Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

7171Lowest temperature endured by a birdUnknown-20 degree(s) CelsiusAntarctica, Antarctica09 December 2003The lowest temperature endured by any bird is an average temperature of -20ºC (-4ºF) by the breeding emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) on the Antarctic sea ice where the windspeed can vary from 25–75 km/h (16–47 mph)."The means whereby Emperor penguins survive in harsh conditions are several remarkable physiological and behavioural adaptations, all arising from the need to minimize heat loss and the expenditure of energy. Their body size and shape give a relatively low surface-to-volume ratio, and the flippers and bill are 25% smaller as a proportion of body size than in any other penguin species. Heat loss is further reduced by extreme proliferation of the blood-vessel heat-exchange system, which is twice as extensive as that of any other penguin. Blood vessels flowing to the feet and flippers lie very close to the veins returning blood to cool, resulting in minimal heat loss. Emperor's also recover heat in the nasal passages through exchnage between inhaled cold air and warm air to be exhaled (about 80% of the warm air is retained), and by excellent insulation provided by the very long, multi-layered, high-density feathers that completely cover their legs." - Firefly Encyclopedia of Birds, 2003, edited by Christopher Perrins
7172Most birds mimicked by a birdUnknownAfrica09 December 2003The marsh warbler (Acrocephalus palustris) is capable of imitating the songs of up to 80 other species of birds, most of them African birds heard in the warbler's winter home.Song is necessary for mate attraction and selection as well as being an important means of marking territory.
7173Most heart bypass operationsShane Taylor3 timesUnited States, Boise16 July 2008The most heart bypass operations performed on Shane Taylor (USA) is three using eleven bypass grafts from 1997 until 2007.
7174Oldest person to begin primary schoolKimani Ng’ang’a MarugeKenya, Langas Estate12 January 2004The world's oldest person to begin primary school was aged 84. Kimani Ng'ang'a Maruge (Kenya) enrolled into Standard One at Kapkenduiyo Primary School, Eldoret, Kenya, on 12 January 2004.He even wore the school uniform and hoped to reach Standard Eight. On 6 April 2004 it was reported that Ng'ang'a passed his first end-of-term exams with straight A's in English, Kiswahili and math, making him among the top five students in the class. The headmistress, Mrs Jane Obinchu (Kenya) made him a senior headboy as a reward. Ng'ang'a was a Mau Mau Veteran (who fought for independence against British colonialists) had 30 grandchildren - two of which were above him at the same primary school at the time he enrolled. He wanted to take advantage of free education for two reasons: to learn to count money and for literacy so he could read the Bible.Sadly, Mr Maruge passed away on 15 August 2009, aged 90.
7175Largest collection of shoe hornsMartien TuithofNetherlands, Schagerbrug17 September 2003Martien Tuithof (Netherlands) has a collection of 1,594 shoehorns that he has amassed since 1977. Martien's collection is housed in the Zijper museum, Schagerbrug, The Netherlands.Martien began collecting shoehorns when he realised that there were so many different types to collect. At the time he had just three, but his interest led him to finding books about these and soon found that they could be made from a number of different materials including wood, leather, ivory, plastic and different kinds of metal. Despite these being a thing of the past, he was amazed at how many he was able to find. As time went on, people began buying these for him as gifts and soon even members of the neighbourhood were becoming interested. Martien was featured in a article for one of the local newspapers and his local celebrity status meant that people began recognising him wherever he went. His favourite shoehorns are the ones he has made from silver, in particular the one he received from his wife for their 25th wedding anniversary.
7176Youngest national heavyweight boxing championWilliam SutherleyUnited Kingdom23 February 1961Bill Sutherley (b. 12 February 1943, UK) won the Scottish ABA heavyweight title at the age of 18 years 11 days on 23 February 1961, the youngest boxer to win a national heavyweight title.
7177Most reflective body in the Solar SystemUnknown90 percentage, 11 January 2005The most reflective body in the Solar System is Enceladus, a small moon of Saturn. It reflects some 90% of the sunlight that illuminates it, making it more reflective than freshly-fallen snow.Enceladus' surface is composed of icy material, and its lack of craters, relative to other Saturnian moons suggests that geological activity, such as cryovolcanism, has occurred within the last few hundred million years, and possibly occurs still today. Enceladus as a diameter of 498 km (309 miles).
7178Youngest hat-trick scorer in football (women)Amy WildingUnited Kingdom, Croydon22 August 2003The youngest scorer of a treble at women's senior level is Amy Wilding (b. 22 August 1987) aged 15 years 220 days when she scored three for Camberley Town Ladies against CTC Ladies in Croydon, Surrey, UK, on 30 March 2003.During the Russell Cup an FA open age match, Wilding netted on 14, 41 and 79 minutes.
7179Oldest author to have first book publishedBertha WoodUnited Kingdom20 June 2005Bertha Wood (UK b. 20 June 1905) had her first book, Fresh Air and Fun: The Story of a Blackpool Holiday Camp published on her 100th birthday on 20 June 2005.The book is based on her memoirs, which she began writing at the age of 90.
7180Youngest person nominated for a Best Supporting Actress OscarTatum O'NealUSA, Hollywood19 February 1974Tatum O'Neal (USA, b. 5 November 1963) was nominated for her role in Paper Moon (USA 1973) on the 19 February 1974 at the age of 10 years 106 days. She went on to win the Oscar. Name Born Film Nominated Age Tatum O'Neal (USA) 5 November 1963 Paper Moon (USA 1973) 19 February 1974 10 years 106 days Mary Badham (USA) 7 October 1952 To Kill a Mockingbird (USA 1982) 25 February 1963 10 years 141 days Abigail Breslin(USA) 14 April 1996 Little Miss Sunshine (USA 1982) 23 January 2007 10 years 284 days Quinn Cummings (USA) 13 Auguast 1967 The Goodbye Girl (USA 1977) 21 February 1978 10 years 192 days Patty McCormack (USA) 21 August 1945 The Bad Seed (USA 1956) 18 February 1957 11 years 181 days Anna Paquin (Canada) 24 July 1982 The PIano (USA 1993) 9 February 1994 11 years 200 days
7181Oldest Oscar winner for Best Supporting ActressPeggy AshcroftUnited States, Hollywood25 March 1985Peggy Ashcroft (UK, 1907-1991) won the Best Actress in a Supporting Role Academy Award for Passage to India (UK/USA 1984) on 25 March 1985 aged 77 years 93 days. Name Born Film Won Age Peggy Ashcroft (UK) 22 December 1907 A Passage to India (UK/US 1984) 25 March 1985 77 years 93 days Ruth Gordon (USA) 30 October 1896 Rosemary's Baby (USA 1968) 14 April 1969 72 years 166 days Margaret Rutherford (UK) 11 May 1892 The V.I.P.s (UK 1963) 13 April 1964 71 years 338 days Helen Hayes (USA) 10 October 1990 Airport (USA 1970) 15 April 1971 70 years 187 days Josephone Hull (USA) 3 January 1984 Harvey (USA 1950) 29 March 1951 67 years 85 days
7182Longest method double backflip – inline skateTaïg KhrisFrance, St Cyprien30 June 2005The record for the longest method double back flip on a halfpipe ramp is 3 m (9 ft 1 in?) and was set by Taig Khris (France) on the set of L'Ete De Tous Les Records, St Cyprien, France, on 30 June 2005.Dropping in from one side of the halfpipe ramp, he crossed down through the bowl, up the other side where he left the ramp at the coping and back-flipped sideways (parallel to the coping) over a 3 metre gap in the coping before landing on the ramp and descending into the bowl again.
7183Footbag - most consecutive diving butterfliesVasek KloudaFrance, Argeles Gazost06 July 2005The record for the most consecutive 'diving butterfly' moves with a footbag is 35 and was set by Vasek Klouda (Czech Republic) on the set of L'Ete De Tous Les Records at Argeles Gazost, France on 6 July 2005.
7184Longest skateboard coping grindMicky IglesiasFrance, Port Medoc20 July 2005The record for the longest skateboard grind along a ramp coping is 6.83 m and was set by Micky Iglesias (Switzerland) on the set of L'Ete De Tous Les Records, Port Medoc, France, on 20 July 2005.
7185First circumnavigation by aircraft soloWiley PostfirstUnited States, New York22 July 1933Wiley Post (USA) made the first solo flight around the world from the 15 to 22 July 1933 in a Lockheed Vega called Winnie Mae. He covered 25,089 km (15,596 miles), starting and ending in New York, USA.
7186First live music concert broadcast to spacePaul McCartneyfirstUnited States, 12 November 2005Paul McCartney (UK) became the first artist to broadcast live to space when he sent a 'wake up call' to the International Space Station from his Anaheim concert on 12 November 2005.
7187First digital track to sell a million copiesGwen StefanifirstUnited States, 01 October 2005In October 2005 Gwen Stefani's (USA) 'Hollaback Girl' became the first track to be have one million paid downloads in the USA.
7188Largest attendance at an action sports event WinterWinter X Games Four83500 peopleUnited States, Colorado01 January 2000The greatest attendance for a winter action sports event is 83,500 at Winter X Games Four from February 3-6 2000 at Mount Snow, Vermont, USA.
7189Most wickets taken in a Test match, One-Day International and Twenty20 International career combinedMuttiah MuralitharanSri Lanka, Query02 April 2011Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka) took the most international wickets: 1,347, from 1992 to the World Cup final on 2 April 2011.
7190First film shot in HollywoodIn Old CaliforniafirstUnited States, Los Angeles01 January 1910The first movie shot in Hollywood, USA In Old California (USA, 1910), was filmed in 1907 when a Chicago production moved to California looking for good weather to finish the movie.
7191Largest collection of miniature chairsBarbara HartsfieldUnited States, Ellenwood, Georgia13 March 2008Barbara Hartsfield (USA) has a collection of 3,000 miniature chairs as of 13 March 2008, which she has been collecting over 10 years.
7192Largest clapperboardUne Semaine ChronoFrance, Vendome29 July 2006The world´s largest clapperboard measured 3.11m x 4.00m and was created by a team of 10 people for 'Une Semaine Chrono' in Vendome, France, on 29 July 2006The participants names were as follows: Florent Berthommier, Bruno Berthommier, Philippe Berthommier, Benoit Brazilier, Willy Decis, Hugo Decis, David Plessis, Luc Bonhomme, Charly Declerk and Jean-Claude Dijon.
7193Most words blinked by a published authorChen HungChinese Taipei, Taipei CityThe record for most blinked words published is 190,185 achieved by Chen Hung (China) in Taipei City, Taiwan, China between 1999 and 2007.The 190,185 words have been published in four books: Between Blinks – Chen Hung’s Enthusiastic Life with 37,000 words, Love for Life between Blinks with 50,185 words, Hard as a Rock and Soaring Bird with 56,000 words and I Saw a Big Tree with 47,000 words.
7194Fastest metal detectoristSergei TeplyakovUnited States, Connecticut01 September 2002Sergei Teplyakov (USA) is currently the fastest metal detectorist, with a NMDL score of 11 (20 tokens found in 30 minutes), achieved at the championship round in Connecticut, USA, in September 2002.For rules refer claimant to to the NMDL ( Jeremiah Burr from the NMDL will submit the name of the winner each year if the record is broken.The attempt is held annually on the second weekend in October in CT, United States.Preliminary qualifying round held to reduce total entrants to a manageable number for officials to oversee. This is done by taking the top 4 token finders from each sate or world region. These contestants are then entered in the National Championship round and the winner declared the fastest.Rules: approximately 9 tokens per entrant are planted in the ground 1-3 inches deep. These are planted as evenly as possible throughout the filed. Tokens are different every year and not found in general circulation. Entrants are given 30 minutes to dig up as many tokens as they can find with a metal detector and a trowel. Officials who plant the tokens or tally the entrants total are not allowed in the competition. Only one person per metal detector. No pulse induction metal detectors or other electrical devices that would cause undue interference with other competitors are allowed. No trowels over 4 inches wide (i.e. No shovels. headphones must be worn. No metal detector coils larger than 14 inches allowed. Ties are decided by a run off, with the first person finding an additional token declared the winner. Entrants are not allowed to pass any item to any other entrant during the competition. No spectators are allowed on the field during the competition. Officials have the right to remove any contestant as they see fit in order to maintain a fair and orderly competition, official’s judgements are final.
7195Oldest branding (packaging)Tate & LyleUnited Kingdom, London14 August 2006The oldest branding (packaging) for a brand is Tate and Lyle’s Golden Syrup (UK). The same packaging has been maintained since 1885 with only slight technical changes during the war due to shortages of materials.
7196Youngest person to win a NHRA Pro Stock eventRitchie StevensUnited States, Pomona18 November 1998The youngest Pro Stock winner is Richie Stevens (USA, b. 27 September 1978) who won the Winston Finals in Pomona, California, on 18 November 1998, aged 20 years 51 days.
7197Most road wins consecutively in an NHL ice hockey season startBuffalo SabresUnited States11 November 2006The Buffalo Sabres (USA) also set the National Hockey League (NHL) record for most consecutive road victories to start a season with 10 road wins from 4 October to 11 November 2006.
7198Largest bowl made of porcelainAngela WuChina, Wujiang06 June 2006The largest bowl made of porcelain is 85.8 cm (2 ft 9.8 in) high and has an upper diameter of 202.5 cm (6 ft 7.7 in) and a bottom diameter of 109.6 cm (3 ft 7.15 in). The bowl was manufactured by Shenghong Group Co., Ltd. in Wujiang, China, on 6 June 2006.
7199Longest saliva stoneKyprianos Kakouris37 millimetre(s)Cyprus, Nicosia20 November 2006The longest saliva stone is 37 mm (1.45 in) and was removed from a 43-year-old male patient by Doctor Kyprianos Kakouris at the Evangelistria Medical Centre in Nicosia, Cyprus, on the 20 November 2006.The saliva stone weighed 3.597g and had a width of 9.7 mm. It was removed from the patient's left submandibular salivary gland.
7200Highest box office film gross for a Mexican filmEl Laberinto del Fauno83200000 US dollar(s)Mexico, 01 January 2006Directed by Guillermo del Toro (Mexico) El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth Mexico/Spain/USA, 2006) has taken $83.2 million (£52.4 million) worldwide and $37.6 million (£23.6 million) at the US box office.

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