Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

6541David Hasselhoff’s wall protest, Canadian jail break, and Doctor Who 3D movie – The news in world recordsRecord-breakers in the news todayDavid Hasselhoff has joined a campaign to stop bulldozers demolishing the longest surviving remnant of the Berlin Wall.The Baywatch star, who has a large following in Germany, joined a protest on Sunday against developers who want to build apartments there.The Hoff's popularity in the country can be traced back to New Year's Eve 1989 when he performed his song Looking for Freedom at the Brandenburg Gate shortly after the wall dividing the former East and West Germany came down.The 60-year-old American actor holds the title of most watched man in television history. Having debuted as the eponymous hero of the popular US series Knight Rider (NBC), he went on to star as LA County lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in the series Baywatch (NBC), which, at its peak in 1996, had an estimated weekly audience of 1.1 billion viewers.Two prisoners in Canada have made the headlines after a daring bid for freedom after being hoisted away in a helicopter reportedly commandeered by their accomplices.Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau, 36, and 33-year-old Danny Provencal made their escape from Quebec's Saint Jerome jail northwest of Montreal - but were recaptured hours later.On 11 February 1979, an Iranian employee of the Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) led a mob into Gasr prison, Tehran, Iran, in an attempt to rescue two American colleagues. The mastermind of the plan was EDS owner and future presidential candidate H Ross Perot. Around 11,000 other prisoners took advantage of the confusion to stage history's largest jail break.Life has been the discovered in the world's deepest ocean.According to the scientists, bacteria has been found nearly 6.8 miles below sea level on the floor of the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench, despite no light reaching that part of the ocean.The evidence of organisms thriving in inhospitable environments is helping scientists reshape their understanding of the conditions necessary for life.The discovery comes almost year after film director James Cameron set a new world record for the deepest manned descent (solo)after a two-hour, 10,898 m (35,755 ft) journey to the bottom of the Challenger Deep section of the Marianas Trench onboard the Deepsea Chalenger, a one-man "vertical torpedo" submersible. He spent four hours at the seabed - the deepest known point in the oceans - and conducted the first ever direct exploration of the ocean floor.A 3D film to celebrate the sci-fi show Doctor Who's 50th anniversary is to get a cinema release.The movie-length episode will be shown at cinemas in Britain and around the world at the same time as it is screened on UK TV channel BBC1 in November.Stars of the show - including Matt Smith who plays the Doctor, and Jenna-Louise Coleman, his sidekick Clara Oswald - are said to have received the scripts last week.The show holds the record for longest running science fiction TV series, having chalked up 769 episodes as of June 2010, encompassing 212 storylines. This total does not include spoofs, spin-offs or webisodes.
6542New Xbox details leaked, Girls Aloud split, and YouTube hits a billion – The news in world recordsRecord-breakers in the news todayGamers appear to have been given an insight as to what the successor to the Xbox 360 will be like after alleged developer documents were leaked online.According to the documents, Microsoft’s as-yet unannounced new console will feature a Blu-ray drive, along with a revamped new controller.The device will apparently feature “always on, always connected design”, while in order to cut down on loading times, games will need to be installed on the console’s inbuilt hard drive before they can be played.The new console will also come with an improved Kinect motion sensor. The original Kinect holds the record for the fastest-selling gaming peripheral, after shifting an average of 133,333 units per day in its first 60 days on sale from 4 November 2010 to 3 January 2011.Metal band Napalm Death's unlikely forthcoming appearance at the V&A Museum in London has been cancelled amid fears the building may be damaged by the group’s performance.The uncompromising band had been due to play at the museum on tomorrow to showcase their work with ceramic artist Keith Harrison, who has designed a custom built ceramic sound system which would disintegrate throughout the performance.However, the event was cancelled when a safety check established that "the high level of decibels generated by the performance would damage the historic fabric of the building."During their "Secrets Of Steel" tour in Hanover, Germany in March 1994, American heavy metal band Manowar established a new standard in ear splitting power by breaking the world record for loudest band in the world.Two sound specialists officiated, measuring and documenting with painstaking care as Manowar shook the city, playing live at a staggering 129.5 decibels through 10 tons of amplifiers and speakers measuring 40 feet in length and 21 feet in height.Video sharing site YouTube has today announced it has passed the one billion mark for regular users.Announcing the milestone on its blog, the site said a recent growth in smartphones had helped boost the numbers visiting the site every month.The site was launched in 2005 before being bought by Google the following year.The most subscribers on YouTube is 5,400,341, achieved by Ray William Johnson (USA) on 17 April 2012.Ray's YouTube channel features twice-weekly reviews of the most popular viral videos online. His channel is also one of the most viewed on YouTube, with 1,703,259,477 total video views as of 17 April 2012.Finally, pop band Girls Aloud have announced they are splitting up following the last night of their 10-year celebration tour.A tweet from the band's official account today said: "We have now come to the end of our incredible time together."The message was sent shortly after the five singers came off stage in Liverpool, marking their last performance together as a group.They bow out as the most successful reality TV girl pop group, having had 20 top ten singles in the UK.
6543Will Smith’s Django snub, Tiger Woods back at No.1 and an incredible karate kick – The news in world recordsRecord-breakers in the news todayWill Smith has revealed his reasons for turning down a role in director Quentin Tarantino's Oscar-winning movie Django Unchained.Tarantino asked Smith to play the lead role in his western film, but the Independence Day star declined the part which eventually went to Jamie Foxx.Smith says he explained that he felt the role of bounty hunter Dr King Schultz - played by Christoph Waltz - was more prominent than the one he was offered.The largest audience at a 3-D film screening is 6,819 achieved by the German première of Men In Black 3 starring Smith in an event organised by Sony Pictures and O2 at O2 World in Berlin, Germany last year.Tiger Woods’ has returned to the top of golf’s world rankings for the first time since October 2010 after winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational by two strokes.The 37-year-old comeback sees him replace Rory McIlroy as number one after dropping to a career-low 58th in November 2011.Among his many records, Woods hold the title for youngest winner of the US Masters, having won the tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club at the tender age of just 21 years 104 days in 1997.Summly, an app created by a British teenager has been bought by web giant Yahoo in a multi-million dollar deal.The app, made by seventeen-year-old Londoner Nick D'Aloisio's, summarises news stories from popular media companies.Speaking to the London Evening Standard, the Wimbledon-based teen, who launched the app when he was just 15, said: "I like shoes, I will buy a new pair of Nike trainers and I'll probably get a new computer, but at the moment I just want to save and bank it."I don't have many living expenses."The youngest non-inherited millionaire was the American child film actor Jackie Coogan (1914–84). In 1923–24, he was earning $22,000 (£11,936) per week and retained approximately 60% of his films’ profits. He was a millionaire in his own right by the age of 13.Finally an incredible spinning somersault kick which ended a bout at the recent PPO Karate Championships in Ulyanovsk, Russia has been become a viral hit online.Fast-footed Semyon Moskalenko used the Do Mawashi technique in spectacular style to floor his unfortunate opponent in the Shinkyokushin bout.The most martial arts kicks in one minute using a single leg (male) was 335 by Raul Meza (USA) at Meza's Karate America in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA, on 17 November 2011.
6544Miranda Lambert and Brad Paisley honored as world records tumble at Academy of Country Music AwardsA record setting audience of 70,252 country music fans were in attendance at the AT&T Stadium in Texas to see Miranda Lambert her own piece of music history last night.
6545Friends of cancer charity fundraiser Stephen Sutton set ‘bucket list’ world recordFriends of Stephen Sutton – the terminally ill teenager from the UK who has raised £3million for charity – have broken a world record in his honour, ticking off another dream on his ‘bucket list’.The brave 19-year-old, made a surprise appearance at his old school, in Burntwood, Staffordshire during the successful attempt for most people making heart shaped hand gestures.The event had been planned before Stephen had suffered a serious downturn in his condition last month, which saw him issue a heartbreaking farewell to his followers on Twitter from his hospital bed.Stephen’s friends had vowed to carry on with the attempt in a bid to get his name in the Guinness World Records book, achieving another item on his “bucket list” of things he wants to do before he dies.However, his remarkable recovery meant he was discharged from hospital and was able to join his friends on Sunday for the attempt.The record bid was led by school friend Hannah Telles, 17, with a total of 553 particpants each making a heart shaped hand gesture at the same time to secure Stephen’s place in the record books.The record took place at Stephen’s former secondary school, Chase Terrace Technology College in his hometown of Burntwood, Staffs.Hannah, pictured above, said: “We chose to break the heart shaped hand gesture record because it fits with Ste’s positivity message and we all love Ste, so we want to spread the love.“It was so amazing that he was able to join us. Just a couple of weeks ago we didn’t think it would be possible that he’d be able to join us. This has been amazing!”Hannah teamed up with Fixers, the national charity that helps young people campaign on any issue they want, to organise the event.Margo Horsley, CEO of Fixers, said: “This idea was originally conceived by Stephen but then he became so ill his friends vowed to break the world record in his name. He has inspired so many people with his incredible positivity that we were never in any doubt he would achieve this. It is fantastic he was able to join in the record breaking with all the other Fixers. ”videoStephen, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 15, became a Fixer last year to hold a ‘Good Gestures Day’ – handing out free hugs, high fives and handshakes.Before Stephen’s condition deteriorated and he made an emotional farewell from his hospital bed, he and his friends, now at universities across the UK, had decided to turn Good Gestures Day into a nationwide event.Friends in Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Nottingham, Falmouth, Swansea, Manchester and Sheffield swung into action and even complete strangers in Glasgow and Sunderland were inspired to arrange the events, which will all take place on Saturday, May 10.More information about National Good Gestures Day can be found at
6546World Cup Rewind: Just Fontaine still owns the most goals in a single tournamentThe 2014 World Cup in Brazil is almost upon us. To get you in the mood for this summer’s tournament, in the week leading up to kickoff, we’ll be taking a look back at the stories behind some of the most significant world records set on the beautiful game’s biggest stage.Today: France's Just Fontaine and his magical 1958 tournament.Looking back at the 1958 World Cup is like stepping through the closet that takes you to Narnia. None of it makes sense.They held playoffs to find out who escaped the group stages?The countries were seeded in pots based on geography?The man who scored the most goals ever in a single World Cup tournament didn’t even make the team of the tournament as selected by journalists?!Amazingly, that’s the case of Just Fontaine, the French striker to whom we dedicate today’s piece of our World Cup preview.videoWe’ve already told you yesterday about Ronaldo, the Brazilian phenom who owns the record for most goals scored in a World Cup career with 15.But the story of Fontaine’s singular 1958 performance is perhaps even more legendary.Fontaine scored 13 goals in Sweden that year, across the six matches that France played. It remains the high-water mark for the most goals scored in a single World Cup tournament. Amazingly, it was the only World Cup in which Fontaine would ever play. And, despite more than a half century having passed, his tally of 13 in one tournament still has him sitting third all-time on the career goals list.That's Fontaine pictured up top, in 1978, posing with his Golden Boot.videoTo put it in perspective, Ronaldo needed 19 matches across three World Cups to earn his 15. Miroslav Klose and Gerd Mueller – the German duo tied for second with 14 each – required 19 and 13 matches, respectively, to hit their marks. Again, Fontaine needed only six. That’s a ballistic 2.17 goals per game average, the second-highest of any player to have ever scored 10 or more goals in a World Cup career (Hungary’s Sandor Kocsis hit 2.2/game with 11 goals in five matches in 1954).Fontaine netted a hat trick in France’s opening match, then proceeded to score in every game for Les Bleus thereafter. And he didn’t simply load up in one or two matches. He scored multiple times in four of the six contests, including a four-goal virtuosity against defending champs West Germany in the third-place game.videoSadly, Fontaine’s career was cut short at just 28 years old due to chronic injury. But he showed across a mere three weeks in the Swedish summer of ’58 the kind of historic touch he held in those boots.And yet, to revisit the point, Fontaine still couldn’t even crack the media’s all-tournament team. This was despite earning more votes than any other forward. The reason? The votes for Fontaine were split between the “inside forward” and “outside forward” position, meaning he didn’t have enough at one position to make the squad.Like I said – none of it made sense.Related articles: World Cup Rewind: Ronaldo sets all-time goals world recordFor the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
6547Spotlight: Watch Puskar Nepal kick himself in the head 134 times in one minuteEvery Wednesday we’ll be shining a light on the coolest, wackiest, or most unique records from around the globe recently approved by our Records Management Team with our Spotlight series.
6548Guinness World Records Fan Choice 2014 year in reviewThe longest distance slip-and-slide in one hour is one of our Fan Choice title contendersEach week here we offer five of the latest records verified by our Records Management Team from around the globe, asking you to vote for your favorite, in what we call the Fan Choice record of the week.At the end of the year, we then take the 32 winners and pit them in a knockout-style bracket to determine - once again entirely by fan vote - what the Guinness World Records universe's favorite record of the year is.Well, the time has almost come! While the tournament itself will begin in a few weeks, we have 31 of our winners set. This week, we'll look back at some of the highlights of the year in competition, and then ask you to vote one more time to determine the 32nd and final entry in the championship field.This year's Fan Choice Record of the Year winner will join inaugural 2013 champion Annie Maria Bissoondial and the most rope skips in one hour.BIGGEST VICTORYSome weeks saw balanced competition, others with nailbiting victories, and there were some weeks that saw sheer domination by one choice over its competition.The largest margin of victory in Fan Choice this year belonged to the most people popping bubble wrap in the June 13 poll. People loved voting for Australia's Riverside Primary School and its 647 bubble poppers, as it accrued 85.1% of the vote, 76.6% more than its nearest opponent. Riverside also carried the hopes of a whole nation, as it was the only Australian-based record to win Fan Choice all year.CLOSEST VICTORYOn the other end of the spectrum, a number of votes came down quite literally to the last minute of polling. None did more so than the March 21 battle between the tallest domino structure from the Yspertal Domino Team in Austria and the highest pub/bar at the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong.The domino structure won out by a whisker-like 0.4% of the vote, 44.9 to 44.5.MOST SUCCESSFUL COUNTRYThe total 33 Fan Choice wins this year were divided among 16 different countries from all around the world. The most successful country, though, was the United States - no surprise considering the U.S. is the most prolific record-holding country in general.Americans won 11 Fan Choices this year, including the largest tinikling danceback in July. with the UK in second at 6. India and Japan each won twice, while the following countrires will all have one representative in the final tournament: Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Chinese Taipei, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Portugal, and Singapore.PLAY-IN ROUNDThis year, we've added a "play-in" game to determine the final entrant into our championship tournament. This pits the two weekly winners who received the fewest overall votes to see who can earn a ticket to the dance. The matchup is:Greatest distance by female stand up paddleboard in 24 hours vs. Longest tandem ATV side wheelie.Vote now!&amplta href=""&ampgtFan Choice Play-In&amplt/a&ampgt<a href="">Fan Choice Play-In</a>Polls will be open for one week. Then be sure to keep checking back to in the coming weeks for the start of our Fan Choice 2014 Record of the Year!
6549The ice cream cone turns 110, celebrate with these five record scoopsWe'll admit off the bat that the official birthday of the ice cream cone is a hotly contested debate.More than a half dozen people claim to have invented the cone, but for our intents and purposes, we'll give the honor to Charles E. Menches, who - on this day in 1904 - created the idea of serving ice cream in its now most iconic vessel.To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the cone, here are five of the best ice cream cone-related records. If you need us, we'll be at the nearest corner grabbing two scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough. Waffle cone, of course.Can't get enough ice cream? Check out the story of the largest ice cream scoop, clocking in at more than 1,360 kg (3,000+ lb) and more than 1.5 m (5 ft) tall!MOST ICE CREAM SCOOPS BALANCED ON A CONEWay back in 2009, James Abram fit 11 scoops of ice cream on a single cone as the first-ever person to attempt this record. Impressive, right? Crossing the Atlantic by ship used to be impressive too. This record has been broken seven times since then, the latest coming from Mr. Records himself, Ashrita Furman (above). Last October, Ashrita crammed 100 (!) scoops of chocolate ice cream onto a single cone, his third time holding this mark.TALLEST ICE CREAM CONEHave you ever dreamed of taking a literal bath in Rocky Road? This would be your chance to jump in. The tallest ice cream cone ever built measured 2.81 m (9 ft 2.63 in) tall by Mirco Della Vecchia and Andrea Andrighetti (both Italy) in Rimini, Italy, three years ago. The internal cone was made of wafer and covered with a 700 kg (1,543 lb) white chocolate cone. It took 30 hours alone to prepare all the gelato to go into the cone.MOST ICE CREAM SCOOPS THROWN AND CAUGHT BY A PAIR IN ONE MINUTEThe record for most ice cream scoops thrown and caught in one minute by a team of two is 25, achieved by German duo Gabriele Soravia (thrower) and Lorenzo Soravia (catcher, with cone) on the set of Guinness World Records - Die größten Weltrekorde in Cologne, Germany, on Sept. 1, 2007. The boys of YouTube series GWR: OMG! gave the 30-second version of this record a chance last year...and failed pretty epically.videoMOST ICE CREAM CONES PREPARED IN ONE MINUTEThe most ice cream cones prepared in one minute is 19 by Mitch Cohen (USA) of Baskin-Robbins, who broke the record on the Food Network TV show Paula's Party on June 28, 2007. It wasn't Mitch's first go-round, as he actually broke his own record of 16, set three years earlier (above) on Good Morning America.LONGEST CHAIN OF PEOPLE LICKING ICE CREAMThis record - where every person needs to be close enough to the people next to them to be able to lick their neighbor's cone - proved quite popular, with seven broken attempts between 2006-11. The group pictured above is from a 2,500-person chain in Valladolid, Spain, in 2009. But the current record spanned 2,728 participants at an event organised by Morelli's of Portstewart Ltd. (UK) in Portstewart, Northern Ireland, UK, on July 23, 2011.And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
6550Guinness World Records honours the alternative sporting champions in new eBookToday marks the release of a new eBook from Guinness World Records that gathers together the wackiest feats ever achieved in the world of alternative sport.Available on iPad, Nook, Kobo and Kindle, Guinness World Records:Totally Bonkers Sporting Champions, (also titled Guinness World Records: Wacky Sporting Champions in the US and Canada), honours are the unique sporting stars that have taken record-breaking to new and outrageous extremes. They include New Zealand's Veronica Torr who recorded the 'Fastest 100 Metre Hurdles Wearing Swim Fins'(18.52 seconds) and Kenichi Ito from Japan who ran the 'Fastest 100m Running on All Fours' (18.58 seconds).Everyone knows that Jamaica's Usain Bolt is the fastest man on 2 legs, covering 100m in 9.58 seconds, but how would he cope on all fours? In November 2008 Japan's Kenichi Ito recorded theFastest 100m on All Fours in an astonishing 18.58 seconds just 9 seconds longer than Bolt! The 29 year-old self-proclaimed "monkey enthusiast" from Tokyo has spent years developing a style of running based on the movements of the West African Patas monkey.Briton's Tom Daley might be a fantastic diver, but would he be willing to take the plunge into just 30cm of water? Darren Taylor, a.k.a. Professor Splash, has over 25 years' experience in shallow diving. In November 2011 the 50 year old from Colorado, USA, broke his own record for the Highest Shallow Dive. Darren made the plunge from a height of 11.20 m (36ft 8.94 in) landing into just 30 cm (12 in) of water. On the heroic plunge Darren says:"Yes, it hurts, but the pain lasts for a minute, while the glory lasts a lifetime!"All British weight lifters can take inspiration from 64 year-old John Evans who holds the 14 year-old record for the Heaviest Car Balanced on the Head. Back in May 1999 John from Derbyshire carried a Mini Cooper, weighing 159.6kg (352lb), upon his head for over half a minute.Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, said: "It's all very well being a professional athlete, but what about the pea-shooters, toe-wrestlers and haggis-hurlers? Who gives these passionate sporting heroes the credit they deserve? Thankfully, Guinness World Records is here to congratulate and celebrate these unsung heroes of the track, field and bog."For more wildly entertaining records, which include over 370 records and 70 plus pictures based on track and field sports, check out the new Guinness World Records Totally Bonkers Sporting Champions - click here to buy your
6551㿼,000 fare for the world's longest taxi journey‎Three university friends have today arrived to a homecoming reception back in London following a 15-month long trip around the world in a black cab which has seen them set two world records.Paul Archer, Johno Ellison and Leigh Purnell arrived in London's Covent Garden this morning in their K-reg black cab (affectionately known as 'Hannah') following a trip that clocked up in excess of 43,208.40 miles on the meter.The trio - who have raised over £20,000 for charity since beginning the journey in February 2011- travelled across four continents and 50 different countries and run-up an cumulative taxi fare of nearly £80,000 by the time they were back on British soil.As well as earning the Guinness World records title for Longest journey by taxi, the journey also the group also earned the title for the highest altitude reached by car after the three drove Hannah up to a mountain pass in the Golmud region of Qinghai Province in China, some 5,225.4 metres (17,143 ft) above sea-level.The incredible ride saw them negotiate herds of Armenian sheep, evade the Taliban in Pakistan, and even get arrested by the Iranian Secret Police where Paul was subsequently deported as a suspected spy.The final leg of the 'It's On The Meter Expedition' was sponsored by Black cab app, Get Taxi, who plan to donate five per cent of the monster bill to the British Red Cross. The trip, intended originally as a London to Sydney excursion, saw the lads successfully raise £15,000 £5,000 short of their ultimate goal. Get Taxi pledged them the remaining money, and also provided the trio with the fuel, accommodation, and state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems used in their own fleet of cabs needed for the crew and Hannah to fully circumnavigate the globe."It's been emotional," Paul explained. "We've been utterly overwhelmed by the support we've been given by everyone at home, as well as the countless number of strangers we've encountered who've been kind enough to help us on our way, especially when adversity struck and we thought, at one point, that our trek would be over"."Apart from some hairy moments where we were arrested in Moscow, arrested by the Secret Police, deported back to the UK and were refused entry to Moldova for losing the appropriate documentation at border control (luckily the President himself gave us a personal pardon!), we've taken away with us some awesome memories. Obviously, we would not have been able to do any of this without Hannah, our beloved and trusty steed!"The idea to travel the world in a black cab was borne out of the lads' own cab journey home one evening, after a night out on the tiles. "We thought: why not see if we can run up the world's longest, most expensive taxi journey, and do it all for charity?" recalls Johno , 28, Leeds.Commenting on the expedition, Neil Fullman, CEO, Get Taxi UK said: "The lads have much to be proud of. And we're of course thrilled that we have helped them complete an epic journey that few, if anyone, will ever experience. It's great to have played a significant part in helping them to both realise their goal and achieve record-breaking history."
6552New marathon hugging world record set in LondonA group of cuddly Londoners clinched their way to a new record for the longest marathon hug on Friday.Four determined couples managed to each set a new record time of 24 hours and 44 minutes during the attempt at St Pancras Station, which coincided with National Hugging Day.The event took place appropriately under the watchful gaze of the 'The Meeting Place' statue within the station which depicts two lovers embracing.Two couples were unfortunately disqualified for breaking their clinch during the epic challenge. One pair was disqualified for loosening their embrace a couple of hours in, while the other had to bow out after 10 hours due to one of the participants losing concentration and pointing at something, causing her to move her arm away from her partner.Among those who managed to stay the distnace and set a new record was comedian Sanderson Jones who had been hugging his friend Mikey Lear (both below).Commenting on the feat, Sanderson said: "It's a tremendously delirious experience! Mikey and I are stunned we made it. The hardest part was during the night, however some DVDs and entertainers kept us going."The three other record-breaking couples were Andrew O'Brien and Jeanette Xiang Xiang Xu, Rose Manley and Emily Jane Brown and finally Bryan and Lorna Tulett.Under the guidelines for the record of 'longest marathon hug', participants are allowed five minutes break for each complete hour of the attempt, which they are allowed to save up for a longer rest should they prefer. They can also be fed and given water, and shift position but are not allowed to change their arm positions.The break rule sets the record apart from 'the longest hug' title, where participants have to remain in a continuous clinch for the entire duration of the attempt (the current record for which stands at an impressive 24 hours, 33 minutes, achieved by Canadians Ron O'Neil and Theresa Kerr at Centennail Beach, Ontario in 2010).The hug-a-thon marked the first of a series of world record attempts that are set to take place across London as part of the build up to this year's Olympic Games.Organised by promotional company London & Partners, upcoming record attempts for World Record London include the biggest Easter egg hunt, the most expensive chocolate egg and the longest photograph."World Record London is a great way for us to warmly welcome visitors and celebrate all that is new and exciting about the capital in this very special year," said Gordon Innes of London & Partners.Visit to check out what's coming up as part of World Record
6553Shortest man world record: It’s official! Chandra Bahadur Dangi is smallest adult of all timeGuinness World Records can today confirm that Chandra Bahadur Dangi from Nepal is the world's new Shortest Living Man, measuring 54.6cm (21.5 in).Chandra is 5.3 cm shorter than Junrey Balawing of the Philippines, who measures 59.9cm (23.5 in) and was crowned world's shortest man on his 18th birthday last June.The confirmed measurement also makes Chandra the shortest adult human to ever have their height verified by Guinness World Records, beating a benchmark set by Gul Mohammed, (New Delhi, India, 1957-1997) who measured 57 cm (22.5 in).Upon the invitation of Mr Chandra, Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, flew from London to Kathmandu to perform an official measurement at the CIWEC Clinic Travel Medicine Center in Lainchaur. In accordance with Guinness World Records guidelines, Chandra was measured three times in 24 hours and his height confirmed to be 54.6 cm (21.5 in).Chandra claims to be 72 years of age and weighs 14.5kg. He has spent his entire life in the remote Nepalese mountain village of Rhimkholi, about 250 miles west of Kathmandu. He lives there with his five brothers (all of an average height) and makes his living weaving traditional Nepalese garments. Chandra's home is so remote that it wasn't until recently that he gained attention a forest contractor cutting timber in the village met him and informed local media.Until now, Chandra's stature has been a burden acutely aware of the difficulties of fitting into an average-sized world. However he is hopeful that the new title will see a change in his fortunes. "I'm very happy that I'm being recognized by Guinness World Records and that my name will be written in book. It's a big thing for my family, my village and my country. I am very happy.Chandra's condition has never been diagnosed, as he has never received a checkup from a doctor. It is hoped however that the exposure he receives from as a result of his new record will lead to medical advice and support.Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, said: "I'm continually amazed that this record keeps getting broken. Just when you think it's impossible for the record to get any smaller, Mr Chandra comes along and astonishes us all by being the shortest person ever measured. What I find equally remarkable is his age - if he really is 72, he is by far the oldest person to be awarded the shortest-man record in Guinness World Record's 57-year history."Craig continued: "Our job is to measure and record what happens in the world as a document for history. Mr Chandra has probably encountered difficulties with his size but hopefully this new title will open up a whole world of opportunities."Mr Chandra and his family plan to start a charity in his name to support him and his village. He says: "I will use this to make my country proud."Related stories World's shortest man: All you need to know about Chandra Bahadur Dangi New world's smallest man: Ten other incredible world records from Nepal World's shortest man: From Junrey Balawing to Khagendra Thapa Magar - past holders of the title
6554Museum of London awarded Largest archaeological archive titleThe London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre, or LAARC, has been named by Guinness World Records as the world's Largest archaeological archive.The Museum of London's LAARC is full of London's hidden treasures with over 5 million artefacts and records of nearly 8,500 London excavations, so every time a box is opened the mysteries of the capital's past are illuminated.Some of the record-breaking items to be found within the LAARC's 10km of shelving and 120,000 brown boxes include: shoes dating from Roman times to the present daya 200 year-old pair of false teetha selection of 'witching bottles', one complete with human teeth and toenailsmacabre coffin plates from London's cemeteriesexotic animal bones including whale bones, turtle shells and a swordfish bill Today's record is announced as part of World Record London and pushes the UK capital a step closer to becoming a world record breaking city. Roy Stephenson, Head of the Museum of London's Archaeological Collections and Archives, said:"One thing that makes London unique is its rich complex archaeology, some of the best in the world. The water logged environment is perfect for preserving organic objects from leather clothes to wooden waterfronts as well as pottery, coins and bones, all of which and more are represented in our archive. There are many objects in the collections that excite me, one of which is a Maori Patu or war club, which must have been brought home from an epic journey to New Zealand in the 18th or 19th century, it is redolent of past peoples endeavours and the place of London on the world stage. "Many of the best examples from our archive are on show to visitors within the Museum of London's galleries. For visitors who want a deeper look at our archives we run many popular tours and an award winning volunteer inclusion programme, I urge everyone to take part and see what archaeology can tell us about London's past." Gordon Innes, CEO at London and Partners, said:"London has some of the world's best museums with many visitors starting their trip with a visit to the excellent Museum of London. We are delighted that World Record London highlights an amazing museum that demonstrates how the city changes and evolves and has been welcoming the world for over its history. Alongside this award we hope the all the other records to come will show the many unique and one off events and experiences that London has to offer during this magical year." The LAARC's award-winning Volunteer (Visitor) Inclusion Programme is funded through the Renaissance in the Regions programme, a national investment in regional museums managed by Arts Council England, to find out more or book a visit to the LAARC visit
6555Guinness World Records 2012: Your questions answered about this year’s editionWith the release of our latest and greatest annual book, "Guinness World Records ™ 2012", barely a week away, we thought it the ideal time to answer some of your questions about the year's edition.Here's what you told us you wanted to know through our Facebook page and Twitter feed:"Are there any new records?"Nadia Kajee asked this, and Laura Castro similarly wanted to know how many records the book contains in total. Well - the book contains over 4000 records, of which over half are either new categories, or new record holders.The book also contains over 900 brand new photos, and hundreds of facts about what the average person eats, drinks, and does in a lifetime. Did you know you'll eat 53kg of insects accidentally during your life?"Am I in it?"Many of you (including: Stephen Kish, Mason Pye, Nishant Choudry, Mike White, Peter Barlow, Thanesh Gurgain, and Zach Wong, to name just a few) wanted to know if the records they hold appear in this edition of the book.While I do know for certain (I have a copy open on my desk right now!), I'm afraid you're going to have to just wait and see for yourselves!Note that while we couldn't possibly fit every record into the book each year, all current records are considered for inclusion, and we try to mix things up each year, such that as many different record holders as possible get the chance to see their names in print."What's the weirdest record in the book?"An interesting question from Haley Anderson, here. I'm afraid I can't give you any details just yet, but you will shortly be hearing about a brand new record holder with something of a penchant for piercings, who is certainly one of the more unusual characters in this edition…"Can I have a copy for free?"A cheeky question from both Kole Townsend and Kevin Garcia! While we certainly can't give a copy away to everyone who asks us for one, we will be running book giveaways on Facebook, Twitter, and here on our website in due course, so there will be opportunities for some of you to win a copy."When is the Gamer's Edition book coming out?"Another question from Mason Pye - our other annual book, one focussing on record-breaking achievements in the world of video games, will be released in January 2012. Closer to the time we'll announce an exact date, and give you more of a taste of what to expect."When is the book released in my country?"An important question, Ahnaf Nizar! Seeing as we have to translate the book into numerous different languages, then print and send out millions of copies across the globe, the release date is not the same in every country. Here are the current scheduled release dates for GWR 2012 (note these may be subject to change):USA & Canada - September 13 thUK - September 15 thAustralia - September 15 thGermany - September 15 thNorway - September 15 thThe Netherlands - September 15 thBelgium - September 15 thTurkey - September 15 thHungary - September 15 thPortugal - September 15 thRussia - September 15 thCzech Republic - September 15 thSlovenia - September 15 thCroatia - September 16 thFinland - September 16 thSweden - September 20 thBrazil - October 1 stDenmark - October 2 ndItaly - October 4 thFrance - October 5 thGreece - October 7 thSpain - October 13 thArgentina - October TBCColombia - November 15 thIsrael - TBCJapan - TBCSouth Africa - TBC
6556Confirmed: Brahim Takioullah sets world record for largest feetGuinness World Records can today confirm that Brahim Takioullah from Morocco now holds claim to having the world's largest feet.The 29-year-old, who currently lives in Paris, France has a left foot measuring 1ft 3in (38.1 cm) in length, while his right measures 1ft 2.76 in.His enormous height also places him as the world's second tallest living man, two inches behind Sultan Kosen of Turkey who stands at 8ft 3in.Brahim, who grew up in a small Moroccan village, had a massive growth spurt during his teens which saw him grow three feet in just one year, however, no-one thought to investigate his unusual size until he was 18."The school doctor noticed that I was this enormous size and asked me to get some blood tests. I did that, and I was diagnosed with a very rare condition called acromegaly," he explains. Acromegaly is a pituitary gland disorder that causes the body to produce excessive growth hormone. The brain tumour can lead to other problems aside from great size, and Takioullah was advised to seek surgery.Five years ago, a French doctor brought him to Paris for treatment, but first he decided to finish his university studies in geography.He contacted Guinness World Records himself to challenge for the record, and says he is proud to have it recognised, though daily life is not without its problems.Brahim cannot stand up straight in the small flat he shares with his mother in the Paris suburbs, has difficulty getting into a taxi or the train, and can never move around without attracting attention.He nevertheless remains good humoured about his situation, and is happy to pose for pictures with members of the public and politely answer questions about his condition.He hopes one day to have a specially built car he could drive himself, but for now even getting a pair of shoes stretches his budget - he takes a European size 58, which no shop has ever stocked. "I always need them made-to-measure and they're very expensive. I once asked a cobbler to make me some shoes and he said it would cost 3,500 euros (5,270 dollars)," he says. French doctors are working to reduce Takioullah's brain tumour, and he hopes his newfound fame will help him find the specialist treatment he needs. "The record now will be known around the world, and experts anywhere around the planet may be able to help," said Craig Glenday, Editor-In-Chief of Guinness World Records.Despite the incredible size of Brahim's feet, they remain some way short of the largest feet ever recorded, which belonged to Robert Wadlow (USA, 1918 - 1940), tallest ever man. Robert's feet measured an incredible 47cm or 1ft 5in long - over two inches longer than Brahim's.
6557Olympic Kayaking hopeful sets new record time for English Channel crossingBritish sprint canoeist Paul Wycherley set a new record for the fastest time to kayak across the English Channel at the weekend, beating a benchmark set by his coach Ian Wynne.The 24-year-old from Guildford made the crossing in two hours and 28 minutes, shattering his mentor's time by an impressive 31 minutes.Here below, Guinness World Records adjudicator Annabel Lawday details Paul's incredible day of record breaking.Like many channel crossing records, the attempt began with uncertainty as to whether it would actually go ahead. However the British heatwave created perfect conditions for the crossing to begin early on Sunday.The English Channel is one of the busiest waterways in the world so tidal flows and accuracy of the route are always essential for those attempting a crossing.On the morning itself we all set off in two pilot boats, one high speed rib and the other a tug boat with a GPS system directing the route across the channel. As Paul entered the water to set off on the long journey to France, the team of colleagues and his parents cheered him on from both boats. I took the faster option and carefully monitored his progress across the channel from the Rib with a BBC cameraman following it all. Paul is due to be featured in a documentary about his Olympic progress so this footage will feature quite heavily in that program.The conditions couldn't have better for the attempt, the sea was calm and the sun was out. The captain of the boat said that there were about two or three days a year as calm as we experienced that day.As we crossed the channel at record speeds it was obvious Paul would break the existing record by Ian who was cheering him on from the boat.Two hours and 28 minutes later we arrived in Cap Griz Nez in France. Paul didn't leave his boat as there are dangers of capsizing, but he crossed the line of rocks which marked the end to his gruelling journey.After a few minutes in French water with Paul catching his breath, we hauled the canoe back onto the boat and made the journey back to the white cliffs of Dover.Paul was sponsored by his company Huntswood who backed him financially but also in force on the day, with lots of colleagues on the boats willing him on. He also managed to collect over £100,000 for a couple of charities in the run up to the day, making his attempt even more special.Paul will find out in a number of months whether he has made it into the official UK team for the London Olympics 2012. He is competing against many top athletes for very few places, but the drive and motivation he showed during this record attempt should stand him in good stead for reaching next year's games.
6558Papa John launches 300th UK store by leading army of staff to pizza making world recordTo celebrate the launch of its 300th store in the UK, popular pizza chain Papa John’s Ltd (UK) has smashed the Guinness World Records title for the Most people tossing pizza dough simultaneously.
6559Dubai's Burj Khalifa soars into the record books with the world’s highest observation deckDubai has proven once again it has a head for heights after the all-new ‘At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY’ was confirmed by Guinness World Records as the world’s highest observation deck.
6560MTV's 'Break The Record Week' see Beyoncethon dance marathon and time capsule world record achievements
6561Kemps celebrates 100th anniversary with largest ice cream scoopInterested in attempting a world record with your organization? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team for more information.We're gonna need a bigger spoon.The old ice cream parlor request for "two scoops, please!" wouldn't fly in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, where Kemps Dairy recently set the record for the largest scoop of ice cream to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The historic serving tipped the scales at 1,365.31 kg (3,010 lb).The flavor? Delicious, refreshing strawberry.In addition to its weight, the scoop measured 5 ft, 6 in (1.67 m) tall and 6 ft, 2 in (1.88 m) wide, containing approximately 733 household containers of ice cream combined into one mass.Kemps undertook the attempt after a lengthy brainstorming session, landing on a record-breaking event as the best value among its various proposed centennial celebrations."If you have to put this in a dollar value, it would be hard to do it," said Julie Myhre, assistant marketing manager for Kemps. "The closest thing you can look at is working with a PR agency. And they're going to cost you 10 times what this is going to cost. So it's a simple way to interact really closely with your consumers and promote your brand."As all large food world records are required to either be donated or consumed, thousands of attendees at the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival gladly lined up to receive a generous portion of the ice cream for free throughout the weekend.According to Kemps, the amount of ice cream used would fill an entire football field. The group enlisted the help of five nationally ranked snow sculptors to turn the source ice cream into one individual scoop."What better way to commemorate the traditions of Kemps than by attempting to set a delicious Guinness World Record?" said Rachel Kyllo, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Kemps. "Plus, it's an historic celebration you can eat!"You can watch the unveiling of the historic serving below.videoAs for whether the idea to attempt a world record helped Kemps reach all of its internal goals, Myhre says that all of the company's boxes were ticked: interacting with community, interacting with media, and engaging employees."We're super happy, it went really well," Myhre elaborated. "The morale for the employees is sky high. People take ownership in this and they feel that they were part of something that meant something, and that will mean something going forward. They'll talk about this with their kids someday."It got us what we wanted, which was some exposure and some really positive brand acknowledgement."Has Kemps' giant ice cream scoop gotten you hungry for a record attempt of your own? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team with your group's details.
6562Guinness World Records announces the record-breaking brands scoring a place in the new 2014 edition bookGuinness World Records, the global authority on record-breaking achievement, today launches its latest edition GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2014. The iconic annual recognises an incredible array of international record-breakers from the Lowest Limbo Skater, the Longest beard on a female, to the world’s Largest Collection of Vacuum Cleaners and the Fastest Crossing of a Tightrope by a Dog.To celebrate the latest edition of the world’s best-selling copyrighted ever, Guinness World Records today announces the record-making brands featured in the 2014 book:Felix Baumgartner, pictured above, smashed multiple records on October 14 th 2012, helping Red Bull to achieve a title of their own - the Largest audience for a live stream advertisement - after eight million people logged on to witness the epic conclusion to the brand’s five-year $20 million Red Bull Stratos project.Nissan achieved a new record in Feburary 2013 when it unveiled the Largest indoor illuminated advertising billboard at Dubai International Airport.The epic billboard has an area 1,874ft² and uses more than 183,000 LEDs.British Airways is recognized for its double-record PR stunt, undertaken to promote its sponsorship of Comic Relief 2013, and which new records achieved for the Highest concert, with performances from Kim Wilde and Tony Hadley, and the Highest Harlem shake,pictured below, both of which took place at 43,000ft. eBay created the world’s Fastest milk float, which achieved a top speed of 77.53mph, to activate its sponsorship of The British Touring Car Championship 2012 season. Two brands using record-breaking feats to engage consumers are De’Longhi – featured with its Largest cup of coffee (filled with 13,200 litres of De’Longhi coffee) created to mark the end of British Summer Time and give London commuters a boost on their first winter journey to work – and Pimms – which honoured the start of Summer time with the world’s Largest deck chair (measuring 8.36 metres (27 ft 5 in) tall and 9.57 metres (31 ft 4 in) long).The Super Bowl once again takes the Most expensive advertising slot title with a 30-second ad during the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII costing $3.8million, up $300,000 from 2012.Another brand breaking its own record is Chanel. The company again secured the title Highest fee paid to an actor for an advert with Brad Pitt’s $7 million appearance for Chanel No.5. An achievement which eclipsed that of previous record holder, Nicole Kidman, who earned $3.8million for her 2004 campaign which was also for Chanel No.5. Commenting on the brands appearing in the 2014 Guinness World Records, Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday said: "We are seeing ever more brands taking on the ultimate challenge of a Guinness World Records title. The inclusion of these brands in the 2014 edition reflects the quality, creativity and innovation we’ve seen from commercial businesses. These records reflect the amazing achievements we’re increasingly recognising from brands and have been selected for their appeal to our global audiences.”
6563Fastest game of HopscotchAshrita Furman1/1.97 minute(s), second(s)United States, New York09 November 2010The fastest game of hopscotch was completed in 1 min 1.97 sec by Ashrita Furman (USA) in New York, New York, USA, on 9 November 2010. Furman suffered from just one errant throw in his attempt, needing two slides of the rock to successfully land it in the "3" square.
65641971: First Ever EmailWith billions of people all over the world sending emails every day, both at work and personally, we tend to take for granted this method of communication and consider email as an inherent part of our modern digital lives. In reality, however, email is a relatively recent luxury.
6565World Vegetarian Day: Ten absolutely meat-free world record achievementsWorld Vegetarian Day is observed annually on 1 October by many nations across the globe (though particularly in Europe), and it invites the population to go veggie for the day.
6566Bloodhound Project: How you can take part in a Guinness World Records title attempt for the fastest rocket-powered model car
6567Japan continues to flourish three years after Great East Japan EarthquakeThis week marks 3 years since the 2011 Tohoku earthquake - known in Japan as the Great East Japan Earthquake - which struck 70 km (43 mi) off the nation's coast on March 11, 2011. The ensuing devastation resulted in the loss of more than 15,000 lives.Guinness World Records continues to express its deepest condolences for all those lost in the tragedy, as well as sincere sympathies for all others affected.Since then, many groups and organizations in Japan have undertaken successful record attempts to encourage the victims and raise the spirits of Tohoku, the area affected most by the earthquake and resultant huge tsunami. Here are some of the records broken in that time.The longest line of skiers consisted of 290 participants and was achieved by Iwate Ski Place Association, Iwate Winter Resort Kyougikai, and Hachimantai Resort (all Japan) at Hachimantai Resort in Iwate, Japan, on March 17, 2013.Children who suffered from the earthquake were invited to the event, which was held in the same location as the previous record, set the year before.“There are many financial ways to support the victims of the earthquake," said event organiser Mr. Tomii, of the Hachimantai Resort, "but I wanted to cheer up the children of Tohoku and to create an unforgettable happy memory by challenging Guinness World Records.”The earthquake's tsunami also caused a number of nuclear accidents in the city of Fukushima. To prove that the city had bounced back, the Fukushima-based Jin Corporation organized the largest hiyashi chuka on July 29, 2012.It weighed 102 kg (224 lb 13 oz) and was presented at Machinaka Hiroba, Fukushima, Fukushima, Japan. Hiyashi chuka is a ramen noodle-based dish served with various toppings in the summer. This particular event was organised to promote cucumbers grown in Fukushima.Another large food event held in suport of earthquake victims was the largest gyoza mosaic. Gyoza are a popular type of dumpling.The mosaic measured 8.12 m² (87.62 ft²) and contained 5,874 gyozas. It was created by Eat & Co. (Japan) at the Central Community Center in Wataricho, Miyagi, Japan, on March 20, 2012.The mosaic represented a girl and two strawberries with the text "Eat & Smile" (pictured at the top of this article). After the record, the gyozas were distributed to the people who came to the event.Supportive record-breaking also spread to the individual level. Two records were challenged at a school in Miyagi by professional dog circus “Super Wan Wan Circus” to raise money for charity and boost children's morale. The attempts were a highlight of the May 19, 2011 fundraising event for the 2011 earthquake.On the day, the most jumps over a moving human leg by a dog in 30 seconds was set at 34 by the Uchida Geinousha "Super Wan Wan Circus." And the most rotations around a human neck by a dog in 30 seconds was set at nine.This record would later be set at 11 by the same group and and Nozomi the dog on the set of "100 Handsome Men and Beautiful Women," at the Kojimachi NTV studio in Tokyo on Nov. 13, 2011.Meanwhile, the World's Largest Rice Ball Mosaic Art Project created - you guesssed it - the largest rice ball mosaic at Shibuya Public Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, on March 11, 2013. It measured 113.96 m² (1,226 ft² 100 in²) and used 31,100 onigiri rice balls in six different colours to form the mosaic image.It was organized by university students in Tokyo and Fukushima to promote the rice made in Fukushima and to share the rice balls with visitors.And lastly, another record helped involve the children affected by the natural disaster. The longest line of casterboarders consisted of 152 participants by Team Brave and Makkou Sho-bu Project Jikkou Iinkai at the Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park in Koto, Tokyo, Japan, on Feb. 24, 2013.Children from Fukushima were invited to this event and the age of participants varied from 8 to 47 years old. A total 39 of the overall 152 participants had participated in the previous year's same record attempt, and thus managed to break their own record.The Olympic athlete Tsugiharu Ogiwara (a Japanese nordic combined skier whose career spanned from 1994-1998) came to encourage the challengers on the day.“I was sometimes scared and nervous before the Olympics and the World Championships," Ogiwara told the crowd, "but when I felt 'I can do it!' and overcame my fear, I did it!”The organisers explained their aim for this challenge in the following statement.“Children in Tohoku are lacking exercise, especially in Fukushima, which is a serious problem. Many kids get injured so easily just by running around a little. Casterboard is an excellent sport to stay fit, so we planned to challenge this Guinness World Records title. We wanted to tell the kids to not give up and forget their hope. For example, becoming an athlete in the future, and to motivate them giving the experience of becoming the world’s best.”The last three years have certainly shown a "Never give up" spirit from the citizens and record-breakers of Japan. At Guinness World Records, we continue to remember those affected by this tragedy and hope for a brighter future in Japan.Asumi Funatsu is a Guinness World Records staff member based in GWR's Tokyo offices.
6568Super Bowl XLVII: World records tumble as Baltimore Ravens beat San Francisco 49ersMike Janela reports as the Ravens hold their nerve to beat the 49ers 34-31 in a captivating game at the Superdome in New Orleans.As expected, Sunday night's Super Bowl brought the same grandeur, spectacle, and action we've come to anticipate each year from one of the world's biggest sporting events. It also brought some unexpected surprises, including a 34-minute power outage and subsequent thrilling finish.In the end, this season's edition saw the Baltimore Ravens hold off a furious but ultimately futile comeback attempt by the San Francisco 49ers to win the franchise's second-ever title, 34-31.But while the Ravens celebrated long into the night and started planning trips to Disney World, we here at Guinness World Records were of course on the lookout for any record-breaking achievements throughout the game. And, perhaps also as expected, Super Bowl XLVII delivered that, too.We start with the focal point of the Ravens offense: quarterback Joe Flacco. Flacco rode a three-touchdown performance to Super Bowl MVP honors, capping a flawless postseason for the QB in which he didn't commit a single turnover en route to tying an NFL playoff record for the most passing touchdowns in a single postseason with 11. It matches Joe Montana and Kurt Warner for the most all-time.While Flacco led the team with his performance, there's no doubt Baltimore's inspirational leader was legendary linebacker Ray Lewis, who was the first player ever drafted in Ravens history in 1996. Lewis, who announced prior to the playoffs that he would retire after the season, won his second-ever Super Bowl, following up Baltimore's victory in Super Bowl XXXV in January 2001. The 12 years between victories is the longest time between Super Bowl wins for any player in NFL history.Two more records helped the Ravens to victory. First, perhaps the game's most memorable play made history: Jacoby Jones' pivotal kickoff return for a touchdown to begin the second half with a touchdown for Baltimore tied the record for the longest-ever play in the NFL, canvassing 108 yards, good enough to stand alone for the longest play in Super Bowl history. And longtime Ravens safety Ed Reed notched an interception in the second quarter, tying the mark of most career postseason interceptions with nine.Even in a losing effort, the 49ers broke some records of their own, led by quarterback Colin Kaepernick. His legs helped him break the all-time records for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single postseason with 264 as well as galloping for the longest rushing touchdown by a quarterback in Super Bowl history, a 15-yard scamper in the fourth quarter.And even away from the on-field action, the game itself set some records just by happening. It helped New Orleans tie Miami for the city to host the Super Bowl most often, as this was the 10 th incarnation to occur in The Big Easy. The Mercedes-Benz Superdome also extended its record for the most Super Bowls hosted by a single venue with 7.Let's not forget about the television broadcast, either. Not only were the advertisements that airedthe costliest TV ads everwith a 30-second price tag of $4 million, but as the Super Bowl continues to grow bigger each year, it would be no surprise if the eventual announcement of the game's TV ratings usurp the record for the most-watched program in American television history. Interestingly, the Super Bowl has broken this record each of the last three years.Sadly, talking about records set in a Super Bowl means that (American) football season is now over. But the celebrations will go on in Baltimore, as will the consolations in San Francisco. And for the 30 other NFL cities and those of us here at GWR headquarters? The countdown to next season is already on.
65692013 in World Records – September: Gareth Bale’s incredible transfer fee and the world’s largest Star Wars memorabilia collectionWe’re up to September in our look back over 2013, and the month that saw Microsoft purchase Nokia's mobile device division for $7.2 billion, Rockstar Games released its fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series Grand Theft Auto V, and Miley Cyrus released the controversial video to her track Wrecking Ball.The closing of the football transfer window across Europe was marked with Real Madrid’s signing of Tottenham Hotspurs midfield star Gareth Bale for a whopping , record-setting ($132.9 million) transfer fee, making him the most expensive footballer ever on a single transfer.The fee for the Welsh international moved him past new teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, for whom Real paid out £80 million ($131.86 million) to Manchester United in 2009. Click here to find out 11 other ways Real Madrid could've spent the incredible transfer fee.There was sad news with the passing of the British broadcaster Sir David Frost, who died of a heart attack at the age of 74. Sir David played an important role in popularising Guinness World Records on television, as both a producer and host of the shows. To read’s obituary, click here.The end of the summer saw Mexico’s city of Monterrey cook up a world record of its own when it played host to the largest barbecue by attendance, with a record-setting 45,252 attendees basking in the sun-kissed, mesquite-tinged air.The month also saw us catch up with television icon Betty White, who we honoured with an official Guinness World Records certificate for "longest TV career for a female entertainer".You can read our exclusive interview here.Sticking with the world of entertainment, Scottish DJ/producer Calvin Harris cemented his reputation as one of music’s biggest megastars by leapfrogging ‘The King of Pop,’ the late Michael Jackson, to be officially recognised as having Most Top 10 hits on UK singles chart from one album.The Scottish DJ/producer was given a private certificate presentation to celebrate his achievement in scoring an unprecedented nine Top 10 hits from his 2012 album “18 Months.”Elsewhere, iconic AMC drama Breaking Bad was recognised as the “highest rated TV series,” thanks to its metascore of 99/100 on in the run up to its gripping conclusion.The month also saw us take a guided tour of science fiction super fan Steve Sansweet who has the world’s largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia.Steve’s museum in California houses an estimated 300,000 unique Star Wars items.videoEqually out of this world was Leilani Franco who holds a trio of contortionism records.The Londoner set records for the most full body revolutions maintaining a chest stand in one minute (25), performed the fastest human backbend walk (20 meters in 10.05 sec), and traveled the fastest 20 meters in a contortion roll (17.47 sec). You can see Franco's unique talents on display in our exclusive "Meet the Record Breakers" video below.videoCustom car maker Austin Coulson always knew the one road sure to take him to record-breaking history.It turned out in his case that the road was quite literal: Coulson entered the Guinness World Records database as the owner of the smallest roadworthy car, meaning he can legally take his mini-machine out on the road.Coulson's car measures 25 inches (63.5 cm) high 2 feet, 1.75 inches (65.41 cm) wide and 4 feet, 1.75 inches (126.47 cm) long, and can be spotted by its Texas vanity license plates reading "IM BIG."videoEqually impressive on four wheels was Happie, who holds the record for the farthest distance skateboarding by a goat t.We caught up with Happie, who managed to hop on a board and travel 36 m (118 ft) to earn her title, in the video below.videoWe also met another four-legged record holder in September – albeit a robot.Measuring 15.72 m (51 ft 6 in) in length, 12.33 m (40 ft 5 in) in width and 8.20 m (26 ft 10 in) in height, the world’s biggest four-legged walking robot was created by electronics maker Zollner Elektronik AG in Zandt, Germany.The mighty mechatronic beast is radio remote-controlled and was created to feature in Germany’s longest-running folk play Drachenstich.videoCreating a stir in New York City in September, was Jyoti Amge – the world’s shortest woman who visited the Big Apple to celebrate the launch of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2014 book.You can read all about her trip here.Pocket-sized pets remain one of the most fascinating areas of the Guinness World Records database, with petite dogs arguably the most popular of all our animal records.The smallest dog living, in terms of height, is female Chihuahua Miracle Milly, who measures 9.65 cm (3.8 in) tall and is owned by Vanesa Semler of Dorado, Puerto Rico. You can watch our video of our visit to see Milly back in September in the player below.videoFinally, we end with Kenya's Wilson Kipsang, who, after coming agonisingly close two years ago, finally made his way into the history books in Berlin in September by breaking the fastest marathon world record.Kipsang clocked a history-making time of 2:03:23 during the BMW Berlin Marathon, an IAAF Gold Label Road Race.The 31-year-old’s time beat the previous mark of 2:03:38 set by fellow countryman Patrick Makau in the same race two years < Read 2013 in World Records – August Read 2013 in World Records – October >
6570Video: World’s largest video game controller touches down in LondonEarlier this week, Guinness World Records unveiled the world's Largest Videogame Controller at London's Liverpool St. Station for the launch of the latest edition of our best-selling videogames series Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer's Edition. The record-breaking device measures 30 times the size of a standard NES controller and is featured in the new book which recognises the greatest, and strangest, achievements in video gaming.Creator of the device, British Engineering student Ben Allen (23), who studies at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, was present at the event with co-creators Stephen van 't Hof and Michel Verhulst. They invited commuters to have a go on the joypad that measures an enormous 366 cm x 159 cm x 51 cm (12ft x 5ft 3 in x 1ft 8 in), and weighs an estimated 265 pounds (18 stone). Such is the size of the controller that it requires at least two gamers to press the buttons - or jump on them--which communicates with a standard console.The device, created as part of a university project, took five months to create at an estimated cost of £4,000. Ben said: "This is really a labour of love. We're passionate about gaming and wanted to honour its most iconic device the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) joypad. We put our heads together in the pub and decided to create this absurdly large working version! It's such a rush to know we've made history and are being included in the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition."videoAlso present at the London event, and featured in the new book, were British record holders Ryan Hart (Most International Street Fighter Competition Wins: over 450) and Sami Cetin, a Super Mario Kart professional player that holds the record for the Fastest Lap on Mario Kart (56.45 seconds).Standout records celebrated this year include the Longest Videogame Marathon. Tony Desmet, Jesse Rebmann and Jeffrey Gammon (all Belgium) played Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for an eye-watering 109 hours.In another feat of endurance 6ft 5in 265lb Jesse Moerkerk from The Netherlands set a new record for the Longest Gaming Session in Free-Fall. Suspended in a wind-tunnel, Jesse managed to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Nintendo Wii for 18 minutes and 52 seconds. The Dutchman described the feeling as "like doing one continuous push-up while trying to stomp goombas at the same time!"Women are well represented in the new book. Britain's Helen Mirren is recognised for the Highest Fee Paid for a Videogame Advert Appearance. In 2010 the famous actress was paid £500,000 ($800,000) to appear in a series of television adverts for Wii Fit. While across the pond Marie-Laure Norindr (France) is crowned the First Woman to Win a Pro-Street Fighter Event. Best known among pro-gamers under her tag of "Kayane", Marie-Laure became the first woman to win a pro-Street Fighter event at the Evolution Championship Series in 2010.Demonstrating the overall popularity of gaming, the FIFA Interactive World Cup broke its own record for the Largest Videogame Tournament. 869,453 gamers from across the world entered the competition last year. 16 year-old Francisco Cruz from Portugal won the tournament and walked away with the $20,000 prize money.Guinness World Records Gaming Editor, Gaz Deaves, says: "We've been burning the midnight oil like ninjas for the 2012 Gamer's Edition: witnessing record attempts, talking to developers and playing as many videogames as we could handle. Gamers all over the world can finally get their hands on the result of our hard labour, and this year's book packed with all the amazing records, facts and feats that they have a right to expect from Guinness World Records."As well as records, Gamer's Edition 2012 is full of interesting features such the as the Top 50 Videogame Endings Of All Time as voted by over 13,000 readers Gaming Fail, a fun look at the greatest 'Epic Failures' in gaming history Star Wars, a guide to the spin-off games that have come from the iconic movie and of course, a comprehensive Twin Galaxies Scoreboard that allows you to see how you compare with the best in the gaming world.Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2012 is out now in the UK, US and Australia. Click here for more details.

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