Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

631Most diverse range of products promoted by a videogameSengoku Basara (Capcom, 2005)01 November 2010The widest range of different products advertised by a videogame is 10, achieved by Sengoku Basara (Capcom, 2005) which has been used to promote offerings including takeaway pizza, rice, cider and a chain of karaoke bars as of November 2010.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011
632Most losses in a season, WNBA teamAtlanta DreamUnited States01 January 2008The Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) record for most losses by a team in a season is 30 by the Atlanta Dream (USA) in 2008.
633Largest loriciferanA giant loriciferanNot Applicable01 January 2010Loriciferans constitute a phylum of microscopic multicellular animals that were entirely unknown to science until 1983, and are characterised by a protective outer casing called the lorica. The largest specimen currently on record is a giant larva obtained from the deep sea that measured approximately 700 µm long.
634First trapping of antihydrogenCERNfirstSwitzerland, 01 November 2010Antihydrogen, consisting of an antiproton and antielectron, or positron, is the antimatter ‘opposite’ of a hydrogen atom. In November 2010 researchers at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, announced they had successfully trapped and contained 38 atoms of this exotic substance for around a tenth of a second.
635First PC with a hard drive as standardIBM PC/XT, Query01 January 1983Released in 1983, the IBM PC/XT came with a 10-MB hard drive as standard issue, along with 128 KB of RAM and a 360-KB floppy drive. It retailed at $5,000 (£3,300).
636First person injured by a meteoriteAnn HodgesfirstUnited States, Sylacauga30 November 1954The first person injured by a meteorite was Ann Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama, USA, who suffered bruising when a 5.5-kg (12-lb) piece of chondrite crashed through the roof of her home on 30 November 1954.
637Most clubs flashed by a duoPeter Kaseman, Darin MarriottUSA, Query01 January 2004The most clubs flashed by a duo is 14, when Peter Kaseman and Darin Marriott (both USA) attempted a flash of 14-club passing in 2004.
638Most victories in a football European club competition (single season)F.C. PortoPortugal, PortoThe most victories in a single season of a football European club competition was 15 by F.C. Porto in winning the 2011 UEFA Europa League championship. It marked Porto's second-ever UEFA Cup victory."Os Dragões" bested the previous mark of 13 held by Barcelona in 2002-03.
639Longest videogame marathon on a tablet computerQualcomm’s Snapdragon processorUnited States, Los Angeles06 June 2012The longest video games marathon playing on a tablet computer is 26 hours, achieved by 26 people using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 provided by AT&T, in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 6 June 2012.The record attempt started at 2.35pm on 5 June and ended at 4.35 on 6 June 2012.
640Most participants in a software development marathonMicrosoft (India)India, India22 September 2012The most participants in a software development marathon in one location is 2,567, achieved by Microsoft (India) in Bangalore, India, from 21-22 September 2012.The event was held to build toward the launch of the new Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft, and saw the development of apps specifically for this platform.
641Most layers in a printed circuit boardDenso CorporationJapan, Chita,Aichi13 June 2012The most layers in a printed circuit board is 129, and it was created and released by Denso Corporation (Japan) in Chita, Aichi, Japan, on 13 June 2012.Printed circuit boards are used in various electronic devices, such as computers and cell phones.
642Longest journey on a telescopic handlerLeo TergujeffItaly, S. Defendente di Cervasca02 June 2014The longest journey on a telescopic handler is 4,296 km (2,669.41 miles) and was achieved by Leo Tergujeff (Finland) in a journey between Italy and Finland, from 28 April to 2 June 2014.Merlo P 25.6 telescopic handler was used for the attempt. The trip took Leo through Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and Finland.
643Longest marathon performing a mantra (team)Krishna RocksNew Zealand, Auckland10 February 2013The longest marathon performing a mantra by a team is 32 hr 06 min and was achieved by Krishna Rocks (New Zealand) at Blockhouse Bay Community Centre in Auckland, New Zealand, from 9-10 February 2013.The mantra performed by the team was 'Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare'.
644Highest jump by a pigKotetsu70 centimetre(s)Japan, Ayama-Cho22 August 2004The world record for the highest jump by a pig is 70 cm (27.5 in) and was achieved by Kotetsu, a pot-bellied pig on 22 August 2004 at the Mokumoku Tedsukuri Farm, Mie, Japan.Kotetsu was 18 months old when he achieved his record, and was trained by Makoto Ieki (Japan).
645Most expensive picture by DegasEdgar Degas17601500 UK pound(s)United States, New York CityDanseuse au repos (c.1879), a pastel of a ballet dancer by the French artist Edgar Degas (1834 - 1917) sold for £17,601,500 ($27,868,455) at Sotheby's, London, UK on 28 Jun 1999.The work was sold with its original frame designed by Degas. It shows a young dancer relaxing after the rigours of training, massaging her left foot while sitting on a bench next to a second dancer of which only the frills of her skirt can be seen. The work became the most expensive on paper ever sold at auction.See also Attempt ID 87449.
646Longest career as a solicitorRoy Mervin Palmer1956/11/1 year(s), month(s), day(s)United Kingdom, 09 August 2010The longest career as a solicitor is held by Roy Mervin Palmer (UK, b. 7 October 1929) who has been working as a practising lawyer since 1 November 1956.Palmer worked as a solicitor total of 54 years 9 months and 9 days as of 9 August 2011.
647Most Test match hundreds by a player in a calendar year (male)Mohammad YousufNot Applicable01 January 2006The most Test match centuries in a calendar year is nine by Mohammad Yousuf (formerly known as Yousuf Youhana, b. 27 August 1974, Pakistan) in 2006.
648Most unique NPCs in a videogameThe Elder Scrolls Online10202 firstNot Applicable, 04 April 2014The Elder Scrolls Online (ZeniMax Online Studios, 2014) has the most unique non-player characters (NPCs) in a videogame – a total of 10,202.
649Most bus drives consecutively on a BMX off a halfpipe rampRomaric FathFrance, St. Cyprien08 July 2004The record for the most consecutive 'bus drives' performed on a BMX is 10 by Romaric Fath (France) on the set of of L’Été De Tous Les Records in St. Cyprien, France on 8 July 2004.The ramp used was a halfpipe.
650Most expensive drum kit sold at auctionKeith Moon's Premier drum kit139650 UK pound(s)United Kingdom, London29 September 2004A five-piece Premier drum kit used by The Who's Keith Moon (UK) between 1968 and 1970 sold for £139,650 ($252,487 buyer's commission included), to a private US bidder at a Christie's auction in London, UK on 29 September 2004.The buyer paid nine times the pre-sale estimate of £15,000 ($26,740).
651Oldest player to score in a Champions League finalPaolo MaldiniUnknownThe oldest player to score a goal in a Champions League final is Paolo Maldini (Italy, b. 26 June 1968) aged 36 years and 333 days playing for AC Milan against Liverpool on 25 May 2005.
652Youngest person to score 147 in a televised snooker matchDing JunhuiUnited Kingdom, Wembley14 January 2007The youngest player to score a maximum score of 147 in a televised snooker match is Ding Junhui (China) at the Masters tournament at Wembley, UK, on 14 January 2007 aged 19 years and 288 days.
653Most people performing a raindancePEIIreland, DublinThe most people performing a raindance is 395 and was achieved by PEI (Ireland) at Carton House, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland, on 29 May 2011.
654Most characters played in a one man showLaxman DeshpandeIndia01 January 1979Laxman Deshpande (India) plays all 53 parts in his one man play Varhad Nighalay Londonla. The three hour play, which he first performed in 1979, is a comedy about a marriage party from India going to London for the wedding of one of their sons.
655Longest sloopMirabella VUnited Kingdom, Southampton01 November 2003The 75.2 m (246.7 ft) luxury vessel Mirabella V is the world's longest sloop, or single-masted yacht. The state-of-the-art ship has a composite hull, a 150 tonne (330,000 lb) lifting keel, and a 90 m (295 ft) mast, the world's tallest.Mirabella V was built in Southampton, UK, and launched in November 2003.
656Most blooms on a hellebore plantAnna MacleanUnited Kingdom, LondonThe record for the most blooms on a hellebore (Helleborus) plant is 66, as counted on 4 May 2006, on a plant grown by Anna Maclean (UK) in her garden in Richmond, Greater London, UK.
657Most goals scored by a team in an NHL gameMontreal Canadiens03 March 1920The most goals scored by a National Hockey League team in a single match is 16, by the Montreal Canadiens in their 16-3 victory over the Quebec Bulldogs on 3 March 1920.
658Most games lost by a pitcher in a Major League Baseball careerDenton True "Cy" YoungUnited States01 January 1911The pitcher to lose the most games in a career is Denton True Cy Young (USA) playing for the Cleveland Spiders, St Louis Cardinals, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians and Boston Braves with 316 from 1890–1911.
659Fewest wins in a season, NHLWashington Capitals8 timesUnited States, 01 January 1975The fewest wins record by a team in a single National Hockey League season is eight by the Washington Capitals in 1974-75.
660Largest city to host a Winter Olympic GamesMelbourneCanada, Vancouver12 February 2010The largest city ever to host a Winter Olympic Games is Vancouver, Canada with a population of 2,116,581 people who hosted the XXI Winter Olympiad from 12-28 February 2010.The previous record holder was Turin (Torino) the host of the 2006 games, who had a population of 1.7 million.

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