Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

661Largest refracting telescopeYerkes ObservatoryUnited States, Yerkes Observatory,Wisconsin01 January 1897The largest refracting telescope, which uses a lens instead of a mirror to gather and focus light, is at the Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin, USA. Built in 1897, it has a primary lens diameter of 1.02 m (3 ft 4 in).
662First use of visual storytelling in a videogameNintendo, Donkey KongfirstNot Applicable, Kyoto01 July 1981The first example of a complete story, with beginning and end, told within a video game is the original Donkey Kong arcade game. It was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto in Kyoto, Japan, and released by Nintendo in July 1981. It is also the first example of the use of cutscenes to tell a story in a game: for example, an introductory animation shows Jumpman/Mario’s girlfriend being abducted by Donkey Kong.GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: First use of visual storytelling in a video game.
663Largest exporter of armsUSA73500000 US dollar(s)United States, 01 January 2012The USA remains the biggest arms exporter in the world, although in 2012 its share fell under Chinese and other competition to a 39% share of a $73.5 billion (£45.5 billion) market – a total share of $27.8 billion (£17 billion).
664Most runs scored by a player in a Twenty20 International (male)Aaron FinchUnited Kingdom, Southampton29 August 2013The highest individual score in a Twenty20 International match is 156 runs, by Aaron Finch (Australia) against England at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton, UK, on 29 August 2013.
665Fastest package loading - unloading from a truckAras Holding and Aras Cargo16/38 minute(s), second(s)Turkey, Istanbul,,Antalya19 April 2009The fastest package loading - uploading from a truck by a team is 16 minutes 38 seconds and was achieved by employees of Aras Cargo (Turkey) in Antalya, Turkey, on 19 April 2009.Aras is the one of biggest courier company in Turkey. The fastest package loading- uploading from a truck by a team is one of the 3 record attempts organised for Aras Cargo 30th anniversary.A team of 15 of the fastest Aras employees coming from all over Turkey was formed to attempt the record in Antalya.
666First artificially inseminated rhinoUnknownfirstHungary, Budapest23 January 2007A calf born in Budapest Zoo, Hungary, on 23 January 2007 was the the first successful birth of a rhinoceros via artificial insemination. Lulu - mother of the calf - had already given birth to a dead calf conceived using the same process in 2005.
667Worst start to a WNBA season, teamAtlanta DreamNot Applicable, Atlanta01 January 2008The record for most consecutive losses by a WNBA team to begin a season is 17 by the Atlanta Dream (USA) in 2008. The National Basketball Association (NBA) record is also 17 by the Miami Heat (USA) in 1988.
668Fastest speed by a newcomer in Isle of Man TTSteve Plater125.808 mile(s) per hourUK, 01 January 2007The fastest speed recorded by a rider on deubt in Isle of Man TT is 125.808mph by Steve Plater (UK) on a 1000cc Yamaha in 2007.
669Most expensive film based on a comic-book characterSuperman Returns270000000 US dollar(s)United States, 01 January 2006With a budget estimated to be in excess of $270 million (£137 million), Byran Singer’s (USA) Superman Returns (USA 2006) is the most expensive movie based on a comic book character.
670First land animalPneumodesmus newmaniUnited Kingdom (Scotland only)The earliest known land animal is Pneumodesmus newmani, a species of millipede known from a single fossil specimen, which lived 428 million years ago during the late Silurian Period. It was discovered in 2004, in a layer of sandstone near Stonehaven, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
671Most powerplay goals scored in an NHL season by a defensemanSheldon SourayNot Applicable05 April 2007The NHL record for most powerplay goals scored by a defenseman in a season is 19 by Sheldon Souray (Canada) playing for the Montreal Canadiens (Canada) in 2006-07 (on 5 April 2007). The previous record of 18 was shared by Denis Potvin (Canada) playing for the New York Islanders (USA) in the 1974-75 season and Adrian Aucoin (Canada) of the Vancouver Canucks (Canada) in 1998-99.
672Most goals scored by a left wing, NHL, seasonAlex OvechkinNot Applicable01 January 2008The National Hockey League (NHL) record for most goals scored in a season by a left wing is 65 by Alex Ovechkin (Russia) playing for the Washington Capitols (USA) during the 2007-08 season.
673Most goals by a right wing, NHL, seasonBrett HullNot Applicable01 January 1991The National Hockey League (NHL) record for most goals scored in a season by a right wing is 86 by Brett Hull (Canada) playing for the St. Louis Blues (USA) during the 1990-91 season.
674Farthest six person basketball dunk using a trampolineTeam AcrodunkUnited States, NBA All-Star Jam Session16 February 2009The farthest six person tandem before a dunk using a trampoline is 6 m (20 ft) and was achieved by Team Acrodunk (USA) at the NBA All-Star Jam Session in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 16 February 2009.Team Acrodunk are a team of acrobatic basketball performers. The six person team were Jerry L. Burrell, Gregory L. Mueller, Gregory T. Jerralds, Romale D. Crawford, Eddie Ray Johnson III and Jesus El.
675High score on StepMania using a KeyboardFredrick Lid MonslaupNorwayThe high score record for StepMania using a keyboard as the controller is held by Fredrick Lid Monslaup (Norway), who reached a total score of 99,061,121 at The Gathering, Vikingskipet Olympic Arena, Hamar, Norway on 9 April 2009.The score had a DP rating of 3,880
676Most people crammed in a Purikura booth simultaneouslyJapantown, San Francisco, USA10 peopleUSA, Japantown,San FranciscoDepending on their design, purikura booths can accommodate up to 10 people at the same time. However, on 1 January 2009, a record 27 purikura fans managed to squeeze into a single booth in Japantown, San Francisco, USA.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamer''s Edition 2010
677Most shutouts in an NHL ice hockey season by a goaltenderTony EspositoUnited States01 January 1970The National Hockey League (NHL) modern record for most shutouts by a goalie in a season is 15 shutouts by Tony Esposito (Canada) playing for the Chicago Blackhawks (USA) in the 1969-70 season.
678Most horse racing wins in jump racing in a careerTony McCoyUnited Kingdom26 April 2014The most jump racing winners ridden in a career by a jockey is 4,106 and was achieved by Tony McCoy (UK) between 26 March 1992 and 26 April 2014.
679Most concurrent viewers of a gaming livestreaming serviceTwitchUnited States, San Francisco15 March 2014On 15 March 2014, the videogame livestreaming service Twitch counted a peak figure of 826,778 concurrent viewers on its service. The numbers were swelled by a weekend featuring major eSports events including IEM Katowice and Final Round 17.
680Greatest distance on a kick scooter in 24 hours (team)The Night RazorsUnited States, MechanicsburgThe greatest distance covered on a kick scooter by a team in 24 hours is 553.72 km (344.07 miles), achieved by The Night Razors (USA) in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA on 18-19 May 2014.The Night Razors are a team of 24 students: Greg Talamo, Terrence Maydick, Mark Phillippy, Nick White, Mitchell Kauffman, Ben Baker, Devin Esch, Shaun Egolf, Dan Vivolo, Brandon Straley, Joel Nelson, Alex Roth, Brad Stoner, Caleb Liechty Steven Young, Dane Cornelius, Jordan Schoenberger, Matthew Phillippy, Jeremy White, Kyle Rockafellow, Michael Zigarelli, Louis Gallo, Forrest Evans, Jason Yoder and Marty GrimmDuring the course of breaking this record, the team raised $8000 for the Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland. This foundation provides organs and tissue for people in need of transplants, and offers support to patients' families.
681Strongest known biological materialMaterial from limpet teethNot Applicable18 February 2014The highest tensile strength for a biological material is a 4.9 GPa, which is material from limpet teeth, discovered by a research team from the University of Portsmouth led by Dr Asa Barber, and published in Interface on 18 February 2015.Dr Barber comments on the competition: "One of my colleagues on the paper, from Italy, found some exotic spider silk that was about 4.5 GPa, and we measured about 5 GPa."
682Most comments on a Weibo™ postLuHanChina, Beijing02 September 2015As of 2 September 2015, the most comments on a Weibo&trade post is 100,252,605, achieved on a post by LuHan (China) which was made on 10 September 2012. In just over a year, the number of comments has risen from 13,163,859 to over 100 million! As of 2 September 2015, the nearest challenger had 28,196,866 comments.
683First hexapusHenry the hexapusFirst firstUnited Kingdom, Isle of Anglesey28 September 2015A hexapus is an octopus possessing only six tentacles instead of eight, but it is merely a freak, developmental oddity, not a separate species. The first documented specimen was Henry, a hexapus found off North Wales and donated by Anglesey Zoo to the Sea Life Centre in Blackpool, UK, in 2008. A male specimen of the lesser octopus Eledone cirrhosa, when examined Henry was found not to have lost two tentacles owing to injury as had initially been assumed, because there was no space where they would have originally been if this were the case. It seems instead that Henry's highly unusual condition was the result of a developmental malfunction.Two other hexapuses have been photographed but not examined by scientists. One, a specimen of the common octopus Octopus vulgaris, was caught in Greece by holidaying snorkel divers in July 2013, but was killed and eaten before it could be formally verified. Another one was reputedly photographed in the waters of Portinho Arrábida, Portugal, by American tourists in 2014, but again this has not been verified by experts.
684Most magicians in a magic showFISMITALY2O15134 peopleItaly, Rimini09 July 2015The most magicians in a magic show is 134 and was achieved by FISMITALY2O15 in Rimini, Italy, on 9 July 2015. The event lasted 4 hours and 35 minutes.
685Most consecutive football (soccer) victories in a national top division (female)Apollon LadiesCyprus07 December 2014The most consecutive victories in a national top division by a women's football team is 85 and was achieved by Apollon Ladies FC (Cyprus) in the Cypriot First Division from 22 April 2009 to 7 December 2014.During this streak Apollon Ladies FC won six consecutive league and cup doubles - the last team to beat them was Pafia Pafou on 8 March 2008. The last team to avoid defeat against Apollon was AEK Kokkinochorion, who drew 2–2 on 12 April 2009.
686Zac - holder of the record for most basektballs slam-dunked by a parrot in a minute - videoJulie and Ed Cardoza are parrot trainers and owners of Zac, a 25-year-old parrot who holds a spot in Guinness World Records 2013 for the most basketballs slam-dunked by a parrot in a minute.The Cardozas, from San Jose, California, have been presenting a show of their trained birds for over 20 years at birthday parties, corporate events, libraries, and schools. During the show, Zac can bike, scooter, skateboard, roll over, raise a flag, and more.Julie and Ed have raised the Harlequin Macaw from chick-hood, and trained him daily for 22 years until his recent retirement. "Now," says Julie, "he just shoots hoops for the fun of it!"Zac has a vocabulary of 100 words and talks most when taking a car ride.He also holds the Guinness World Record for most soda cans opened by a parrot in 60 seconds.Explaining the show's appeal, Julie says: "Our show is family friendly so we have the opportunity to visit many ages (we even did a birthday for a 100 year old woman!), and cultures. It's great to share our special parrots"."Our audiences are amazed not only with Zac's tricks but by how truly happy he and the other the birds are."And how does it feel to be a Guinness World Records holder? "All we can say is WOW," notes Julie. "We are very proud of Zac and we're glad that he had so much fun making the record!"videoZac's record and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition - is out now worldwide from all good retailers. Find out more about the book and its incredible augmented reality feature, and where you can buy a copy of Guinness World Records 2013 here:
687Classics: Fastest time to ascend a sand dune on a motorcycleEach week here on, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.
688Guinness World Records statement: Fastest production carFollowing a thorough review conducted with a number of external experts, Guinness World Records is pleased to announce the confirmation of Bugatti's record of Fastest production carachieved by the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport.The focus of the review was with respect to what may constitute a modification to a car's standard specification.Having evaluated all the necessary information, Guinness World Records is now satisfied that a change to the speed limiter does not alter the fundamental design of the car or its engine.
689Record Holder Q+A: Sharran Alexander, Heaviest SportswomanAt the recent launch of Guinness World Records 2013, we had the opportunity to speak to several record holders featured in the new book. We asked them the questions world record fans most wanted to know about, and now here are the answers! Today's Q+A is with Sharran Alexander, the world's heaviest sportswoman, who weighs in at 448lb (203.2kg). 6ft tall Sharran is the only woman recognised by the British Sumo Federation, and has won 4 gold medals to date in international competitions. Q - Where are you from? A - Maida Vale, London. Q - Did you purposefully seek to become a Guinness World Record holder? Or did you enter on a whim out of curiosity? A - At the 2011 US Sumo Open I was the heaviest competitor, male or female. It was a little embarrassing, until Kelly Gneiting (heaviest person to complete a marathon, at a weight of 400lb, in 9 hr 48 min 52 sec) suggested I enter myself for a world record, and here I am today. Q - Is your size a detriment to your performance, or a help? Have you ever felt pressure to change your appearance? Do you have advice for other aspiring female athletes? A - My size is very much an advantage. I've never felt any pressure to gain or lose weight - my current weight loss is down to me, my age, and wanting to feel healthier. I'm aiming to get down to, and then maintain, a weight of 150-160kg. My advice to aspiring atheletes? Just follow your heart and do what you want to do. The recent Paralympics here in London should be proof to you all that anything is possible. Q - What would you do to prevent your record being broken? A - I wouldn't do anything, it wouldn't bother me at all. I love my record for as long as it will last. Q - Where do you keep your GWR certificate? A - On the wall in my living room - The first thing people see when they come round! Q - How do you feel about GWR, the organisation itself? A - Ive had a great experience... there's always been someone there to help me, and I've been ringing and emailing them a lot. I'd work there if they have a job going! Do you have anything for me?
690Largest Ohuokhai dance rounds up 15,000 participantsThe largest Ohuokhai dance took place this weekend, consisting of 15,293 participant at an event in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia.Ohoukhai is a round dance which traditionally takes place as part of Ysyakh, the celebration of Yakut New Year.Dancers form a circle and dance, arm in arm, hand in hand, while a lead singer improvises the lyrics and the other dancers repeat them.The dance is a greeting of the sun and marks the beginning of the summer and a new life cycle. video

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