Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

6601Nelson Mandela 1918-2013Nelson Mandela, the prisoner-turned-president who reconciled South Africa after the end of apartheid, died yesterday at the age of 95 following a long illness.An icon of peace and the struggle against racial oppression, during Nelson Mandela's 27 years 6 months and 6 days behind bars, he became the world's most famous political prisoner, setting the unenviable world record for longest period of incarceration for a future head of state.Following his release from prison in 1990, he went on to guide his country to democracy, bringing an end to white minority rule and securing black people the right to vote.Mandela was first sent to the infamous Robben Island prison for a brief period in 1962 for minor political offences, then returned two years later for a life sentence after being convicted of sabotage and conspiracy to overthrow the state.Aged 46 when he began his jail term, Mandela was sentenced to years of hard labour, breaking rocks in a limestone quarry.Chained in rows of four, prisoners worked eight to 10 hours a day, five days a week, with the unforgiving glare of the sun on the white rocks, combined with the dust, causing permanent damage to Mandela's eyes.Despite the harsh conditions, Mandela did not direct his frustrations at his immediate captors."He was always friendly, polite and helpful," Christo Brand, a prison warder who was with Mandela from 1978 until his release in 1990, told Reuters in a recent interview."He became like a father to me. If I needed some help and assistance with something, he was always there for me," said Brand.In his autobiography, "Long Walk to Freedom", the majority of which was written in secret in his cell on the island, Mandela recalled the loneliness and isolation felt by inmates."Robben Island was without question the harshest, most iron-fisted outpost in the South African penal system," he wrote."Journeying to Robben Island was like going to another country, its isolation made it not simply another prison but a world of its own, far removed from the one we had come from."In March 1982, he was transferred to Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison, located in the Cape Town suburb of Tokai, and then on to Victor Verster Prison in 1989 before his eventual release two years later.Despite his years of incarceration, he offered a message of reconciliation, not vengeance following his release, inspiring the world by negotiating a peaceful end to segregation and urging forgiveness for the white government that imprisoned him."As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison," Mandela said after he was freed.Twelve months after gaining his freedom, he was elected president of the African National Congress party with the chief aim of beginning a new, multi-racial democracy for South Africa.videoNelson Mandela delivers a speech during the International tribute to Free South Africa concert at London's Wembley Stadium in 1990, two months after his release from prisonIn 1993, Mandela and the then South African President FW De Klerk were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to bring stability to the country.The Nobel Committee said both men had made "a brilliant contribution to peace".Accepting the award, Mr Mandela said: "We will do what we can to contribute to the renewal of our world."The following year, for the first time in South Africa's history, people from all races voted in democratic elections. The ANC won and Mr Mandela became president. He told crowds at his inauguration on 10 May, 1994: "Let freedom reign, God bless Africa!"Among the many world leaders to pay tribute last night was US President Barack Obama, who called Mandela an "extraordinary man" whose journey from prisoner to president had inspired the world, as well as him personally."He achieved more than can be expected of any man - and today he's gone home," said President Obama."We've lost one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this earth.""He no longer belongs to us - he belongs to the ages."
6602Julio Iglesias receives world record certificate in BeijingGUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, the global authority on record-breaking achievements, yesterday awarded Spanish superstar Julio Iglesias a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate at a presentation in Beijing, officially recognising him as the Best-selling male Latin artist.The 69 year old Spanish singer received the accolade as part of a press conference, announcing his China live tour. Iglesias is no stranger to such global performances - over a career spanning almost 50 years, he has released more than 80 albums, in 14 languages, and achieved more than 2,600 gold and platinum certifications for record sales." When I was young, it was only my father who bought my records," said Iglesias upon receiving his official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate, " I truly never could have imagined selling as many records as I have now. Thank you, Guinness World Records."The singer and songwriter, born in Madrid, Spain, has sold over 250 million albums as of 2006. His album Julio (1983) was the first foreign language album to sell more than two million copies in the USA, and is the only foreign language record to go double platinum there.
6603As deep as it gets: Take a dip in the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving - videoHere's one swimming pool where you certainly wouldn't want to lose your locker key.The Nemo 33 in Brussels, Belgium, is recognised by Guinness World Records as the deepest swimming pool for diving, with a staggering depth of 33 meters (108 ft).Designed by civil engineer and diving instructor John Beernaerts, in use, it contains around 2.5 million litres (550,000 gal, 4.4 million pints, 660,000 US gallons) of water.videoThe facility, which opened in May 2004, is used for dive training, leisure diving, and research, and is also often used for film shoots.The water is kept at a constant 33 °C (91.4 °F) thanks to a large array of solar panels.videoThere are two 'basins' and three 'pits', the deepest of which is 5m (16 ft 4 in) across and drops to 33 m (108 ft).For swimmers that are even more adventurous, the Nemo 33 also features underwater 'caves' for exploration, while three air-filled diving bells enable diving instructors to communicate with their charges without the need for them to return to the surface.To find out more about the pool, head to
6604Record Holder Profile - Kazuhiro Watanabe, the world's tallest mohican hairstyleKazuhiro Watanabe, owner of the tallest mohican hairstyle, paid a visit to the Guinness World Records office in New York City this week. The fashion designer's mohican measured 113.5 centimeters (44.68 inches) high, and was verified in Tokyo, Japan in October 2011. It has taken over 15 years for Kazuhiro to grow his hair to such a long length, and takes a team two hours, three cans of hairspray and one jar of gel to sculpt Watanabe's mohican. Previously, the record for the tallest mohican was 80 centimeters (31.5 inches) and belonged to Stefan Srocka of Germany.Kazuhiro's record and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition - is out now worldwide from all good retailers. Find out more about the book and its incredible augmented reality feature, and where you can buy a copy at
6605Ben 10 fans set new plastic brick sculpture recordFans of the kids show Ben 10 were able to create history this month, after 15,556 people in the UK took part in a successful Guinness World Records attempt for the most contributors to an interlocking plastic brick sculpture.Members of the public were invited to add their own brick to the sculpture at shopping centres in Birmingham, Bluewater (Kent), Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield.Designed by Kevin Cooper from KC Designs, the eventual sculpture formed a giant robot based on a new character in the show called "Bloxx". Kevin used paper and pencil to draw up his plans rather than a computer and estimates that he spent close to 570 hours working on "Bloxx", using around 240,000 bricks.Unlike the character in the cartoon series which can stretch and change into any shape, this sculpture was fragile.No adhesives or internal support were allowed to be used, therefore "Bloxx" had to be transported in sections to the nine locations across the UK."Bloxx" finally assembled into one structure last Thursday, measuring in at 3 m (9.8 ft) wide and 2.9 m (9.51 ft) high.
6606Top 10 Back-to-School Guinness World RecordsAs we get back into the academic swing, we have our top 10 Guinness World Records to get everyone excited for back-to-school!10. Class reunion - longest elapsed timeThe 1929 class of Miss Blanche Miller's Kindergarten and Continuation School in Bluefield, West Virginia, USA had their first reunion after 70 years! While ten members of the class had died by the time the reunion came, 55% of those alive were in attendence. (See top photo for a picture of the class in 1929!)9. Most schools attendedThe greatest documented number of schools attended by a pupil is 265, in the case of Wilma Williams, now Mrs R.J. Horton, from 1933 to 1943, when her parents were in show business.8. Largest chemistry lessonThe largest chemistry lesson involved 801 participants and was achieved by The Heathland School (UK) in Hounslow, Middlesex, UK, on 29 February 2012. The lesson lasted 33 minutes and was on rates of reaction. As part of the lesson all participants were required to eat a sweet and complete a worksheet. The lesson was taken by Tom Carbro and Suvi Mohey.7. Oldest universityThe oldest existing, and continually operating educational institution in the world is the University of Karueein, founded in 859 AD in Fez, Morocco. (The University of Bologna in Italy was founded in 1088 and is the oldest one in Europe.)6. Longest pencilThe longest pencil measured 225.21 m (738 ft 10 in) and was created by STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG (Germany). It was presented and measured in Nürnberg, Germany, on 15 September 2011. The pencil was sharpened at the top and was used to write some words on a piece of paper in front of the notary.5. Largest donation of school supplies in 24 hoursThe largest donation of school supplies in 24 hours is 4,019 kg (8,860 lb 6.05 oz) and was achieved by Ayoun Jeddah , at Mall of Arabia, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on 4 April 2012. Most of the donated school supplies came from bulk donations by stationery suppliers.4. Oldest person to begin primary schoolThe world's oldest person to begin primary school was aged 84. Kimani Ng'ang'a Maruge (Kenya) enrolled into Standard One at Kapkenduiyo Primary School, Eldoret, Kenya, on 12 January 2004. He even wore the school uniform and hoped to reach Standard Eight. On 6 April 2004 it was reported that Ng'ang'a passed his first end-of-term exams with straight A's in English, Kiswahili and math, making him among the top five students in the class. The headmistress, Mrs Jane Obinchu (Kenya) made him a senior headboy as a reward.3. Largest backpack/rucksackThe largest backpack measured 10.37 m (34 ft) in height, 7.8 m (25 ft 7.08 in) in width, 2.8 m (9 ft 2.23 in) in depth and was produced by Omasu (Saudi Arabia), at the Mall of Arabia, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on 4 April 2012. The backpack is an exact replica of a normal sized Omasu backpack. The project to produce the oversized backpack took around two months.2. Largest collection of erasersThe largest collection of erasers belongs to Petra Engels (Germany) with 19,571 non duplicate erasers from 112 different countries which she has been collecting since 1981. Petra started collecting erasers at the age of 9. She first developed an interest in erasers after visiting a stationery shop selling various and extraordinary erasers. Friends of her mother used to give her erasers instead of chocolate and her parents used to bring her erasers from various business trips. Petra, now 34, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her eraser collection which is stored in 22 glass-show-cases and an additional cupboard with 12 drawers.1. Largest school by pupilsThe largest school in terms of pupils is the City Montessori School in Lucknow, India, which had a record enrolment of 39,437 children on 9 August 2010 for the 2010-11 academic year. The school admits boys and girls between ages two and five, who can then continue their education to degree level. In 2002, it won the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. The City Montessori has come a long way since Jagdish Gandhi and his wife Bharti first opened it in 1959 with a loan of just 300 rupees ($63, £22). Then it had a grand total of five pupils!
6607Men in Black 3 premiere in Germany is largest ever 3D movie screeningThe largest 3D movie screening was held on Monday in Germany. A record-breaking 6,819 film fans were in attendence for the country's premiere of Men in Black 3 at Berlin's O2 World.Star's from the sci-fi sequel including Will Smith, Nicole Scherzinger and Josh Brolin along with the film's film director Barry Sonnenfeld were all in attendance for the event.Martin Bachmann, CEO of Sony Pictures Germany receives the record certificate from GWR adjudicator Olaf Kuchenbecker.The projector set-up for the record-breaking screening comprised of an array of four Sony 4K SRX-R320's, projecting left and right eye 3D images simultaneously onto a giant 25.9m x 14m screen.Sony Pictures and Telefónica Germany donated the total revenue of the première to the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI trust, supporting children in need.MIB3 is set to be released later this month, almost 15 years after the first movie in the series set a record for the highest box office film gross for an opening weekend - a record now held by The Avengers.
6608Video: Tightest parallel parking record beaten at new Mini launchOne of our most popular world records over recent years has been the hotly contested tightest parallel parking title.The record has changed hands five times in the past two years, with our video of German driving ace Ronny Wechselberger's successful attempt last year becoming something of an internet sensation with viewing figures hitting the millions.When Patrik Folco neatly slid his way into a gap measuring just 22 cm (8.66 in) longer than the car he was driving last month, it set a benchmark that looked unlikely to be broken.However, the record has indeed once again been smashed, this time by Chinese master wheelman Han Yue.Han last week managed to shave off an incredible 7cm from the record, drifting into a space of just 15 cm (5.91 in) longer than his vehicle.The attempt took place in Beijing as part of the launch for a new special edition of the Mini called The Chinese Job.Watch Han make motoring history in the clip
6609World's Largest Prayer Wheel Weighs 200 TonsBig wheels keep on turning in China, where a new Guinness World Record for the largest prayer wheel was set last month in Heyin Town, Guide County, Qinghai Province.The wheel measured 26.285 m (86 ft 2.84 in) in height and 10.22 m (33 ft 6.36 in) in diameter, and weighed 200 tons (440,92.45 lb). A prayer wheel is a cylindrical "wheel" with prayers or depictions on it. Tibetan Buddhist tradition says that spinning a prayer wheel can have the same effect as reciting prayers out loud. In order to qualify for the record, prayer wheels must be made from metal, wood, stone, leather, or coarse cotton and include Buddhist scriptures inside the wheel. It also must be able to be turned by human hand, water, or other means. Named the China Fortune Wheel, the recording-holding metal prayer wheel was created by the Huanghe Investment & Development Co., Ltd. of Guide County (China). Guinness World Records Adjudicator Angela Wu measured the prayer wheel's height and diameter before she presented the official certificate.
6610Nagoya Women’s Marathon confirmed as largest all-female eventA piece of sporting history was made earlier this month when 13,114 women gathered to participate in the Nagoya Women's Marathon 2012 in Japan.Guinness World Records Adjudicators, Carlos Martínez and Aya McMillan, travelled to Nagoya, Aichi, Japan to witness, and later confirm that participation numbers for the race had made it the Largest Women's Marathon of all time.The marathon served as a qualifying event for Japanese athletes hoping to represent the country as this summer's Olympic Games in London.There was also added significance, with the race taking part on 11 March, exactly one year after the Tohoku Earthquake devastated parts of Japan.A total of 12,721 participants (97% of the runners) finished the record-breaking race, which was eventually won by Albina Mayorova from Russia, who finished with a time of 2:23:52.Mayorova was followed by two Japanese runners, Yoshimi Ozaki (2:24:14) and Remi Nakazato (2:24:28).
6611Fan Choice: August 29 - Vote now!For his world record, Sam Clauw just kept riding and riding. And now he's ridden all the way to victory lane. The Belgian rode his record for the longest marathon on a faiground attraction to a win in last week's Fan Choice, as his 50-hour "Viking Boat" marathon ride garnered the most votes of our competitors.Sam used the attempt to raise funds and awareness for ALTA, a charity to fight the endangerment of amur leopards and tigers, and now has the people's vote behind him.Every Friday here, we pick five records recently approved by our expert Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background on each and then ask you to vote for your favorite. The winners from each week, like Sam, will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.Read about our 2013 Fan Choice Record of the Year winner here.This week's list of nominees vying for your vote includes some bodacious bunting and a 60-foot (18 m) oar, but first, who's ready for a cookout?LONGEST BARBECUE MARATHON BY A TEAM (pictured above)Record: 29 hr 1 min Holders: Lee De Villiers and Simon Clark (both UK)Location: The Old Sergeant pub in Wandsworth, London, UKThat's not all: Just in time for Labor Day weekend in the U.S., a nice, long session on the grill. This South African duo has been manning pubs since moving to the UK 14 years ago, and said it had been a childhood dream to break a record. They were able to use their barbecuing efforts to feed patrons at all hours of the day and night, including local overnight shifts from the fire department and ambulance unit.LONGEST LINE OF SKIERSRecord: 300 people Holder: Eikerapen Alpinsenter (Norway)Location: Eikerapen, Aserol, NorwayThat's not all: As summer comes to a close we know only one thing: winter is coming. These skiers are ready for that, having connected themselves with a 450 m (1,476 ft) line from front of line to end down this Norwegian mountainside.LARGEST HAND PADDLE/OARRecord: 18.57 m (60 ft 11 in) long by 2.80 m (9 ft 2 in) wide Holder: Mark Teasdale (Canada) Location: Parson, British Columbia, CanadaThat's not all: Built by local master log home builder Dave Stonehouse, the oar was the brainchild of Teasdale, who owns Columbia Wetlands Adventure, a local business that rents out canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and pedal boats to those navigating the Columbia River. The entirely wooden oar now serves as a tourist attraction, with visitors able to climb it for photos.LONGEST BUNTING LINERecord: 12.115 km 83 cm (39,750 ft 1 in)Holders: Sharon Le Corre and Cragg Vale Community Association (both UK)Location: Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UKThat's not all: The more than 7.5 miles of bunting totaled 52,939 individual flags to make up the whole line. As per record rules, all the flags in the line were no wider than 20 cm (7.87 in) and the gap between each one no larger than 5 cm (1.9 in). The line was spread across the Cragg Vale hill to celebrate this year's Tour de France route passing through the town.LARGEST STEAMED BUN MOSAICRecord: 11.43 m² (123.03 ft²)Holders: Earth Family Project Executive Committee (Japan)Location: Kobe, Hyogo, JapanThat's not all: The steamed buns that the mosaic consisted of were pork buns. The attempt was organised as part of an attempt to support the Tohoku region of Japan.And those are your nominees time now to cast your vote!&ampampampampampampampamplta href=""&ampampampampampampampampgtFan Choice: August 29&ampampampampampampampamplt/a&ampampampampampampampampgtThen check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
6612Fan Choice: August 8 - Vote now!We found out last week that a lot of noodles equals a lot of votes.The Yunnan Folk Dance Promotion Association of Chinese Taipei crushed the competition in last week's Fan Choice, securing more than 70% of the vote, while no other competitor garnered more than 20%, for their record longest line of bowls of noodles with 3,000. Congratulations to the folks from the city of Longang for their spirited victory!Every Friday here, we pick five records recently approved by our expert Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background on each and then ask you to vote for your favorite. The winners from each week, like THE Yunnan Folk Dance Promotion Association, will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.Read about our 2013 Fan Choice Record of the Year winner here.This week's list of nominees vying for your vote includes a marathon rugby group and a lot of hand-slapping, but first, no matter how old you are, riding a bike is just like...well, riding a bike!OLDEST PERSON TO CYCLE FROM LAND'S END TO JOHN-O'-GROATSRecord: 81 years, 162 daysHolder: Tony Rathbone (UK)Location: The UK mainlandThat's not all: One of the most contested and competitive journey routes in the world, the path from Land's End to John-O'-Groats (or vice-versa) takes travelers the entire length of the United Kingdom mainland from south to north. Tony completed his journey with his friend, Billy Skipper, riding alongside. The duo cycled a total of 1,526.46 km (948.5 miles) and rode for a total of 79 hr, 34 min.LARGEST WELSH CAKERecord: 21.7 kg (47 lb 13.4 oz)Holder: Bala and Penllyn Tourism Association (UK)Location: Bala High Street, Gwynedd, WalesThat's not all: The cake was built as a way to culminate celebrations for St. David's Day in Bala, with the cake then cut up and sold to festival-goers and proceeds going to charity. Also referred to by some as bakestones, Welsh cakes for record purposes are required to contain at least flour, butter, milk, eggs, sultanas, and sugar. LONGEST MARATHON PLAYING RUGBY UNIONRecord: 24 hr 51 minHolder: Scotty's Little Soldiers (UK) Location: Welford Road in Leicester, Leicestershire, UKThat's not all: An Armed Forces XV beat the Scotty's Little Soldiers XV by a score of 1,742 - 828. The game was organised by Nikki Scott, whose husband Corporal Lee Scott was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. The Scotty's charity supports children who have lost parents who were serving in the armed forces.MOST PEOPLE PLAYING A CLAPPING GAMERecord: 645Holder: Mark Oliphant College (Australia)Location: Munno Para West, South Australia, AustraliaThat's not all: Double double this this, double double that that...if you're clapping with the person next to you now, then you know how the participants of this record felt! The game played for the record was "Double, Double," which you can find out more on here. MOST PLEDGES RECEIVED FOR A CAMPAIGNRecord: 122,582Holders: Jayalakshmi Sakthivelan and Abirambika Ravivarman of Green Minds Center Pvt Ltd (India)Location: Tamil Nadu, IndiaThat's not all: The pledges in particular were all accumulated from different individuals across a one-month period. The campaign was designed to raise awareness for sustainability to commemorate UNESCO's Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.And those are your nominees time now to cast your vote!&lta href=""&gtFan Choice: August 8&lt/a&gtThen check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
6613March Sports Blog: Philadelphia 76ers sink, Bayern Munich soar to records in our look at the monthWelcome to the March sports blog, where this month we hit the hardwood, tackle the pitch, and offer up a bit of record potpourri from an eclectic sports calendar page of 2014.On this April 1, we start with a basketball team basically pulling a season-long April Fool's frank on its fans.BASKETBALL JONESNormally, we tend to celebrate the best in record-breaking – “Officially Amazing”/higher, faster, stronger that whole thing.But sometimes you have to acknowledge records broken the other way. Enter the Philadelphia 76ers.Losers of 26 straight before surprisingly destroying the Pistons by 25 on Saturday, the Sixers tied the 2010-11 Clevaland Cavaliers’ record for most consecutive losses by an NBA team. That Cavs team was reeling after the loss of LeBron James, while this Sixers team is unabashedly taking its roster back to square one. All this for a chance - at best only a 25% chance - to score the No. 1 pick in this year's draft. Good thing Philadelphia sports fans are traditionally known for patience and mild manners...videoSOCCER SAMPLERLuis Suarez continues to rampage through the Barclays Premier League. His Liverpool are top of the table and the Uruguayan owns 29 goals in 27 games - after missing five on suspension, don't forget. With six matches left, he now stands just two goals behind the Premier League record 31 in one season by Alan Shearer and Cristiano Ronaldo, in 38-game seasons. And, remarkably, Suarez is only five goals behind the record 34 set by Andy Cole and Shearer again in the old 42-game seasons.videoKicking it around elsewhere: Bayern Munich - not a bad year. The German superpower just saw one impressive streak come to an end, while another continued: their 19 straight wins is the most ever in a Bundesliga season, ended by a 3-3 draw over the weekend. Still, the champs remain unbeaten for another Bundesliga-record 53 games. And we guess Alejandro Bernal had a hot date March 11. That night, he set the record for the fastest time to be sent off in a Copa Libertadores match. The Atletico Nacional man saw red after just 27 seconds against Nacional de Uruguay, breaking a 40-year-old record that had stood at 40 seconds by Rosario Central's Jorge José Gonzalez.AROUND THE WORLDvideoMiguel Cabrera can hit. And now he can pick up the dinner check for the rest of his life. The Detroit Tigers third baseman and first MLB triple crown winner since 1967 inked an 8-year contract extension this month to his existing 2-year deal, taking his total contract to a 10-year pact worth $292 million (£175.4 million). It surpasses Alex Rodriguez's 10-year, $275 million contract signed in 2007 as the largest in baseball history. Chicks dig the long ball.On the good side of the NBA, Kyle Korver continued his own streak into March. The Atlanta Hawks sharpshooter took the NBA record for most consecutive games with a 3-pointer to 127 before finally going blank from deep on March 6.Dallas Seaveymade history in Alaska's bitter cold, winning the 2014 Iditarod in the fastest time ever. The two-time champ and his dogs mushed the 1,000-mile course in 8 days, 14 hr, 4 min, 19 sec.And we don't often talk chess around here, but special recognition should go out to Judit Polgar. She surpassed a silver anniversary this month as t he longest time a female player has been consecutively ranked chess world number one - 25 years and 1 month.That does it for March! With April on the way, we have baseball returning, a couple of great soccer league races coming down to the wire and, thankfully, warm weather around the corner. See you next month!And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
6614(VIDEO) Watch One Direction's two world record attempts from 1D Day!Looking to add to their world record tally, the boys of One Direction spent a part of 1D Day on Saturday attempting some official Guinness World Records achievements during their live, global video stream on YouTube and Google+.With official GWR adjudicators on hand to verify both attempts, all five members first tried to build the tallest toilet paper stack in 30 seconds. Needing to beat 28 rolls in a single, standing stack, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis broke into two teams and built competing towers. Check out how they got on.videoLater, Liam took the lead in attempting the mark for most balloons burst by sitting in 30 seconds. With Zayn as one of his assistants, Liam needed to beat a tally of 27 balloons, and each of his two attempts knocked on history's door.videoSo while they couldn't quite add to their record-breaking legacy, still a very game effort from the guys on their very special day. And we've learned to maybe not bring balloon animals to Liam's next birthday party!For the latest Guinness World Records videos and updates, be sure to check out our own YouTube and Google+ channels.
6615(VIDEO) Harlem Globetrotter breaks longest basketball shot record for GWR Day 2013Corey “Thunder” Law has experienced a lot of career highs.The Harlem Globetrotters rookie led his High Point Panthers to a shared regular-season conference title in 2012-13, ended his college career as the team’s second-all time leading rebounder, and competed in the 2013 College Slam Dunk Championship.But for Guinness World Records Day 2013, he’s reached his highest peak yet.Under the watchful eye of an official GWR adjudicator, Law took to the US Airways Center - home to the NBA’s Phoenix Suns - and broke the record for the longest basketball shot, draining that famous red-white-and-blue basketball from 109 ft 9 in (33.45 m) away.Rather than just read about Law’s amazing bucket, it’s probably best to see for yourself.videoOut of three Globetrotters to attempt the record, Law was the only one to come close. It took an hour of alternating tries by the three players before Law was able to drain the historic shot.He broke the previous record of 104 ft 7 in (31.9 m), set by former Pepperdine University player Elan Buller on Feb. 16, 2011.“It’s definitely an honor,” Law said. “I can’t believe I broke a record on Guinness World Records Day. A shot – 109 feet, 9 inches. Awesome!”
6616(VIDEO) Most consecutive handsprings by a male tumbles for GWR Day 2013For teenager Tim Wade of Texas, it’s another year, another record.The 17-year-old has recaptured his old title for the most consecutive handsprings (male), following up his 39 from October 2012 with a new mark of 46 set in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2013.Wade broke his record at Dallas’ famous AT&T Stadium, home of the NFL’s Cowboys, at the 2013 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Fall Championship.“Representing the United States on Guinness World Records Day is amazing this year,” said Wade, who lives 140 miles from AT&T, “because we broke the record in Dallas Cowboys stadium.”videoAn avid tumbler, Wade grew up practicing in a family-owned gym, having worked at gymnastics “since the day he was born,” according to his mother.Incidentally on that night last year, Wade’s younger brother Cale set the original record with 36 handsprings. Tim then eclipsed him the same evening with 39 before seeing the record balloon to 44 in the last year.Now Tim has reclaimed his spot as the most indefatigable male tumbler in the world.“I hit a wall at 35 (handsprings) and from then on, you kind of can’t see very much and you just go with what your body feels,” Wade said. “You have to keep doing those handsprings and just slowly build up from one until your top-out max.”
6617Stephen Curry, Manchester United, and more highlight the April Sports BlogI’ve argued with myself for years on this, but I have a really hard time trying to pick which sports month is my favorite on the calendar.Different times of year have their charms, but in the end it always comes down to two: October (the World Series, NFL has returned, NBA is on the way back, soccer leagues around the world are in full swing) and the month we just lived – April.With NBA and NHL regular seasons ending/playoffs beginning, baseball returning, Champions League knockout stages, the Masters, and plenty more, April always delivers. It also helps that the weather finally turns for the better, and a little sun helps break us out of our wintry cages.This April was no different, with a lot of sports greatness to cover in this month’s recap.BASKETBALL BONANZAThe best basketball players in the world just wrapped up their regular season in April and 16 teams set out on a quest to win the NBA title soon thereafter (condolences, as of this writing, to the Bucks and Lakers).A slew of notable records – both in-season and postseason accomplishments – happened this month, highlighted by a pair of generational sharpshooters.Golden State Warriors fourth-year pro Stephen Curry finished his year nailing 272 three-pointers, breaking Ray Allen’s mark for most 3s made in a single NBA season (269 in 2005-06). Curry shot a blistering 45.3% from downtown en route to the record, and has so far continued putting on a show in the first round of the playoffs.videoAllen himself was able to find consolation in another long-range record of his own: the Miami Heat veteran passed Reggie Miller’s mark of 320 for the most career three-pointers made in the playoffs. Allen and the Heat, still prohibitive favorites to win the title, continue playing and he’s reached 326 trifectas thus far.Another amazing postseason record set this month: San Antonio Spurs duo Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan have the most postseason wins by any coach-player combo in history, with 121 and counting. After sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round, the pair doesn’t seem intent on stopping anytime soon.FROM THE PITCHDomestic soccer seasons are coming to a close around the world, meaning records galore.This includes Manchester United (pictured above) wrapping up the Premier League title, its record 20 th triumph in England’s top flight. The victory – secured with four matches still left to play – also extended Sir Alex Ferguson and Ryan Giggs’ records for the most Premier League titles won by a manager and player, respectively, each earning their lucky 13 th.Also in the Premier League, a bit of a dubious distinction this month: when Fabian Delph put it in his own net against Fulham, it marked the 44 th cumulative own goal of the season for the world’s most famous soccer league. This surpassed the previous high of 43 set in the 2009-10 campaign.Check back next month as we dive deeper into some notable soccer achievements (Leo Messi, anyone?) after the globe’s various seasons conclude.AROUND THE WORLDvideoThe X-Games visited Brazil for the first time in April and Jamie Bestwick made the trip to Foz do Iguaçu worth it, winning the gold in BMX vert for a record-setting seventh straight time, the most consecutive wins in any X-Games event. ...Chinese teenager Guan Tianlang made history at the Masters, becoming not only the youngest player to ever compete at Augusta, but also the youngest to ever make the Masters cut – all at the not-even-old-enough-to-drive-yet age of 14. …Lastly, in one of the more impressive ongoing streaks around, the Detroit Red Wings made the NHL playoffs for a 22 nd straight season, the longest active streak and 13 years longer than next best (San Jose). The Wings now look up to only four streaks longer in the history of the league, led by the Boston Bruins appearing in 29 straight playoffs from 1967-68 to 1995-96.Sad to say goodbye to April, but enjoy some walks outside and check back in a month to see what May brings!
6618Irish rugby star Brian O’Driscoll sets most capped player world recordRugby Union legend Brian O’Driscoll marked his final home appearance for Ireland by creating a piece of sporting history at the weekend.The 35-year-old set a new record for most international appearances in Rugby Union after earning his 140 th cap during Ireland’s 46-7 victory over Italy on Saturday.With O’Driscoll all set to retire from international rugby following the end of this season’s RBS 6 Nations tournament, Saturday’s game which marked his final appearance at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin was high on emotion.Despite this, O’Driscoll turned in one of his traditional man-of-the-match performances, playing a part in three of Ireland’s tries.videoO’Driscoll‘s appearance on Saturday saw him surpass the record of Australian scrumhalf George Gregan, who notched up 139 appearances for his country between 1994 and 2007.The centre made his full international debut back in June 1999 during a 46–10 loss to Australia in Brisbane as part of the tour of Australia. As well as making 132 appearances for Ireland, O’Driscoll also played eight times for the British and Irish Lions during the 2001, 2005, 2009 and 2013 tours (he is one of only three players to have played in four Lions tours)Over the course of his international career O'Driscoll has scored 47 tries and won 81 matches in which he has played.
6619Spotlight: Heaviest vehicle pulled by beardEvery Wednesday we’ll be shining a light on the coolest, wackiest, or most unique records from around the globe recently approved by our Records Management Team with our Spotlight series.
6620Spotlight: A round of applause for strongman Ron Cooper's incredible pull ups featEvery Wednesday we’ll be shining a light on the coolest, wackiest, or most unique records from around the globe recently approved by our Records Management Team with our Spotlight series.
6621Spotlight: The veteran Japanese jazz group confirmed as the oldest band on the roadEach Wednesday we shine a light on the coolest, wackiest, or most unique records from around the globe recently approved by our Records Management Team with our Spotlight series.
6622Novak Djokovic, Dan Carter and Lewis Hamilton all score big in Guinness World Records 2016 EditionAll these incredible sporting feats and more appear in Guinness World Records 2016 Edition which is out September 10. To find out more about the book and pre-order your copy, head to
6623The NFL is back - are you ready for some football (records)?!The defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks take on the high-octane Green Bay Packers in the NFL's season opener Thursday night.And while the on-field narrative will of course center around Russell Wilson and Seattle's defense of the Lombardi Trophy, for us it offers the chance to get ready for another year of potentially broken records on the gridiron.It's almost here! Get the latest on #gwr60 by visiting are a few accomplishments (some of which have already happened even before the season!) to keep an eye on as America's modern pastime gets started again.JUST GOT PAIDJimmy Graham and J.J. Watt are two of the most devastating specimens in the league, and they've parlayed their freakish abilities into freakishly large paychecks heading into the season. videoThe former, a Ferrari-like tight end for the New Orleans Saints, recently signed a 4-year, $40-million contract, making it the largest contract ever given to a tight end. The latter, a monster defensive end and humorous TV pitchman (above), inked a 6-year, $100-million deal of his own. Both the annual average salary and guaranteed money of $51.9 million are all-time highs for any defensive player.AS GOOD AS BROKENThe two preeminent quarterbacks of this era (not to mention two of the best ever) are near locks to break a couple of passing records this season.videoDenver's Peyton Manning needs "just" 18 touchdowns to break Brett Favre's career record of most passing touchdowns at 508. We say "just" because, if Manning performs anywhere near what we've grown to expect from him, this record will fall in short order. Aside from the 2011 season he sat out with a neck injury, Manning (not a bad TV pitch man himself) has started all 16 games in each of his other 15 NFL seasons. Average passing touchdowns per year? 32.7, including 55 last season. We think this one's a safe bet.Also don't forget that Manning is already the all-time leader in career passing yards, entering the season with 64,964. With every completion, he'll only add to that total, while almost assuredly becoming the first QB to pass the 65,000-yard marker in history.videoThen there's Manning's historical foil, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. While Manning will retire with basically every regular-season passing record in the books, Brady has forged a reputation as a more potent postseason performer. And, assuming the Pats make it to the playoffs again (talk about sure things), Brady will need just three scores to pass his idol Joe Montana for most career playoff touchdown passes, a record currently at 45.LONG SHOTSWe guess these records are theoretically primed to get broken, but there's probably a better chance of the Raiders winning the Super Bowl.Speaking of the Raiders, their all-time secondary great Charles Woodson needs two interception returns for touchdowns to break Rod Woodson's (unrelated) career mark of 12. Woodson did return three picks to the house in 2009 and two in 2008 with Green Bay. But seeing him settle for tying the record may be more realistic, as he's taken at least one pick-6 back in eight seasons.videoEven rarer will be Chicago Bears defensive end Jared Allen and his quest for safety. The most career safeties that is. Allen is currently tied for first all-time with two others, having logged four career safeties across his nine-year career.A long shot that may actually happen is Devin Hester breaking his tie with Deion Sanders for most career non-offensive touchdowns. Where Deion earned his 19 career TDs across punt and kick returns and defensive scores, Hester has racked his up strictly in the return game. We'll keep an eye on the new Atlanta Falcon every time the opposition lines up for a kick.And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
6624Happy Halloween with these 13 spooky world recordsHappy Halloween from all of us here at Guinness World Records!The spirit is alive in the world of record-breaking, like this massive Halloween GPS map record that was just announced today. So to get you in the mood for your trick-or-treating, here are 13 of the spookiest, kookiest, Halloweeniest world records from the official GWR database.LARGEST GATHERING OF ZOMBIESGates are open! Who's ready to break this @GWR record? Get here quick for the biggest zombie party EVER— Zombie Pub Crawl (@zombiepubcrawl) October 11, 2014The largest gathering of zombies numbered 15,458 participants, and was organized by Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, just a couple weeks ago. The attempt took place on the closed-off streets of the Minneapolis Warehouse District, featuring multiple outdoor stages, food trucks, and entertainment, including a live performance by DJ Steve Aoki.HEAVIEST PUMPKINThat's one giant gourd. The heaviest pumpkin weighed 1,054.01 kg (2,323.70 lb) when it was presented by Beni Meier (Switzerland) at the European Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off in Ludwigsburg, Germany, this Oct. 12. Beni's got the formula down pat: he grew three record-breaking pumpkins in a single season.MOST PEOPLE DRESSED AS SUPERHEROESvideoThe Avengers, X-Men, and Ninja Turtles are popular costumes this year, but the most people dressed as superheroes was achieved by 1,580 participants in Los Angeles, in an event organized by Paramount Studios to promote the DreamWorks movie Megamind, starring Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt and Tina Fey, back in October 2010.LOUDEST SCREAMThink you could attempt this one at your local haunted house? Classroom assistant Jill Drake of the UK let out a scream that reached 129 dBA when measured at the Halloween festivities held in the Millennium Dome in London in October 2000. MOST PUMPKINS CARVED IN ONE HOURvideoThis record was just broken this week, on The Meredith Vieira Show in New York City, when carver Trevor Hunt gave 109 pumpkins a mouth, nose, and eyes in just 60 minutes for a new record.MOST COSTUMED RIDERS ON A THEME PARK RIDEThis was 330, achieved by Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA, on Aug. 18, 2011. The "Steel Force" roller coaster trains were loaded to full 36 passenger capacity and consecutively dispatched to achieve the record, which was part of the park's "Zombie Invasion" Halloween Haunt program.MOST LIT JACK-O'-LANTERNS ON DISPLAYThis record has hit an incredible 30,581 and was achieved by the City of Keene, New Hampshire, represented by Let It Shine, Inc., in October of last year. The original record holders in this category, the jack-o'-lantern capital of the world has broken it eight times since!LARGEST PUMPKIN SCULPTURERay Villafane (USA) carved a zombie apocalypse from two giant pumpkins – weighing 824.86 kg (1,818 lb 5 oz) and 767.9 kg (1,693 lb) – in New York City on Oct. 22-23, 2011. The sweet sculpture took 16 hours to carve and was created using the heaviest and second heaviest pumpkins from the 2011 Prince Edward County Pumpkinfest held in Wellington, Ontario, Canada.LARGEST GATHERING OF PEOPLE DRESSED AS WITCHESSort, Lleida, Spain saw 1,607 witches come together last year in this attempt achieved by La Bruixa d'Or on Nov. 16. The participants all dressed in a black hat and a black floor-length dress with a broom, all gathered to perform an incantation to bring them luck for the Spanish Christmas lottery.LARGEST TIME WARP DANCEvideoHaving grown into a cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show inspires celebrations every Halloween. But on Halloween night 2010, Twentieth Century Fox and the City of West Hollywood in California celebrated the film's 35th anniversary with 8,239 people dancing the Time Warp.LARGEST GATHERING OF PEOPLE DRESSED AS VAMPIRESvideoNo Edwards or Jacobs here. Kings Dominion theme park in Doswell, Virginia, USA hosted 1,039 "vampires" at an event to kick off its month-long Halloween celebrations on Sept. 30, 2011.FASTEST TIME TO CARVE A TONNE OF PUMPKINSAnd we mean this literally. The fastest time to carve one tonne of pumpkins is 3 hours 33 minutes 49 seconds, achieved by Stephen Clarke (USA) at Harrah's Casino Resort, Atlantic City, NJ on 29 October 2008.LARGEST HALLOWEEN GATHERINGvideoBut this is the grandaddy of all the records. In this attempt, people needed to be dressed in full traditional Halloween costume, meaning vampires, witches, Frankensteins, etc. And on Halloween night in 2010, the New Orleans Saints and NBC Sports hosted 17,777 costumed participants at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, as part of its audience for a Sunday Night Football game againstn the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Saints went home with a win, and the fans with a record.The 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition of the Guinness World Records book is out now! Find out all about it and see record holders like the longest tongue at for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
6625Fan Choice: October 24 - Vote now!Well, Andrew Frakes had no trouble finding the green in last week's Fan Choice. His record for the most golf balls hit over 300 yards in one hour handled the competition and earned him a relatively easy victory, with 66.36% of the vote. Andrew averaged nearly 7.5 of those monster drives per minute, to end up with a total of 448 and the record.Every Friday here, we pick five records recently approved by our expert Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background on each and then ask you to vote for your favorite. The winners from each week, like Andrew, will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.Read about our 2013 Fan Choice Record of the Year winner here.This week's list of nominees vying for your vote include a lot of big groups doing big things, but first, a single man on a mission.LARGEST HAND-DRAWN MAZERecord: 15.2 m (49 ft 10.42 in) long and 1.126 m (3 ft 8.33 in) wideHolder: David A. Book (USA)Location: Convington, Washington, USAThat's not all: David created and displayed his maze at the Convington Library, after having spent 6 hours a day working on it for five straight days. The maze is completely solvable, as David proved by completing it after he created it. Having started drawing mazes at age 7, David even took five days of vacation off of work to create this one! In the image below, you can see our adjudicators at London HQ grappling with massive maze drawing during their assessment. LARGEST GATHERING OF PEOPLE DRESSED AS DOGSRecord: 264 participantsHolder: Thistley Hough Academy (UK)Location: Penkhull, Stoke on Trent, UKThat's not all: Earlier in the year, the principal of Thistley Hough dressed up as Cruella de Vil for World Book Day. This prompted one student to ask if the students could all dress up as dalmations for another occasion, and thus a record-breaking idea was born.MOST PARTICIPANTS IN A BLEEP TEST Record: 575 participants Holder: King George V School (Hong Kong)Location: Hong Kong, ChinaThat's not all: No, we're not cursing - a bleep test is a pretty grueling test of physical endurance and stamina. So much so, in fact, that 587 participants started the test, but 12 could not make it to the required fifth level to qualify for the record. MOST PEOPLE SHOWERING SIMULTANEOUSLYRecord: 300Holder: 12Plus Shower Cream (Thailand)Location: Dor-Shada Resort, Pattaya, ThailandThat's not all: 12Plus used the event as a way to promote its product ahead of the hot Thailand summer, creating this 6-minute shower as a central event in its "12Plus Shower Sexy Party Break World Record" celebration on Pattaya's beach.MOST PEOPLE PERFORMING CARTWHEELSRecord: 690Holder: CONSOL Energy Center and USA Gymnastics (USA)Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAThat's not all: After reaching out to 14 Pittsburgh area gymnastics schools, CONSOL and USA Gymnastics had plenty of willing volunteers to attempt this record on the city's iconic Roberto Clemente Bridge. Plus, they were joined by 2012 U.S. Olympic gold-medal gymnast Gabby Douglas! The clubs involved were: All Star Athletics, Arcadia Gym, Falcon Gymnastics, Gym Dandy's, Gymkhana, Gymspot, Jewarts, Monaca Turners, Perfect 10 Gym, Premier Gym, Trinity, Ultimate Gym, Xcel Gymnastics, and Gemini Gym + Dance.videoAnd those are your nominees time now to cast your vote!&ampamplta href=""&ampampgtFan Choice: October 24&ampamplt/a&ampampgtThen check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!The 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition of the Guinness World Records book is out now! Find out all about it and see record holders like the longest tongue at for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
6626Fan Choice: October 3 - Vote now!Talk about a reason to sing. On the strength of their record for the most people in a singing relay (single song), the Santosh Rungta Group of Institutions in India cruised to a victory in last week's Fan Choice.They will now be entered into our competition for Fan Choice record of the year as we move closer to the end of 2014.Every Friday here, we pick five records recently approved by our expert Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background on each and then ask you to vote for your favorite. The winners from each week, like the Santosh Rungta Group, will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.Read about our 2013 Fan Choice Record of the Year winner here.This week's list of nominees vying for your vote includes a few different people with some very tired legs and a whole lot of gin available in one place, but first, let's dance!LARGEST CHARLESTON DANCE (see above)Record: 319 participantsHolder: Blue Mountains Lithgow & Oberon Tourism (Australia)Location: Leura, New South Wales, AustraliaThat's not all: Not only did the folks doing the Charleston perform the dance, they also dressed in full 1920s attire, as this marked the opening event of the annual Roaring 20s & All That Jazz Festival in Leura. The group actually broke its own record from 2013, after starting a mass Charleston dance event in 2012.GREATEST VERTICAL HEIGHT STAIR CLIMBING IN 12 HOURSRecord: 38,203.27 ft (11,644.36 m)Holder: Justin Stewart (USA)Location: Springfield Hilton Hotel in Springfield, Illinois, USAThat's not all: Talk about feeling the burn! Justin is a renowned tower-running/stair climbing athlete and totaled a number of 61,712 stairs climbed in this attempt, which makes us feel guilty about ourselves the next time we take the elevator to the third floor.MOST PEOPLE PERFORMING LUNGES Record: 347 participants Holder: Sir John A MacDonald PS (Canada)Location: London, Ontario, CanadaThat's not all: More leg exercises! This attempt came on the heels of a full year at the school dedicated to focusing more on student wellness and activity. The lunges were performed by students ranging from grades K-8 and everyone participating with nonstop lunges for one minute. FASTEST 100M JUMPING ROPE ON ONE LEGRecord: 23.78 secondsHolder: Peter Nestler (USA)Location: Medina, Ohio, USAThat's not all: Peter made his attempt at Highland High School and is a bit of a Guinness World Records machine. He's also set marks for the fastest mile hopping, the fastest mile jumping rope on one leg, the most bum skips in 30 seconds, the most rope skips while keeping a football in the air with the feet in one minute and the most one-footed skips in 30 seconds, among others.MOST VARIETIES OF GIN COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE Record: 404 varietiesHolder: Philip Whiteman (UK)Location: The Old Bell Inn in Delph, Saddleworth, UKThat's not all: Every one of the gin varieties at this martini heaven are available both to see and purchase by consumers. Philip even ensures that all employees are specially trained in the characteristics of each available variety. In fact, he offers gin master classes monthly and what he's dubbed the Gin Emporium.And those are your nominees time now to cast your vote!&amplta href=""&ampgtFan Choice: October 3&amplt/a&ampgtThen check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!The 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition of the Guinness World Records book is out now! Find out all about it and see record holders like the longest tongue at for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
6627Video: Watch behind the scenes footage of record breaking truck jump over Lotus F1 car
6628German firm beams its way to largest torchlight recordThe world's largest torchlight has been unveiled by German electronics company Zweibrüder Optoelectronics GmbH & Co. KGMeasuring an incredible 400 cm (13 ft 1 in) long and 96 cm (3 ft 1 in) in diameter, the huge light was shown off in Solingen, Germany at an official Guinness World Records certificate presentation ceremony.The torchlight is an outsized replica of one sold by the "Led Lenser" brand.It consists of 19 LED´s which is comparable with 250 light bulbs and much for efficient than regular light bulbs. The torch comes to 1000 watts, about as much as a kettle needs.This flashlight isn't just a high performer, it came about thanks to high performance - 230 hours of work went into its production," says Sven Objartel , managing director at Zweibrueder Optoelectronics.The record-breaking project was conceived to shine a light on how energy efficient LED lights can now be.Modern LED lights are now up to 13 times more efficient than conventional light bulbs, and last 1000 times as long.LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are electronic light sources - based on semiconductors - that give off light when supplied with energy.If a luminous flux of 100,000 lumen is supplied to the flashlight, it consumes 1000 watts of energy.In comparison, 250 conventional 40-watt light bulbs consume 10,000 watts of energy.
6629Largest cardboard box pyramid built in KuwaitA new world record for the largest cardboard box pyramid has been set in Kuwait city.The impressive display was made up of 51,963 perfume boxes stacked on top of each other in a pyramid-like structure earlier this month by retail group Habchi & Chalhoub in association with perfume makers Paco Rabanne.This successful record attempt smashed the previous record of 43,147 boxes which was achieved in Turkey in October last year.The display, which stood three metres high and covered an area of 36 square metres, was constructed at the 360 Mall shopping centre without any adhesive or internal structural support and took 20 people 32 hours to build.Boxes of the famous perfume One Million by Paco Rabanne were used on the outside surface of the cardboard box pyramid.GWR adjudicator Talal Omar was on hand to confirm that the attempt was a success and presented a Guinness World of Records certificate to Mr Anthony Chalhoub, CEO of Habchi & Chalhoub.
6630Burger King unveil worlds largest aluminium sculpture in New YorkAfter more than 30 years, the iconic Burger King® crown today received a majestic makeover in New York City and set a new world record in the process.To celebrate the new "BK Crown/MC Program for Kids", Burger King ® earned superlative recognition by unveiling an outsized aluminium sculpture applauded by official Guinness World Records® Adjudicator Danny Girton Jr., during an early morning certificate presentation at Miller's Launch, located in Staten Island, USA.The 465.39 kg (1,026 lb) structure was created by Event Marketing agency Grand Central Marketing on 2 November, and included nine 51.71 kg (114 lb) aluminium panels affixed by six hundred forty aluminium rivets.The event formed part of the Statue of Liberty's 125th birthday celebrations, which included a $125,000 donation from Burger King® to the statue's restoration fund.The restaurant chain says its makeover is aimed at transforming Burger King® dining into a family-orientated mealtime "experience," enjoyable for parents and kids, while introducing pro-social themes such as improving education and protecting the environment.

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