Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

6751High fives on Women in Engineering Day for a lively palm-slapping Guinness World Records titleTo celebrate National Women in Engineering Day 2015, 864 men and women gathered in the Horse Guards Parade, London to attempt to break the Guinness World Records title for the Most people performing a jumping high five simultaneously.
6752Philips AVENT promotes benefits of breast feeding with world record photo album projectAs part of a campaign to promote awareness of the benefits of breast feeding among new mothers, Philips AVENT in China recently set a new world record for the largest online photo album of handwritten notes.Drawing attention to the brand’s new 'AVENT Natural Series' range of breast pumps and feeding bottles, the campaign called on mothers to make a handwritten pledge that they would breastfeed for 180 days.Philips Avent supplied mums with templates saying: “For baby’s ____, I will insist on breastfeeding for 180 days”, allowing them to fill in the blank explaining their reasons for making the commitment.The campaign targeted both traditional and online media, including forums and parenting blogs, along with popular social networks in the region such as WeChat and Weibo – the latter generating over 230,000 discussions related to the attempt.The month-long campaign came to a close at the beginning of September, with the finished album containing 21,632 photos, beating the previous record of 19,996 images set in the United States earlier this year.
6753Thousands of Boy Scouts explode record for most people popping bubble wrapThere are few things as satisfying as the act of squeezing bubble wrap and the sound it makes when ruptured - opening a package wrapped in the transparent plastic material without popping the protective bubbles is a near impossible feat for many folk.
6754Western Union celebrates anniversary by creating huge coin mosaicEmployees of the financial services company Western Union (Philippines) chose to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a successful attempt to create the Largest coin mosaic ever in Manila, Philippines – breaking the record for the 12th time it was first set in 2012.
6755Video: Watch Yeo Kim Yeong destroy most pull ups in one minute recordThe Guinness World Records title for most pull ups in one minute has a new owner. Yeo Kim Yeong shattered the previous benchmark on his way to taking one of the most coveted titles in the world of fitness with a total mark of 43 pull ups.
6756GlaxoSmithKline raise awareness of Sensodyne Repair and Protect line with world’s largest model tooth displayGlaxoSmithKline launched their new Sensodyne’s Repair and Protect toothpaste range in spectacular style in New Zealand earlier this month with the unveiling of the world’s largest model tooth.
6757US Yarn company celebrates Christmas with a record-breaking knitted stockingIn Fayetteville, North Carolina, yarn company Caron® has entered into the Christmas spirit by overseeing the creation of major cooperative knitting effort setting a new Guinness World Records title for the Largest knit/crochet stocking.
6758Burns Night related records: From the largest haggis to the most kilts put on in a minutePeople from all over the UK will be attending Burns Night celebrations this evening as the nation gets together to honour the life and works of renowned Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns (1759-1796), on what would have been his birthday.
6759Largest potato saladSpilva, LtdLatviaThe largest serving of potato salad was made by Spilva Ltd, Latvia and weighed 3.277 tonnes (7,224 lb 8 oz) and was exhibited at the International Exhibition Centre of the Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia, on 1 September 2002.The ingredients included 500 kg (1,102 lb 4 oz) mayonnaise, 940 kg (2,072 lb 5 oz) boiled potatoes, 340 kg (749 lb 9 oz) boiled carrots, 560 kg (1,234 lb 9 oz) sausages, 6,000 boiled eggs, 200 kg (440 lb 14 oz) canned peas, 310 pickled cucumbers and 15 kg (33 lb 1 oz) salt.
6760Highest score in an international football matchUnknown31 point(s)Australia, Coffs Harbour11 April 2001The highest score achieved in an international match is 31-0 by Australia against American Samoa in a World Cup qualifying match at Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia on 11 April 2001.
6761Highest aerial trapeze actMike Howard10 August 1995The highest trapeze act was performed by Mike Howard (Great Britain) between the altitudes of 6,000 and 6,200 m (19,600 and 20,300 ft), suspended from a hot-air balloon between Glastonbury and Street, Somerset, UK on 10 August 1995.
6762Highest insured denturesGeorge Washington dentures10 million US dollar(s)United States, Mount Vernon14 November 2000The highest insured dentures are a set that once belonged to George Washington and are insured for $10 million (£7 million). They are currently on display at Mount Vernon, George Washington's estate in Virginia, USA.The owners of the estate bought the dentures for $5,500 (£4,000) in 1949. The false teeth are made of elephant ivory, cows teeth and slave's teeth which all sit in a lead base kept in place by two coiled springs. They were made because George Washington only had one healthy tooth when he was inaugurated as America's first president in 1789.Video via George Washington's Mount Vernon / YouTube
6763Most UCI Mountain Bike World Cups (downhill) womenAnne-Caroline Chausson5 times, 01 January 2002The most downhill wins of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup by a woman is five, and was achieved by Anne-Caroline Chausson (France) from 1998 - 2002.
6764Quad bike (ATV) wheelie - most peopleRoger LeBlancCanada, RivergladeRoger LeBlanc (Canada) wheelied an unmodified Honda 350 Fourtrax ATV with 16 people on board for a distance in excess of 50 m (165 ft) at Riverglade Speedway, New Brunswick, Canada, on 15 May 2004.
6765Most push ups in one minute carrying a 100 lb packPaddy Doyle34 timesUnited Kingdom, Birmingham20 June 2011The most push ups in one minute with a 100 lb pack was 34 by Paddy Doyle (UK) at Stamina's Self Defence Gym in Birmingham, UK, on 20 June 2011.
6766Most touchdown passes, first NFL seasonRussell Wilson, Peyton ManningNot Applicable01 January 2012The NFL record for most touchdowns thrown by a first-year player is 26 by Russell Wilson (USA) of the Seattle Seahawks (USA) in 2012 and Peyton Manning (USA) of the Indianapolis Colts (USA) in 1998.
6767Largest human shamrockChristina Nulty815 participantsIreland, Dublin06 March 2013The largest human shamrock consisted of 815 participants and was organised by Blackrock College (Ireland) in Co. Dublin, Ireland, on 06 March 2013.
6768Longest videogame marathon on Dungeon DefendersHanns Peter GlockAustria, Vienna20 August 2011The longest videogame marathon playing Dungeon Defenders (Trendy Entertainment, 2010) lasted 24 hours 10 minutes and was achieved by Hanns Peter Glock (Austria) in Vienna, Austria, on 19–20 August 2011. Glock played the game on a Sony Xperia Play handset.
6769Fastest swim short course 800 metres freestyle (female)Mireia Belmonte7/59.34 minute(s), second(s)Germany, Berlin10 August 2013The fastest short course swim in 800 metres freestyle by a woman is 7 minutes 59.34 seconds by Mireia Belmonte (Spain) in Berlin, Germany, on 10 August 2013.
6770Fastest swim short course 400 metres freestyle (female)Mireia Belmonte3/54.52 minute(s), second(s)Germany, Berlin11 August 2013The fastest short course swim in 400 metres freestyle by a woman is 3 minutes 54.52 seconds by Mireia Belmonte (Spain) in Berlin, Germany, on 11 August 2013.
6771Fastest swim long course 50 metres breaststroke (female)Ruta Meilutyte29.48 minute(s), second(s)Spain, Barcelona03 August 2013The fastest long course swim in 50 metres breaststroke by a woman is 29.48 seconds by Ruta Meilutyte (Lithuania) in Barcelona, Spain, on 3 August 2013.
6772Fastest cycle 200 m unpaced flying start (male)Francois PervisMexico, Aguascalientes06 December 2013The fastest cycle over 200 metres unpaced with a flying start is 9.347 seconds by Francois Pervis (France) in Aguascalientes, Mexico, on 6 December 2013.
6773Largest annual film outputIndiaIndia31 December 2011India is the world’s most prolific film-making nation, with approximately 800 to 1,000 feature films being produced each year by the Bollywood film industry, based in Mumbai. In 2011, a total of 1,255 films were produced in India, in 24 different languages.
6774Fastest run 1,500 metres (female) (indoors)Genzebe Dibaba3/58.28 minute(s), second(s)Germany, Karlsruhe01 February 2014The fastest time to run 1,500 metres indoors by a woman is 3 minutes 58.28 seconds by Genzebe Dibaba (Ethiopia) in Karlsruhe, Germany on 1 February 2014.
6775Fastest run 3,000 metres (female) (indoors)Genzebe Dibaba8/16.60 minute(s), second(s)Sweden, Stockholm06 February 2014The fastest time to run 3,000 metres indoors by a woman is 8 minutes 16.60 seconds by Genzebe Dibaba (Ethiopia) in Stockholm, Sweden, on 6 February 2014.
6776Largest human beatbox ensembleBooking.com4695 peopleNetherlands, Amsterdam10 December 2013The largest human beatbox ensemble involved 4,695 participants, achieved by employees of at RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 10 December 2013.The attempt took place as part of the annual meeting in Amsterdam.
6777Busiest airport for cargoHong Kong International Airport3976768 tonne(s) (metric ton)Hong Kong, 01 January 2011According to the Airports Council International, Hong Kong International Airport, located on the reclaimed island of Chep Lap Kock, is the world’s busiest airport for cargo. During 2011, the airport loaded and unloaded a total of 3,976,768 tonnes of cargo.
6778Most inexpensive carRed Bug125-150 US dollar(s)United States, Milwaukee01 January 1922The cheapest car of all time was the 1922 Red Bug, built by the Briggs Stratton Co. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, listed at $125-$150. It had a 1.57m (62in) wheelbase and weighed 111kg (245lb). Early models of the King Midget cars were sold in kit form for self-assembly for as little as $100 in 1948.
6779Most expensive catCalifornian Spangled cat24000 US dollar(s)United States, ,,01 January 1987A Californian Spangled Cat was bought for $24,000 (£15,925) in January 1987 and was the display cat from the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book of 1986.
6780First circumnavigation via both Poles by aircraftCaptain Elgen M LongfirstCaptain Elgen M. Long achieved the first circum-polar flight in a twin-engined Piper PA-31 Navajo from 5 November to 3 December 1971. He covered 62,597 km (38,896 miles) in 215 flying hours.

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