January 2015.This beat his previous record of 5.280 seconds set in August 2014.
6497Most consecutive forward and backward coin rolls (both hands)Millicent ConventoPhilippines, Dasmariñas07 December 2014The most consecutive forward and backward coin rolls - two hands is 325 in each hand and was achieved by Milicent Mojal-Convento (Philippines) in Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines on 7 December 2014. The attempt took a total of 12 minutes and 52 seconds to complete.
6498Most one-handed claps in one minuteKarsten MohnUnited States, Everett14 June 2014The most one-handed claps in a minute by an individual is 403 claps and was achieved by Karsten Mohn (USA), in Everett, Washington, USA, on 14 June 2014.
6499Tiddlywinks - fastest mile (Individual)Ashrita Furman23/22 minute(s), second(s)Dominican Republic, Punta Cana17 December 2007The record for the fastest tiddlywink mile by an individual was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) in 23 min 22 sec at the Barcelo Bavaro Resort Convention Centre, Punta Cana in the Dominican Rebublic, on 17 December 2007.
6500Greatest distance run in 24 hours on a track (male)Yiannis Kouros303.506 kilometre(s)Australia, Adelaide05 October 1997303.506 km (188.59 miles) Yiannis Kouros (Greece) Adelaide, Australia 4–5 October 1997
6501Largest collection of Little Mermaid memorabiliaJacqueline Granda874 itemsEcuador, Quito10 October 2015The largest collection of Little Mermaid memorabilia consists of 874 items and belongs to Jacqueline Granda (Ecuador) as verified in Quito, Ecuador, on 16 January 2016. Granda has been collecting Little Mermaid memorabilia for more than 16 years. Her collection includes dolls, books, clothing, board games, plates, notebooks and plasters. Her dream is to open a Little Mermaid museum in Ecuador to display her impressive collection.
6502Longest continuous note streak achieved on a Guitar Hero gameDanny JohnsonUnited States, New York City,Jacob K. Javits Convention Center ,Jacob K. Javits Convention CenterThe longest note streak on a Guitar Hero game is 3,722 and was achieved by Danny Johnson (USA) while playing 'Through the Fire and Flames' on Guitar Hero III (Xbox 360), hitting 100% of the notes, at Book Expo America in New York City, New York, USA, on 30 May 2009. Danny Johnson broke his own record for the Highest score for a single track on Guitar Hero III (Xbox 360) in this same attempt.
6503Most baked beans eaten with chopsticks in one minuteCherry Yoshitake71 a unit not listed belowUnited Kingdom, RAF BentwatersThe most baked beans eaten with chopsticks in one minute is 71 and was achieved by Cherry Yoshitake a.k.a Mr Cherry on the set of Officially Amazing at RAF Bentwaters, UK, on 1 July 2015. Mr Cherry's fellow Competitors Steve and Ray achieved 65 and 36 beans, respectively.
6504Fastest 4 x 50 m unicycle hurdle relayTeam Voodoo1 min 42.22 sec minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, SheffieldThe fastest 4 x 50 m hurdle relay on unicycles is 1 min 42.22 sec and was achieved by Team Voodoo (UK) on the set of Officially Amazing at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield, UK, on 27 July 2015. Each hurdle was set at a height of 68 cm.
6505Fastest run backwards - one mileAaron Yoder5:54.25 minute(s), second(s)United States, Lindsborg23 November 2015The fastest mile run backwards is 5 min 54.25 sec and was achieved by Aaron Yoder (USA) in Lindsborg, Kansas, USA, on 23 November 2015.Aaron is the head track and cross country coach at Bethany College in Lindsborg Kansas.
6506Most self-portrait photographs (selfies) taken simultaneouslyNathan's Famous Hotdogs4,296 participantsUnited States, St. LouisThe most selfies (self-portraits) taken simultaneously was 4,296 achieved at an event organized by Nathan's Famous Hotdogs (USA) at Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri, USA on May 16 2015. Despite a rain delay 4,296 participants were able to take part successfully in the attempt that was attended by Joey Chestnut, highest ranked individual in the International Federation of Competitive Eating
6507Largest ice lolly (popsicle) stick sculptureWall's (Thailand)Thailand, Bangkok23 December 2011The largest popsicle stick sculpture was a geographical map of Thailand consisting of 840,000 sticks and was constructed by Wall's (Thailand), at Siam Park Center, in Bangkok, Thailand, between 19 and 23 December 2011.The sculpture depicts the geographical map of Thailand that was created using 3D boxes. Each box was created using 84 sticks and there were 100,000 individual boxes. Therefore there were 184,000 boxes. The map was designed to depict various geographical layers that
6508Heaviest soursopKen Verosko3.69 kilogram(s)United States, Captain Cook08 June 2010The heaviest soursop fruit weighed 3.69 kg (8.14 lb) when measured on 8 June 2010 and was grown by Ken Verosko in Captain Cook, Hawaii, USA.The fruit had a circumference of 60.9 cm (24 in) and a length of 29.2 cm (11.5 in).
6509Heaviest pearJA Aichi Toyota Nashi Bukai2.948 kilogram(s)Japan, Toyota11 November 2011The heaviest pear was 2.948 kg (6 lb 8 oz) and was grown by JA Aichi Toyota Nashi Bukai (Japan) and presented at the JA Aichi Toyota main office in Toyota, Aichi, Japan on 11 November 2011. The pear was an atago pear. This variety is the biggest pear in Japan and it is original from the Okayama prefecture.
6510Longest marathon curlingRocks Around the Clock - Coldwater & District Curling Club79:15:03 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Canada, Coldwater20 October 2014The longest marathon playing curling is 79 hr 15 min 03 sec and was achieved by a group of 10 players from the Rocks Around the Clock - Coldwater & District Curling Club (Canada) in Coldwater, Ontario, Canada from 17 to 20 October 2014. The attempt took place during an event entitled, "Rocks Around the Clock," which was created to attempt a Guinness World Record and also raise money for local charities.

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