Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

6901Strongest spider webDarwin’s bark spider (Caerostris darwini)Madagascar, Query01 January 2011The newly-discovered species of Madagascan spider known as Darwin’s bark spider (Caerostris darwini) weaves the strongest known spider silk with a tensile strength of up to 520 MJ/m3 (megajoules per cubic metre) - twice as tough as any previously described silk.
6902Highest annual earnings for a television writerLarry David242000000 US dollar(s)United States, 01 January 1998Larry David, co-writer and co-creator of the hit US comedy Seinfeld, earned an estimated $242 million (£146 million) in 1998. David was second in the 1999 Forbes Celebrity List only to the shows star, despite leaving the show in 1996. He returned to pen the finale in 1998.David E. Kelley, creator of Ally McBeal and The Practice, is currently the highest earning active TV writer, earning $118 million (㿵 million) in 1999 according to the 2000 Forbes Celebrity 100 list.
6903Highest annual earnings ever for a girl bandThe Spice Girls49000000 US dollar(s)Not Applicable, 01 January 1998The Spice Girls ranked 20th on Forbes magazines list of the 40 richest entertainers of 1998, with an income of $49 million (£29.6 million).
6904Lowest manmade temperatureAaron Leanhardt450*10^-12 degree(s) KelvinUnited States, Cambridge12 September 2003The lowest manmade temperature achieved to date is 450 picokelvin above absolute zero. It was achieved by a team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, led by Aaron Leanhardt. The team members were: A.E. Leanhardt, T.A. Pasquini, M. Saba, A. Shirotzek, Y. Shin, D. Kielpinski, D.E. Pritchard and W. Ketterle. Their research was published in Science magazine on 12 September 2003.
6905Zero Accident - Most man hoursSamsung Electronics Co.Korea (South), Yongin Citry20 August 1998The greatest number of man/hours an industrial site has had a registered zero accidents, is 211,600,000 for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Semiconductor Business Kiheung Site, Yongin City, South Korea between 4 Nov 1991 and 20 Aug 1998.
6906Greatest distance flown by a balloon soloSteve FossettArgentina, Mendoza16 August 1998On 4 July 2002, on completion of his successful 33,195.1 km (20,627 mile) circumnavigation of the world in Bud Light Spirit of Freedom, Steve Fossett (USA) also set the record for the longest solo flight.
6907First surface crossing of AntarcticVivian Fuchsfirst, Antarctic02 March 1958
6908Most Oscar nominationsWalter (Walt) Elias DisneyUnited States01 January 1969Walt Disney (USA) received a total of 64 nominations during his career, the last of which he won posthumously in 1969 for Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day (USA 1968) as Best Short Subjects, Cartoons. He won 26.
6909Oldest goalscorer in a football (soccer) FIFA World CupAlbert Roger MillaCameroon28 June 1994The oldest is Albert Roger Milla (b. 20 May 1952) for Cameroon v. Russia on 28 June 1994, aged 42 yrs 39 days. During this match he also scored making him the oldest scorer in the finals
6910Most wickets taken in a Test match career (male)Muttiah MuralitharanSri Lanka20 July 2010Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka) is the leading Test match wicket-taker, with 800 wickets in 133 matches from 28 August 1992 to 22 July 2010.Muralitharan reached 800 in the last day of his Test career before retirement, doing so against India.
6911Longest running bhangra bandBhujangy GroupUnited Kingdom, Birmingham05 April 2011Bhujhangy, a bhangra band based in Birmingham (UK) have been recording bhangra albums and performing in temples and events since 1967. Balbir Singh is the only member of the band's original line up, which was still performing as of 5 April 2011. Dalbir Singh, brother of Balbir, was an active member of the group until he passed away in 2008.
6912Most temples consecrated by one personPramukh Swami MaharajUnited Kingdom, London18 January 2008His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the spiritual master of the Swaminarayan Hindu Mission (BAPS), has created and consecrated in accordance with Hindu rituals, a 713 temples in 5 continents between April 1971 and November 2007.Amongst these, the majestic, ornately hand-carved BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham in New Delhi, India, stands apart as the largest Hindu temple in the world.
6913Most accurate gram drinkerPatrick GöbGermany, Munich31 August 2000The record for the most accurate gram drinker is a variation of six grams from five attempts, by Patrick Göb, of Veitshochheim, Germany, on the set of Guinness - Die Show Der Rekorde in Munich, Germany on 31 August 2000.
6914Youngest Formula One World ChampionSebastian VettelUnited Arab Emirates14 November 2010The youngest driver to win a Formula One World Championship is Sebastian Vettel (Germany, b. 3 July 1987) who won his first title on 14 November 2010, at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, United Arab Emirates, aged 23 years and 134 days.Going into the final race of the season, Vettel was one of four drivers still in contention. However, he was trailing Championship leader Fernando Alonso (Spain) by 15 points in the standings and needed to win the race and hope Alonso did not finish fourth or better. Driving for Red Bull, Vettel started in pole position and led throughout much of the race, but radio problems in the final few laps meant his team could not tell him where Alonso was placed. In the end it didn’t matter Alonso finished seventh, leaving the victorious Vettel to take the F1 crown for the first time.
6915Most gold medals won consecutively at the Olympics for an endurance eventSir Steve RedgraveAustralia, Sydney01 January 2000The most Olympic gold medals won in an endurance event is five by Sir Steve Redgrave (UK) who won a gold medal for rowing at five consecutive Olympic Games from 1984 to 2000
6916Most Worldloppett Masters titles (gold)Jan Jasiewicz9 timesSwitzerland, 01 January 2001The most times an individual has qualified as a Worldloppett Gold Master is nine by Jan Jasiewicz (Switzerland), up to the end of the 2001 season.To qualify as a Gold Master you must have completed 10 races in the Worldloppett series, all in differing countries and at least two differing continents.
6917Most consecutive Olympic gold medals wonUnknownHungaryThe most successive gold medal wins in Olympic history is six by Aladár Gerevich (Hungary) who was a member of the winning sabre team from 1932–60.
6918Highest altitude by an aircraft (official)Mikoyan MiG-25 'Foxbat'Russia, Podmoskovnoe Aerodrome31 August 1977The official FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) altitude record is 37,650 m (123,523 ft), by Alexandr Fedotov (USSR) flying a highly modified MIG-25 'Foxbat' (designated E266M) from Podmoskovnoe Aerodrome, Russia, on 31 August 1977.The altitude was reached during a near-vertical climb. See also Highest altitude in horizontal flight.
6919Most travelled ashesVera AndersonUnited States01 July 2000The most travelled ashes in the world belong to Vera Anderson (USA, 1923-2001) when her son Ross fulfilled her dying wish to be a jetsetter by sending her ashes to more than 250 cities worldwide in May 2001. This included all 50 states and 191 countries.Ross packaged the ashes in sealed plastic bags, added a note asking its reader to find a nice place for the ashes, and sent them to the head postmaster in the main post offices of the capitals of all 50 states as well as capitals of every country. Soon, pictures and letters poured in -- from Sweden to Mata to Thailand to the Ukraine, -- detailing what had been done with the ashes.
6920Youngest World Cup playerSouleymane MamamTogoThe youngest player to play in football's premier tournament is Souleymane Mamam who played for Togo against Zambia aged 13 years 310 days in a preliminary qualifying game on 6 May 2001.
6921Highest military baseSiachen GlacierIndia, Siachen Glacier,Kashmir03 February 2003The world's highest military base belongs to India and is at a height of approximately 6,000 m (19,685 ft) on the Siachen Glacier in the state of Kashmir. Troops are regularly deployed to 6,700 m (21,981 ft) on the glacier during the on-going conflict with Pakistan over the state of Kashmir. As a result, the glacier is often refered to as the world's highest battlefield, however this is a casual term, as the countries are not officially at war. Another high base is at 4,350 m (14,271 ft) in Putre, Lauca National Park, Chile.
6922Longest broadband wireless connectionErmanno PietrosemoliVenezuela, Venezuelan Andes01 April 2007In April 2007, Ermanno Pietrosemoli (Venezuela) shot an 802.11 wireless signal 382 km (237 miles) between two mountains in the Venezuelan Andes. Pietrosemoli, the president of Latin American networking association Escuela Latinoamerica de Redes, achieved a throughput of 3 Mbps of data.
6923First manned flightFrançois Pilâtre de RozierfirstFrance, ParisFrenchman François Pilâtre de Rozier is widely regarded as the first person ever to have flown. On 15 October 1783 he rose 26 m (84 ft) into the air in a tethered hot air balloon built by the inventors Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier (France).On 21 November he and the Marquis d'Arlandes became the first humans to make a free manned flight when they took off from the Bois de Boulogne, Paris, and made a 25 minute flight.
6924Most expensive shoes from a film sold at auctionRed slippers - Wizard of Oz666000 US dollar(s)United States, New YorkThe ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in the film The Wizard of Oz (US 1939), sold at Christie's, New York, USA on 24 May 2000 for US$666,000 (£450,920). No one is certain how many pairs were actually made to withstand wear and tear during shooting of the MGM production, but this particular pair were the second-place award in a promotional contest held by MGM in 1939.The same pair was previously sold by Christie's, New York on June 2, 1988 for a then record, establishing US$165,000 (then £90,000). Made by Innes Shoe Co., Los Angeles, the shoes are made from red silk faille overlaid with hand-sequined georgette and lined with white kid leather.
6925Oldest driver (male)Fred Hale104 year(s), day(s)United StatesThere are two male drivers who were issued with new driving licenses at age 104: Fred Hale Sr (USA) (b. 1 December 1890 d.19 November 2004) was issued with a driving license in February 1995 at age 104, and drove until it expired on his 108th birthday in 1998. He became the oldest living man in the world and died aged 113 years 354 days. Layne Hall (USA), whose date of birth is uncertain (b. 24/25 December 1884 or 15 March 1880) was issued with a New York State license on 15 June 1989, when he was either 104 (according to his death certificate) or 109 (according to his driving license). It was valid until his birthday in 1993, but he died on 20 November 1990.
6926Fastest diesel-engined carAndy Green563.418 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, Bonneville Salt Flats23 August 2006The highest speed ever reached in a diesel-powered vehicle is 563.418 km/h* (350.092 mi/h), by Andy Green (UK) driving the JCB DIESELMAX at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA, on 23 August 2006. Wing Commander Andy Green broke his own record achieved the day before at a speed of 526.027 km/h (328.767 mi/h).*Pending FIA ratificationOfficial FIA record (TBC), set over flying mile.
6927First car, passenger carRichard TrevithickfirstCornwall, Camborne24 December 1801The world's first passenger-carrying automobile was a steam-powered road vehicle carrying eight passengers and built by Richard Trevithick (1771-1833). It first ran at Camborne, Cornwall on 24 Dec 1801.
6928First mid-air rescueUnknownUK, Longton,Staffordshire01 January 1900Dolly Shepherd (1886-1983) brought down Louie May on her single 'chute having jumped from a balloon at 3352 m (11,000 ft) over Longton, Staffordshire, UK on 9 June 1908. Both girls were part of a performing troupe, who jumped out of a balloon with parachutes. On this day, May's ripcord jammed and so Shepherd brought the both of them down with one chute.
6929Largest attendance at a Rugby League matchNRL Grand Final 1999107558 peopleAustralia, Sydney26 September 1999The greatest attendance at any Rugby League match is 107,558 for the National Rugby League Grand Final played at Stadium Australia, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 26 September 1999, when Melbourne defeated St George Illawarra: 20 – 18.source, NRL stats:
6930Fastest 147 break in snookerRonnie O' Sullivan5/20 minute(s), second(s)UK, Sheffield21 April 1997Highest breaksThe fastest 147 in a professional tournament is 5min 20sec by Ronnie O'Sullivan during the 1997 World Championships at Sheffield on 21 April.

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