Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

7141Cheapest code-breaking supercomputerSupercomputer built by Pico Computing400 US dollar(s)United States, 01 January 2011Pico Computing (USA) has created a desktop-sized mini supercomputer by adapting difficult-to-program silicon chips to make them more powerful than those found in larger supercomputers. At $400 (£260), it is also the cheapest code-breaking supercomputer.
7142Fastest turbine-powered carDon Vesco737.794 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, ,,Bonneville Salt Flats18 October 2001The fastest speed ever reached by a vehicle powered through its wheels is 737.794 km/h (458.444 mi/h), by the turbine-powered Vesco Turbinator, driven by Don Vesco (USA) at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA, on 18 October 2001. Wheel-driven refers to the fact that the power of the engine is directed to the car's wheels, which then power it forwards. Thrust SSC, the car that set the absolute land speed record, was jet-powered, meaning that it was the thrust of the jets that powered it forward - the wheels were 'passive'. Don Vesco died of cancer in 2002.
7143First trading card game patentRichard GarfieldfirstUnited States, 02 September 1997On 2 September 1997, Richard Garfield, inventor of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, was awarded US patent 5,662,332 (A) for “the trading card game method of play”. This was the first trading card game patent ever awarded.The patent defines the TCG as “…a novel method of game play and game components that in one embodiment are in the form of trading cards (10, 12, 40, 42, 44, 48, 54, 60, 64). However, the game components may take other forms, such as a board game, or the game may be played in different media, such as electronic games, video games, computer games, and interactive network.”
7144Largest square danceYorkville Middle School800 participantsUnited States, Yorkville21 December 2011The largest square dance involved 800 participants and was organised by Yorkville Middle School (USA) in Yorkville, Illinois, USA, on 21 December 2011.Participants were arranged in 100 "squares" of 8 dancers each.
7145Largest ohuokhai danceThe government of YakutskRussia, Yakutia, Nyurba23 June 2012The largest Ohuokhai dance consisted of 15,293 participants, and was achieved at an event organised by Aisen Nikolaev, in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia, on 23 June 2012Ohoukhai is a round dance which traditionally takes place as part of Ysyakh, the celebration of Yakut New Year. The dance is a greeting of the sun and marks the beginning of the summer and a new life cycle
7146First recorded Mr. Punch puppet showfirstUnited Kingdom, 01 January 1662The first recorded Mr. Punch puppet show was documented by Samuel Pepys (UK) in his diary after a performance in Covent Garden, London, UK on 9 May 1662.This was recognised on Punch's 350th birthday. This record was recognised as part World Record London, which is a calendar of unique record-breaking events taking place in the run-up to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
7147Most people making spring rolls simultaneouslyTeam Ross327 peopleUnited States, Tyler02 September 2012The most people making spring rolls simultaneously is 327 and was achieved by Team Ross (USA), in Tyler, Texas, on 2 September 2012.The spring rolls made were Filipino ‘lumpia’ and each contained ground pork, dried onions, dried garlic, dried red pepper and salt. Team Ross was formed to support and raise money for Ross Sajo and her family following her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.
7148Most field hockey passes in one minute (team)Faisal Rasheed , Hafiz Saeedul Hassan , Hassaan Ubaid, Shah Rukh Tariq, M Waseem Sarwar, Ali Raza , Ali Butt , Sultan Ashraf , Awaisur Rehman , M Azfar Yaqoob , Atif BaigPakistan12 March 2013The most field hockey passes in one minute by a team is 43 and was achieved during the Punjab Youth Sports Festival in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, on 12 March 2013.The team was made up 11 hockey players from the Punjab province of Pakistan. The team achieved the record in its third attempt after there were fouls in their previous two attempts. The lineup was: Faisal Rasheed (Sheikhupura), Hafiz Saeedul Hassan (Hafizabad), Hassaan Ubaid, Shah Rukh Tariq, M Waseem Sarwar, Ali Raza (Punjab University), Ali Butt (PTV), Sultan Ashraf (Pakistan Steel), Awaisur Rehman (PHF Academy), M Azfar Yaqoob (PIA) and Atif Baig (Police).
7149Most people bird-callingBridgelandUnited States, Cypress26 April 2014The most people bird calling simultaneously is 994 and was achieved by Bridgeland (USA) at Nature Fest in Cypress, Texas, USA, on 26 April 2014.The bird call was a Northern Cardinal.
7150Largest gathering of monkeytail beardsTom ShadmiIsrael, Tel AvivThe largest gathering of people with monkeytail beards consists of 244 participants and was organized by Tom Shadmi (Israel) in Tel Aviv, Israel, on 17 May 2013.
7151Largest cut grandidieriteOphir Collection, LLCUnited States19 September 2011The largest cut grandidierite is a mottled green-blue cut mineral that weighs 4.32 carats (0.86400 g, 0.030477 oz) and is owned by Ophir Collection, LLC (USA) on 19 September 2011.The mineral was first discovered in 1902 in south-eastern Madagascar by Antoine François Alfred Lacroix (1863–1948), who named it in honour of French naturalist, explorer and Madagascar authority Alfred Grandidier (1836–1912).
7152Most star jumps in one minute carrying an 80-lb packPaddy DoyleUnited Kingdom, Birmingham,Stamina's Self Defence Boxing Gym04 October 2013The most star jumps in one minute carrying an 80-lb pack is 28 and was achieved by Paddy Doyle (UK) at Stamina's Self Defence Boxing Gym in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, on 4 October 2013.
7153Most water moved with a mop in one minuteStan Zylowski8.31 litre(s)United States, Phoenix08 September 2013The most water moved by mop in one minute is 8.31 litres (2.19 US gal) achieved by Stan Zylowski at the GMDC Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 8 September 2013.The attempt was completed using a Quickie Automatic Sponge Mop.
7154Highest score flying disc self-caught flight on ice skatesRobert McLeodCanada, Edmonton23 February 2013The highest score achieved for a flying disc self-caught flight on ice skates is 125.57 and was achieved by Robert McLeod (Canada) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on 23 February 2013.The record was verified by the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF). For self-caught flight events, the score is calculated by multiplying the maximum time aloft (MTA) by 5.5 and adding that to the throw, run and catch (TRC) result. Robert's score came from his attempts which went 59.4 metres and spent 12.03 seconds aloft - (12.03 x 5.5) + 59.4 = 125.57.
7155Most expensive set of lightersS. T. Dupont500000 euro(s)France, Paris25 November 2013The most expensive set of lighters was sold for 500,000 Euros ($677,995 £417,910) by S.T. Dupont (France) to a private buyer on 25 November 2013.The 'Louise XIII Fleur de Parme' set is composed of two lighters, a table lighter (300,000 Euros) and a pocket lighter (200,000 Euros).The table lighter carries a royal crown and stands on a base. It is made of 400 g solid gold and set with 27 princess-cut sapphires (9 carats), 10 cabochon-cutsapphires (13 carats). The crown has 40 brilliant-cut sapphires (12 carats) and the base has 72 brilliant-cut sapphires (5 carats), 3 cabochon-cut sapphires (2 carats). The pocket lighter is made of 280 g solid gold set with 45 princess-cut sapphires (17 carats) and 8 cabochon-cut sapphires (14 carats).
7156Largest faceted SapphireOphir Collection, LLCCanada, Vancouver19 July 2012The largest faceted sapphire is a 31,308-carat (6.26-kg 13.80-lb) natural corundum owned by Ophir Collection, LLC (USA). The achievement was verified on 23 December 2013.The oval dyed sapphire measures 24.00 x 19.10 x 6.50 cm (9.45 x 7.52 x 2.56 in).
7157Largest gathering of mascotsExecutive Committee of Yuruchara® SummitJapan, Hanyu23 November 2013The largest gathering of mascots consists of 376 mascots, achieved by the Executive Committee of Yuruchara® Summit (Japan) in Hanyu, Saitama, Japan, on 23 November 2013.The record was attempted at the opening of the 4th annual Yuruchara® Summit, which is a festival where mascots of schools, companies, cities/prefectures and others gather from all over Japan.
7158Longest running fan club - solo artist
7159Most consecutive film scores identifiedMatt BaileyUnited Kingdom14 November 2013The most consecutive film scores identified is 15 and was achieved by Matt Bailey (UK) during a live broadcast on 105-106 Capital FM North East, in celebration of Guinness World Records Day, on the 14 November 2013.
7160Stair climbing by bicycle - most steps (female)
7161Largest caliper
7162Most non-alcoholic cocktails prepared in 12 hours (team)
7163Largest mixed-use indoor theatre
7164Most expensive bottle of mezcal
7165Largest online business seminarGlavbukhparticipantsRussia, Moscow16 September 2014The largest online business seminar is 12,091 and was achieved by Glavbukh (Russia), in Moscow, Russia, on 16 September 2014.
7166Highest consumption of cigarettes (country)China1690000000000 unit(s) soldChina, 01 January 2002The world's largest consumer of cigarettes, in terms of volume purchased, is China with 1.69 trillion cigarettes sold in 2002. With a global consumption in 2000 of 5.5 trillion this means that approximately one in every three cigarettes smoked today is smoked in China.The 1998 list from WHO & 2002 update from The Economist (18/10/03):1. China 1,643 billion (1998) 1.69 trillion (2002)2. USA 451 billion (1998) 410 billion (2002)3. Japan 328 billion (1998) 310 billion (2002)4. Russia 258 billion (1998) 300 billion (2002)5. Indonesia 215 billion (1998) 210 billion (2002)For updates: WHO's Tabacco Free Initiative: 5,500 billion can also be represented as 5.5 trillion.
7167Largest cha cha chaEdgefield Primary School3379 peopleSingapore, Punggol17 July 2011The largest cha cha cha dance involved 3,379 participants and was achieved by Edgefield Primary School (Singapore) in Punggol, Singapore, on 17 July 2011.The 3,379 participants were Edgefield Primary School pupils, staff and parents and members of neighbouring schools and companies. 43 participants were disqualified as they did not execute the steps correctly and did not synchronise the choreography with the other dancers.
7168Largest collection of stamps featuring shipsCelso FernandesCanada13 February 2006Celso Fernandes (Canada) has a collection of 6,459 stamps depicting ships, as of 13 February 2006, that he has been collecting since 1991.
7169Longest English word consisting strictly of alterating consonants and vowelsHonorificabilitudinitatibusHonorificabilitudinitatibus, at 27 letters long, is the longest English word consisting strictly of alterating consonants and vowels. It means "With honorableness" (a nonsense word from medieval literature)Eighteen letter words with this property include epicoracohumeraler and myelocytomatosises. A seventeen letter word with this property is hypovitaminosises. Sixteen letter words with this property include aluminosilicates, depolarizability, and supererogatorily. Fifteen letter words with this property include cytomegalovirus, heterozygosises, hexosaminidases, paramyxoviruses, pararosanilines, parasitological, tenosynovitides, tenosynovitises, unimaginatively, and verisimilitudes.
7170Most people treading water - single locationBuffalo Triathlon469 peopleUnited States, Buffalo02 June 2013The most people treading water is 469 and was achieved by the Buffalo Triathlon (USA) in Buffalo, Minnesota, USA, on 2 June 2013.

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