Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

6841Most sets of twins - same motherMrs. Vassilyeva16 peopleRussia, ShuyaThe first wife (died ante 1770), of Feodor Vassilyev (b. 1707–c.1782), a peasant from Shuya, Russia, gave birth to 16 sets of twins.Barbara Zulu of Barberton, South Africa bore 3 sets of girls and 3 mixed sets in seven years (1967-73). Anna Steynvaait of Johannesburg, South Africa produced 2 sets within 10 months in 1960.
6842Oldest mummyWatiEgyptMummification dates from 2600BC or the 4th dynasty of the Egyptian pharaohs. The oldest complete mummy is of Wati, a court musician of c. 2400BC from the tomb of Nefer in Saqqâra, Egypt, found in 1944.
6843Largest modern-day landslideMount St. Helens eruption2800000000 square metre(s)United States, Mt St HelensThe landslide on Mt St Helens on 18 May 1980, was the largest ever observed by a survivor, when about 2800million m3 96,000million ft3 of rock slipped off the mountain immediately prior to the volcanic eruption.This is equivalent to a block of earth nearly one and a half kilometers high, wide, and long (0.8 miles high, wide and long).
6844Highest death toll from a floodHuang He (Yellow River)900000 peopleChina, Huayan Kou01 October 1887When the Huang He (Yellow River), Huayan Kou, China flooded its banks in October 1887, 900,000 people were believed to have been killed.
6845Worst coal mining disaster - death toll, Honkeiko (Benxihu) Colliery1549 peopleChina, Honkeiko (Benxihu) Colliery26 April 1942On 26 April 1942, 1,549 people were killed by a coal dust explosion at Honkeiko (Benxihu) Colliery, China.
6846First back somersault feet to feetRichard Risley CarlislefirstUK, Theatre Royal,Edinburgh01 February 1844A back somersault feet to feet was first performed by Richard Risley Carlisle (USA, 1814 - 1874) -after whom the feat was named-and his son (USA) at the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh in February 1844.
6847First human cannonballRosa Richter "Zazel"firstUK, Westminster Aquarium,London01 January 1877The first human cannonball was `Zazel' in 1877, when she was shot a distance of about 6.1 m (30 ft) at Westminster Aquarium, London, UK.
6848First general anaesthesiaDr Crawford Williamson LongfirstUSA, Jefferson,Georgia30 March 1842Dr Crawford Williamson Long (USA)(1815-78) removed a cyst from the neck of James Venable (USA), using diethyl ether (C2H5)2O, in Jefferson, Georgia, USA on 30 March 1842.
6849Most expensive sheepDeveronvale Perfection231000 UK pound(s)United Kingdom, 28 August 2009The highest price ever achieved for a sheep is £231,000 ($369,000), paid by Jimmy Douglas for the eight-month-old Texel tup, Deveronvale Perfection, in Lanark, Scotland, in August 2009.Bred in Banffshire sheep farmer Graham Morrison, this very valuable sheep will be used for breeding purposes.It was reported in September 2011 that a single Dolan sheep - a rare breed of only ca.1,000 – was up for sale in China, where the highest bid received was for 14 million yuan (£1.4 million), although no sale was agreed. Top sheep can secure upwards of 300,000 yuan (£30,300) for one dose of semen. See
6850Most Oscar nominations - filmTitanic (1997), All About Eve (1950)14 timesUnited States, Los AngelesThe most Oscar nominations a film has received is 14 given to All About Eve (US 1950) in 1951 and Titanic (US 1997) in 1998. All About Eve eventually won six Oscars, including Best Film, Best Director - Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Best Supporting Actor - George Sanders (1906-1972). Titanic came away with 11. (see also Most Oscars won by a film)
6851Highest hotel (in a mixed-use building)The Ritz-Carlton, Hong KongHong Kong01 January 2011The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong occupies floors 102 to 118 on the top of the 484-m (1,588-ft) International Commerce Centre (ICC), in Hong Kong. It opened in 2011.It is not to be confused with the former Ritz-Carlton Hotel Hong Kong, which was located in Central, and operated from 1993 to 2008.
6852First brain cell transplantUniversity of Pittsburgh Medical Center1988/06/23 year(s), month(s), day(s)United States, Pittsburgh23 June 1998The earliest brain cell transplant was performed by a team of doctors from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pennsylvania, USA, on 23 June 1998.The aim of the operation was to reverse the damage which had been caused by a stroke to 62-year-old Alma Cerasini, who had suffered paralysis of her right arm and leg as well as the loss of most of her speech. The team has subsequently performed a further 11 operations of this type.
6853Longest Bollywood career - actorP. JairajNot ApplicableP. Jairaj, who made his debut in 1929, has had an acting career spanning 70 years. Although he has acted in more than 300 films, he is better known for character roles than as a lead.
6854Largest cloned animalUniversity of Connecticut, Kagoshima Pref. Cattle Breeding Development InstitutefirstUnited States, University of Connecticut06 January 2000On 6 Jan 2000, Xiangzhong Yang, at the University of Connecticut, USA and scientists from the Kagoshima Prefectural Cattle Breeding Development Institute, Japan, announced the successful cloning of six calves from skin cells taken from a bull's ear.
6855Oldest amusement park in operationBakkenDenmark, Klampenborg01 January 1583Bakken, located in Klampenborg, North of Copenhagen (Denmark), opened in 1583 and is currently the oldest operating amusement park in the world. The park claims to have over 150 attractions, including a wooden roller coaster built in 1932.In medieval Europe, most major cities featured what is the origin of the amusement park: the pleasure gardens. These gardens featured live entertainment, fireworks, dancing, games and some primitive amusement rides. Most closed down during the 1700's, but Bakken is the only one to survive.
6856Longest range missileAtlas missileUnited States01 January 1959The US Atlas missile entered service in 1959 and had a range of 16,669 km (10,357 miles) about 4,828 km (3,000 miles) more than was necessary to hit any point in Soviet (now, Russian) territory from launch sites in the West.The longest-range Russian missile is the SS-18, codenamed 'Satan', which entered service in the early 1980s and has a range of 12,070 km (7,500 miles).
6857Most lepers cured10 million between 1983 and 199810000000 peopleNot Applicable, 01 January 1983In the 15 years between 1983 and 1998, almost 10 million people were cured of leprosy - part of a concerted effort to eliminate the disease by 2000. Today, virtually every registered patient worldwide is receiving multi-drug therapy. the number of countries where the disease is a public health problem has been reduced from 122 in 1985 to only 28 in 1998.
6858Most widely-adopted health policyRoutine child immunizationNot Applicable01 January 1998By 1998, all 212 member countries and territories of the WHO have adopted routine child immunization into their health policies, compared with a mere 41 that have adopted HIV/AIDS education in schools.
6859Most medal-winning countries at the Summer Olympic Games86 countriesChina, Beijing01 January 2008The most medal-winning countries at a single Olympic Games was set at the 2008 Games held in Beijing, China, when 86 different countries won at least one medal, be it gold, silver or bronze.
6860Oldest lifesaving organisationRNLI137000 peopleUnited Kingdom, 01 January 2007In 2006, 51% of 8,377 boat launches were to leisure craft users, 29% to people not using any kind of craft, 12% to merchant or fishing vessels and 8% to other sea users. (source: RNLI PDF).
6861Most successful flying doctor serviceThe Australian Royal Flying Doctor ServiceAustralia01 January 2010The Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service was set up in 1928. In 2010 the service's 977 staff treated 276,489 patients, performed 38,852 aerial evacuations and flew a total of 25,592,455 million km, landing 74,214 times.
6862First known turtleUnknownProganochelis is the most primitive turtle known, first appearing on Earth about 210 million years ago, during the late Triassic period and just before dinosaurs and mammals evolved. This anapsid was about 2 ft. (60 cm) long, had a shell, was an omnivore and had no teeth.It had a large ear-opening whith a function that is not yet fully understood. Its neck was not retractile so it was protected by little spikes set in the skin. It also had a long tale protected by armoured spikes. Interpretations of the environment it lived combined with features of the limb morphology suggest that it occupied fresh water as a bottom walker but it was not exclusively aquatic or terrestrial. Fossils have been found in Germany and Thailand.
6863Longest modelling contractYoko YamamotoJapan03 November 2009The actress Yoko Yamamoto of Japan has been a house model for the Japanese nori seaweed distributor Yamamoto Noriten since 1967. She first signed with them on 1 January 1967 and her contract has continued to be renewed every year.Yoko Yamamoto (b. March 17, 1942) is a Japanese actress who made a film debut in 1964.
6864Fastest unpaced 4 km cycle from a standing start (male)Jack Bobridge4/10.534 minute(s), second(s)Australia, 02 February 2011The world cycling record over 4 km. (unpaced, standing start) is 4:10.534, by Jack Bobridge (Australia), at Sydney, Australia, on 2 February, 2011.
6865Longest moving quad bike jumpCody ElkinsUnited States, California City08 July 2013The longest moving quad bike jump is 22.3 m (73 ft 4.5 in) and was achieved by Cody Elkins (USA) on the set of 'Guinness World Records Unleashed' in California City, California, USA, on 8 July 2013.Mr. Elkins jumped over a 2012 Porsche Panamera, a 2013 Bentley Continental GT, a 2013 Ford F-150 Raptor Crew, and a 2012 Sportchassis P2, which was the vehicle towing the ramp. The record is based on the total length of the moving cars cleared by the quad bike, regardless of any gaps that may exist between them.
6866Most southerly marathonAntarctic Ice Marathon80 firstAntarctica, Antarctica01 January 2006The most southerly marathon is the Antarctic Ice Marathon held on the Antarctic mainland, taking place at a latitude of 80 degrees south. This race has been held annually since 2006.
6867Greatest impact on EarthMars colliding with the Earth 4.5 billion years agoMost astronomers now believe that, 4.5 billion years ago, a planet the size of Mars collided with the young Earth. Some of the debris from this cataclysm went into orbit around the Earth and collected together under its own gravity to form the Moon.The effect of this impact would have been absolutely devastating to the Earth. The entire crust of the planet would probably have been blasted off into space, leaving behind an Earth whose entire surface was an ocean of molten magma.
6868Most densely populated countryMonaco15685 peopleMonaco, 01 January 2010The world's most densely populated country is Monaco, with a population density of 15,685 people per km2 (40,624 per mile2) in 2010.The total estimated population of Monaco in 2010 was 30,586 with a total area measuring only 1.95 km2 (0.75 miles2). Monaco is a principality on the French Riviera and is perhaps most famous as a 'playground' for the rich and famous, with its casinos, marinas and the colourful lives of the Monaco Royal Family.
6869Most American Football games officiatedRaymond LongdenUnited States, Fairfield01 January 1947Raymond Longden has officiated more USA football games than any other referee, with well over 2000. He has officiated on more than 50 games a season since 1947.He has officiated High School, College and Varsity games.
6870Oldest operating bourbon distilleryUnknownUnited States, Loretto03 April 2001The world's oldest operating bourbon whisky distillery is Maker's Mark in Loretto, Kentucky, USA which has been distilling bourbon since 1805 and has been recognised as a National Historic Landmark.

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